The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


"Inyun" and Encounter [The Original Cause or Reason which brings Us Together]

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Sunday Morning Speech
Belvedere, New York - 4 November 1990
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes

"Inyun" = if two persons meet in a crowd and their sleeves touch, this must have been caused by events of thousands of years ago.

"Sangbong" = encounter, meeting together. There is a book called "Chooyuk" [Book of Changes?] which tells about how things are separated and connected. The Korean life has benefited greatly from this.

There is a "Ohang" and a "Sajoo", the time, day and year you were born. This can be calculated by a certain formula and it gives an amazing account of your future and past. It is about 80% correct. It is also been extremely successful is telling you must be ailments. Then doctors prescribe a certain medications to erase that condition. They can tell you how many offsprings you would have, highlights of your life, what you are suited for, and your ancestors' problem. Then they try to explain why these things come to be the way they are. It is not haphazard, but there are certain specific causes.

We come here from all over the world. Each one was destined to come to this position. This is especially true in relation to marriage. Human ancestors are one, but why have some people gone to the north pole? Nobody voluntarily goes to the north pole to live, people seek comfortable climates. There must be a reason. There must have been a great dispute, or fight, one of them saying, "If you eat with your left hand, I'll use my right hand. If you shake with hands to greet, I'll bow, or even use my feet." Even their language became different. More than likely it was not a good reason that they separated. There must have been some unhappy reason.

The ancestors of white people, did they start under adverse or bad condition? Why did they choose the adverse living conditions. They must have been hunting people, nomads. Compassion, like shooting a horse if the horse is dying. In order to ease its pain they will kill the horse. If this extreme is applied to us, and your son or daughter is ailing, would you kill him? Of course, this is different, but it is also similar. What is ideal? Let them die a natural death, no matter how painful, or kill them? Naturally, the natural death is better. (?)

There is one human ancestor, but there are different races scattered around the world. This could not have been because of a good cause, but because of a bad cause. The yellow race, living in a moderate temperature zone - they are doing alright. They have been worshipping a certain god through a religion called shamanism. The spirit world is not an exception. It is not unified, but they have formed separate groups, based on things in common. What is the nature of the spiritual world? It is composed of people who used to live here on earth, they go to the spirit world after their life ends. Cat-like, aggressive, scratchy persons will all end up together in the spirit world. Also the good-fighters will be together. Does this sound true? Also like- minded people will get together and for communities or villages.

Does anyone love his own personality? Does anyone love himself? Usually the mind and body are always in conflict. Does anyone like to see this internal fighting? This is not only true in man but also in woman. But now these two people get married and their fighting continues. Are we qualified to be loved? Everyone says, "Love me, Love me," but it is more natural that he hates me rather than loves me [because my mind and body are not united]. Such a person then passes this hatred on the dog sleeping on the sidewalk and kicks him. Or a cow, or call he calls the birds names, saying, "I hate to see two birds getting along together because I'm so miserable."

How shameful and how sad we must feel. When hatred is going on even within one small family what will the things of creation say. They will be so angry. They will look down on that family. Don't you think all creation sees these kinds of things? If air has a choice it would stay away from that family. And food would not want to go there either. All the things of creation will help them shorten their life, so they can leave this life quickly. People will get sick.

This is nature's way. Nature will not support them. We have 250 million Americans. How many people in America like her [this individual sister]? This is a serious thing and we should think like this. Unless you are very sure that you are a good person, it is a sin even to expect to have good circumstances surrounding you.

The clock moves clockwise. But someone insists that the clock goes the other way. He is then destroying all 360 degrees, not just one degree. How many degrees are we moving in harmony with the clock; twenty, forty or sixty degrees? Are you covering all 360 degrees? Are you are least going over half, 180 degrees?

When you really think and carefully examine yourself there is no reason why people should like me. We should to go in harmony for the 360 degrees, but instead how many degrees do we go along with the clock and how many degrees in conflict? Do American go along all 360 degrees? How many, out of 250 million Americans, will have all 360 degrees in harmony? Guess. None? Then something is "out of order." But why do they boast most of the time? When the universe looks down at them, what will it say?

"Golgulbyun" = ugly; in Korean this is something out of proportion, something not beautiful to look at. Americans express superior feelings, saying loudly, "I love you" and kissing and hugging, but if the machine is "out of order," and you hug it and say, "I love you," there must be something wrong. All the time TF is talking about True Love.

At a banquet, a smelly person who doesn't stay still with a full diaper (not reality just imagine). The people would be so disgusted.

Imagine millions of people living on earth, they are all broken or "out of order" but they are all chasing after good luck. What will luck do? It will try to escape. When you imagine this, do you feel good? You say, "Well, I'm the exception." Then you feel better. But if you think TF is speaking about you, how do you feel? How will other people look at this? This is actually close to reality, it is not a laughing matter.

How serious this question is. We have try to discover one good point in our personality. That kind of quality of character which will cause God say, "You can live inside the boundary." The person who doesn't have this kind of deserving mind and body unity. God won't let them come in and live; he won't even be able to look beyond the boundary. Why? Why did human beings become like this? Simply, something must have gone wrong with the root. He is not so bad, his root is bad. Historically speaking, man has been trying to love nature, but people living on earth and in the spiritual world are more distant from God than nature itself.

We can look at a one-thousand-year old tree, only with our heads bowed down. The tree has gloriously maintained itself for such a long time. There is one big magnolia tree in the Belvedere gardens, and now it has just bare branches. In the spring it blossoms and the whole tree is full of flowers. We cannot help when we look at the tree to respect it. Down right respect it! But there is no fragrance in human life, it is suffocating. But the tree goes along with nature 100%, even the birds want to come and land in its branches. Man must become so humble when looking at this.

Suppose that in your high school alumni, there is one girl who always smiles and is always helpful to others. Then there is another kind of person always has a sad face and is not helpful. Many years later when you look back on your school days, who will you remember? When you want to make friends with that first kind of person, you would find something good inside to her. You would bring your most precious secret to her to make friends. What is most your most precious possession? Love, but this is between man and woman. Your gift would have to be on the same level before it can be accepted.

The other person also wants love, but from a higher plain. This is something we all have in common, we want our sons and daughters better than me, especially out spouse. But centering on what should they be better? This is love. Would a person in a higher position like to receive love from a person in a higher or lower position? Higher. Then the shorter person has no chance, because everyone wants to receive love from the higher position.

The person in the lower or shorter position, how can he go up? When he respects the person in the higher position, that person in the higher position will lift him up. But if this person is self centered what chance does he have? You cannot be independent if you want someone to life you up. When I know that I am in the short-position with respect to love, should I go to this tall-position person or should I refrain from going there?

The person who is evil, should be alone. Then things of creation and other people will have sympathy because that person at least knows where he is and they will help him. This person suffers within himself, stands still and others will help him. But if someone demonstrates his evil nature, then all things of creation will be pained and they will hasten his decline.

Someone who seriously questions himself and contains [or isolates] himself because he knows he will hurt others by being close to them, this person at least has a conscience. When a person whom you don't like comes to you, you close the door and say, "I'm not here." Now we can understand why people with conscience, especially religious people, lead a solitary life. All things will look at them and say, "At least he has a conscience, his is no better than others, but at least he has a conscience."

Priests and monks who practice celibacy, choose to be alone because they don't want to hurt anyone else. It is not that celibacy is good, but compare this to today in America where many people don't want to get married. They want to be alone. Is this the same? When God looks down at all the groups of people who don't get married, He feels deep compassion with the monks and priests and would want to help them. UC members in the beginning didn't want to get married, but why? While you were unmarried did you have the feeling of being inadequate to receive the blessing?

How about Rev. Moon? There are now two extremely divided groups. One wants him to stay in America and the other wants him to go. How can this be? If TF opens the door to his home and says, "Come live with me," will you come? Yes. But does TF feel the same way when he looks at you? Is there anyone whom TF would say, "Mansai," and run to live with them? Even TF has to think seriously about where he will live. But what about God? He is even more serious. Now think about your prayers, will God try to listen or plug his ears? That is a serious question about your attitude toward prayer. How many people do you want to accommodate in your prayer?

God has enough room to accommodate everyone, but the dirtiest ones are the ones who want to come in first. What should God do? There is a wall and on the other side is God's domain. There are many levels in the spirit world. Opposite to God's direction is Hell. Should the spirit world have a night? Or war? People will live in the level in which they feel most comfortable. Going up is very difficult, but coming down is very easy. This is the reality of the spiritual world. If your level in the spiritual world is high, you can come down easily and any time you want to. But you cannot go up. God never wants anyone below this line, but that person decides he wants to be below the line. God cannot help this. But God's mind is so big he want everyone to come in.

If God would give an amnesty and say, "All are equal." All the evil people would come in and the good people would be pushed away. So God has to have a wall between the different levels of spirit world. God says they cannot come in. You can advance one level in 2,000 years. Can a loving God do this, saying, "Unless you train yourself you cannot come up." Would TF do the same thing? TF cannot save them in a short period of time.

Father would not want to bring them down to the most difficult hell. We have many layers, like an onion. One layer is arrogance, the other is the love of money. We should have the attitude that as long as I'm with TF, I don't need anything else. Is there any way to raise people up quickly? One way is to hold on tenaciously to TF this is one way we can get to the top.

When the son of a lowly government official becomes president, no one would mind. But his father, who was shabby and now his son is president, no one can say anything. Would you say, "Mr. President I can bow to you, but not to your father, because he used to bow to me." Can he say this? No.

TF goes down into hell and makes people one with him and then brings them up. God would say, "That's a good idea." Up to which level would you go? Wherever TF goes? To Japan? What about a visa? Would you go to Korea? In Korea you sleep on a hard floor. You have to eat kochujang and kimchi. If you go to Korea and live in a mansion, no one will object. But what if you live in the poorest place? Also we would have to beg for food and bring it to TF. Father would not use knife or fork, and after eating only with his hands TF half way through the meal he would offer it to you. Would you mind?

Since you don't believe, then you need more indemnity. Maybe one section of your finger each year would be cut off. After 25 years your arms and then maybe you just roll around without limbs. Then TF would have to carry us on his back. There would be no other way. Would you be a happy person or sad? TF couldn't stop, once he starts to carry you he must take responsibility and carry you all the way up. Would God say, "Why do you have a bunch of dismembered bodies?" God could not even ask. The Bible say, those willing to live will die and those willing to die will live.

When TF first came to America and had nothing, did he expect to live in an estate like East Garden? TF thought, "If they put me in prison I'll turn the prison up-side-down." Did TF think this path would be easy? How much resolve did Father have even before he came to America? When TF came here, millions of people opposed him. But he determined even if I die, I cannot give up. Father came here to die. Would God regret saying that after 20 years still there is no result? Or would he say, "How did you do that?" When the work is successful and they begin to understand and accept Rev. Moon, will he just retire? No, he will move to more difficult places. God will say, "Why don't you settle down." Would God say this? Yes, but way?

There are sometimes when the work has been done well, but instead of praise Father would call you lots of names. In this case you can shoot up spiritually very quickly.

What is the topic of the sermon, "encounter."

In one village of Korea where TF lived, he knew every details in a ten mile radius. The birds, the fish... He could not sleep and would get up early to explore around. He would fight the bullies and protect the smaller persons. Father fought this way here in America too. He didn't hide anything. In the court case it was the U.S. government against Rev. Moon and who was knocked down? America. You are crazy persons who praise Rev. Moon. Americans think he is a villain.

Ten of thousand of American UC men and women want to get married to oriental people, when we do this outside people get stomach aches. Do you have a normal mind? They cannot say normal, nor abnormal so they say brainwashed. It has really been washed clean. It is our wish to get married with higher levels of blessed children. Who is the highest? TF wishes I had numberless children. Those who would not want their children to get married to TF's children, raise your hands.

Father blessed Daniel to TF 16th cousin. Daniel comes from Texas, a wealthy family. His grandmother heard her grandson was married to a niece of Rev. Moon and she shouted out, "Mansai." They are famous and then why do they shout? They can become even more famous. This family must have good "inyun".

When TF selects your son's or daughter's mate, should he select a Korean speaking or non-Korean speaking mate? Now we get the message, we must learn Korean. If your sons and daughter get married to TF offspring, will you regret this or will this be a great honor? Why? Because heaven is the eternal world. In TF's family, should there be many grandsons and daughters? Should TF's children give birth to many children or not? In your case, you may say, "I'll give birth to 130 children to increase my chance [to have one of my sons or daughters married into TF family]." This is utmost goodness.

If you become a big mountain, would you like to be a big mountain in a big mountain range or all lone peak? The mountain of mountains or a solitary peak? When lava flows down a mountain, is the mountain which is made from it bigger than the original mountain? Would a famous family contribute to the fame of Rev. Moon?

TF sees that new-born babies [blessed children] are more intelligent and better equipped. A 10-year-old member of TF's family came up against a 40- year-old PH.D. member. She called him into her room and told him what he has done wrong. And then advised Father that this person will leave the UC in the future and this person should not be kept close to TF.

When TF was young, villagers would come and seek his advise in marriage recommendations. He never made a mistake, he was always accurate. Sometimes they would get married anyway, but this wouldn't work. In the first three years of marriage, the faster you go though the problems the better the marriage will become. TF is bringing the blessed children to the Little Angels school and he sees, "It is a good seed." TF will send each of the Little Angels graduates to different countries.

There are castles around the world, but they have been build usually because of wars, killings and bloodshed. But our palace will all be built by love, under the wings of love. This will be the peak of palaces! How about that?

Ten generations expands in 200 years. How many years/generations will it take for the world to be centered on the UC? How about by the year 2,000? Now in the Soviet Union TF is interviewing thousands of students. In a couple of months 3,000 students will come to the U.S. and study the DP for 10 days. Already 2,000 have come through this program. Recently, because the number was so large, the State Department began to delay the visas. The Soviet students began to get angry. Then 10 Senators stormed the State Department. Then more and more. Those in the State Department said, "We didn't know Rev. Moon was so strong." They issued the visa right away.

They finally issued the visas, but it took a long time. The 200 visas were issued at 11:15 but the flight was at 12:00. A person took the passports to the airport, but there was no time to pass them out. Some people got two passports and there was a lot of confusion. Some Americans thought, "This is like a Soviet invasion to America." We are proud that Rev. Moon is so strong. To become one with Rev. Moon, what an amazing thing this is. Does Rev. Moon have power?

Even when you applaud you have to take the time into consideration. Shorten this and clap faster. TF is especially busy today. Do you know about the rodeo program? Do you want to come? Maybe he will charge three times more for the tickets. All of you can go to Deer Park and if you don't have a ticket just break your head against the windows. This is a good strategy for promotion.

What was the topic? "Inyun" and Encounter." It is not an accident that we are here today. Where was this cloud formed? [Drawing on the board.] Did it just form over America or is it a world-cloud? It was formed from various parts of the world, Africa and the polar region combined. Maybe one part of the air is from the spit of black people and next to it was a molecule from the urine of white people. But will these molecules start fighting? Or will they give up? This is where they have to make friends.

Pollution: does it all come from America. It is a world problem, it goes around and around. Are all of us indebted or without debt? This person is healthy [a brother in the front row], maybe he stole this from someone to get good food. Would nature like to be eaten mercilessly? If we did not return anything back to nature, what would nature think? "You owe us, you are like a parasite." Have you ever stopped to thank all of nature? Did your clothes come from the United State, or from all over the world. Did you even stop and say, "Thank you Korea for sending these clothes to me?" If you use this coat and it gets a hole, that product will cry.

Americans work eight hours a day - complaining all the time. But in Korea, they are very serious to work (probably 12 hours a day) and their products have life. Which product would you buy? In Itaeweon you go in the evening and they take your measurement for a suit. Early the next morning your suit is ready. When do you think they worked? All night. In 2 hours it can be sown. There are many, many factories working throughout the night. Aside from the ethical point of view, when they see one product, immediately the product is copied. The next day the same product comes out - exactly the same. Maybe they use inferior material but the look is exactly the same. Can you understand how much imagination this takes? Koreans have won the gold medal many times in the Olympics for manufacturing skills. Now they don't compete to give others a chance.

Does TF take after Korean tradition or does Korean tradition take after TF? Korea never lost its identity even after 5,000 years. Just imagine this kind of character. Genghis Khan was defeated in Korea but this has not been recorded.

No one can make the Koreans into one people except Father. Bringing the communist and democracy nations together or bringing the two Koreas together, which is more difficult? Kim Il Sung is saying, "I hate American, Chinese, Russians, Japanese... So why don't you [Rev. Moon] and I get together and hate all those who have worked against Korea."

Kim Il Sung started with a very big kingdom and now it is declining. But TF started from nothing and was persecuted and is now bigger than Kim Il Sung. Will they will shake hands or bow when they meet? Kim Il Sung knows he cannot pull Russia and China, but he knows TF can do this. When TF's locomotive pulls, will the train of US and Russia move? There are strange phenomena happening all over the world now. This is because of TF.

Is the air American, or world air? Don't you think that part of the air came from the orient, Europe, Asia and is mixed up? Was the air breathed only here in America and will stay here forever? Is there conflict between the airs of the world?

Does a plant object when a big boar comes and defecates on it? This is special food.

We don't know who we will meet. How many tens of thousands of years are behind the meeting of these two sisters to come right here [in the front row]. This is a miracle. You may not know now, but when you turn on the computer in the spirit world it will show all the facts behind the meeting of these two sisters. "A" sister, "B" sister...[TF drew all over the board a long squiggly line connecting A and B]. The computer will cover all the possibilities, but now these two are meeting right here. All of you here, do you think you came here directly, a straight way? Your big ancestors will beat you if you think so.

When you were born, did you ever have the slightest idea that you would meet Father here today. But if you tried to sit with Father how many years would you have to try? But the universe did plenty of work for each of us to be here. Is this kind of encounter just by chance. Is it like a school alumni reunion. After 10 or 15 years can you say what will happen? Who knows, maybe you will be a queen or first lady. We have to take this seriously. Take the "inyun" very seriously. Don't just think of today or tomorrow, but with this historical perspective. All things that happen today have this goal in mind.

In fishing this becomes dramatic. Maybe you sit on a boat 8 hours with nothing. Then in just one minute you have hooked a fish, maybe a 1,000 pounds. Tuna competition: There is one Japanese brother who never caught a fish. Five minutes before the competition closed he landed the biggest fish and got first prize. Why do we have to go through so many events to reach the goal? Because the goal is so big. But now that you have reached the goal? Spiritual world is watching us very closely, they are very nervous. Imagine, your encounter with TF here has taken lots of sacrifices. Maybe some of your ancestors have been killed for you to get here. Once we understand this background, then indemnity is a natural thing. For a bigger cause, suffering is okay, You can expect more suffering and indemnity, because you know you will meet a higher encounter.

TF came to America, but before he came he arranged this "inyun." He did his best to put everyone in a special blessing. Even if he had to sacrifice his own life, he worked with determination. He knew he would meet offspring from the Mayflower. Not all of them who left England arrived in America. TF had the idea, "I'm coming to America to meet the descendants of these people." Even before he noticed his suffering he thought how can I fulfill my responsibility to these descendants of the Mayflower?

He who does that will inherit all the blessing of the world. Like Father after Danbury. Before you go to Korea, who will God bring to meet you? Even today Danbury inmates are meeting Father. You have no room for complaint; no cause for complaint. You bump into someone and he may cause you trouble. You must then wonder, "What is he going to bring me to?" Instead of fighting, think deeply what this "inyun" is going to bring you. All of a sudden you find next to you, your long lost son. If this crazy person had not bothered me, I would never have met my lost son. Even that crazy man doesn't know why he is bothering you.

Do you retaliate or think, "What is this for me what can I expect from this." An "inyun" encounter can cause a great relationship to exist. Don't you know story of Joseph? His brothers threw him in the well and the nobleman's wife tried to seduce him; then he was thrown in prison. Because of that he got to meet his brothers. Somebody was working to save the Israelites. It's not mysterious to us. If not for being imprisoned for three years in communist prison, then Father could not understand communism. "With my own hands I will liberate communism," TF determined. It was not a miracle but Father worked for the end of communism.

This grand principle applies to daily life. Your attitude should be to look everywhere for "inyun." If somehow you got into an accident and hurt nice young lady. She was hospitalized and you visited and witnessed to her. So she was lucky you broke her leg, thinking, "If you didn't break my leg where would I be know?" How proud you can be. Without your hands how can any be lead to heaven? We can pray to prevent accident on the drive to Belvedere. But we should say, "Let us follow God's will." Who knows what is going to happen to us? Who can tell the future? Everybody agrees that accidents can be a tragedy, but a wise person doesn't complain and instead looks for a deeper meaning.

Yesterday the state leaders came to East Garden and arrived late. The bus was stolen just as they were preparing to go to Father. But Father didn't worry. Maybe because of the bus being stolen you go to police and meet a long lost cousin or Bush. Maybe that is the quickest path for a candidacy for congress.

You might think prison was maybe the worst thing to happen to TF, but what happened after Danbury? Our life is bound to be indemnity. But you can quicken it by extraordinary things. The flow of thousands of years of human history is like a sine curve. How complicated is history. Do you want to follow a complicated curve or concentrated indemnity. Sometimes your course goes up or down. If it is shortened you can get it over with quickly.

Religion took thousands of years. After you receive glory you will have to go down again. Christianity suffered, then in America it went up, now it comes down again. UC came from suffering now is going up. Within the twenty one years Father's motto was "Let us reindemnify 2000 years of Christian history" Father invited persecution within the twenty one years: "If you become weaker then you will have to give up everything to me." Who is more capable? Is it Christian Church or me? Father can out stare them. He can do anything better than they. This time Christianity goes down forever because they lost their purpose.

Horizontal line is a great thing. You lie down on horizontal line. When it's dark but still light you know God is right beside you. You can lie down on top of God. The ground work must have been so much to prepare for the Empire State Building. The ground was tortured. Later when the building is up the ground will say, "Oh, if I had known I would have asked for more pounding. When Father was breaking ground we all complained. Sometimes he made you suffer upside down which was even more painful. How much more proud I would have been to be the bottom of the foundation, had I known this was going to be built.

So let's gets close to the conclusion. Are we going for ten years of happiness or ten thousand years of happiness? Is it easy.? Making that happiness-payment in suffering, should we make it over a ten-year period, or less? If we condense this to one year, it means one year must equal 10,000 years of pain. It means your eyes and nose may be cut off.

Chinese women have smaller feet, but still they covered long distances. American women will ride around the block in a car then call it a day. Maybe you saw mountain, but didn't go inside to see what ore was there. Are diamonds lying around next to the highway? A Chinese woman would walk a thousand miles to find her lost child. A great aspect of Chinese thought is that they recognize in and hour meeting what events went on before that to bring you to that meeting. Which attitude will lead us to the blessed position more surely, Western or Eastern?

One thing UC members should not be is light weight. If you laugh in a big way, you will cry in a big way. Peak of civilization will change. Now the eastern civilization is beginning to flourish. It has been prepared for 5000 years. It didn't just happen, no one can stop this tide. How can anyone stop tide of ocean? Take Father's word seriously today. Embrace them in an oriental way and understand the meaning behind his words. American members married to oriental women must determine to carry their wives on their backs. If you are willing to carry her on your back you will revitalize your western tradition.

Development will end if you westerners want to be above easterners. Moonies who want to ride on Father's back will soon end. You must want to carry Father on your back now, then you will prosper. It is serious. Father cannot carry America on his back forever and ever. Father may leave and not come back for years. Father has done all he should do for America. America as a Christian country must follow father's wake,like it or not. Chinese and Soviets will not easily follow. Every day we have to tell them do this or do that. If America was wise it would carry Russia and China on its back. What America won't do, Father is having to do. Many people will carry Father's baton. Father's meeting with the Soviet premier is no light thing. The Panda car project is a serious project. In China, the June 4 Tienanmem Square incident caused every embassy to leave Beijing in three weeks. On June 27 Father went there and signed the Panda contract. Every country should stay there, not budge. He went there to express his determination, "I am her to stay." China knows this. They owe to Father. They know they will rise up within five years with Father's help. China praises Father more than their national heroes. Chinese are very good at appraising the character of people.

While America was opposing Father, he carried America on his back. Father didn't perish,but what about America? How deep was the "inyun" for Father to encounter America. Our shallow thinking caused us to throw away so much good "inyun" in the past. The universe is disappointed. Lead a life that God will say, "I know how much you suffered." We have to lead a life that even God will praise. That kind of person doesn't perish. That is the formula way. We should never swerve from this course. Now take your way of "inyun" seriously. If you say, "I will take this seriously and bear the responsibility of America on my shoulders," raise your hands.


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