The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Perfect Settlement Of the Will and Sovereign Thought

Sun Myung Moon
July 15, 1990
Belvedere, New York
Translated by Col. Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "Perfect Settlement of the Will and Sovereign Thought" -- or self-reliant thought, that which does not depend on others. "I am the center; the sovereign." Another translation could be "mainstream thought." This is a very important concept.

The will of God is all encompassing. If you ask the average person, "What is the will of God?" they would have difficulty in answering. If we ask the same question of a noted theologian, he would probably say, "It is very simple but very difficult to say." With that kind of answer, we cannot hope for the will of God to be perfectly settled on the earth or in the spirit world. In Unification Church, however, everyone knows the answer. We would immediately say that the will of God is the fulfillment of His Purpose of Creation. That is the correct answer.

What is the perfection or fulfillment of the ideal of creation? It is the perfection of the four-position foundation. God created everything for this, especially humankind. The four-position foundation is God, Adam and Eve, and their good offspring. By establishing that, God will connect vertical love with horizontal love among humankind. That is the eternal world, well connected with God's love. God has a position and foundation in that world and will live with them in love for the rest of eternity.

Can we say we have perfected the will of God? Have we fulfilled that purpose? "Not yet." Why not?

Of course, we have not fulfilled that purpose because of the fall of man. The fall of man separated us from all this. As we must know about the will of God, perfection, and what we should be, likewise we need to know exactly what the fallen state is. Without knowing that, we may say we are doing the will of God, but actually we may have nothing to do with God, His creation, or His salvation. Nor would we have any connection with God's history of dispensation or understand how we fit into it.

There are and have been people who want to live within a moral framework. They want to do good things. They want to be directed by ethics and religion. We cannot explain or understand that unless we clearly understand the fall. Because mankind fell, we are trying to better ourselves and get back to the original, unfallen position. This is why people discipline themselves and do many altruistic things and have done so throughout history. So much sacrifice and so many trials have gone into this striving for betterment

For whom was it done? For "me, myself" -- for that individual. "For me and my family." The family is the basic unit of existence. We have to perfect that unit. Unless we do, we do not have a proper place to live under God's will.

From this perspective, we can each ask ourselves individually, "Are my mind and body united into one?" If not, what brought about that position in us? We know immediately that it was because of Satan. It was because of the fall, because of false love.

The mind and body should be in love with each other and perform perfect give and take, but false love came between the mind and body. They have been conditioned by false love. We didn't know this until we learned that there is such a thing as true love. Because of the fall, there was a wall which separated our minds and bodies.

How are we to overcome that? To become perfect and to settle down perfectly is our task. We have never thought so seriously or deeply about this, have we?

The East and the West have to become one, united. The whole society has to be united. Whole families have to be united. Man and woman have to unite within a family. It comes down to the mind and the body being united within an individual. The unity of mind and body is so essential. Without this, we cannot spread out anywhere. After that, we can connect with true love. Unless and until our mind and body come into unity, the foundation for unification is not formed. The origin of Unification is not unifying Russia and America or East and West. The origin of unity is within the mind and body of an individual.

Individuals have that kind of value. It is not just conceptual it is a reality. God created each individual to be so precious and important. This is why Jesus said that the integrity of one's self is too precious to exchange for all of the world.

Here is a person! (Father draws a funny looking figure on the blackboard.] He has a gigantic head and a small body, so he doesn't have much foundation to stand on. Magnify that to the world's situation. If we do not stand as we should, then our root becomes very, very frail, almost as nothing, like this small leg.

Do we love ourselves? In which direction do we love ourselves? Do we love ourselves centering on the mind or on the body? We should center on the mind. Do you actually love your mind? Is your mind yourself or is your body yourself? They are divided and fighting against each other. This has been the case all throughout history. How can that struggle be resolved? This is humanity's problem, society's problem, the world's problem. It is "my" problem. Do you understand?

This is why Father has given us the motto that before we can go beyond the world, we should go beyond ourselves. Do you follow?

Can you say, "Yes, Father, I am in complete command of myself. I can control myself'? If you say, 'Not yet, no, Father," then when will we be able to say it? When are we going to do that? Many saints appeared here on earth and even they could not achieve this. The world is not very serious about this question, but it is crucial to everyone.

We have been lamenting, protecting the self, which is not even good. We have even complained, "How did I become like this?" We can see that hell is not far away. It is not a foreign place. It starts right here in myself. By the same token, heaven starts right here in myself. Should we love ourselves or should we hate ourselves? We have to hate our selfish selves very thoroughly before we can love our true selves well. Do you understand? Have we ever lost ourselves? Have we ever blamed ourselves?

How we become one is a very important question. How do we do it? What separated us in the first place? [The fall.] The fall of love, false love. The opposite of false love is true love.

What is God like? He, of course, had nothing to do with the fall. God, like us, has a mind and a body, doesn't He? Are God's mind and body in conflict also? [No.] Why not? We can understand that He is not in conflict. He is completely centered on true love. Therefore, His mind and His body are completely one. That is how we are different from Him and how we must become like Him.

If our mind wants to go this way, the body should also want to go that way, not as it is with us. With us, our bodies want to go their own way. We can draw an analogy here. The mind and body should be in the relationship of plus and minus in perfect unity. It is a dual construction. But we see that both the mind and the body are taking the subject position. The mind wants to go this way, in this direction, and the body wants to go this way in the other direction. This is God's side and the other is Satan's side. They don't want to follow each other or become minus to God. It is 180 degrees different than it should be.

Here is a beautiful woman. Everyone thinks that she is entitled to the most handsome man, but she realized how bad she is because of the origin of evil, the fall, so in order to indemnify that, to offset that, she chooses to marry the ugliest man. Why does she choose that? Because she is wise. She knows that Satan always becomes more and more arrogant the better things he has. He wants something even better. She knows that the only way to really control herself within is to become humble and say, "I only deserve the ugliest man on the face of the earth."

Here is the Abel person. As opposed to someone who says, "Oh, I was born into such a high class and I will study and rise in society and become greater and greater," the Abel person says, "First I need to become more and more humble. I will be very content to be manure, to be fertilizer for many other people to come." He, too, is wise because he knows that this is the only way to separate from Satan, to protect himself from becoming more and more arrogant even without being aware of becoming so. If he is willing to go to the lowest place, like prison, and from there want to go lower still and serve, then he is truly wise.

Say there is a spiritual Mafia which hunts a person even to the dungeons of hell. They will separate from him there. They will give up on him there. To die means to exchange one's life. When a person is willing to die and actually means it, then Satan retreats. We are perpetually in between God on one side and Satan on the other. "I" am right in between God and Satan. Normally, women think about how to make themselves more attractive; they want to be clean and glowing and well groomed. That is normal. There is nothing wrong with that, but if a woman knows Satan is hunting her, she has to be wiser. She has to be completely detached from the satanic world of men. It would be normal to try to attract the attention of man, but because of the fall, she cannot even think about all that. She not only gives up men, but also her society, and her surroundings. She has to deny herself even to that extent. It is very, very difficult. She has to be determined to completely do away with her satanic connections. She has to try very hard before she can achieve this, but when she does, then for the first time, God will come and embrace her.

Here is an analogy. It is like one who got married and who then realizes over a period of time that she married an evil man. She divorces him to the extent that she does not even think about him, not one iota. She tears up even the smallest memory and discards it and has nothing to do with that former connection. If we don't do that, Satan will find the smallest previous connection with us and say, "This is proof that you are connected to me."

You can imagine how difficult it is. How completely we have to free ourselves from everything that "I" used to be connected with. That is important. Therefore, we can only imagine how difficult the perfect settlement of the will of God upon "me" is.

Do you say, "Oh, Reverend Moon has really thought of the perfect way to threaten an individual"? Do you think this is Reverend Moon's explanation or do you think this is a fact? [A fact.] When we recognize and realize the fall of man, we find that all of this is true.

We can see that there is no such problem in nature. The natural world is all right. The spirit world is all right. God is all right. Only humankind is in an impossible entanglement. The history of humankind has been fighting from the small level to the large. All throughout history, there was struggling and fighting. White killed black, blacks retaliated. Human history has been the repetition of hatred and killing. Do we ever hear of things like this happening in the animal kingdom ? [No.] Do they use spears and swords and guns on each other? No. How about in the spiritual world? Do you think we would witness those kinds of things in the spiritual world? [No.] We've exerted a bad influence over the spirit world, but it all originated in man. There is much evil here.

Who destroys the spirit world, nature, and the environment -- who is the center of evil? Satan does that. Satan tries to destroy everything because he cannot have it.

At some point in history, this influence of Satan has to be completely eliminated. Can we do it? Yes! We can if we know how. How serious this situation is, all over the world. It all originates from the separation of mind and body. When two men get together to talk, they are divided into four parts. How can a family live together? They are separated into twenty parts! How can we unite? This is a very serious problem, for us, for ''me''.

Even though we may look like God, we are not like God. Our eyes may look the same, but our eyes are not like His. When God looks with His eyes, He focuses on a certain object. We have the eyes that He gave us at birth, but our eyes wander around and around with no focus, here and there and everywhere. We see that the enemy of the universe can be found right in "myself', ourselves. To eliminate this, to free ourselves from it, to subjugate and overcome it, we need to invest. We need to put in love, like an injection.

We've heard of addiction to the injection of drugs. We have to be addicted to the everyday injection of love into our body. That is our most important individual duty in this world. Do you understand? That is our most important responsibility.

Which is more important -- to go to school and study and advance oneself in knowledge and to rise in the world or to inject oneself with true love? Drugs are a bad habit; we have to acquire the good new habit of true love.

We want to lower ourselves even to the deepest level so that we can elude Satan. This body will say, "Oh my master really treats me in a cruel way! He makes me work twenty four hours a day and demands even more. He is impossible.! I give up to my master! He's driving me crazy!" When the body says that, then it has a chance to be freed from evil. That mind is a good master!

Would you like to be driven like that by your mind? Here in the Unification Church, everyone thinks Reverend Moon gives them very difficult tasks all the time. If we really understand what is the real matter of Principle, the real suffering we should go through -- no one would remain in the Unification Church!

The standard high mark for tests is 100%. Where are we? Are we in the seventieth percentile? Are we passing or are we in the sixtieth or fiftieth or even lower percentile? Each individual knows what grade he is getting. You know yourself. One thing is for certain: we are not 100%.

Father can see that when there is a difficult, trying time, everyone just looks around for someone else to do the job. Father has never found anyone who said, "Father, I will go first",'' in a volunteer spirit. That would be a 100% mark. There is no such person. Do we have that kind of mind? When there is a difficult situation, do we want to go ahead of everybody and do it? If someone else makes me do it, then it actually does not matter so much.

This is one task we must solve within our lifetime or else beyond our lifetime. Even if it takes eternity, we have to solve it as individuals. It is like this. Everyone goes to spirit world-ready or not. Only those who have perfect unity between mind and body will go to heaven. That means we are not prepared to go to heaven and will have to wait and wait until that problem is resolved. Now someone might want to say, "Father, is there some way I can avoid going to spirit world?"

If there were no spirit world, all this would not matter so much. But because there is a spirit world, it is a very serious manner.

Imagine that a man was living very happily with all his relatives, his parents and so forth, but he suddenly lost them all. They all went to spirit world at the same time. He alone is left behind. How sad he would be and how deeply he would cry. If some enemy came and killed them all, how hard would he cry? How hard would he shout out blaming the enemy? In such a miserable and sad situation, tears would not only flow from our eyes but also from our noses, from every opening, even welling out through the skin. Will that kind of suffering solve the problem? For eternal liberation, the eternal solution to this problem, even that kind of suffering would not clearly solve everything. There would still be some loose ends.

Imagine you have a cloth or handkerchief. It gets soiled and you wash it. Then you wash it again and again. Even after all that, if it has touched dirty things, some dirt still lingers in your mind. Even though it looks perfectly clean and other people say, "Now it is clean," your only thought is to go and try to wash it again. Have we ever treated ourselves like that- as if we were an eternal being? Love has been stained. Knowing that, we should want to wash and wash and wash again. How many times? Do you wash it and then go and dirty it again and then come back to wash it again? Certainly not.

Our mind is like that. We see something dirty and we want to clean it. Our mind wants that kind of perfection. We want to make something spotlessly clean-our mind and our body-and we want to dedicate this to God. We have that kind of mind, don't we? If we have something very precious then we want to give it to God.

God is perfect, He is an absolute being. He can't accept something that is partially dirty. God cannot be happy with that. Because His standard is absolute, He cannot bear to accept it. God wants fallen man to become even cleaner than He is. God's mind is like that We fallen beings want our sons and daughters, our offspring, to be better than ourselves, don't we? God is much greater than we are. How can we say that God is not the same? He is the same.

We now know how perfect we should be, how high a standard we should have. Where does the perfect settlement of the will take place? Where does the will settle down? The will has to settle down on "me", perfectly. That is the meaning.

The mind and body are separated; we have to reunite them and keep them together. With what? With true love. What is true love? True love is selfless love; parental love.

Even a fallen person wants to marry a spouse who is better than he is. Even fallen parents want their children to be more perfect than they are. Likewise, God wants His partner of love, humankind, to be even better than He is. That heart is in God just as it is in us.

We can also explain it by reason, by logic. We are the resultant beings; God is the cause. The fact that we feel that way means that somebody created us that way. We take after somebody. God was the cause.

God, who upholds the 100 per cent standard, wants His object of love to be even better than 100 per cent Perhaps 1,000 per cent Even 10,000 per cent hundred times better than what is already good. That is God's feeling.

What is God's world like-the world from which true love starts? It is like this: God gives 100%; 1,000% an impossible degree. If He ever stops and thinks, "Oh, I have given so much to mankind," He would have to stop, so He doesn't think. He gives and gives, more and more, and still wants to give more, never thinking about how much He has given in the past. That is the kind of world God comes from. God continues investing, forgetting what He has done.

[Father draws on the board]. When there is a high pressure zone and a low pressure zone, then this will go around because of the force that moves from one place to another. Then continual power appears there. Do you follow?

Here we can begin to understand eternal life. How is eternal life possible? Everything has an end. Everything has to stop. This is a hard question, but if someone asks you how eternal life continues, you can answer that true love means investing forever, giving forever and ever. Thus we can say there is eternal life.

When you see good parents who love their children, do they say, "Oh, I've done this in the past for my children. [ That's enough.]"Do they ever do that? No. They continually love them. This is the parental heart Say the parents go to a department store to get a special gift for their child. There is something that is very expensive, something less expensive, and something that is least expensive. For whatever reason, the parents buy the less expensive one (perhaps they can only afford that) but after that, every time the parents go to the department store and see the best one on display, they always feel regret. "Oh, I wish I'd bought him the best one!" They resolve that next time, they will buy him the best. When the parents come back from the department store, they work even harder to invest more to give to their children. This is a small example, a glimpse of the nature of true love. That must come from God. It certainly didn't come from any person.

We say the one who is willing to die will live. Where is the settlement place, the perfect settlement of God's will? That is the place where God invests and forgets how much He has invested and invests even more.

Do the Unification Church members want to lead a true love life or are they already leading a true love life? If we love our church, then we do everything. We invest 100% of our abilities and then forget and want to do it again. Have we ever even give the first 100% to the church? Have we given 100% to the world, to heaven, to God and to the True Parents? That's the problem.

Maybe in the initial stages of our involvement with the church, the infantile stage, we thought like this: "Oh, I've met Father; Reverend Moon. I am in good hands. Everything will work out and I will get a diploma because he loves me." Is that intelligent thinking? Why not? The universe will accuse Reverend Moon on that: "Why are your church members thinking like that?" There is a formula, a Principle. The Principle is that we have to be the settlement place of God's will. Have we become like that? That's the important question.

This is all agreed upon. The spirit world says, "Yes, yes, this is true. Each one has to do it on his own, make himself a perfect settlement of God's will." God will say, "Yes, your Parent speaks truly when he says that." Even we agree, "Yes, I agree with that Father. We should do that" The True Children will agree. Everyone agrees with this point Is it true or is it false that we have to make ourselves into a perfect place of settlement? [True.]

Have you ever placed yourself in God's position, looking at Satan? How hateful Satan is to God. If He were to express His hatred toward Satan, He would want to tear him cell from cell. God hates everything Satan is. That is the kind of pain God has in his heart. But God has to suppress that anger. He has to stop Himself from exposing His feeling. He even has to love that enemy being because it was originally His creation.

Look at history. God let Jesus die. He let the most loving person, Jesus, His son, die in order to save Satan. Satan will come around and have to admit, "God, You loved me more than You loved Your loving son, Jesus." Everybody and everything knows that God let Jesus die on the cross in order to save the lowliest person. Then evil has been subjugated by God and has to say, "Yes, God, you are right You saved me because You loved me more than You loved Your son." That is the Principle. There, the purpose of creation is accomplished, centering on true love. That is how we must do away with Satan.

That is when God's will has settled down. Then His purpose of recreation and salvation will have been accomplished. That trophy, that proof of true love has to be there before Satan bows down and is subjugated. Otherwise, Satan will continue demanding, "Where is love for me?"

The True Parents, the savior, and God have to treat everyone and everything with the original heart, as though they were the original creation, even though they are fallen and unprincipled and do not deserve it. They have to love and love and continue loving no matter how difficult the situation is, from the individual level to the family level to the national level. No matter how impossibly humankind repeats the same mistakes again and again and rebels against Him, they must love like that. Even when a person not only does not appreciate you, but is beating up on you, you have to continue loving him! You have to persevere through that and even do more. "If I love more, maybe you will change your mind. I will love more." That is how God thinks.

The Messiah will continue doing that to the very end, through all the eight grades of the individual, the family, the clan, the society, the nation, the world and the cosmic world. While he does that, everyone will oppose him and try to stop him and mock him. Still, he has to exert original love as if the unloving ones were the originally created beings.

This is the individual level [Father indicates on the board]. The family level will be a little bigger; the clan level, bigger; and so forth. The Messiah has to pull the whole universe here, like a locomotive of love, the Messiah has to love and give on all these levels even in the face of opposition. It is like a locomotive carrying a load so heavy that the wheel slips, but he keeps on moving, even if it is only inch by inch.

The satanic world says, "Oh, forget it; you can't make it, you can't do it," and they mock and mock and try to stop him, but nothing will daunt the heart of the Parent. When he is loving the individual level, that level rebels against him. The family level rebellion is a bit stronger than that. Then he goes on to the clan and to the nation. As he goes higher and higher, the opposition becomes more and more fierce. It never becomes less. He has to go on with a parental heart. The one he is loving is in hell and suffering. He cannot leave him there. He goes on to an impossible degree. When the loved one does not come around, even after all that time, God cannot eradicate him even if He wants to. The parental heart must go on and on.

There was a thick wall on each level, but God and the Messiah have been loving and loving, going forward in what they should do, even through the walls. The Messiah opened up a way for this individual, this family, to go to heaven. He even opened up a way for the communist world to be loved. Look at Korea. They were in so much darkness, they did not even know what Reverend Moon was doing. Yet he did it end loved them and now they are coming to understand. However, they still do not return what he has done for them. To an impossible degree, Father continues to work for Korea, even as it continues in rebellion. He never for a moment says, "Well, I give up on that country. I would like to see them punished."

Father came to America and told them why he came.

They did not believe, they did not know. They went against him and even put him in jail. Yet even in jail, Father tried. Father loved the lowest person in the prison. He continued loving. Even during the most difficult time, Father did not think or retaliating or loathing them even once. He just waited and did even more for them. He thought, "That means I need to do more." Father invested more and more. He doesn't even remember how much he invested in America. The field which Father created through investing love, that foundation of love which Father has won here has to be respected even by Satan. No one can trespass there. Satan will say, "Reverend Moon, this is your achievement, your foundation."

Father is trying to bring all divisions into unity. This is an inverted map of the Korean peninsula It is a very good map, isn't it? Now Father has gone through all eight stages. One thing remains, however. Kim II Sung, the head of North Korea, is the worst, the most evil extreme of false parents. Kim II Sung proclaims himself to be a parent, doesn't he? He is the evil counterpart of the True Parents.

Kim Il Sung does everything by coercion and oppression. We know how communism works. We know that even though the communistic world has been liberated on the world level-the wall has come down clearly thanks to the parental achievements-but that is horizontal communism. Vertical communism is still holding on. East and West Germany represent the horizontal level. That has been unified now. But here on the vertical line, Satan will not let go so quickly. This is the task now.

Centering on Kim II Sung, Cuba and Qaddafi are like the left and right wings. Kim II Sung himself serves as the Headwing on Satan's side. On God's side, there is Reverend Moon, Bush and Gorbachev.

If the communist and free worlds come into oneness, into unity, then aid to Kim II Sung will be cut. Kim II sung is baffled now. He does not understand how history is spinning so fast. It makes his head spin.

An upcoming media conference will be held right in the heart of Kim II Sung's capitol. They are working on that now. It is impossible for Kim II Sung. The world is coming in. How can he stop it? Moscow, Beijing, Japan, America-pressure is coming upon Kim II Sung. How can you beat that? that is the trend of the world. They are all pushing Kim II Sung to open up. That is the last foothold of the evil of communism, the last fortress of Satan in history.

Reverend Moon will liberate even Kim Il Sung. Communism in Russia and East Germany has been liberated. Father worked so hard to shorten the time. The light is shining now and they will be seeing that light. Both the free world and the communist worlds are stunned. They don't know what to make of it. History is going that way; it is real. While they are still confused, they have no other choice except to follow in Reverend Moon's wake. Amen! ["At last!" Father says in English.]

Now we see that the end of history is at hand, the time when there will be no more opposition from anywhere in the world against Reverend Moon. That time is fast approaching. Recognition and praise are beginning to come.

Father is launching the Federation of World Peace project now. We are getting signatures from the leading people here in America Because the ALC is an organization that people recognize by name, a lot of people have been signing up. "Oh, if that group is doing that, I already understand their goals and the goals of Reverend Moon, so I will sign it. I don't even have to read it."

The dark night of the Unification Church is now coming to an end and dawn and a new light are becoming visible. We know which direction the sun rises in now. Even if Reverend Moon withdraws in to the high mountains of the Himalayas, people will swarm to find him. "Where is he?" All of humankind will do that. Father doesn't need to be the focus of attention. We now know that the Parents have established their positions. But the same position does not automatically extend to the children's realm. It is Fathers concern that all the children, the individuals, will come to this point themselves. This is Father's concern now.

In order for us to do that, since the settlement is coming now, we need some directing thought within ourselves. Do you understand? Father made that kind of completion on the world foundation. How can you follow that? That is the true purpose of your individual and family foundation. This is the mainstream thought

What is the hope, the wish of mankind? The hope or wish of mankind is that we want a world where our children can go to heaven without persecution, without a savior. All the babies born on the earth can go directly to heaven. That is the wish of fallen man.

This is why we want to give birth to fine, world-level children, don't we? Another point is how to educate God's own true sons and daughters to serve the rest of humankind. This is another wish. This is why we want to teach them well and show them the exact example.

We want to see our children educated in such a way that they will head an organization, head a country, lead many people. We want them to be the true masters, the true centers. To become True Parents, true teachers and true owners are our three biggest wishes. We all want to raise ourselves up to become the master or the center of that country. Before we come to be in that position, we have to be the true master of our household, our family.

To represent all our ancestry and to even represent God, we have to become the true master of our household and inherit all the good traditions that our Parents have set. Then all the family members and other families will respect us in that position. These three wishes encompass everything: to be True Parents, true teachers, and to become true owners. If we achieve all three, we can do many things, can go anywhere and be welcomed in both the realm of the physical world and the realm of the spiritual world.

Do you follow so far? [Yes.] Mainstream or sovereign thought consists of these three goals. The three elements of the mainstream thought have something in common: they have a common root in true love in the sense that we want to give, love, serve, and forget Love and forget do more and forget invest more for the sake of others and forget.

When we think about True Parents, we immediately think about the true teacher on the right hand and the true owner or master on the left hand. He is not one; he is three in one. The fact that you give birth to your child does not make you True Parents. After we give birth to them, we have to educate them in the standard and give them some kind of foundation and show them how we live as True Parents. They should see a loving father and mother in a peaceful family, not a lot of fighting. You become a living textbook. We have to love the biggest level first-the cosmic level, the world level, the national level, the tribal level, and the parents' and individual levels. You have to show them how to go through those levels. That is the kind of education we must give our children so that looking at us, they can follow us and receive true education through our good tradition.

When we hear True Parents, we immediately have to think, "Oh, True Parents. He is the true teacher; he is the true owner or master." Father has to go by the same Principle. Giving birth to us, the Unification Church members, it is the same system. Heaven, too, is on that system. Everywhere you have these three mainstreams of thought. These three are the same; they are one, like a trinity.

The world is in helpless chaos, yet if you find only one out of the three elements, then there is a way for the world to be led out of its confusion. Any one of the three is all right. The on who has this kind of thought day in and day out, every second of his life, and who lives that way, when he goes to the spiritual world, he will be in heaven. Heaven is that kind of a world. Which ever path you take, that path will lead to heaven. If you follow the path of the true teacher, you will meet True Parents.

Why does Father have to expound on this? Why does he place so much importance on this? You are here but what about the people who have no chance of meeting Father? What about people who live one hundred years from now? We have to inherit the tradition and pass it on.

We respect and follow the true teacher just as we follow the True Parents. We follow the true owner just as we respect the True Parents and the true teacher. When we have that kind of thought and have made it a reality in our lives, are we a happy or fortunate being or not? No matter what happens, we are happy, we are fortunate. Not everyone has this privilege.

If we handful of people here who listen to Father neglect this and don't listen or take the Parent's talk very seriously, don't pay attention and loaf, it will be a source of regret for many thousands of years. "In such a time zone here on earth, you were taught directly by True Parents, loved by True Parents directly-you were taught to become the true owner, not an employee. what did you do?" Later, the spirit world will question us like that. What are we going to say? Will we say. "We didn't know"? Spirit world will accuse us then. "You were on the earth with them. How much respect, how much praise, how much prayer and hard work did you invest? What did you do during your time on earth centering on the living Father?" It will be a very serious question. Do you understand? [Yes.]

This is an extraordinary, historically rare position that we are in. If we do not do right, if we do not become good True Parents, teachers and owner, spirit world and history will accuse and blame us. Now we know clearly that this is what Father has worked for all his life. This is what Father is teaching us and it is the most important thing. We should remember it every day. By doing this, we will educate the children of God and help them to become good enough teachers to teach yet another person and all the rest of humankind to become true centers and true owners of the universe. This is what Father wants us to be.

This Principle applies to every level. It is the textbook, basic formula, from the smallest divisions of the male and female elements, to the nation, world, and cosmos. Father has established this so painfully. Father dedicated all of his life to this, sacrificing his entire life. Now Father is freely giving this to us. We did not have to suffer for it as he did. So we should never forget for even a minute, even for a second, that we are representing something, We not only represent our family, we represent our relatives. our nation, and the world. As long as we are Unification Church members we represent all four. Never forget this concept of representation. There is no individualism.

This is also a very important principle of Father's: when the family becomes perfect, the family has to invest for the sake of all the relatives, the clan. They are in the plus and minus or subject and object relationship. When the perfect clan is established, then that becomes the plus and the nation is the minus. You have to put everything your clan has into making a better nation. After that is achieved, then you have to put that nation into the world. Why do we have to continue to do that? By continuing it with all our might, our own mind an body become united. Every individual ever born was born with that separation of mind and body, that battle within. They are reunified centering on this. When it gets to the stage of the world as plus, then the universe is minus. When they are combined into one, then they can connect with God.

Why do we have to take that kind of route, the many different levels? It is for the repair of the separation of mind and body, to reconnect them into one. It is always the Cain/ Abel relationship. The Abel person invests in the minus portion. Do you understand? Until now, the Unificationists did not live up to this concept properly. They thought, "I am Abel, surrounded by many Cain people. They should respect and obey me." No. That is wrong. That must be corrected.

You have to invest. Abel must invest in Cain. Abel must unite them into absolute oneness through investment. Then Cain will obey absolutely. That is the true Abel's position. Otherwise, they cannot be unified. Invest 100% or more. Invest your whole lifetime, forgetting about it, and then invest more. That is the mind's position. When you take that position, you take the position of God.

The mind cannot follow the body. The body is Satan's base. The mind is God's base. This is their battle. This body belongs to Satan. It is his fortress and it is very strong. Do you understand? How can you tear down this fortress? This is the biggest task of our lifetime. If you do not achieve that completely, you cannot go to the best place in the spiritual world. You will go to a place where you have to wait for a long, long time.

We do everything for the sake of the larger purpose. The small one should invest everything for the sake of the bigger one because the big one is more important. Since Father has bequeathed everything to us, when we think, "I am the center, the teacher, the True Parents," we have to think, "I am representing the whole world in the tradition of Father." We have to have representation in our thinking always. "I represent the whole nation; this country of America, as a good parent, a good owner, and a good teacher. I also represent all of my clan and my family, not only myself as an individual."

This is a small cosmos. In America, there is no element of the world which is no/represented. Father has a world wide victorious foundation that we need to inherit. We need to work right here in America. We do not have to travel very far to find the world. Once your family is completely united, centering on man and woman, the tribe is no problem, the nation is no problem, the world is no problem, the cosmos is no problem. God comes down to your family. Your family represents the cosmic Abel nation, tribe and family. Reaching that, the cosmic level, you are automatically in heaven.

So here is the meaning of the title, the perfect settlement of the will and "me". We should have this mainstream thought, which is comprised of these three elements. We should never forget. Every moment we live, we should remember.

For instance, if we are having a meal, we are not eating an American meal. "I am eating a world meal, for the sake of the world, including the spiritual world." We wear our clothing for the same purpose. when we walk, it is for the same purpose. We are walking in True Parent's footsteps.

How wonderful that is. All things will bow down. You will have strong spiritual stature when you are like that. Do you understand? I want to live with that kind of purpose. Those who want to be that kind of leader, let's see your hands. Beautiful! God bless you.

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