The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Sunday Service - February 17, 1997

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere International Training Center
February 17, 1991

So, what is America going to do? Now, more than 400 leaders are gathered here together. If someone among them, one person, sets a good tradition, even if that person wasn't American, if that person was Russian, then this group should follow that person. Even if the Bush administration is not successful in leading the American people, these 400 people who can go over their nationality and follow the Russian side could lead America. There is an alternative way now.

When a father fails but the son is born greater than the father, the son can then lead the family. This is what is happening here. Even if the father is not able to be present, the son can lead the country in his stead. Father has to take the righteous group seriously, whether they be Americans or Russians and Father can do that because this is the public way of thinking, centering on the whole world.

The characteristics of Western civilization, expressed through various fine arts such as literature, but in particular dance and music, can be quite clearly seen in the performance of ballet. Russia is especially known for its high standard of ballet performance, the Bolshoi and Kirov companies and many Russians who recently came to Washington D.C. desired to move their ballet headquarters there because they saw our standard and they fell in love with it. This is the standard we want to uphold.

They saw our standard and they became willing to come here and follow Father's guidance. By doing that, they know they will keep their traditions intact. They know that by coming here and connecting to Father their troupes can jump into a higher echelon, a higher dimension.

Do you like to dance? Would you like to perform ballet? Actually, Father does not like dancing. Then, why does Father support it? The reason is simple. Today, all the fields of activity of the arts are corrupt. No one can deny that. Truly, it smells bad, it stinks. Who is going to put the right injection into this situation and make it healthy? Most artists are undisciplined, corrupt and unethical. Father wants to teach them how to abide by the strictest of discipline, even more strict than the Unification church way of life.

All the things that are usually allowed such as homosexuality and loose sexuality, will not be tolerated. We have to turn the whole thing upside down to bring it right side up. It's very visible how corrupt every endeavor of life is. Father is paying attention first to the artistic field, then the political field, the media field and the academic field. When people in these areas of life can come to a principled orientation in their life, in relationship to the nation, then the whole world can be shown the right way to go.

Does any religion or religious denomination ever think like this and actually carry out activities for these things? For example, we have all been trained in fundraising. We now know how to make money. Other groups don't know how to do that effectively. They pray for God to come and do it for them. Instead of asking for God's blessings, we say, "I know how blessings come. Let me work hard so that God's blessings can come through me, instead of God doing it all." How proud such a person can be.

How difficult it is for all of us to follow Father. Which category is he in? Is he a smart person or not so smart? His thinking is world level. If it is not world level, he doesn't think it, he doesn't do it. Already Father has established that tradition in the Unification church. From here, take a line and extend it and it goes out further and further. That is where Father has already gone. There is nothing and no one this tradition does not touch. To follow and catch up with this standard will be very difficult.

One example is the Nicaragua situation. The country was split right in the middle and the ones who were saying, "leave the Sandistas alone," were gaining favor, but Father fought that trend. He sent one brother, who risked his life, but took valuable film evidence of what the Sandanistas were really doing. Father took initiative. He simply started teaching people how to take care of world situations.

Again, look at Afghanistan. Right before communism began to crumble, there was the situation in Afghanistan. Father gave permission to Lee Shapiro to go in there and get the film about what was really happening there. As you know, Lee was killed there. How grave the situation was, but then, other journalists began to follow him there. Then, it became clear to the world that the communists had to get out. When they killed Lee, they took more than a half million dollars of film footage. That must still be with the KGB. We are negotiating now for the Russians to find it somewhere in the KGB and give it back to us. It is our footage and we can negotiate for it.

Now, Presidents Bush and Gorbachev are talking about how to solve the war situation in the Gulf. The principle of how to do that was injected into the talks by Father himself. He influenced them, gave them the idea. It was important for all the other Arab nations to come into the coalition and act against the Iraqi team. This was Father's point. Father brought 40 prominent Muslim leaders to America and they listened very carefully to Divine Principle.

This was unprecedented. Muslims never take other religions seriously in the first place. They are deeply convinced that their religion is the supreme one. However, these leaders came and they not only listened, but for the first time in their whole history, they agreed that Father's teaching was superior to anything they have heard.

A schedule has ensued since this workshop. In Yemen, they are going to teach the Principle. What has Father to do with them? What have the Muslims to do with the Unification Church? And what does South Korea have to do with this Gulf war? A great deal, because world peace is at stake. The whole of humanity is involved in the outcome.

We have a favorite saying in Korea. "The one who knows is to be held responsible." Father has shed incredible amount of tears and sweat. In every effort he was so intense. Today's speaking is like a breeze. Father ate barley rather than rice all the time. Do you know what it is like to eat barley three times a day? Father started from that point. And for many years Father lived like this.

Look at this suit. Where was it made? In Korea! Yes, but the company is just a third rate one. Father hasn't changed much. In the early days, no one was following Father. Now he looks behind him and a few are trying. American culture is a speed culture, everything has to happen fast. Look at high heel shoes. Women have to walk fast when they wear them. They are for speed walking. That's true!

Father's suit is very light and he can move fast, but in Korea, the traditional coats get in the way if you try to walk fast. This suit is a product of fast culture. Also, in the West you cut your hair very short, all in order to be fast and quick and take no time. Fast foods came first from America. There is nothing like fast food in the world. In some restaurants you only have half a seat. It means you get to stand between two other seats. That's true here in New York. The fork and knife are used to stab, cut and stuff it in the mouth.

Even in killing, the West had to find faster and faster ways. They invented the gun and so forth. In Korea, you only have chopsticks and they cannot do anything so useful, just carry the food to the mouth. Not like the knife which could stab and kill another person. Western history has been incredibly violent with war and killing going on all the time. Here in America, hundreds of thousands of American Indians were simply killed in order for people to have land. Did they die from disease epidemics or from white people killing them? They did not mostly die from diseases! The Indians were here for thousands of years, but in a few generations they were all but annihilated. How can that be possible?

Because Father says things like this, many people don't like him. But what is true is true. Father has to say it. Even so, Father is still trying to protect and raise up the Western world. For example, if this Gulf war becomes a religious war, then the Muslims will never stop fighting the West and so much blood will be shed. Father wants to prevent that. The Arab peoples themselves have to be first to push Iraq back, then the multi-national troops and the very last should be the Israelis if at all. In that order the fighting has to happen. Now the Egyptians are in the front line with the Saudi Arabians.

Ultimately, Father has to initiate the peacemaking. Father has been thinking about lasting peace for years and years. Father wrote a letter to Gorbachev on January 15 and asked for Gorbachev to spend forty days in an effort towards peace negotiations. If after that nothing happened and the war had broken out, it would not have been a great problem.

The desert wind starts to blow around March 10 and during that time it is very difficult to wage war until September. Originally, Father was hoping to use these forty days until September and then work out some peace plan. This correspondence has been sent out and is now part of the record of world history.

It is difficult to predict what Father will do. None of us knew what Father is thinking and doing. Father is concerned about the world and this makes him a busy person. Or is he a person with lots of time on his hands? Even though he is so busy and overworked, has there been anytime when Father was in the New York area that he did not come to speak for Sunday service? No, there has never been such a time. Who should be more diligent, the teacher or the student? It is easier for the teacher to teach because he has already coveted the lesson many times. The teacher just prepares his heart in prayer, but the student has to prepare himself in soul and body to learn. Otherwise, he will learn nothing.

What is so important to success in learning? If you drop out from this school, you have no hope of learning the lesson. Even in the secular world, the secular standard, not the spiritual godly standard, are we unfortunate people or are we fortunate? Looking back and considering everything, do you think, "I've done well after all in the Unification Church," or "If I knew it would be so hard I never would have joined." Which one are you?

Don't you think sometimes, "If I had never joined Unification Church I would be better off by now" ? Chances are that many of us would have been drawn into free sex, drugs, alcohol and other problems. If someone had come and tried to stop you in the midst of that, you would have opposed them. Now, we are trying to revolutionize this "no hope" way of life. When people look at us they see that in a relatively short time we turned around l80 degrees. Is that because Father pushes us all the time to do that? In the beginning that may have been the case, but is it now? If Father stops speaking about these things, does that mean you would stop living this way? Father is now over 72 years old. How can he continue working so hard? He works as if he is in his twenties. How can he do that?

Time will beat me someday. I am making preparation for the future, for the spiritual world. That means I cannot leave anytime from being in front of you. I need more time. Can you keep with me? I want to ask you that. You have to take it on without my pushing you. The universe will welcome you, all nature will welcome you. I understand this clearly. That is why I have gone this way. God has helped me to make this way of prosperity for you. That is reality, that is the conclusion. No one can deny this. Is it clear? Can you do it, instead of me? Can you do it? This is what I want to ask you.

You are young, younger than me. That is no problem for me, but it could be for you. How will you do it? What kind of project will you carry out? Not everyone can think how to make something successful. From theory to conclusion, you have to think about it. After thinking, take action. Can you take on every mission? Don't say 'victorious' way. That's an adjective. Use the noun, 'victor's way.' 'Victorious way is so weak. We don't need that. 'The victor's way' is best. Heaven will help the victor.

Now we can look back and realize a lot of things. Those who are married in international Blessings raise your hands. So many couples! You have tasted the difficult way. That difficulty is your property. It is not your problem, it is what you own. You have accumulated a great deal of difficulties, but you gathered so many things as a result of your hard situation. In persevering, you have many things. The record of sadness is there. Your situation, so lonely that you couldn't even discuss it with other people, is there. It is so that you could be the victor. All of that is your property.

We must be proud of being immensely rich people in the future. Not poor people, but rich people in the future. It will be due to all the true love that we will have, the powerful love that we will have accumulated. In the future, you can go to any nation and visit any family and you can talk to them about what you have gone through. With that asset, you can revolutionize that family, that nation. You can talk about your past concept and your past situation. In those countries, many people are married and are making new families. How wonderful it will be for you then! You are an historical resource. You didn't think about that. Only Rev. Moon thought about that. What a precious way. You don't need much money or knowledge. That passes away, but the family centering on true love will remain forever.

Consider my situation. I started from the zero point. How difficult my work has been. I did not speak English. I could read English, but I did not know how to say one word. Only 'yes' and 'no.' How poor. I used the interpreter, but it is not enough. I'm making foundation in every direction. That is not so easy. Think about it. The American government has been against me. All the European governments were against me. All these people were against one central person, Reverend Moon. That central person has responsibility. First, the central person has to have that responsibility. Next, protect the organization, the ones who follow him. The Western world opposed me. I am alone. But, I have responsibility. I have to protect the providence.

The leader has to go the straight way; he cannot bend the road. This is why Father has spent many years of his life in prison. He cannot take a detour and go around. This is not the leader's way. When you go through difficulty in your family, think about what Father had to go through. Not only the nation, but the entire world is depending on Father. Father had 40 years to indemnify everything and the plan had to be successful. How difficult Father's course was in going through that.

Now we have difficulty only on the family level. Father has now given the direction to elevate yourself and take on the national responsibility. Do you think that is so difficult? What about Father? All that Father has been doing has been so much more difficult. How we can say we are sons and daughters if we do not follow that way?

That is why Father scolds us. It is easy for us to say, "We are going to liberate the spiritual world and God." This is easy for us to understand, but how difficult it is to do. Doing is what Father is talking about. Father has been doing until now. Father is telling us here today that America should be protected by American members. Father has not only talked about protecting America, but he has actually done it. Did Father do that or didn't he do that?

Also, Father raised up America. Didn't Father raise up this nation? Do you think it is easy for Father to proclaim he is going to educate a president who can provide the best leadership for this nation and then actually do it? Even the CIA cannot say, "Oh well, Rev. Moon is just talking high talk." Those who are informed know that this is the case.

God Himself gives the command to Father and Father carries out the responsibility. Father prevented communism from prevailing here when there was a chance it could. By doing that, he gave the free world the opportunity to grow up without communism swarming over it and violating it. Father also put an effective stop to free sex, drugs and alcohol so that he earned the time for us to grow without being washed away with that tide.

Did Father do that without any difficulty? Was he welcomed all the time because he was doing the right thing? On the contrary, we all know, we all saw what happened. All of these things have been recorded in history. Later on, these things will be the very substance, the eternal wealth that he owns, which will make people cry over Reverend Moon's misunderstood situation. And so it is with you.

Now the resurrection of a new American should begin. Isn't it about time that a new America should be born? Father has left enough of a tradition whereby we can have that new beginning. Father is not saying, "do it," without preparation. No. All the preparation is there for you. All we have to do is make up our mind to do it. Not only internally, but also externally we have to do it.

It is now a new providence. You will be taken as an example of how to correct the difficult and corrupt families. There has to be a role model, a pattern to follow. In one day, on radio or television programming, there are about three hours given to news. The rest of the time is given to music, dancing, soaps and so called "entertainment." It's all so corrupt. To deal with this, Father built a huge and immense broadcast center in Washington D.C. Why did Father go to that extent? To deal with this problem and to provide healthy entertainment and healthy education.

Now we are coming out with a new kind of music, a healthy music, a more God inclining music. Already, Hyo Jin Nim has been working hard in the Manhattan Center to create music that can replace the decaying music. It takes lots of hard work and guts. Don't we already the resources to reproduce over 100,000 copies of a video in one day? How many millions is that in one month? We are capable of doing that. It is a top level video reproduction studio. It is far better than what anyone else has right now. We invented part of the process on our own.

In the future, we will make millions of videos and disseminate them throughout the world to counter corrupt education. We will counter the work of those making videos that bring us only to hell. Through dramas and presentations, we can bring the people towards the hopeful side. We can replace the corrupt tapes which are killing our young people.

We have powerful support for this activity. We have the World & I, as well as daily and weekly news. Have you seen the new press center in Washington D.C.? It occupies an entire city block, very close to the capitol building. Those who have opposed us and then put one foot in there are simply speechless. They never dreamed that Moonies would someday occupy the center of Washington D.C. and establish such an impressive facility to educate the world. They never believed we could do that.

In the high rise buildings, the government buildings, they so easily criticized Rev. Moon, but now they see how serious we are and it is like a cannon has been pointed at them. They are really shaken up. Don't you want to do the same thing that Father has been doing up to now? At least we should do one percent of what Father has done. What percentage will you do?

You Americans are the most proud country in the world. Not just a percentage, but how many times over Father will you do? In this meeting there are many people from other countries. How many times more do you want to do, or do you want to just do some per cent? More times? Are you serious? You think about it. I stayed here for almost 18 years. I had so much coming against my way. During that time, I didn't lose anything. I was able to earn much content and make a foundation. Who made it, Father or God? Father had to do it. God helped me, but I had to do it. Now you have the same situation between me and you.

In this time, you stand in the front side and Father will help you, following behind you in God's position. This is the way to make prosperity. This is the hopeful way.

What God is to Father, Father is to us. The only way to ensure your prosperity is for Father not to do everything for you. You have to do it. God looked down and watched Rev. Moon to see what he would do. Finally God said, "Oh, I am proud of you. I want to follow behind you and help you." This is how it should be between you and me. After many years of leading Americans, I do not want to be standing alone. I want to be proud of you.

The conclusion is obvious. Should we follow the easy way of life or the right way of life, forgetting about whether it is easy of difficult? It is an incredible way of life that we chose to begin with. In getting married, we chose the difficult way of getting married. And while we have worked, we chose to care about everyone else except ourselves, which is difficult.

Why did we do that? We didn't even expect to be welcomed for it. We expected extreme hardship, extreme persecution and we are living amongst that persecution because Father also did that. Do we have any vacation? No. Moonies don't even think of vacation.

In the spiritual world our ideal is to be able to travel anywhere. The only way to do that is to live for the higher purpose, the nation or world. Live for the sake of the higher world and you can enter that level and travel freely. The one who lives for the sake of the world does not need to live for the sake of America alone. America is already included in the world. It is the same of course for Korea. Centering on true love, to live for the sake of others and to continue on to live for the sake of others on higher and higher levels, this will bring the only contents that remain. The satanic world cannot stop this. Nothing can stop this. Imagine. Eventually the satanic world has to bow down, even to this poor area where we are now.

If you are out there living for the sake of others all the time, even the worst parents cannot stop you. If you are living for the sake of true love, the worst woman, the worst man will welcome you.

They have to do that. This is the only true principle which always works in subjugating Satan. This secret is what we Unification members have.

That is re-creation, because it is God's ideal. God wants to re-create fallen mankind. The angelic world wants to do that, but they cannot do that. Therefore, if we do that, in place of the angelic world, then the angelic world comes under us. This is the only way that we can subjugate the angelic world and finally Satan. Even Satan has to bow down to us. We are doing that by becoming true sons and daughters of God.

If you re-create the true way of life on an individual level, then individually Satan cannot stop you. The same principle applies if we do that on the family, national and world level, even reaching the spiritual world. Once we reach the spiritual world level, we can go back and forth freely. The true love way, living for the sake of others way, is the place where Satan has no room. Satan cannot even come near there because he knows he doesn't belong there. So, Satan is chased out.

If we become one with the True Parents here on earth, then in the spiritual world we remain one with them and with God. That is the straight line. True love is the shortest cut. There is no zigzag, no up and down. It is straight like a beam of light. No religion is necessary and not so much knowledge is necessary. You may learn something for a thousand years on earth, but when you go to the spiritual world and try to learn the same thing, you can learn it in one week. Knowledge is not a big problem there.

Our life is to prepare for that world. The amazing fact is that we can stand as a perfect object to the subject of true love. Here we have a woman who is a little bit fat, but she believes she can give birth to the sons and daughters of God. How amazing that is! And she can.

Is it easy to become a royal family in heaven? Now Father is beginning to form tribes. The family register, the birth certificate has to be given out. Does the spiritual world recognize who is American or not? No, the spiritual world does not recognize that. Now is the real beginning, with the new birth certificate centering on True Parents. The family register has to belong to one of these twelve tribes. Isn't it true that the highest dream, goal or aspiration of our life is to become in-laws with Father?

Who has started speaking Korean language amongst these families? Do you need interpretation when you live in the palace? You cannot have that. No one will interpret for you. Because of the satanic

world, it has become necessary, but in the heavenly world we must speak one language, not two languages. We must have one love, not two loves. Do you want two loves or one love? Do you have two personalities or one personality? Personality is one. Love is one. Language is also one.

That language is True Parents' language. This is not just because Father says so. This is because it is the principled way. From the parents, children come to be. Not the other way around. One law. One tradition. One life. One blood lineage. How do we make one tradition? Through culture. How is culture created? Through language. From one language, make one tradition. From one tradition, make one culture. From one person comes one life, one love, one blood lineage, not two. Absolutely one.

Father has always stressed learning Korean, but you say, "Oh Father, I have too much difficulty as it is. "It was the same situation for me. To learn English and continue my ministry was more difficult for me than for you to learn Korean now. When I started to learn English the age for memorizing had already passed me. My mind was in the phase of making large concepts and going far away. In the evening I would memorize by the dictionary. Then, after sleeping, when I woke up in the morning, my mind would be all cleaned off. I had to learn words more than 20 times over. You don't have any excuse.

If you think it is too difficult and you cannot do it, then you are not even a human being. We cannot say it is too difficult. You don't even know what that word means. You have to become connected to the origin. If you are not connected to the root how will you get nutrition? There will come a time when no one will even be allowed to get married if they do not understand Korean. Such a person would not be truly human because they are not connected to the parents. It is that serious.

The world is fast becoming one. You can travel in one day to anyplace in the world and the next day come back. Everyone is next door to each other. How can you continue using so many different languages? It will make us crazy. Our brains will break down.

The True Parents did not make up this language problem, but they have to clean it up. Even though you don't like it, they have to do it. This is true. Because of the complication in language that came from false parents, humankind has been suffering. There are over 180 nations and they are all seeking their own way. This means one book has to have almost 200 volumes to go around the world.

Someone has to take this problem seriously and then make you take it seriously. Otherwise, you would never do it. Imagine your own sons and daughters going through the same trouble as you now. Once you master Korean, then learning Japanese is no problem. English is also no problem. Once you understand English you come to see that it is a laborers' language. There are no phrases of respect and value. Everyone is "you," whether they be high or low in society. In Korean, there are many different levels of address according to age and relationship. And no language can surpass Korean for detailed expressions of religious and spiritual terms.

By using this complicated language with dexterity, the Korean mind is well trained. Look at the Koreans in America today. They do the best in school. Bring any Korean immigrant here and within 3 years they are able to compete with the top of their school. On the other hand, the American students who went to the Little Angels school could not speak Korean very well after 3 years and they had to come back.

Any Korean immigrant can reach middle class status within a few years. It takes Americans half their lifetime to do the same. The New York Times said that. Father can speak in English now and it is no problem. You eventually have to do the same in Korean. Look at Mr. Kamiyama. He cannot speak English so well even after all these years. The Korean language has a perfect spectrum of phonetic sounds. Any sound can be made in Korean. To master the Korean alphabet takes only thirty minutes. It is very scientific and rational.

If the True Parents were born in Japan and everyone had to learn Japanese, what would we use that for? If the True Parents were born in America, they would have to create a huge language revolution. The main point about the Koreans is that they took extremely good care of their lineage. They know who their ancestors are for hundreds of years.

What happens when a Korean young man or woman announces to their parents that they are going to marry a foreigner, especially a Westerner. The parents threaten to kill themselves. There were forty years of occupation between Japan and Korea. But only a few intermarriages occurred during that time. You can list them in one book. No Korean wants to marry a Japanese. Koreans are somehow not available for anyone to marry.

It is only Father who makes such marriages happen. Everyone understands that Father is doing this for the sake of the world. If Father had a selfish motive, the Korean people would be incredibly angry, but they can see his motivation and don't mind too much. If Father was selfish on this or any matter, he could never surmount the opposition on this point. They are that conscious of their lineage.

Koreans are very brave and adventurous; they will take all kinds of chances. The very learned Japanese also see that Korean is important to learn. Now the more or less government-run television station makes an official program to teach Korean during their peak time. They encourage the Japanese to learn Korean because it will be a good foundation for learning other languages. It's sounds prepare you to speak other languages. Don't take Korean lightly. We must understand this one language. Not only because True Parents speak it, but also because the quality of the language is world class.

How much value and meaning is diminished through the interpreter. In English you can only say so much and then you have to throw the rest away because there is no equivalent in English, especially in using terms about heart. Father hears the interpreter speak, but he already knows that what is said isn't what he meant at all. The meaning becomes so limited.

Is something bread because it looks like bread? The taste may be completely different. Some bread tastes very heavenly and other bread tastes just so-so. The only way you can truly understand Father's heart is to learn Korean. When Father is translated, ten people interpret it 100 different ways. How can you ever understand his exact meaning? How can Father permit that? The only way to make a unified approach is to make only one way. That is Korean. Can you understand?

I know that in the future, if your descendants don't understand Korean they will have so much difficulty. I understand that. So, strongly and forcefully, I tell you to learn Korean.

We have received many blessings. We learned what Heavenly Father is like, what the spiritual world is like, even what human history is all about. We learned the purpose of human life, all these things and even we were given the chance to be called the sons and daughters of God. We learned and received all these things. How can we return our gratitude to God? That is what remains.

When we receive these things, we have to plant them in order to return something to God, to give thanks for what we have been given. In order to do that, we cannot return it in a light hearted way. We have to suffer in order to do that. For example, in agriculture, we have to till the land and take out the weeds, then plant and grow and harvest the crop. We have to use many tools and make a lot of effort, a lot of sweat.

Your country is not so good. You have to make a new atmosphere, a new territory. That is by planting the soil. You have to plant every kind of seed. You should be welcomed, but you have not created a welcoming atmosphere. You have to arrange the soil, prepare the seed and take care of everything. This is ownership. Ownership means that you represent the world, the nation, the race and the family. We belong to a family, that should automatically be the world family. We belong to a nation, that should automatically be the world and the spiritual world nation. This kind of concept does not exist in the world. Everything is separate. Individuals are separate, families are separate, tribes and nations, the world and the spiritual world are all separate. People pass away and take their separation into the spiritual world.

How can we create unification on this earth? We have to combine one family, unify one tribe, one nation and then one world and one cosmic world. Everything is separated from God. How can we restore all this? Make one, make unification. Who can make that atmosphere? Who can make that to give to you? Can anyone make this foundation to give to you? I had to make that foundation and connect it to you. Otherwise, no nations would connect together. That is the principled viewpoint. Is it clear?

Father has always been doing this. Father alone, has always been cultivating this environment, this atmosphere. First a central person has to do this. Without making the proper environment, Satan can always come and accuse immediately. So, first the atmosphere has to be cleared. Then, establish the family, tribe, nation and world. To cultivate the world, Father came to America and everyone focused against him. Now the American people are beginning to understand that Reverend Moon is not a bad man. All around the world people tell Americans, "Go home Yankee," but when Father came to America the first thing Americans said to him was "Reverend Moon, go back home."

They said it and you also often thought like that. Now people are saying, "Please stay. You are the number one patriot in America." And Father says, "No, no, no. I am not American, I only have a green card." And then they reply, "America is a history of immigrants. First you receive your green card and then you can get citizenship. This is the

pattern of our history and you qualify as a number one contributor to that tradition, a high level patriot." So now many American people say to me, "Oh, please stay a long time, don't go back home, Rev. Moon." That kind of foundation now exists."

Now is the time that you bear the cross on your shoulder as Father has always done. Would you like to liberate Father at this moment and set him free? If Father lives in Hawaii and stays at the top of the mountain in Hawaii, would you go to visit him there? Father is spending hundreds of millions of dollars here in America. Literally, hundreds of millions of dollars. Then, what would you bring to Father in Hawaii? Would you come like a small child with nothing better to do than cry and urinate? Would you do the same? For what purpose would you come to Father? Would you come to bring love and glory to him? What would be the expression of love and glory to Father?

Money? Power? Knowledge? Success? Father already has those things. He has everything and he doesn't need these things. He doesn't need anything. He doesn't need a house or car or anything at all. What then could you bring as a gift to Father? The only thing that you can bring is the record of saving the lives of those who dwell in Satan's realm and exchanging them into heavenly citizens. Satan is now standing in the 'up' position and God is standing in the 'low' position. How can you exchange these positions?

The number of persons whom we bring back to Father to be dedicated to Heaven is the best gift that anyone could expect. Because of Father we all became heavenly citizens, didn't we? We all need to do the same thing and bring heavenly citizens back to Father. That is your property as well. Even though you go to the spiritual world, you have someone to stay here and expand your foundation, restoring more and more heavenly citizens. That is also the best thing that could happen to you.

After you make that foundation, your own heavenly sons and daughters can educate from one generation to the next, on and on, forever. Then all of them go to the same heaven, the same place. From this perspective, are we ready to go to heaven? Then, how many people do we need to have? One nation full of such people. Unless we have our own country, our own nation, we cannot go to heaven. How wonderful it would be if the American birth certificate could be easily converted into heavenly birth certificate without any condition, without a lot of tedious processing. How wonderful that would be.

When you get married, the bride takes many gifts to the bridegroom's home. When we go to the spiritual world we have to bring many spiritual sons and daughters as a gift to God. When someone brings a huge crowd of heavenly persons, then there will be a huge feast. What will happen when Father goes to the spiritual world? There will be a great gathering of praise. People of all different ways of life, religious persons, academic persons and economic persons will all come to see what Father has achieved in his life, much of which was their own dream.

On the March issue of the World & I, they made an extensive overview of how the 21st century will be influenced by Rev. Moon. They wrote all the different ways that he will affect the future of the world. In the areas of education, art, economics, politics and religion, Father's name cannot be erased. There is no place of significant activity that Father's work didn't reach. Everywhere, Father's work is noticed now.

There are many scholars already beginning to learn Korean so that they can have direct access to the original texts of Father's speeches. The scholars will have many questions. Now they ask you, but the only thing you have studied is the translated version. Do you think you can be a match for such a person? The scholars are learning Korean and because they have deep philosophical thoughts, they are going to ask you many questions. They will ask you because you have been a Unification Church member for many years and are a resource.

What Father has announced and taught to the living people here on earth, members and non-members alike, for example about the spiritual world, far surpasses what great scholars have achieved. There is no comparison to what Father has taught, just in one area about the spiritual world alone.

That is the magnitude of Father's work. Scholars know this. We don't even understand the value, but scholars know. We didn't know what Father was doing. Now we know by looking back, and we can understand what Father has done, but while Father was doing it we didn't know. True? Now is the time for Father to bequeath this to us and we have to carry on. It is not going to be easy. It is not going to be a simple, joyous occasion where we can say, "Okay, we have inherited it." No. We need a process to inheritance. That process may mean a lot of hard work and pain, but we have to be thankful for that.

When Jesus was crucified, did Jesus loathe God and loathe the world? No. He could not do that. This is why Jesus said, "If you let this cup pass from me, please do so." It means that he could not bear to stand God's aching heart. It was not a weak prayer. He did say that, didn't he? "Please take this cup away from me if possible." But that difficult time of Jesus is no longer here on earth. Even if we volunteered for it, we don't have a chance of bearing Jesus' cross.

Today, if we go out to the streets, they don't oppose us as strongly as they used to. Correct? Do you know about the ACC and the ALC? Seventy percent of the congress, staff and assistants have been educated through their conferences. And they have come to an advanced stage now and can discuss seriously Rev. Moon's thought. You Unification members who should be the center of that teaching have just put the Divine Principle as a book in a high place, worship it but don't study it. That is what you are doing.

Mr. Kamiyama has already memorized the Divine Principle by heart. Is there any American member who has memorized the Divine Principle book by heart? If you are going to be a good judge or a man of law then you need to memorize all the important laws. It is the same thing for us. The Principle is what? It is a formula. In mathematics we have to learn the formulas. Then we can solve the questions. If you don't know the formula, you cannot solve the questions.

This is literally true. It is not symbolic. When you go to the spiritual world, someone will ask you questions and challenge you. They will ask, how does the restoration of eldership come about? How does the restoration of parentship and kingship come about? They will ask you these questions completely before they let you enter a certain area of the spiritual world. Then, if you cannot answer and you stutter, it shows you did not pay attention to what Father taught, and they will say, "No, you cannot enter here, you have to go to a waiting room."

The amount you don't know reflects the amount you didn't take Father seriously. The spiritual world will stop you and this is reality. If you knew now that this would really happen, you would study hard because you never know when you are going to the spiritual world. Then, you would go out and teach and when you have a question, you would come back and study the book and then go out to teach again. You would do that hundreds of times before you really understand and are ready to go to the spiritual world and pass.

Every time you teach Divine Principle, many people gather in one place and they will ask questions to you. "What does this mean?" You have to answer them precisely and be able to speak freely. That means that you understand what you are talking about and are fluent with the contents of Divine Principle. You have to learn and train.

We should teach Divine Principle eight hours a day. Those who are not allocated an area and a trinity, raise your hands. Everyone has an assigned area and a trinity, right? Have you decided this morning that even if Father goes away, you will take Father's place and carry on, inheriting Father's work here in America? That's a heavy load on your shoulders. You are inheriting that and aren't you going to complain to Father, "Oh Father, until now I didn't have this heavy a load and now I have a heavy load." Would you complain?

We are out here to save America. Did Father do well to chase every Americans away to a foreign country to do 40 days of witnessing? Father trusted that everyone who went out there felt deeply, "Oh, I should have been doing this in my own country. I must have been a fake Unification Church member not to have witnessed in the country to which I belong."

This year, Father expects all of you to go out again like you did last year. If you continue going out for three years in a row then you are better prepared and you can become independent. Let us decide here that at least we should bring 120 families to belong to the heavenly kingdom. What does 120 families represent? Yes, the 12 disciples, the 12 gates are in it, but essentially the number 120 represents the number of the countries in the world.

Father wants us to achieve even more than what Jesus could in his lifetime. This foundation is more than what Jesus could do when he was alive. We should achieve this in our lifetime. Everything is included in 120: 12, 36, 72, 84. If we witnessed to one family each month, there are 12 months in the year. It takes seven years to reach 84 couples. Jesus didn't have to die on the cross if he had 72 disciples and 12 apostles, 84 dedicated followers.

That is Cain's family. When this is established, the Abel-type family can then occur naturally. Jesus only achieved this spiritually, not physically. History already records this. Father expects us in our lifetime to gather 120 families to bring with us to the spiritual world as an offering. This is the mission of the Tribal Messiah. The mission of the Tribal Messiah is to accomplish the same thing that Jesus had the goal to achieve but could not achieve. Now we shall do that.

The number of 12 and 72 together represents our clan. We can do this work centering on our own relatives. We don't need to witness to distant persons, but those close to us. We don't need to establish anymore the elder's right. Because of True Parents' foundation, we don't need to create the elder son's position. We are already in that position. All we need to do is reach out to our relatives and close kin and bring them in.

Now we are entering the era when people will see that it was good for you to join Unification Church. They will want to join you. That will happen now. Those who are married to Americans from another nation and have met your in-laws, raise your hands. In the beginning, they were rather cold to you weren't they? How is it now? Do they welcome you? They welcome you. If not, you should work harder. It is time to welcome you. If you are working for their sake, they cannot deny you.

Each one has to take personal responsibility. Today is the third day in the lunar calendar. The year of 1990 is completely gone, even in the lunar calendar. It is a brand new year literally. This is the blessing of a new year. Where there is gratitude, God always visits. Where there is complaint, nobody except Satan comes around you. God can never come to a place of complaint. Even though blessing is a heavy load, still you should receive it with gratitude and God will be with you.

Until now, no matter how great the parents have been, their children, especially the talented ones, always criticized the father and mother saying, "If I were him, I would do better." It is time that you do it yourself and then you can understand the parents position. Now is the time for you to see how difficult it has been for Father so you can come to understand his heart.

And while you do that, to whom will you complain? Will you complain to God or be grateful to God? Let's repeat it. Father digested this impossible situation and pacified it so that no one will be able to seriously go against you. Your position to teach your next of kin and relatives is no problem. No problem. Compared to what Father has already done, it is no problem. If you understand Father and are completely one with him, then you are enough number to go around America and permeate this society. You can turn the people around overnight. This is totally possible.

We should resolve ourselves here for the sake of our own children and then work as a pioneer so that we can give the foundation to our children and they can continue to teach the generation after them. We have to make that foundation. Just as Father did here in America, you are now to do for your clan. Father knows that you can do that.

If Father in any step of his way complained, he could have never reached where he is today. Satan could have always dragged him down. With that, we should be grateful and receive all the blessings that are offered to us this morning. Instead of you gathering like this all the time together, go back to your home town and spread out in the country. Which would America welcome more, that you cluster together forever and ever or that you go back, spread out to the entire nation and change them quickly? Would they appreciate the first or the second?

Father gave trinities already. From the trinity, the four-position foundation can be gained quickly. Already your trinity is a four-position foundation centering on Father. If you really take it seriously, then to each trinity, Father will appear spiritually, guide you and help you. You will experience that if you really go about your work.

Look at America today. It is so miserable. There is no hope anywhere. Millions of American young people are dying from drugs. Why? Because the white ancestors tried to do the same thing to oriental people. That is history. The young white people are receiving that history today. It's a law and no one can evade that. Now the oriental man has come to white people and tried to forgive them and save them from that disaster.

If Reverend Moon did not know God's love, he could not come to this country. Why would he want to come in the first place? If he didn't know God's love, he wouldn't want to come at all. It's time for all of us to plant the seed. We have good seed now, but we have to plant it into the ground, cultivate it and make a good harvest to return to God. That is what you have to do here in America.

Father has to leave America to you and go elsewhere, such as China. China needs Father also. China, the Middle East and Soviet Union including the communist world all need Father. There are thirty two to thirty six countries in the communist world and that includes 1.8 billion people. They exist in an agonized situation. They are starving and dying, twenty million each year. That means each day, sixty thousand people are dying. You have to think about it. How can I save this miserable situation?

Americans don't think about saving this situation. The Soviets don't think about this, but True Parents think about this situation. They are working to save these people. First of all, American young people are drunk and on drugs. They are dying people. These are your people. Their background is the same as yours. You can connect to them freely, no problem. You are the fastest way to save American youth, you Unification Church members, instead of me.

You have to save your country. This is your mission. From now on, Father will become increasingly busy. So far, Father appeared every Sunday that he has been here. Now, Father might come back occasionally, but might not come to speak to us. Father has said all that there is to say. Father has to spend more time and energy for China and Russia. How long has Father stayed here in America? For eighteen years, Father has come to speak to you in America. If Father were to spend three months in all the different nations, more than 180 nations, it would add up to 540 months, which is how many years? It is forty five years. If Father spent only three months, not eighteen years, that is how long it would take to reach every nation in the world. Then, how much blessing have we received all these years in America?

If you were Father wouldn't you at least visit and spend three months in each country? Every country is equal and Father should give them equal opportunity. If Father spent only one month, it would still take fifteen years. How can he spend so much time here in America? If Father were to spend the same amount of money in South America that he spent here, there would have been more than enough to go around. America needs to understand how much it is indebted to mankind as a whole.

Last year, Father sent every American around the world. There was no country to which they didn't go. Those who went understood that the remaining Americans would sell everything they own to help them be successful. Now those who are out there understand something. That is exactly how Father is. Anything that he has and owns, he is willing to sell it and support that American who will eventually teach and bring hope to and revive this nation. Now for the first time you have come to understand this kind of heart.

America is deeply indebted to Father. You owe a lot, don't you? Father is not saying, "Pay it back to me." Rather, he is saying, "Pay it back to the young people who are perishing here in America." You are in that position today. You have the same position now to America that Father had to you. Now, instead of Father, you have to work with the young generation. You have inherited this country. On behalf of Father, do this for America. Father decided a long time ago, even though he is old and you are young, that he would never be indebted to you. Father never had time to rest in Korea. No matter how small the congregation or denomination, Father talked continuously, for many hours until his voice was hoarse. He slept only a few hours and dedicated all his energy into Korea before he came here. Father's clear goal now is to unify North and South Korea and thereby save Asia first. Then, America will join that.

Even in India and countries where there is a Muslim dominion, Father has already started educating them. Rev. Kwak gathered all the religious leaders of the world and Father spoke to them in India. The Hindu leaders are now hearing Divine Principle, and also in India, the Christian Orthodox leaders vowed to take Divine Principle training.

In order for the same thing to go on in the Christian domain in America, Father has been laying all kinds of bridges to cross from one denomination to another and bring about unity. Father has already been working from up to down and all we have to do is work from down and connect to up. We don't have to do everything. Father has already done half. We only need to do our own share.

Neither right wing or left wing are working now. It is time for head wing. Father is grasping the left wing, which is what communism used to be and with the other hand he has the right wing, and now he is bringing them together. Until now there was communism on the left side and Christianity on the right side and God was behind. The front side was Satan who used the left side against the right side. Satan took the front side with communism on the left and attacked God who stood behind Christianity on the right side. How could that situation be changed? That situation has been turned around 180 degrees.

Satan is now behind and God is in front. The left and right are coming together behind the head, which is God. There are no wings left. So, Satan does not have any wings. He is now behind. That position is now occupied by people like Hussein. They are behind. Now we have to connect the religious and political world. Satan wants the religious world to fight because he cannot work successfully on this earth anymore, only from the spiritual world.

If the Christian world and the Islamic world fight, he can continue. Satan is standing behind that kind of situation. There is in the religious world the formation, growth and completion religions. Israel, Christianity and Unification are those religions. They were united against Hussein. Hussein said, "This is a

holy war." He wanted to bring the Muslim world together centering on him and start a religious war. A religious war also meant a racial war. Christians are basically white people and Muslims are dark people. Immediately connecting to a religious war would have been a racial war.

Father understood that kind of problem would come with a religious war. How could that be prevented? No one else knew. Father had to make a foundation to combine the religious world. In San Francisco, long before the Gulf war began, Father made a proclamation for religious unity and initiated the Interreligious Federation for World Peace.

Next, if someone makes a religious war, then a political war follows that. The communist world would follow the Muslim world in that situation. They would take action and combine as one. They are accusing America already for doing too much in this war, dropping too many bombs. It is not the case, but it shows what could happen. Again the communist world could be a problem, combined with the Muslim world.

President Bush doesn't really understand this. The American people don't really understand this. How can we protect from this kind of thing happening in the future? Only Father knows how to do that. Only one man. Father is always making conditions, paying indemnity to prevent these situations from occurring. Satan cannot follow me. All throughout Satan's world, I am making foundations for unity and peace. No matter how difficult the situation, Father has to teach the Divine Principle viewpoint.

Don't worry about these things. Already the indemnity has been paid. Father has already done it. All the conditions have been met. Other religions don't understand how to go back and make past situations straight. How can we go back to God's original starting point. They have no way of doing that. They wonder, "How is it that Reverend Moon and Unification members get to the front side so quickly and easily?" The religious world and political world are following now.

The communist world and the free world are now combining. The high level leaders of America and the Soviet Union are beginning to work together. Ultimately they will be centering on God. Satan cannot follow this course. Quickly we will come back to the original point. The Middle East is divided. Originally there was Moses' tribes. There were 12 tribes during Moses' time. Why did they separate? They lost their position after Jesus' death. What is their hope? It is the time of the Second Advent.

At that time, the Israelites again became an independent country, in 1948. That is the same year that Korea became independent. South Korea became a nation on the same year. The Israelites, America and South Korea are connected, formation, growth and completion. Until now America has been helping all over the world.

America is now in a bad situation, but Father is behind America. Father has chastised this country. America represents the world and it is still going in a bad direction. You Unification members have to go the opposite way. The time is full now. Everything that I have invested in America is for you. Then I have to go back to the Oriental world through the Middle East. The central position is now the Eastern world.

Before Jesus came, the Hindu and Buddhist world was created. That was the Oriental world. For whom was that foundation created? For Jesus. At that time, they would have combined into one. Rome occupied the nation of Israel. They had political power and represented the physical body. Jesus came to the nation of Israel which represented the spirit. Immediately he should have been able to connect with the Oriental world. There was no Islamic world then. First, Moses' tribes should have connected with him.

In that situation, all the Middle East, India and China would have connected automatically. At that time, Rome was the Western world. They were a strong people and dominated everything. China and India represented cultural prosperity. Combined with Rome, centering on the Middle East, a great civilization would have come. The Western world occupied and controlled the situation.

That was completely lost. So, the Christian world arose. They were all persecuted by Rome, but eventually took over Rome. At the time of the Second Advent, everything has to be restored. From the Western world, the Middle East world and finally back to the Oriental world. Father knew that.

Here is Israel, the Mediterranean Sea and Africa. Had Jesus not died, he would have gone to the Eastern world. How is it that from Syria, the Grand Mufti has such a deep connection with me? It was established in the spiritual world. It is not an accident. After WW II, the Grand Mufti received from God that he had to make unity between the Israelites, Christians and Muslims, otherwise the world would face a very difficult situation. God told him., "No matter how difficult it is for you, you have to prepare this."

He received this revelation, but he didn't know how to make oneness between the Israelites, Christians and Muslims. The Grand Mufti means something like the Pope of the Roman Catholic world. Syria is a very strong Muslim country. When he spoke about his revelation, the people responded, "What are you saying! The Christians are our enemy. The Israelites are our enemy. How can we combine with them? Satan must be teaching that."

The Israelites also accused him. The Christians also opposed him. He received so much persecution. Until now, he has been concerned how to fulfill the revelation God gave to him. In his mind there was agony, "What shall I do?" He worried about this for a long, long time. Then, he found out about Father's activity, from a video tape about the International Religious Foundation and he was amazed. "Rev. Moon did it!" He was so amazed and surprised.

At that time, the Grand Mufti position in Iran was occupied by Khomeini, so the Syrian Grand Mufti was invited to speak in America because there was concern about Islam. At one point in his tour, he was visiting the New York state area. Father had just finished an intense schedule in America and had one day remaining free. Father had planned to visit with the young people fishing on the ocean, but suddenly received a telephone call that the Grand Mufti wanted to meet with me. Immediately, I came back to New York. We met and from that point we were able to combine as one together. Then, I told him, "You have to educate your church. The first time, I will invite you and then the next time, you will invite us."

That is how he sent his followers to New York later to hear the Divine Principle for forty day. They completely changed. The next step is to educate the religious leaders of Egypt and Yemen. These two countries helped to support the Gulf war. After the war we can connect all the Middle East countries, the Muslim world.

Following that, we connect them to the Christian world. After that, we connect together with the Jewish world. These Muftis are high level people and very intelligent. They can understand Father's direction and can unite with it. Ultimately all these worlds can combine, it is no problem. Then, the unified world is no problem. When the religious world combines as one the secular world is really no problem.

The non-religious population is about 11% in the world. Thus, if we get religious people to accept peace and unity, the rest is very simple. We really are close to a unified world. The time of the Second Advent centers on the Asian world. The Israelites think it will center on them. The Roman Catholics think it will center on them. But God's will does not work that way. God does not think about just Israel or Rome, but the world. God's will is for the whole world. Rome is included, Israel is included, but the purpose of God's will is for the whole world.

At the time of the First Advent, the Israelites thought that the messiah would come to elevate their nation, that they would combine with him and dominate the nations around them. No. No. No. On the contrary, God's concept was to send the messiah to a humble and persecuted people in order to save the whole world, not make one nation higher than another. Now, the Christian world is the same. They think, "At the time of the Second Coming, Christianity will occupy the whole world." And they think only of being resurrected freely into the spiritual world, while everyone else will perish. No. No. No. The Second Advent occurs to save the world, that is its purpose. This is God's situation.

The Israelites took it a different way, the Christians take it a different way and many religions take this point a different way. God is only looking to make one unified world and make world peace, no matter how difficult the religious world thinks it might be. God wants to save all the religions, but they are persecuting each other! The only purpose of persecution from God's point of view is to make people who can save the world.

The purpose of the Unification Church is the same, to save the world, not ourselves. Father only seeks for unity. I don't need any country, no small foreign nation or this big and proud American nation. I don't need American culture. Father knows the future in which God's culture will exist. However, no matter how much I have, it is for the world. And no matter how difficult it is to take the persecution, he will continue only to fulfill the purpose of God, to save the world.

Father is only worried about going the correct way for God, otherwise, God's will can never be fulfilled in this world. America stood against me. The Christian and the communist world both combined and stood against me. Even the Buddhist world and many other religious worlds all combined and were against me. No matter how difficult the situation, Father cannot cast out his mission. I had to take my direction and go that way, not the quick way, but the strict way.

You American members know that the Justice Department didn't think that Reverend Moon would come back to America when they put a court case against him. I did not come to America in the first place on my own opinion. God pushed me. When I came, the situation in Korea was much more serious than in America. However, Korea is part of the world situation and America is in the central position to lead the world at this time.

So, I left my own nation and went to a remote country which did not welcome me, centering on the government. I could not go back once I came. I only took one direction, not two directions. I made the determination in my mind to penetrate this situation. The world will see eventually what I am doing and it will welcome me. On that day, many people will cry out. I will tell them, "Don't cry! You could not see what was going on in the world behind me. This is my way and you cannot take my responsibility." No American wants to go to jail, but my way was to take and digest any kind of persecution, from any level, individual, family, nation and world.

What is America? The Romans put Jesus on trial and then persecuted the Christians. Finally the Catholic Church emerged and unified Europe under its dominion, including England. England is an island country often dominated by a Queen. From this ocean base, England moved outward and this expansion included America. At that time, the Roman Catholic Church, centering on the Pope, was persecuting the new Protestant churches. The Protestants wanted a new kind of religious world.

Finally they decided that their own nation could not fulfill that purpose and they desired to go to a new land. That is America. Many churches separated from the old Roman Catholic way and made a new way. Such were the Pilgrim fathers of America. They decided no matter how difficult they wanted to begin a new way. They crossed the Atlantic ocean and settled America. Before they left they had to fight against severe persecution. The trip to America was very dangerous. But in Europe they had so many enemies, so they had to leave.

God blessed America because of this original desire of the Christians coming here. Why else could He bless this land? White people also came and destroyed the Indians living here. How could God bless that? American historians cannot explain this point clearly. Father proclaimed this point. The new world was to be cultivated here, centering on the Protestant movement.

The Europeans who came over here desired to make one nation, a strong nation, not a divided and fighting people such as Europe. All of this history, 200 years of people coming from everywhere, is for one purpose. All of America's resources are for one purpose. That is, saving the world! Americans don't know this. World War II involved the whole world, but it centered on America. In the past, if a nation defeated another nation in war, it would completely occupy it and punish it severely. In World War II, a different outcome came about. America helped the countries it defeated. Why? Because this is the way of the end times. Such is the purpose of the United Nations.

In the United Nations, no matter how large a country is, it has only one vote, just like a tiny nation. Why? In the future, the world is to become one world. God is making preparation through these things, World War II and the United Nations. America doesn't know that. Who knows that? Did President Kennedy understand this? During his time in office, young people served all over the world. Why? So that people would begin to think about the world situation and not their own selves.

Since World War II, the focus became Korea. The Korean war was a bi-polar war. Centering on Korea's separation, the world divided. When did this separation begin to end? At the time of the Olympics in Korea. Then, the bi-polar nations all came together to compete. They combined as one at that Olympics, not in Russia and not in America.

At that time, I brought all the leaders of the foreign mission countries, representing 120 nations. They came to Korea centering on Father, representing the internal world. And the Olympic champions all gathered together centering on the political world, representing the external world.

Then, many meetings occurred at the Olympics between the missionaries and the Olympic athletes. They could combine as one. I gave many kinds of gifts to the Olympic champions. I gave each one a complete supply of McCol. Many other kinds of gifts were given as well and the missionaries held banquets for athletes from their nations. America doesn't take on that expensive world mission. I know that. On one side I am helping America, on another side Russia and on yet another side I am helping China.

Ten years ago I sent out missionaries to the Soviet Union and to China and they worked underground. Why? Someone had to make preparation. Otherwise, there would be no foundation and the purpose of history could not be achieved. I understood that. Everywhere I had to prepare all the contents. A long time ago, I prepared the foundation for the scientific world and the ideological world.

Through the Summit conferences, media conferences, religious conferences and many other kinds of conferences, I prepared for all these fields and the people involved in them to be combined. Every variety of person could be harmonized. Now, I have reached America. There is no hope in the future. Many leaders feel that there is just no way. The only person left who will save America is Reverend Moon.

In the future, my problem is how to tear down the national barriers. Even the most famous leaders cannot do that. How can they change cultural backgrounds and habits? How can they bring that together? Father understood that. Now humanity is facing the racial problem, cultural problem and nationalism problem. How can we harmonize all races, cultures and nations? How can we unify cultural differences and religious differences?

Centering on what nation can all the nations, be united? America? No way. America must be purged and cleaned up. The white people need to repent and America has not taken that kind of mission yet. If Americans don't do that, their situation in the world will be miserable in the future.

How can the world center on America with the way it is today? Father worries about that. God chose America for a mission, but America doesn't understand this. Everything has been lost in this world, the continent, the peninsula and island culture. Centering on Father, everything has to be reclaimed from Satan. He has to separate those places from Satan and return them to God.

Korea represents peninsula culture and North Korea was taken by communism. Through North Korea comes the connection to all the Asian territory, the continent culture. Father had to digest this situation and carry out the plan to correct it. Combined with North Korea, the Soviet Union influenced China. So, God's position was a very narrow point. Father had to stand there and begin. Otherwise there was no hope.

China doesn't like Kim I1 Sung. It is a small country compared with China, but always on the attack. Kim Il Sung would not even receive Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. He insisted that they follow his way. He treated them like younger brothers. He has that kind of determination. I understand this point.

At this time, I stand in the position of God's elder son. Kim Il Sung stands in the position of the younger brother to me. From this position, I want to help the younger son and save him. I created the foundation to offer him science and technology to equalize his nation with South Korea. I proclaimed that in 1981 that technology does not belong to the monopoly of one nation, but that its benefits belong to all of the world. Technology should be for the purpose of world peace.

America, centering on itself, uses technology for its own benefit. They say, "Reverend Moon is a bad guy. How can he say that technology should be equalized all over the world?" America uses South America and they control those twenty nine countries through economic power, technological power and military power. Think about it. The European countries use African nations in the same way. They have the same position of America to their African nations.

They don't like Reverend Moon announcing these things. All the countries said, "We don't like Rev. Moon." And they tried to find ways to push out the foundations I was making. From four corners of the world, arrows were being shot at me. But, Father didn't fall down. How could I maintain my position? God helped me. Once I made a foundation, no country could take it away. Those foundations belong to God. They are forever.

Why? Because Father's mission is for the world! The democratic, free world centers on America. The former communist world centers on the Soviet Union. God doesn't want division and discord among people. America is dropping down, it is losing God completely. In America, God does not exist in the center anymore. Father is protecting that center, but without him, there is no hope.

Father proclaimed head wing direction. Until now, humankind did everything they could to make some kind of ideal world. They have good ideas and they tried to do it; but always they were unsuccessful. The democratic world and the communist world both tried to do it, but there is no hope that they can do it. Both worlds have lost hope. Who can bring a new idea, a new direction? Who has new hope?

There is no one and nowhere, except Reverend Moon and the Unification movement. From now it becomes more and more clear. From now we have to proclaim God's thinking, God's concept, not man's, not humankind's. That is all finished. Only one hopeful way remains. If God exists, then God's thinking is the only way left. Now, God's way of thinking is beginning. It is the last point, the final concept and viewpoint of the future. I have prepared for that. I brought right and left together. I shall lead them both back to God's position, God's love. There we can find one world, one peace.

Once the Korean peninsula is independent, then automatically this will influence China and the Soviet Union. Now, we are turning the left side and right side around. Normally we use the right hand. In America many people use the left hand. In Korea only people who have been disabled use the left hand. Those who use the left hand are looked down upon in Korea. Now, the communist world is standing on the right hand side. The American government is against me on this. They say, "What are you doing Reverend Moon? We will check it." The CIA is watching us with binoculars, but the Soviets are different. They have completely lost their ideology. They are completely depressed. There is no way. How can we fill up that empty place? The system is collapsing, the society, culture and nation.

They want to prevent that. They want a strong ideology, like communism once was. The only thing remaining is Rev. Moon's ideology. They have been studying already for seven years. KGB and Politburo people already understand Father's ideology. So, they invite me now. I have been the most fearful person in the communist world until now. They have been completely against me, but now they welcome me.

Reverend Moon is not the enemy of the communist world. They were teaching that concept. No. True love! I have always wanted to save that enemy of God. They sent out a committee of high level people and students to come to America and study Divine Principle. By July of this year we will have invited 3,000 professors and students.

The students who are qualifying to study are from the highest level. Like Harvard students, they are almost genius quality. So many wanted to come that it made a problem in the universities. The presidents had to make a test. Then, they could choose the best ones. Only the students who could speak and write fluent English are accepted. They are much more intelligent than American students. How many students in America can speak Russian? Less than five percent of the very top level students. In the Soviet Union almost seventy percent of all students can speak in English.

That is preparation for the future. They will combine with the English world. I was surprised by this comparison with American university students. They have a strong foundation for the world, not just centering on their own nation. They are always talking about world level topics. They are looking out to the world and they are well trained. Now they have received Divine Principle and they are deeply impressed. I read their reports. They understand clearly, more than you Unification Church members. They can catch the central concept with no problem. They are so well trained. And they are very determined to do something with their studies. In Bulgaria 400 people are attending a 21 day workshop. In Hungary also this is happening. Leningrad, Moscow, there is a fire going on. They want to stir up the Soviet Union.

We don't need to train them so much because the communist system has been so strict. We are establishing PWPA offices and CARP offices and will extend them all over the Soviet Union. There are no boundaries for me. In this time, Gorbachev wants me to educate his people. He is not like President Bush. He is the leader of the central country of the communist world. They know the value of this teaching.

The American government is really wondering no, "What kind of person will Reverend Moon be in the future?" They are studying to find out. They want to know what is going on in Japan and in our activities. Actually, the CIA cannot reach to the kind of levels that we have already reached. Immediately we know what concerns the CIA about us. People tell us. Father is a strange man isn't he? And you are strange people.

If Father wasn't strange, he couldn't have made this foundation. All the American people are welcome to use this foundation. America needs this foundation and everyone will benefit from it. In the future, American youth will have this foundation. It is fearful, but also wonderful. What will this country choose? Do away with drugs, do away with those fallen things.

From now, the question is how to unify the Korean peninsula. Then, Korea and Japan. Korea is Adam's country and Japan is Eve's country. They have to combine. In Asia, the archangel country is China. The Christian world archangel country is America. The representative of Satan's world archangel country is the Soviet Union.

Originally there was God, Adam and Eve, and the three archangels. They planted the wrong seed and human history has harvested it. During World War II, the nations divided along similar lines. On God's side was America, England and France. On Satan's side was Germany, Japan and Italy. Italy and France are somewhat the same. They are very changeable, like the archangel. This was how the world divided during World War II.

After the victory, the victors should have insured a free world everywhere and this would have aided Korea. However, America was wrong on this point and they lost everything. Centering on God, the Second Advent occurred in Korea. Thus, Korea became the Adamic nation. Eve must accomplish the role of bringing Cain and Abel together. The fall brought about the wrong seed. The true seed must now be planted.

Because America failed to protect Korea, it divided. Russia came to have power through North Korea. The world divided from here. Kim Il Sung rose to the position of the Second Coming for Satan's side. Stalin didn't claim to be the father of all mankind, but Kim Il Sung has proclaimed that he is the father of all mankind. From the free world side, someone has to proclaim the true father's position. Reverend Moon has done that.

America failed its role after World War II and communism then came into full power. That is what happened in history. If America had supported Father after 1945 and all the Christian denominations had supported him, then communism would have never gained such power and it would not have taken 30 to 40 years to bring it down. Even though America recognized the South Korean government, they did not create a strong government and give it to the South Korean people. They did not do that, so it was easy for Satan to use even Father's own country.

Now we are here to restore this and our responsibility is very great. When the Korean war started all the United Nations' forces came into the conflict. At that time, there was no reason for all these nations to come and help Korea. They did so without knowing why. It was very spiritual. Russia had the power to veto the entire action, but they didn't appear at the very crucial moment when the vote was passed. How can we explain that? The spiritual world shut them out. That is the only reason.

The Security Council resolution sent so many different countries into Korea to help protect them. Centering on 1988, the eastern and western worlds could come together for the first time. They don't know, but Father played a key role to make it possible. Since the 31st of October, Children's Day, the spiritual world and the physical world have become right side up. The children of Adam and Eve are at a higher level of spiritual maturity than the archangel world.

Now the spiritual world cannot exert their own force. They have to follow and help Father. Father knows this inside and out and has made enough indemnity conditions for this to happen. Already Father has a very good idea of how the unification of North and South Korea will come about. He has only to do a few more small things and then wait to see it come to pass.

Then, the Japanese Unification Church will play a crucial role in Korea and Japan becoming one. The Japanese Unification movement will be the crucial bridge between Korean and Japan bringing both countries into greater harmony. America should get close to Japan, not swallow it, but get close to it. Japan is like a young single girl, very attractive. America, being an archangel country, would like to just swallow it up. Russia also would like to swallow up Japan, even China would like to do that. These are the three archangels that originally existed in the garden. They will compete for Japan.

On God's side, standing in Adam's position, there is one person who wants to unite with Japan, not swallow it up. Reverend Moon wants to bring Japan close to Korea like a bride. So he has to attract her to this heavenly way. Recently there was a Second Generation Blessing in Korea in which 404 Korean and Japanese young people exchanged marriage vows. No nation can make that kind of strong connection to Japan. Both Korea and Japan have been against me, but I am providing the key for them. They strike me, but that is not good for them ultimately. Satan knows this, so he has attacked and broken down America. No matter, Rev. Moon has done well after all."

You represent the president and first lady of each nation of the world. You are the kings and queens. What Father is doing is kicking you out to fulfill that responsibility, nothing less. Since America has every nation represented without exception, if you do the mission well, each country will turn around very quickly, overnight. There are Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras. America is the New Testament era. The Unification movement is in the Completed Testament era. When the Completed Testament era is successful, then the Old and New Testament eras are included. They have to do almost nothing to be included.

That's the advantage of the time we are living in. All they will have to do is just follow the Completed Testament way. America represents all the Christian churches, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant. If the Christian world unites, then the entire religious world can unite. Centering on you, this can happen. Father has made preparation for all this to happen.

That's all. How much you have received the blessing! All you have to do is inherit the role that Father is giving to you. Don't cry thinking that it might be difficult.

It is difficult for a foreigner to obtain an American green card. If getting the green card is so difficult, then how much more so to get the certificate to be a true child! Is it easier than the green card or more difficult? Until the year 2,000 don't complain, just get to work. You will find yourself at some fantastic place which God destined for you. The blessing is already there with you. There is nothing more that Father can give you. We have to follow the process and take the cross that Father has been bearing for many more years than we have. We have to just bear it and never complain. Then we will have it made.

The American women says, "I am an American woman. I'm the strongest woman in the world. Why are you hitting me?" The American woman is too strong. Pioneering and cultivating is not the easy way. I am chasing you out to do it. Is Father's way the good way or bad way? You have to taste it and experience it. How much persecution surrounded me. Even you were against me, but I pushed you out.

After the year 2,000 let us see what kind of result appears. From now they will welcome us. Father is chasing you out for that purpose. Don't complain. Just put one foot in front of the other. That is the most valuable way. Don't complain. Always be the victor. The victor does not complain, but is proud of his situation. Change this serious situation. You have to be grateful and thankful. If you eat too much, be thankful. If you are starving, be thankful. If you are miserable, be thankful. Satan cannot follow you to that place.

If you complain, then Satan will enjoy you very much and he will immediately connect with you. During the next ten years, protect yourself from Satan's historical relationship with mankind. Cut him off completely. Father will not be here. He cannot be everywhere. You will be alone. Why? Because you have to become the true owner. You are all alone because you are the owner. If you complain, you cease to be the owner. Complaint will shake loose the blessings already given. Gratitude will only increase the blessings. That is the secret to becoming the unfailing owner.

We have decided then, haven't we? Today is a good day! Stand up. Who will do it? Whoever will do it, not only raise your hands, but pump your fists in the air. Proclaim, "I will do it, I will do it, I will do it." God bless you.

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