The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Inherit My Heart

Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1990
The Leaders' Conference at East Garden
Translator Sang Kil Han

Those who understand my Korean, raise your hands, please. How long has it been since I warned you that you should understand me in Korean? This is not what I am directing -- Heaven directs you to do this.

You should not just tag along after me. Though you've been going along with me, you have never been very much part of each stage, which has been accompanied by very intensive indemnity. You have to understand clearly that we are in two different positions. You try to assess my position based on your own habits of thinking and behavior. You have not yet emerged brand new from your old style of life to live in a different world. You must understand that my heart is to grow you so that I can take you anywhere I go, and you will be ready.

It is the Pacific era. In the future the top leadership of the world may be Oriental instead of white as it has been so far throughout thousands of years. People are beginning to grasp the possibility of non-white leadership and to speculate whether it will be from Japan, China, or even Korea.

Look at America and the Soviet Union. What used to be accepted as true 10 or 20 years ago is now no longer true. Intelligent people increasingly realize that solutions are not in democracy or in left or right wings, but in Headwing centered on God. Eventually Godism must be the absolute standard of value because God is an Absolute Being.

The problem in this complicated modern society is that the center has been lost; so how can the world leaders solve their problems? "Ism" means lifestyle, a systematic way to live on the individual to the cosmic level. Our lifestyle and its accumulated results are passed down through the family and out into the nation, world, and cosmos. Until now there have been many kinds of "isms", but they didn't have the eternal direction of God's Will. Americanism centers on Americans, Sovietism centers on the Soviet people, communism centers on communist people. Now we need the absolute unchangeable direction for the individual, family, society, nation, and cosmos, including the spiritual world. Such direction is none other than Headwing Godism, a style of living centered on God which connects all of these levels.

Parents' Language

The direction of history is inevitably toward unity. Everything is coming into one, not being divided into many. Language plays a very important role. What kind of language can be used for the human family? You must be familiar with the language True Parents speak so you can receive my guidance directly. Take this very seriously. This is not just expedience. All your ancestors and future descendants will want to speak and understand the Parents' language so you have to learn Korean. Because we must solve this problem I suggested bringing the elder blessed children to the Little Angels' School to be taught.

When your child is blessed and the two speak Korean to each other, you cannot ask them to speak English to you. They will wonder why you didn't learn Korean when I first asked it of you. Now many Japanese parents are visiting the Little Angels' School. Their children see their parents speaking mg Japanese and wonder, "Why don't you learn Korean?" If you don't, you will be in separate, different worlds and cannot connect in the future.

The purpose of being married to a Korean or to learn Korean is not to be close to Koreans, per se, but to me, my culture and foundation. You need to learn my concept and thinking. I am making the new cultural foundation.

The Korean language is difficult to learn, isn't it? [Yes] At least you understand now what everybody had to go through to learn English! You might say that I am trying to negate other languages, but it's not that at all. There should be one language, period.

Also, our major church leaders are Koreans because they can best connect with me through my language. Therefore, if you are going to be a leader of substantial standing, you must learn Korean. When leaders get together, they should converse in Korean, however imperfect their knowledge is. There was a time when knowing the Latin language was a must if you were going to be a leader, scholar, or cultivated person. But now to best understand God, serve the world, and live a godly way of life, you must know Korean. You should learn it quickly and be proud of being able to speak Korean. I expect all of you to fully understand the importance of learning Korean. Otherwise you will lose your qualification as a leader.

Many scholars are studying Korean because they want to read my original speeches, which contain the solution to today's problems. These speeches comprise about 200 volumes. Did you read those books? How serious are you? Even though you cannot speak Korean, you should have given attention to it. If you do not understand what I have been teaching, how can you say you grafted onto Father? Those who can say, "Father, I do understand deeply and I will try to learn Korean," raise your hands.

In the diplomatic world the best interpreters are Koreans because their pronunciation is almost as good as that of a native person. In Japan, recently they found out that once you learn Korean, other languages will follow with relative ease.

The Korean Character

Korean has very rich adjectives. You might say black is black, but the Korean language has dozens of subcategories of black. The Korean practice of pursuing philosophical matters and analyzing almost instantly without even realizing it is a day-to-day thing, so what goes on in the Korean mind is much more than in the mind of average people. In one word, they are very spiritual. They mean a lot when they say something. After you master Korean, you will say: "Father, I never thought Korean was that deep." English and Japanese have their strong points, but Korean conveys a lot of complicated thought instantly.

Living in the center of China, Russia, and Japan, the Koreans grasped the essence of these separate languages and assimilated them into Korean. Your imagination is too limited to grasp what kind of trouble Koreans went through during their 5,000 year history. Those with power would simply come, fight, and occupy Korea. The Chinese always respected the Koreans for their spirituality and wisdom. All Koreans respect Confucianism very much, but Confucius himself respected Koreans.

Koreans are very particular in many ways. They don't marry persons from other countries so easily. Koreans seriously misunderstood my motivation in arranging international marriages, and only now begin to understand. I am marrying Koreans with people of all different nations as a pure offering. Historically, chastity is everyday language in Korea and the Korean woman has been more pure than anybody else. Especially in the past, when her husband died, she would never think about getting married again. If somebody raped her, almost surely she would die. That kind of superior sense of chastity is part of their culture. A woman who doesn't keep her chastity is ostracized by her whole clan. They are very strict. Between Korean and American women is a world of difference. One is closer to heaven.

If you compare Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, one noticeable characteristic of Koreans is their openness; they became this way in order to survive among many strong nations. It's amazing that they did not lose their culture and identity despite being invaded over 900 times. Also, they kept a high standard of morality.

The Koreans were always very eager to learn from other people and cultures. As a result, Koreans tend to play an important central role. For instance, when Japan occupied China, they always used a Korean interpreter because no one can translate between the two languages better than a Korean.

In 1971 when I came here, there was a Korean population of 130,000. Today there are over one million. Most surpass a middle class living standard in less than five years. Why? With training from living in the eight different Korean provinces, which are almost like different countries, the Korean has learned how to conduct himself so as to prosper amidst diverse people.

Become Versatile

In America people specialize in only one thing. If you are an engineer, you don't think about doing anything else. Koreans are multi-specialists. They can learn a trade within weeks, because you simply cannot make a living in Korea from knowing only one trade. Someone may ask you to come do one thing and then say, "By the way, can you also do something else?" A person who can, is the person who survives.

I am explaining in detail what Koreans are like because you are all second Koreans. When you become as versatile as Koreans, you can best serve the world. Rev. Moon is known as an evangelist, industrialist, culturalist, religious leader, mountain man, wilderness man, and fisherman. There is no area that I do not know. I believe firmly that a leader must be like that. If I am thrust into any strange culture, I know I can not only survive, but also lead.

When I was a small child, I experienced everything. If I concentrated on catching an animal, I could catch a dozen a day. All I need is a set of pliers, and No. 8 wire and I can make and set a trap at the right place. There is no way I will starve. Even in just shorts and a tee shirt I can talk to fishermen for one-half hour and they will immediately respect me. They will say, "Don't go back. Stay with us."

Americans go for enjoyment like the grasshopper in Aesop's fable about the grasshopper and the ant. The ant stocks up for winter, but the grasshopper is not prepared and dies when the weather becomes harsh. Which should we be, the grasshopper or the ant?

I have endured incredible suffering and persecution. I have established The Washington Times, started up businesses and bought warehouses, preparing for the future. Now people are beginning to see what we have done, and it is time to integrate this foundation.

Did you know that I moderated a very serious confrontation between the black and Korean communities here in New York? When the Korean grocers went into the black community, the blacks were alarmed because Koreans work so hard and efficiently. They are very serious and eager to succeed. This is why Korean immigrants will rise up in leading positions over all America.

In their grocery stores tremendous time is taken to wash and arrange their produce. It is like an art stand. Other non-Korean operated grocery stores main be very sloppy. Koreans go to the produce market at 3:00 a.m., half an hour earlier than the competitors, to get the best produce. Their home may be very poor but they keep their store like a palace.

Also, Koreans are very generous; wherever they go, they liberally give gratuities up to three times what the Japanese do. They think: I will not be outdone by Americans, Chinese, or Japanese. If Jewish, American, Japanese, and Korean people go together to a restaurant for something to eat and the bill comes, everybody tries to figure out how much he has to pay, but Koreans just pay it themselves. By the time the Korean does that three times other people think he must be very well off; but in fact, he is the poorest of all.

The Victorious Pattern

Because Koreans have endured much difficulty they are not afraid of difficult situations. They have guts. Wherever they go, they have the same pattern of success because Korea is a prophetic nation. Koreans know through keen spiritual sense that the world is bound to become unified. God is sending Koreans everywhere so they can later play a role, perhaps through education, in creating the unified country.

Korea has four distinct seasons so they can adapt to any climate around the world. In Saudi Arabia, the Koreans made more advances than any other nationality. No laborer can withstand that constant heat better than a Korean.

You have to be like this. Even though it is painful you have to look at it straight. If I gave one Korean leader and one American leader five missions to do at the same time, the Korean would start spinning like crazy. He would set up priorities and start working. The American would be confused and wouldn't know what to do. He would just stand still reasoning why he cannot do all those things saying, "I don't accept this kind of direction. How can you expect me to do this?"

But who survives in the harsh world of competition? The only way we can win over the person who persecuted us is to do three times more than they. I have done that, so am I victorious or defeated? I literally do dozens of things and make many decisions in one day. I want you to survive as a victor and that's why you have to adopt my pattern in place of the American way. If I place you in an important position, do you think you can fulfill that mission? If I am behind you, you can do anything.

I have been telling you to work harder and be persecuted. Where is proof of that work now? I need that work as resource material to make a bigger event happen now. How much have you loved this country? How much have you loved mankind? How hard have you tearfully worked for the righteous way? As you create that kind of lifestyle, you are automatically making the foundation for a new tradition all over the world; then history will take a new direction. With that kind of resource material, you can take leadership throughout the world. But if you don't have it what can we do? Shall I wait for you or take another way?

Look back five or ten years. Didn't you sometimes feel, "Father is Oriental, so he teaches an Oriental concept because he doesn't know the American concept"? In your mind you complained every time against me. If I had followed the American leaders' advice as to what I should do and how I should do it in America, do you think I would be where I am today? "Father, we can do it ourselves far better than the Japanese leaders here." You may think like that, but you have to stick to Father strongly, and I know we cannot stick together without a bond. The Japanese members can be this bond to graft us. Can You Save This Country?

Years ago, people thought I was a dictator and would rule the world ruthlessly. But now I am in my seventies and nobody thinks Rev. Moon will make it to be a dictator. Do you accept that too? I have worked for decades here in America and the world for only one purpose: to save America. By all of you doing as I did, America will have hope. There is no other way to resurrect America.

World youth are following the actions of American youth. Do you think we can save American youth by just sitting down and thinking about it? Even if we walk about crying, desperately trying to save them, it is not enough. Like Don Quixote, challenge the impossible tasks. Hundreds of thousands of new Don Quixotes should rise up.

Jesus was like Don Quixote in trying to cope with the whole world single-handedly. By the same token Rev. Moon is the Don Quixote of the twentieth century, striving to accomplish an enormous task. Frankly, everyone thought it was impossible, but I have done it.

Have all of you done as I have done? Then how can I expect you to do the right things now? I can cut everyone off, or maybe uproot them. If I uproot you, then you can no longer continue. But if I cut everyone off, maybe a new shoot will come out of you that can graft to me.

You have become accustomed to just listening to me and following my advice, never working on your own. Did anyone think after Washington Monument that we should do the same rally in Moscow years later? Have things happened the way I predicted or not? How can you say now, "No, Father, we are not going to repeat the same mistake again"? Have you ever stopped to think that if you don't do it, you can be replaced by theologians, scholars, or ministers who can do the job better?

What I have done is something history has never seen. I know now is the time to approach many high-level people. Do we have enough ability to persuade people to sign the resolution for world peace? Can you go to the governor's office and say, "America is crumbling down. Who will save this country? You are a leader so please teach me how to save this country of America." Do you have that kind of guts, that confidence in what you stand for?

It is a serious question because the saving of America literally depends on this. I am not saying, "You do that as I watch." I have already worked way ahead to reach people in important positions.

Inherit God's Tradition

Ask yourself, how many signatures do you think you can get. Decide here, then pledge to yourself and to God to accomplish this. Write down how many spiritual children you have. If you have many who have worked in different missions, you can be proud and confident that you are walking the path of a righteous person.

Set a goal and while we're doing that, we should make a donation every month to a central fund. We need this fund to help educate 240 million Americans. Now that America understands the new direction for survival, she should provide the money with which we can educate the American youth. One hundred people educated will, in turn, bring in another hundred. Without this happening, we just talk year after year and never accomplish anything. We must get the work done now.

Japan is undertaking a huge fundraising campaign for educating youth all around the world. They will use this money to build up organizations through which we can work better and faster so as not to get behind the times; but you will have to earn the money for your own country.

I won't live on earth forever. You and all your relatives must inherit the practice of God's tradition so that His Will can be done on earth. We need to bring many people, and they in turn will bring many more to hear the thought I have introduced. We cannot let America perish.

Here is a simple way to look at it: "About Face" is a military term that means, "Turn around and go in the opposite direction." The first will then be the last. America has been the leader of the whole world. When the time of transition comes and God says "About face," America will suddenly find herself embarrassingly last in the rank. But Americans must go beyond their pride and be grateful, "Oh, God, you came to make us understand that which we never understood."

Who should lead the new rank? Korea represents Adam's position, Japan -- Eve's position, and America represents the archangel. I want members of these three nations, namely you, to stand in front of everyone. But you are still inadequate. Should we do away with you? Or should we rearrange you and start all over again? [Rearrange] This is a serious time when you say, "Father, give us a few more months to prove ourselves worthy." Now is the time for you to cling to Father.

A similar time happened in 1975 when I brought every major leader in the movement to become a student in Barrytown for three years. The members were flabbergasted and wondered how the church would continue. But I started again with new leaders who had never before been central figures. Again, I might place any one of you in an assignment that you had never dreamed of; then a new leader will emerge. I might ask 150-180 of you to become overseas missionaries. You should be proud to start a brand new life. Because of the bad habits and mannerisms you have developed, it's not healthy for your spiritual growth to stay in the same position. You should see such a change as good re-education and an opportunity to rededicate yourselves.

Can You Keep Up?

The Russian people are the elder sons. As Abel, we are the second sons. But if the Soviet Union repents to God and Father deeply because of what they have not known, saying, "We will serve you and do what you wish us to do," what will you do? Russia can become very effective. When the Soviet people open up their minds and say: "Forget about communism; now we are going to God," the whole system will go to God very quickly. Should we remain here to be persecuted? If Russia welcomes us, shouldn't we go there? What about America then? I am saying this because that day is coming soon. Should I make some arrangement before I leave here or just take off without any regard for what will happen to America? When Americans leave, they don't even say goodbye. To just leave like that is a very offensive and discourteous thing to do, so I will tell you when I am leaving.

The existing world is about to go in a certain direction. It is just a matter of time. Everything that was lost we are about to gain back; but are we overconfident about that? Work diligently. I rarely sleep and while I am awake, I am working. All my life I have always been on the front line. I never sat back and just gave instructions to you. What is the proper attitude of indebted people? When we owe something to someone, we feel ashamed.

World leaders may not be able to see me when they desire, but you can come almost any time to see me. Do you know what this means? I have opened up to you and continued to raise you. But now we are entering a time when I may only be able to see those who have been the presidents of universities or nations. At that kind of a meeting, the Unification Church will be represented by only one person, not by many like today. There is so much left to do, that I don't have time to see so many different people.

Project yourselves ten years ahead and ask, "Did I do what Father told me?" If not, you will be the losers. I will be traveling extensively in Korea, Japan, America, Germany and the Soviet Union, working to unify the world. Ten years will go quickly -- we have only so many years to accomplish this task. Are you going to do it or are you going to let the current world leaders do it, even though they don't deeply understand God's idea?

Educating people is a war, because they don't easily listen. You have to fight against the evil in them and bring them into good. No matter how powerful a nations' leaders are, you can teach them how to lead in the correct way.

God's Peacemakers

I am a history maker. Now that opposition to me is over, my job is to make peace. People feel that religious, political, and business leaders should be like me. My goal in business, for example, is to equalize the technology -- to serve the world by sharing knowledge and resources so that all can benefit. Perhaps 60,000 people starve to death daily. Who is seriously thinking about feeding them?

A world-level bank is necessary to go beyond the boundaries of any one nation. This bank will not lend to individuals, but only to nations. The world is coming into unity, which means that independent governments will merge into one to be more operable on a global scale. Only global thinking and institutions can solve the world's economic problems.

As a food source, the land is severely limited, but the ocean resources remain boundless. One female fish may lay millions of eggs, but the natural rate of hatching is only about.8 of one percent. However, with technology and proper management you can approach a 100 percent hatching rate. And if you control the food chain, it will go on limitlessly as a food resource. That is why I took an enormous interest in the ocean many years ago. Everything I have been doing my entire life is for the sake of mankind.

We are coming into an age that is different from the one we grew up in. The biggest problem is the environment. As a result of the deterioration of the ozone layer the temperature is rising. We have to chance our lifestyle to reestablish a balance with the environment.

In the future small towns may have a building containing a huge fish tank in which fish are being hatched and matured. All the people will need to do is to buy a fish and eat it -- raw. The best health food is raw food. The Japanese live the longest because they eat a lot of fish. The whole fish, including the head, is best for your nutrition. No carnivorous animal eats just a fillet and throws the rest away. Man is the only one who doesn't eat the whole fish.

If you have a vegetable, clean it and eat all of it -- the roots and the greens. This will provide a balanced diet and prevent illness. Young people will eat young vegetables, while older people will wait until the vegetable gets older. Eating food raw is the natural way. This is the best way to maintain good health.

Why do we have to spend a grueling 20 years in school, from kindergarten to PhD.? I feel you can do it in 10 years. All you need is basic knowledge, which could come from video tapes. You don't need to go to school; you could just study by yourself and then pass an examination.

I am also devising a way we can have complete access to any food we want in only 15 minutes. You could order by computer and, at a set time, healthy, unprocessed food is delivered. You won't need to spend any time in preparation. What will you do with all this extra time? Are you going to kiss all day except when eating?!

Prepare for the Future

Life here on earth could become very boring; therefore, we would have to know the immense spirit world. Prayer and clean life will open the untapped fantastic realms of the spirit world -- music of a kind that we have never heard on this earth; dancing, playing too. We can make friends with the angels. As if through a time machine, the best singer in history can come and perform for us. How much more enjoyable it will be than our limited physical life!

Do you think Father is a big dreamer? No, I am a man of reality. In the future man won't be in a rat race but will spend more time traveling and appreciating different aspects of nature. There will be flying apparatus much simpler to use than the helicopter; you just push a button and fly. I encourage Unification women to learn boating and fishing. Your children will say, "Our parents are special parents." They will feel how brave you are.

Can you do whatever I ask you to do? If you say, "Father, I will do it, but I will do one thing at a time" then I will say, "You are not worthy of being in the Unification Church." The one who is ready to live anywhere is the kind of person Father needs. By living in many places you can find the center and become fuller, more experienced people.

You will never perish, if you follow my example. With that confidence, keep on running day and night. To become a marathon champion takes many hours of training. Which is more difficult and requires the most training: to be a marathon champion or to be sons and daughters of God? [Sons and daughters of God] You must overcome all difficulties.

Not once since the earth came into being 4.5 billion years ago and man was created 250 million years ago, has God's ideal of creation been realized. Has our Parent God been sad or happy? For the first time in history a handful of people are realizing how sad God has been. Many religious people believe that God is happy and can do anything. We are the only ones who say, "No He cannot." When God is sad, can we be cheerful? Our knowledge that love and happiness comes only in a reciprocal relationship is essential in understanding the intimate nature of God.

God needs everything we need, and He absolutely needs true love more than anything. No matter how much He possesses, He would cast everything away in exchange for true love. You too -- if you find true love, you can cast out your life with no problem.

We need a clear idea of a personal God, the God with a character. Then for the first time we can talk and think about His feelings: His joy, sadness, and anger. Such understanding of God does not exist in the present religious world. But we know how intimate and warm the relationship of true love should be as expressed by saying, "God, You are our Parent" and God saying, "You are my children."

Father prays at East Garden after his release from Danbury

Sympathy for God

I have taught you that only when we give and take completely with the Absolute Being do we become a part of Him. This vertical relationship is the key to God's becoming perfect Himself. When God loves me and I love Him, I become an absolute being like God Himself is.

The trouble with existing theologies is that the individual is supreme. Some Christians say only they will be saved and everybody else will go to hell. They don't believe that God's heart is for everybody. Since God is one and absolute, He does focus on one religion. We understand that God works through the Unification Church, but He loves and wants to embrace everybody -- believers and non-believers, those in heaven and those in hell.

As you listen to me, how serious should you be? I am saying that not one moment during billions of years of creation was God happy. How does that strike you? How lonely God has been for thousands of years! As God's children we need to have profound sympathy for God. How painful it is to have no object. Once we feel this compassion for God, we cannot go out and play. Don't assume that God is happy without you!

When I am really serious, I cannot pray. I already know how difficult God's situation is, and I will work hard because I know even without praying what God needs. Then when I exhaust my resources, I will say, "God, You know what I have done; if You want, would You help me? But I will understand if You don't help me." Actually, I've always felt that God has helped me more than I even realize. People who say to God: "Oh Father, give this to me, give that to me" don't understand how to love God.

Through the law of indemnity, step by step I worked to fulfill God's dispensation. I shed my old skin for a new one over and over. Now for the first time in history I see great hope for both mankind and God.

Indemnity -- that almighty rule that works. Do you like indemnity? If you understand it you will love it. You can recite individual indemnity, family indemnity, clan indemnity, national indemnity, world indemnity, but have you experienced any one of them in depth? No! Therefore, how can you say that you understand indemnity?

What kind of resolution do you think I needed when I realized my mission was to indemnify 4,000 years of failure in 40 years in order to keep God from losing everything? Can you imagine how intense it has been for me? How serious do you think I was 40 years ago? How pressured I was to become victorious!

Historically, how many women enticed men? Have you ever imagined how many different women tried to attract me and even crawled into my bedroom in the middle of the night? When I look back at all those painful events I could really come to hate women, but I know I have to save even those people, otherwise Satan will never leave them. I spent a good deal of time going through this struggle to win over that kind of situation.

Standard of Love

Do you understand the standard I had to achieve? Imagine hundreds of naked beautiful women; being thrown into that group of women, still I cannot show any response. I had to reach there and come back without making a mistake.

This is the reality you have to fight. After I went through that, God said, "Son, I can trust you." I had to prove it.

Your love for me is the natural love of an original being attracted to original nature. Adam and Eve fell because of unethical love. To be restored, women need to experience father's love, elder brother's love, and husband's love through Father -- and avoid the act of the fall.

This has been the most difficult trap in the practice of religion. The spirit world will come and tell a holy man, "Go ahead and act as a husband to her." In the past such a person never understood he was being tested or that he was about to violate the law of creation, so almost always the man of deep religious faith failed at this point. Once he committed the act itself, there was no way he could be restored again -- he might have to wait thousands of years. Most holy men never got to that point, but even if they did, no one succeeded. I was the first person to succeed because I discovered the Principle. It enabled me to survive. If I didn't know the Principle, I would have been seduced in many different areas.

Only when you give your own wife up to be embraced eternally by your enemy can you grasp the seriousness of God's heart. Through the fall, His enemy Satan snatched His bride-to-be and made her into his own wife. How can we understand that heart without experiencing the same situation? Loving your enemy is easy compared to giving your wife away to your own enemy! Do you understand that is God's most difficult agony? Satan knows this very well, therefore he cannot confront God face to face.

Do you think that it is going to be easy to win or that you can become God's sons and daughters just by calling yourselves His children? You must really feel that "I would never be where I am today except through the compassion and love of True Parents. I could never come here in my own right. Our True Parents brought me to this point and allowed me to stand where I am today at this glorious time in history." When you say that to God, He will respond, "Yes, you understand your situation." Satan will leave you. But if you say, "Well I worked myself up to where I am," then Satan will accuse you. You have to cross that line of demarcation with your own two feet -- then neither God nor Satan can say anything.

To cross that line, you have to be willing to give up your own life. That is difficult to do. That is why the Bible says those who are willing to die will live. Your own physical family may say, "Why don't you seek fame and money and be happy?" not realizing what happiness is. The Bible says in the Last Days your own family is your enemy. Many Christians don't understand the deepest meaning of this.

Do you think this is totally true or just a made-up story? You must understand how serious I have been. Until this time, when I told you to do something, you complained, "Father, why do you want to go such a difficult way?" Now you need the heart to repent and be grateful with tears. You are completely wrong if you think you are worthy at all. You have to cry in repentance for complaining and not understanding True Parents' love. Your conscience has to clearly sense how I still love you no matter how hateful your individual self has been.

There is nothing you should be proud of at this moment. You may have joined the Unification Church earlier than others; but have you just received all the time or have you helped Father? You didn't even understand what I was doing. But I prevailed because I adhered to that one principle: "I am the parent to them and since parents made the mistake in the Fall, it is Parents' responsibility to restore that." Without this feeling I could never have continued to love you when you rebelled so much against me.

Federation for World Peace

In August 1989 as I was leaving America, I proclaimed the end of the salvation era. That means salvation is no longer our goal; how to love is our goal. On September 1st, the Day of Heavenly Parentism was proclaimed. Standing in the vertical position, I brought all Unification sections into unity. Then on February 27, 1990, I proclaimed the Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth.

At the World Media Conference the Soviets felt a closeness to me, like I was their father or elder brother -- certainly not an enemy. You can imagine that the powerful KGB did a complete investigation of me. The Soviets want to know from Rev. Moon what their future is now that communism is crumbling. They are smarter and more serious in their thinking than America. So helping to shape the future of the communist world is no problem.

After I came back to Korea from the Moscow rally, I could proclaim that True Parents have been received by all nations. Otherwise, there is no hope for a future Korean independent nation.

I am always making preparations to save the whole world and I built much of this foundation even while fighting a criminal charge and being imprisoned. By establishing The Washington Times, Insight magazine, The World and I, and the Media Center, I was taking a positive step toward saving this nation of America even though it had declared itself my enemy during the court case.

Shall we make the Federation for World Peace or not? [Yes!] Everything is ready. The Summit Club and all its different chapters are ready to take off. The representatives of PWPA can introduce a small booklet showing what I have organized in the past.

There are a great number of organizations. So instead of trying for an individual's signature, aim for the head of an organization to sign representing his own group. If 100,000 heads of such organizations sign, then the represented members will number in the millions.

Be Strong and Faithful

We have created many organizations to help save the world. No matter how long it takes the administration to listen, I will be waiting to show America how to help the world transform itself into this new era. There is only one leader working for the world -- Reverend Moon. Other leaders must understand that clearly. They will have to learn from someone and that person is standing here: Father!

Likewise, you should have no problem because I have made the foundation throughout the world, so using my name will give you the headway you need to influence your own areas. The first time you heard my advice, you felt: "I don't like that." You couldn't understand my wisdom. Although you changed a few years later, you had a wrong attitude towards me. But from now on, I hope you will have a righteous attitude. When God looks down at my righteous way of life and sees American leaders taking that same direction, then He has hope for America. It is clear then that from now on, you must take a more righteous attitude.

A short time ago, I went to Washington, DC and asked non-church members working with The Washington Times to sign the recommendation for the Federation for World Peace. They said, "Yes, Rev. Moon of course!" They gladly signed it. I have had strong confidence for a long time that I can save America. Who will be the winner? Rev. Moon. You have that power as well. When you return to your states, be confident and visit everyone; talk with them and answer their questions. Can you do it or not? Can do! That is a very hopeful sound.

No matter how powerful a person you are facing, you must stand as strong as a statue against them. You need the strength of a bull and faith as deep as Joshua and Caleb. With that kind of power in your heart, God will work in a big way.

You can do it, can't you? You cannot help but be excited. That is the way fortune will be for us -- the world will get excited to help.

What does man need most in his future? God. Are my words real or not? Very real. Tell yourself: "I will follow Father's lifestyle completely." God will testify to my persevering through a 10 year course to connect with the path of true love. When I look behind me, my efforts resulted in a mountain of high power. Others see that mountain and say, " How could you climb up that?" No problem, I answer: "I was climbing up to God." If you always climb to the highest ideal, the creative power will be there.

You must climb that tower, for until you have had that experience, you cannot clearly understand God. You cannot just hear of someone else doing it, or watch others doing it, you must experience it yourself; otherwise you can never know God close up nor understand God's love for you.

Rev. Moon discovered this wonderful principle by continually following that formula way. Continually going this way results in the world of Parentism. Can you do this as I have done it? You have to hold to this concept, forgetting everything else in your past.

When you wash your face each morning, look at your eyes in the mirror, saying, "These eyes, what do you see? With these eyes I want to see only God's true love, with God as the absolute subject of the Heavenly Kingdom. But I haven't seen that. Who can liberate me?" Connect every historical situation in the world to your five senses, asking the same question of each of them every morning.

When you are grooming yourself in the morning, ask yourself: "What kind of purpose do I have?" If your answer is, "For God, for Father" then you're okay. For the original world or true country is okay too. With that kind of questioning, you can arrange your time during the day. Each morning you should erase your past; don't even think about it.

What you eat, to love as husband and wife, and sleeping -- these three elements are the "enemies" that can work against you. Satan can tempt you and confront you in these three areas: eating, sleeping, and love life. You must be in command of them, not commanded by them.

If everyone was able to take that zero point, then they could achieve victory 100%. You must put everything you've got into it, then you automatically become an original zero point. You will feel exhilarated after that experience, for it is the secret to contacting true love. The zero point is the only place where you can contact God's world; if you have any selfish desires in your heart, you cannot be a part of God's world. Working the formula way is the only way to realize this zero point.

I look at everyone from this perspective; I do not look at PhDs any differently. From this viewpoint, I would have a lot of comments to make to the doctors here: "Why can't they throw everything away? Why can't they become zero when they experience true love?"

Connect to the Absolute Vertical

In fact, when I look at you, many of you look like animals spiritually. You too, will have that experience. The spirit world is exactly like that. I have always had that ability and in the early days, this skill was really formidable. But I tried not to use it and to simply embrace and accept everyone.

We have a sister who is called Deacon Shin, whose spiritual communication is very accurate. She, who doesn't speak a word of English, can translate into her Korean tongue exactly what an English-speaking person is saying. That's the way it should be for all Unification Church members -- our spirits should be very sensitive.

The speed of love is faster than the speed of light. So the moment you think about someone whom you love, it travels in a fraction of a second. Where do you think God's lot and man's love meet -- where is the point of connection? [In the marriage partnership] Yes, but where is the precise meeting point?

Your holy love place is where woman's blood lineage, man's blood lineage, and God's love will connect all at the same time.

God travels absolutely vertically. But man on the east side and woman on the west side of this vertical line, make true love spread out horizontally for the first time, multiplying until the end of time. True man and true woman meet at the vertical line, touching it at the same time and then true love bursts out. Who is the center? God. God is the center and the ultimate vertical true love power.

How can man and woman make a 90 degree angle? True love power is the best and shortest way. God's love travels along the vertical line, so the best shortcut is a completely vertical line. There is only one angle which is 90 degrees and that is the route of true love.

Your mind is a vertical place, while your physical body is completely horizontal. Looking at this in a 90-degree angle relationship means that your mind is completely plus, your body is completely minus, and must ultimately combine into one. During the process of resurrection, your mind is on God's side and a plus, while your body is on Satan's side and a minus, locked into a power struggle. The mind world calls on you to forsake all other concepts and desires -- forsaking Satan's world and yourself. Can you dominate temptations and deny your fleshly desires?

Many people in the world today use the word "liberate." First you must liberate yourself. How can you resurrect yourself in a flesh body which is on Satan's side and is the foundation of Satan's power over you?

Power of Prayer

The reason for making your flesh weak is so that your original mind can control it easily. Many people can't restrain themselves in this way. But standing in such a vertical position -- a position of prayer -- gives your mind power four or five times greater than you would otherwise receive. If you frequently receive that kind of power, then you can control the flesh with no problem. So there are only two ways of accomplishing this: one is putting your body in a weak position, the other is making a strong mind position by receiving vertical power and controlling the fleshly desires. I am teaching you the secret of controlling yourself.

There are three abilities needed to be a leader: (1) we should be able to lecture Divine Principle persuasively; (2) have diplomatic power and ability; (3) and have independent economic power -- we should not rely on someone for the money, but should produce our own. Without these three qualities, we cannot be leaders of the Unification Church. You need good reasoning or a rational foundation together with a good theory or theology. To gain that, we must simply study.

Now you can understand and listen very closely to what I am saying. But in the beginning, I could not speak a word of English and had to speak through an interpreter. You can imagine how difficult it must have been. This is your country: you were born and educated in an advanced country. You have the same cultural background, so all you need n Iv is a strong spirit. You already have everything else you need: reasoning and rationale. American members should love other American people more than I love America or at least, you must love America as much as I love it.

Do you imagine that I created all over organizations on a whim? No! I thought deeply about each one!

Americans have a gold mine in me and must use me when I am around you, asking my advice and support. With the International Federation for World Peace, now we are really undertaking the saving of America.

Promise me you will do it? [Yes, Father!] From now, I believe you. 

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