The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Key Words Regarding Tribal Messiah

Sun Myung Moon
February 11, 1990
Headquarters Church

Cheju province regional director! [Yes!] Who is the representative pastor of Cheju province? [Pastor Suguipo.] You! Come here and talk about tribal messiah! Other people sit down. [Pastor Suguipo explains about tribal messiah.]

How is restoration through indemnity possible without knowing the Principle clearly? The messiah as the tribal messiah does not come automatically. You need to know clearly about Cain and Abel. The mistakes committed by brothers should be reversed. Due to Adam and Eve's fall, the elder brother was positioned on Satan's side. This should be reversed. This reversal of dominion has reached the summit of the world. The satanic world has developed until now centering upon the nation. That is why the Messiah cannot come unless there is a rational level of unity between Cain and Abel. You should know this clearly. Cain and Abel must unite in order to prepare a firm foundation for the tribal messiah to stand on.

This was true with Jesus' coming. Jesus came to earth 4,000 biblical years after Cain and Abel. What did he seek? He came to look for a Judaism united with the nation of Israel, which were in a Cain and Abel relationship with each other. Nothing is possible without considering Cain and Abel's story. Satan's blood lineage came first. That is why the heavenly blood lineage could not be passed down. Without restoring the heavenly blood lineage, God's salvation providence is impossible. Therefore, the returning Messiah must deal with the blood relationship. The Messiah is in Adam's position. That is why a parent is restored through Abel, as the Principle makes clear.

What should Abel do? Abel should make Cain surrender at the national level. The nation of Israel is Cain while Judaism is Abel, so Judaism should control the Israel nation. On that foundation, Judaism was supposed to become one with Jesus. If John the Baptist had become one with Jesus Judaism would have been one with Jesus. John the Baptist was in the position of Abel in his relationship to Judaism. He was Abel from the horizontal viewpoint. Centering upon the unity between John the Baptist and Judaism, Judaism and Israel should have united. Then, the national level foundation for the Messiah could have been established. The parental position at the national level was to be set up on that foundation of oneness.

Do you understand that Parents cannot come without the oneness of Cain and Abel? On the foundation of unity, Abel should take the lead. The king of the Israel nation was not under the control of a high priest. If John the Baptist had united with Judaism, the Israel nation would have followed. That was the original order of what should have happened.

Isn't that so in America now? A minister blesses a president in the presidential inaugural ceremony. The minister is in the high priest's (Abel's) position and the president is in Cain's position. Cain cannot directly receive absolute authority from Heaven. He should receive it through Abel. Likewise, Parents cannot stand as Parents unless Cain and Abel's positions are set. God cannot dwell in your mind and body if they are not united. Do you understand what I mean?

Parents cannot be restored without the oneness of Cain and Abel. Why? Because the elder son, inheriting blood from the satanic world, became the root of evil. No life has been planted centering upon Heaven until now. All of the satanic blood lineage should be cut off, simultaneously, by centering upon the Heavenly Parents; then it should be engrafted into the original lineage before the fall. That is why there must be a resolution of the Cain and Abel conflict. On the foundation of restoring the birthright through indemnity, Abel is to play the role of the elder brother. The elder brother Cain should play the role of the younger brother. That means Satan completely surrenders to Abel.

Abel has to surrender to Adam. That is the Principle. Without that Principle, Parents cannot come. The Cain and Abel relationship was not to be indemnified centering upon Zachariah's family and Joseph's family, but was rather to be restored centering upon Judaism and the nation of Israel. The tribes are included in that. Joseph's family and Zachariah's family were not a problem for the Messiah. Judaism and Israel were supposed to become one. On that foundation of unity, the people of Israel were to follow the absolute authority of Judaism.

History has been the history of restoring the birthright. Nothing is possible without this concept, Immediately following World War II, the foundation was prepared to restore the birthright. At that time, centering upon the mother, Abel, representing the heavenly side, was to become the elder son and to make Cain, Satan's side, follow him. Only after Cain surrendered to Abel could the Second Coming occur. Abel was the realm of the Christian culture, which was composed of Christianity, and America. Who was to be the center? Abel was to be the center. Centering upon Christianity, America created world unity. Because Cain and Abel unity was established on the worldwide level, Parents could come.

In the world at that time, Britain was in the position of mother, and America had the position of having restored the birthright. The mother appeared, Abel on the heavenly side became the elder son, and the satanic world became the younger son, The Cain nations surrendered. Because the satanic world in the position of the younger son became obedient, Parents could come. For the first time in human history, the whole world was united centering upon the Christian cultural dominion.

Mankind did not receive the heavenly seed of life. No matter how much the mother and Cain and Abel were successful in uniting, they were like trees of false love rooted in the satanic world. They did not receive the seed of the true olive tree. The Eve nation, Abel nation and Cain nation together were to look for the Father Nation. Who is to come as the father? Isn't that a parent? What is a parent? A parent is the origin of the seed of life. In the course of the fall, the younger brother became the elder brother, and the elder brother became the younger brother; so in the course of restoration, centering upon the mother, heavenly Elder Sonship and Younger Sonship have to be correctly ordered.

After the correct order of elder son and younger son is formed, whom are they to look for? They are to look for the father. This is restoration. The seed planted on an individual level is to be restored on a national level. Centering upon Heaven, the mother nation, Abel nation and Cain nation are to be connected. If the two sons become united centering upon the mother, restoration is possible. If there is no unity, restoration is impossible. The term "tribal messiah" does not come into existence without a clear understanding of Cain and Abel.

It is not enough for our church members to just serve and attend Heavenly Parents. Our Parents' desire not just the Nam Won Church in Cheju province. They seek the entire Cheju province. In order to achieve our Parents' desire, there must be unity between the regional director and the governor of the province. Is unity established there now? You must know this point.

What is the church's mission? It is to digest and recreate Cain's dominion -- the satanic world. With what do you recreate? With love. You should melt the satanic world with true love. This is the formula, you cannot go in front of God without following this formula. If you go to the spirit world without going through this formula course, you will be stopped. You can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

That is why you must talk about the restoration of Cain and Abel before mentioning tribal messiah. Who is the regional director here? The regional director should give direction to the governor of the province. County leaders are nothing. If Father brought all the presidents of the universities here, you must lead and teach them. The utmost desire of humankind is to attend Parents. What would you, in the position of orphans, desire more than meeting Parents? You must say to them, "Even though you are a very prominent president of the university, you must follow me -- a regional director -- if you want to meet and serve Parents." You must educate them. Everything will go smooth after educating the presidents of the universities and the governors of provinces.

Now the time has come to unite everything centering upon Parents. The opposition has disappeared. My standard is on the world level and cosmic level. There are so many nations in the world. How can I control all of them? The method to manage them is through the tribal messiahs. I penetrated all the national foundations and worldwide vertical standards.

Jesus did not fulfill the responsibility of the tribal messiah. Why didn't he fulfill it? He could not be successful, because of the opposition. At that time, Judaism, the Israel nation and the Roman Empire opposed and denied him. Now over 20,000 families are arranged (blessed) centering upon me. Jesus would have arranged such families if he had been successful in fulfilling the mission of the tribal messiah. What am I supposed to do with such an arrangement? The birthright is already restored, so Parentship must be restored. Adam's family failed to restore it, and so did Jesus' family. This should be restored through indemnity.

I have exceeded Adam's and Jesus' vertical foundation. I have successfully established all the eight levels of the vertical foundation. You are supposed to lay the horizontal foundation. The eight horizontal foundations -- individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, cosmos and God -- are to be focused on one point. Everything is to be connected centering upon the family. You are to be successful in winning both the vertical and horizontal victories on the worldwide level. The Unification Church has been persecuted on an individual, family, tribal, racial, national and worldwide level for forty years. Now everything is finished. The vertical foundation is firmly established. When the horizontal foundation is connected to the vertical foundation, there will be no more problems.

From this viewpoint, there is no opposition on the horizontal foundation. No opposition at the time of Jesus would mean that, on the foundation of unity with Israel, Judaism and the Roman Empire, the whole world would have welcomed the time to unite without any opposition. Now America is in the position of the Roman Empire, and Christianity is like Judaism in Jesus' time. My victory has eliminated all the negative environmental conditions for America and Christianity to oppose the Unification Church.

The world is to be controlled on the foundation of restoring the birthright. In order to manage all the tribes in the world, we should deal with over twelve nations. Those twelve nations should be connected into 360 degrees. I came to earth instead of God and dispatched tribal messiahs in order to stop the destruction of all the nations. If you create little controversies, the satanic world will fade away. You should take the offensive position over ten times more than the times the satanic world has opposed us in the past. Satan attacked ten times, didn't he? Moses encountered satanic attack ten times in the pharaoh's palace, Jacob was also deceived ten times by Satan under Uncle Laban. You must restore, through indemnity, their suffering. Attack Satan over ten times! You have received persecution, haven't you? [Yes?] Did you get angry or not? [We got angry.] If you are angry, you should retaliate with love. Satanic people have attacked us in order to destroy us, but we will completely besiege them in order to save them. Otherwise, over ten times more disasters will happen to you; Satan will proceed to bite you.

I am the representative of the world and, at the same time, the representative of the nation. I am in the center. You are the representative of your tribes and you are to spread out horizontally. You should fight the world, in my place, on the foundation of your firm belief in me. Flowers bloom on the branches, not on the trunk or on the bud. Because I indemnified the center of the nation and of the world, Satan cannot attack me.

I put you tribal messiahs in the position of victorious Jesus. What do I want to do with you? I am trying to indemnify the mistakes of Adam's family. Your own father and mother are opponents. Looking at your parents, centering upon True Parents -- the center of the heavenly nation and of the whole world -- they are opponents. Parents in the same tribe are opponents. You are Abel, the younger son, so you are the one who should liberate parents, God and your Cains in your tribe.

When blessed families can make the three generations in their tribe (parents, grandparents and elder brothers) serve the tribe parents as their parents, every family member will be liberated. The original Adam's family (before the fall), Jesus' family and the returning Lord's family are to be connected in a tribe. On that foundation, finally, satanic dominion will end.

You are to connect Parents' will to your family, which has been opposing you. After restoring all the opposition in your family, your parents who have been opposing you are to stand in the position of ancestors. They are to become ancestors of your tribe. Why is this to be so? On the foundation that your parents become ancestors of your tribe, your ancestors can stand in the position of original parents prior to the fall so that they can be embraced in God's bosom. Your hometown then belongs to God. For the first time in your tribal history, your original hometown comes into being.

Is your hometown Pyung Ando, Chung Joo? No, it is the Parents' hometown. It is the hometown of the king, not of the people. Only by restoring your parents and your tribe, can your hometown become a heavenly hometown and your parents become the parents of heavenly blood lineage. Therefore, when tribal messiahs, following Parents' will and God's will, can restore their own tribes, a nation will be restored. When twelve tribal messiahs become united, the nation can be restored. It is only a matter of time. The tribal messiahs should be able to restore the birthright and all the mistakes of Adam's family and Jesus' family. They then should be able to restore and control all of the satanic world. I overcame those eight stages and was victorious over them. I arranged over 20,000 blessed families on earth, not in the spirit world, centering upon east, west, north and south.

The people of Israel longed to meet the Messiah for 4000 years. That very Messiah came into your own tribe. What does that mean? You are to indemnify Judaism and the Christian cultural realm, which nobly worked in order to meet the Messiah for thousands of years and which have been the mainstream of religion since the generation of Adam. The cherished wishes of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, myself and God are to be fulfilled.

Why was Israel chosen? It was to receive the Messiah. Even though you are collateral families, I endow you, the tribal messiahs, with privileged benefit, as though you are direct descendants. Tribal messiahs must fulfill their mission at the risk of their lives. A wife should play the role of a mother, and a husband should play the role of a father. They are to give rebirth to people and to enable them to be engrafted to the heavenly lineage, otherwise they cannot come back to this center. If they neglect this mission, they will be deprived of everything. Tribal messiahs, on the foundation of the restored birthright, must make every endeavor to fulfill the responsibility of liberating parents.

The returning Lord, representing Abel on the individual, family, tribe, race, national and world levels, must indemnify the mistakes of Christianity and the United States, and must destroy communism so that he can prepare the environmental conditions necessary to unite the world. Just as Heaven sends the returning Lord to the earth, Parents in place of God send you to the world as tribal messiahs. Parents bequeath the realm or authority of the religious mainstream, in which the promised foundation to meet the

Messiah has been established for 4000 years, to tribal messiahs. Though Heaven gave such privileged benefit to them, they became dimwitted and lost their ability to see clearly. They became people who do not know the world.

What is the responsibility of tribal messiahs? It is the restoration of kingship. Your house should be ready to receive and serve the king. What does that mean? The kingship which is to connect Heaven to earth must be restored. The sap of every tree must penetrate the root and the bud, and reach all the branches; then a tree survives. The restoration of kingship must go through the family. It must go through the individual kingship, family level kingship and tribal level kingship. You are the kings centering upon your tribes. That is why the Bible says, "They will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years,"

That is the reason why you must be absolutely united with the True Family. First of all, you must be united with my sons and daughters, more than with your own sons and daughters or anybody else. When connected at the family level, the kingship of a nation and of the world takes place. You should not be ignorant of what is going on in the world. You must not be blind and unknowing,

What should we do then? The restoration of the birthright at the worldwide level must be established, I indemnified the unfulfilled responsibility of Christianity and all the mistakes committed by the United States. Parents would start on the foundation of the restored birthright, which is achieved through the unity between the United States and Christianity. Because "parents" could stand firmly on earth, I send you out to the world. You are supposed to be like the bishops appointed by the Roman emperor. You must be the people who actively work for the sake of the world, but instead you look like good-for-nothing fellows. You are really unworthy to receive such a great blessing to be true tribal messiahs, even though you die thousands of thousands times.

When did you pay your individual indemnity? Have you put yourself in life and death situations as a living sacrifice? Have you been persecuted, dragged by Satan to every corner of the world? In the past people became sacrifices and offered their deaths, but you must not die now. Even good-for-nothing people of the world looked down upon me. Who didn't want to kill me? Everyone wanted to get rid of me, but I survived. You must not trample upon the public foundation set up with Parents' blood and sweat at the jaws of death.

I paid all of the indemnity, instead of you. The horizontal indemnity is also paid. The opposition has faded away and disappeared. Try to fulfill your tribal messiah's mission from a mere sense of duty for three years. Can you sleep at night when you are about to restore your tribe centering on your parents?

Restoration of the birthright should start from the restoration of parents. On that foundation, kingship is to be restored, and you can go back to the original standard. Wherever you go in the world, you must go to the center centering upon the family. The sap of a tree passes through all branches, buds and roots. The sap goes wherever it wants to go. Just as the sap penetrates all the parts of a tree, there is a way prepared for me to freely go to any place centering upon the center. Otherwise, you cannot go back to your hometown in Heaven.

Why do we need tribal messiahs? We are not born of heavenly parents. Our hometown is not a heavenly hometown and our parents are not heavenly parents. Only when we set up heavenly parents and a heavenly hometown can all humankind become the people of the heavenly nation and go back to the original position, inheriting the heavenly blood lineage. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth can then be established.

You should think of Cain and Abel when talking about tribal messiah. After the restoration of the birthright -- the Elder Sonship, what comes next? [The restoration of Parentship] Adam and Eve's blood became contaminated. The root is planted incorrectly, so you are to be blessed with and engrafted to True Parents' blood lineage. We all then get to come to one root which leads kings to be established.

When a tree is capable of producing fruits in all four directions of east, west, south and north, the owner protects the tree. He wants to protect the tree eternally. Only when the owner can harvest fruit from the tree is he willing to protect the tree eternally. On the way to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed a fig tree because it did not have any fruit. You will be eternally protected only when you restore yourself to the original standard on which you can be born again as heavenly sons and daughters. The Bible makes sense according to the principle of restoration through indemnity. After establishment of "Parentship" and "kingship," God's eternal elder son should be created. God has been wanting to restore the elder son since Adam and Noah.

What should you do first if you are a tribal messiah? You are to restore the Elder Sonship birthright. The Messiah cannot come unless the birthright is restored. It must be accomplished on the national level. Judaism and Israel in Jesus' time were on the national level. If Jesus had influenced Rome, they would have been restored right away. What I have done so far is to restore Christianity and the United States in the position of Judaism and the Roman Empire respectively. Jesus could not influence the senior statesmen of his time, so I indemnified this. I influenced the U.S. Congress and the direction of the United States, guiding American presidents as well as the American people. Now there is no more opposition against the Unification Church. When you receive the seed of life from Parents, centering upon God's love, and plant heavenly love, heavenly life and heavenly blood lineage, you come to one root. Satan cannot dwell there. This makes logical sense. The restoration of the kingship is first.

Who was Adam? He was to be an individual king, a family level king, a tribal king, a racial king, a national king, a worldwide king and a cosmic king, but he lost his kingship. On the foundation that I made on earth, he will be the king of the heavenly nation in the spirit world. You must be the tribal messiah -- the king of a tribe. Nothing is possible without going through this course.

Those who want to be presidents are under my influence. Look! Who is the owner of Korea? It is not a president. Dr. Lee was expelled. Chang Myun was also expelled. The third president, Jung Hee Park, was supposed to unite with me and serve me, but he did not. That is why he was assassinated. The next one was President Chun. I made him president, but he betrayed me. That is why he was fired, too. It has become more and more difficult to become a president. If a president does something wrong, he will completely perish. His whole tribe will be mortified. Isn't it strange? Do you know why? Heaven does not stay with them.

If you lay the foundation of tong-ban kyuk-pa (tong-ban: subdivision, small section of a city in Korea; kyuk-pa: smash, crush. It means witnessing to every member of the tong-ban subdivision area.) Centering upon the tribal messiahs, Cain's dominion will fade away. You must control the governors of provinces. If you cannot do it, quit your mission. You must also educate district leaders. You must be able to say to them, "If you want to be a governor or a district leader, you must listen to me." Such a foundation has already been made. Even though I have made all these foundations for you to go out and educate them, if you cannot do it, I will cut your neck. I will bring Japanese people and American people here and make you their servants. I am not going to say when I will do this. I will change your position right away. This means that, "The first becomes the last, and the last becomes the first." Ignorant ones become servants. What are you supposed to be? [Tribal messiahs] In order to be tribal messiahs, you must restore the Elder Sonship birthright. You must restore the worldwide level of the birthright.

I indemnified the unfulfilled responsibility of the United States and Christianity, so the communist parties will perish. Father already taught that the communist party will not last more than 73 years. This is the 73rd year. Everything is finished. Situations will change rapidly.

What is the mission of tribal messiahs? It is to restore Elder Sonship. God, centering upon the religious dominion, has been working ceaselessly to restore Elder Sonship for several millions of years. Elder Sonship has not been restored, because nobody knew how to do it. Due to my appearance, the restoration of Elder Sonship is possible for the first time in history. What comes after restoration of Elder Sonship? Restoration of Parentship. After combining Elder Sonship and Parentship, kingship has to be restored. This is a very clear formula.

I am the King of Kings in the spirit world. Spirit world has already decided who is the king. The spirit world already arranged the plan, before the Unification Church even started and won a substantial victory on earth. Now everything is ours. Actually, I do not even need to teach you this fact. In the name of God and of Parents, Heaven and earth from the same place dispatch the tribal messiahs. Tribal messiahs are dispatched out to the world from the very place where true life and blood lineage are completely united centering upon love. There is no satanic dominion any more. This is from absolute authority. Push those who have been negative! Ask your parents and the people in the villages who opposed and persecuted you, "What did Rev. Moon do wrong? You have got to listen to me, I am out here talking to you, not because I am worse than professors, but because I want to save you."

I have ordered you to have revival meetings with your close relatives. Are you holding the revival meetings? You should look for your relatives and witness to them. When all of your relatives support you, won't your parents support you? Let them look around together with you to see what is going on and make them surrender to you.

In your daily life, you should serve me more than you serve God. God cannot restore the Elder Sonship. It is to be restored through Cain and Abel. It is not supposed to be done by parents. Mankind should restore it. After the restoration of Cain and Abel, Parents will come. Only when Parents become one with their children will God come down. God cannot do whatever He wants to do because the human blood lineage was wrongly established.

When God is parents, then Jesus is Abel and the people of the world are Cain. The fallen world must be restored. Without restoring the fallen world, no one can go to the Kingdom of Heaven after they die. God wants to bring you to the Kingdom of Heaven, but how can He bring dead bodies to the Kingdom of Heaven? It is impossible for God to bring dead people to the Kingdom of Heaven. First, mankind must be liberated; next, God must be liberated. When Cain and Abel completely become one, God can be liberated. That is the way of restoring Parentship.

When is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to be established? The Kingdom of Heaven on earth takes place when the Unification Church and the world are united. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth, in terms of the church dominion, exists, but the original Kingdom of Heaven on earth exactly like the one prior to the fall is not established yet.

What should Abel do? He should restore Cain. Abel is in the growth stage from a horizontal viewpoint. I am in the completion stage. It is the national level. Next you must reach the completion stage. Only when you restore your family by making Cain and Abel unite, can your family relate to me. Otherwise, you can never get to where I am, even after death.

If Cain and Abel had become one, Jesus would not have had to die. The previous 2,000-year course of suffering and shouldering the cross would not have been necessary. If you do not restore your family as tribal messiahs, you cannot follow me. You cannot reach me. If you are not united with me, I will not bequeath anything to you.

Where is Jesus now? Is he in the Kingdom of Heaven or in Paradise? [Paradise] You will end up being in Paradise, if you do not fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs. If you cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. Try visiting spirit world and see if what I am saying is true or not. What do you think logically? Would you pass through the Kingdom of Heaven or not? [I think I will not pass through it.]

How big is the tribal messiah's mission? I will not exchange one tribal messiah for hundreds of governors of the Cheju province. I will not exchange one tribal messiah for hundreds of presidents. If I had not known the value of it, I would not have even started this game. Do you think there is a person exactly like me in the world who will do what I am doing? Those who claim to be the returning Messiah all look like thieves to me. What happened to them? Even though they gain whatever they want, they cannot digest even one nation. They cannot digest Korea with their selfish greed. They would rather destroy their own tribes as well as their nation. They become traitors.

You have to wake up! You must be more active, working at the front line more than any patriots of South Korea and of North Korea. You should know clearly about tribal messiah.

What do I mean by saying that kingship cannot be achieved without a family? In order to acquire a cosmic kingship, one has to go step by step from an individual kingship, a tribal kingship, a national kingship, etc. There is a step-up order. That is why you must be united with the True Family on an individual level, a family level, a tribal level and national level.

Kingship is to go through a family of a tribal messiah. The kingship must be completely united with the descendants in the direct line. Tribal messiahship belongs to the second generation. My second generation must be completely united. Which do you have to cherish more, True Children or your children? One's own tribe should be sacrificed for the sake of the kingship and the prince. That is the way for a tribe to go.

In the future, the Unification Church members will not be able to see me easily. Do you understand this? It is very good now that you can see me, because I come and go without a fixed seat. Once I get a proper seat, how can you see me? There is no way for you to come and see me as you wish to do.

Do you understand about tribal messiah? [Yes.] What comes first? [Restoration of Elder Sonship] What is second! [Restoration of parents] Why is tribal messiahship necessary? It is necessary for the restoration of kingship. It is very simple. That is the conclusion. If you know the facts, everything will be okay. Human beings have been ignorant of such a simple fact. Actually, it is not simple at all. How complicated it is! Because I clarified it and set up all the necessary foundations for it, God is so happy, while Satan is on the edge of death; and you are also happy because Satan finally separates from you. This is exciting!

My words may sound conceptual, but haven't you seen my stories, which seemed like unattainable dreams, all come true! [Yes.] My words have to come true in reality. Reverend Moon of the Unification Church so far has been quiet, receiving all kinds of humiliation and opposition just like God has received. A motley bunch of fellows are creating a great stir to be the Messiah. Do you think the Messiah's job is easy? The Messiah that I know of is almost dying. I would escape from this mission if there was any possible way, but some people want to take this job. Is Messiahship acquired for free? I came to this point by confronting all difficult situations directly. I have not taken any detour. I have been proud of being the leader of the Unification Church in prison. I have not been ashamed of it.

Two-thirds of the people in Washington, D.C., seem to be thinking that Reverend Moon is the Lord of the Second Advent. What I have said has become a matter of consideration both in the government and among the people. Now people are interested in my words because they can see that what I said comes true in reality.

People in the secular world are more interested in my words than you are. What does that mean? It means you will be deprived of what you have. Let's say a person has a real diamond, but he regards it as a piece of glass or a piece of porcelain. Does such a person need that diamond? He will be deprived of the diamond. He may sell it out of ignorance.

Who was smarter, Jacob or Esau! [Jacob.] Yes, he was wise. Twenty-one years of suffering was not a serious matter to him, At the risk of his life he wanted to be an elder son in order to restore the lost birthright. You have got to understand that point. Likewise, we will be deprived of everything that we have, if we do wrong.

Because I have been a virtuous spouse, a loyal subject and a son of filial piety on earth, in the spirit world, you will have to achieve more virtue, more loyalty and more filial piety than I have achieved on earth. In a way, God would say that I am much better than God. God could not restore the birthright, even on an individual level. Of course, God could not restore a family level birthright. I have finished all the restoration necessary.

Look! There is no such word like "Tribal Messiah" in the Bible, but it is very essential in our vocabulary. How miserable our God would be if I had not shown up and restored Elder Sonship, Parentship and kingship!

What I have done was more difficult than looking for a grain of sand, which had been thrown thousands of years ago into a boundless expanse of water. It is much easier to look for a grain of sand. How precious it is! How much is sacrificed for it? How much have you cherished this precious gift I have given you? You are so deeply indebted to me that you cannot pay it back even if you spend your whole life for it. It is not enough that you beg my pardon for the rest of your life. You can never pay that debt back. Complaint does not work. I am the one who is actually supposed to complain. Unification Church members cannot complain to Father, can they?

Wherever you go, you should be able to say right away, "The vital condition for the providence should be centered upon the restoration of the birthright. Otherwise, there is no place for Parents to stand." Without the unity of Cain and Abel, restoration and/or development do not occur. You should know this clearly. Therefore, you should respect Cain more than you respect yourself and create complete unity. Finally, you will then be officially recognized by heaven.

So far it has been the national level period, but from now on it will be the time of the worldwide level. I have indemnified the national level time period centering upon Jesus, and we are now liberated from it. You can become tribal messiahs on the worldwide level where there is no more persecution. From now on, when you are united with your spiritual children and restore your tribal messiahship, even other tribes in the spirit world will support you. A united front line will then take place. 

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