The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Eleventh World Media Conference in Moscow USSR -- Opening Plenary Address and Detailed Report

Sun Myung Moon, Bo Hi Pak, Larry Moffitt, Thomas Ward, Kathleen Burton, Gordon L. Anderson and David Earle
April 10, 1990
Moscow, USSR

True Parents commemorate their thirtieth wedding anniversary at the conference hotel on April 11, 1990. Church members gathered early in the morning to celebrate and receive an hour's speech from Father, after which he announced that he and Mother would meet with President Gorbachev that afternoon

True Unification and One World

It is a great honor and pleasure to convene with you this historic Eleventh World Media Conference in the city of Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union. The theme of this conference is "The Advancement of Global Communication and Cooperation," and I feel there is no place more appropriate to gather for these discussions than right here in the Soviet Union.

Furthermore, it is an added pleasure for me to open these proceedings because we are simultaneously conducting the Third Conference of the Summit Council for World Peace, and a gathering of the Association for the Unity of Latin America. Both of these excellent organizations are also committed to the quest for world peace.

For me to come to Moscow is an emotional experience. I would like to express my appreciation to the Soviet government, especially the officials of Novosti Press Agency. You have welcomed us to your great capital in a most hospitable manner. My wife and I, and our entire family, are moved by your kindness.

I am sure that all of the guests in this room, who have come from every corner of the world, including former heads of state and government, will join with me in expressing our deep gratitude to our hosts in this country. Would you join with me in giving them a round of applause?

I was recently asked by members of the Soviet media regarding my views on the importance of a spiritual renaissance as a precondition to social, economic and political progress. I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on some of those views. I believe that such a spiritual renaissance is vitally important. To achieve it, a deeper understanding of the human situation is necessary. This calls for some reflection on philosophical and religious topics. It may not directly concern either communications or media, but for me it is the fundamental understanding necessary to secure true peace in our world. Furthermore, it is the essence of my life-long search, discovery and teaching.

On Good Friday, April 13, 1990, Father and Mother, Ye Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, Dr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and Peter Kim marched into Red Square

True love always travels the shortest distance with the fastest speed. Therefore, true love coming from God to the earth travels the shortest distance -- a vertical line. The love between man and woman also travels the shortest distance, forming a horizontal line. When the vertical true love meets with the horizontal true love, the crossing point must absolutely be 90 degrees. There is no other way these love lines can intersect.

Who is God? God is the vertical True Parents centered on true love. He is intimately close to each of us because He is our vertical parents. When we welcome the perfected human ancestors -- perfected Adam and Eve -- as True Parents, we create a 90-degree crossing point between the vertical true love of God and the horizontal true love of True Parents. We have two sets of True Parents. From them we receive true love, true life and true blood lineage. This creates one world totally resonating with true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share with you these reflections on the nature of God and humanity. I am also very happy to be here in the Soviet Union. My heart truly goes out to the people of the Soviet Union. Many of you have gone through unbearable suffering, and that saddens me. I love your country and your people very much. I clearly envision a moral and economic renaissance for the Soviet Union that will dramatically affect the entire world. I will do all I can to encourage and support that renaissance.

You are undertaking a new Soviet revolution, but this should be a revolution of the heart and soul.

I have been speaking about the importance of the family. But I want to tell you that in the depths of my heart, I feel that the Soviet people are a part of my family. I assure you that my wife and children feel the same. Also, I assure you that members of the Unification movement worldwide will do their utmost to work together with you for the future prosperity and well-being of all humanity.

I believe the Soviet Union will play a key role in God's plan to build a world of lasting true peace. This vast union of nations, which stretches from the Far East, with its border on my country of Korea, to the very heart of Europe -- birthplace of Western Civilization -- has a natural destiny to be a bridge between Europe and Asia. We must regard ourselves as being all members of one global family living in one global house.

May God bless the Soviet Union and all its people for coming and participating in this historic conference. Thank you very much.

Testimony on the Moscow Rally
Bo Hi Pak
April 22, 1990

Dr. Bo Hi Pak displays photos of the meetings with President Gorbachev at Belvedere service on April 22, 1990

I would like to read several excerpts from a newspaper article that illustrates how even non-members view Father's trip to the Soviet Union. This particular article is a column written by Ms. Georgie Anne Geyer and originates in The Washington Times. Her column is distributed through the Universal Press Syndicate and appears in 250 newspapers around the United States. Ms. Geyer has attended many World Media Conferences and fact-finding tours. She attended the Moscow World Media Conference, and afterwards wrote an article entitled: "Most Unlikely Moscow Meeting."

She writes, "Of all the impossible events that have occurred in the Soviet Union in the last five years, probably none has been as unlikely as the happy meeting in recent days between Mikhail Gorbachev and the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The Moscow News called Mr. Moon the "most brilliant anticommunist and the No. 1 enemy of the state" -- and then added, please, that it was "time to reconcile". For his part, Rev. Moon said that he loved the Soviet people and that now the "Soviet Union was going to play a major role in the plan of God to construct a world of peace." To crown the new era, Mr. Gorbachev on Wednesday hosted Mr. Moon in the bowels of the Kremlin. This was after Rev. Moon, the head of the Unification Church, had lectured the Soviet people on Adam and Eve. If this meeting did not cap the new era, one wonders what would."

Father is beginning a new dispensational era. So, horizontally speaking, historians will also see it as a new era. At the 11th World Media Conference, a full gamut of former heads of state surrounded Father -- from Marxists of South Yemen and a former leftist president of Mexico to royalty and moderate and conservative leaders. There were fifty people seated at the head table, forty of them former heads of state.

Father and Mother graciously greet a conference participant in the receiving lineGod's Message to the Kremlin

Father's plenary address was given on April 10 and concerned the Principle of Creation, the Fall of Man, restoration, and most importantly, the vertical and horizontal True Parents. They got the whole message, lock, stock, and barrel.

Ms. Geyer continues, "The highest level Soviet officials present -- atheists all -- listened impassively. When Albert Vlasov, chairman of the Novosti Press Agency, spoke afterward, he simply said that, "the Rev. Moon has really crossed a long way to come to the Soviet Union, and not only miles."

The most important part of the article is, as Ms. Geyer put it, Father was bringing the message of God right into "the bowels of the Kremlin." That was Father's purpose and he did it without hesitation. I was the one sweating next to Father because his words were so strong. I looked around at this Russian face, that Russian face. I was worried they might stand up and walk out, which sometimes happens in the United Nations when an ambassador disagrees with someone. So I was watching everyone carefully, but that didn't happen. Of course the Soviets don't know how to say amen, so they clapped a lot.

Father can now show the world that he has, in a spiritual sense, completely conquered Soviet atheism. This is the true victory and it is this victory that will hasten the unification of North and South Korea. This next goal will only happen through Father.

Harvard professor and world-famous Sovietologist Richard Pipes attended the conference. Previously, when we had invited him to a conference, he brusquely turned us down. This time, he came and listened attentively, particularly after Father's meeting with Gorbachev. He commented: "The man of the hour today is not George Bush or Mitterand or Kohl, and not even Walesa. The man of the hour is Mikhail Gorbachev." Mikhail Gorbachev is at the pinnacle of popularity in world opinion Time magazine gave him the title of "Man of the Decade," when they normally only use the title, "Man of the Year." The time will come when Time magazine will say that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the "Man of the Century" and "Man of the Millennium."

Father gives an interview to the Moscow media at the airport reception room. Mr. Albert Vlasov, chairman of the Novosti Press Agency, is seated next to True Parents

Searching for God

Gorbachev personally invited Father and Mother to meet with him. He first spoke about one and a half hours in the conference with True Parents and the other presidents. Afterwards, he cordially escorted Father into his own personal office to a private meeting for 30 minutes. This is totally extraordinary!

Father is respected by the Soviet Union for several reasons. Now that communism is crumbling, the anticommunist is a hero for the intellectuals of the Soviet Union. Because Father was an unflagging anti-communist his entire life, it follows that Father is the Number I hero of the Soviet Union. Second, he always stands up for God, wherever he goes and with whomever he meets, whether that person is a Soviet journalist or a Soviet politician.

The people of the Soviet Union are now God-hungry. They know that this anti-communist who stood up for God his entire life, even during incredible torture by communist forces, is an avatar of their country. Responding to that sentiment, President Gorbachev had to invite Father and Mother into the Kremlin.

On the day Father landed in Moscow, Mr. Albert Vlasov, the chairman of the Novosti Press Agency which co-sponsored the World Media Conference, and many other Novosti officials were at the airport. There are two VIP rooms, one for regular VIPs and the presidential VIP room, which is used only for Gorbachev or people on the level of presidents. The presidential reception room was reserved for us. Mr. Vlasov and Ms. Natalia Yakovleva, the editor-in-chief of the North America Department of Novosti Press Agency, presented Father and Mother with flowers.

There was a national television interview in which Father was asked for a few words about the meaning of his coming to Moscow and how he felt, to which he graciously responded: "I am very happy to be here in Moscow." We then entered the VIP room, where they had prepared a toast. Mr. Vlasov lifted up his glass and said, "Rev. Moon, welcome to the Soviet Union." Then Father responded, "Now let me return the toast. I would like to toast to the great people of the Soviet Union and your great leader President Gorbachev." In Father's toast, the "great people of the Soviet Union" came first.

True Parents with several members of the True Family at the Oktobraskaya Hotel

A Royal Welcome

There was a VIP car waiting for us -- a Chaika. We had a BMW police escort. I thought the Soviet Union was treating Father very well. Later I asked about it and their response was, "Yes, this kind of escort is only used for the president." The sirens were on and the lights were flashing as we rode from the airport to the city. We traveled the traffic lane usually reserved only for the president and special officials. There were stop lights, but our caravan never stopped from the airport to the hotel.

Father's hotel was the Oktobraskaya Hotel. It is the Central Committee's hotel reserved for the highest communist officials. There was no better hotel in which Father could be accommodated. Father was escorted to the 12th floor, where he could see the Kremlin towers and the Russian Orthodox Church buildings from his balcony.

Every time we traveled we had a police escort. The first policeman who arrived at the Oktobraskaya Hotel said to me, "Representing the entire police force of the Soviet Union, I want to salute Rev. Moon. Could you allow me to do so?" So I invited this police officer, a very bulky man, to meet Father, explaining, "He wants to represent the Soviet police to you." He then saluted. Father smiled and shook his big hand.

At the April 9th reception there were participants from all over the world, including many former presidents and prime ministers, as well as the incumbent vice president of the Philippines and several incumbent prime ministers. There were two president's representatives standing in the receiving line, through which about 700 people came. Approximately 1,000 people attended the reception with each one receiving a name tag. The Soviets had never seen such beautiful name tags -- everyone was so proud to wear them.

During the reception Father and Mother shook hands with many Russian journalists. Mother was especially beautiful. Mother wore Korean clothes on three occasions: at the reception, on the visit to the Kremlin, and at the Little Angels' performance. As soon as one Soviet photographer saw Mother, he forgot everyone else. He confided that he had never seen such a photogenic woman in his entire life. Each of Mother's Korean costumes was photographed, so Mother became a one- person Korean fashion show on Soviet television.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Peacemaker and Unifier, was presented to all the participants at the World Media Conference

Teaching the Principle

Before the opening session speech on April 10th, the conference participants found the special book we created, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Peacemaker and Unifier, in Russian and English, on their tables. This book is Father's life history and of its 225 pictures, the most important one of all is a beautiful grand finale picture of Father and Mother's happy faces. By the time they finished looking at all the pictures and reading about Father's life, everyone was ready to hear Father's message. At that time Father could have said anything and everyone would have said "Amen."

Mr. Yuri Ossipyan, an influential member of the Presidential Council, attended the conference and gave the first speech, greeting the participants on behalf of the government. Father was then introduced; everyone was so absolutely attentive that you could have heard a pin drop. Father taught the Principle for 45 minutes. Although this was a media conference, he was speaking about Adam and Eve. Logically, it didn't make sense. But Father is so well- respected that everyone listened deeply. The spiritual atmosphere was changing and heightening every moment. Father's message was an immortal one: good for today, good for 100, even 1,000 years in the future. Father left a declaration in the Soviet Union that the Moscow rally is also a world rally. This message was translated into English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and French.

The next day, April 11, was True Parents' thirtieth wedding anniversary. We had a humble but very heartwarming celebration with all of our members. Father and Mother were very happy, very energetic and very beautiful.

That same day, President Gorbachev invited Father and Mother to meet him at the Kremlin. At 4:30 pm we entered the Kremlin and were seated. Father was first, Mother was second, and I, as the translator, was third. Other presidents were seated on both sides of us. Gorbachev entered and sat down. In that formal meeting, President Gorbachev spoke and listened an hour and a half. In his opening remarks, he stated formally: "I am here to welcome the presidents of various nations, and especially Rev. and Mrs. Moon. I welcome you to our country. Your conference is a very important and special one. I am happy that it has been very successful so far."

11th World Media Conference pamphlet

Meeting with President Gorbachev

Father was the first speaker; Ambassador Chavez introduced him as the founder of the Summit Council for World Peace and the World Media Association. Father can always capture the heart of the other person in his first sentence. He said, "Mr. President, this is my first time to see you -- you look very young and handsome." Presider t Gorbachev didn't need a translation for that. The ice was broken and intimacy was created. He replied, "Thank you, Rev. Moon. I was forgetting that I am a young man because my job is so tough. Thank you for reminding me."

Father thanked him for the opportunity to come to Moscow and for being a good host. He explained all the heads of state at the table were supporting Gorbachev: "Therefore, you must utilize these powerful people by sending the message to your embassies to work with them. Let us make perestroika and glasnost known all over the world immediately. This World Media Conference has the capacity to do it; it is your asset."

Father and Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II, senior member of the World Media Board of Chairmen, embrace at the reception

Father expressed, "Mrs. Moon and my family are very pleased to come to Moscow. This is truly a deeply emotional experience. We are learning about this great country and I think we can do a much better job in the days to come. I brought a special gift for you." The gift was a white marble vase, carved with a dragon -- a beautiful masterpiece. Father said, "I want to present this special gift of South Korea to the Soviet people in the name of Mikhail Gorbachev, for your museum. This vase has a special meaning. You and I are working for world peace. The white marble represents peace. This graceful shape represents art. The dragon in Oriental philosophy means power, good health and good fortune. I think you and the Soviet Union need these three things the most at this time."

When Gorbachev heard that, he came to Father and received the marble vase. Mother was standing right there while Father and Gorbachev shared a firm handshake.

After this meeting, everyone was leaving. But I escorted Father and Mother, Ambassador Chavez and Rev. Kwak in a different direction. Everyone wondered, "Where are they going? I thought the meeting was over." We entered a secretarial office, then another door opened and Gorbachev's aide came out to say, "Rev. and Mrs. Moon, please come this way."

We entered another office where Mr. Gorbachev and a couple of aides were standing. Gorbachev said, "Rev. Moon, this is where I work." We were in his personal office where usually no one is invited except his own staff. Usually, a person from a country without diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union can never enter that room. But Gorbachev invited True Parents there. Outside this office, Gorbachev was rather formal because he was dealing with other presidents, but inside he was completely free, embracing and talkative. It was the most incredible fellowship -- truly the moment when the universal Jacob met the universal Esau. Father gave him a big hug.

There was a lot of publicity in the Soviet Union. The Moscow News, with 8 million circulation, did a great interview with Father. Another interview was published in Family magazine, with five million circulation. In Izvestia, Father's meeting with Gorbachev was carried on the front page. Pravda also carried a big article, publishing Father's words in detail. The greatest thing was the Soviet national television's interview with Father. On April 20th, a one-hour special aired in the Soviet Union. The central themes were the journalists' visit to Korea, Father's meeting with Gorbachev and the World Media Conference in Moscow. The show was carried on Channel One and seen by 300 million viewers!

True Parents, Dr. Bo Hi Pak (left), Mrs. Raisa Gorbachev (center) and the Director of the Moscow Children's Musical Theater (right) with the Little Angels after their Moscow performance

Little Angels in Moscow

Another one-hour special will broadcast the Little Angels, who came to Russia as cultural ambassadors. They really live up to their name. Father and Mother were deeply pleased. The Little Angels brought an anniversary cake from Korea to Russia to celebrate True Parents' anniversary. The First Lady, Raisa Gorbachev, came for the second half of the program. She had a state function that evening but left early to come. She really enjoyed it. At the end when the Little Angels sang a Russian folk song, many Russians cried -- it melted Koreans and Russians into one.

Can you imagine if two thousand years ago Jesus Christ had gone to Rome, visited the Senate and been welcomed by Caesar and his wife? The Kingdom of Heaven would already be on the earth. This is exactly what happened in Russia. Raisa Gorbachev came to greet Father and Mother. Father gave a speech, in front of the First Lady, who was sitting there listening. Father said,

"Yesterday, I had a remarkable meeting with President Gorbachev. I respect and admire his courage and leadership. I assured him that I would cooperate in every way I can to support his program of peace. I told President Gorbachev that the secret for the success of the Soviet Union is to place God at the very center of every endeavor. Throughout my own life, this has proven over and over again to be essential. Mr. Gorbachev's burden is great and his mission difficult. It is only with God at his side that he can win the victory. I am leaving the Soviet Union with great hope in my heart. This nation will play a central role in God's providence in the coming decade. I know that in my every prayer I am going to include the Soviet Union and her great people.

"In my opening remarks, I spoke about the importance of a God- centered worldview. Many of you commented about that point. As a religious leader, I firmly believe that a God-centered worldview offers the solution to all problems. Atheistic theories centered only on man bring disaster and self- destruction in the end. This is the universal principle, true in both the East and in the West. I sincerely hope that all the distinguished statesmen and journalists who have been attending this conference, will unite with this principle. Let us work together to support glasnost and perestroika in the Soviet Union; let us work for lasting world peace."

Father and Mother shake hands with Mrs. Raisa Gorbachev and the director of the Children's Musical Theater of Moscow at the end of the Little Angels' performance

Greatest Victory Won

Then the Little Angels brought out the wedding cake. In front of the First Lady, True Parents blew out the candles and cut the cake while the Little Angels sang, "Happy Anniversary." I could not imagine anything more beautiful. The First Lady was absolutely charming. Finally, they sang, "Moscow Night" and the First Lady sang along. She came back to congratulate Father and Mother, and let us take a picture of her embracing the children. She completely forgot about the time. She finally stood up and said in English, "My Little Angels, bye bye." On the way out she spoke to the Korean press and said, "I have never seen such disciplined beauty in my life. It's almost like my girlhood dream coming true."

My dear brothers and sisters, I want to conclude by saying that Father and Mother won the greatest and highest victory ever imagined. You and I doubted that that Moscow Rally would ever take place. Father and Mother attained the worldwide mountain peak. All we have to do is expand it. Father is going back to Korea to have a True Parents' welcoming party throughout the country. After a once-in-a-lifetime experience you sometimes feel that you can die with no regrets. After this Moscow Rally, I feel that if I were to die any moment, I would have nothing to worry about.

This great victory could occur because the dispensational time was correct. The True Parents' preparation was fulfilled spiritually -- even kingship was declared. Father's most incredible strategy and wisdom accomplished this. So we thank True Parents and thank True Father's wisdom. Once again I could witness the greatness of our True Parents. God is working every minute of the day.

When we work with the mind of the victorious Moscow Rally, we can score a Moscow victory in our home church areas and our workplaces, day after day. We have the greatest blessing to have True Parents. Today we are all Moscow victors. The victory of True Parents' celebration is going to reverberate throughout the entire year, but today is the beginning. Let's pray for the Soviet Union and Mr. Gorbachev, and for the next dispensation: an even bigger summit conference in North Korea. It's going to happen. Believe it and pray for it. Amen.

Sun Myung Moon's Meeting with President of the USSR Gorbachev
Excerpted from the Segye Ilbo
Translated from Korean by Mr. Sung Oh

True Parents and 38 World Media Conference participants meet with President Gorbachev at the Kremlin

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev made clear on April 11th, "The official relationship of the Soviet Union with South Korea is just a matter of time with no obstacles in the way."

Mr. Gorbachev, who met Rev. Sun Myung Moon in his Kremlin office for 30 minutes, strongly hinted at the possibility of establishing the state relationship of the two nations within this year.

Mr. Gorbachev assured the smooth development of South Korean-Soviet relations while emphasizing the political stability and alleviation of tension on the Korean peninsula.

Concerning the reunification of Korea, Mr. Gorbachev said, "We all should deal with the reunification of Korea affirmatively" and pledged he will endeavor to bring peace to the Korean peninsula and hoped for a good result.

Mr. Gorbachev believes the nations surrounding the Korean peninsula have now arrived at a point where intensive discussions about the reunification of South and North Korea should begin. He expressed his willingness to act as a mediator.

Regarding economic cooperation between the Soviet Union and South Korea, Mr. Gorbachev said the cooperation with Korea will be a great aid to the development of the Soviet economy and asked Rev. Moon to help either directly or indirectly in the development of the Soviet Union by using the multi-national economic foundations and worldwide organizations of the Unification movement.

Mr. Gorbachev also said Korea and the Soviet Union must expand the exchange of technology and science. He expressed his expectation that the two nations might jointly advance.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, president of the Seoul Segye Times, and Dr. Bo Hi Pak, president of The Washington Times, attended this sudden meeting.

Before his private meeting with Rev. Moon, Mr. Gorbachev invited 38 delegates who are participating in the 11th World Media Conference from various nations around the world, including 24 former presidents, to the Kremlin and talked about one hour.

At this time, Mr. Gorbachev explained the situation of perestroika. "The Soviet Union has now reached the level of convergence of different opinions and is now beginning to take action. Perestroika will be accelerated on this national consensus," said Mr. Gorbachev.

Victory in Moscow
Larry Moffitt
Executive Director of the World Media Association

Mr. Larry Moffitt introduces Father at the opening plenary session

I have had an opportunity to see Father and Mother on many different occasions and in many different moods, but honestly, I have never seen a happiness of the intensity and brightness as that which appeared on the faces of our True Parents immediately following their historic meeting with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

In the future, when one looks up the word "joy" in the dictionary, he will see a photograph of that moment to illustrate the definition.

History will record that in his 70th year, Father rode into Moscow on Palm Sunday. Unlike with Jesus, however, it was not astride a donkey and the poor people didn't meet him with palm fronds. He and Mother were greeted with bouquets of flowers by the Chairman of Novosti Press Agency. There was a long black Chaika limousine courtesy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and a police escort took the East Garden party to the Central Committee's own posh Oktobraskaya Hotel. The KGB had a half-a-dozen silent and very serious agents acting as security guards on the ride from the airport.

It was a most unusual and challenging conference from every aspect. In a telephone conversation a few weeks before the conference, Dr. Pak expressed the apprehension everyone was feeling. He said solemnly, "Father's expectations for this conference are so incredibly high it is almost frightening." And added, "But don't you be frightened. You pray!" It was good advice, so we doubled our prayer offensive.

In fact the entire membership of the Unification Church worldwide was praying mightily, doing conditions, burning candles and fasting for the success of the March on Moscow. Many times, members called or faxed our office from all over the world seeking guidance about what specific points to pray for. We would tell them, "Father needs to meet Gorbachev." The maximum victory was defined early on as a cordial meeting between Father and Gorbachev. The scary part was that this meeting would be the minimum acceptable qualification for victory as well. Providentially speaking, all the eggs were in one basket.

The concurrent meetings of the Summit Council for World Peace and the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA) greatly improved the odds for accomplishing our goal. The membership of both these organizations is former national presidents and prime ministers -- and 41 of them came to Moscow at Father's invitation. Imagine how different the outcome would have been for Jesus, if he could have ridden into Jerusalem with even one high-ranking official at his side.

Father addresses the audience during the opening plenary session of the 11th World Media Conference on April 10, 1990

Opening Plenary Session

There was great anticipation on the part of everyone before the opening plenary session. The founder's address this year was unlike any other. More than a media speech it was a compilation of a Divine Principle lecture and Father's Sunday morning sermons. Of course it was all about true love and one world. We wondered how well it would be received in the headquarters city of worldwide atheism. Advance copies of the speech had been printed in Korean, Russian, English, Japanese and Spanish and were distributed as people entered the room. More than 600 Soviet and foreign newsmen had requested credentials to cover the conference and it looked as if most of them came to this opening session. The huge ballroom was filled.

They loved it. Especially the Soviets drank it up like thirsty spirits at the spring of life. One well-known Soviet columnist asked for extra Russian-language copies for close friends and family. "You know," he said excitedly holding up his stack of copies, "I already knew all of these things he talked about." Even though many people there will tell you they are atheists, it seems that everybody fervently wants to believe in God. They long for someone to tell them with conviction that God is real, He is personal and He loves you. And that's just what Father told them.

A sister attending in Father's suite reported that as True Parents returned there after the speech, Mother came into the room first with a big smile. She gave two thumbs up and said, "Success!"

Most people were amazed that Father would deliver such a spiritual address. It was definitely unusual fare for a conference on media. Still the Soviet press played it very big, giving it front page coverage in Pravda and Izvestia. The official Soviet news agency TASS sent the story around the world. Novosti Press Agency, our co-sponsors of the conference, had no fewer than six television cameras covering the events at all times. I was even approached by the Moscow bureau chief of the North Korean newspaper The Workers' Daily for an interview. He asked me if Reverend Moon would be willing to hold such a conference in Pyongyang. He was shocked when I told him, "Of course he would."

History will further record that the 30th Anniversary of the Blessing of the True Parents was held in Moscow on April 11. There was a big cake, a banner and many church leaders filling the spacious presidential suite of the Nezhdunarodnaya, the conference hotel. (We rented this suite because the Oktobraskaya, where the True Family slept, was some distance away.)

Several members of the True Family and Korean and Japanese elders pose with True Parents on the occasion of their thirtieth wedding anniversary

Meeting at the Kremlin

April 11 was also the day we went to the Kremlin to meet the President. We knew by the late afternoon on the previous day that the meeting had been approved by the President. Details were worked out with Gorbachev's staff whereby there would be an initial meeting of undetermined length with the President, True Parents and the former presidents and prime ministers. Following this more public meeting, Father and Mother would be called inside, accompanied by Dr. Pak and Rev. Kwak, to meet privately. Soviet State Television made the meeting their top story that night.

Of what when on in the closed room, rumors flourish. I hear something new and incredible each day. It is known they discussed religion and the reunification of Korea among possibly other topics. Perhaps Father will elaborate someday. We do know that Father and Mother emerged absolutely radiant in joy. Maximum success.

The following evening was the historic first performance of the Little Angels of Korea who were giving a series of benefit performances for the Soviet Children's Fund at the Children's Musical Theater of Moscow. Mrs. Gorbachev departed early from a reception for Polish President Jaruzelski in order to attend the show. She was quite enthusiastic in her enjoyment of the dances and in her appreciative applause afterward.

After the last number, the Little Angels brought out a cake in honor of True Parents' wedding anniversary so they could celebrate the occasion too, even though it was one day later.

So there we all were: Father and Mother cutting the cake in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Marriage of the Lamb, with the Little Angels singing "Happy Anniversary to You" in Korean, and the First Lady of the Soviet Union beaming brightly in fascination as she helped celebrate the most historic wedding anniversary in history. The maximum level of success just got topped.

Mrs. Gorbachev came backstage afterward to give and receive hugs and kisses from the Little Angels, to meet the True Parents and pose in group photos with them and the children. The atmosphere was so high and infectious that everyone present was caught up in rapturous joy.

Even the KGB agents were smiling.

The Price of Victory in Moscow
Thomas Ward
Executive Vice President of CAUSA International

Father and Mother pray at the dedication ceremony for CAUSA International at the Tiffany Building in New York in 1983. Dr. Thomas Ward is standing opposite to True Parents, on the far left

Over the years I have often explained in our CAUSA lectures about Father's intention to hold a religious rally in Moscow. Like many other Unificationists, I believed that this event would occur under adverse conditions. I felt that it might result in our Church members being imprisoned or killed. To my astonishment, the Moscow rally was nothing of the kind. Father and Mother were warmly received as friends by the Soviet people. It was a glorious, "picture-perfect" event.

Inheriting the Moscow Victory

Following the Moscow Conference our elder brother Hyo Jin Nim spoke to members at Belvedere on April 29,1990. Hyo Jin Nim emphasized that Father's victory should be inherited by us. He explained that to do so, we must understand the price that was paid for it. Hyo Jin Nim reminded us that following World War II, the conditions were set for Christianity to receive the Messiah and to usher in God's ideal of peace on earth. Hyo Jin Nim alluded not only to the various Christian movements in Korea, such as the New Jesus Church and the Inside-the-Belly Church which were prepared to receive the Messiah, but he also spoke of how True Father's own grandfather had been prepared to advance the Providence. For many years, he said, Father's grandfather had been involved in the Korean independence movement, and had committed all of his spiritual and material resources to Korea's liberation.

Following World War II, Syngman Rhee became the Republic of Korea's first president. President Rhee, a personal friend of Father's grandfather, invited him to join the government. On three occasions, President Rhee even sent a helicopter to carry him to Seoul. However, on each occasion, Father's grandfather refused, maintaining that he was not a politician but a man of religion.

Hyo Jin Nim explained that when Father's grandfather rejected President Rhee's request to assist in governing the country, he unknowingly hampered Father from reaching President Rhee. Hyo Jin Nim compared this failure to the failure of John the Baptist.

When this and other failures caused Korea not to unite with Father and the United States also did not accomplish its providential responsibility, Father had to spend 40 years restoring this failure. Hyo Jin Nim said that Father's Danbury course, culminating with Father's August 16, 1985 "Declaration of Total Victory", marked the completion of Father's 40 year wilderness course. Without Father's internal victory, Hyo Jin Nim explained, there could not have been a successful Moscow Rally.

Church members gather for a kick-off rally for the International One World Crusade in 1973

Father's Course to Moscow

I recall visiting Pusan for the first time in 1975. There, some early members explained that since the early 1950s, Father had spoken often of how one day he would come to work in America. They said that in those early days, Father already was praying tearfully for America, begging God to spare our nation.

Certainly Father had the same heart toward the Soviet Union. In the spirit of Hyo Jin Nim's guidance, I believe that as we celebrate the Moscow victory, it is very important to reflect on what we have seen Father do over the years that made this victory possible. Although I cannot present everything here, I hope that what I share will shed some light on the ways that Father planned, sacrificed and acted so that this day could come.

On July 1, 1973, two International One World Crusade teams were formed and led by Joseph Sheftick and Perry Cordill. Although American, I was selected for one of the teams, because I had joined the Unification Church in France.

The contents of Father's moving speech entitled "The Significance of July 1, 1973" detailed how America was sinking into a morass of indifference, while communism openly proclaimed the communization of America as its ultimate goal. Father declared that he could not allow this to continue. He explained that the Unification Church, had to turn the tide:

"We have to save this country and its people, and lead them into Canaan together. Our ultimate goal is a march to Moscow. You must have that conviction. Communists are now pursuing their goal to win America but this plan has to be reversed."

Father was desperately serious. He compared communism to Goliath and the Unification Church to David. Like David, he foresaw that the Unification Church would be victorious. Father concluded the speech by saying,

"Whether you like it or not, God has given you this mission. It is now up to us to fulfill our task and win for God. Love is a two-edged sword. If we fail, the first ones to be punished will be us. As you know, in order to come to this particular mission, I walked a more miserable path than any man has ever walked. There is no second chance, no way to redo it. If we fail, there is no restoration beyond us; without us, how will the world be restored?"

Father heart was so desperate. At the end of the speech he wept so profusely that he virtually choked on his own tears.

The Fifty-State Speaking Tour

In 1973 and 1974, Father spoke in all fifty states. As he had done in his July 1st declaration, Father warned Americans of the inherent evil of communism and he emphasized America's responsibility to challenge communistic atheism. Father compared communism to the thief who was crucified on the left of Jesus and who denied him. Father compared the free world and America to the thief on Jesus' right.

The seed for the existence of a God-fearing world was sown by the thief on the right-hand side. The free world is in the position of the right-hand thief. And America is the center of those God-fearing Free World nations. America has been chosen as the defender of God, whereas communism says to the world, 'There is no God.'

It is America's position to say to the Communists, 'What are you talking about? God exists. God dwells right here, with us.' Is America taking this position? No! Today's America is quickly turning self-centered and away from God. America doesn't seem to care about the rest of the world. But you must give America to the rest of the world as a champion for God.

When America helped others, sent out missionaries and aid to starving people, she enjoyed her golden age. Confrontation with communism could have been done from a position of strength at that time.

But today America is retreating. It is not just an accident that great tragedy is constantly striking America and the world: The spirit of America has declined. Unless this nation lives up to the mission ordained by God, many troubles will plague you. God is beginning to leave America. This is God's warning.

Father was absolutely serious. Before each speech, Father came to the hall and prayed. He described his attitude before these speeches, comparing it to the seriousness of a condemned man on the way to his execution. He was so desperate to awaken America and end American indifference to communist expansion.

Father always spoke with courage and conviction, and it was not easy for some American audiences to receive Father's warning. I especially remember Father's three speeches on the Berkeley campus in 1973. Berkeley was a center of political radicalism. While witnessing on campus for Father's speech, our members were harassed and attacked.

We had been warned that only a few weeks before, Guru Maharaji had been driven from the Berkeley Auditorium stage by radical students. We feared that students would try to do the same thing to Father. The first evening Father spoke, the Berkeley crowd booed when it was mentioned that Father had met Richard Nixon. When Father began speaking, he joked with the students: "I hope that you will be a little kinder to me than you are to your president."

When a heckler interrupted his speech, Father recognized him by saying, "I would like to thank you sincerely. Your heckling has made this night even more memorable for me." The audience burst into laughter. They applauded Father and the heckler stopped.

For no apparent reason, one woman in the audience laughed sporadically throughout Father's opening talk. Finally, when Father spoke about give and take action, he turned to the woman and said, "It is like the young woman here in the audience. She is laughing because she feels joy. She conveys joy to me through her laughter. And as I continue to speak, I bring even greater joy to her. And so, as the speech continues, the joy between us becomes greater and greater." The audience loved it, and finally, the woman stopped laughing. Father had won over the audience. By the third night of Father's talks, that full house of cynical Berkeley students gave Father a standing ovation.

Not only at Berkeley, but elsewhere, Father often went through tremendous trials and rejection during his speaking tour. Many times during his speech people, including Christians, interrupted Father with rude outbursts. On some occasions, virtually no one came to his talk. At Father's banquet in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1974, only six people accepted the invitation and attended. Still with a constant heart, Father went forward, determined to awaken America to her responsibility to proclaim God's existence and oppose the advance of militant atheism.

Father and Mother attend a 'Forgive, Love and Unite" rally during the Watergate crisis. To their right, church president Neil Salonen displayed an "I am praying for you" poster with President Nixon's photo. Mrs. Won Pok Choi is to their left


Father knew that America should not abandon Southeast Asia to communism. In that sense, Richard Nixon's presidency was very significant. President Nixon had committed himself to peace with honor in Vietnam and he was succeeding.

In late 1973, as the Watergate crisis hit the news, Father patiently waited for several months but realized no American religious leader understood how President Nixon's resignation would result in an internal crisis in America and immeasurable bloodshed in Indochina. In November 1973, Father issued his statement on Watergate. He maintained that the solution to this crisis was for America to "forgive, love and unite" with President Nixon.

In the Watergate statement, Father compared America's attitude toward Richard Nixon to the biblical story of the prostitute whom the Pharisees of Jesus' time wished to stone to death. Father reminded the American people of Jesus' instruction that the one without guilt among them should cast the first stone.

Father wanted the American people to recognize that all Americans shared the guilt for America's problems. As Jesus had explained, "If you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father also will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." (Matt. 6:14-15)

Had America united with Father's appeal and forgiven President Nixon, it would have been an opportunity for America to be forgiven by God for her sins and to be healed. It also would have been a way to stop the communist victory in Vietnam.

In his meeting with President Nixon in December 1973, and virtually up until August 1974 when Nixon resigned, Father called upon the president to remain in office in spite of the opposition. President Nixon tried to stand strong but finally he surrendered to media and political pressure.

Eight months after Nixon's resignation, Indochina fell to communism, resulting in the genocide of millions of innocent human beings. Nixon's resignation precipitated not only the communization of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; it also opened the way for the rapid communization of Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Guinea-Bissau.

By withdrawing from Vietnam, America abandoned her God-given role as the defender of freedom. Satan acted quickly, using communism in Africa, Asia and even Latin America to block God's Providence. America's failure to unite with Father's call to support Richard Nixon also precipitated America's own spiritual, political and economic decline. America's intelligence agencies were undermined and America continued to suffer from a spiritual sickness which came to be known as the "Vietnam Syndrome".

Father was heartbroken by America's failure, yet he did not abandon America. In his speeches at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument, he continued to push America to accomplish her mission.

Washington Monument was the culmination of Father's public speeches in America

Finding the Way to Moscow

Following the Washington Monument victory, Father announced on October 4, 1976, the "Day of the Victory of Heaven", his absolute commitment to go to Moscow: "From this time on we solemnly declare that we have an additional goal. The next goal is Moscow."

At that time Father predicted: "Inevitably we will gain the reputation of being the worst enemy of communism, and the communists themselves will spread it." What Father predicted came to pass. On January 28,1984, Izvestia, one of the official Soviet newspapers, labeled Father as the "Champion of Anti-Sovietism."

In his speech of October 4,1976, Father had expressed his absolute commitment to stop communism, with or without America, and at the same time to go to Moscow. But how would he accomplish this goal? Immediately following the Washington Monument Rally, Father announced his intention to create a newspaper in New York. The News World served as a vehicle to encourage President Jimmy Carter to apply his human rights policies not only to right-wing authoritarian governments but to communist governments as well. Through News World Communications, Father would also openly condemn communism's militant atheism.

The News World also served as the founding institution of the World Media Association, which Father asked Michael Warder to begin in 1978. Through the World Media Association, Father would express his love for the Soviet people and his desire for genuine reconciliation.

Victory Despite Opposition

Because Father had taken a position in favor of Richard Nixon, he became a target of America's liberal media, and shortly after Father's Watergate statement, the Washington Post, which had broken the Watergate story, began to refer demeaningly to Unification Church members as "Moonies." The liberal media, together with a deprogramming cabal known today as the "Cult Awareness Network", began putting pressure on the United States government to investigate the Unification Church. Republican Senator Robert Dole held the first such hearings in 1976. To me, this bad condition laid by Senator Dole helps to explain why President Gerald Ford, who chose Dole as his vice- presidential running mate in 1976, was defeated by Jimmy Carter.

In 1978, Democratic Congressman Donald Fraser also tried to get political mileage for his U.S. Senatorial campaign by including our Church members in the Koreagate hearings. It was Fraser's contention that the Unification Church was acting as an agent of influence in the United States for the South Korean government. He was proven wrong. Father used the Fraser investigation to expose the man's vindictiveness toward the political right and his accommodating attitude toward communism. Father counseled Dr. Bo Hi Pak, who was summoned to testify before the Fraser hearings: "You are David. This hearing is not a burden. It is God's blessing."

Following Father's inspiration, Dr. Pak won the victory by challenging Rep. Fraser. He clearly exposed Fraser's ties to communism. Rep. Fraser not only lost his bid for the Senate but he was removed from the Washington scene altogether.

On the basis of the victory over Rep. Fraser, I believe that Father was called upon by God to take over the helm in America's mission against communism. After the Fraser victory, Latin America began to appeal to Father for assistance in their struggle against communism. At the same time, African nations also began to request spiritual and technical training from Father.

In explaining the embracing attitude of Latin America, Father compared North America and South America to North Korea and South Korea. He said that he had suffered and sacrificed in North Korea but that this had brought very little result. After Father returned to South Korea in 1950, however, the blessing came to him, with many members joining. In that same sense, Father explained that he had sacrificed greatly in North America with little result, but that God had blessed his effort by bringing victories in South America through organizations such as CAUSA and later AULA.

Ministers embrace Father as he leaves Danbury on July 4, 1985

Danbury -- the Price of Victory

For years, Father had spoken of the need to build a foundation of 30,000 members in America. Father even extended the date for us to fulfill the goal from the end of 1978 until June 30,1981. When we could not achieve our membership goal, it was Father who had to pay the price for America's failure. Shortly after June 30th, the indictment against Father came down.

Just as in the Fraser hearings, Father turned what seemed to be a setback into a great victory for God. Instead of focusing on his own situation, Father concentrated only on God's Providence. It was in the midst of his trial that Father established The Washington Times. During that trial as well, Father invited World Media Association Executive Director Larry Moffitt to Foley Square Court House and asked him to begin taking American journalists to the Soviet Union. The Washington Times became a rod of judgment against communism. The World Media Tours would become an expression of Father's undying love and desire to reach the Soviet people.

When, because of Danbury, ministers rallied around him, Father taught them that although America may have violated his religious liberty, Marxism- Leninism constituted an even more serious threat to religious freedom. Father made it possible, through CAUSA USA, for literally thousands of Christian ministers to be exposed to Victory Over Communism theory and to his teachings on Godism while he was in prison.

In Father's July 1, 1973 speech, he predicted that communism would reach its high point in 1978. Father was right. Even though in 1979, Afghanistan and Nicaragua would be added to communism's trophy case of conquests, these two nations would turn out to be a curse rather than a blessing for communism. The resistance against communism inside these two nations would help lead to communism's unraveling.

God's judgment clearly fell on atheistic communism while Father was in Danbury. During his imprisonment, the People's Republic of China openly stated that Marxism could not solve humanity's problems. While Father was in Danbury, Mikhail Gorbachev came to power, opening the way for an era of glasnost and "New Thinking".

On August 16,1985, at the end of his prison term, Father declared the "Day of Total Victory" to mark both the victory of Father's forty-year course and the victory of Hyo Jin Nim as True Abel. Hyo Jin Nim's victory was manifested through the success of the 1985 Blessed children's workshop in Korea and the victory of the Berlin CARP conference. In both cases, the second generation achieved unity with Hyo Jin Nim as Abel, opening the way for all of us to experience a more filial relationship with the True Parents through the True Children.

August 1985 saw the successful completion of the PWPA Conference in Geneva, to which Father gave the prophetic title "The Fall of the Soviet Empire". It was at that time Father instructed Dr. Sang Hun Lee to write his prophetic Declaration of the End of Communism.

Esau Receives Jacob

At the beginning President Mikhail Gorbachev was still defending anachronisms such as the Berlin Wall and the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan. For this reason, when President Gorbachev visited Washington DC in December 1988 for the summit meeting with U.S. President Ronald Reagan, The Washington Times opposed the decision to have Gorbachev address a joint session of the U.S. Congress. I believe it was because of The Washington Times' position that Gorbachev's invitation to address Congress was rescinded. A few days later, a Soviet delegation requested a visit to The Washington Times. Soviet journalists also contacted Larry Moffit to request an exchange with the World Media Association.

As the Soviet Union began moving away from militant atheism and its policies of repression, Father embraced the Soviet representatives who visited him in Korea and the United States. In the 1989 World Media Conference in Washington, Soviet delegates were especially moved by Father's warm words to them.

The 1990 Moscow World Media Conference was the result of Father's un- changing standard. As I have tried to explain, Father consistently exposed communism's militant atheism while maintaining a constant heart of love toward the Soviet people.

The night before Father's keynote address in Moscow, I stayed up the entire night and had the chance to pray in a prayer room which Antonio Betancourt and Tomiko Duggan had prepared beside the hall where Father spoke. I prayed that night with the Grandmother Hong candle and I felt a very special holy atmosphere. I read over Father's keynote address several times during the night, and always my attention turned to one paragraph:

"Who is God? God is the vertical True Parents centered on true love. He is intimately close to each of us because He is our vertical parents. When we welcome the perfected human ancestors -- perfected Adam and Eve -- as True Parents, we create a 90 degree crossing point between the vertical true love of God and the horizontal true love of True Parents. From them, we receive true love, true life and true blood lineage. This creates one world totally resonating with true love."

In my prayer, I felt that through the Moscow speech, these words would become reality. Father's Moscow speech, so direct and so strong, set the condition to "welcome the human ancestors -- perfected Adam and Eve -- as True Parents" and I felt that it created a "90 degree crossing point between the vertical true love of God and the horizontal true love of True Parents." I felt also that it set the condition to create "one world totally resonating with true love."

On April 11th in Moscow, we celebrated the True Parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary. During the celebration, Father announced his meeting that afternoon with President Gorbachev.

I personally was not in attendance at that meeting. However, that evening, Steven Boyd, our church missionary in Uruguay, and I stopped at the Intourist Hotel, and to our surprise suddenly on the television we saw President Gorbachev addressing the Summit Council representatives. I mentioned to Steve I felt that President Gorbachev must have already met or heard from Father because he seemed deeply moved. (I learned later that Father had spoken prior to President Gorbachev's address.) He seemed to speak from his heart, rather than his head. It was apparent that he had experienced something special in his encounter with the True Parents.

The closing night of the conference, the participants attended the beautiful program of the Little Angels. Father and Mother hosted Madame Raisa Gorbachev as their guest of honor.

As Father spoke at the conclusion, I recognized again his deep seriousness before God. A lesser man would have tried to flatter Madame Gorbachev and express niceties. But Father chose to share words with her that could open the way for the salvation of the Soviet Union. His words, while filled with love, were a very direct call for the Soviet leadership to include God in their system.

A Final Reflection

The Moscow rally and the encounter with President and Madame Gorbachev were not chance events. They resulted from years of Father's careful planning, preparation and sacrifice. Personally, I believe that the Moscow Rally and the Gorbachev meetings were necessary to fulfill a Providential mandate. If this historical event had not taken place soon after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, it would be far more difficult for future generations to recognize that those changes had occurred, not because one economic system is superior to another, but because one man prayed, wept and bled so that the day would come when our divided world would be made whole, under vertical and horizontal True Parents.

Attending True Parents in Moscow
Kathleen Burton

Attending True Parents at their Octobraskaya Hotel 12th floor suite are, from left to right, Renee Thompson, Wonju McDevitt, Linda Feher, Mrs. Hong, Mrs. Pak, Kathleen Burton and Sveta Svetova (Russian translator)

Each of the staff members at the conference in Moscow had such interesting testimonies of how God prepared the way for them to cultivate their particular talents so they could best serve in this historical event. I would like to begin this reflection with a brief synopsis of how I felt God worked in my life to prepare me for this extraordinary opportunity.

When my daughter was only a year old, I met the Plotnikov family who were Russian Pentecostals from the far east city of Vladivostok. Raisa, the mother, took care of my daughter Nurie for one year and during that time I gradually became interested in the Russian culture and language, as well as the political and religious difficulties in the Soviet Union. I slowly began Russian language studies and my interest remained kindled until my arrival at UTS. In the spring of 1986, the "Soul of Russia" began initially as a small prayer group praying for Russia in the Seminary grotto. Rostislav Cuhel, Erin Bouma and myself were three of the founding members four years ago, and we all attended the Moscow Conference. It is amazing where God's Will can lead. Through weekly prayers, conference attendance, trips to Russian Orthodox monasteries, our annual prayer walk and newsletters, the "Soul of Russia" group at UTS has been preparing and praying for the Moscow Rally. Father began to speak about going to Moscow after the Yankee Stadium Rally in 1976.

The thesis for my senior year of divinity studies is dealing with Religious Ministry in the Soviet Union. As I look back over my years of academic study at UTS, about 90% of my writing has, in some form, dealt with the Soviet Union. Such has been my calling.

"Soul of Russia" was praying on a regular basis every Monday evening for 21 minutes. Forty days before the conference, we began a special prayer and chain fast condition which lasted through the entire conference. This daily prayer connected me in heart and helped me internally prepare for what was to come.

No Concepts

One of the first lessons I learned from my Moscow experience was my own realization of the phrase: "Have no concepts". I would never have believed anyone who told me four years ago that our small prayer group would one day stand in Moscow together. It humbles me to realize how God has planned and how His vision is so much more immense than our own narrow view.

As plans were readied I learned that I would be working at the participants' Information and Registration Desk. This news made me very happy as I was hoping for the chance to interview one of the Christian Information Center representatives for my thesis. However, our own plans do not always conform to God's Will. In my prayers concerning the conference, the phrase "I came to serve" often repeated itself in my spirit. This was the attitude I wanted to have since I had been given this extraordinary opportunity. Friday, April 6th, my mission changed and I was asked to attend True Parents and the True Family at the Oktobraskaya Hotel. Again I had to abandon my own limited concepts of my purpose at the conference which enabled me to unite with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity given by God.

Kathleen Burton (left) and Colleen Vallee (right) meet Ulya (center)

The Age of Attendance

Serving the True Family is an intense experience which both elates and terrifies you, internally and externally. I gained a glimpse of what the East Garden staff must face on a daily basis. I am grateful to be able to empathize, if only in a small way, with their missions, blessings and weighty responsibilities. Overall it was a beautiful harmonizing between Korea, America and Russia at the Oktobraskaya Hotel. The five in-law couples to the True Family were there and I had the chance to work with Mrs. Hong, Mrs. Pak, Mrs. Park, Mrs. Kwak, as well as Mrs. Eu and Mrs. Young Whi Kim. I learned a lot from these exceptional women concerning attendance to the True Family and how to become a total object in service. Through the hard work of these women, the heart of the Korean culture arrived on the 12th floor of this very ominous hotel. I don't think it will ever be the same again!

The Oktobraskaya Hotel is the high security hotel of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Consequently, it has a high fence around it and an intimidating doorman who needed your name on a daily list in order for you to go in or out. Lenin's bust is in the lobby as well as a huge wall mural of Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The atmosphere was one of "A Gilded Cage" -- a phrase coined by Larry Moffitt and used by most of the staff to refer to Oktobraskaya. Amongst all this rather intimidating and heavy atmosphere, the 12th floor came to life with the Spirit of God and the True Family! The suites were quite beautiful by Communist standards and True Parents' room had a view of the Kremlin with the colorful domes of St. Basil's and the golden domes of St. Michael's in clear view.

In preparing the table, the dining room, and cleaning up quickly and quietly, I was grateful to have experienced working as a waitress in a French restaurant near the Seminary a few nights a week to help pay for my studies. The intense pressure of serving rather complex haute cuisine to a full restaurant externally prepared me for the intensive internal pressure of doing your utmost to serve the True Family well. Each meal was a harmonizing of Korean and Russian food. The hotel personnel were exceptional in their attitude of service. We made many friendships and worked well together. We were three American sisters called to serve the True Family: Dr. Pak's secretary, Renee Thompson; a Seminary Divinity graduate, Colleen Vallee; the Seminary faculty secretary with Russian language skills; and myself, a Divinity senior at the Seminary. I felt the Seminary connection so strongly; I wanted to have the heart of representing all the brothers and sisters who had participated in the "Soul of Russia" over the four years as well as the whole Seminary community. I had the chance to see President and Mrs. David S. C. Kim at the conference reception and was asked if I had yet had a chance to tell True Parents that I was from the Seminary. One morning I was given that opportunity: While I was preparing the breakfast table, Father came out of his room and walked out to the balcony to do some stretching. Then he came back and sat right down at the table! I said, "Good Morning, Father" and he asked my name. I replied, "Kathleen Burton, Father..." and remembering my promise to Dr. Kim, I quickly added, "from the Seminary, Father." He half- smiled and repeated my name. For me, it was an intimate moment that I will never forget. It gave me the sense of family the True Family desires us to have and that I have longed for, yet had difficulty attaining. It was often a "way up there" and "way down here" kind of feeling that permeated my thoughts when I contemplated the life of True Family. This brief encounter showed me the harmony of honorable respect for True Father's position with his deep parental heart of love for each of us.

True Family as Our Family

I received the chance to experience True Family in a very familial atmosphere as well. There was a gathering around the television set on the night of True Father's plenary address, for it was to be broadcast nationwide on the evening news. The True Family, the in-laws, we three American sisters and Andrew Kessler (the American brother fluent in Russian) gathered around the TV for the broadcast. True Mother passed around candies as we all waited in anticipation. Finally after what seemed an endless report of Communist Party meetings from various Republics, the story began. True Father was shown during his plenary address and they showed True Mother. We all clapped. True Parents looked so pleased. The newscaster quoted part of Father's speech and some of the participants were interviewed. The family atmosphere in the suite was loving and intimate, and True Parents were very happy with the nation and the positive media coverage.

It was interesting to note, speaking of the age of attendance, that the Russian people (although perhaps unbeknownst to them) greeted True Parents' arrival and departure with beautiful firework displays across the sky over Moscow. These were on the eve of Palm and Easter Sundays although I never heard the Communist government's purpose for the celebration. I am sure, however, that the Russian spirit world, after decades of suffering and longing for liberation, wanted to welcome the representatives of the Cosmic Spring in a spectacular way. The sky seemed to ring out the words of the Holy Song:

"Oh, the Lord has come, Oh, the Lord has come..."

Meeting God's hope for Russia

In this strange country where nothing works without the black market, where rubles have no exchange rate and hence no set value, where nothing is as it seems and all that is impossible is actually quite possible, the young people of the new generation are truly searching for something better.

They love Americans and they have an unquenchable desire to learn about anything and everything, including God and a life of faith. God sent us the highest quality young people as translators for the conference and the Novosti staff was wonderful. Many did not smoke or drink and were so willing to help and to serve far beyond the call of duty. With the little time I had to speak with the young Russians who helped at the conference or who worked at the Oktoberskaya, I could only marvel at their spirit of cooperation and their thirst for understanding True Parents. This nation and this generation with its suffering foundation, together with True Parents totally victorious Moscow Rally, can offer great hope to the future of God's kingdom in the Soviet Union.

The 11th World Media Conference, Moscow USSR, April 10 -- 13, 1990
Gordon L. Anderson
Secretary General of PWPA

At Leningrad State University, Dr. Gordon Anderson (left) and Dr. and Mrs. Morton Kaplan (center) meet with three Russian philosophers

The Eleventh World Media Conference in Moscow was an event of world historical importance for it symbolized great changes in the Soviet system and a newly developing set of relationships which will shape events well into the 21st century. Most fundamental is the openness of the Soviet Union to new spiritual values and the changing posture of the Soviet Union in world affairs.

While the 11th World Media Conference was the occasion for Father to go to Moscow, a number of other important activities took place at the same time:

Korean Airlines began flights to Moscow just one week earlier;

The Little Angels' Folk Ballet was booked for Moscow;

The World Summit Council and the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA), which contained many staunch opponents of Fidel Castro, were warmly received by President Mikhail Gorbachev;

The Professors World Peace Academy officially opened an office in the USSR;

Father was personally welcomed by Mr. Gorbachev;

Finally, and perhaps most significant, was the favorable treatment of Father and the movement by the Soviet television and press;

I will briefly summarize my impressions of each.

The 11th World Media Conference convened in Moscow on April 10, 1990

World Media Conference

The 11th World Media Conference was the main event. For the last two years the relations between Novosti Press in the USSR and the World Media Association have steadily developed. First, came the realization that Father's anticommunism was based on its atheism, not on any hostility toward the Russian people. Father, unlike many other anti- communists, has a desire to help the Russians and all other nationalities within the Soviet Union to achieve peace and prosperity. Under President Gorbachev's policy of glasnost, it became possible to present some of the most favorable news coverage that Father has received anywhere. Father's treatment of his Soviet journalist friends earned him the invitation to hold the 1990 conference in Moscow.

The World Media Conference, as in previous years, had an impressive list of speakers from the media profession. However, the most significant occasion was the opening plenary session because attenders of the World Summit Council and Professors World Peace Academy events were also present to witness Father give a synopsis of his religious teaching in Moscow. This was significant because it symbolized both the level to which glasnost has developed and the degree to which his teaching has impacted opinion leaders in the USSR. I am sure that other participants felt, as I did, that we were participating in an historical event.

Soviet Interest in South Korea

It was not, however, only the World Media Conference and the World Summit Council which have gotten the Russians to notice Father. He is Korean. The Russians are fascinated with the level of economic development in South Korea; they seek South Korean investments, and they want to learn how the Koreans were able to progress so rapidly. The establishment of a regular Korean Airlines flight and the tour of the Little Angels' Korean Folk Ballet reflect this new curiosity that Russians have about South Korea. It is in the capacity as a representative of Korea, its economy and culture that Father has interested President Gorbachev and other Soviet leaders. The Soviet Union welcomes Korean investment and trade and undoubtedly looks to Father as a future partner in the economic development of the USSR.

There is another side to Father's reception likely to be overlooked by the media. This is his religious message and lifestyle. The Soviets are fully aware that the work ethic has suffered under the centrally planned economic system. They now realize that material prosperity requires the type of personal character and dedication shaped by spiritual values. While spoken in Biblical language that might sound strange to Russian ears, Father's religious teaching is practical in its application.

First, the Unification Movement is ecumenical and has been able to mediate religious quarrels among other religions, and the Soviet Union has great tension between its religious fundamentalists. Secondly, its teachings attempt to be consistent with "natural law," something which scientifically minded Russians admire, and something to which even Marx and Engels tried to conform, although mistakenly, in the last century. Thirdly, the moral values taught by Father provide hope for strengthening individual conscience, the work ethic, and patriotism of young people. The parents of Russian students would certainly rather see their children practicing these values than falling into decadence, crime, and drugs. In short, Unification- ism offers a possible way of opening to the freedom of the Western democracies without having to suffer the worst elements plaguing those democracies.

Father and Mother preside over the awarding of AULA's International Order for Liberty and Unity to Yuri Ossipyan (left), member of Gorbachev's newly created Presidential Council, and Igor Yakovlev (shaking hands) member of the Politburo and the Presidential Council

World Summit Council and AULA

The former heads of state who came to attend the World Summit Council and the AULA meetings bore witness to the extent that Father, particularly through the efforts of Dr. Bo Hi Pak, has been able to provide a unifying and hopeful vision for change in Latin America and other parts of the world. Many of them, who have been opposed to communism themselves, recognized the role the AULA played in bringing them to an historic summit with Mr. Gorbachev where they could personally hear his views on the future of the USSR.

Dr. Kaplan, left, and Prof. Alexej Kudinov, president of Kalinin State University, sign an agreement to establish a PWPA office at the university

PWPA Highlights

I was particularly heartened by several presidents of the Professors World Peace Academy chapters around the world who travelled, at their own expense, to attend the World Media Conference in Moscow. While they have not been involved in the World Media Conferences before, these scholars, who have worked with the Professors World Peace Academy for several years, sensed the significance of this Moscow event and wanted to take this opportunity to visit the USSR. Professors from Europe, South Asia, East Asia, West Africa, South Africa, North and South America attended at their own expense or from funds they raised locally, making their own travel and hotel arrangements. Several professors came from Japan and Korea.

Dr. Kaplan addresses 35 PWPA professors and Russian scholars at a banquet hosted by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak on the eve of the World Media Conference

There were a number of interesting PWPA meetings during and after the World Media Conference. There was one luncheon where a number of Russian professors met with the PWPA leaders. During this meeting, Professor Venter from South Africa explained that he was one of the first South Africans to visit the Soviet Union in many years. Diplomatic relations were severed over the issue of apartheid and only recently did changes both in South Africa and the USSR make it possible for visa approval. He praised PWPA for having an international network that made this possible for him; members in the USA arranged his travel and members in Finland arranged his visa through the Soviet Embassy there.

At a dinner meeting hosted by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, 35 PWPA members in attendance were able to witness the verbal agreement between Reverend Kwak and Professor Alexander Korneev, Vice-Rector of Kalinin State University, for the establishment of the first PWPA office in the USSR at Kalinin State University. The new Secretary- General, Professor Irena Aksenova, of the Linguistics Department, translated and helped make arrangements for the professors' meetings in the USSR. Later Dr. Morton Kaplan and I went to the university to formally sign the agreement and to speak with their faculty and students.

In addition, each of the professors met with leaders and other scholars in the Soviet Union. Plans for translation of books into Russian, organization of future conferences, and interviews with prospective presidents for the new Russian chapter of PWPA were all part of the exciting business occurring alongside the 11th World Media Conference.

Release, a revelation to David Earle

David Earle, an English brother, joined the church in Scotland in 1977, was in the 8,000 Couple Blessing in Korea in 1982, and came to America in 1984. He and his wife, Patricia, have two daughters and another due in July. David works with Il Hwa in New Jersey.

Introduction: I "received" this poem while working in England as assistant leader of MFT, in April of 1983, exactly seven years prior to Father's arrival in Moscow. After a long conversation about the reality of communism with a home member, I was called down to our church headquarters in London, and as I set off on the three hour drive the poem immediately began to form in my mind.

I saw a clear image of Father as a prisoner in Hungnam, marched out into the freezing cold night by the communist guards. Even as he stood there shivering, in his mind he was planning his final "assault" on Moscow. The poem then spans the time from that moment until now. The title, "Release" has the double meaning, as in the fourth line from the end -- release of the final arrow at the crucial moment, and release of the "countless millions... crying out in desperation."

When Father went to Moscow this April, I saw the drama of that moment completely in terms of Jacob and Esau embracing, this time on the world-wide/cosmic level, and I could somehow imagine God being right there with all of His historical feelings bound up and intertwined in the intensity of that culminating moment.

David Earle
Spring, 1983

Somewhere in the frozen night a man stood, and gave a shiver
The third and final arrow lay untouched, waiting in the quiver.
Nervously watching, with bated breath, Fate took up his golden bow.
The last chance to complete a dream started -- oh, so long ago!

Two arrows fired already, and both had missed their mark.
Painful determination showed on the man's face as he stood there in the dark.
No turning back for him. No favors did he ask.
Willingly, he undertook this lonely, daunting, superhuman task.

Millions, countless millions, waited -- crying out in desperation!
Yearning for the time when someone, anyone, would come to their nation
And bring the spark to light the fire, and they would fan the flame!
Calm and silent, Fate looked on, breathing deep as the moment came

Gladly to take the final arrow, and draw back the bow.
Would that it all was over and victory won. Oh, that it might be so!
But reality beckoned to the man, pointing the way
To silent suffering, tears and persecution -- every day.

Inch by hard-won inch he struggled forward, playing his part.
And none could ever hope to fathom the depth of his aching heart.
Fate, one eye closed, peered down the shaft of the final arrow.
Muscles tense, stretching the bow, the target narrow.

Only once would the time be right, and the path prepared.
Only one knew the heavenly plan, Ont., he dared.
Now, at the appointed hour, Fate thrilled to see the man stand
In the red city, and light the fire which would sweep the land.

Fate released the bow, and the people cried, and the arrow sang,
Flying through the night. And the stars shone, and the heavens rang.
Bloodstained footprints marked the path where the n an had trod.
The arrow hummed as it flew, and reached the heart of God. 

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