The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Unification Church National Conference

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 19, 1990
World Mission Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

You just don't know how the providence is progressing. Father is doing things all by himself, so that many members who have been following for years do not even know what he is doing. History is going on and the world is becoming more and more complex every day. Things are interchanging and intermingling like a tangled web. Under those circumstances, only Father knows how history is going and in what way it will end. He is talking about the free world and the communist world and how the two are intertwined.

Nobody really takes seriously the fact that the evil world will come to an end and a good history will begin. Christian ministers say, "Rev. Moon says that, but it is too idealistic." But I want you to know that God has absolutely determined that evil history will come to an end and good history will begin.

Look what has happened today. Not only the left wing, or communism, has come to an end, but also the right wing is finished.

How amazing it is that Unification Church is not right wing or left wing, but, as Father declared, "headwing". God declared headwing through Rev. Moon. By doing so, only we are in the position to embrace left and right. Not only you can see the providence unfolding, the evil coming to an end and the good beginning, but the most important, joyful event is that the world is recognizing this. American, Soviet and world political leaders are recognizing what Rev. Moon has been predicting. All these people have been going a different way and trying to destroy Father. These people are changing.

Gorbachev was not good from the very beginning. He had to change his position toward Rev. Moon. Even up until 1987, he was cooperating with Kim Il Sung. Gorbachev himself with his KGB forces had planned to eliminate Rev. Moon. However, since then, he has become wiser. He has done a little homework and come to the conclusion that he should not treat Rev. Moon that way. Remember in 1988 when Kim Il Sung dispatched Red Army members secretly to the United States? The Red Army are the most vicious terrorists from Japan. Their purpose was to eliminate Rev. Moon in America. Twenty five members were sent. This secret information reached Father from the government who shared this with him. The CIA and FBI eventually found evidence of this and began to protect Father. They felt that if something happened to Rev. Moon, it would affect the entire United States. It was only because of the protection from God that one of the Red Army spies was captured. His name was Kikumura, and he was caught on the New Jersey Turnpike. Can you imagine? It was almost like finding a needle in a haystack.

In hindsight, there is another amazing thing. When Rev. Moon was indicted, the Justice Department was grinning ear to ear. They were one thousand percent sure that he would not return from Korea. They thought they had gotten rid of him. But on the contrary, Rev. Moon came back the very next day. He didn't care about the trial, only about God's mission. He could not abandon the mission. If Father had not come back at that time, what would have happened? All these great things would not have happened.

So you can see that Father is not concerned for his own safety. If you want to accomplish some great divine mission given by God, you must risk your life. In April of 1990, Father had his Moscow rally as predicted. In the eight months since then, how much the providence has moved! Father's fame has spread greatly.

Father decided to invite and teach brilliant college students from the Soviet Union. A plan to teach three thousand students has been formulated and already one thousand have come. Each time a group of 250 came, it was the American State Department, not the Soviet government, which put a roadblock at every step of the way. It was incredibly difficult for the Soviet students to get visas to come to America, until the fourth group came. Now everything has changed.

When the fourth group was preparing to come, the students still did not have visas by the scheduled departure time. The State Department thought the students would be helpless without visas. But the next day, protests came like a shower of bullets from congressmen, senators, governors and police chiefs. The State Department surrendered and issued visas right away. They said they normally have to receive a formal approval through the United States embassy in the Soviet Union. But they were so afraid of political upheaval that they simply sent a fax telling them to give the students visas. After that, the State Department changed their policy. They said, in regard to the students invited by Rev. Moon, the State Department is not involved any more. The United States embassy in Moscow may issue any visas they want

The students' plane reservation was for 11 A.M., and they didn't have their visas yet. The Soviet co-sponsors and Novosti press agency and others all told them, "Forget it. The United States bureaucracy will not work that fast. You better all go home and wait a few days and we will let you know." But our side said "No! The visas will be available tomorrow. Don't let the students go too far away. Let them wait here." The Soviets said, "We know the United States government too well. The visas won't come." But we promised the visas would come by 11 A.M., and they did. There was one problem, however. How could the airline personnel process 250 passengers in time? They just handed out one visa and one ticket to each student, not even checking the names! How incredibly history has progressed!

The atmosphere has totally changed. The United States, including the State Department, is competing with the Soviet Union over who will have more love and attention from Rev. Moon! They don't want to be defeated regarding this. They are very keen about which country Rev. Moon pays more attention to, the Soviet Union or the United States. This is a good sign.

The most dramatic, romantic and exciting things are happening today. Their origin is not just in the last 40 or 70 years of Father's life, but back almost 250 million years of human history. God has been working from that time with the aim of reaching this particular moment. All the indemnity of history has culminated in these things happening.

Father has always given the credit totally to God, and he especially wants to do that today. Can you think of it, 200 years ago God made this brand new Christian nation and allowed it to prosper. But America has been weakening, and needs a lot of help. It is dying. As this was happening, communism appeared on the horizon 73 years ago with the slogan, "We are the hope and salvation of humanity." Yet communism killed at least 170 million people. Now, 73 years later they wave the white flag and surrender. This is a special moment that has developed in time for America, for the Soviet Union and for Father.

In 1920 Father was born. He laid a foundation in Korea and Japan and then came to America in 1971 and laid a foundation here. In 1990, Father is in a position to deal with the two crumbling worlds. Look at the timing. It is so precise. Nobody else can plan this kind of timing except Almighty God Himself. Providential will has made these things possible. The amazing thing is, God made the environment such that there is no choice other than to go to the Unification Church. There is only one way to go. In other words, Father is almost like a fisherman, driving all the fish into one hole.

Have Father and the Unification Church just been waiting around these last 70 years for these things to happen? No. For the last 40 years Father has been completely paying the historical debt of humanity. All that indemnity has been paid in forty years. Father laid the foundation from scratch, from nothing, building step by step to be ready to deal with the two crumbling worlds.

This is 1990 and now Father is 70 years old, facing another decade in his life. Father exactly prepared and timed his foundation to be ready to move forward into a new era, a new beginning. Moses, at the age of 80 was beginning the exodus. In the same way, Father is beginning the universal exodus as he begins his eighth decade. It is the exodus from sin, from crime, from all immorality.

How much change has come in this one year of 1990 in terms of the providence centering on Father and in terms of the world situation? Imagine this kind of change being repeated every year for the next ten years. Who is going to be a champion and a worker for the next ten years?

In a 70 year period, True Parents' mission has been accomplished, consummated and fulfilled to perfection. Not only did they pay the indemnity, not only did they lay the entire groundwork, but they brought unity between the spirit world and physical world. Father laid the foundation for each of you to be victorious in the next ten years. It will be your ten years, in which you can win the foundation that True Parents have created.

At the time of Jesus, the Israelites were twelve different tribes. If those twelve tribes had accepted Jesus and gone into the world spreading his message they would have made the kingdom of God on earth at that time. They failed. Today, centering on True Parents, the blessed couples as tribal messiahs, making up the twelve different tribes, have already gone out to the entire world. What those twelve tribes failed to do two thousand years ago, we shall accomplish.

Up to this time, the Unification Church has been attacked and persecuted from all four directions. The world tried to bury us. But from 1990 on what will happen? Instead of trying to bury us, they will try to lift us up. The names of the Unification Church and Rev. Moon will be lifted up and up and will blossom. Do you really believe this will happen? When this happens, who shall oppose us? Not the American people. The position of the elder son has been restored now. The Unification Church is in the elder son's position and the United States government and people are in the younger brother's position. Nobody will oppose the elder brother. They all have to listen to Rev. Moon's message and say that it is right. When you really preach about Father, they will listen and agree. The same thing will happen in America that happened in the Soviet Union with Soviet lawmakers.

The elder son's birthright has been restored. So, there are True Parents, elder son, and second son all on God's side. There is no division. Satan cannot invade that united realm. That is the Principle. It is an absolute winning point for God's side.

This year, 1990, we celebrated the 31st Children's Day. That means 30 years have elapsed. Jesus' life was 30 years. Father made a declaration in Korea on the last Children's Day. The spirit world has been in the elder son's position or Cain's position and the earth has been in Abel's position. The spirit world has been exploiting the earth for its own benefit. Father has said that this will happen no longer. He declared to the spirit world that they are now restored to God's side and must come down to earth and help Abel. This was declared by True Parents.

Knowing this truth to the bone, the spirit world is now completely at our command and every level shall surrender to us. We need guts to push and every obstacle in front of us will fail down. In the entire world, no one has not spoken badly of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. When they discover what is right, they will feel guilty. When you tell them the truth, they will quake because they are ashamed within their own hearts. Their conscience hurts and for that reason they will quickly change and ask, "How can I cooperate with you?" At this time, you don't have to worry about any country. All of them will have a national policy to follow headwing Godism.

In the Garden of Eden, if Adam and Eve had not fallen and had become perfect, creating a family and tribe and so on, there would not be such a thing as a nation. There would be no barriers, no world as we see it now. What would there be then in the Garden of Eden? The spirit world would be guiding everybody. That's all. The spirit world would say, "We only follow Adam's family. That's our mission." Automatically Adam and Eve would have had complete dominion over the entire world

Today we need blessed couples, chosen people, to turn around from their satanic past, one after another, increasing God's power. People still opposing will say, "Don't go to Unification Church!" But in their hearts they themselves are already going, they're already inside the Unification Church, because their internal mind knows where they should live. This is that kind of time.

The truth will give you guts. First, you have True Parents. Second, you are the restored elder son and a tribal messiah. Your mission is also to restore kingship. Can Satan oppose you? In the Garden of Eden Satan didn't have True Parents, the elder son's birthright or tribal messiahship or kingship. None of those things existed in the Garden of Eden. Satan commanded everything. Today we have True Parents, restored elder sonship, and kingship. We can go far beyond the level of Satan. In other words, Satan is completely overwhelmed.

Are you the elder sons of God's kingdom centering on True Parents? Centering upon True Parents is the only way you can receive the elder son's birthright. Satan's world doesn't have this kind of elder son's birthright power. Satan recognizes that only Father has this power and bows down to him. This is the time of judgement. Have confidence that you have this power. True Parents have restored the elder sonship.

Maybe you don't really know and you're unclear about Cain and Abel restoration. Even if you have not known the Divine Principle too clearly, at this time today you can listen to True Parents and have guts. First, you have True Parents. Centering on True Parents, you have become a true son, based on the true restored elder sonship. If you pledge that to Father today, every one of you will be forgiven. Not only will you be forgiven but you will be given that right as you raise your hands and pledge. (Shouts of "Yes, Father!" and applause.)

The Soviet Union and United States have to pay attention to Rev. Moon. They have a special department: The Bureau of Rev. Moon. They have to keep records of what he is doing every day. They not only have to pay attention to Rev. Moon, but they also pay attention to Unificationists. They recognize that Rev. Moon has been victorious and that his predictions have been correct for the Moscow Rally. So many things that Rev. Moon has predicted have been realized. Rev. Moon said that communism would crumble after 73 years. After exactly 73 years, it crumbled. The governments of the entire world have to pay attention to him. The so-called Moonies have become very important. People will look at you and think "He is just like Rev. Moon. He even looks and acts like Rev. Moon." Why is that? Because you have the elder son's right and you can speak with authority.

Don't act like beggars. You are commanders-in-chief Don't bow down. Have pride in being elder sons of True Parents. Tell people, "Don't you want to go to Heaven? Come with me." You don't even have to explain to your little cousins, nephews, brothers and sisters. All you have to do is say, "Come with me. Listen to your elder brother, your elder sister." You understand clearly the most truthful way. Look so serious, so confident, so gutsy and they will follow you.

Increasing the membership, therefore, should be no problem. It will be easy for ten people to join in a month from one member's effort. You can do it. We have a weapon that can defeat even the most intellectual people in the world. No intellectual, east or west, can challenge the truth. There is a lot of buzzing here and there, people talking about Rev. Moon, Godism, and headwing. All the major cities in America are talking about Rev. Moon. In the meantime, those dead skeletons of the valley shall revive.

Use your mouth at this time like a crazy person, never keeping it shut. American women, your time has come! Be noisy and shout out the news.

When Father was in Korea, he initiated a gigantic crusade as a preparatory campaign for the reunification of North and South Korea. A rally is going on all over the country right now in Korea. The basic mission of Korean members now is family restoration. They are saving their families, 120 tribes. Father ordered a core group of four thousand in Japan who are going out to restore families. Japan's mission is not only restoring men and women, but restoring money, too. Eve's country has to feed the world, like mother's milk.

What about America? Do you want to fall behind Japan? America is the archangelic country. Therefore, your job is to influence the rest of the world. America will influence the world's five billion people. All five billion people of the world are the children of the archangel, so the archangel nation should go out and restore them, including the Soviet Union. Then you must move on to Asia. Asia is the home of humankind because the Adam nation is there, also Eve's nation, the father and mother countries.

In the Garden of Eden before the fall, there were Adam, Eve and three archangels. As it was sown then, it is being harvested now on a worldwide scale of nations. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is the Eve nation, and the three archangels are the United States, the Soviet Union and Red China. In Japan, the Eve nation, the women are controlling the money. A women's purse there is always full. Japan is pulling all the United States' money away and putting it into its own pocket. The archangel doesn't deserve to have property, but can only follow. The mother, Eve, is custodian of the property. The United States will go down economically. Japan will buy up more and more property. But in order to continue to enjoy this prosperity, Japan must help Korea. Japan must realize that it is not Japan's money; it is Eve's money to be used for the sake of Adam, for Rev. Moon and Korea's unification. Japanese wealth has to be contributed for the unification of Asia and the unification of the world.

The Japanese people today have a large purse and they don't know what to do with it, where to store it. They are trying to find their husband. Japan maybe finds some attraction even in Kim Il Sung; alter all, he is also Adam, though a false Adam. How ridiculous! The True Parents are in South Korea! Whatever perspective you take, history fits perfectly so that only one direction remains, God's direction.

Father called this important conference today to proclaim to you that you are elder sons centering upon True Parents, and this means that you must not love your husband or wife or children just for your own sakes. Your tradition is to sacrifice your families in order to go out and restore your relatives. Blessed couples, your mission is to create a heavenly family tradition that expands into the level of your own relatives and neighbors. This is a messianic duty, a tribal messiah's duty. So far you have been paying indemnity, but now Father fulfilled all the conditions of indemnity and you are going to harvest for the sake of the tribe and the nation.

In one word, the tradition of the family is True Parentship. You will be imitating True Parents. True Parents have given their entire lives for the sake of creating this foundation. You are doing the same, giving your entire lives for the restoration of the foundation upon which your own relatives, your tribe and your neighbors can be restored. From now on, your assets will not be the size of your bank account, but how much you give yourselves for the sake of heaven in order to establish True Parent's tradition, the eider son's tradition and expand it for the sake of the world. According to those assets, your eternal life will be determined.

God invested every ounce of energy, not saving one ounce of energy, one drop of blood or sweat. By the same token, you are going to invest everything for the sake of setting up the tradition of the true heavenly family. You will invest husband power, wife power, children power, everything you have to expand the True Parents' family.

You must reach 120 homes. All numbers can be found in that number. Christianity began with 120 disciples of Jesus. Before Pentecost, 120 disciples were praying in an upper room. Armed with an incredible power of spirit that came down, they went out and started Christianity worldwide. Today you are going to do the same. You are like those 120 disciples. Your power is True Parent's power.

As a tribal messiah you will eventually even have the power to do matching and give the blessing. You will have this power because you will be Father's chosen ancestors, exact replicas of True Parents. You can work right in your immediate area, dealing with your own brothers and sisters, your parents, aunts and uncles, and neighbors. This work is most important. When you do this job successfully, you don't have to worry about the nation or the world. Father has already taken care of that.

Korea's unification will become a natural result of True Parents' success. Nobody else will do it, but even True Parents cannot do it until you lay your own foundation. North and South Korea are dialoguing, but there is still a lot of distance between Kim Il Sung and South Korea. But Kim II Sung will surrender naturally to Father, not by force or bullets or bombs or war. Do you think that Gorbachev and all the Cabinet members and Congressmen who are listening to Father do so at gunpoint? No, it is a natural result of Father's foundation. The natural surrender of Kim II Sung is possible because of the world wide atmosphere and circumstances and providential timing. Therefore, you are going to do your own duty in laying the tribal foundation and moving toward the restoration of kingship. Your own tribe in a way is a small kingdom and you are like a king and queen.

Father created the atmosphere now so that national leaders have to recognize Rev. Moon's position. In other words, they will come to the conferences and want to learn Rev. Moon's ideology and world view.

Father has been receiving all the persecution on your behalf. You don't have to go out and receive persecution anymore. You are going to win with gutsy declaration. You know God's timetable.

I want you to know that Satan is always there. He has not completely disappeared. Satan has been so tenacious up to this moment, like a bulldog who bites and never releases. He has been absolutely aggressive. Therefore, God's strategy from now on should be to do more than Satan in order to win Satan's world. We should go beyond Satan's level in being tenacious. Do you understand? That is the place where the liberation of God will take place. God's age old dream shall become a reality. Everything will be fulfilled when you determine to practice such loyalty to God and True Parents so that you surpass Satan's level of tenacity. When you do that, God's heart will be moved.

Is that only true for a husband, and not for a wife? You are not so dumb! Wives, do you say to your husbands, "I'm missing your nice bedtime conversation'? Do you say to them, 'Why don't you go to college and get a diploma? Why don't you make more money? Somebody bought a house, why don't you buy a house?" Father is always tuning in by a special channel to your night time conversations. Is that a restored Eve's or a fallen Eve's action? It is the action of a fallen Eve. American women have to know that. This action makes one an enemy to God. You must look from God's perspective and the Divine Principle viewpoint. Don't do any more evil Eve's night talking!

Of course, Father himself does bed time talk, but if Father himself listened to every word Mother said do you think he would have accomplished all he has today or attained such a standard? That is what is called the power of dominion, or subject power. Adam lost that power. You men, don't be dumb husbands! When you hear such bed time talk coming into your ears, block it out. This is very important. You must encourage each other with heavenly bed time talk about how to serve True Parents better and proclaim their truth better. So, if your wife keeps giving you fallen Eve's talk, then you stand at the door and say, "No entry! Husband absent!" Tell your wife, "Dear, your husband is absent today. He is going out to do more work for heaven."

Father is speaking very clearly to you. I don't think Unification Church women, particularly blessed wives, would violate Father's principle, would you? Raise your hands, those who won't violate Father's principles. Thank you.

When the time came for the Israelites' exodus, there was compassion even for the Egyptians, and a desire to save them. Today, we have to likewise broaden the horizon. Christianity is our elder brother. They are Cain, yet our elder brother. We have to bring them home. That's our job, too. In other words, wherever your power can reach, in whatever direction, whether it is to a relative, to the government, to Christianity or your neighborhood church, or to your home church area, that's where you should apply it to get a result.

Father has created an extraordinary organization. All the leadership is paired; in other words, one is Cain, the elder brother and one is Abel, the younger brother. They both are Father's disciples, working together, as Cain and Abel. Because of the fall of man, the mind and body have been separated and the body has been governing the mind. Restoration is the opposite: the mind governs the body. Father created the mind organization and the body organization and the mind organization will govern the body organization. Unification Church work has two dimensions: one is mind-like work, preaching, teaching workshops and witnessing. This is direct church work. On the other hand, our member's businesses, stores, restaurants and so on are body-like missions. The two have to harmonize together under the mind. United together, the body should serve the mind.

Until now, Father hit the mind side too hard and the external side was in danger of being destroyed. The mind side or church side has been persecuted by the Christian churches and has had a difficult time. But if the external side is strong, it can rebuild the church immediately. Absolute minus creates absolute plus. This has been the situation. Now, governments are supportive of Father's external projects. This means the church will never be attacked and can stay strong. Therefore Father is now concentrating on the church or mind side. The external side is going forward by itself. Our members who work in businesses must realize that they are existing for the sake of the mind and that the most important thing is the mind side mission. Father will put less and less emphasis on the businesses or body side. Father should build up the mind side to take the subject position, otherwise it will not truly become the center of True Parents' messianic mission and develop worldwide. For that reason, the external side is automatically going to come to Father's side. That means the opposite side is going to follow the church side.

One of Father's most incredible and important accomplishments of 1990 was the creation of mind side harmony of the religious world under the name of The Inter-religious Federation for World Peace, organized during the Assembly of the World's Religions Conference in San Francisco. That was a strengthening of the mind side. On the body side, Father created in the political world the International Federation for World Peace. The two work together like mind and body.

The elder son's position is the mind's side position and the younger son's position is the body's side position. When the mind's side is absolute, the body's side automatically follows. When the elder son's mission is sufficiently fulfilled, the body's side will automatically come. The Divine Principle viewpoint says that when there is an absolute subject, the object is drawn to go the same way.

If you don't accomplish your responsibility, your foundation will be taken away by the people around you. So many people will realize Father's truth and will want to do the work. They will come into your territory. I want you to understand that a new breed will be coming by the thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions. They will be so quick to realize Father's goal and claim their own territory and you will be taken over. They will kick you out. The Bible says that the first shall be last and the last will be first. Look at the Soviet Union.

Father came to Washington last week and gave all the leaders assembled there his message. He said that communism is working with laborers and workers with the goal of making a workers' utopia While communism has been working with poor people, the United States or bourgeoisie has never concerned itself with needy people. Let's say there are 180 different countries in the world with 180 different standards of living. The United States can only deal with the top several nations and cannot reach or understand most of the rest. It does not want to go down to their level. Only Rev. Moon's people in America can go down to the very bottom level of nations. They can also go to the very top. The Soviet Union also is very flexible, able to go up or down to the very bottom They can relate to poor people.

The Soviet Union is now in competition. Students, professors, government people, business people, laborers and even taxi drivers will say, "We are going to beat the United States. We are going to do better than them. We are going to work harder. Once our system is changed, we are going to do better than them." Soviet people have been trained for 73 years and are disciplined people. Once they know Father's truth, they will say to Bo Hi Pak, "You are one of the closest disciples of Rev. Moon, but I am going to surpass your standard and take over your position." They will have that kind of ambition. This is not a concept, but a reality. I don't want you to be kicked out and lose your own territory. That's why I want you to quickly cover 180 different levels.

Approximately forty years ago, the conditions were set for God to allow Christianity to unite with Father and create the kingdom of God on earth. That opportunity was lost. Father has laid the foundation again and another opportunity has come. This is the time. Forty years later, what has changed? Now the world is recognizing Father and uniting around him. So, are you going to go down or rise up? Is Father speaking out of the Principle and providential will or out of whim?

This is the final, final opportunity. Get down to work with your own family first so that your own family and tribe will become True Parents' family as well. We have only one problem to resolve: the problem of our body. The body is object, not subject. Mind is subject, but body is always trying to crush it.

The world is becoming smaller, meaning more and more united. Look at Europe, at the Soviet Union and America, at North and South Korea. East and West Germany have been united. Father also created the unification of the religious world. The Assembly of the World's Religions has become a reality. Christian churches only have to follow the lead of the Unification Church. On the mind side everything is linked and united. The problem is the body side. It is hindered and hampered. The church is united The world is going to be united, no problem. The only problem is you, your mind and body. Your mind and body shall be united so that you live up to Father's expectations, then your mission shall be accomplished. Father accomplished everything else, only the unity of your mind and body remains. Your body is on Satan's side! This is the last objective in our struggle.

Your body is worried about things like, "Oh, we have been married fifteen years and we don't have a home. My children cannot go to school anymore." Father has the same problem, but did he give up the Unification Church mission because of that? Absolutely not. You have to know very clearly the timetable of God from the providential point of view. Go out and restore the elder son's position. Conquer your body, don't let Satan conquer it. Don't let Satan even come near your body. Your mind will conquer your body. You are disciplined men and women now.

True Parents are merciful parents. Many Cain type people deserve to die. True Parents come not to destroy, but to restore. Even though we are not directly God's heirs and are even Satan's heirs, still we are the children of Adam and Eve. There is nothing to do but restore everyone. You must have pride in your lineage. It is different from the fallen lineage. The situation of the American family is horrible right now, so many step-parents and stepchildren and so many fatherless children. We must have mercy on them and restore them. If you put away your children in an orphanage for this purpose, God will protect them. They will not die, they will not starve.

The time has come. Your problem with your body can be resolved. Use your mind and don't let your body conquer your mind.

American women are too talkative. At this time Father wants to use you talkative women to talk about the Principle, about elder sonship and True Parents.

There is a great time ahead of us. A wonderful life is ahead of us. You will be treated by society as VIP's, like kings and queens. You want to follow Father wherever he goes, don't you? By the same token, when you are in True Parents' position, the people in the second son's position to you will want to follow you.

You have ammunition and you have a weapon. All you have to do is fire it. This weapon doesn't kill people, but revives them. You didn't create that weapon of principle. Father did When those true love words are fired and resurrect people, they shall grab you and shout, "Mom! Dad!" Then you will say, "I am like a father!" You may even forget True Parents! It's okay, as long as you truly come into True Parent's position. Will you really forget Father? (No!)

Many times in the past when a mission was given you sighed and complained about endless work. This time will you do that or be excited to go out and have fun doing it? Be proud of yourselves, sitting here listening to True Parents directly. How many people in the world can do that? What a great privilege. How can you not fulfill? It's almost as if you landed on a treasure island with nobody there and God said, "It is yours, take it!" The great treasure is yours, all you have to do is accept it and obey Father. It is worthy of every ounce of your blood, sweat and labor. Even if you commit everything you've got, still you will not have paid enough.

When we all end up some day in the spirit world, I want to see your faces. To those who are participating in Father's order today, I want to be able to say, "You are my son. You are my daughter." To those who did not obey and cooperate, I will say, "When did I see you? Get out!" It doesn't matter if you are a blessed couple. The definition of a blessed couple is obeying True Parents and becoming their champion. You are going to invest 100 percent and witness and get spiritual children. That 100 percent will be multiplied. You will not regret it. You will be so excited you cannot stand still and will want to joyfully volunteer. If Father asks you to go one mile, you will want to go three miles, five miles, ten miles. Next year, 1991, will be that kind of year.

Mr. Kamiyama read Divine Principle so many times. He memorized all 536 pages. That's the way you should be. How can you be defeated then? The future leadership of this country will be those who are teaching Divine Principle well and understanding it well. People will uplift them as congressmen and senators. When you teach Divine Principle, you will gain many spiritual children. How can you avoid becoming a leader?

In Korea, everyone realizes that those who became experts in Divine Principle also became leaders. In all countries patriotism is gone except among those who understand Divine Principle. That is true in Korea, in Japan and in the United States. Only Rev. Moon's people know to love their villages, their counties, their states and their countries. Elections choose the real leaders. You only have to let people know that you are a real leader who really loves the country. Teach and speak every day. When you open your mouth, let nothing come out except Divine Principle.

What is a Ph.D.? Nothing. Everybody will go to spirit world some day. Then your asset will not be your money or your knowledge or your popularity and power in the political world, but rather how many godly people you brought into the kingdom. One thing is absolutely clear. In the spirit world, there is no need for food or knowledge. Knowledge is automatic. There are no elections, no need for political power. There is no need to seek honor for your own sake; you will end up in hell if you do that. The only asset in spirit world is that you were persecuted by other people while giving yourself unselfishly to gather godly spiritual children for the sake of the kingdom. What counts is how much you loved your fellow man.

Once you have love and are giving love, everything in the universe and all creation shall relate to you. You will not be alone. But the person without love will be shunned by all creation. The beautiful flowers and trees will turn away from you and have nothing to do with you. Creation only relates to love.

You will become the image of God, living exactly as God lives. You need 120 spiritual children. There are twelve pearly gates. You need at least ten people at each gate. 120 spiritual children represent 120 families. At the time of Jesus, there were only individuals. There was no Marriage of the Lamb and no families, no True Parents. Now we have True Parents and the unit is the family.

Shall Father phase out the activity or shall we make a new beginning with a new determination? So far we have had a pyramid type organization, which has some disadvantages. From now on, Father would like to change it so that each individual will be responsible. In this sense, the concept will be that each individual is a plus or subject. This is just like harvesting food and putting it into storage. No more explanation is needed.

Prepare the following notes of instruction. You have to share this message with those who are not here with a video tape recording. This is a conference, not just a sermon. For a conference, Father always asks for city and state leaders to come. This is the first time Father asked everybody to come, all the blessed members.

Father would like to create a new kind of organization, not a pyramid type with a top command echelon and so many other levels that by the time the bottom is reached, half of the message is lost. Father would like to have a direct hot line for his instructions to each member. Each individual must consider that he represents not only himself, but his family, county, state, nation, and heaven and earth and is directly responsible to God.

Today is December 19. This is the Unification Church All American Conference. Next comes the instructions:

The Meaning of Providential History

I. The meaning of providential history. True Parents have finished the restoration of elder son, restoration of second son, restoration of kingship. This means restoration of elder son's right, restoration of the parents' right (until now Satan was parents) and restoration of the king's right. Before now, all countries belonged to Satan and he controlled the king's right. You are the elder sons. True Parents, of course, are parents. The kingship is God's. All these are restored.

America's true reality

II. The next one is America's true reality.

II A The nation is in danger. The nation has no hope, so we have to bring hope to the nation.

II. B. The economy is going down. We must show the example and model for survival under any circumstances, even the lowest situation. We have to prevent America from going down.

II. C. We shall stop and reverse corruption among children and in the family, including moral degradation. No one else can stop America's corruption, not the Congress, not the White House, not the CIA. Only Rev. Moon and the Unification Church can do it. No matter how much we sacrificed in the past, we have to make even more sacrifice to plant the root of tradition. The root must not be corrupted, it must be correct. Unless America can restore itself from this kind of despotism, it can offer no hope to the world in the future.

The churches' problem

III. Next is the churches' problem, including the Unification Church.

III. A. The denial of public activities. Have you done your public activities in the real sense of fulfilling God's will and True Parents' will? We have to repent. You have done it because you had to. It was a condition for you. We are going to expel that kind of concept.

III. B. The mediocre understanding of the Divine Principle. What is the Principle? Divine Principle means principle of life. You have to live the principle. Have you really been taking Divine Principle seriously, more than your meals and your sleep? Have you ever considered that reading and understanding Divine Principle is more important than anything else? The Divine Principle is life, more important food than any other food. Since we have taken Divine Principle lightly we have to repent.

III. C. We have taken indemnity lightly. We did not understand indemnity clearly. If you want to gain greater victory and greater result, you have to invest many times more. If you do so, no one will accuse you when you gain the victory. Indemnity is not just a Unification Church matter. It is a matter of history being paid up. In order for one nation to prosper it has to pay indemnity many times more than the prosperity. The United States thought its blessing would last for eternity. Today you hear "Yankee, go home!" everywhere because the United States only wanted to enjoy the blessing but did not want to pay indemnity. Indemnity means investment. This is a very fearful message God is giving you now: the concept of indemnity is lacking in America.

Because of the principle of indemnity, the central figures of the individual course and family course and tribal course had to go to jail. You know how Father walked that course.

The lack of an original ideology

III. D. The original ideology is lacking. The original world view Father is teaching is not individualism. God is public. Man is born for the sake of woman and woman for the sake of man. Parents live for the sake of children.

III. D. 1. We have to get out of individualism and completely demolish it.

III. D. 2. Selfishness repels others; it is egoism. God is not individualistic and does not repel anybody.

III. D. 3. Pragmatism is a problem. God is not pragmatic. God practices eternalism.

III. D. 4. You don't have a concept of eternity in your life. You only look at what is in front of yourself.

One, two, three, four all come under the big title of Lack of Original Ideology. Father has explained this.

The economic problem

IV. The economic problem. Father has inspired the creation of many businesses and economic programs. Father invested, thinking that everyone would work like Father. He trusted you, but everyone fell short. It's almost like complete incompetence with the businesses. How can we restore this? Father would like to decide to give the economic mission or problem to those best qualified. The rest of the members carry on mind-oriented missions. Father has created a twelve member committee to evaluate the entire economic mission and need of America. It will investigate all the businesses and recommend which ones should be closed.

Father has done so much for America. But no matter how much he invests in America, that will not solve things. Father wants to turn his attention now to the Soviet Union and Asia. He does not want to have a big HSA headquarters and a big mission headquarters. Everything will be combined. One desk will be used by several people. One small office is enough for headquarters. All other offices will be combined so that each department has one desk.

Even though HSA-UWC has a president, he is in the archangel position. Above him is one Korean and one Japanese. The Korean represents the Adam nation and the Japanese represents Eve's nation. America represents the archangel's nation. Those three must be united or they cannot do anything.

Father sent out missionaries in the same way, one Japanese, one German and one American. Now, the top leadership in America will be three. Father organized the missionaries that way. The Japanese members represented Eve's nation. The Americans represented Abel's nation and the Germans represented Cain's nation. There was a new way centering on those three countries. Satan's side used the same organization, centering on England, America and France. Those three countries lost in the outside world, they could not unite and prosper. Satan invaded them and God could not work there because they were fighting. Father chose three nations to correct that.

By having three leaders representing Adam, Eve and the archangel Father knows that the problems of the Soviet Union and America and Red China all will be resolved and they will become one. America is one archangel country. When an Adam country and an Eve country have been restored and united then they can restore an archangel nation. By doing so, all archangel nations shall be revived. One is the Soviet Union and the other is Red China.

What is the archangel's mission? What is the mission of the United States? It is to be a steward of the heavenly material foundation. America is a steward for knowledge, material and scientific technology. It is in the position of a manager, not an owner. America must share what it has been storing all this time. Because America wants to keep it for herself, she is losing it. Because the storekeeper did not do well and tried to keep everything for himself, Asian people are coming and taking it over. Eve is taking all the wealth from the archangel nation. In the Garden of Eden, the archangel took Eve away and she lost everything. At this time that is being restored by Eve's nation taking everything from the archangel's nation. Then everything will go to the Adam country.

What is Christianity all about? It is to create the realm of the bride to welcome the bridegroom when the time comes. America exists for that reason. Is the American church president here? Are the vice-presidents here? Do you understand everything clearly? Mr. Kamiyama is the Japanese representative and Father will send the Korean representative. Mr. Kamiyama is the first Japanese whose family has been linked to Father's own family. He is going to be responsible to help with headquarters. It is not an easy job, but he must do it as the representative of Eve's country.

Most of the expenses of the American church have not been covered by the American members. America will falter unless American members follow how the Japanese members are working and making money for the sake of the world. If all American members work as hard as the Japanese, you can succeed in America economically.

America's basic problem is individualism. Father's basic ideology emphasizes the benefit of the whole. The Unification Church has built up its foundation from way down at the bottom. No one can take over Father's foundation. Only Father can use it. Father sorted out and restored and cleansed the most complex world situation into a harmonious and workable providential path. That's why Father is a True Parent. No one else in the entire world even thinks about these things. Father is not just thinking about it, but he designed, pursued, processed and completed it.

Who can defeat communism? Who can liberate and restore communism? Who shall bring salvation to the dying United States? The only hope is Rev. Moon. The American people soon will have no doubt of that mission and will openly welcome it and understand it clearly.

Do you think Father will come again and again in the future to meet American people? Never! Father will be here on earth only one time in history. You happened to be born as his contemporary and can share the mission with him. Are you going to be like a grasshopper and waste your time and go your own way and give up this opportunity?

IV. A. Back to the economic problem The appointed committee members are responsible. They will audit every company in the United States. So far we invested and gave away everything. In true love, Father and Heavenly Father invested and gave away everything again and again. But now the elder sonship has been restored and the stewardship and ownership has to be restored. We will conduct business in a productive way. Productive businesses will continue and nonproductive ones will be closed. The committee will have the responsibility to decide.

IV. B. Those who are doing the bookkeeping will be reorganized

IV. C. Unproductive companies shall be discontinued.

IV. D. Deficit or red ink operations are a crime, a sin. Our businesses are godly businesses and belong to the world. Anyone who brings losses of heavenly property is committing a sin. If Father were responsible for a business he would never make it a deficit operation.

Creation of a new system

V. Creation of a new system.

V. A Family unit restoration. Father has already spoken very much about this. The family is the unit to be concerned with because Adam and Eve were lost at the family level. The fall of man came at the family level. We have to restore the family standard.

V. B. Tribal messiahship must be completed because there are people out there waiting for our hand to reach out to them. The messiah has to reach them. The messiah's attitude is such that even if he cannot accomplish his mission he gives up his life for it. With that kind of seriousness you have to be a tribal messiah. Father really gave his life for the sake of the mission. In order for Father to bring out tribal messiahship he paid so much indemnity, than you can imagine.

Because tribal messiahship is born, Satan has no way to infiltrate the family. Tribal messiahship is like a castle surrounding the family. The national messiahship and world messiahship belong to True Parents. Satan cannot accuse Father or Father's family because Father has accomplished national and world messiahship. Father has accomplished the vertical messiahship from the nation and world all the way to the cosmic level, and you are going to link the family and tribe to that vertical foundation. There are tremendous numbers of tribal messiahships, east and west, north and south, all 360 degrees.

V. C. We have dual churches: home church and tribal church, in other words, Cain-type church and Abel-type church. They should be parallel. In the time of Jesus Christ there should have been unity between the family of Jesus, or Joseph's family, and the family of Zachariah. Jesus should have stood upon that unity and then he should have become a tribal messiah and then he should have reached national messiahship. Home church is therefore the Cain-type restoration of the tribe. Restoration of your own family and relatives is the Abel-type messiahship.

The time has come for you to go out and win because you listened to Father when he told you that tribal messiahship can be done now. Your own family members and relatives have to listen to you. Just because you bring your relatives into the tribal messiahship does not mean that home church is over. You have to reach the world population of five billion.

Father spoke about the unity between mind and body and mind side and body side. Likewise in our work of restoration of the tribal messiahship there is Cain-type and Abel-type work to be done. Father has been emphasizing home church for so many years because home church must be completed before you are eligible to restore your tribe. Father would like to have home church restoration completed worldwide and then go to Korea. Korea is like Father's own clan. Before he can restore his own clan, the worldwide home church dispensation must proceed first.

You have to assist Father also in the restoration of North and South Korea. As long as the five billion people out there are not restored, home church remains uncompleted. You have a great ally which is the spirit world. Another ally is Satan. Satan has to cooperate with you now.

Father has an incredible fear because there is always a chance that Satan will take over everything. This will be no more. Father has been walking on the edge a cliff. One false step and he would go off the edge and the entire dispensation would go with him. How can Father sleep peacefully at night or eat his meals in peace? Father always feels like he is sitting on a pin cushion.

Adam and Eve's fall brought all the misfortune to mankind. True Parents have been responsible to correct that. They have done it. It is not your responsibility any more. You just go and win. You are now in the elder son position. Your effort will blossom and will make the difference. Father completed his mission. The more effort you make, the more property you will gain. It will be love property. Father is not talking about material wealth. It will be eternal.

Heavenly citizens are being born here on earth. They are no more just a creation from up in the spirit world. Once they are elevated to spirit world, it is finished and the foundation is set.

When there is fear and confusion and complexity in the world, do you think you can have the good fortune to enter into the heavenly kingdom? No way! You must have some assets to go there.

V. D. Creation of the autonomous system. In other words, you will control yourselves.

V. D. 1. Stoppage of growth is equivalent to death. Who shall make you grow, who shall nurture you? You yourself will help yourself grow. You must grow every day. Compare yourself today with the time you joined the Unification Church. Have you grown, stood still, or retarded? Which one? (Grown!) When the winter comes and the snow comes, then Father prays for the sake of the root. When the spring comes, that root will blossom and prosper. In that way, Father never wastes one minute. But your forward movement has been stopped. That represents death. Do you follow?

V. D. 2. You will be responsible as a parent. Adam and Eve fell because they forgot their responsibility as parents. Husband and wife together are responsible. They must determine that they are not going be a burden to the church or to other people. They must determine to contribute to the church and the community. Even in the education of your children, you must not be a burden. Your children should grow up as strong individuals to become important leaders of the movement You should become parents of that kind of children. That is an important, even fierce responsibility for you. Father always felt responsible as a true parent. In order to be a true parent, Father walked a path duplicated by no one on the face of the earth. On the foundation of this path, world prosperity will come. All people will have to bow down before the record of the True Parents; they will have to bow down saying Father, Mother, no one can keep up with you.

God did not create Father's foundation for him. Of course God was there assisting, but Father was the one who took initiative; Father was pulling forward. Father is the locomotive pulling God autonomously and creatively. You are in Adam and Eve's position. You should not be like fallen Adam and Eve. Your children will grow up correctly when you show the example as husband and wife and mother and father truly following the True Parents' tradition. By doing so, your children will grow into heavenly citizens. If you cannot fulfill this responsibility, you will be accused of the crime for which Adam and Eve have been accused for so many thousands of years. It is not easy to become a good husband. You are living with a stranger; the wife starts out as a stranger. It is not easy to be a good wife for the same reason. It is not easy to be good parents to your children. You have a tremendous responsibility in your hands. Do you follow?

V. D. 3. Children's education and their foundation of faith. You must erect that. You must do it. It does not come automatically. You must pay indemnity, and do your duty, pledging "I am going to be responsible. My children are not going to be the burden of other parents. I am going to make my children into great citizens of the heavenly kingdom, and I want to give my children a foundation of faith."

V. D. 4. Attendance at regular meetings and the tradition. That means that you are not going to be absent from any official church function For example: Sunday Service; you must not say "Oh, this Sunday I feel sluggish. I don't have to go to Sunday Service because I work very hard during the week." Not at all. A workshop with forty Muslims is going on in this building. Do you know that they worship five times each day? How about you? Those who are doing five o'clock Pledge Service, either at home or at the church, raise your hands please. Those who have missed Pledge Service at some time, raise your hands please. You heard Father. It applies exactly to you. In thirty years, Father has not missed one Pledge Service, neither on Sunday nor at the beginning of the month. That is a family tradition, True Parents' tradition.

What is the pledge? I am proud of the one sovereignty, one people, one land, one language and culture centered upon God, of becoming the child of the one true parent, and shall inherit one tradition. And what is the final point? Becoming a laborer to establish the one world of the heart. What is the final sentence? (I will fight with my life. I will be responsible to accomplish my duty and mission. This I pledge and swear. This I pledge and swear. This I pledge and swear.) That's the sequence.

Why did Father put "one language" in the fourth phrase? It is because without language, no responsible heart-to-heart communication can come about. No relationship can be nurtured without language. When Father uses an interpreter, he asks how much of the message is getting through to you. I said, "80%." If you could understand Father directly in Korean, it would be 100%. Father's sermons have been published, in Korean comprising over 200 volumes thus far, and everyday more are being published. Today's speech also will be published in Korean, Father's original language, so that it can be understood 100%. In which language would you like to read it? (Korean.) True Parents' language is the parents' language.

When you get to spirit world, your ancestors will ask you what language you used on the earth. What will you answer? Can you say, "I am an Englishman, and naturally I used the English language ?" Can you say that? (No.) The English language is on Satan's side. Your ancestors will gather in one place and accuse you. "What did you do? You lived at the same time as the True Parents. How could you not learn Korean, the original native language?" At that time, what will you say? That you did not have enough time? Don't say that. Your ancestors will ask you, did you eat food everyday? Yes. Did you sleep every night? Yes. Did you go out for recreation all the time? Yes. You lived that way; you have to clearly admit that. You cannot say that you had no time. Look at me, I am seventy years old, and I have learned English. At this age it is so difficult to memorize even one word. In the evening time I memorize one word, and by the morning it is completely gone. How many times did I have to repeat it? More than twenty times. It was that difficult for Father to study English. Don't you realize? You are too young! Don't make an excuse for not studying Korean. When you pass away, you will meet that confrontation; you cannot escape it. This is a realistic conclusion. Can you say that you did not know that it was such a serious situation while you were on the earth? There is no way around it. A wise person makes preparation on the earth. That is the most important focal point, from the Divine Principle viewpoint. Do you understand?

Those who can understand Korean, please raise your hands. If you die and go to spirit world without reading Father's sermons in the original language, you have made a very important condition with which you will have to deal with in the spirit world. It will be a big minus. In Father's own time, if he does not unite the languages, it will be a big problem. If True Parents themselves cannot unite the languages, who will do it in the future? Do you think the unification of languages can be done by military power? Political power? Economic power? By diplomacy? No.

The Korean language is absolutely superior, particularly in the description of spiritual matters, and in all kinds of details. The English language, compared with Korean, is a primitive language. Certain Korean words cannot be translated into English. Korean people settle down and prosper wherever they go. No matter what country, they never become beggars; they never go on welfare. They always become rich people. Look at all the Korean grocery stores. Also they can pick up the local language so quickly. The English pronunciation spoken by Col. Han, Dr. Pak and other Koreans surrounding Father, and their ability to convey ideas, is very superior. No other country can compete. Mr. Kamiyama, who is Japanese, is a very good leader, but in terms of language he is zero. Japanese people cannot pronounce English words. For example, they cannot pronounce "New Jersey," or "passport," or "McDonalds." They cannot pronounce the diphthong "th." As a preparation for studying English in Japan, the Japanese are encouraged to learn Korean, particularly when they are young. Once your children learn Korean, they can learn any language: English, German, French; it doesn't make any difference; they will learn it very well. So, the linguistic ability of the Korean people is incredible, second to none. For this reason, Koreans are successful everywhere, because they can immediately master the language. You know now, so Father doesn't have to promote Korean any more! You understand, right? (Yes.) Is Father a Korean citizen or American citizen legally? (Korean!) Father carries a Korean passport. "Korea" means the same thing as 'career.' So, you can make a good career for your life.

Had Father not appeared in 1920, what kind of world would we have, given the historical trends? Where would the world find hope and the truth? Where would there be guidance and light? Think about it. One man, Father, appeared and gave hope to the entire world. And he gave a direction, a goal, truth. One man transformed the entire world and accomplished so much in his lifetime. It is just inconceivable by human comprehension. And this was done in the face of so much opposition. Rev. Moon was cursed by so many people because they did not like his success. Satan never likes the success of someone on God's side; he cannot afford it The world is controlled by Satan, therefore the world went against Father, but Father was never defeated.

Look at black people. If black people did not have Father, where would they have hope? Could Martin Luther King resolve all the racial problems? Patsy Johnson testifies how she was placed with a white girl in her college dorm, and this girl just packed up and left because her parents said not to stay with a black person. That's the way the world is. True love alone can solve this problem. Father is always preaching true love, and people say, "Oh, another true love lecture. I've heard it." Yes, Father will preach true love for a thousand years, and still you will never get tired of it. (Applause.)

America's individualism will never bring unity among people, among races, and among nations. Unity, understanding and harmony can only be brought about by God's creative power being invested 100%. This is the simple truth and the greatest truth. Therefore, Father is optimistic, and you are too, that the new world order will be born. Someone recently wrote a book entitled The End of History. The end of history is here. The new beginning is coming. Father is the new beginning, and Father is confident.

Father will command the spirit world, and will tell it that the elder sonship is restored, and that it is their job to come down and assist with Father's mission and to assist with tribal messiahship. Who will command the spirit world? Who has the power, that kind of authority? Does the spirit world move if Father just shouts it out, blindly lashing out? No. It has to be absolutely standing on the Principle. Spirit world has to surrender. Because the spirit world understands, they will cooperate. East and West will be united, North and South will come closer and be united. One world shall be born under God.

Father requires regular attendance at church meetings, including Sunday morning pledge. You also should volunteer for all the church activities. This should become your family tradition. How about you as a married couple and as a family? Do you have some tradition, something unique in your home? If not, when you go to spirit world there may he no place that you can stand, no place that you belong. These are Father's instructions so that your family can truly create the right tradition and make the foundation to succeed. All these instructions will be typed out and you can read them everyday.

Father's job in the United States is 100% fulfilled. Tell me something that Father has not done -- anything, even including the election of the president of the United States. Back in 1980 when Jimmy Carter was running for his second term as President, he was in the White House and so powerful. At that time, not even one political analyst predicted that Ronald Reagan would become the president of the United States. Father did. Father knew. The Soviet Union had a plan that by 1988 they were going to conquer the world. Father not only stopped them but reversed it and used Godism so that their doctrine would be completely defeated. Who did that? Father!

The creation of the Washington Times in 1982 was for that purpose. American conservatives cannot deny Father's great influence for moral values. In 1975, around the time when America was retreating from Vietnam, American morale was incredibly low. Was there any politician talking about anti-communism at that time? Only Reverend Moon. He was talking not only about anti-communism but about victory over communism. Certain things that Father has said seemed crazy at that time but look what has happened -- every prediction Father made became reality. This is the reason that American politicians and the American president all respect Father.

In 1975 and 1976 liberalism was everything. It was fashionable to be liberal. The Washington Post was liberal and conservatism was gone! In those days America had absolutely no hope. The major cities had no people; they were deserted because the liberals said "no more cities, cities have gone." But at that time the Unification Church moved into New York City and bought the New Yorker Hotel to serve as its World Mission Center, paying only 5.6 million dollars. Now people offer 100 or 200 million dollars, but we say "No, not enough," because of Father's foreknowledge. We bought the HSA Headquarters building and the Tiffany building and many other buildings because Father knew the future. So who reversed liberalism, leading to its defeat, and predicted that conservatism was coming? Father. That's why, during that Reagan era the restoration of the economy occurred, which they called 'Reaganomics'. It's true; it's the reality of history. Many of you don't know that during the election of 1980 nobody thought that Reagan would win. Even the Republican party thought he could not win certain states no matter how much money they could spend. Therefore, they closed up the Reagan Republican campaign HQ in certain cities. For example in New York City there was no Republican campaign. It was the Same for New York state, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Connecticut. In those six states there was nothing. But Father knew they would win, and said so what happened? At the end of the day when the election was completed, all six states were victorious and a great victory came nationwide. Father predicted it the night before in the News World.

Father is not a citizen of the United States but he loves America and is helping America in a way with which no American can compare. Father has prepared everything but still you cannot do it? Then there is no hope; just go and dig your graves. Do you follow, yes or no? Father gave you very precise instructions. These instructions should be typed up as "Unification Church United States Conference." You should read them every day so you don't have to look for Father.

Tomorrow Father leaves for Korea. He doesn't know when he is coming back, but spiritually he is listening to each one of you, including your bed talk. Spirit world sees what you are doing. When I ask spirit world if I should visit the American members, spirit world should say, "Yes Father, they deserve it, they deserve to hear you." Otherwise I may never come. Do you want Father to come to America? (Yes!) Why do you want Father? lie is now seventy years old, going on eighty. Nobody wants that kind of man. Do you still want Father? (Yes!) Do you still want Father? (YES!) Do you still want Father? (YES!!!)

Father would like to organize the members, by trinity, composed of one Japanese and two Americans Then Father will leave. Eventually the Korean members will be added, making four. This should happen all over the country and the trinities should carry out what Father has instructed. Father feels that if Koreans, Japanese and Americans unite into one, then nothing is impossible because the help of God and the spirit world is immense and formidable. For this reason, great result can be obtained The amazing thing is that those countries were enemy countries; Korea and Japan are enemies and United States has also been an enemy. If all these countries can unite for the sake of America, you can imagine how much spirit world will come down and assist you. From there, a new America will be born. Father has done all the preparation.

Father has all the reports about the church in America and about all of our activities. He has a report of who the best lecturers are. There are only sixty names here, but everyone should be able to lecture. You will cover the nation with the heavenly four foundation base; but since Korean members do not amount to so many in this country, trinities will be formed first with one Japanese and two Americans. All have been organized by Father in this book. They will be announced. This is the organizational chart and program, right down the line, with all the individual names completely matched. Father has it, and all you have to do is receive the order. If you don't want to be included in this book, raise your hands please. Those who say they want to be in Father's heavenly book, raise your hands with a big shout. One, two, three! (Everyone shouts "YES!") God bless you! One, two, three! (YES!) God bless you! One, two, three! (YES!) God bless you! (Applause.)

I feel so joyful and so light. My heart is jubilant and in joy. Even if I die, I am not a failure; I have succeeded greatly, in an extraordinary way, victoriously. The victory has been won. All you have to do is expand the victory. I want to bequeath this victory to you without receiving one penny from you.

You will receive the inheritance. Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago, was crucified on the Mount of Calvary. What if he had entered Rome, gloriously, and had gone to the Roman Senate and declared Godism and headwing ideology? What would have happened at that time, and over the last two thousand years? Korea is the Israel of the twentieth century, and the United States is the Rome of the twentieth century. Reverend Moon came to this country, and the modern-day Rome persecuted him. But there is no way the United States can stop Reverend Moon. Either they had to kill or damage Reverend Moon, or they had to surrender. They could not kill him; they are the ones who surrendered. The United States government surrendered. Now Reverend Moon is declaring in this country that the worldwide foundation has been laid. Father has been declaring one epoch-making historical event after another. Now Reverend Moon is taken very seriously. As did the congressmen of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries yesterday, the United States also is taking Rev. Moon seriously. Now that time has come.

I feel so inspired and joyful knowing that I have under one wing the communist world, and under the other wing the free world; and the Unification movement has a worldwide foundation, and the unity of the religious world is now successful. When I think of all these accomplishments, I feel the incredible help and presence of God. For that reason, I feel incredibly uplifted emotionally, joyfully inspired, inside and outside. Thank God, I have done it, and I am bequeathing everything to you. You take it over and run it. You become like Father in everything you do. Practice Father's way, and win the same victory that Father won. You are participating in the historical duty of the True Parents in his own lifetime. You are breathing the same air, drinking the same water, and sweating the same sweat for the sake of Kingdom-building. That is your greatest honor. Are you joyfully, voluntarily participating in this great crusade? (YES!)

Father would like to conclude on this joyful note, not a heavy note, but a joyful note. I know that you will not let me down, and I will inspire you also. I will pray for you; I will always be with you wherever I am. Count on me. You are the elder sons, the restored sons centering upon the True Parents. With that truth, you shall be victorious. On that note, Father would like to conclude this historical conference.

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