The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Moon American Blessed Couples' Conference

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center, New York, NY USA
December 19, 1990
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

My goal is to make one world under God, and I want to accomplish this before the year 2000 comes, which is when I will welcome my 80th birthday. How can we create this unification?

The world has been divided into 10,000 different directions because the body seeks after carnal desire. Therefore unification at every level begins in oneself. When mind and body are not united, your love cannot be one beautiful pure love, nor can your work be one pure single-minded effort. Nothing can be one. All your five senses will work in two directions making you see a double image, so how can you loudly say to others, "You have to be like me"? Could I tell you to do what I could not demonstrate myself? Always my determination is even if you cannot do something, I will make it happen. I always talk with my mind and body united. I do not tease anybody, speak idle chit chat, or talk in a joking tone. Do you say "yes" to your friends with a united mind and body, or is it just lip service, spoken only with your mouth, but not with your heart and mind?

Your mind is eternal and your body must be 100 percent obedient to it. So many times today you have said, "Yes, Father!" and raised two hands. But as soon as you leave, do you forget? Are you thinking instead, "Oh no, I have this problem and that worry"? When lunch time comes, your mind tells you, "Before you go eat, why don't you witness to one person? Then you can eat a victorious lunch." The body will say, "What are you talking about, mind? We've got to eat lunch first! After that you'll have energy to go witness to two people." The body always has good excuses and seems to say something very smart--following its idea the result would be even better. But even if the result sounds better, the body's mission is to obey the mind, period. You should always check to see if you are listening to the mind's orders or the body's orders.

American people love to joke, but think about how few jokes are holy and how the great majority instead are immoral, relating to Satan's work rather than to goodness. Satan is always saying, "Everything is just a joke, why don't you laugh?" However, many things people joke about are very serious. American culture is a joke culture, an abuse of freedom culture, not a true freedom culture. You have absolutely no idea how difficult it is for God to elevate holy men out of this fallen, degraded environment. I have so much sympathy for God. I may not be able to make my whole body holy, but even if I can only make one eye holy or even half of my mouth, it is at least something that I can offer. Your mind is always encouraging your holy part and attacking the other parts, saying "You must also become holy."

We have to consider even seemingly trivial details about how to eat, how to live, and how to die. All three are important. Are you concerned to have nice food, using beautiful dishes for each gorgeous meal? Or can you live on McDonald's food three meals a day, desiring only to focus on obeying your mind? Your mind will say, "Instead of eating the best food possible, I am going to serve other people, share with and help them."

When you obey the order of the body, your conscience will hurt because your mind is always working in God's direction. You may have only a very humble bed, or even be sleeping on the floor, but the mind feels very light and very joyful while the body will complain. Look at how humbly I have dressed even though this is a public place. When you stand in the middle you can easily reach out to those in high society as well as to those at the bottom. When I was young, I wore clothes thrown out by the army. I dressed as a beggar, worked as a laborer, but thought like a king. My mind and conscience are always free, thinking about both worlds. If your conscience is guiding you correctly, it is welcome in the highest as well as the lowest possible place. Humble and holy people are most natural. Each night reflect upon the day's activities and ask if you obeyed your mind or not.

You must live correctly, and you must die correctly. If you die for somebody else, for the sake of the country or world, your death is a precious and holy death. You may not have the chance to fight a war or die for the world, but the important thing is that motivated by God's will and purpose, you serve your spouse, parents, children, God and True Parents, and country. If you die while you are doing that, it is a successful death. The grandparents of a family represent the past ancestors, your parents represent the contemporary world, and you yourself represent the future. Thus by serving your family you are serving the entire history, past, present and future. Connecting those three levels means connecting all history through love. For that reason grandparents, parents, and children want to live together. But many American couples don't want to have too many children or to live with their parents. American families lack that vertical love system, and consequently their horizontal love is very changeable and unstable. Grandparents, occupying God's position, mother and father, and you yourself, equals the heavenly four-position foundation.

I heard a very heartwarming story about a Korean-American blessed couple. The American husband has two elder brothers who are both married, but are not Unification Church members. Initially his whole family persecuted his Korean wife, saying, "Why did Rev. Moon give such an ugly Korean girl as a daughter-in-law?" But after many years, the parents discovered how much better than their other daughters-in law the Korean sister was and were so sorry they had complained. Then a birthday came. The eldest daughter-in-law brought a big box, but it had very cheap stuff inside. The second daughter-in-law brought a medium-sized box but it too was like a make-believe gift. The Korean daughter-in-law brought a very small box. Did the parents seem to be disappointed? No, they thought, "The best, most precious daughter gave this to me." When they opened it up, they found a big check. She gave it to them saying, "You need some money so that you can enjoy yourself, go out for a meal. My husband and I worked for one month to prepare this gift. Please accept it." The parents were so moved that they completely broke down in tears. They feel, "This is the kind of daughter-in-law I can leave my entire inheritance to because she would never spend one penny of it for her own sake. She would spend it for the goodness of the family, the children, society, and nation."

In many cases people think that Unification Church members become beggars, but if you become beggars, if you become pure, it is for whose sake? Are you incapable of earning money? Not at all. You are not rich because you are devoting yourselves and your energies for the will of God and the sake of the country.

Suppose a master gives some money to a servant to purchase some things. Instead of thinking, "I am a good servant so I should make some commission off of this," what if the servant even adds his own money because he didn't have enough to buy the things? When the master finds out he would think, "This servant is not a servant--he is more like my son. I can give him my entire fortune." Then suppose that master gave some money to the servant to spend on himself and sees the servant give the entire amount to an orphanage, plus adding his own pocket money. The master will be deeply touched and again think, "I can give my fortune to that man. He will spend it for the sake of goodness, for the sake of heaven." That is the road to prosperity. Everything else is the road to disaster.

Many people thought I was coming here to take money to my own bank account in Korea. But instead of taking any money, the world-wide movement has contributed more money to America than to any other single country in the world. With that kind of money would you like Father to give you a salary? If you are given a salary and add your own fund-raising money would you then use that money for the sake of charity? On the contrary you sometimes think, "Oh, I want to go where I can get more salary." Okay, go ahead, but in the meantime you pay me a salary. For twenty years I have not received one penny of a salary from anybody, but everybody comes to Father, trying to dig money out of me like parasites sucking the blood.

You should die well. I do not want to lie down sick for many months or die in a hospital bed. I want just to go on with my mission and one day Heavenly Father will say, "My son, you have suffered so much. You come home." You are eyewitnesses to my life, so you must live like me, though it won't be easy. And after you pass away, you again have to meet me. If you can say, "I exactly followed your way so I am automatically close to you," that is the natural way. I will say, "Yes, that's true." But if you don't live like me, you cannot lift your face to me in the spirit world. I will say I don't know you and you will have to turn away.

I have understood God's position and have absolutely followed His way. That is the wisest course. Though people say I am crazy, I will continue in the correct direction no matter what kind of obstacles exist. Do you only want to follow a convenient course? Satan likes that but you don't belong to Satan, you originally belong to God. Do you want to hear me say, "Go ahead. Earn a lot of money, live well, that's your job. Do it, show me your big house and big automobile"? Or do you want me to tell you to give every penny for the sake of humanity and goodness? The second direction sounds almost cruel, but in terms of eternal life, it is the best.

What is the difference between your physical parents and True Parents? Your physical parents always say, "You're clever and could have a good job. What are you doing fooling around in the Unification Church? Rev. Moon only makes you poor. You could go earn money. You could feed your kids better and live in a big house. I'm shamed by you." True Parents say, "No, work for God, for the country, world, and for the sake of others." Which path will ensure your eternal life?

When my children were young, they could seldom have a meal with me. Sometimes they would be sitting at the table eating with Father and Mother. If suddenly a leader came I would tell one child, "You go upstairs." If two leaders showed up, I would tell two of the children to yield their seats. One by one all the children would be chased out. When they were young they said, "Mom, Dad, what kind of parents are you? You are only the 36 Couples' dad and mom." I always told them, "Wait until you become 20 years of age or more. Then you will understand us." Many of them are now over 20 years old and have received the Blessing. Now they realize what we have been doing and cannot lift up their faces to us because they complained too much. They can only say, "Father and Mother, we are very sorry. You really are living and loving for the sake of the world. We must follow in your footsteps. We are very honored to have True Parents as our physical father and mother." Hyo Jin Nim is writing many love songs, but they are always centered upon True Parents. Hyo Jin Nim cries when he sings his songs because he thinks of Father and Mother. My children understood what I am trying to do.

The East Garden staff includes 12 nationalities, all living together in one house! Twelve different languages are spoken. I understand each staff person's strengths and shortcomings, good and bad habits. But I never call even one to say what he or she is doing isn't right. American people truly can't understand that, but my way is to teach by deed. Do you think that God is just jabbering nonstop all the time? God teaches silently. I don't want to say much to you either. I now look at you as grown up children because most of you have become moms and dads.

Don't look at your children thinking, "Oh, my loving daughter, my loving son. . . " Think, "This is not my son. This is God's son. He belongs to the world. I must be a model of a true mother or father to them." It is not easy to become a model parent or spouse. We are not talking about a secular spouse; we are talking about a heavenly good one. It is not easy to become a good older or younger brother either.

It is done by heart, not words. So heart to heart contact is the best education for your children. Spanking and scolding your child is not the best way to teach your children. Let them understand your heart. Gradually but surely they will. They are smart.

I started out today's important meeting by saying that world unification begins from the unification of mind and body. It starts with me. As you become a true person whose mind and body are unified, unification happens as a logical consequence. Self-centered men and women will never bring unity or harmony. You are born for each other, not for your own sake.

God wanted man and woman to become one in mind and body centering upon His true love. God's way of loving is to invest totally, 100 times 100 percent. When we imitate God then we always wish our partner or our object, our spouse and our children, to be better than ourselves. God invests totally and then forgets. God does not do love bookkeeping!

Every day God invests more and continually invests eternally. Therefore the recipient of that love has a relationship with God that we call eternal life. That is why eternity comes into being. When you deeply believe that God created you and all things for the sake of true love, then you can suddenly feel God and all of the creation come so close to you, so intimate. Sometimes you feel mechanically, "Oh God is so far away. All things are so far away, I have nothing to do with Him." No! God is very close to you--He created you because of His love. The objects of God's eternal true love are the only ones who can enjoy eternal life.

God created two kinds of human beings, giving men what women need and women what men need in order to fulfill love. Therefore in order to fulfill love you have to totally unite mind and body and have give and take with each other. This is the secret. No one can deny that true love is the purpose of creation. True love is unchangeable, unique, everlasting, ultimately valuable. God wants to rest there. If you lose true love, then you lose everything. If you get true love then you get everything. So God wants that kind of love and He wants to see that kind of man and woman who are unified forever, not just for an instant. Man and woman want true God unifying them. This can only be done centering upon true love, the place where God exists. The place of God's love is like my true love mind and the opposite sex's love is like my body. Combine them and you can move anywhere in the universe. The whole universe will welcome people who occupy this happiest place of true love, the place of freedom. There will be no obstacles there. Everything will push you on, up, up, up to delightful surprises, power, and ever-increasing happiness. It is a wonderful and joyful world! The individual mind cannot imagine how it can be fulfilled and completely happy. Only God's true love can do it.

Without true love you cannot unify mind and body, man and woman. So you have to take the concept of "living for the sake of others" completely into you. Only then can you make the ideal society. The absolutely most valuable thing is true love--living for the sake of others. So woman was born for the sake of what? Woman? (No!) And man was born for the sake of woman. Women, how wonderful that sounds!

Everybody likes True Father. (Yes!) Why? (True love). When Father is here, the room is full. When Father leaves America, it becomes a vacant place immediately. Father comes back here and--vrooooom!-- the place is full again. That kind of powerful influence is the power of true love. You can have the same thing as me. You go everywhere and immediately a true plus can attract a true minus. The God-centered give and take generates a global sphere of influence. That is the ideal center where God can dwell. In the family where there is True Parents' love, grandparents' love, and children's love, all kinds of love can be experienced from this center.

Do you want to make a peaceful world for yourself or for others? True love--living for others--is the true motive.

For hours I have been expounding on just one subject--true love, the source of peace and of the solution to the world's problems. If you become the personification of true love, all happiness will begin from you. Because of you your family becomes a happy true love family, and your community can become a true love community, nation, and world. When true love is practiced and perfected between your mind and body, you are the beginning of the unification of the world.

By practicing and teaching true love I want to solve the world's problems. The world solution is really not that difficult, but it depends upon oneself. This is what I am really trying to let the world know. The religious world is nothing more than an extension of the mind. The body is expanded into the political reality. Therefore when you govern your mind and body you automatically govern the religious reality as well as the political reality. Always remember that the mind and conscience are on the side of God and the body is the ally or instrument of Satan. Like God, your mind keeps investing and forgetting and thus we say the mind represents God's side. However, the body centers on "me," on taking love, making give and take centering upon self. Satan's thinking is, "You are my property." But God is different. "Mine is yours. Yours is the family's. The family's is the tribe's. The tribe's is the nation's. The nation's is the world's. The world is the cosmos'. The cosmos is God's property." In that way the small thing is connected to all the bigger, most precious things based upon true love. How valuable this is! It is so different from the communist concept of what is yours is mine! You have to know very clearly what is God's side and what is Satan's side in you, separate them, and then discover how to occupy the body so that it too becomes God's place. You do this by going the humble way, leaving self-centeredness behind.

Now we can clearly understand what Jesus meant when he said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is in the midst of you." When you become the possessor of true love, you become the palace of true love and there God dwells. Then the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

I know so clearly what the spirit world is and what its rules are, and you must practice them on earth. There is a train track to the spirit world, but if you don't fit the rails you cannot move. You cannot change the rails--you have to change yourself. When you go to spirit world it is too late. The vibrations of true love here on earth and in the spirit world are the same, so you can run on the same rail from here on earth straight to the true love terminal in the spirit world.

I want to teach you very, very clearly. Self doesn't exist in the spirit world. Those who live without self, that is, without selfishness, here on earth will fit perfectly on the spirit world rail and will go straight into the Kingdom of Heaven. I am a big locomotive pulling the train cars. Will you become one of the train cars behind me? The twelve pearly gates are there. As long as you follow Father, you are capable of going in or out of any gate. Inside the train you can sit together with God and share an ice cream cone in a party with God, True Parents, and yourself! It's amazing--I am telling you something the rest of the world could not believe! But you just listen all day with lots of interest, joy, and laughter. I'm sure you are a bunch of kooks! That means you are a different race--the true love race.

Everything that I needed to do here on earth as the Messiah and as the True Parent has been done! Yesterday you were told restoration of the elder son's position is done. Restoration of True Parents' position--done. Restoration of the kingship position--done. Furthermore I also made the spirit world into the Cain position and you are the Abel. Spirit world must listen and be obedient to you. All I have to do now is unify the fatherland and that is only a little bit away. It is really only a matter of time.

You know that 55 communist leaders came to see me in East Garden. I asked them, "Those who believe in God, raise your hands." Only a few hands went up. Then after a two-hour sermon I said, "Those who do not believe God exists, raise your hands." There were none whatsoever! If these hard-line communists can be turned around in three nights and four days, through the television or the radio we can teach the entire world Principle for one week, and then it can also be turned around! It's a matter of teaching. Restoration in the beginning looks very hard but in the end it is not hard. It will be done quite quickly.

Through the Washington DC television center we can telecast all over the world. Wherever you look you will see Father and Principle lectures. Children will say, "Mom, come over here and look at this! Drop everything." So all the family will listen to the Principle on the television set! Just in the nick of time that day will come.

To conclude, unification between mind and body and unification within your family, centering upon true love, are the two primary goals for blessed couples. I will trust that you have taken notes on my instructions and will fulfill them. Now when you go to your hometown, you are to become the saint of your family so that it will be united around you. Your deeds and actions will impress your relatives and give them tremendous inspiration, just like that Korean daughter-in-law. She already accomplished the tribal messiah's role because she completely, naturally subjugated her clan. By doing the same, you will become more than just a blessed couple. You will complete the tribal messiah's mission and be elevated to become heavenly citizens.

The textbook of the family, of tribal messiahship lies in uniting the three levels of grandparents, your parents, and your couple by serving with true love and by uniting your own mind and body. This is the central model that only has to be expanded to other families, relatives, and community people. Then you will become a tribal messiah. The clan level represents your ancestors; your parents represent all the human family, and your place is their children. Those people combined in one represent the past, modern, and future generations. This is the textbook to connect all generations with true love and to make the atmosphere of heaven on earth. That kind of atmosphere connects immediately with the spirit world. In your lifetime you have to follow that same course in your family. That is the point of going back to your home, the center of your tribal messiah territory. This is your mission. You can do it as I did it, following the same formula step by step. You have to cultivate the restoration course each day.

Today this conference was centered upon the blessed family, because now I am giving you an extraordinary mandate and responsibility. The situation in Korea has improved though there is still negativity against our movement. Our church's responsibility is to go into the community to evangelize. Actually the Korean church originated in North Korea. So if the evangelism is successful then this can move the government and Kim Il Sung would have absolutely no place to stand.

I have made a system in Korea such that every level of leadership down to the very bottom has the mission of tribal messiah. Also another movement is reaching non-Unification Church families. They were given True Parents' picture and told to put it up in their homes in a very prominent place. On the 31st Children's Day, I ordered the spirit world to stop exploiting you and instead to assist your work. The spirit world is in the archangel position and should protect Adam's position. From now on you as subject can completely control the spiritual atmosphere. True Parents' picture identifies a home that in a way has accepted the True Parents. So every morning, though the family cannot physically see it, the ancestors of that family come down, bow to True Parents, and then kick out all the satanic elements from that house. "We have to protect our generation," the ancestors will say, "This is my children's home. Satan, you have no business here. Get out." So a picture of True Parents in any home will safeguard that family.

After making the national base harmonious, then the world base will be no problem. The Israelites separated after Jesus died. But now the Korean members should become tribal messiahs connected with me and make the foundation to restore the nation. In Korea all the older generation members are moving into external duties and the younger leaders are in charge of the Church. That is actually the elder son's position restored. Rev. Hong is now president of HSA-UWC.

When the national level foundation is secured, Kim Il Sung, the worst father, cannot remain in the north part. I don't want to destroy Kim Il Sung and God wants to save him and all the communist world as well. So even the worst communists will testify, "True Parents saved me."

The fall of man came to the family, therefore in the final stages, restoration must begin at home. A country consists of families, so when the family has been won over, then everything else will be automatic. Your registration in the Kingdom of Heaven will be as a tribal messiah in your hometown. Women are more ready to move the hearts of other people. So when you go back to your hometown, men, who were created first, will be in Cain's position and women will be in Abel's position. In restoration the hardest work is on the women's side.

In Korea our members are going to the small villages and will have one evangelical meeting and several days of Principle seminars. When there is a great deal of response they will go to another village and another. In this way they will reach the local leaders as well. Just as Jesus' organization had 12 apostles, 70 disciples, 120 disciples, you organize in the same fashion. That's the way tribal messiahship will be accomplished. If Korea doesn't do the job, you will do it. Teach them a lesson.

Centering upon me you have the trinity system in America. Actually, the trinity means the three children of Noah and Adam, so with True Parents in the center a four-position foundation is created as in Noah's family where they had three sons and three daughters--eight members of the family. Therefore there should be eight people in your trinity, including Father. Jesus also had three main disciples. Quickly create eight members of the family. By fulfilling this beautiful and sacred family responsibility you can go direct from the family to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus you are in a greater position than Jesus.

Do you feel hope or despair for the future? (Hope!) True Parents are on earth at only one time in history. How happy are the people born at this time? How could you choose not to participate? All the people of history can only get results through you. You have to think, "I am representing past history and the future generations." That is the kind of value you have. You don't have to have the best face. Your content is what is most important.

You are ripened fruit. Therefore you have seed inside. Go out and plant it so that you clone yourself. Fertilize it first with smelly fertilizer and then put rich topsoil on it.

I trust you will get down to work. I am not going to rest either. I have already planned the next ten years' schedule. There is a lot of work to do to connect all the heads-of-state and make one world truly under God. I will travel around the world bringing with me the most distinguished diplomats, professors, and journalists. Then any country will have to pay attention and we can reach the highest possible levels. Already many high level people contact me to apologize for the past and to invite me to come.

Those who pledge that you will go to your hometown and give your life, fortune, and sacred honor to become the true God-centered ancestors of your family tree and the tribal messiah of your hometown, say "Amen" and raise your hand! (Amen!)

You should be informed how the providence is progressing. Neither you nor even elder members know Father or the providence very well. This is because I myself have been accomplishing many important results behind the scenes, without your knowledge.

There are so many complex interminglings in the world today that only I know how and in what direction history is running. In reality, nobody truly believes that the evil world will end and a good history will begin. Even many ministers say, "That's too idealistic." But I want you to know that God is absolutely determined that in fact evil will end and the good history will begin! Today both the right wing and the left wing, including communism, are finished. Providentially, by God's declaring headwing through Reverend Moon, the Unification movement alone is able to embrace both sides.

Our enemies are finally changing. Even up until 1987 Gorbachev and his KGB, in cooperation with Kim Il Sung of North Korea, had planned to physically eliminate Reverend Moon and destroy his movement. However, since that time, Gorbachev has realized that that is not the way he should treat Reverend Moon.

Do you remember that in 1988, Kim Il Sung secretly dispatched 25 of the Japanese Red Army to the United States to eliminate Rev. Moon and his movement? However, the CIA and the FBI found evidence of this and began to protect me because they thought that if something happened to me it would affect the entire United States. Another amazing thing to remember is that when I was indicted, the people in the Justice Department were smiling from ear to ear, celebrating because they felt I would not return to America. But, on the contrary, I came back the very next day because I only cared about God's mission. If I had not come back at that time, many great things would not have happened. You can see that I am not living just for my own safety. If you want to accomplish some great mission from God, you have to risk your life.

I decided to invite Soviet college students to come to America to learn about the headwing ideology. Already four groups of 250 students have come, but each time, the United States State Department tried to block their entry. It was incredibly difficult to get visas for them. However, with the fourth group everything changed. As the result of a shower of protests from congressmen, senators, governors, police chiefs, and all kinds of people the State Department finally issued the visas--just in time for the students to make their scheduled flight. After that the State Department changed their policy and told the American Embassy in the Soviet Union, "Just stamp their visas. Don't even bother to ask us about it again!" Such is the incredible way that history is progressing.

The atmosphere has completely changed. The dramatic and exciting things happening today don't just result from 40 or 70 years of Father's work. God Himself has been working through almost 250 million years of human history, and great indemnity has been paid for everything to come together at this momentous time of the end of the evil history and the beginning of the good history. I always want you to consider deeply what God has done, but especially today I want you to think how God made this brand new Christian nation and let it prosper for 200 years. Now America is weakening and needs a lot of help. Also communism appeared 73 years ago promising to be the salvation of humanity, but after killing more than 170 million people, finally at this time they have raised the white flag of surrender.

This then is a most special moment for American, the Soviet Union, and for Father. I was born in 1920 and starting with nothing I laid the foundation step by step in Korea and Japan, and then came to America in 1971. Now in 1990 I am in a position to deal with these two crumbling worlds. Look at the timing--it is so precise. Only Almighty God and His providential will could have made these things possible. Amazingly He is shaping the entire environment so that there is no other choice except to go the way of the Unification Church and True Parents. Just as Moses began the Exodus at the age of 80, as I begin my eighth decade, we are truly leading a universal exodus away from sin, from crime, and from all immorality.

Just in 1990, how much change has come in the providence and the world situation! If in the next 10 years, this kind of change is repeated every year, can you imagine how much change will come?! Who is going to work for this change and be a champion? (We are!) Through a 70-year period, the mission of the True Parents has been fulfilled to perfection. During this next 10 years you can win that foundation.

If the 12 different tribes of Israel had accepted Jesus and spread his message all over the world, they could have made the kingdom of God on earth at that time. They failed, but we will finally accomplish that goal today, centering on True Parents. The blessed couples, as tribal messiahs, will make up the 12 tribes and spread this message over the entire world. Upon that foundation, we will finally establish the Kingdom of God on earth!

From 1990 on, instead of trying to bury us, the world will try to lift up the Unification Church and the name of Sun Myung Moon. Do you think it is really happening? (Yes!) The Unification Church is now in the elder son's position, and all the other people are in the younger brother's position. No one will oppose the older brother: They all will say, "Yes, we have to listen to Rev. Moon. He is right." When you really preach about Father, they will listen and agree, as the Soviet lawmakers did.

The spirit world has been in the Cain or elder son's position, and earth has been in Abel's position. The spirits have been exploiting their earthly brothers for their own selfish benefit, but this year in Korea on Children's Day True Parents declared, "No more. You must be restored now to God and True Parents' side, and go help the people." If you know this down to your bones, not just consciously, you can feel that spirit world is indeed now completely at your command. When you push forward with guts you can reach people at every level, from the president to a laborer, and all obstacles will crumble.

Truth will give you guts. What kind of truth? Know that 1) you have True Parents, and 2) you are the restored elder son. You are the tribal messiah and your mission is also to restore kingship. These positions were never fulfilled in the Garden of Eden, and after the fall, Satan claimed them. But today you have the True Parents, the elder son is restored, and you can go way beyond what Satan can even imagine. Satan will be completely overwhelmed.

Can you confidently say you are the elder son of God's kingdom? Has the restoration of the elder sonship, which has been God's headache and an enormous problem for so many thousands of years, finally indeed been resolved by the True Parents? Even if you have been feeling wishy-washy and confused or suffering with a Cain-Abel problem, listen to me now and declare, "Today I have guts because I have the True Parents and centering upon them, I have become the true elder son." Every one of you will not only be forgiven but also you will be given the right to become elder sons and daughters as you raise your hands and pledge, "Father, yes!" (Yes!)

There is no one who has not spoken badly about the Unification Church and Rev. Moon. When you tell the truth and they discover that Rev. Moon is right, they will feel ashamed. Since their consciences will hurt them, they will quickly change and say, "Can I help you? How can I cooperate with you?"

At this time, you don't have to worry about the nation. The national policy of every country, free or communist, has to follow the headwing way, Godism. There is no other choice. If Adam and Eve had become perfect, there would be no such thing as national barriers. Adam and Eve would have had complete dominion over the entire world, and spirit world would have automatically guided everyone to follow them.

What we need today are blessed couples who will be true parents. You must turn around worldly families and help them become God-centered. You can strongly chastise them, "Why do you get up so late? Why do you go to bed so early?" Even if you act like a big boss and people say, "Don't go to the Unification Church!" at the same time, they are uncontrollably coming toward us because the inner mind of man knows the standard he should have.

If you are just like Rev. Moon and you even look, act, and speak like him--then with guts, you have the elder son's rights centering upon True Parents, and you can speak with authority. Do not act like beggars. You are commanders-in-chief, not beggars. Don't beg. Don't bow down. Have the pride of the elder son of the True Parents and tell others, "Do you want to go to heaven? Come with me."

You don't have to explain to your cousins, your nephews, your little brothers and sisters. Just pull on their necktie: "Come. Come, listen to your elder brother." You will look so serious, confident, and gutsy that they will follow you. Therefore, increasing the membership is no problem. Starting from you, it will just multiply because we have a weapon that can make even the most intellectual person surrender: the weapon of truth. No one can challenge that!

When I was in Korea, I initiated one gigantic crusade, a preparatory campaign for the reunification of North and South Korea. The rallies are going on all over South Korea, and there are also preparations for the elections. They are talking about family restoration. That is the basic job Korean members are doing, and that is what you have to do. I also asked the Japanese to form 4,000 little groups to go out and restore their families. Eve's country has to feed the world from her bosom. A lot of good mother's milk is coming out for the children of the world. Will America fall behind Japan? All five billion people in the world today are the children of the archangel. America, as the archangel nation, should go out and restore those people, including the Soviet Union. Then you must go on to Asia, and gradually you restore the entire world. Asia is the home of all humankind because the Adam and the Eve, the father and mother, nations are there.

In the Garden of Eden before the fall were Adam, Eve, and three archangels. Now it is harvest time on the worldwide scale: Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is Eve, and the three archangels are the United States, the Soviet Union, and Red China. Economically, America will continue declining, and Japan will continue buying. But to continue enjoying prosperity, Japan must realize that Eve's money is to be used for the sake of Adam. Japanese wealth has to be contributed for the unification of Korea, Asia, and the world.

The Japanese people today don't know what to do with all their money. They are looking for their true husband. Some politicians have gone to North Korea, trying to give money to Kim Il Sung, but he is the false Adam. The True Parents are in South Korea!

The most important message I want to give you today at this very significant conference is that centering upon the True Parents, you are in the elder son's position and you have to love your spouse and your children not just for the sake of your own family. Your tradition is to sacrificially go out and restore other families and your relatives. Blessed couples, your mission is to practice heavenly tradition in your own home and expand it to your own relatives and neighbors.

This is your messianic responsibility, the tribal messiah's duty. So far you've been serving and giving unconditionally and paying indemnity, but no more. Now I have paid all the indemnity so that you can harvest, you can gather and elevate others to create a heavenly tribe and nation.

In one word, the tradition of the family is true parentship. You yourself will be imitating the True Parents. True Parents have been giving their entire lives to create this foundation. You also must give your entire life to create the foundation upon which your own relatives, your neighbors, and your tribe can all be restored. You must invest and invest. God invested everything, 1000 percent, not reserving one drop of blood, sweat, or energy. Similarly, you are going to invest husband power, wife power, children power, family power, and everything you've got to set up and expand the tradition of the true heavenly family. Your true assets are not how much money you have in the bank. Your assets accumulate as you really give of yourself to accomplish these goals. The quality of your eternal life will be determined by the quality and quantity of your efforts to establish heavenly tradition on the earth. Centering upon the True Parents, you have the power to explode a spiritual megaton atomic bomb. Christianity began when 120 of Jesus' remnant disciples got together and prayed. An incredible spirit came down and with that power those 120 disciples went out to the world and created Christianity. Today, you are like those 120 disciples and you must each gather your own 120 families. Your power is True Parents' power.

As a tribal messiah, eventually you will have the right to match and give the Blessing because you are the ancestors. You are to be an exact replica of the True Parents, an extension of the True Family.

Do this work in your immediate surroundings. Deal with your family, relatives, and neighbors. When you do this most important job successfully, you don't have to worry about the nation or the world. This is True Parents' triumph--national and world restoration will happen automatically, just like the unification of Korea, as a result of our work--but only after you lay your own foundation.

My goal is that Kim Il Sung comes to a natural surrender, voluntarily--not by force, not by the bullet, the atomic bomb, or by war. Do you think that all the congressmen who attended the American Leadership Conference came at gunpoint? Is our mission to wield a pistol, saying, "If you don't come to our show we'll kill you"? No. It was natural subjugation. They came because they wanted to learn about Godism and headwing. By the same token, Kim Il Sung will naturally surrender as a result of the providential atmosphere and circumstances being created in the world at this time.

Your duty is to lay the tribal foundation, moving toward the restoration of kingship. In your own small tribe or kingdom, you are like the king and queen. Father is the universal king. I have been receiving all the persecution on your behalf. You don't have to go out and receive persecution anymore. With a gutsy declaration, you are going to win. Amen? (Amen!)

I want you to know that Satan is always, always there. He has not completely disappeared. Satan has been as tenacious as a bulldog, who bites on and never lets go. Satan aggressively asserts himself everywhere that he possibly can. To win Satan's world, you must determine to practice such loyalty to God and True Parents that you surpass Satan's level of tenacity. Then, our age-old dream will become a reality, and God's heart will finally be liberated.

Wives, at bed-time do you say to your husband, "Why don't you act like so-and-so? Why don't you go to college? Why don't you get more money for us? Someone else bought a house. Why don't you buy us a house?" Do you think those are the words of restored Eve or of fallen Eve? (Fallen Eve.) You should be upholding God's and Father's principles! If I had listened to every word that Mother said, do you think I would have accomplished all that I have today? Adam lost that subjective power of dominion. So don't be dumb husbands! Block out that kind of bed-time talk! This is very, very important. Have heavenly talk, even at bedtime, encouraging each other: "How can we serve True Parents better? How can we proclaim True Parents' truth better?" If your wife keeps giving you fallen Eve's talk, then you say at the bedroom door, "No entry. The husband is absent. I have gone out to do more work for heaven." Those who won't violate Father's principle, raise your hands up high! Thank you!

At the time of the Israelites' exodus, God was concerned about both the Israelite people and the Egyptians. You have to widen your horizons. Established Christianity is our Cain-type elder brother. We have to bring them home. Reach out wherever you have influence, whether that is to your relatives, government, Christianity, your neighbors, or your home church area. That is the way you can get results.

Because of the fall, the mind and body have been separated, with the body governing the mind. But the mind has to govern the body. I created the Unification movement such that the mind-like dimension--witnessing and teaching--should govern the body-like organizations, our members' businesses and other external missions. United and working together, the body should follow and serve the mind.

The mind side has been severely persecuted, but because the external side is strong, it can rebuild the church immediately. An absolute minus can create an absolute plus. Since many governments now support our external projects, the church will never be broken. It will always be strong. Therefore, now I want to build up the mind side to take the subject position. Members working in businesses must do so for the sake of the mind side, which is more important.

One of our most important accomplishments in 1990 was the creation of harmony between the religious world (mind) and the political world (body). The Interreligious Federation for World Peace represents the mind side, and the International Federation for World Peace represents the body side. The two work together, like mind and body. When the mind's side is strong, i.e., when the elder son's position is sufficiently fulfilled, the body side, or younger son's position, will be drawn to unite automatically.

I want you to understand that a new breed by the thousands and millions are coming. They will be so quick to realize my goal and will work to claim their own territory. If you don't accomplish your responsibility, they will take over your territory. The Bible says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

In the United States, the bourgeoisie or capitalists, say, "Well, we are okay," and never concern themselves with the needy people. If America can neither reach nor understand most of the other 180 nations of the world, which generally are poorer, it will decline. Unificationists alone can go to every level in every nation, down to the very bottom and up to the very top.

"Workers of the world, unite!" was the slogan of the Soviet Union, so they also can relate to the poor people and the laborers. The Soviet Union will say, "Well, we are going to beat the United States. We are going to work harder. Once our system has changed, we will do better than they do." Once they know Father's truth, they will say to Bo Hi Pak, "Oh, you are one of the closest disciples of Rev. Moon? Hmm. I'm going to beat your standard and take over your position!" I don't want you to be kicked out and lose your own territory. That is why I want you to quickly reach out to every level.

I have laid a new foundation for God's Kingdom to be established, and this time the world is recognizing True Parents and uniting around me. This is the final opportunity. Your job is to help all your relatives to become true families and to make your mind subject over your body.

Now the world is becoming more and more united. Look at Europe, the Soviet Union, Latin America, North and South Korea, East and West Germany. Through the Assembly of the World's Religions everything on the mind side can be linked and united. So now the churches can unite and the world can unite. The problem is you. Only you can unite your mind and body so that together they live up to God's expectation. Then the mission shall be accomplished.

Your body, or individualistic nature, is worrying, "Gee, we've been married over 10 years and still don't have a house or even an apartment. My children can't go to school." I had the same problems, but did I give up the Unification Church mission because of that? Absolutely not! Don't let Satan conquer your body or even come near. Your mind must conquer your body.

You must be proud that you are of the True Parents' lineage. Now there are so many stepparents, so many fatherless children. We have to call down mercy upon those people and restore them.

A great and wonderful life is ahead of us. You will be invited out every night. That day is not too far away. If you are living according to True Parents' tradition, your Cain-type people, your second-son position people will want to follow you. When you give them the truth, those people will call you "Mom and Dad." Then you will say, "Oh, I am like Father. They call me Dad." You may even forget True Parents at that point! As long as you yourself are truly in the True Parents' position, it's okay. But would you really forget Father? (No!)

Many times in the past when a mission was given, you thought wearily, "Oh, another mobilization. Is there no end to this work? Oh, God forgive me, I can't do it anymore." This time will you do that? From 1991 on, you are going to be so excited that you cannot stand still and just want to joyfully volunteer. If I ask you to go one mile, you will go three miles, five miles, ten miles. "Father, leave it to me. I'm going out to have great fun bringing victory to Father and Mother and being in True Parents' image!"

You can feel tremendous pride because you are sitting here listening directly to the True Family. How many people in the world can do that? This is the real thing. How can you not fulfill? All you have to do is accept this treasure and obey and follow True Parents. You can freely invest all your love and your life simply because it is more than worth it. Even if you commit everything you've got, you still haven't paid enough.

When we all end up one day in the spirit world, I would like to see your faces. To whoever has participated in my direction today, I will say, "I know you. You are my son, my daughter." But to those who have not cooperated, I will say, "When did I see you? Get out." Even if you are a blessed couple, it doesn't matter. The definition of a blessed couple is one who obeys the True Parents and becomes their champion. You are going to invest 100 percent over and over again and go witnessing and get spiritual children. You will not regret it.

Mr. Kamiyama read the Principle so many times that he memorized each page. That is the way you should be. Then how can you not preach? The future senators and congressmen will be those who teach and understand the Principle. If you teach the Principle, you will have so many spiritual children that you can't escape becoming a leader. The last time I was in Korea, people suddenly realized that those who really become experts in the Principle become leaders. They are the true patriots in every country. Only Rev. Moon's people know how to love their village, county, district, state, and country. You only have to let the people know that you are the real leaders who truly love America. Teach and speak the Principle every day; when you open your mouth, let nothing else come out except the Principle.

When you are in spirit world, where everyone will go one day, what will be your assets? Your money? Your knowledge? Your diploma? Your power and popularity in the political world? There is no such thing as political power there. Honor? Are you trying to get honor for yourself in the name of God? You will wind up in hell. Your only asset is how much you loved your fellow man--how much, even while being persecuted, you unselfishly gave of yourself to bring people back to God. Your spiritual children are your most precious assets.

Once you have and give love, everything in the creation shall be related to you. If you do not have love, all the trees and flowers will turn away and have nothing to do with you. Creation only relates to love. Only by loving God, True Parents, and your fellow man and by giving yourself sacrificially for the sake of others, can you be successful in winning the glorious life to come. Since that is how God lives, you thus become exactly like God and make yourself absolutely in His image and likeness.

There are 12 pearly gates and you must bring at least 10 spiritual children through each gate. At the time of Jesus, there was no family. Now we have True Parents, so the family is the unit. This is the restoration of the elder sonship.

Shall we begin again with a new determination? So far, we have had a pyramid type of organization, which has a lot of disadvantages. From now on, I would like to change it so that each individual is responsible. This is like the harvest time, a time of maturing. Here are your instructions, so prepare to take notes.

Today is December 19, 1990. This is the Unification Church All-American Rally or Conference. You must share this message with those who were not here, particularly through videotapes and recordings. Every American member must hear today's instructions.

Usually only state, city, and business leaders come to conferences. This is the first time I have asked all the blessed couples to come. I would now like to create a direct hot line for instructions to each member--and no longer use a pyramid type of leadership through which half the message is lost by the time it gets passed down to the bottom. Each individual must consider yourself not only a representative of yourself but also a representative of your family, county, state, and nation, your heaven and earth--and realize you are directly responsible to God.

Here are your instructions:

I. The Meaning of Providential History

True Parents have already restored the rights of the parents, the elder son, and the king back to God's side. Up to now, Satan had claimed all of that for his dominion; he controlled those positions. Finally God is in the king position, True Parents are parents, and you are in the elder son position. All these are restored.

II. America's True Reality and Attitude

A. National problem. The nation is in danger and without hope. We have to bring hope to the nation.

B. Economic decline. We must show the example of how to survive under any circumstances, even in the lowest situation. We have to be a model, teach others, and prevent America's decline. C. Moral corruption, especially in the family and among children. We absolutely must stop it. There is no hope otherwise. Even though we have already sacrificed much in the past, we have to continue to sacrifice, if necessary, to plant a pure uncorrupted root of heavenly tradition. Unless America reverses its degradation, it can offer nothing to the world as a model for the future..

III. The Church's problems, including the Unification Church.

A. Denial of public activity. Have you invested your heart in doing public activities with a real desire to fulfill God and True Parents' will? You have done it because you felt, "Oh, I have to. I have to set some condition." You have to repent and expel that kind of motivation.

B. Mediocre study, understanding, and lecturing of the Principle. You have to actually live the Principle. Have you been taking the Principle more seriously than your meals and your sleep? Have you acknowledged the paramount importance of studying and reading and lecturing the Principle? The Principle is most essential for your life--more important than food. Since you have taken the Principle lightly, you have to repent.

C. Indemnity is taken lightly. You have not understood indemnity clearly. If you want to gain greater victory and result, you have to invest many times more. Then no one will accuse you. Indemnity is not just a Unification Church concept. The debts and failures of history have to be rectified. To prosper, a nation first has to pay these debts. The United States thought that its blessing would last for all eternity, yet today, we see "Yankee, go home!" everywhere. Why? The United States only wanted to enjoy its blessing and did not know how to pay the indemnity. Indemnity means investing. The most precious way is the indemnity way.

This is a very, very fearful talk that I am giving you now. You lack a clear understanding of indemnity. Because of indemnity, the central figures in the individual, family, and tribal courses all have gone to jail. You know the course that I walked--that is truly an indemnity course.

D. The original ideology is lacking. My teaching is not individualism. No! God is public. Man is born for the sake of woman--that is public. Women are born for the sake of men--that is public. Parents live for the sake of children--that is public. That is the original concept and way, but this ideology is not guiding people's lives today.

1. Individualism. You have to completely demolish that way of being and thinking.

2. Selfishness and egoism. They are repelling others. God is not individualistic and does not repel anybody.

3. Pragmatism. God doesn't just look for expedient practical solutions. He is eternal and practices eternalism.

4. No eternal viewpoint. In your life you don't act with an eternal perspective. You only look right in front of yourself, and consequently, are short-sighted.

All of these four result from failure to live according to the original ideology.

I have inspired the creation of so many businesses and economic programs, but virtually all of them have failed. I invested, trusting that everyone would work like me, but everyone betrayed that trust. How can we restore this? Japan, the Eve country, will bear the burden of the economic problem, and the other countries and people will carry on mind-oriented missions. I have given Mr. Kamiyama the responsibility to select a twelve-member committee, including three Koreans, three Americans, and three Japanese to oversee the entire economic mission of America. They will investigate each business and recommend whether it should continue or be closed. I have done so much for America, but no matter how much money I invest into this country, it just leaks away. Now I want to focus on helping the Soviet Union, China, and Asia.

I do not want to have a big HSA headquarters or a large world mission headquarters. Everything will be combined. One desk can be used by several people, and several offices can be combined. One small office is enough. Now the entire responsibility for the economic concerns of the United States is going from Father to Mr. Kamiyama and the Japanese.

IV. The economic problem:

A. Mr. Kamiyama's committee will audit every American company. In true love, God and True Parents invested and gave it away again, invested another 100% and never even remembered it. But now, the elder sonship has been restored, so true stewardship and ownership also have to be restored. We have to harvest. If a business is not productive, it will be closed. Mr. Kamiyama will have that responsibility.

B. There will be a reorganization of bookkeepers.

C. Unproductive companies shall be liquidated.

D. Those businesses that are operating at a loss are committing a crime, a sin. Our businesses are God's businesses; they belong to the world. Anyone who allows the loss of heavenly property is committing a sin. If I were responsible for a business, I would never let it go into the red.

The English, French, and Americans lost their chance to show the world the way to follow True Parents. Satan invaded. To restore this failure in 1975 I sent out teams of missionaries--Japanese (Eve), German (Cain), and American (Abel)--all over the world. Similarly, now the American leadership will be organized with leaders representing Adam, Eve, and the archangel. Even though HSA-UWC has a president, he is in the archangel position. Above him are one Korean, representing the Adam nation, and one Japanese, Mr. Kamiyama, representing Eve's nation. All three combined into one can do anything. Otherwise, there is no power. As the Korean, Japanese, and American leaders unite together, a foundation is made to resolve the problems of the Soviet Union, China, and America. When the Adam country, Korea, and the Eve country, Japan, unite together and restore one archangel nation, America, then all the archangel nations, including the USSR and China, shall be revived.

What is the archangel's mission? The United States is like a storekeeper of those things needed for material well-being: knowledge, goods, scientific technology, etc. It is not the owner of these things, but rather must wisely manage and share all these blessings for the sake of the world. But since Americans want to keep these benefits for themselves, they are losing. The storekeeper has not done too well, trying to take it all for himself and make it his own property. That is why the Asian people, like the Japanese, come and take it over. In the Garden of Eden, the archangel took Eve away. This time, Eve, in restoration, will take all the archangel's property to the Eve nation. Then ultimately it goes to the Adam country. If America abandons South Korea, they will be destroyed. That is the providential reason President Carter was defeated.

What is Christianity all about? Christianity is to create the realm of the bride to welcome the bridegroom when the time comes. That is the mission of the United States. You heard it very clearly. Mr. Kamiyama is a Japanese representative, and I will send a Korean representative. Mr. Kamiyama is the first Japanese whose child has become linked to Father's own relatives, the Moon family, in an international marriage. Mr. Kamiyama must earn money--not spend it! It is not an easy job, but he must do it as the representative of the Eve nation. The expenses of the church have been paid by Japanese members and businesses, not by the American members. If you American members see how the Japanese are making money for the sake of the church and work as hard and unselfishly as they do, you can succeed in America economically.

America's basic problem is individualism. My ideology emphasizes the benefit of the whole. The Unification Church has built up its foundation from way down at the bottom, and no one can take it over. I have sorted out and restored the entire complex worldwide situation, cleansed it, and made it into a harmonious and workable providential path. That is why I am the True Parent. In the entire world, no one else even thinks about such things, but I have not only thought about it, I have also designed and fulfilled this path.

Think about this. No matter how one analyzes it, if the Lord is coming as a person living on the earth, no other person can even come close to having the same qualifications as Father for being the Messiah. The only hope is Reverend Moon. That is an absolute fact.

Do you think I will come again and again in the future to meet American people? I will be here on earth only one time in history. Period. It is your good fortune to live as my contemporary. To share this mission together with me is the greatest honor. So, are you just going to be like a grasshopper and waste your time, do the mediocre thing, go your own way, and give up this opportunity? (No!)

V. Creation of a new system of organization.

A. Family unit restoration. The fall of man came at the family level. I have already spoken much about the necessity to create a heavenly God-centered family.

B. Tribal Messiahship must be completed. Why? Because there are people out there waiting for the messiah to reach them. The messiah is willing to give up his life to accomplish that mission. With that kind of seriousness, you have to become tribal messiahs. You have no idea how much indemnity I paid to have the position of "tribal messiahship" come into being. Because of the birth of tribal messiahship, Satan has no way to infiltrate into the family. Tribal messiahship is almost like a big castle protecting your family. Satan cannot accuse me or my family because I have already accomplished the responsibility of True Parents--national and world messiahship, vertically linking the national, world, and cosmic levels. Now you are going to horizontally connect the individual, family, and tribal levels to this vertical foundation. Tribal messiahships must reach out to east, west, north, and south, through all 360 degrees.

C. Dual outreach: home church (Cain) and tribal messiahship (Abel). You have both a Cain-type and an Abel-type ministry, and they are parallel. You must accomplish both the Cain-type restoration of your neighborhood and community and the Abel-type restoration of your family and relatives. Jesus should have become a tribal messiah on the foundation of the unity of his family and the family of Zechariah. Then he should have gone on to national messiahship.

The time has come. You will go out and win because you believe me when I say that tribal messiahship can be done now. Go to your relatives, your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, parents, and so forth. Their time has come--they have to listen to you. But bringing your relatives into tribal messiahship does not mean that home church is over, because you also have to reach the five billion people of the world.

I have often told you there must be unity between the mind and the body and the mind world and the body world. By the same token, in your restoration work as tribal messiahs, there is the external and the internal, the Cain- and Abel-types. I have been emphasizing home church for so many years because home church has to be completed first to provide a foundation to restore the tribe.

The worldwide home church dispensation must proceed first, and then I can go to Korea and restore it. I consider Korea to be almost like my own clan, my own relatives. You have to assist me in the restoration and unification of North and South Korea. We must do home church work until all five billion people have been restored.

You have a great ally--spirit world. Satan is also a great ally because he has to cooperate with you now. I have always had incredible fear and trembling because there was constantly the chance that Satan would take you over. No more, however. I was always walking on the edge of a cliff--one wrong step and there would be a terrible problem. If I had made a mistake, the entire world foundation would have crumbled. What a fearful situation! How could I sleep peacefully at night or eat in peace? I was always on pins and needles.

Adam and Eve's fall brought all this misfortune, but now True Parents have completed their mission, so your efforts will blossom and make a noticeable difference. As elder sons, the more effort you make, the more property you will gain. But it is not material wealth, not the bankbook I am talking about. It is love property for the sake of eternity. That will reach out to the entire heavenly world.

If there is uncertainty, fear, and all kinds of confusion and complacency prevailing throughout the whole world, do you think you will have the good fortune to enter into the heavenly kingdom? No way! You must have some assets in order to go in. Only on earth can people become heavenly citizens.

D. Creation of an autonomous system. In other words, you will be subject and control yourself.

1. To stop growing is to die. Only you can make yourself grow, and you must grow every day, asking yourself, "How can I become better?" Compare your faith when you joined and now, many years later. Have you grown, stood still, or regressed? I myself am still growing, growing, growing, in every way possible, day and night. When winter comes and the weather is bad, then I pray for the sake of the root so that when spring comes, the root will blossom and prosper. In this way I never waste one minute. If your forward movement has been stopped, that represents death.

2. You will be responsible as a parent. Adam and Eve fell because they forgot their responsibility as parents. Husband and wife together are responsible: "We are not going to be a burden on the church or on other people. We are going to make a contribution to the church and to the community, and will raise our children to be important leaders of this movement." This is a very, very important and fierce responsibility for you. To be a True Parent, I chose to walk a way that no one ever even attempted. In the future, the posterity of the world will have to bow down to the record of the True Parents. Of course, God has assisted me but I am the one who made my foundation. I am the locomotive, pulling God. This is autonomy.

You are in an Adam- and Eve-like position, but you must not be like fallen Adam and Eve and their children. Your children will grow up correctly when you show the example as husband and wife, mother and father, truly following the True Parents' tradition. If you do, your children will grow into good, heavenly citizens and become important leaders. If you cannot fulfill this responsibility, you will be accused of the same crime that Adam and Eve have been accused of for so many thousands of years.

It is not at all easy to be a good wife or husband or good parents to the children. You all start out as strangers. You have a tremendous and glorious responsibility on your hands. Do you follow?

3. Children's education and their foundation of faith. That does not come automatically. You must be an example, pay indemnity, and pledge that "My children are not going to be a burden. I am going to lead them to be great citizens of the heavenly kingdom. I want to give my children a solid foundation of faith. That is my duty, responsibility, and joy."

4. Regular meeting attendance and observance of tradition. That means that you are not going to be absent from any official church function. For example, on Sunday morning you may feel tempted to say, "Oh, it's Sunday. Well, I feel sluggish. I don't have to go to church. I worked very hard during the week." This is not at all correct! A workshop of 40 Moslems is being conducted right now in this building. Do you know that they worship five times each day? How about you? Always do Pledge service at five a.m.--either at home or at the church. Those who are doing it, raise your hands, please. Those who have sometimes not done it, raise your hands up, please. Why? Now you've heard it from Father. It applies exactly to you. In 30 years, I have not missed even one Pledge service on Sunday or on the first day of the month. That is a family tradition, the True Parents' tradition.

What is our Pledge? "I am proud of the one sovereignty, the one people, the one nation, the one language and culture centered upon God. I am proud of becoming a child of the one True Parent and shall inherit one tradition." Then what is the final point? "I shall become a laborer to establish the one world of the heart. I will fight with my life. I will be responsible for accomplishing my duty and mission. This I pledge and swear. This I pledge and swear. This I pledge and swear."

Why did I include the word "language"? Without language, no responsibility can be fulfilled. Heart-to-heart communication cannot take place. No relationship can be nurtured. When I use an interpreter, I feel only about 80% of my message is getting through to you. If you hear from me directly in Korean, it would be 100%.

My sermons have been published. There are now 200 volumes in the original Korean language, and more are being printed. This speech also will be published in Korean, True Parents' original language, because that conveys 100% of my meaning. Would you like to read it in Korean or English? When you go to spiritual world, your ancestors will ask, "What language did you use when you were on the earth?" How will you answer? "I am an English master; I used the English language, naturally." Can you say that? That is not the will of God.

Your ancestors will accuse you. "You lived as a contemporary of True Parents. How could you not have learned Korean--the original, native language?" What will you say? "I was too tired!" Don't say that. If you are asked, "Did you have food every day?" the answer would be yes. "Did you sleep every night?" "Yes." So can you say that you had no time? I am over seventy years old and I have learned English. At my age people forget things easily. If I memorized a word in the evening, by the next morning I would have forgotten it. I had to repeat each word 20 times or more. It was that difficult for me to study English. You are too young. Don't make excuses for not studying Korean. When you pass into the spirit world, can you say, "At the time, I did not know how serious a situation it was on earth"? You must prepare for the spirit world while you are here on earth. According to the Principle, that is your most important focal point.

Those who can understand Korean, raise your hands please. Only one. If you die and go to the spirit world without reading my sermons in the original language, you will have missed a very important condition. If I do not unite the languages in my lifetime, it will be a big problem in the future. If True Parents themselves cannot unite the languages, who will do it in the future? Do you think the unification of the languages can be accomplished by military or political or economic power--or by diplomacy? No.

Korean is an absolutely superior language, particularly for the description of spiritual matters and of all kinds of details. Compared to Korean, English is almost primitive. Certain Korean words cannot even be found in English. Koreans prosper wherever they go because they can pick up the language of that country so quickly. The English spoken by Col. Han, Dr. Pak, and other Koreans surrounding me is excellent. No other nationality can compete.

Mr. Kamiyama is a very good leader, but Japanese people just cannot pronounce English words. For example, "New Jersey" comes out "New Jahsey." Amazingly, in Japan, people are encouraged to learn Korean first to prepare to learn good English, particularly when they are young. Once your children learn Korean, they will be able to learn any language very well. Korean people can immediately master any language.

That is why Korean can be a universal language; with it you can be successful everywhere.

What if God had not sent me to the world in 1920? What kind of world would there be now? Where would the world find hope, truth, or real guidance for their lives? Think about it.

One man has transformed the entire world and accomplished so much in his own lifetime, even while receiving constant opposition and being cursed by so many people because they did not like his success. It is just inconceivable. Since I represent God's side, the entire world controlled by Satan went against me, but I was never defeated.

Look at black people. If they did not have Father, where would they have hope? Did Martin Luther King resolve all the problems between white and black? Patsy Johnson Casino has testified that the white girl assigned to be her roommate at college just packed up and left because her parents told her not to stay with a black person. Only true love can resolve this kind of problem. I am always preaching true love and many people think, "Oh, another true love lecture. I heard it already." But I will preach about true love another thousand years, and you still will never get tired of it. America's individualism will never bring unity among people, nations, or races. Unity, understanding, and harmony can only be created by investing and giving 100% with God's power. This is a profoundly great and simple truth.

Therefore, I am so optimistic and you should be too. The new world order will be born. Someone recently wrote the book The End of History, and indeed the end of fallen history is finally here. The new beginning is coming. True Parents are the new beginning. I am confident.

Who has the power and authority to command the spirit world? I can say, "You spirit world, from now on, since elder sonship has been restored, your job is to come down and work for the sake of Father's mission and tribal messiahship." You will all get support from the spirit world. If I were lying to you, shouting and lashing out at you, do you think the spirit world would move? No. I have to be absolutely standing on the Principle; only then will spirit world have to surrender. Because the spirit world understands, it will cooperate and East and West, North and South will become united. One world under God shall be born.

I have already instructed that you should set the tradition of attendance to Sunday Pledge and all church events and volunteer for all church activities. Do you have such tradition in your family--something unique in your home? I'm instructing you so that your family can truly create the right tradition and a strong foundation for your success. Otherwise when you go to spirit world, there may be no place you can stand, no place you belong.

Read these instructions every day. I want you to know that Father's job in the United States is 100% finished. Is there anything that I have not done yet?

[I have even influenced the selection of the presidents of the United States. Back in 1980 not even one political analyst wrote that Ronald Reagan would become the president, but I said it, and even had the New York Tribune predict the landslide victory. The USSR had a plan for world conquest by 1988, but it was reversed by using the Reagan doctrine. The creation of the Washington Times in 1982 was for this purpose. American conservatives cannot deny my influence. After the fall of Vietnam in 1975, American morale was incredibly low. No one spoke about victory over communism at that time except Rev. Moon.

History has recorded what I predicted. At the time, it sounded crazy but every prediction I have made has become a reality. This is the reason that American political leaders respect me. In 1975 and 1976 it was fashionable to be liberal. The Washington Post was a powerful liberal voice and conservatism was dead in those days. All the major American cities were being deserted because people were saying that the cities were dead. At that time, the Unification Church bought the New Yorker Hotel for [25/5.6?] million dollars to serve as its World Mission Center. Now people are bidding 100 million, 200 million dollars for it. We bought the HSA headquarters, the Tiffany Building, and many other buildings because I knew the future. Who would have thought that liberalism would be defeated and that conservatism would be revived? Father did. *** [Reagan's election]

Though I am not a legal citizen of the United States, I love America. No American can rival the work I have done to save this nation. I have completely prepared everything for you. If you still cannot do it, then there is no hope. Go, dig your graves!

I have given you very precise instructions at this United States National Conference. Read them every day. Then even if I disappear from the United States, you won't have to look for me.

Tomorrow I leave for Korea and do not know when I will return. But spiritually I am listening to every one of you, including your bedtime talk, and spirit world will see what you are doing. When I ask spirit world if I should visit the American members, they should be able to say, "Yes, Father. They deserve it. They deserve to hear you." Otherwise, I may never come. Do you want Father to come to America? (Yes!) Why? Nobody wants someone who is going on into his eighties in another ten years! Do you still want Father? (YES!)

I feel that if Koreans, Japanese, and Americans unite into one then nothing is impossible, because the help of God and spirit world are immense and formidable. A great result can be obtained. Amazingly these countries were enemies, so if all three enemy countries unite together into true brotherhood for the sake of America, can you imagine how much spirit world will come down and help you? From there, a new United States of America will be born. I have done all the preparation work.

Four symbolizes the heavenly four position foundation, but because there are not many Koreans in this country, I want to start by forming trinities consisting of two Americans and one Japanese. Eventually a Korean will be added, making four, and then all over the country each such heavenly four foundation base should carry out my instructions. All the names have been organized right here in this book. Those who say, "I really want to become part of Father's heavenly book," say with a big shout, "Yes!" and raise both hands. (YES!) God bless you!

I feel so joyful and so light. My heart is jubilant because I feel, "Even if I die, I am not a failure. I have succeeded in a great and extraordinary way. I am victorious. All we have to do is expand that victory." I want to bequeath this victory to you without receiving one penny from you. You are going to receive the inheritance without paying anything.

Think about it. If Jesus could had gloriously entered the Roman realm and declared Godism and the headwing ideology, what would have happened in these last two thousand years? Korea is like the Israel of the twentieth century. Reverend Moon came to this country and the United States, like a modern-day Rome, persecuted me. But there is no way the United States can stop or hurt Reverend Moon. They are the ones who surrendered. Meantime, Reverend Moon is declaring to this country that the worldwide foundation has been made and that one epoch-making historical event after another will happen. As the congressmen of the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries did yesterday [??], the United States also will take Reverend Moon seriously.

I feel so joyful, so wonderfully inspired, knowing that now the communist world and the free world are under control, the Unification Movement has a worldwide foundation, and the religious world is beginning to unify. When I think of all these kinds of accomplishments, I feel the phenomenal help and presence of God and am incredibly emotionally uplifted. I feel so victorious inside and outside.

Thank God, I have done it, and now I am bequeathing the entire inheritance to you. You take it over and become like Father in everything you do. Everywhere that you practice my way, you shall win the same victory that I did. As a living contemporary, you are working together with True Parents, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, shedding the same sweat for the sake of the kingdom-building--that is your greatest honor. Are you joyfully and voluntarily participating in this crusade? (YES!)

I want to end this meeting joyfully, not on a heavy note. Don't let me down. I want you to be inspired also. I will pray for you and I will always be with you, wherever I am. You can count on me. You are the elder, restored son of the True Parents. With that truth, you shall be victorious. On that note, I want to conclude this historical conference. Let us pray.

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