The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Proclamation of True Children and Freedom

Sun Myung Moon
June 10, 1990
Translator: Sang Kil Han

Sun Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim's birthdays are celebrated upon True Parents' return to America on July 12, 1990

The topic of the sermon this morning is the "Proclamation of True Children and Freedom." June 10 is the sixth month, times ten equals sixty. Sixty, in the traditional oriental concept, means one completed cycle and restart, and is the number for perfection as well.

What are true sons and daughters? What is true freedom? Americans have been zealously pursuing the goal of freedom. But what is freedom? Freedom is the result of liberation. After we have been liberated, then we feel free. Is a man's freedom and a woman's freedom the same or different? Does freedom originate from the man, from the woman, or both at the same time? If you say both, then before they even meet, they must be free. Did freedom exist before or after man and woman came into being? Where did America's much proclaimed freedom actually begin? (From God) And did God exist first or was freedom there already? (God first) If God was first, then what is the freedom which God anxiously awaits? Does God need to enjoy original freedom, the same as everything else? Yes, He needs to be free. If so, what does He want to be free from? (Loneliness) If God is an absolute being, how can He be lonely? That is a good question. But God sheds tears when He misses something, which is different from the conventional thinking, "He's an absolute God, so how can He need something? How can He shed tears?" Don't you think God can also laugh as we can when He is happy?

God, unlike us, is omnipotent. He can do anything at any time. He is different from us in that respect. But is there still something He desires? That is a crucial question for Western civilization, which holds the dominant thinking in the world. In our relationship with God we need to think about the horizontal as well as the vertical way. One may think, "God is my God; He is the Christians' God." Someone else might think God is an absolute being, and would try to reflect that absolute aspect of God. We are experiencing the result of that thinking now: "I want to stand in an absolute position." This is individualism. Men want the liberation of men and women want the liberation of women, and they even project that onto God. But what controls freedom? (Love and responsibility)

What if we asked God, "Which comes first: freedom, life, love or blood lineage?" We already know love is first, then life and finally lineage. But who would protect our lineage, life, and love from being invaded? So before love came into being, there had to be freedom. Does love need freedom more or does freedom need love more? Yes, love needs freedom before love can come into being.

Freedom protects love, life and lineage when they first come into being. But once they are perfected, they cannot be invaded. Can God perfect Himself? There's another question. When love, life and lineage are perfected, is God perfected as well? In terms of the ideal of love God is not yet perfected. No matter how absolute God may be, if He is alone He cannot be fulfilled. Can God laugh and become happy without an object? But if hold a handkerchief here and speak as if I were speaking to a person, and laugh at it, it makes sense. Why? Because the handkerchief is now an object to me. The subject can respond to the object in that way -- it's natural.

Men and Women's Liberation

This is why every sister needs a spouse to be her object, and subject. Do you agree or not? How much do you need your spouse? Absolutely, and the degree that you need your object becomes bigger, wider, taller, and deeper every day.

Yet many women say it is the men who are the problem makers in the world. How wonderful it would be if women didn't have men bothering them! Just women alone -- a women's kingdom! But without men, how happy would you be? Some women want to live alone, boasting about their freedom, and how happy they are not to be bound to anyone. What do you think? Do you think that alone, a woman's eyes can become stable? Absolutely not! Her mouth, can it settle down forever? The best smell is the love smell. And touching, as well. Even if the ugliest man professes love to a beautiful woman, she would be happy, not offended. So those women who want to become free, or liberated" from men, raise your hands. What about the men here? Do you want to be free from women? (No)

Then, given that both women and men need freedom, centering on what can this freedom be attained? Through true love. When there is real true love unity, both men and women have complete freedom. So the origin of true freedom is the love relationship. When this love becomes perfect, freedom begins. We cannot expect freedom without accomplishing love first. A women can be absolutely free as long as she is with her loving husband. The same for her husband. What more freedom does one ever need beyond that? When a woman feels totally devoted and open in front of her husband, is that because of her love or because of her freedom? In this case, centering on love, she feels free.

Freedom can unify your five senses, focusing them in one direction. If you are walking in one direction but your eyes are wandering in a different direction, and your mind is thinking about something else, they're not united. But centering on true love, all five senses -- the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and sense of touch -- focus on one point.

What if the eye says, "I am free, so I can go in a different direction?" If the eye comes out of its socket, can it enjoy freedom? Eyes are free so long as they are where they are supposed to be. Only when they are in the socket can they think proclaim freedom. If they leave, there is no meaning to their existence, and no freedom either.

Freedom Comes Through Love

By the same token, when women leave their position in front of men, will they become free or will they perish? Like eyes in their socket, a woman's original position is she needs a husband to love and children to raise. To have a big hip and bosom is freedom for women. But when a woman refuses her husband and wanders around dreaming of freedom, she will perish.

Americans are now starting to feel there's something wrong with the freedom they desire. For example, is it my freedom to break this blackboard because I feel like it? No, the blackboard has its freedom too, to stand in its own position. If I destroy it, I am invading its freedom. I can say, "13' man has freedom," but we also exist under a natural principle. If the hands are envious of the eyes and try to take their place, is that freedom? (No)

Now we see everything has its own position and its own responsibility to follow the principle under which it exists. These are the requirements in order for us to preserve freedom. What is women's freedom, what is men's freedom? Women's freedom is to conquer men through love and men's freedom is to conquer women through love. Win each other over absolutely. This doesn't mean to conquer one time and then throw each other away. Because love is eternal, once you become deeply in love with each other, you stay that way forever and ever. The American style is to change from one partner to another. This is not true love, but because they don't know the original purpose for which they are born.

Intelligent people question a lot of things, not just accept everything. For example, at parties men and women get together and enjoy food, drink, and dance with each other. Where did that custom originate from? Did God start it? Perhaps there was a king who was not satisfied with his wife, and wanted to gather all the beautiful women from his kingdom together. Perhaps that was the motivation at the origin of ballroom dancing. You really need to think whether what you are doing is a legitimate thing or just a bad habit which became an accepted thing.

You can just imagine, no matter how well disciplined he may be, if your husband comes in contact with many women he is bound to be attracted to someone. When they dance with each other in such a sensual way, do you think they can be completely non-responsive to each other? Does your husband only respond to you, his wife? Or may he feel a degree of stimulation when he comes into contact with many women, just as he feels to you? Dancing in very close contact promotes temptation and an accident can easily happen. He may come to like another woman more than his own wife temporarily or even permanently. Maybe if God were to make a rule that one can dance only with one's spouse, then a ball would be okay. Then you could do anything with your spouse, because you're in love and you're free, and no one has a right to intervene in your love.

Establish Responsible Freedom

Our conclusion is that wherever there is true love there is true freedom. As long as we have true love friendship, we can do many things. What if Americans sought true love before they sought freedom? They want freedom so badly, so why wouldn't they want love even more? But can you boast, "Yes, we are ready to go right into the center of true love?" Are you moving in that direction? Every custom you have hinders true love rather than promotes it.

The love which Americans think is so good is actually very physical. How can you call it true love if it hurts other people -- making men, women and children cry out in despair? Americans say, "Oh, we found freedom." And nations around the world say, "Oh, America found freedom so let's get that freedom, too." But this is totally destructive freedom. Americans initiate fashions and attitudes, and everybody blindly follows them. Whatever Americans do, responsibly or irresponsibly, other people will follow. That's why you have to be in a more responsible position. Actually, you need to put an end to this trashy freedom. There is no freedom in what they're doing in any sense of the word. Freedom only comes from true love. When one seeks his individual pleasure and believes he has the freedom to do so regardless of the hurt he causes his wife, children, and parents, then he is wrong. I hate that kind of American freedom because it is simply wrong.

Now we know that before we seek freedom, we first must find and establish love. Instead of searching for freedom, search for true love and freedom will follow automatically.

When I came to America, the American people thought I was doing whatever I wanted. I don't do what I want, but what is right. Still, American people opposed me and even imprisoned me. Only later did they find they were wrong to deprive me of my true freedom. There are many people in America who live a lesser quality of life and are never bothered; but if someone lives for a righteous cause, they bother him. What standard of freedom is that? Time passed and later they understood I did not come here for my own sake, but to love and educate America. Finally, Americans came to proclaim, "Rev. Moon is a man of love" and understand the kind of freedom I am teaching.

True love brings forth the true freedom we need. I often scold you so badly that other people might wonder, "How can Rev. Moon do that?" I can do things other people cannot even think about doing because I am free in true love.

What is more valuable, love or freedom? What kind of love? Changeable or unchangeable love? So in which direction will you search? Will you be more concerned about freedom or about love? Now we have come to a very exact definition of freedom.

Solving Race Problems

American society has many problems, but the biggest problem is racial relations. Is the very country which has racial problems qualified to speak about freedom? (No) There is so much underlying racial tension in America but only a little portion is visible. No one has a solution to this. A small incident can easily explode into a huge conflict.

Why should only white Anglo-Saxons enjoy freedom? Are they the superior race? (No) Why did they build separate toilets for white people? Does a toilet bowl discriminate between white and black people who sit on it? Of course not!

Traditionally, all the Presidents of the United States were white but what about in the future? Isn't it more likely that people of other skin colors will become President? Already, many of America's urban mayors are black. White people will try to prevent other minorities from becoming President, but they can't continue forever. The natural world doesn't permit someone to occupy a wrong position for a long time. The minorities don't like the so-called majority white people. But soon perhaps the minority and the majority will switch positions. The so-called minorities will become the majority when they unite together.

I can help the minorities unite. Black people respect me because I am brave enough to stand up for justice. Hispanic people respect me, too, as well as the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. Why have the minorities and Oriental people come to love me? They were all mistreated, but were not strong enough to say anything, so I became their representative to be persecuted and mistreated. When I fought alone against all kinds of injustice, the minority peoples were very glad: "Oh, he's also being persecuted. Now he understands our position."

If I were a bad person who believed in revenge, I could avenge all the persecution given to me. But you know I don't do that, for I am always the peacemaker. What is my solution to the racial problem? Interracial marriage. This can connect all possible kinds of people, making one big circle with God. We are all different but actually the same; we all follow the same principle. We all need to receive and to practice true love. Interracial marriage creates a big circle of true love.

Those who are internationally married, raise your hands. More than half. What is your opinion about your own marriage? Are you happy or unhappy? (Happy) Even I, looking at the American brothers and sisters who say, "Happy," think you must be crazy. Maybe the only explanation is brainwashing! Other people call us that, and I am beginning to understand why.

The Christian Foundation

Actually, this is what America critically needs. Did you ever wonder how Americans, being so individualistic and discriminating, could survive as a nation? When different nationalities came to America, they learned how to get along with each other. There was disharmony along the way, but still they could make it. Why? Because they had a Christian spirit, which is like mortar, keeping everything in place. But as America loses the Christian spirit, everything trembles, like sand without mortar. America is coming to the era where they really need true religion. Otherwise, there is no way for America to survive.

We know where to find that true religion and what it professes. We can outline what kind of religion humanity needs. We need a religion which promotes the original purpose of God's creation. Reverend Moon is the only person who teaches this.

My teaching is very simple in a way. Here in the country of America, the haven of individualism, where everyone lives for his own sake and no one questions their right to do that, I taught, "That's wrong, and if you continue to live this way, you will perish. Live for the sake of other people." I told them, "You must turn around and go in a completely different direction." People were offended and denounced me, but now they are doubting themselves. My teaching is simple, yet perfect in its logic. Therefore, intelligent people cannot deny it. No reasonable person can disagree with my teaching and way of life. Maybe they disagree in feeling but not in reason.

How can we describe Unification Church members? There is one characteristic that everyone has. You may look dumb, and people may think it is easy to break you but it is not. Each Unification Church member is resilient like rubber: you can be pulled in many directions or tied in a knot, but you don't break. I may look dumb, because I don't do things that people expect of me. Can a dumb person speak to heads of nations, advising them, "Listen to me; I can teach you what you need to know?"

If I am stranded on an island for several days with the leader of a nation, discussing issues with each other, who will be persuaded? I no longer have enemies because they all opposed me a long time ago. They tried to harm and discourage me, but their "bullets" didn't penetrate me, but only ricocheted back at themselves. Now they leave me alone.

So who surrendered? The American government or Rev. Moon? America can never repay me for all my endeavors. While being persecuted, I was so good to this country. Why am I still alive? If were to go to the spirit world now, America would have a difficult time to repay her debt.

I say these statements with a very serious heart, because once said they remain in history. In the future, perhaps America will badly need this speech to set their direction straight and save them a lot of problems. It is with this heart that I am saying this. The times have changed. Now when I speak, many people understand why I say the things I do and follow my thinking. Ten or twenty years ago if I said the same things, they would have been very upset. In 1975, when I proclaimed the Moscow Rally, did anyone believe me? You believed but no one had a clear idea how it would come about. But today, we've accomplished the Moscow Rally -- millions of people watched Rev. Moon on Soviet television.

So now we need to act as a brake for America. If there is a runaway car what do you do? Jump on it and apply the brakes to it. This is what we have to do in America's so-called search for freedom.

Becoming True Sons and Daughters

What are true sons and daughters? They are the ones who become perfect objects to God and True Parents. As a result of that love, they can occupy the same position as God Himself. They are freed from Satan's lineage and therefore liberated from all historical customs.

First, you've been liberated from Satan. Secondly, you have been liberated from evil circumstances resulting from fallen humanity's civilization. You have been bound by Satan's practices but now you have been liberated through knowing God's original way -- the way of true love. You've been grafted into a completely different lineage now -- God's own lineage. You have been liberated!

This is a continuation of my proclamation of "Parentism" this year. I proclaimed True Parents, and I also proclaimed True Family in Korea. Now I am proclaiming True Sonship and Daughtership here in America today. So I have all three levels. I liberated the world even while the free world and the communist world united against me. Now those two areas have been liberated, so I am the messiah of the world. No one can come against me. I also liberated the nation, which is made up of clans. So I am the clan messiah, too.

An individual does not need a messiah any more at this level, when he becomes perfect. This is the individual ownership age. That means you have been liberated on three different levels: on the world level, the national or family level and on the individual level.

I always fought on the world level, but you never did. Unification Church members only fought against their own relatives on the family level. When in the history of humankind have one's own parents kidnapped their sons and daughters? Does that make sense? Are the sons and daughters bad or are the parents who kidnapped their children bad? They kidnapped their children for following True Parents. Initially, it was the children who followed True Parents; but now, in the wake of their children, the parents also respect True Parents. After ten or twenty years of opposing me, they now thank me for matching and marrying their sons and daughters.

Upon their return to America in July, True Parents greet the children at East Garden

Your Individual Responsibility

With all this achieved, how can you say it wasn't successful? There are no longer problems among the biggest nations in the world, nor any real problems on the national level, and there should not be problems on the individual level. When individual problems are overcome, then we can say, "Rev. Moon, the task has been successfully completed." As far as Korea is concerned, they're ahead of America. They now understand me more fully than any other country and won't oppose me anymore. Korea is now going into the second generation period, for they have accepted the first generation. Now the second generation, the Korean blessed couples, are speaking in Korea and people also listen to them.

You now have your individual portion of responsibility. I took care of these larger portions. It is up to you now, during this individual ownership age, to be responsible. I cannot be responsible for you. To achieve this means you need to bring our mind and body into unity. Is your mind in complete unity with your body? (No) If not, whose responsibility is it? Yours! The world wars are basically finished. But the individual internal level of fighting for perfection now remains. Has this battle been concluded? This is the way you should look at yourselves now. The world has changed. The nation has changed. I changed those levels. But unless you change, you cannot inherit these circumstances. What good will it do if the world is perfect and I am not? It is like a crystal. There is a certain crystalline composition and we must configurate exactly or we cannot be a part of the crystal. So the remaining question is, "Have you been liberated? Are you, as an individual, liberated?"

In the relationship between mind and body, has your mind subjugated your body and are they in harmony? If they are fighting then the task of uniting them, putting the body under the mind, still remains. Is the war over in your individual self? That is the question.

If it is not, then it's obvious where you belong. Do you still belong to the domain of hell or did you free yourself from it and are now in the domain of heaven? Take my example. I penetrated the very difficult barriers of individual, family, clan, nation, and world levels. Do you think my body came along with my mind from the very beginning without resisting? No. Every piece of my body tried to evade this way. So I put my body in prison -- digesting, fighting and winning over it -- and then went on to become champion on higher levels. You must do the same thing in your own course. You must first recognize, "Oh, my body is not following my mind." Then you must make the body follow the mind. The mind must be strong to pull the body.

Before you can be qualified as true sons and daughters, you should have already gone through the individual level with mind and body unity presenting no problem. Then you could go to the most difficult situation in America and digest it. You should be standing on that foundation, but have you ever achieved it? No. That course still remains to be won by you. Now the world is no problem. The family is no problem. It is "me" who is the problem now. I discovered this truth in the very early stages of my course and concluded, "Before one expects to conquer evil in the world, one must conquer one's individual self." First conquer yourself, then connect that victory to the world. Unless we become like that, there is no purpose in our activities. What if everyone in the world becomes good and I'm not a part of that goodness?

Overcome Your Body

I waged a war against and won over the world and national problems. That means you are liberated from Satan and liberated from the circumstances of Satan's civilization. Even though you are living in the world, you are not a part of it in your mind: you are part of the new era of God's own country. However, your individual self is still lingering in the old world. Satan will not let go of your body: you have to fight and win over it.

Satan's concept is characterized as individualism. Where does Satan's concept rule? In our body. And where does God's concept rule? In the mind. Within an individual, the mind was originally supposed to be plus and the flesh minus; but now the flesh claims to be plus. Two pluses repel each other, so this is what you are experiencing. In order to solve this problem, you have to deny the flesh: completely deny it and start building the flesh again from zero, making sure it becomes a minus.

World Wars I and II have ended. The Third World War was the war of thought and is finished. The Fourth World War is the individual war within you, and has been continuing since the original human beings fell. That war needs to be won and this is the battle you are now fighting.

Throughout history there were many saints who taught lofty, important things, but no one has yet proclaimed that you must wage a war against yourself and win it to become the master of your own body. For the first time in history, I have done that. Satan started the false lineage. Now God will take his place and start His own lineage, centering on the purpose of creation. Through God's true love lineage the flesh is defeated and the mind wins. Our new self has to become a zero in order to return to God. Because our false selves were huge, we must reduce ourselves to zero, graft onto the new lineage and re-create ourselves. This is the only way you can overcome your flesh and win the individual war.

You already know from the Principle that you need to be restored. To be restored means to be re-created. There is only one absolute being from which everything comes. Don't cling to your own concept, for there is a bad history and culture. Forget where you came from and become a zero. From there you create the resurrection course. How can you get to the zero point? You have to hate Satan's blood lineage and remove Satan from your blood throughout your whole lifetime. How can you take him out? The religious world has fasted to drain that blood. When you eat a lot and become fat, your body has strong power. In order to put their bodies in a weak position they fasted to obtain the zero point. You must make your body in the zero point position otherwise you cannot go back to God's original world of love. How can I diminish the fighting between my mind and my body? I put my mind at the zero point and then follow the re-creation course. Do you understand? This is the clear concept and perspective of the Divine Principle.

Perfection through Persecution

So no matter how difficult, it is only when you are pushed down further and further that Satan leaves you. In order for a snake to take on a new skin he must shed his old layer of skin by going backward through a narrow skinny place. In the same way, you must go down to your nation's dungeon of hell. You have to suffer and be persecuted. Therefore, I say that persecution is not always bad.

Persecution helps us to become perfect. I clearly knew that point. I knew that by going to the worst dungeon of hell and allowing myself to be beaten there, I could be resurrected. You have to follow me in this Divine Principle course. Know clearly there is nobody to blame, not your mother, not your father, and certainly not your husband. "I" am to blame. Originally the woman was at fault, because the concept of "me" was the fruit of the fall which a woman started. And right after that Adam followed, multiplying this sin into a world of millions and a spirit world of billions. You must say, "I created this hell, not my ancestors. I did it."

My standard of perfection for sisters is to first be accepted into the world of womanhood, with all women approving, "Oh, she's a good woman," and then go to the man's world and gain their approval and acceptance, from the top level to the bottom. Then she could come back and become a perfect individual. Perhaps an American woman could meet a prostitute and feel, "She is my sister." You could feel sorry as if she were your own daughter. You would try to help and protect her. You must have that kind of genuine feeling. How can you not help shedding tears when you really feel that? Then you couldn't help but pray to God in tears. I have experienced that over and over again. While that particular woman may not be saved at that time, I found myself getting closer to the day when I could eventually save her.

We must do that in our own hometown here in America; then go to other countries and do that in their hometowns, continuing to do it even into the spirit world.

Throughout history, no one taught or practiced this until came. This is the very reason why you are drawn to Father. This reason is also why I am loving you and all people, shedding tears and saying, "I am here to save you. If I cannot save you here on earth, I will continue to save you even in the spirit world." I genuinely and tearfully feel this way so you, as a spiritual being, perceive that. When you become zero and create a vacancy, then the high air pressure of love comes into your own low air pressure area.

You have to realize that you must first challenge your body and subjugate it completely. Unification Church members have been doing many things at the same time, like myself. They have participated with me and come along with me in my many accomplishments. Now that we have come into the era where we are freed from these by-gone days, we can only concentrate on individual improvement. Therefore, you must go out and be persecuted. Persecution will take one more bad point out of you. When you go to a different place and receive persecution again, that means some other bad Point is removed. That's the reason they're persecuting you. The wrong thinking is, "I am perfect, and they're opposing me, so they must be bad." What you should think is: "The fact that everybody opposes me means that there must be something lacking in me," or "I have something bad, so they all want me to get rid of this from my nature. This persecution is a signal to show me that I must change." But I know that this individual course doesn't end our with our individual self. If you cannot complete it, then your own sons and daughters must continue the work. I really want you to complete this in your generation -- don't pass this debt along to your second generation.

Wage the Final War

Because I have fulfilled all of these levels, you feel some of the effects of liberation. Problems from these higher levels don't bother us anymore because they are all solved. But the mind/body problem of the individual remains up to you. I denied myself completely and went through this course; so should you, otherwise you cannot inherit this perfection. To attain perfection you must follow the course I have gone and then you can inherit these higher levels. Otherwise, you cannot be adopted into the world I have accomplished because you are not ready to be a part of it. I completed the World Wars. You still must fight the individual war. You participated with me in the many wars that our Church has faced. Unless you win over this one, the purpose of these wars is not completed. In other words, I cannot proclaim that every war is won unless you win your own war.

One big principle really helps us win this individual war -- living for the sake of others. That concept should always be strongly with you. This is one principle of love which even God wants to completely adhere to. We are small in comparison to God, the Absolute Being. He is completely obedient to this principle, so we also must want to absolutely obey centering on this true love. This love can connect God, True Parents, and perfection, making them absolutely one. That is the ideal of the original creation centering on true love.

The Fall created the worst love. How can we re-create and restore true love? True love can digest the worst physical love without any problem. With true love centering on our mind, we can automatically digest and eliminate every bad thing, one by one. This is important! Unless you can attain complete mind and body unity you cannot go to heaven.

Today's topic was about freedom, so you need to realize that finding and establishing true love is the beginning of freedom. Don't forget this most important conclusion; with it you should win your individual war. If your body wants to misbehave, your mind cannot afford to be generous. If your mind is right, yet your body fights back, you must subjugate it. Do not blame others.

America is out of control. Everyone thinks their kind of freedom is real. Now, for the first time in history you know where freedom really lies. You always thought freedom belonged to you but no, you belong to freedom. And freedom belongs to God, and to true love, true life, and true lineage. So how can we recreate man's original authority and dignity of true love, life, and lineage? Unless it is centered on true love, there is no freedom. Without true love as the base, the mind and body cannot find true freedom. History has been the perpetual fight within each individual.

"My self" must be the victor. This is the essential point of history's dispensational fight centering on true love. Unless we win over our body, the war is not completed. Until then, you cannot say that you are the victor. So when you return to your family and you continue to meet o, position from your family, you must conclude there is something which you still must change. Then if you do, you will grow higher.

I have to liberate the bigger things -- the world and nation -- so I have been experiencing world-level persecution and digested it. Where do you want to be persecuted? On a small town level or do you want to be persecuted on the world level? (World level) So when you go through lots of suffering, you must be grateful to God because you are going somewhere and your body is being cleansed. There are many members in the Unification Church who fasted for 40 days, and had a direct confrontation with their own body. You must become someone who forgets to eat and sleep because your mind is on something else. Such a person may have those desires, but he doesn't pay attention to them. Unless you do that, there is no way to evade Satan. He will always be right beside you. Before Satan will go away, you have to win over yourself. If you don't provide space for Satan, then he must leave. How victorious you will be at that time and how much joy you will feel! "Mansei! I became the worldwide victor! How victorious, how precious!" That is what you will shout to yourself when that moment comes. What a liberation! Otherwise, you will always be hooked by Satan and won't get into heaven.

God must pull fallen man from Satan's powerful foundation. How can you win over your body's world? You had better find out, how powerful Satan is. Until then, you don't know anything. But at that point, you will know whether God or Satan dwells in you. You might say it is difficult, and I agree. Let's put it honestly, it is not easy. But this is a historical point in an historical war. This is one place where you must be merciless to yourself. You understand that now, don't you? Without winning that battle, there is no freedom. Those who say, "Father, I understand very clearly this morning, and I will practice that; I will wage this war and win," raise your hands! This is a serious way. God bless you. 

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