The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace

Sun Myung Moon
August 15 -- 21, 1990
Proposal presented at The 2nd Assembly of the World's Religions
San Francisco, California

Father and Mother pose with Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Kuftaro and Rev. Kwak at the Assembly of the World's Religions Conference. Father is wearing a ceremonial robe, a special gift presented to him by the Grand Mufti of Syria.

We are living at a most significant time in all of human history. This is a time of great difficulty for many, but also a time of great opportunity. The opportunity is that humanity now stands on the threshold of a new age of peace and unity for all. Such an achievement of this age would be none other than the realization of our own human destiny. History is moving toward the ideal of one world under God, where the timeless goal of one harmonious family is realized. As time unfolds, this reality will be made ever more apparent and undeniable.

God's original ideal was for the creation of one human family. This human family would be united as one under the common parenthood of God. The pain and suffering that has characterized human history, evidenced in countless wars and conflicts, is a result of a departure from God's original ideal. Throughout history human beings have sought to overcome this difficult situation, but without ultimate success.

Recently, however, signals of hope have emerged on several fronts. For example, the events in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union have brought a dramatic conclusion to the cold war era. In addition, we see the greater European community, including Eastern Europe, moving toward an unprecedented level of cooperation and unity. Still, while political and economic developments move toward oneness, the internal or spiritual situation of humanity worldwide remains in a state of confusion and conflict.

Lasting peace cannot be achieved by political or economic means alone. Political leaders or business leaders cannot resolve the ultimate problems that humanity confronts. The deeper solutions to humanity's problems must come from religious leaders for it is in the resources of the world's great religious traditions that the ultimate solutions to world problems may be found.

Of course, religions and religious leaders have often failed to respond to the challenges that we face in history. Too often religion has become caught in a destructive cycle of exclusivism and inter-religious strife.

Religious people throughout the world should reflect on this problem and repent for not having taken the lead in moving the world toward oneness. Moreover, religious people today need to understand one another and cooperate with one another. In order to do this we must cultivate both a parental heart and a serving attitude toward others. In this way, religious leaders must set the example of a lifestyle centered on God.

In order to create a forum for religious people of the world to work effectively toward inter-religious unity and, on that foundation, world peace, we propose the formation of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. This organization will work to secure cooperation and understanding among religions through educational programs, task forces, service projects and relief programs. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace will not duplicate the important work of other institutions dedicated to promoting peace. We will engage in fundamental service projects for the sake of world peace. We will also complement and support the efforts of existing institutions, and will seek to work cooperatively with such organizations.

The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace will have an Executive Council of religious leaders representing all the world's traditions and it will meet regularly to help guide and implement the projects of the Federation. In addition the Federation will develop programs in Research and Education, Inter-Religious Service, Leadership and Conflict Resolution.

We hope that you will find this proposal agreeable and that you will lend your signature below, indicating your support to the ideas expressed above in this Founding Statement. As signatures are gathered we will present this proposal to other religious leaders throughout the world in order that we can mobilize a most inclusive and effective organization for world peace.

The Initiating Committee for the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace 

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