The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Heaven and Man Unite and Create Goodness

Sun Myung Moon
October 28, 1990
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

This is a most difficult translation. Chun In Hap Dok. Individually heaven and man will join together in benevolence or Dok. We have no equivalent in English. Dok is something to give, charity in its utmost sense, embracing, sacrificing oneself to do things for others. It has unification in it, and it has harmony in it. As a result, there is a connection. Even though it has a deep meaning, maybe we can simply understand that heaven and man will join together in every sense.

The symbolic characters in Chinese have the deepest meaning. Heaven is written "two men," that's heaven. And the little extension of this line connotes husband, which means he represents the whole of heaven, humanity. And when you write "In,. it is man, and man means heaven and earth.

Happy means to join or get together under the universe, man or the universe, one mouth, not two mouths, one mouth. Mouth means man. So honest men never speak with two tongues. The mind's tongue and the physical tongue have to be the same. So here, in this case, man and woman or two men join together and should speak with one tongue, never two, so that they are joined. Not like American women, who will exert one thing and their husband will exert another. It has to be always one, one mind.

Dok connotes two men. Fourteen refers to twelve disciples, and Jesus himself and God. This is the significance of fourteen. And the last part is "mind," and there is another "one," unite into one, all minds. So fourteen different minds. So all creation is in a pair system, do you understand? Everything, heaven and man, all unifying, one mind. That is the meaning of "Dok.. Just think, how deep you can go into analyzing it. If you take a dictionary, with each word you can do that. Each word in its own right can represent the universe.

"Heaven" has two persons in it, "man" has two persons in it, and joining together, unification, has two persons in it. So with this thinking in depth, when western and eastern people appear together at a diplomatic table, you guess who has the more far reaching thought. The Westerner represents the horizontal relationship. We shake hands; that's the horizontal connection, equality. The Orientals represent the vertical. You might say there are many vertical lines. No, there is only one vertical line, as we all know. The destiny of western civilization is to go around the vertical line and come back and situate itself in the right position. Or else the civilization itself cannot continue. As it goes around and around the civilization itself will become bigger.

Progress of Civilization

If you insist on a horizontal way of life or relationship, there's no way you can gain the bigness; you just go back and forth. So western civilization will not prosper following its own way; but rather it must go around and around and encompass the whole world and situate itself. There is no way for the material civilization to go around and around with no limit. It must come into some point, getting smaller. This is why it has to take after the vertical civilization. The vertical civilization, so-called, is different. It can expand itself at will.

We see the result of today's civilization. What prospered to no end as the western civilization now seems oppressed by the fast growing eastern civilization. The eastern civilization just grows and embraces and absorbs everything, to an unimaginable degree. That is already happening. Why? It is because this law is working. This is not a coincidence; it is inevitable. The way for western civilization to live is not to stop the east but to open up and embrace it with love. Then western civilization will grow along with the world. If we close the door and fight against it, then western civilization will become so stagnant, and the young generation of western civilization will die. The inside body will rot. Do you understand? This is a progressive phenomenon. These are not Rev. Moon's words, but this is the way it is.

We now have a glimpse of how Orientals think and express, and we can understand much better now. This has been evolving and developing thousands of years, before any recording of western civilization. It may be a little bit difficult for you to understand now, but it is true that in the Orient, both Korea and Japan, scholars are finding out and announcing that the root of all civilization came from Korea. Korea is the root, Korea is the origin. Even the China area centering on the Yellow River was cultivated by Korean ancestors. Their migration, through Manchuria, has come to Korea and Japan. Dong, "race," is the word they use. That means "eastern bow. So that's what it says; Dongeui means "eastern sharp bow shooter " Today, Korea always seems to win the archery competition. Dong, the east, is always the first, it is the number one direction.

Dong as a person has a mouth in it, and a four in it. It also has many elements in it. It is not simple study, is it? At least you have to study a few years, because in heart you must understand. So for valid thinking, the successful, creative thinking, all thinking, unless you understand Oriental linking your thinking will never become strong.

East and West

To address yourself to others, to the other side, English has only one word: you and that's enough for every position. But never in the Orient. have at least a dozen ways of addressing the other person. Not everyone is simply "you." stern people because of the nature of their civilization cannot endure, because they don't have a deep root. So it is difficult to endure. Imagine a, how vast the populations is, 1.4 billion people, but have you heard them make a lot of noise? Like a big wave or current, silently they live on. Sure they fight, occasionally, but while they fight there's a bigger peacemaking behind. Then they make up, and there is a bigger peace.

The western style doesn't seem good. In the Orient when they fight, somehow they make up. Western people don't seem to do that; they just fight, and they remain enemies forever and ever. This is a really sad thing. Even western Unification church members sometimes just pack and go away. That will never ever happen in the Orient. When Orientals leave they give a reason which they think is a sufficient reason, and say, "When this is solved, then I'll be back." And then they go. So how different it is. So we can see difference in personality of the two civilizations.

Father is a person who most seriously, deeply thought about the unity of the very differing east west. Father came to a conclusion, and acted substantial way with the international marriage. We cannot have real unity without going through international marriage. The western mind arrow; pointed and focused, but narrow still. That's because he only thinks about himself; he doesn't think or care about other people. That's the reason they are narrow. Whereas with Orientals, as you may have experienced, this is not so. They embrace a lot of people in themselves, and still room At least they try, all the time. When are happy, western people shout out in joy, whereas eastern people express that in the batting of the eyes. If you watch the mouth, he shows he is happy or unhappy with the shape of his mouth. So different! And God thought about that too, most seriously, and came to the same conclusion: the international marriage the solution.

International Marriage

When the international couples live together and both have strong personalities, then they fight. Who do you think will run out of the house first? Oriental or Westerner? That explains a lot of the attributes of western minds. You may say, "Oh, Father, why do you denounce me?" It is not denouncing; we have to know ourselves.

Westerners say "getting married," but in Korean it is Si Jip Kada: "one goes to the other." There's no such a word as "get married," at least traditionally. The traditional word is the bride goes to the bridegroom's house; that means they are getting married, exactly that. So Father is asking, "Who should go to whose house? Oriental to western house, or Westerner to Oriental house?" (Westerner goes to Oriental house.) I don't know. (Laughter.)

There are billions of Oriental people living there; a few western people come in and they tolerate, they don't mind. They make them like themselves. But if an Oriental goes to western society, because you are basically individualistic, unless they follow your particular way you will never accept it. They have a hard time joining. Perhaps Father doesn't want us to go deeply and study about these things, spending a lot of time, but at least we must have a general direction, where history is going and why, and how we should be.

(Father draws on the board.) So we see the developing of human civilization starting from a great river; that is a river civilization. Then next in western civilization is the Mediterranean civilization, then it moves to Atlantic Ocean civilization, then Pacific Ocean civilization, now it is a cosmic civilization. So we until most recently were on this stage of western centered Atlantic civilization. The color is moving this way. The air, too, is moving this way. Now we are on the verge and are entering into Pacific civilization, and are getting ready to join the cosmic world.

The Pacific Ocean has a black current, as you may have heard. This black current flows completely around the world. It goes to all rivers and connects all rivers, even the Mediterranean waters. So, in the Pacific civilization we have to merge together and really become one, into unity, unification, before we enter into the cosmic civilization. Otherwise they all will claim, this star is mine, that planet is mine. They will divide up the whole universe and compete and fight. Imagine, we already know that the universe is immense. Compared to that, the solar system is a tiny speck in a great expanse; it's just a speck. How can he claim it is his, that individual's? The universe will say, "You're kidding.

Bearing Fruit

So democracy is not adequate here, communism is not adequate here; we already know the emerging Headwing thought. Does water have color in it? No color. Does God have any particular color? No. But when the different properties gather together and unite, then it forms lots of colors, a variety of different colors. So the surface of the earth or universe is white people, and the middle layer or middle class is Oriental, and the inner, or the lower side, is black, dark. It is very difficult to tell what is in black people, because they are basically black, so it's difficult to tell what's inside, what he is thinking, how well he is educated. So Father predicts, Father knows, that black people must have patience to tolerate all other civilizations, white and Oriental, patience, patience, patience. When you digest that then you can prosper like no other. There's a tremendous spiritual potential.

In a tree, the most black part is the root. Then there is a lighter color, then there is upper, more light color; that's Oriental and white people. And where do the blossoms bloom? Blossoms bloom in the white part. The white person is that flower. So because of that reason the western civilization is blossoming, like a flower should. But if they don't understand that, and don't bear the right fruit, then what is the use? It will all be buried down under and just washed away.

The white people have now blossomed; the blossom must have fruit. Why don't they bear that fruit? Because they are not capable of absorbing all the nutrients from trunk, branch and roots. This is because they're thinking about only themselves, their surroundings. Fruit gathers all contents into one: root, branch, trunk, everything. Western civilization doesn't have that kind of contents. That means they didn't make real fruit. What shall be going on in the future time? Real food, we are talking about. We should have that food before we can bear fruit. This is the problem.

We Are the Bridge

So this can be a very necessary and welcome commonsense view. Who would be the middle for the transition between the Pacific civilization and the cosmic civilization? That is Unificationism, Headwing, Godism, mainly working in the Unification Church. We are the bridge. Do you understand? Now the Rev. Moon is much more in focus, becoming famous all over the world. All have to pay attention to what he thinks and what he does.

This is a simple principle once you know it. All laws are simple once you understand, but no one can explain this in such a clear way, only Rev. Moon. Your attitude might be, "Oh, today, another day at Belvedere. Oh, Father always speaks the same thing; why does Father make us get up so early in the morning and make us come here?" (Audience: No, no.) "Always he speaks the same thing." Is it true? (NO!) But can you really understand that value, as spirit world now recognizes that value? Spirit world is really excited, so much that they really don't know what to do. Are we like that? Listening to Father; spirit world is listening to Father too, like us, now. Father is speaking to millions of people.

Spiritual men understand the history going on in the future time. To clearly understand that, how much blessing it is. Historically, the individual never understood where the world was going or where he was going. Now we do! Sitting on the face of the earth we do. Think about it. You may have been the top, top class in every way, in the Christian church or any church, and you graduated Harvard or double Harvard, anything. Of course they have precious knowledge, but it is horizontal knowledge. They don't have an inch of vertical depth. Now what have you been learning here by listening to Father? We must understand and cherish it before we lose it.

Father knows that one day there will not be enough tickets for the people who want to come here. People will fight to pay thousands of dollars to come in and listen to Father. Each family will plan a budget, to determine their assets, calculating how many times they can attend Rev. Moon's sermons. We have to really understand our value. What if Father said after the sermon of three or four hours, I will hand out three or four hundred dollars to each of you? Even if a man giving a normal sermon, said, "come and listen to me for three or four hours and I will pay you three hundred dollars, would anyone leave? And if he said, If you doze you are disqualified. Do you think they would doze? That's nothing to laugh about, because can we place a value of three hundred dollars on Father's words?

Who Is God?

We know by now that a person such as Father has never existed before or after this time in history. At no time in history has there has been a person like Father, on the face of the earth. Heaven and man joined together in balance, to unify the whole universe who can even think or speak like that, except Father? Those who don't understand that have never learned anything in listening to Father over the years. I have spoken already one hour, and since you've already got the outline of Father's sermon, maybe well record it as the sermon. (No!) Then it's all right? By common sense, if Father goes on like this, Father can go on all day and still not have enough time. So much common sense we have to be equipped with.

Do you really know Heaven exists? (Yes, Father, absolutely.) All right: heaven. That means the heavenly nation is there. God is the center and owner of that. Then our question is, can we elect the center of the heavenly world or country as in democracy, by election, by consensus, by each person's opinion? Yes, no? (No.) Can we say, "Well, God is not up to the correct level, so let us change God"? Or can the Messiah be chosen among the many different colors of skin? (No.) How can you say no? What is your ground for saying no? Who decided in the first place? (God.) Who is God? Origin, origin, origin, origin; forever origin. The origin no one can touch, no one can even say anything.

Can anyone touch your life? Can you touch your life? You might say, "I don't like my physical parents." But have you seen any parents deny their own children? How can you deny your life? Even though you may not like your parents, does it mean you are going to deny your life? If you cannot deny your life, how can you deny your parents? Your life comes from them. We cannot deny our life, no matter how much we might dislike it.

Hating one's parents but loving one's own life is such an absurdity. It's not consistent; it's wrong; it's a contradiction. The origin of your life is who? (God.) Yes, but the immediate origin is your parents, who gave you your life. As long as we love our life, then we should love our parents as well. Here is a woman who loves her own life. Then she should love the life of her husband, the man, also. Because that man, too, takes his life as most important. And the sons and daughters will get together and they will agree with each other that their lives are more important than their parents' lives.

How Can We Qualify

Then if we reflect on ourselves, the result or fruit of civilization, are we in the position to unify, centering on this life, between husband and wife, between parents and children, between brothers and sisters? Very sadly, the answer is no, we are not capable of doing that, even centering on this precious life, which everyone understands. Can we unify, centering on the preciousness of life? Yes or no? Someone answered yes, someone answered no. Which is the correct answer? No, we cannot in the present civilization.

What about money, then? Can money do it? In American families, one checkbook goes in here, another goes in here. You have many different checkbooks which you have to keep secret from your own mother, keep secret from your husband, and you don't want the children to know about this one; many different checkbooks. There are a lot of insane people who can make peace with money, in America especially. How can you describe that except "crazy" How can you even think that money will pacify, make peace. If this principle is right, then what percentage of American families are crazy now? 100% or 30%? 100% and more! Including the future families, more than 100%.

The young people which heaven had been so hopeful for, if they are going after the same rotten things, then they really are in a bad position. And they are arrogant about being capable, able.

How about power? Western people like power. Can you make unity centering upon power? The essence of western civilization is like a duel. The duel expresses the real core of western civilization. There are two, and there is no way of reconciling. One has to be out, and one rules. The duel, you know: to shoot the pistol at each other to see who remains. If the same principle of a duel comes into the husband and wife relationship, what do you expect out of it?

We are not just talking in a funny way. Society is already entering into that area. American families are like that, more than 70%. Husband and wife exert power with each other, and never yield to each other, to the extent that either you or I remain in this house, and one has to go out or die. So the women are fostering the power as well as men. You, too, plan how much you have to conserve your power in case you and your wife come into disharmony someday. Do you do that?

Guns or Tears

So when this duel goes on and on, there is only one remaining. Who do you think will remain, man or woman? In the animal kingdom, as you know, the female will wait until the males duel each other and see who will win. But in the human case, even if you win, there is no woman to follow you. The man is left alone, and that's the real end of this sad situation. The thought of this duel, of dueling: western civilization started with blood, one killed and chased the other, one was chased and fled, and built another society and nation. Blood and guns play a significant part in this civilization. How can it be? Hundreds of thousands of lives are lost through the use of guns, but there's nothing the government can do in controlling these guns. This is the kind of situation this civilization is in.

What is comparable with guns in the eastern world is tears. Tears. It doesn't seem to be so exciting, but it is formidable. Tears. What is your guess; do you think that is correct? Why do they shed tears? The tears are the outcome of self-reflection, self-torment, and continuing to love the would be enemy. You cannot come to the actual solution, so you mourn and mourn and shed a lot of tears. And if you really want to retaliate, then you change your position. "If I were him or her, how would he feel if I did that to him or her?" Orientals always think like that. So the only way they can go is just tears, because you cannot give up. In the west, you don't go through that difficult ritual. You just shoot a gun at him and he's gone. And you're there; that's your world.

So this is power. But in the heartistic world, according to the nature of the universe and God, can power play any part? Not so much. What about knowledge, then? Someone might be a graduate of Harvard, so he may advance in life, but that has nothing to do with the surroundings. He may make lots of money. But to preserve that, he gives up his responsibility to the nation, to society, to anything, he gives up his own life, his parents and friends, and he will defy his own nation in order to preserve his so-called profit. So those are the top of the line which comprise the prosperity of this nation.

The Democratic World

What do you guess, the population will increase or decrease in the future? It will increase even by leaps and bounds. So when hundreds of billions of people live on earth and in other parts of the universe, can we make peace or unify with money, knowledge or power? To the outside world now, because of this element, Americans are not so popular. In fact, they say Yankee go home. That's today's situation, a real cold situation. If you try to implant the same democracy in other countries, in the future when billions and billions of people are living on the earth, will the surrounding people welcome it or be against it? Think about it, welcome it or be against it? (Against it.) You have to know that history will not follow the democratic world in the future. It's a problem! How can you solve that problem in the future? From now you have to make preparation for the future. That is the mission of the world's leading country. How can the American country keep going on, given the present world situation? They don't have any way of solution. Do you understand?

We have to know the situation and know what we should do. Which is the more precious, life, power, money, or knowledge? (Life.) But unbelievably, the value is not recognized in that order, here in America today. They manipulate life with money and power and even knowledge. They do that all the time. How can this kind of thing go on under the broad daylight, in the most advanced nation? For not even a million dollars, for just a fraction of a million dollars, the average American woman will sell herself. You go to these resorts, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and all those places. Father investigated. There are literally thousands of people who are in that kind of lowly state.

What should we take as important; what should we value most? Life, knowledge, power? We have seen a good example of "power" in Communism. It exerted lots of power, using power to eradicate life. They did that very much, but today communism is gone. Money, too, the money-almighty civilizations too certainly cannot survive. Nor knowledge. You may have fantastic knowledge, but still you cannot keep going.

Life is Precious

Then have you ever stopped to think that my life is most precious, that I am fit to be a king, or that I don't envy a king, because I have this Life? Have you ever come to that awareness? That means we have to take life more seriously, not grouping it with other properties. That means we have to realize how important our life is today, and that no money, no power, not even a dagger at my throat, can threaten my life; my life is too precious. We have to know that. Compare knowledge, power, money, and your life, and on the universal level, not with a little bit, but with big knowledge, big power and big money. Am I going to trade my life for these? Do we realize that our life is that precious?

Are you going to trade your life for these things? If you say no, raise your hands. You're not so confident. Why are you so slow? Do you really mean that? (Yes!) Are you living that kind of way already, or are you going to live that way in the future, from this point on? Not only physical life, but eternal life. That means we haven't been living that way.

Have we ever come to realize that the fact that my individual life has come into being on the face of the earth is a cosmic miracle; not just a miracle, but a cosmic miracle? The fact that I exist here with life, that my life has come into being here on the face of the earth, is a cosmic miracle. Have we individuals ever come to realize life that way? Not just a miracle, but a cosmic miracle. When you hear that a cosmic miracle and you are equal how do you do you feel, good or bad? (Good ) How good? Very very, very, very!

Then you don't stop there, all of a sudden it occurs to you, "I am a woman! I am born to be a woman, this is more the stuff of a miracle." Have you ever thought like that? Or a man, by the same token. Which is a more miraculous, to be a woman or to be a man? (Laughter.) Think about it. Who stands on the nearer side of life, man or woman? If a child will jump into the house from a playground, does he shout out, "daddy," or "mommy"? (Mommy!) Then does a man feel so reduced? Or is he happy? How can he be happy when the child is tinning to the mother, not the father? What ground does a man have to be happy? If man will not feel happy about that, and be jealous of it, what kind of a family can you envision? Why doesn't he get jealous? He feels love. Why? Is it because he is handsome and he feels superior? What prevents him from being upset? Does life prevent him from being upset? Or what? (Love.) Yes, that love; of course, we know, that is love.

Original Love

Has anyone seen love? Can you touch it? You cannot see it. We cannot see, we cannot touch, but we know from each cell, from the guts of heart, that love is absolutely necessary. The origin is love. Life alone, or all the other things together, cannot make harmony and unity in the family. But love can do it, and love is always needed, and more love will come to be. What kind of love? Is the love which we have a dying love? No, certainly not; it is real love, original love. With original love, that of God, that is possible.

Since life and love came from Him, original love was planted from Him in Adam and Eve, in the family. That family became the fruit, do you understand? Fruit, we have been planted as fruit, making more fruit, too. That kind of power means true love. Do you understand? True love can never change. It resembles original love, with the same face, the same attitude. No power of any kind can change that. Man cannot change it; woman cannot change it; parents cannot change it; children cannot change it; all families, all relatives cannot change love. That is original love. Think about this: do American families have that kind of original love? No! "No" means that God doesn't like that. That means automatically it will disappear. Original love. Any color, any kind of family, any kind of nation, needs that kind of unchangeable true love. Isn't that so? Do we need that original love, all of us and all of our families?

Then we can come to think, is life first or is love first? Because of love, life came, or because of life, love came? (Love.) What about God; was God's life first or God's love first? Same thing. Not because of the life of God did God come to exist, but because of the love of God, God's love, God Himself came to exist. The vertical center of true love is God Himself. Do you follow?

Diagnose Yourself

Who do you take after? Your parents. If you trace up, who is the original ancestor? (God.) True; you said it. And in God, too, are God's mind and body in perfect unity or not? (Yes.) Centering on what? Centering on love or life? Centering on life is God one in Himself, or centering on love? (Love.) So love is first. So mankind, the highest level minds, have come to realize that life is very important, more than average people realize; but they never understood that love is more important than life.

Now here are women; do they have love in them or not And here are men; do men have love in them or not? Assume that you have love, but does the love you have exist on the base of mind and body coming into perfect unity? You have love, but is that based on the unity of your mind and body, that is the question. Which one, no or yes? (No.) You have love, but your mind and body are not in unity, that is the point. This is bad love. Then you can diagnose yourself; you can evaluate your own love. Given that your mind and body are not in complete harmony, not in unity, and you still have love, is that kind of love true love or something other than true love? (False love.) False love! That is the problem.

False Love

How can you solve this, your body and mind situation? This is fallen humankind's homework. It's like homework, comparing with students. Man cannot solve this problem, this situation of love. That kind of man who is ignorant of himself, who is walking around claiming that he is going to love a woman-should we kick him out or leave him there' We should kick him out. But who made him? American society.

Americans have love too, but what kind of love is it? You can classify that love. False love! Who made it? Satan. God did not; Satan influenced. There are such things so unthinkable that they make God's heart explode, like wife swapping. In the universe, this is the worst, worse than animals. They do that, free sex, because they don't know. You say, you welcome someday when you will choose a woman who is good in free sex Would anyone choose that kind of woman as their eternal wife? (No.) Forever no? or will your mind change as you go along? Forever no! That's a universal law. History will follow that kind of law. Follow that kind of law; otherwise, America will perish.

It's a very reasonable, logical conclusion. Where is true love? How can they seek it, find it? That's the problem. Can the body find that? No. You must separate your mind and body, fighting. Sometimes the flesh body is up, Sometimes the mind is up. Do not make the flat, horizontal way. If you want to lore, openly it's not true love! Understand? It's not true love. False love, fallen love. Who made that? Not God. God did not make that; Satan made that. So we know clearly how to clean that up. This is our mission in our lifetimes. Otherwise you get to spiritual world and cannot clean it up there.

Where is true love? It doesn't matter if you are calling out forever, "I want to welcome you,. can true love come to visit you? No, never. Who is the problem? The problem is you; not the world, not the outside world, not Satan. Yourself; do you understand? Yourself. The problem is "I".

The One Revolution

So what is the topic of Father's sermon this morning? "Heaven and man unite and create goodness.. Is that a possible concept, or an impossible concept? Heaven and man will unite; centering on what is it possible? (True love.) True love. Do we have a glimpse of true love now? What is true love, then? We have to analyze and know clearly.

Once we know, then we can say, "I am number one, I am the center of the universe," no problem When we are in true love, then we can proclaim it to others; that's no problem. But you cannot utter true love unless your body and mind are in perfect unity. Where is the original location of true love? Where does it belong? Me, or my partner? Which one first? Me; me first. That is the problem. Everybody wants a partner. Many saints and religious leaders have come and lived here on the face of the earth, and tried to do their vocation. But no one realized that there is a separation of mind and body and a lack of true love. No one has come to take care of that.

Now Rev. Moon for the first time in history has come, clearly defining and explaining. He spends all his life to revolutionize this awareness of the human being. That is the one revolution God wanted, to bring the people up to the lofty standard, overnight. That's what God wanted. That's what everything has been coveting, that revolution. And the Messiah too. What does he do when he comes here? He becomes successful in revolutionizing, lifting that concept up to that high place Then there will be one liberation taking place here, another big liberation taking place there, being liberated from the fetters of money, from the fetters of power, from greed, from knowledge, whatever you have. Even from the wrong life, we have to be liberated, and that liberation will take place every where. (Applause.)

For the Sake of Others

To throw this power and money and things away is not the real question. The question is, if we realize true love, even including life in front of love, these all of a sudden become insignificant. That's the way we ought to be. That's how we should realize true love, ourselves. Even though we may not be in that position yet, do you think it is likely? So isn't it logical that for the sake of one's life, including spiritual life, one should be willing to give up money, power and knowledge, just like that? That person will be the only one to realize this life is so precious. He will even give up his own life so that he can gain true love. All four things together, when we are ready to give these up, then true love is ready to move into us. Do you understand that clear concept? You received that clear concept through Father's speech this morning. Whoever says "Father, I understand that concept clearly this morning," raise your hands.

So now we realize true love is something more precious than all of these things put together, with no comparison. But now, what is true love? What are the attributes and properties of true love? It is the love that we give and give. He gives for the sake of others, even his life is given for the sake of others, and when it is done, later on, he forgets the fact that he has given, and he wants to give even more. How can he forget? He naturally forgets because he wants to give something even bigger. That place is the forgetting place, because there is no room there to remember. Then that which he gave before becomes smaller and he forgets it. No room to remember the small good deeds.

It's not a difficult thing, we see it quite often with a mother's love. The mother gives and gives but never keeps a record, "Oh, I gave you that." She forgets, everyday, and gives more and more, fresh. And feeding a baby, baby after baby, that's sharing her own life to the baby, but she is only too happy. She is not saying the baby is taking her life away. We are not talking about a saint for a mother, but the average mother who is also the result of the fallen generation. If a fallen mother is like that, we have to become like true motherhood. How high a level in giving we should strive after!

God's Mansei

Then we have an idea, at least an idea this morning, what true love is going to be like. Those who are ready to do this in action, day in and day out throughout their lives, true love is willing to dwell in them. How wonderful, how great this true love is, to choose such a person to move into. When true love becomes yours, how proud you will be. Then you can really admire and praise God. Unless you reach there, how can you understand God? We will shout out (Hananim, manse). in spite of ourselves.

And Hananim Himself will shout out "Mansei! Now I have found my eternal object, my eternal son." Will God say "manse)" like you? (Laughter. Father gestures.) That's Hananim's manse). (Applause.)

God says, "I want to become king of the true world center, how wonderful it is. God wanted that kind of throne of God. Not the throne we imagine. That kind of throne. Can God enthrone Himself, or who would enthrone him? His true love partner. Who is God's true love partner? Me! You! Man and woman, combined into one, completely making centering true love in oneness. That is God's originated partnership of true love. Do you understand? So that man and woman, making one centering true love, forever, that kind of couple is God's forever true love partner. How wonderful that is! (Father demonstrates with Col. Han.) Father is doing these dramatic moves, so that you will never forget, so that every time you think about this morning your life will lift up.

That's our homework: have our mind and body become one or not? Have our mind and body become one? If not, that's our homework. Then you cannot find out true love place. You have to be clear, that problem is in the contents of your mind, inside. not outside. Clear?

True Olive Tree

I want to meet my true husband; I want to meet my true wife. So the individual, the woman must become that kind of woman before she seeks her eternal husband. The man has to be that kind of man before he even starts looking for his own eternal wife. Does that kind of man and woman exist here on the face of the earth?

The one who tries to save his life but cannot do it, he's desperately needing somebody; that somebody he needs is the Messiah. The Messiah comes to help accomplish this. So the wild olive branch finds and engrafts into the true olive tree. We have to engraft strongly. Not at the foot do we engraft; we have to cut off the neck, and graft into the Messiah's tree. The Messiah's eye branch. Make one hopeful place. Find out by yourself. Engrafting. Just cut it off and implant and reconnect to the true olive tree, you know, the baby Reverend Moon. Not the baby Reverend Moon, (laughing) the baby God. Do you follow?

This has been a historical process. History has been working for this one goal, and nobody even knew this was a Problem. That means this has been the task, the eternal task throughout history. ,very saint, every high scholar tried to solve it, asking where is the problem, where is the solution ;o the problem? Nobody knew. For the first time, Father is bringing this out and giving this to us. So, first the Messiah has to cut it off and recreate. Because if you are intact, then you will grow badly. Now we feel the process of our being recreated quite acutely, don't we? When Father gives a sermon like that of this morning, then we feel we are being mended, repaired.

So now the conclusion. The essence of the problem is me. The problem which a person doesn't solve by himself, when the ideal world comes, he will continue to have in the ideal world. We have to solve our problem before we join the ideal world. So Jesus said do not cry for me; cry for your own self and your own generations. Because Jesus could not say what he came here for, he knew that was all he could say. Now the puzzle is solved. That's what Jesus meant: don't cry for me, cry for yourself and your own descendants.

Dominate Yourself

Now we are in a better position to understand ether's first motto in his historical dispensation, which is: "Before you hope to dominate the universe, dominate yourself." This one single sentence. Since Father knew true love, what true love s, Father had to first unify Father's own self. Since we know the true value of true love, with that power we can control ourselves, no problem. When we don't know, we cannot, but when we know, we can. If what Father is professing is true, and of course we know it is true, then Father can wish the whole universe; that means the universe will come at his command. If you occupy that true love, you can catch everything, including God Himself. Now we know how valuable true love is.

Here a man proclaims, "1 am that kind of a man." He stands on the east side, because he is a man. And here is a woman, who says I am that kind of woman," and she stands on the west side. Then they come together, then they meet, with what? True love, meeting, combined forever. One time making unification, they are united forever. That is true love. Then true unification will be realized. So going on like that, east and west going on; which place do they meet? In the central place. Do you understand? At the shaft, the arts. Centering on that, vertical love, God's love, comes down, ultimately, standing at the center. True love origin; do you understand? Standing in that one place, horizontally, making one, then God is inside humankind.

(Draws on the board) It looks very much like a Taeguk flag, which is the Korean flag. About the Taeguk of course there's a lot to learn, later on. It does an eternal revolution of give and take. (Father's English:) God, too, centering on true love, vertical, man's true love, woman's true love, the duality of God, plus and minus, making the new one. Centering, combining, making this focus place is God's place. Revolving, making this like that, focus and God.

So all of our cells started from the minutes" division of the cell, this way, even to husband and wife and all higher, plus and minus. Individual, family, nation, it grows. Then the extension of true love goes up and up.

Connect to the One

(Father draws on the board.) So, the restoration course, rising one step after another, and going into this center. Individual level, family level, and on to the clan and nation and world, and the cosmic level. Everything is centered on true love, do you understand? The individual center is true love, family center is true love, relatives' center is true love, nation's center is true love, universe's center is true love; everything, God-centered mind-body is true love, the same. They ultimately, automatically connect into one. Do you understand? One body, one point. That place can become the heaven and man unified place. Do you understand? Only true love. Perfection of the individual is done like this.

The perfection of the individual means the mind and body of that individual become one and proclaim that one who lives in true love will marry eternally with his spouse, and together, in true love, will give birth to a child, and form a true family, and that family will expand to a clan, and to the society and to the heavenly true love nation. Such a family will prosper thousands of generations and never change. It's one blood, one lineage, that of God in vertical deployment, that of the relatives' position in the horizontal extension. All places we call heaven and man coming into perfect union.

(Father draws extensively) This is a sphere, a globe, of three dimensions. So the upper sphere, like we see in the moon, and the lower sphere, and if you join it, upside down, it fits. That's the right hemisphere and that's the left hemisphere. You take this part, and it fits into any other position, and it fits perfectly.

Ninety degrees right here. That's an individual, the individual is there. All you have to do is keep extending, and you get true love, true love, true love, true love, true love, true love. All that globe is connecting true love. Any place in this area is full of that true love in the globe. Do you understand? So that as you like you can make this place, every time, O.K., you are resembling me, same, every place make this one, same thing, same thing, vertically same, horizontally same. So your place is the same place, just like this, do you understand? I am standing in that vertical same place, horizontal same place there, parallel connecting place. Individual place is my (unclear) place, do you understand? Your characteristics are different. So your mind the same, body same. Do you understand? Parallel line, vertical, horizontal, parallel. Otherwise you can make the ninety degrees. Do you understand?

The Harbor of Life

All humankind is God's cell, one cell. Connecting place same thing. Vertically parallel, horizontally parallel, standing at that place. One body, centering true love.

So therefore, literally, it is heaven and man coming into union. This is heaven, this is earth, combined into one. My left, right same; front, behind same. All connected into one. Do you follow? True love. And nature, too, centering on true love, shows lightning. Lightning is up, plus, electricity. Down, going to one place, that lightning hits. Same thing: at that time showers of water fall down. Same phenomena: making the sound, drop down tears, water. Love place: same thing. Doves, pigeons, love each other, making sounds (imitates sound of birds). Same phenomena.

So those who lead this kind of life on the face of the earth, unmistakably, surely go to heaven in the spirit world. We, the fallen descendants, are in the harbor of despair and sin, but now we have to jump to the harbor of life. Without this knowledge, carrying on our life without this clear way, what should we do? Without knowing this and carrying it out, we can never reach the other side of the river, the heavenly side. This is the harbor of death, and we have to fly over, reaching the harbor of life. We have to jump over, fly over with true love, that is the human homework, accomplishing that kind of work. Flying up, making freely, our hopeful heaven. We will jump up to that place. That is humankind's home. Do you understand? Those who determine themselves strongly, who can say, "I will overcome all the hurdles that lie in front of me, now I have a clear goal, and I will definitely get there and become a victorious person," those who seriously resolve that, raise your hands this morning. Beautiful hands. God bless you.

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