The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Declaration of True Parents

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1990
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

"Sunpo" means declaration or proclamation and "Cham pumonim" is True Parents, so "Sunpo haja cham pumonimul" means "Declaration of True Parents." As Unification Church members, you habitually say "True Parents," but though they are easy to say, no other words have more profound meaning in all of human history. We are uniquely fortunate to finally be able to use these precious words "True Parents."

For the last 2,000 years Christians have known that Adam and Eve fell, so it should have been obvious for them to figure out that they lost true parents and have been under false parents. However, no one understood this until now. Some people in the past may have guessed that our original parents should have been good, but because they did not know the Principle they couldn't dare to declare True Parents. To finally discover the true meaning of human history is a tremendously astonishing accomplishment.

Since man was made in God's image, just like man, God has love, life, and blood within Himself. Once you understand what "True Parents" means, you can immediately understand that we need to cut off the false blood lineage from Satan and directly connect to God to inherit His true love, life, and blood lineage. Only then can we say we are truly living. At that point we will have God tagging along with us wherever we may go. We must be absolutely aware in our daily life that to live for others is the root of our salvation. Though we can inherit God's true love, life, and blood lineage, they are for the sake of others, not just for us.

Does anyone seek a love partner who is uglier than you or want children who will be inferior to you? It is natural that everybody is seeking somebody who is better than himself. From where do you inherit that kind of mind and thinking? [Hananim] We are the result, not the cause, so God also must be seeking someone even better than Him and He expects you to seek somebody who is better than yourself--centering upon true love. We know this because when God first created Adam and Eve, He didn't reserve anything back. He gave His entire self, willing to sacrifice His life for the sake of mankind and even wanted to give more. We who inherited from God the heart to give everything for the sake of the true object must also live for the sake of others. Even in this fallen world, people say that they would give their life for the sake of their beloved. That's true love. Since God gave everything He had, He is empty now but He still wants to give more.

This universe was created centering on true love, which is giving and living for others. Even in electricity, you see plus giving everything, so the minus goes to the plus and a spinning motion of giving and receiving results.If you truly inherit God's attributes 100 percent, you will become like God, always thinking and living for others. The original ideal world God created wouldn't exist for itself but for others. The fall is exactly the opposite--centering on yourself, you ask: "Give me love."

After the fall, Heaven and earth were separated, God and Satan were divided, and our mind and body have been dis-unified, always struggling. The biggest revolution for mankind to accomplish is ending the battle between the mind and body.

Who is Satan? Satan is the object who thinks and acts only for his own sake. We have to completely clear out the selfish habits we inherited from Satan's love, life, and blood lineage. Each individual is like a deeply-rooted hundred-years-old tree. Can you pull your tree out of the ground?

To solve this mind and body problem, throughout history God sent religious leaders to teach us to put the mind above the body. Your body is your enemy, pulling you to hell whereas your mind is trying to stop your body from being pulled.

We have to subjugate the body that seeks for comfort and easy work all the time and is selfishly motivated. That's why most religions encourage fasting, prayer vigils and refraining from sexual relationships outside of marriage.

Ever since man was created, all sexual relationships in this world have centered on Satan. Not even a single action has centered on God. This kind of sexual behavior is destroying, not helping you.

Satan has three major weapons to destroy mankind: (1) food, eating; (2) sleeping, which also means living comfortably, always seeking the easy life; and (3) abusing sex freely. Religions teach us to eat humble food, like vegetables, so you can easily bend to pray. If you eat rich, tasty food you will have a big stomach and can't bend to pray!

We tend to make other people work hard, yet we want to sit back and have an easy life. We also have fallen nature such that if you find somebody who looks better than your spouse, you immediately want to go for that person. Two or three snakes usually have their bodies and tails coiled together, but their heads are separate, looking for something better all the time. The American style of living is exactly like that: two heads looking to find a better one. It's like a spider web that is being used as a devil's tool to destroy this entire world.

There is a certain cry in America: Stop those Japanese and Korean people from working too hard. The people who try to stop others from working are the center of the devil. If American people do not even work for their own sake and Oriental people want to work even for other people's sake, which side do you think God will be on? [Oriental]

The trend now is that all the important necessities of mankind are produced in the Orient, while the American people in general are seeking excitement and fun; this is leading them to hell. A good example: Some black people in Harlem, New York, became so jealous of the Korean people there working long hours and being successful that they attacked the Koreans. Some think they should get rid of all Asian people.

If you don't work hard, you are doomed to decline. Suppose there is a white group, a black group, and an Oriental group. In one hundred years the race that works hardest and that also works for the sake of others, not just for themselves, will be the center and master of that particular area.

We are the people who know all the secrets of Satan and all the secrets of God. If you know a diamond mine is in a mountain, don't you think you would sell all your belongings and go to that mountain? Those who do not know the reality may ridicule you saying, "Look at that, he sold all of his important belongings and is going for that empty mountain."

But if you know diamonds are truly there, no matter what anybody says you will be confident and go for it, won't you? You would be smiling even if they persecute you and you have no food or place to sleep because you know for sure what you will get.

The priceless treasure of knowing the secret of true love, true life, true blood lineage from True Parents and God is even more valuable than this diamond mountain. But no matter how precious and beautiful a treasure we may have, if we don't work hard and practice what we know, God will become more and more distant from us. No matter how capable you may be, unless you connect yourself with God, the source of everything, there is no hope. In other words, you have to practice the Principle in daily life and come ever closer to the original source.

Since I know this secret of how to give abundant blessing to mankind, I can't leave you alone and idle. I have to constantly push you to fulfill your mission.

Do you think this path to the diamond mountain will be easy to travel? [Tedanhi oriupsumnida, Abonim] That's right. It is an extremely difficult path. Throughout history, nobody ever even imagined it. To challenge and make it through is very precious and significant.

As you follow this path to go to heaven, everything you encounter in your daily life is your enemy. But no matter how difficult the hurdles and roadblocks Satan may create between the diamond mountain and you, the one way to overcome is to dig a tunnel underneath. Otherwise you absolutely can't reach there. But you must not dig the tunnel for your own sake--thinking, for example, "I will collect a toll from whoever wants to pass there." You've got to create that tunnel for the sake of mankind.

I have prepared this tunnel, yet who appreciates this in the world? People even think I am lying. Along this long central tunnel there may be many deviating tunnels that Satan has created to mislead you. How can you determine which tunnel is the correct one? There is a long, thin thread connecting the diamond mountain to your heart. I call this the "heart thread." Once you grab this thread, no matter what circumstances you may fall into, you must keep following it because this tunnel may go up and down and curve through all kinds of life experiences. Even at the final point, just one step before you reach the diamond mountain, you could deviate. No matter how luxurious and tempting the material things are around you, once you have this heart thread from True Parents, you've got to hold on and follow it. Do you like me that much? [Yes!] I don't see or feel that.

Now all you have to do is follow that already-prepared tunnel with a thread leading you. But when I started digging this tunnel, Satan did everything to stop me. The entire world was against me completely. But now nobody can stop me.

As you understand from the Principle, the history of salvation means history of restoration, which means history of recreation. How many years has mankind existed? Some people say a 100 million years and others say one billion years. Throughout history many kinds of religions have appeared to gradually take over the satanic world. Once the True Father appears, however, the entire satanic world will be totally shattered. The first major step was taken by Jacob. To secure the blessing from God, Jacob had to overcome all kinds of difficulties--ridicule, a battle with an angel, everything--and come out as the victor. Even when he felt that he was dying, he never let the angel go, and then finally the angel had to give the blessing to Jacob in order to get away. Winning over this angel from God's realm means that without question he won over all the angels in Satan's realm, so when this angel gave the blessing to Jacob, even Satan couldn't accuse him. From that point, it's as if history was divided. You can see how many religions have appeared since then.

The blessing from God to Jacob was not just for himself or for Israel. Thinking that blessing was just for themselves was the starting point of deviation. The Jewish people should have understood that they were to work with the Messiah to restore the entire world. However, they expected the Messiah to bring abundant blessing for the sake of Israel only, and they rejected and crucified Jesus. That's why we lost the entire world.

Both Abel's world and Cain's world needed to be restored. Whom do you think that Jesus should use as the sacrifice to restore the entire world? Abel's side--the religious people. But because the Israelites failed it took 2,000 years before the second Messiah could come to the world.

Why do you think God allowed so many battles all over the world throughout history, like World War I and II and all the European wars? Why did He finally give America a central role to unify this entire world centering upon Christianity? For the sake of America? [No] It's absolutely clear that God prepared this country to receive and follow the Messiah, True Parents, for the sake of the world.

Even if God loses all the heads of the 185 countries in the world today, He must secure and protect the Messiah. God's position is clear. Even if we lose nine-tenths of the entire population of America, we can clearly build the Kingdom of Heaven with just one-tenth. Do you have confidence?

If it takes money to meet the Messiah, how much do you think you would have to pay? How many billions of people have been sacrificed for this cause, and what kind of waste has human history had to endure? All human history has been longing for this day. Only if you meet the True Parents can you go to heaven. Otherwise there is no hope.

The religions in the world are not in total unity. I initiated the world religious conferences to bring them together because otherwise they would constantly fight. I have to unite the democratic and communist worlds too. Originally the True Father did not have the responsibility to do this mundane work of cleaning up the world. He was supposed to appear when the world was already clear and all sinful people had confessed.

During World War II the United Nations was formed, and after the war America gave aid to the defeated countries, like Japan. This never happened before in human history. The time has come when all the nations are horizontally on the brotherhood level, not the vertical level of master and servant, because True Parents have to deal with brother countries, not master and servant countries. Democracy means the ideology of brotherhood; mankind is equal. Do you think you can secure happiness through only freedom? The cause of everything is love, so with love as the root you can utilize freedom to secure your happiness. Both a country's ruling party and opposition party and their senate and house always fight because they don't know this heavenly secret of living for the sake of others. After brotherhoodism comes the ideology of parents, because only with vertical parental love can you unify husband and wife, brother and brother.

If the Messiah comes as your brother, you can find him easily. If the Messiah comes as your husband or wife, it is still a horizontal relationship, so you may fight, but if the Messiah comes as the True Father with true love, then you can't fight. You have to obey.

The Messiah comes as the True Father to mankind because he brings the seed for the new world, the seed of true love, life, and blood lineage that originated from God.

Have you received the true life seed from God? [Yes] But even after the blessing have you followed my direction exactly? As blessed couples, are your minds functioning just like mine? Do you think that God's mind and body are constantly battling? How can you unify your mind and body? God's true love is the only way. When you see love existing between man and woman, you are willing to die. God also obeys and even surrenders in front of true love.

How does unification occur? If Eve seeks God not for her own sake but for Adam's sake, and Adam seeks God for the sake of Eve, then there is unity because God created them and is the center. When you see something you really like, you want to take it first, right? If you do that purely for the sake of the public purpose, then it is fine. Living for the sake of others is the base of unification thought.

Of 10 friends, if one is always taking from the other nine, they will usually run away. But if one person is doing everything for the others, then he will become the center, the leader, of all those friends. Living for others is not a sign of declining. It means you are becoming the master, the center, the teacher, and parent of others. Your mind is like master, teacher, parent, always protecting and leading. A mind like God is the most precious mind.

The physical body is the mind's enemy, which means master's, teacher's, and parent's enemy--actually it is even more hateful than an enemy. Your primary challenge is to make the body follow the mind for your lifetime.

God is not far away--He is dwelling within your mind, which is everywhere. Even at night if you try to do something wrong, your mind is right there trying to stop you, just like your mother--always caring about you, following you everywhere. But your body is your enemy forever. Someone who is always worrying about himself or struggling will go to hell, not heaven. Unifying people and peacemakers can get into heaven. To reach heaven you must correct this physical body and know that the enemy is yourself, not something bad from outside.

The most fearful guy belongs to you--how can you cut it out? To cut is miserable, so I thought of another way--grafting. Now you have grown to be a big wild olive tree. On the outside the true olive tree and the wild olive tree have the same form and construction. But the wild olive tree is rooted in Satan's way and your physical body belongs to Satan. God's true olive tree is planted in the mind and has a root connecting it to God.

Christianity advocates sacrificing physical desires. Without subjugating your physical body to become an absolute minus to unite with your mind as plus, you cannot get into heaven because heaven is all that is unified. That which is separating or fighting is ultimately pushed out to hell.

There are two ways to enable the mind and body to take their rightful positions. One is to deny the body the temptations of Satan through sacrifice, fasting, and refraining from free sex, drinking, drugs etc. Another way is to make the mind more capable of receiving strong power from God through prayer. If the mind is in the minus position to God in the plus position, it can gain great power to control the body and after several years the body will have good habits and will say, "I like following the mind everywhere." Ultimately the mind and the physical body will be unified and then you can be controlled by God. So there are two ways: to cut away physical desires or to receive God's power. That's why we have to pray. Unification Church members usually don't pray hard enough. Through prayer you can receive inspiration and strength and power.

The affluence that America is enjoying now is not for the sake of America, but for the sake of the world. If America knew that, America would sacrifice. Even if we have to sacrifice the country America, if we restore the world, America would still exist. Always remember what kind of struggles and suffering God had to endure in order to send one restored final Adam to mankind.

If the world right after World War II in 1945 had accepted the Messiah, it could have been unified then, and True Mother could have been a Western woman, maybe from Britain, which is an island and represents the woman's position because it respects the mainland. Since the world failed, the blessing came to Japan. The relationship that existed between Italy and Britain now is duplicated in Asia between Korea and Japan. Italy is a peninsula and so is Korea. A peninsula symbolizes the man's sexual organ. Every culture's progress throughout history has been connected to a peninsula.

Since the world rejected me I had to start on the individual level in America and progress up to the worldwide I came to America, starting on the individual level and then progress up to the worldwide level. As my family grows too, widening the spectrum of my influence from the individual to the worldwide level, the satanic world should be getting smaller and eventually disappearing.

Your family now is growing too, right? What nationality spouse do you want for your children? [Korean] You have to get your children's spouse from your enemy's country, which for America was Japan during World War II.

During World War II, Britain, France, America, Italy, and Germany were all enemy countries. But from the Asian point of view, the Western world is the robber and cheater. The British came to the Asian continent as pirates and took whatever was precious. Later on, they were kicked out and in the Last Days that kind of exploitation will be ended. The time for Asians is coming because they were persecuted. But if they act just for their own sake, there is no hope. However, if Asian people truly work for the sake of the Western people and for the sake of the entire world, then they will prosper. It is logical to conclude that the first Israel failed because the country just lived for its own sake and the Second Israel, which is America now, is declining because it is becoming more selfish, just protecting its own welfare. However, if the Asians in the third Israel position truly follow my direction to live for the sake of the world, they will prosper.

How many people in the world do you think truly understand True Parents? You may say not so many, but it doesn't matter. Is there any decent person who hasn't heard something about Rev. Moon? When the time comes it will take less than one day to let the entire world know who True Father is. People have thought I looked very strange, but now Rev. Moon's real shape if appearing in the world --though that is still strange looking: a big body with short arms and legs! Even after so long, only a small number of people understand Rev. Moon because the entire world has been opposing me. But now, even the communist country, Russia, is welcoming me. Suppose Gorbachev embraces me and proclaims that Rev. Moon is the person we need for the world. Then what would happen?

Even in China and Russia they know Rev. Moon.

Do you think Pres. Bush will be able to solve the problem of drugs and free sex in the world? [No] That's why the world absolutely needs True Parents. Suppose the Russian people want to respect me as their king, then will America, which has no concept of king, fight Russia?

Do you think you can just elect the Messiah out of the entire population? Would the Messiah find his wife or children through election? We don't have any choice of whom to chose as our God or as our father and mother. Once the Messiah establishes strong enough foundation here the concept of democracy will fade away.

I have come a long way to establish this worldwide foundation. From now on, absolutely nobody will be able to oppose me. Even Belvedere will be too small soon to hold this kind of meeting. If all mankind understood True Parents half as much as you understand, they would fervently seek True Parents because they would understand that only through True Parents can they inherit true love, true life, and true blood lineage.

Once connected to and controlled by true love, all the natural world would pull the same way, which means that by connecting to true love one can inherit everything and ultimately become the true owner. With true love we can catch all creation, including God. You are greedy for big universal things but how can that greed be satisfied? Only true love has the power to fill and unite both mind and body completely. Then we don't feel greed anymore.

Once God connects with your mind, automatically the body follows, resonating with the same frequency or vibration. Then you can understand everything including the spiritual world. You can make this precious connection by unifying your mind and body. The enemy is not the outside world--it is the physical body, Satan's dwelling. Now you can understand clearly the importance of uniting with God and God's power to control your body.

Have you really helped True Parents up to this point? Did you help when I was going through Danbury? I have been fighting alone all these years. My 70-year birthday celebration was the time I used to declare the True Parents through our members in every corner of Korea.

The name Unification Church is more cold and distant than the phrase "True Parents," which indicates clearly that we can finally inherit true love, true life, true lineage. Therefore, we have to sing True Parents every single day and proclaim them as much as we can.

[By centering on Satan, Adam and Eve became the false father and mother, a seed which cut off the true bud and took over this entire world as a false tree. Our body took over our mind, but a small portion left over, the original mind, somehow survived and can flourish again centering on True Parents.

We must cut off this false billion-year-old tree and graft onto the true root. Then this entire false root should come out and the entire false root should come out and leave only the true tree, but how difficult this job is. You have to repeat this grafting many time, trying again and again until you succeed

I created The Washington Times, Insight, and World & I, and AFC in this enemy country to save you because I have to save even the satanic world. But what have you been doing? I did this while I was facing persecution, but for you now there will be no more heavy persecution. So go out and witness: "You American people must repent because you sinned against Rev. Moon." Even if you proclaim that way, people won't persecute you now. They will nod their heads.

The title today was "Proclamation in the United States." There is no other way of saving the United States. March 1st is a very significant day in Korean history because 70 years ago today the entire Korean population stood up against the Japanese domination to declare the independence of Korea. They did rallies all around the country. My conclusion is that there will be hope for America if all of you make a new determination to be totally united with me and march forward from this day on.

Those who strongly determine before God to march forward aggressively, raise both hands please. You look beautiful. God bless you.

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