The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

The Perfect Settlement of God's Will on Earth

Sun Myung Moon
July 15, 1990
Translation Sang Kil Han

True Parents offer radiant smiles during the Assembly of the World's Religions held in San Francisco from August 15 -- 21, 1990

The topic of my sermon this morning is, "Ddutui wanjon jongchak gwa juche sasang." "Ddutui" means the Will of God and "wanjon jongchak" means perfect settlement, so together they mean "perfect settlement of the Will," or total establishment of God's way of life on earth. "Juche sasang" means sovereign or mainstream thought. In other words, the all-encompassing Will of God can no longer just be in your minds and hearts, but it must be absolutely expressed in every aspect of your daily life. Your mind and body should be totally united in obedience to God's desire, so that you can confidently go forward to teach Godism and True Parents' tradition, and finally 'settle' God's Will on earth, in yourself and in others.

Most people would have difficulty answering the question, "What is the Will of God?" Even a noted theologian might only vaguely respond, "It is simple, but it is very difficult to say." With such an unclear answer, we cannot hope that God's Will can be completely settled or established on earth or in the spirit world. But in the Unification Church, everybody knows the answer: The Will of God is the fulfillment of His purpose of creation. More concretely, it is the perfection of the four-position foundation -- God, Adam and Eve, and good offspring. Through establishing that, God can connect in love with man vertically and horizontally, so that all may live together in love for eternity.

Have we fulfilled that purpose of God? No, because the fall separated us from everything. As much as we must clearly understand the Will of God and perfection, so should we also have a perfect idea of what the fallen state is. Otherwise, we cannot meaningfully be a part of God's dispensational history, nor explain many things that humankind aspires to. Throughout history individuals and groups have tried to improve themselves, striving through ethics, morality, and religions to make themselves better. We have an inborn desire to comply with God's ideal expectation for us. Many have struggled and sacrificed, trying to become what God wants us to be. And for whom? For the individual and his family, which is the basic unit of existence. Unless we perfect the family unit, we cannot live according to God's Will.

Do You Have Cosmic Value?

Mind and body should love each other and have perfect give and take within each individual. However, now they are disunited because of false love, which we couldn't see until we learned that there is such a thing as true love. How to overcome that separation and settle down perfectly, completely living day to day according to the Will of God, is our question and task. How seriously have you considered this? Until our mind and body come into unity, the foundation for unification for the individual, family, society, and the world is not formed. We must unify and connect all levels with true love.

An individual with a united mind and body has cosmic value. God created each person to be that precious and important. This is why Jesus said one's own self is too precious to even exchange with the rest of the world.

Do you love yourself? In the mind's or the body's direction? Do you actually love your mind? How can we finally end the struggle between mind and body? "Me" is the problem, and is the reason I have given you the motto that before you can hope to control the universe, you should control yourself. Can you say, "Yes, Father, I am in complete command of myself"? [Not yet] Then when can we say "Yes, Father"? Throughout history, many saints appeared on earth, but they didn't achieve mind/body unity. Until now no one could explain this problem or even be serious about solving it, but I am.

Hell is not far away. It starts right here in myself -- and so does heaven. Then should we love ourselves or not? We should hate ourselves well before we can love well. When we are good, we should love ourselves, but when we are bad, we should hate ourselves. Have you ever blamed or really hated yourself? You must become one in true love to create heaven.

God has mind and body like us, but He is not in conflict because He has nothing to do with the fall. Centering on true love, His mind and body are completely one. Where His mind wants to go, His body also wants to go -- unlike us. When our mind wants to go this way, the body wants to go the other way.

Everyone may think that a beautiful woman is entitled to the best, but that woman, realizing she originated from evil, wisely chooses to indemnify her situation by marrying the ugliest man, not the handsomest man. She knows Satan's arrogance and that the more he has, the more he wants. She says, "There is evil within myself. The only way to control it is to become more and more humble and feel that I only deserve the ugliest man on the face of the earth." Similarly a very capable person could say, "Oh, since I was born with such advantages, I will study and become a renowned leader." But instead he should say, "I need first to become more humble, so I will be very content if I become fertilizer to help many people." He is wise because he knows that is the only way to separate from Satan and protect himself from becoming more and more arrogant without even realizing it. He could live the highest style of life, but he chooses to go to the most miserable place and serve. Then Satan, who is always hunting this person, gives up on him and leaves. To die means to change our life. So when a person is sincerely willing to die, then Satan retreats.

Free Yourself from Satan

We are perpetually between God on one side and Satan on the other. A normal woman thinks how to make herself more beautiful and attractive. She wants to wash and clean and shine. There's nothing wrong with that, but, if she knows that Satan is hunting her, then she has to be wiser. That means she has to completely detach from Satan's world of men. Because of the fall, she has to not think about attracting men. And she not only gives men up, but she gives up her parents, her brothers and sisters, her family, her society, and all her surroundings. Denying to that extent is very difficult, but if she is determined to completely do away with the satanic connection, she has to try very hard. Then for the first time God will come and embrace her. You can imagine how difficult it is. You have to completely free yourselves from everything that you used to be connected with. Therefore to fulfill the perfect settlement of the Will of God in or surrounding oneself is incredibly arduous.

What is your feeling? Do you think, "Oh, Rev. Moon thought of the perfect way of threatening an individual," or do you believe this is a fact? If you understand the fall of man, you know this is true. In the whole cosmos, only mankind is in such an impossible entanglement. Do animals use spears, swords, guns, or bombs?

Satan has tried to destroy everything because he cannot have it. This influence of Satan has to be finally eliminated. We can do it if we know how. Since everyone's mind and body are fighting, when two people get together there are four different entities. How to unify them is a very serious question for us.

You can find the enemy of the universe right in yourselves. To become free you need to inject love. Drug addicts habitually inject drugs into their blood. You have to make a new habit of being sensitive to God's love and injecting love. Doing this daily is your most vital fallen world responsibility. Which is more important: to go to school, study and advance in knowledge to rise in the world, or to inject oneself with the new true love habit?

We want to go to the lowest place so that we can elude Satan. The body has a chance to be free from evil when it can say, "My master really treats me cruelly. He makes me work 24 hours a day and even demands more from me. I surrender to my master." That mind is a good master. Do you like to be driven like that by your mind? Well, here in the Unification Church, you think that Rev. Moon gives you very difficult tasks all the time. But you must go through suffering to subjugate evil within yourselves.

I can see that when there is a challenging task, everybody just looks around; I never found anyone who volunteers, "Father, I will go first." When there is a difficult situation, you should want to go ahead of everybody, because that is the way we are supposed to be. What someone else makes you do actually doesn't matter so much. You have to develop such initiative and willingness even if it takes eternity.

Everybody goes to the spirit world, ready or not, but only those who have perfect unity between mind and body go to Heaven. That means those who are not prepared have to wait, perhaps for many years, until they solve that problem. If there were no spirit world, it wouldn't matter so much. You might groan, "I wish there were no spirit world." But since there is, you have to seriously confront this ultimate requirement.

Imagine that a man was living very happily with his parents, brothers and sisters, and tens of relatives, but he lost them all. Maybe some enemy killed them so they all went to the spirit world at the same time. Only he is left behind alone. How agonizingly he would cry; tears would stream not only from his eyes and nose, but even through his skin. How can this profound suffering ever be relieved? Even through eternity some sorrow would inevitably linger. This is an example of the kind of tragic miseries we must end.

You can wash a dirty handkerchief many times, but in your mind it is still something that has already touched dirty things. Even if other people say, "Oh, it is now clean," still you feel you need to wash it again. Have you ever treated yourself like that, an eternal being who is certainly more valuable than a handkerchief? Your love has been stained. Knowing that, how many times do you want to wash it and wash it again? Should you wash it, then dirty it and try to wash it again? Certainly not. When we see something dirty, our mind wants to clean it. It wants that kind of perfection. We want to preserve something very clean and spotless, ideally our mind and body, and dedicate it to God. If we have something very precious, our mind wants to give it to God. God is an absolute being. Absolute means no compromise.

Do you think God would be happy with something half clean? No. He wants you to be even cleaner and better than Himself. Even fallen beings want their spouse and children to be better than themselves, so how can you say God is not the same?

Now we know what kind of high standard God expects us to meet. It becomes clearer that the Will has to settle down on me perfectly. We have to unify our mind and body and stay unified with true love -- selfless, parental love.

We take after God who created us. If God holds a 100 percent standard, He wants His partner in love to be even better than 100 percent. He wants us to eternally get better and better, even 100 times better than that which is already good.

Invest and Forget

What is God's world of true love like? God gives and gives more, even to 10,000 percent and still He wants to give more. He never thinks about how He has already given so much in the past, because if He did, He would stop. He doesn't want to stop, so He goes on forgetting and forgetting.

How is eternal life possible? It seems everything has to stop, but we can say eternal life continues because true love means investing forever and ever. Good parents who love their children don't say, "I will do this for my children," and then stop. They continually love and do for them. This is the parental heart.

For example, a parent goes to a department store to buy a special gift for his child. If the parent can only afford to buy the least expensive gift, whenever he returns he always wishes he could have bought the better one, and will work even harder to be able to give more to the children. From this we see a glimpse of the nature of true love, which must come from God directly -- it certainly didn't come from any person.

We can understand now that the perfect settling place of God's Will is where one invests and invests, but forgets that he has invested and does more. If you love your church, have you invested 100 percent of your ability and then forgot and wanted to invest more? Have you ever invested everything you had into the nation, the world, True Parents, and God?

Maybe in the infantile stage of your spiritual growth you said, "Oh, I've met Rev. Moon, I am in good hands, and everything will work out itself." Is that intelligent thinking? [No] Why no? The universe will accuse Rev. Moon, "Why is your member like that?" The formula, the Principle, is that you have to be the settlement place of God's Will. Have you become like that? That is the important matter. Everyone -- God, spirit world, True Children -- all agree that you have to make yourself a perfect place of settlement.

Have you ever put yourself in God's position toward Satan? If God allowed Himself to express His hatred toward Satan, He would want to tear him apart cell by cell. But God has to suppress His anger and even love that kind of enemy more than His most loving child, because it is His creation. God let Jesus, who loved Him the most, die in order to save Satan. Satan has to admit, "God, You saved me because You loved me more than You loved Your son." That is the Principle.

The proof of true love has to be there before Satan bows down and is subjugated. When you have accomplished the purpose of creation centering on true love for God, in front of Satan, then God's Will has a settlement place, and His purpose of recreation or salvation will have been accomplished.

A Parent's Love Continues Forever

God and the Savior, the True Parents, have to treat all people, no matter how fallen and undeserving, as if they are original creations. They have to love and continue loving, no matter how people, rebellious and unappreciative, repeat the same mistake over and over. God will say, "If I love more, maybe they will change their minds." He will continue doing that all the way to the end. The Messiah, True Parents, and God have to give love in all these degrees, through all eight stages. Everyone will oppose them and try to stop them and mock them, but still the Savior's mission is to love and never stop loving, as if the persecutors were original beings, not fallen.

The Messiah has to pull the whole universe, like a locomotive of love. The wheels may slip but he continues moving, going forward inch by inch, all his life. The satanic world says, "Oh, forget it. You can't make it." But nothing will daunt the heart of True Parents.

As the Messiah goes to higher levels, the opposition never becomes less -- only more strong. But he has to endure with the parent's heart because even if a person deserves hell, the Messiah cannot leave him in hell. Even he may feel like eradicating the person, but still his parent's heart prevails, loving and breaking through all walls at each level. Thus he opens up a way for everyone to enter into heaven, even the communist world.

Look at Korea. To an impossible degree I have worked for Korea, but it has continued to rebel. Still never even for a moment did I feel, "Well, I give up on that country," or "I wish they would be punished." I just continue working.

Similarly, not one time while I was in jail in America did I think about retaliation or feel hate. I thought I need to do more, so I only continued to invest, without remembering how much I had invested. Even Satan has to respect the foundation I have created by investing love. Out of that work I can now have something to say to President Bush and Gorbachev at this crucial point in history.

The communist world has now been liberated on the world level, thanks to True Parents' achievements. East and West Germany represent the horizontal level, and that has now been unified. But in North Korea vertical communism is still holding on; the vertical relationship with Satan won't be ended so quickly. Kim Il Sung, the head of North Korea, rules by coercion and oppression, and as a false parent, represents the antithesis of True Parents. Castro and Khaddafi are like left-wing and right-wing with Kim Il Sung as head wing on Satan's side. On God's side are Rev. Moon, Bush, and Gorbachev. By bringing the free world and what formerly was the communist world into unity, Satan's side can be cut off.

Kim Il Sung is baffled now. It was only in February 1987 that he went to the Soviet Union to talk about assassinating Rev. Moon, but it failed. Kim Il Sung now wonders how only three years after that, I rose up so fast. Now the Soviet media, Novosti Press Agency, and Shinwhasa, the agency in China, are working to hold a media conference right in the heart of Kim Il Sung's capital. Kim Il Sung says: "How did I come to face that kind of agenda? It is impossible." But now Beijing, Japan, America, the Soviet Union, and German, are pushing him to open and allow the world to come in. This is the last foothold of Satan, who has systematically opposed Rev. Moon.

The light is starting to shine now. Both the free world and the communist world camp are stunned. This is why I am launching the Federation for World Peace project now. Many people are signing because they know and agree with the goals.

The Parents have established their position, but that does not automatically extend to the children's realm. You must equip yourselves with this mainstream thought to direct you to accomplish settlement.

True Parents, Teachers, and Owners

Mankind hopes for a world where our children can go directly to heaven without being persecuted and without needing a savior. You want to give birth to fine children and educate these sons and daughters of God to serve the rest of the world, so they can lead many people. You want them to be the true masters, the true center. But before anyone can be the center of a nation, he has to be a true master of his family, representing God and all his ancestry, and inheriting all the good traditions that they have set. All the members of the family and other families will respect him for that position.

The mainstream thought is these three grand objectives or goals, which encompass everything: to become true parents in our household and as an example for other families as well, true teachers, and true owners. By fulfilling those three roles, we can go anywhere and be welcomed. These three elements have the common root of true love in the sense that we want to give, serve, and love, and then we want to forget, always investing for the sake of others.

You have to educate your children to love on the cosmic, world, national, tribal, family, parent, and individual levels. To give birth to your children does not make you a true parent. You have to teach them well and be an example of a loving husband and wife, loving mother and father, in a peaceful family. You become a living textbook to educate your youngsters. While growing up children look at their parents and follow their example. You must pass on what is good into the future.

When you hear "True Parents," you immediately think, "Oh, True Father is also the true teacher and the true owner," three in one. Through me the Unification Church members were born, and I too must think how I can bear good children who grow up in my teachings Similarly, for a country the president stands in the parent's position; all the education systems are in the teacher's position; and all the official government organizations are in the ownership position. The same system is in Heaven too, with God as the parent. Everywhere you have these three elements of mainstream thought. They are a trinity, not separate. If you can achieve even one out of these three elements, then there is a way for the world to be led out of its chaos and confusion.

The person who has this kind of thought every second of his life and lives that way goes to Heaven. You cannot stop after giving birth. You must teach your children the Principle, what the world of God is like, and what the world is today, just like I am doing now. Educate in such a way that others become mature and want to take ownership. When a new member is born in our church, you have to teach them just as I taught you.

Why am I placing so much importance here? You might say, "Father, you are here now." But what about those people who have no chance of meeting me? What about 100 years from now? I cannot live here on earth more than 100 years. So you have to inherit that tradition of the true teacher, the true owner, and the True Parents. When you have that trinity, then every path you take will lead you to Heaven.

When we have that thought and become that true entity, no matter what happens, we are happy and fortunate. Not everyone has this privilege. If you don't take this teaching seriously and do not become good parents, it will be a source of regret for many thousands of years. The spirit world will say, "What did you do on earth, centering on Father? You were taught and loved directly by True Parents and told to become a true owner, not an employee." When the spirit world questions us, would we say, "We didn't know then"? The spirit world would accuse you, "If I had been standing in your place on earth, how much respect I would have had, how hard I would have worked. What did you do on the earth while True Parents were alive?" This is a serious position we are in, unique in history. If you don't become good true parents, teachers and owners, spirit world and history will accuse you. Now you know clearly what I have been working for all my life and am teaching you as the most important thing you should remember every day. Then everywhere you go, you educate the children of God, and help them become good teachers to educate other people, ultimately all the rest of mankind, to become true centers of the universe, the true owners. This is what I want you to be, out of my true love.

I established this so painfully, sacrificing my entire life, and now I am giving it freely to you. You didn't have to suffer for this. You should never forget for even one second that you are representing your family, relatives, nation, and world.

Bring Unity on All Levels

Centering on the man, with the woman minus, the man and woman unite, becoming a perfect couple. Centering on the couple, as plus, the children as minus unite into one. Then this perfect family as plus has to invest for the sake of the entire clan in the minus position. When the perfect clan is established, then that would be plus and the nation would be minus. You have to give everything you have to make the nation a better nation. After that is achieved you invest it into the world. When the world as plus and the universe as minus combine into one, then you can connect to God's place. By continuing to do this with all your strength, you gain more power to unite your mind and body. We have to go somewhere before our mind and body become united, centering on the mind. The smaller should invest everything for the sake of the larger because the larger is more important to God. It is always that way.

Why do we have to go through so many levels? To unify using the Cain/Abel concept. The Abel position invests in the Cain position. Some Unification Church members may have thought, "I am in the Abel position. The people around me are Cain people. They must respect and obey me." That is wrong. The one in Abel's position must invest more than 100 percent into Cain. Otherwise you cannot unify. Compare yourself with me.

Your mind always invests in your physical body during your whole lifetime, forgetting and continuing to invest. Taking that kind of attitude is the mind's position, representing God who always invests for the sake of His partner in love. But when the body says, "Mind, follow me. Work for the sake of me," that body takes Satan's side. Now you understand that this body is Satan's strong fortress. Tearing it down is your lifetime's challenge. If you don't tear it down completely, you would have to wait for a long long time before you could go to Heaven, just as Jesus didn't go to Heaven, but to Paradise.

Since I have taught you everything, when you think "I am the center, the teacher and the true parents," then you have to also think "I am representing the whole world in the tradition of True Parents. I represent the whole nation, clan, and family, as a good owner, a good teacher and as good parents."

America is a small cosmos. There is no element that is not represented in this country. You need to inherit my worldwide victorious foundation and reach out to work right here in America. As my children I want to pass on everything to you.

On the foundation of a complete family, the man and woman can go to the tribe with no problem, and then to the nation, world, and cosmos. God descends to your family and goes through it to the nation, world, and cosmos, ultimately reaching heaven. There would be no resistance to God on the earth. You have to assume True Parents' childrenship and absolutely stand on my foundation. Otherwise it is difficult to penetrate the spiritual world.

So, to accomplish the perfect settlement of the Will in yourself, you should have this mainstream thought, which is comprised of these three elements. You should never forget. For instance, when you are having a meal, you should think, "I'm not eating an American meal. I am eating for the sake of the world." When you are dressing or walking, every detail of your life should be for the sake of God and the cosmos in the tradition of True Parents. Then the whole universe will obey and bow down. Those who say, "I want to become that kind of purposeful leader," raise your hands. Beautiful. God bless you. 

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