The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Unification of My Country

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
God's Day Midnight Speech
December 31, 1990

The New Year's Motto is "Unification of My Country" again. As I said last year, we will have the same motto for three years.

It has been 45 years since I began my public ministry in 1945. I am now facing my 71st birthday. Where will the providence be by my 80th birthday in the year 2000? By then, all people should inherit the concept of one world nation. There have been so many nations and ideologies pursuing various complex directions but now they must unite in one direction. Just as we recite "My Pledge", we should be restoring one nation in the name of God--one sovereignty, one people and one land.

The earth is simply the stage on which we practice for our eternal heavenly life. The best preparation for living in the heavenly world is through creating the heavenly nation on earth. Originally people should have been unified on earth and then gone to spirit world. But due to evil's dominance of the earth, various blocks emerged. In the spirit world, people continue to live within boundaries. The Unification Church has been fighting to pass over these boundaries and form one nation.

Then what is the fall? It is the division of love. Therefore, restoration through indemnity should be centered on love. We should indemnify from the position of rebirth, centering on True Parents in the name of God. The heavenly blessed family plays the leading role in this indemnity, from which the new heavenly tribe, nation, state, and world are organized.

I have fought strenuously throughout my life, with Satan using every means to block the way . Blessed families are different from non-blessed families. You received the Blessing in the midst of Satan's environment. He fought to prevent it and you went through persecution, even leaving your families and nation. In the midst of these adverse circumstances, the Unification Church has expanded to the worldwide level centering on the blessed family.

Then where are the families and members of the Unification Church going? The nation in which we live is not the original nation. Therefore we are pursuing the heavenly nation where God can govern a people united in one direction.

Originally Adam and Eve were born as God's first son and daughter and received God's love. But they fell in their adolescence, and left the sovereignty of God's love. Satanic love, which has nothing to do with God's heart, has forced mankind to walk an opposing road where all his original aspects of heart were restricted.

Instead of being united into one eternally, Adam and Eve separated both in mind and body. After the fall, Adam and Eve started life, not as God's beloved son and daughter, but as Satan's prey, who exploited them with love contrary to God's heart. Our ancestors started mankind's miserable history weeping and expelled by God, as written in the Bible. From that time on, Adam and Eve led sinful lives, contrary to God's heart. Because of this beginning, mankind lived in hell and went to hell throughout history.

To save mankind, God passed through an agonizing indemnity period. God had the ability to destroy Satan and take back his children raising them as children of love into a family, tribe, nation, and world of love. But God didn't do it that way. Through the love relationship Adam and Eve had made with Satan, they willingly surrendered their right of ownership and inheritance, so that man became Satan's property. So even though Adam and Eve fell and left God's mind, they could not be restored by force.

There is a biblical parable of the true olive tree and the wild olive tree. Before they bear fruit, they look the same. But in the autumn, the wild olive tree bears wild fruit, which nobody wants. To restore the wild olive tree, the true olive tree must be sent on earth. Therefore God has worked through religion to restore the right of ownership to His side. The true worldwide religion must include the theory of the Second Coming of the Messiah. So God established Christianity as the central religion and grafted other religions onto it.

Just after World War II, the world became unified centered on Christianity. God wanted to make a unified, heavenly tribe by sending the true olive tree and grafting mankind onto it. If established Christianity had united with the true olive tree, the world might have been restored within seven years, becoming a world dominated directly by God.

But America, the prepared Christian nation, didn't understand God's Providence. Established Christian churches expected the Lord would come on the clouds, not as a man. In the Old Testament Era, Israel awaited the Messiah for 4,000 years; but when he came, they didn't recognize him. As a result of their disbelief, they lost their nation and wandered miserably for 2,000 years shedding blood and tears wherever they went. The Jewish people finally established a nation in 1948, as did Korea. The Israeli people, as well as the Korean people, forged a nation not by their own efforts, but with the help of the second Israel, America.

Through welcoming the Unification Church, America could have been restored in seven years; but all of God's foundation collapsed as a result of the objections of the established Christian churches, causing mankind back to Satan's side. Therefore the Unification Church's mission was to absorb these newly-lost families, tribes, nations and world. Not only was God's 4,000-year victorious foundation lost, but God didn't have 4,000, or even 400 years, to recover it. If the coming Messiah, True Parents, didn't create a movement to recover this foundation within 40 years, it would be forever claimed by Satan. Knowing God's Will, Father struggled desperately throughout his life.

Until now, established Christianity has vehemently opposed the Unification Church not by their own conscious will, but because they were under Satan's dominion. In the history of the fulfillment of God's Will, heaven's side must win by taking a beating. The bad side declines only after the good side has gone the way of blood, sweat and tears. That is why the sons and daughters of our persecutors are now becoming our members.

Jesus said, "The one who loves his parents, children, husband or wife more than me is not worthy to be my disciple." Moreover, he asked his disciples to take up their own cross and follow him. But even if one wins a family level victory, it is not the end. The larger enemy--the tribe--awaits. If ones wins on the tribal level, there is still more. The larger level, the nation, awaits. Therefore, Christian churches shed much blood to build today's worldwide foundation.

Christianity made all of these pioneering efforts in order to meet the Lord, the coming True Parents. One cannot enter the heavenly nation bearing the false blood lineage of Satan, but must pass through the door of the Messiah and receive the seed of the True Parents.

Then what is our responsibility in front of True Parents? One cannot pass through the door of True Parents with one's fortune from the earthly world, nor with one's son or daughter, nor as husband and wife together. We must accept that nothing we have is our's but God's. If we say, "I love God more than anything else," we can receive things as God's.

Our aim in life is contaminated by false love; in order transfer our direction to the heavenly side, the heart of true love should surpass false love. Rebirth means that anyone born of false parents is born again through True Parents. To inherit God's love, God's life, and God's lineage, we should have nothing to do with Satan's love, Satan's life, or Satan's lineage. These should not be even in our consciousness. When we take God's side, the whole world becomes our enemy, even our own family and nation.

Christianity could not establish a tribe, because Jesus couldn't form a tribe centered on the family of Zechariah and Joseph. John the Baptist, Jesus, Mary and Elizabeth, were from the same blood lineage. Therefore, John the Baptist should have been one with Jesus.

We say heaven and earth, not earth and heaven, and Father and Mother, not the other way around. False parents reversed the true dominion. Due to the fall, there must be a crossover point where God's side increases and Satan's side declines. The crossover point is zero.

Today's world seeks to be united centered on economic or military power; but the direction of history can become one only through true love. Evil love is centered on the self, whereas heavenly love is centered on the whole. The way of death is the way of bodily pleasure, and the way of life is the way of spirit. They differ by 180 degrees. Therefore, the one who dares to die shall live, the one who wants to live shall die. When we make an 180 degree turn, the last one becomes the first. Let us say a father is walking and the son is following, but when they turn 180 degrees, the father follows the son. When the world turns around, the people at the back will be at the front. Children who followed their parents in the wrong direction will now lead their parents in the true direction. This is a cataclysmic change.

The only way to Heaven is through true love, not through external qualifications, however great. Those who love money, knowledge, or their own body cannot enter. Someone may say, "I have been president of my nation for three consecutive years, so I can go to Heaven." This is nonsense. Only true love can pass through the door of True Parents. Only when we love Heaven more than our own life, can we place our feet in the heavenly nation. Do you know how hard it is to enter heaven? The pastors, deacons and lay people of established churches say, "We are going to heaven by faith," but Jesus said the way to Heaven is through a narrow gate.

After joining the Unification Church, we must become a seed again, implant the seed in True Parents, and be reborn. In the Unification Church we experience the true love of parents, brothers and sisters, so we can forget the false love we experienced previously.

The root of mankind is God, not True Parents. The way back to God is the course of restoration history. After the fall, Adam and Eve were degraded below all things. In the Old Testament Era, sacrifices were offered for the purpose of establishing the children's position. In the New Testament Era, Jesus (in the son's position) and many martyrs shed their blood to pave the way for the parent's position. On these two foundations, True Parents could fulfill the parents' position.

If we intend to unify the world, we must get certificates of unification in the heavenly world from God, the King of Heaven. Otherwise, we can't unify the world on earth. Do you know what I mean? When I once said, "Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, and Mohammed are my disciples," many religious leaders wanted to kill me. But had they been to spirit world? The one who communicates with spirit world knows the truth. The Unification Church will unify all religions and these leaders will surrender not by force, but by natural subjugation. Many of these leaders now feel that life is impossible without Rev. Moon. This year's motto is, "Unification of My Country." Without going through the narrow gate of True Parents, unification is not possible. To do so, we must lose everything. Man must deny woman and visa versa. Religion is unpopular because one has to go to the zero point, but that is the only way to be reborn.

When we go to the spirit world, we are not brought by our parents, but must grow up and go by ourselves. We are indebted to our parents when we are less than 20 years old. When we marry, we must return our parents' favor. But instead of directly repaying our parents, we give birth to and raise our own children. As water flows downward, we must repay our debt to True Parents by loving mankind.

I never financially supported the Unification Church ministers because God can't fully support His children while they are growing. We have a hard course as a result of thousands of years of fallen history. We must invest everything to reach our goal: shedding tears, sweat and blood for heaven. Have we lived like that? Our individual course of indemnity should go to that point, even to prison. Through suffering, you can understand the situations of the poor and miserable people. When we remind ourselves that Satan is the cause of all this suffering, our love for people can be the driving force to repel Satan.

I broke through all the walls of the individual, family, tribal, national, and world levels paving an expressway for all of you, if you care to drive on it.

It is not easy to be the True Parents. If someone wants to take over True Parents' prerogative to occupy this position, please come forward. I'll hand it over. I never thought of becoming the True Parents, but it became my inevitable destination through taking care of the Unification Church. Without anticipating becoming the True Parents, I searched for the solutions to the fundamental questions of life. God can't help loving me because I liberated Him.

My strategy is receiving beatings. I am the prince of beatings, so when people come to the Unification Church, they feel attracted to me. What have you done after meeting Father? I have been establishing heavenly individuals, families, and tribes while being persecuted in the evil world. The blessed families of the Unification Church are now building tribes throughout the world. I went through such a difficult course to establish the family and church levels. Satan can no longer kill the blessed families, but still there are remnants of Satan's guerrillas opposing the Unification Church.

After visiting the Soviet Union, I proclaimed, "True Parents" and people responded, "Yes, True Parents." The same is true in the Western world. It has become a public saying that if the second coming of Christ is a person, Rev. Moon is certainly that person.

Does the second coming of Christ do the job because he enjoys it? He does it in order to save the world, even receiving abusive words. If the world could be saved through the second coming of Christ staying in a closet by himself, he would not have gone such a difficult way. Two groups have emerged: the "come here" group, and the "go away" group. Are you in the supporting group or the opposing group?

(Supporting group!) From the very beginning? No, not from the beginning. You don't know how difficult it was for Father to establish his family. Only Father and Mother know. To establish the Church was almost impossible. For example, Father had to move thirteen times a month at Taegu City, because wherever we tried to hold service, the people tried to expel us. So when members found out where Father was they would rush to be there.

Rome was to Israel what the United States is to Korea. The failure of Korea and Christianity was so difficult to restore. I went to the United States and was put in prison, but this was not totally bad because it laid the foundation to allow Soviet students to come to America. Recently, Soviet satellite leaders and United States leaders have been educated at the American Leadership Conference. Father has become the secret ambassador of God and his role is becoming more obvious. But I'm always putting my life on the line, I received victories such as at Moscow. Today's peace was won at the cost of True Parents' blood. Even some people came with axes and guns to kill me at the beginning of my ministry, but they have joined the Unification Church. True Mother had a difficult course; even her room was claimed by others, and Father did not comfort her. You don't know how many difficulties she faced.

Parents of the 36 Couples tried to prevent their Blessing, so we had to do it early in the morning. Last year there was a cross-marriage between Korean and Japanese members. In the garden of Eden, there were Adam, three archangels and Eve, the only woman. Japan is like Eve. The United States, the Soviet Union, and China are like the three archangels, all trying to swallow Japan. Therefore, I linked the Eve nation with the Adam nation through these marriages. Many in Japan and Korea were upset, but providentially it had to be done. Even Unification Church leaders opposed the idea.

There is a painful story behind the establishment of the Unification Church, but now many nations welcome us. In the United States, the Unification Church draws the attention of the whole society. It is also so in Japan and Europe. Now the time has come that blessed families can be regarded as the way to prevent the collapse of the family due to immorality. You are a hopeful lighthouse to the world. You should know that Father's tears and blood brought this result. The Westerners here should know how much persecution the Church went through, how much indemnity was paid for the Blessing.

It is astonishing to live in the same age with True Parents, to live on the same earth breathing the same air. Moreover, it is remarkable that you received the foundation of the Blessing. Now there will be a big sensation in America to welcome Father as a living saint. Now in the academic world, many scholars study the thought of Rev. Moon in Korean.

I think about the Blessing of 50,000 couples this August. Now there are almost 27,000 blessed families, all of whom are tribal messiahs.

If each couple brings three couples there will be no problem. Move with missionary zeal and it can be done.

The war is over--there is no further opposition. How many children of blessed families are there in Japan? (5,700) Give birth to more. The secular world is practicing birth control, but the Unification Church is practicing birth expansion. The forerunner is Rev. Moon with 14 children. The heaven kingdom needs citizens. The children of blessed families are closer to God in terms of heart than the ones who were converted.

Father paid indemnity for the 7,000 years of God's restoration history by the time of my 70th birthday last year. So I prayed, "Heavenly Father, the day of the fulfillment of your hope has come. I will shatter the evil force of Satan and his den of villains." In the United States we are fighting crime, drugs and immorality, and the Mafia has become our enemy. Now they talk about the "Moon-Mafia."

In order to guide the direction of the United States and the established churches, the Unification Church sent Divine Principle videotapes to 350,000 ministers. Among them 7,000 visited Korea to receive further education. So in America established Christianity has given up opposing Father. This year the One World Scripture will be published. It is edited by theologians from the various world religions and contains essential doctrines of respective religions of the world. The Divine Principle is its constitutional backbone. Views on creation, history and the future ideal are only found in the Principle, so they are indispensable.

I have restored the elder brother's birthright. If Adam had not fallen, he originally would have had the right of the elder to inherit heaven and earth, but lost this right due to the fall. Because of Satan, we never knew until now that Adam lost the authority to become True Parents, and that we should have been born into the eternal blood lineage of God, our Parents, centered on the heavenly love, life, and blood lineage.

Democracy is fraternal. To elect the one who can serve and sacrifice more and set the tradition among brothers is the democratic way. Now the era of democracy is passing away, and the era of parentism is coming. Are Parents elected? Can the second coming of Christ be elected? Is God elected? No way! The world of democracy and the world of communism should be united centered on headwing. Because they have fallen nature due to false parents, they must turn around 180 degrees. Theism and atheism, representing mind and body, fought each other but now must be united.

You must know how much it cost to establish this foundation. This year's motto has been the hope of God for thousands of years. I means the unification of one world. This is the breathtaking time to establish God's hope since the beginning of providential history.So many religious people shed blood and wished for the day when their hope would be fulfilled. Now that day is right before us. "The Unification of My Country" is not only for the Korean peninsula, but represents the nations of the world. Originally it should be, "The Unification of My Country and the Unification of My World, but "My World" is just omitted. Each nation must become engrafted. You must fight the storm and become true patriots.

Going over one mountain after another, we must create a new history that can appear as one line of recorded material in the book of heavenly tradition. Only when we heartily devote ourselves to leaving a tradition based on our blood, tears and sweat, will God's blessing be linked to your future lineage.

The conclusion is, inherit the elder brother's birthright! Receive the dominion of the first son, the ability to fight and be victorious over Satan. Become the proud sons whom God and the whole spiritual world will remember, and who have the key to the providence. We must clean out the fallen world, purely inherit the dominion of first son, and then establish the parents' position.

Men should become strong, not moved by their wives demands. Unification Church women must not say, "Honey, God's will is to go to college and earn money." Money will not solve the problems. Only the one who has true love can enter Heaven. Those who sought money will go to hell. The Bible says, "God and material cannot be served simultaneously." Material and knowledge centered on love can belong to Heaven, but anything without love, centered on self-interests, is futile. Only true love power can be taken to the spiritual world.

We have to turn around 180 degrees. The secular world must not dominate the blessed families. We should clearly remove the habits of the evil world. The heavenly kingdom will be connected to the axis of tribal messiahship. The liberation of the nation is not something that occurs afar. The family is established on the basis of individual, the tribe is on the basis of the family, and when the tribes are united, the nation is formed. Father took care of all the opposition, now you need to break though on the local level. Three generations must become one, centered on True Parents.

Every family should put up photo in the name of True Parents and God. Before, because the spiritual world was in the position of Cain and the physical world was Abel, Abel was exploited by Cain. It was the time when Abel needed to sacrifice to save Cain. But with the elder son's birthright restored, the spirit world is in the position of archangel and should help Adam. Satan is expelled. When we march forward with an uncompromising strong and bold standard, the evil forces will plummet off the cliff.

To enter through the 12 gates of Heaven, what matters is now many people you have restored from Satan in the physical world. Without investing tears, sweat and blood into them, giving more love than to one's own son or daughter, one cannot restore citizens of the heavenly nation. Each of you must restore 120 spiritual children. How close one can go to God in Heaven depends on the number of persons he restored.

Grandparents represent the past, parents represent the present, and children represent the future. Those who cheat their children, spouse, or parents will go to hell. The family, nation, world and universe can be linked only centered on the core of true love. The secret key to the "Unification of My Country" is how many heavenly people you restored with true love.

All the worldwide missionaries who are here should try to devote their respective nation to God. We should invite God on earth. Mankind separated with God due to the fall, and served Satan. Now we should link all mankind to God.

Communism appeared as an imitation of the heavenly nation. We must build the ideal world, not by intimidation and threat, but by law. If Kim Il Sung and his son do not surrender even though the time is ripe, God will take them overnight. We must prepare for general elections in Korea. A prepare person will not fail. We must unite South and North Korea, and we must unite Adam and Eve nations. Japan must help with the unification of South and North Korea.

Father's hometown is in the northern part of the 38th parallel. Christianity flourished more in the northern part of Korea. Now it is time to return. It is time to march proudly, participating in the front line of this historic objective. The ones who vow to participate, please pledge to God on this New Year's morning! God bless you.

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