The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


In Yun And Encounter

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 4, 1990
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

Once again, the topic of Father's speech today cannot be adequately translated into another language. In English we do not have a concept similar to In Yun in Korean. For example, if two people meet in a crowded place and their sleeves touch, it is said to be caused by hidden reasons that had their beginnings years before. That is In Yun .

Sung gong means encounter or meeting. Because of In Yun we are meeting together like this, not by accident. There is a book called Chu Yok in Korea that tells all about how things separate and meet again. It has had a great influence on Oriental life.

There is o haeng and sa jut Each individual has a sa ju within him. It is composed of the time and date he was born. Experts can calculate an amazingly accurate account of your future and past using this method. It is about 80 percent correct. They can tell you what specific alertness you have, and what herbal medication to take for them. They can tell you how many children you will have, what are the highlights of your life, what you are suited for, what your ancestors' problems were, and so forth. Then they try to explain to you why these things are so.

The things that happen to you are not accidental; they have a certain explainable cause, or In Yun. We come from all over the world and you might say, "Well, we are like a scoop out of the mass," but actually each one has been destined a long time ago to be here, living together and especially to be married.

Why have some people gone to the North Pole and South Pole? Nobody voluntarily goes to such extremely cold areas. The tendency is for us to find a comfortable place to live. What made some people go to the North and South Poles to live? Perhaps they were expelled from somewhere after killing someone or committing some crime. Or, there must have been a big fight, with the result that someone came to hate someone so much that if one eats with his right hand, the other will want to eat with the left hand. Or if one customarily greets others with a bow, one will decide to greet with his hands, even his feet! How much more convenient it is to extend and touch feet! More likely than not, it was not a happy cause behind these people separating and ending up in the North Pole or South Pole. One day I will occupy that area and those people.

Do you think the ancestors of white people began under good conditions or bad conditions?

Why would white people have chosen to live in the extreme cold? They must have been hunters and nomads. You typically express compassion for horses who are in pain and cannot walk and have to be shot as an act of mercy. What if a loved one, a son or daughter, is very ill. Is it a service to kill them? Of course, man and horse are different, but the situation is similar. What would be better, to let the horse die a natural death, no matter how painful the process may be, or to terminate his life and ease his pain? How different are people's ways of thinking.

From one human ancestor, different tribes and races have been scattered all around-not because of good reasons, but unhappy ones. There are so many different languages and customs. The yellow race has been living in the moderate temperature zone, with reasonable rainfall where crops grow well. They have been worshipping a god under shamanism, not such a high-level religion; it is rather superstitious. Spirit world is also not unified but has formed different societies. Even more than us, they are segregated by groups that have certain things in common. What is the nature of spirit world? Will spirits who used to live on earth come down to dwell? No, the people on earth will all go to spirit world.

We live like this in our society. Those people who have a nature like cats, always scratching others and not letting them be in peace, will go to spirit world and be together in the same community. Imagine what kind of community that will be.

Even Dogs Notice

Does anybody love his own personality? This is a practical question. We see our mind and body always in conflict, and nobody likes this state. When a man and a woman, each with their mind and body in conflict, come together and get married, they fight on a different level. Usually they fight because each one wants more love. Are we qualified to be loved to begin with? Nevertheless, we always want others to love us. Someone thinks, "My mother hates me, my sister hates me, my uncle even hates me.. But that person looks so cold and hateful, no wonder no one loves him! Thus you transfer such treatment to others, even to dogs sometimes! You might kick a dog who is minding his own business, because you have no other place to relieve your stress. Or you might go and poke a cow who is just eating grass, or even call names at the birds who are flying by. You might hate to see a couple of birds getting along so well together when you are so miserable.

When we see the conflict in us, how ashamed and sad we feel. When so much hatred goes on within human beings, even within families, all the things of creation indeed look down on us and feel angry. Even dogs notice! The situation is so bad that if air had a choice, it would escape from the scene. No things want to go near human beings in this state. All things actually will help man to shorten his life so that he leaves sooner. Food will make him sick. It is nature's way to go toward a certain way and fight against man and not support him in this state.

There are 250 million individuals in the United States. Here is one woman. How many people do you think love her? Can you count? How many people would love you? It is a serious thing to think about. Unless you are very sure that you are a good person, it is absurd, even a sin, to expect good circumstances. You always want something good or new, but check first to see if you deserve it.

The clock moves clockwise. What if it insists on going the other way around? Then it is destroying all 360 degrees. How much are we moving like a clock, how many degrees? Perfect 360 degrees? Or are we only covering 120 degrees? Perfect 360 degrees means paying attention to everything and loving in every situation. Are you covering at least half or 180 degrees? When you really think and coolly examine yourself, there is no real reason why people have to like and love you. Isn't it despairing to think like that? Think, how many degrees are we harmonious and how many are we in conflict? You may say, "Americans are first-rate people. Surely they cover 360 degrees." Can you say that?

Imagine, how many out of 250 million Americans are in harmony 360 degrees? (Zero!) Then we can say that there is something wrong with them, that they are in need of repair. They are out-of-order people. But most of the time aren't they proud and demanding? The universe is looking down and laughing. It is kol bul young, or something that is out of proportion and somewhat ugly, like a woman who puts on too much makeup to hide something. Or when two people put on an extreme display of love, hugging and kissing and saying "I love you." How much can you say "I love you?" How much can you love? Can you say to a broken machine "I love you?" You would be out of your mind! How can you love something that doesn't work?

We are always thinking about true love, but how far away our reality is! Father has always been talking about true love to us, out-of-order people. Here is a banquet for holy people and a smelly, nervous person comes in. Imagine that scene. It is funny to think about, but if this is our reality, we should feel so serious and disappointed that we may faint.

Imagine there are many millions of people living in so many parts of the earth, and zero percent are perfect-they are all broken people. But they all are chasing after good luck. Do you think good luck will come to anyone? It will try to escape at the sight of them! Not just escape, but escape shouting!

When you imagine these things, do you feel good, or distressed? You might say, "well, I am the exception. Father certainly doesn't mean me. He means everybody else." Then maybe you feel better. But if you think, "Father is speaking to me," then how serious you will feel. But then someone feels they have some big right to protest against the situation. It is not a laughing matter, because it is close to our reality.

His Root is Bad

How serious it is that we, all mankind, have a fate to find out what is good in us. We have to try very hard to discover what part of us is good. We need the kind of character that will inspire God to say, "Yes, you will live within My boundary with mind and body for thousands of years." To the person who does not have this kind of deserving mind and body, God will say, "No! Don't you ever come in! Don't even look inside my kingdom." What do you think, will God nevertheless let them come inside and live? He simply cannot bear that.

Why did human beings become like that? That is a serious question. The simple answer is: something must have gone greatly wrong with the root. It is not him that is so bad, but his root is bad.

Historically, man has been loving nature and trying to take after the things of nature. After the fall, spirit world and earth became more distant from God than nature itself. Historically, serious people looking at a tree that is thousands of years old bow their heads and think, "Here is something that is not changing and has withstood all things and gloriously maintained itself for so long." There is one big magnolia tree here in the United States.

In Yun Encounter

When winter comes, its branches are bare. But when spring comes, it comes alive with green, and pretty soon the blossoms come and the whole tree is full of flowers. The natural cycle repeats itself. We cannot help but respect that. It is better than man somehow.

There is no fragrance in human existence. It is suffocating. The trees go along with nature 100 percent and even the passing birds and insects want to come and rest on them. When looking at an old tree like that, man becomes humble, respecting and almost worshipping that tree. That is conscience.

Think about your high school alumni Imagine there is one girl who laughs and smiles all the time to everybody, is never down and always helpful to others. Another one is always making a sad face and hardly does anything good for other people. Years later, who will be remembered? When you want to make friends with that person, even though everything about you is bad, you try very hard to find something good in you and bring that to her. You bring your most precious secret that you never told another person, and tell it to her to make friends. True?

What is it that is most precious in you? Love, but that is between man and woman. Even though you may have love, you have to be the same level as someone before you can be accepted. If you are on a level way below, how can someone on a different level come to like you, even though you may have love? That one, too, wants love from a higher plane.

Something that we all have in common is that we want friends, sons and daughters, and especially a spouse, to be better than ourselves. In what way better? In love. Here is a person very tall. Does that person want somebody much smaller or much taller in love? That means that the shorter ones have no chance. How does a person who is short gain the respect of the tall one? He tries to be helpful to that person. Then that person will lift him up. That is the only way to reach to that height fast. If he tries to be independent, saying, "He is he and I am I," what chance does a short person have to be on the same height as he? Small chance. because he won't pull you up.

Live In Solitude

When I know that I am short in love, short in every way, then should I just go to a high person any time. or restrain myself? I must restrain myself-this is the work of my conscience. The one who is bad should be solitary, alone, saying, "Don't come to me. I should be alone.. Then other things will start to take sympathy toward him. At least that person has a conscience, at least that person knows where he is. People will then try to help.

Then that person really suffers within himself, thinking, "How can I improve myself so that others will come to like and respect and even love me?" The one in great agony standing alone will be helped by others. Do you feel that within yourselves, too? The kind of person who just tries to demonstrate his badness will give all things a pain just to look at him.

One who is seriously looking at himself, contains himself, thinking that he can only have a bad influence on others. Another doesn't think that way at all. Which is the better person? Sometimes you may come to hate one friend and wish he didn't come around you. But he comes more and more often. Do you feel good? If he keeps coming, then you close the door and pretend not to be home. We can understand why certain conscientious people, especially religious people, try not to have such regular contact with others, even friends, but instead go to the mountains where they live in solitude and in prayer. All things will look at him and think at least he has a conscience, though he is no better than anyone else, and they will try to help him.

Catholic priests and Buddhist monks become celibate, because as men they know that if a woman comes close to them, she will be hurt. They choose rather to be alone. We are not hailing celibacy as something good except under these circumstances. Today many people in America proclaim celibacy or are against marriage, but under what circumstances? It is quite different. God looks down at two kinds of people who would never get married. For the--first kind, God feels deep compassion because that kind of person at least knows where he is. He prays hard and God wants to help him. Looking at the second kind, God can agree with any punishment. Unification Church members are what kind of people? They were ready not to ever marry. Why? To show off, or because they felt inadequate?

Do most Americans like Moonies? They are beginning to like us now. How about Rev. Moon? American people want to condemn him. What about Moonies? We all want him to live longer. Why? There are two extremely divided groups here. One says, "Rev. Moon, go home!" The other, who are Moonies, say, "No, Rev. Moon, you must stay here at any cost, even the cost of my life!. How can opinions be so different?

When Father opens the door and says, "You come and live with me,. then all of us will rush in with joy. How about Father's position? Looking at all of us, does he wish he could dwell with us forever? Is there any person to whom Father can go and shout "Mansei!" and rejoice? Even Father has to think seriously about whether or not he can go to live with someone. What about God? We pray for God to come to live in us, but will He jump right in where Father hesitates? Will God listen to most of our prayers, or try to plug His ears? Are we asking a lot that we don't deserve? That is a serious question to contemplate.

Spiritual Levels

In your mind, how many people do you want to accommodate? God has enough room to accommodate everybody, so He wants many people to come and live within Him. But suppose the most dirty ones are the first to come in. What should God do, let them in or try to close the door? This is God's problem.

(Father draws on the board.) There is a wall. This is God's domain. There are many different levels in spirit world. Opposite God's domain is hell. Should spirit world have a wall? A person lives in the level where he feels most comfortable, thus creating walls. It is very difficult to go up to another level, but very easy to go down. If your spiritual level is a certain height, you can come down any time to other levels. But you can never go up so Basil}. It takes a long time to go up.

God never wants anybody to be below a certain level, but man chooses to be there. God cannot help him, no matter how much God wants to accommodate him. If you were the master here, too, you would have no other choice. If God would give amnesty and allow everyone to be equal, then bad persons would always want to come up higher first. They will come up at any cost, even trampling others. Good people will be pushed away. So God has to have walls between the different levels of spirit world, otherwise it is not controllable and everybody would want to come up. So you train yourself for thousands of years and pull down a wall to advance yourself to the next higher level. Is God right to allow walls and demand that we train ourselves a long time in order to come up? What about Father; would he do the same? Father cannot save them in a short period of time.

Father would want to take those who are here (points on the board) to the deepest parts of hell to live alone. That person should strive to say, "Father, if I am with you, I am very happy to live in hell!"

We are covered with a lot of veils, like the layers of an onion. Father will peel them off one by one. . . that one is pride, that one is the love of money. Then someone says, "well, Father, take everything away from me. I will throw everything away and go to hell. I will go naked if you want! Think about it. Is there a better way to bring people up to the high level fast? There are two ways. The other one is that Father goes along with your demands.

When Father works his way up, do you think the people above will mind, or will they say, "We welcome you. Please come up fast!" One way to get to the top is to hang on tenaciously to Father, never letting go even if he tries to shake you loose.

The lowly government official bows to everybody higher up. Now f he becomes president, nobody would mind. But that person whose father becomes president would just go along with him everywhere, even looking shabby. Everyone would know that even though this person was someone who used to bow to them every day, because his father became president, they cannot deny him his place. They would then bow to him. They cannot say to the president, "Mr. President, I bow to you, but that person tagging along, he has to bow to me!"

If Father allows us to tag along with him, to what point will we go? Will we go to some point and then say, "Father this is good enough for me, I will rest here"? Up to where' would we go? Wherever Father goes? When Father goes to Japan, leaving America behind, will we all follow him there? What if the Japanese government demands your visa? Then if Father goes back to Korea by way of Japan, do we go to Korea, too?

You are used to sleeping in a bed all your life. When you go to Korea, you have to sleep on a hard, hot floor. And there is no butter, but ko chi chan and kim chi that burns your mouth! You don't mind? If you go to Korea and live in a mansion, you don't mind. But if you had to go and live in the poorest area, would you still want to do that? Not only that, we would have to beg food with humility and bring it in front of Father every day. Father likes that way. And Father would never use knife and fork and spoon, but his hands. Then halfway, he would think about us and tell us to eat. Would you be disgusted? If this is the only way to reach a high level fast, would you choose it?

You don't even know whether or not you are going to get there in the first place. Would you still go? Since you don't believe, Father has to give more conditions of indemnity. Maybe we will have to give up one section of our finger every year. After 25 years you will have only head and torso left! We will have to roll around to get someplace. Then if you never give up and say, "Still, Father, I want to go with you," then Father has to carry you on his back. Are we going to be happy or sad people?

Ready for Prison

Father cannot just dump us partway. Once he carries us, he has to carry us all the way up. Who caused our finger to be cut? Father did that so he has to then take responsibility for us. Then God will say, "Why do you have such a bunch of good-for-nothing people with you?" That way, we will go up even faster than Father. The Bible said that those who are willing to die will live.

When Father first came to America, he had nothing. Do you think he expected to live in an estate like East Garden when he first came here? Or did he decide to be ready for prison when he came here? Father thought, if they put me in prison, then I will turn the prison upside down. Then, like God, he thought to see if this country would be grateful to him or not. If Father doesn't do that, then Satan will protest.

Imagine years ago when Father first came, with the way people are here, do you think Father thought the way would tee' easy for him? You don't know how resolved he was to face any difficulty in America to do his work here. When Father came here, according to God's way, Father thought, "With millions of people opposing me, even if I die, I cannot give up God's way." Do you think God will say, "Oh, I regret that I sent Rev. Moon to America, because in twenty years he hasn't done anything!"? Or would God say, "How did you do that?"

When his work has been successful and American people begin to understand what he has done for America in place of the whole world, and the White House begins to open up to him, then does he think about having a comfortable life here?

Instead he will move to an even more difficult place where people are regimented, that is, communist China, Russia, North Korea. Then God will ask, "What did you do that for? Why don't you settle down in a comfortable place?" Is God unhappy that Father doesn't want to stay in such a place, or does He hate to see Father do even more hard work? Which is the real reason God asks Father not to go?

Sometimes someone does very well, and the world knows it, but God chastises him. Everybody wonders why. Father knows that sometimes God wants to embrace somebody and cry with relief because of them, but instead He will call him lots of names! Through that, the person can shoot up to a high level in no time.

What is the topic of Father's speech this morning? "In Yun and Encounter."

Think about this: Where does Father come from? In his childhood, he lived deep in the North Korean countryside, in a mountain valley, a place called Chung Ju. He was a small king; he went all over the valley catching every kind of animal. He really explored the area. There is no fish he didn't know. His radius was a ten-mile area, a big territory for a child. If he didn't know everything about the area-who was living there and what they were doing-he couldn't sleep. Every morning he would go out and explore some more. That is the kind of personality he has. When there was a bully who gave a hard time to the other children, even though Father was very small, he fought against him and protected the smaller children.

That's how Father thought about America. You know how big America is! As with the bully, Father fought with America, which is so much bigger than him. Was he intimidated? He said everything he wanted to say.

CIA Stomachache

Look at it this way. It was like a courtroom, where the plaintiff was the United States of America and Father, an individual, was the defendant. Who was knocked down? America. America thinks he is a villain. And when America is beaten, all the Americans here are so happy. What crazy people! Do you think the C.I.A and FBI will love or hate Father then? When we all applaud him, do you think they will get a stomachache? You get a stomachache when you see something that makes you very jealous. Hundreds of thousands of American men and woman will come with eyes wide open and say, you want to get married to an Oriental." They welcome Orientals and call them brothers. When Americans do that, the CIA and FBI look down on them and get a stomachache.

It is our wish that our children be married with earlier blessed couples' children. The most high level is True Family. Father wishes he had numberless children in order to give more chances for everyone to get married with his family. Those who say, "Father, I don't want my children to get married with one of yours,. raise your hands!

Father blessed Daniel, a UTS graduate, to Father's niece, whose father is now vice-chairman of a foundation in Korea. Daniel comes from a very large, well-known family in Texas. His grandmother heard that her grandson got married to the niece of Rev. Moon and shouted "Manse!" She is not even a member! They were rejoicing because, as they said, "All of a sudden, we became even more famous!" They must have good seed, because to be famous is not easy in this world. They have that In Yun to. become famous, so they welcomed Father immediately.

What do you think? Father will have lots of grandchildren and you will have lots of sons and daughters, too. When matching time comes, should Father select candidates for marriage to his family out of French-speaking or Greek-speaking people of whom Father cannot understand even a word they speak, or those who, even though they may be Greek or French or Italian, can speak perfect Korean? We all laughed, that means we got the message: Learn Korean!

If your sons and daughters get married to Father's descendants, will you regret that, or think of it as an honor? Why? Heaven is an eternal world.

Should Father's sons and daughters give birth to fourteen children, more than Mother did? (Yes.) In her case, she may be willing to give birth to 130 children; that will increase the chances. (Laughter.) That i8 utmost goodness. Would you want to become a big mountain all alone and solitary, or a small mountain on the side of a big mountain? Don't you think the big mountain, in that case, made the small mountain? Which one came first? The big one. The big one might have been a volcano which gave rise to the smaller mountains. By the time they came up, it may have been a crater. The big one can say to the small ones, "I am more interesting, because of me you came to exist," You would say, "Our family is the biggest in all of Europe, and because we are famous we contributed to Reverend Moon becoming more famous..

Those who hope that their children can be married to one of Father's grandchildren, raise your hands. To see that, Father feels crazy. But Father sees the striking phenomenon that the babies are becoming more intelligent, better equipped and with better personalities. Imagine this: a ten year old child from Father's family, in fourth grade, dealt with a forty year old Ph.D. member. She called him into a room, locked the door and gave a speech to him. She told him what he has done wrong. He couldn't say anything. No one told her to do that; she did it on her own. She advised Father that he will eventually leave the Unification Church, so not to work with him closely. The younger children have that kind of quality.

When Father was young, he was like that. His relatives would show him their potential fiancées' pictures, and speak with him very respectfully. Even though he was just ten, Father would look; at the picture and just throw it away if it was not good. If Father approved, then they would get married. Father; was accurate. Sometimes they would get married anyway, but the result would prove Father was right. This is the background of Father matching our members. Do you think it was a good matching or bad? (Good.) Those who think it was a bad matching, raise your hands. (Laughter.) There are bound to be problems in any marriage. The more you confront them in the first three years, the better. Father is bringing many children to the Little Angels School in Korea. Occasionally he goes there to observe them. We all must learn Korean and let our children learn Korean. Father will send each Little Angels School graduate to a different country. There are mansions throughout the world which resulted from war and killings. But our palace is built by love, under the wings of love. There will be mountains of palaces. How about that? (Applause.)

Now we are interviewing thousands !of students in the Soviet Union, and one out of ten is allowed to come. The total number to come will be three thousand within a couple of months. Three thousand elite, selected by interview, will study the Divine Principle. Because this number is so large, the State Department became touchy, and did not issue the visas properly. The Soviet students became angry, and were preparing to demon strafe at the Embassy. The State Department checked the background of the visa requests, from the Soviet side. The Soviets said it was fine, but still visas were not issued. Ultimately, ten American Senators and Representatives called the State Department within a one-hour period. If the State Department hadn't listened, there would have been ten more senators and representatives calling. They exclaimed, "We didn't know Reverend Moon's foundation was so strong.. We pushed them down. They finally instructed the Embassy in Moscow to issue the visas.

In Moscow it took them two hours to stamp and issue the three hundred visas, and by that time it was 11:15. The flight to America was at noon. Everyone was waiting at the airport One member collected the passports and literally flew to the airport, arriving fifteen minutes before departure. There was no time to distribute them, so he just spread them out on a table and each person could take any passport On, the plane, they had to sort it out. The American officials are looking askance at this. These are elite communist youth. It is like a Soviet invasion of America. (Applause.) How proud we can be to share the future with Reverend Moon.

The rodeo is in progress [at New Hope Farms, Deer Park]. It is exciting action. Raise your hands if you want to go. But maybe Father will charge you three times the ticket price. So, all of you, after the sermon, go to Deer Park. If you don't have money for a ticket, rake the grass with your head. It's good if you break your glasses; then next year people will wonder, "Was there a war here?" Yes, there was a storm of people. Then more people will want to come next year, and we will get the money back for your broken glasses. Good strategy. That is a business concept.,

Never an Accident

Today's topic is "In Yun and Encounter." Strangers meet, but they are not strangers; it is predestined. The encounter of individuals is never an accident. Today is cloudless, but let's say there is a cloud here. Where do you think it was formed? Is it an American cloud, or was it formed in other parts of the world? Is it a world cloud? It was formed by waters from different parts of the world, from Africa to the polar regions. Imagine that one particle evaporated from some black person's saliva, and adjacent to it is evaporation from a white person's urine. Do you think these waters will hate each other? Will they start fighting? Or refuse to shake hands, even though they are side by side? They will give up hating each other. They must make friends, under those circumstances. There is a lot of dust and pollution. Did it all come from U.S. soil, or is there some from other parts? this is world scale, also. It is going around and around, going to America, to Africa, to everywhere, across the oceans.

Are we all in debt or not? This brother looks healthy, with lots of muscle and fat-where does that come from? Maybe he stole it from someone not stealthily, but openly. Does nature like to be eaten, mercilessly? We took a lot from nature, ate it and became nice and fat, without returning anything back to nature. What does nature think about us? It would call us parasites. Have we ever stopped to thank nature, to thank all things? This sister is glad to have a top coat, a shirt and underwear. Did it all come from the U.S., or elsewhere? Have you ever thanked Korea for sending this merchandise to you? She uses that and it gets a hole, and she says, "Oh, this is no good." That product from Korea will be disappointed and will cry.

Look at it this way. In America they work eight hours and throw out their products and go home. In Korea they are desperate; they have to make a living and are very serious. Their lifeline is with that product, and they are more serious than are other nations. If a product has life and it does, believe it or not-If you go to Itaewon, even in the evening, you can be measured and told, come tomorrow morning. You go at ten in the morning and your suit is there waiting for you. It is nice fitting. When do you think they did the work? They prepare the component parts separately, and therefore can assemble a suit from the parts, within two hours. Many factories work throughout the night, not just the tailors.

It is not especially ethical, but the people are so highly motivated that they create exact imitations within a day of a new product. It is exactly the same, but one fiftieth of the price. Maybe the material is not as good. The customer makes a request for certain products, and the shopkeeper says come back tomorrow. The next morning it is there. This is a kind of skill, a complex of skills. It is not simple. Korea has won the gold medals in technical competitions, such as for watch-making. To give other countries a chance, they deliberately don't take prizes now. The Korean economy grew in a very short time, quicker than the Japanese.

The Koreans are excellent people. They come in to America and within fifteen years they are everywhere, even in Japanese, Chinese and Italian areas. It is; not easy, but they do it naturally. They are always willing to revolutionize. Just like Father. Does Father take after Korean nature, or Korean nature after Father's? (Laughter.)

In five thousand years every kind of event has happened to Korea, connecting with the big nations of China, Russia, Japan and America. But Korea never lost its identity. This molded the skill of the average Korean. History does not record the only time Genghis Khan was defeated, in Korea. That's true. But it is difficult for Koreans to become one. Once they become one they can defeat anybody. No one can make them into one, except me. (Applause.) Do you think that is more difficult than bringing communist and democratic countries together, as Father did? Good question, you say. But consider; North South Korea were one forty years ago' and they use the same language. Kim I1 Sung agrees with Father on this point. When Father cries, every Korean north and south cries. That's how much unity there is potentially. Kim I1 Sung is saying that he hates Americans, hates Russians, hates Japanese, Chinese and South Koreans. Who persecuted Father the most? America, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea. So Kim says to Father, why don't you and I get together and do away with all the people who hate us? (Laughter.) In that case, would Father shake hands?

There is one difference between Father and Kim. Kim started big, but now has come down. However, he is still famous and has a lot. Father started from nothing, and everyone persecuted him, but Father increased, and is as big as Kim I1 Sung now, if not bigger. (Bigger.) Father's foundation is bigger, with Japan, Korea, Russia. But Kim observed Father so much throughout the years. When they shake hands, one thing is for sure: Father will never follow Kim I1 Sung. Kim knows this. He knows he cannot pull Russia and China, but that Father can. When Father's locomotive pulls the trains of the U.S., Russia and China, will they move or not? (Yes.) They will move, a strange phenomenon created by Father and God. (Thank you.) Thank you, did you say?

Background Not Simple

So we are in that situation, and you don't like to sit next to a white girl? Or maybe you sit there, but your mind doesn't flow? If that is so, you are inferior even to the particles in a cloud. Is the air that we breathe in America American air, or does it belong to the world? (The world.) The air has parts coming from Asia, the Orient, Europe, Africa, all parts of, the world, mixed. Do you think this air was bred in America and just stays here? Does air conflict with air from other places? Does Korean air say it will only go to Korean plants? There is no boundary in nature. When a big boar from South America defecates in North America, will the tree here protest that? No, it will like the good fertilizer, and say it tastes better because it is different. That is the birth of the universe: everything develops according to its harmonious In Yun.

Nobody knows who will meet whom in the next moment, but when they meet it is a good destiny and they learn to get along together. How many tens of thousands of years preparation did it take for these two sisters to end up sitting nest to each other here? This is a historical encounter, a pinnacle. We may not know it, but the spirit world is like a computer which, when you push the button, will reveal the tons of records concerning what it took to bring these two together. There is no area it does not cover. Perhaps at some point the two, sister A and sister B, came very close but did not make it. Now the two are together here. All of you who are here did not come a straight way. Your ancestors clubbed you to bring you here now. That is why it is so crooked. Until now no one understood this, but this is how it works.

When you were born, wherever and whenever, did you ever have the slightest notion that you would meet Father here today? If someone planned to find a way to sit with Father, how many years would it take? But we have hardly done anything, and we find ourselves, here. Behind us the background is not simple. On the universal level there was plenty of work for each of us to be here. Do you think you can dismiss the brother or sister sitting next to you under such circumstances just as if it was high school days, and you were alumni? Out of your present relationship, after ten or fifteen years you can truly love each other. Can you say what is going to happen, what good things? Who knows maybe you will become the First Lady of a country, In Yun as a good In Yun, and think of ten or twenty years from now and cherish this moment. Don't just think of today or tomorrow in treating each other. If you have this attitude for ten or twenty years, then everybody will come to support you.

All things that are happening now are for the sake of this goal. In fishing this becomes so dramatic. You may fish for eight hours, with nothing happening. All of a sudden there is some sign, and before you know it a thousand-pound fish is hooked. It happens in one minute, that's all. In Alaska there was a fierce competition. A Japanese brother had not caught a fish after several days. One day, everyone was catching fish, but he did not, until five minutes before the deadline, 8:55 p.m. Suddenly it came; he landed the biggest fish and got first prize. This is a true story. Who can tell? How can you tell what will come from two people in five or ten years, or even tomorrow?

Good In Yun

Why did it take thousands of years to make such a meeting? It is because the goal of the meeting is so big, that nature and history had to work through thousands of years of In Yun to get here. Now you arrived here, not knowing this has all taken place, and you doze off. Spirit world is nervous watching us. Imagine that your encounter with Father and everyone here, has required lots of sacrifice, even your ancestors being killed so that you could work your way up here. Then how serious is our meeting here? Once we understand this background, we realize that indemnity is a natural thing, and that if there is no indemnity, maybe I am not going the right direction. Then for a bigger cause we can say, Father, I am ready to accept more suffering and more indemnity. If you do, then there will be more good in yun working out for a higher level of encounter.

When Father came to America he knew that much in yun was here. Father properly arranged the in yun, relating it with the situation of the nation as a whole, knowing so much history behind the scenes and in spirit world. Father did his very best to bring everyone the highest blessing, putting everyone in the best possible position. Based upon Father working day in and day out for this, Father has come to be loved by others who are saying that even at the sacrifice of their own lives they cannot leave Father. That kind of strong relationship has come about. Father knew that when he came to America he would meet some offspring from the Mayflower. He thought about how to meet such people, and how to lead them to the top of heaven. Before even noticing his own suffering Father only thought about fulfilling his part of the responsibility to the offspring of the Mayflower or other American people who came into his church through In Yun. A person who does this will receive all the blessings of the universe. The universe is waiting to give blessings to and welcome such a person, and greet him.

After Danbury, Father thought, "Before I go to Korea, whom will God bring to meet me first Father was expecting that. Even today there are former inmates visiting Father. When you have that kind of attitude throughout your life, you have no room for complaint. You have no cause for complaint. You bump into someone on the street, even a troublemaker, you should think, "What is this situation going to bring to me?" Instead of fighting, think, What is this In Yun going to bring me?" Then suddenly you look around and see someone there. It is the son or daughter you lost many years ago, because of war. This actually happens. That so-called accident can happen to all of us. If this crazy person had not bothered me on the street, then I would have missed my lost son and never had another chance. Who is making that man act crazy? He may not know himself, but something is making him act that way, for my sake. That is good in yun.

There are two kinds of people. One immediately fights and retaliates and ruins his whole day when this kind of inconvenience comes. The second thinks philosophically: why did this come to me? What do I deserve? What do I deserve? What can I expect from this? We must know that this In Yun and encounter has a great significance. You know the story of Joseph, whose jealous brothers! put him in a well. Later he was rescued, and he served in the nobleman's [Potiphar's] house. The wife tried to seduce him, and he would not fall. Later on, because of that, he got to meet his brothers. This turned out to be the way of saving the Israelites. Who knew? Somebody was working. It's not mysterious to them, only to us.

If it were not for three years imprisonment in North Korea, Father would never have known what communism really is. Maybe like everyone else he would have thought, "Oh, that is just another philosophy,. and dismissed it. But by three years in prison Father could come to understand the minutes" detail of the nature of communism, and could decide to liberate communism, the enemy of God, with his own hands. Today, everyone is wondering why in less than one year a miracle has happened. It is not a miracle. Father knows, and he worked for it. Who knows except the Moonies and Father, and the spirit world?

This grand principle applies even to daily life. Just an innocent happening, an accident, depends upon your attitude toward In Yun. If you live like that, your life will improve. Somehow, let's say, you caused an accident and hurt a nice young lady. You feel so bad, because she is hospitalized. As a result of that you witness to her and save her life. Do you think she was lucky to break her leg or not? She will look back and say, if you didn't break my leg, where would I be now? How proud you can be without you! leading them, no one can come to heaven. So how historically great Unification Church evangelists are.

We can't pray on the way to Belvedere, "Please God, prevent an accident from happening to me." Rather pray "Please lead me in your will.. We do have accidents. Maybe that's His will, and as a result of that we gain a different level, a higher level. We are bound to get to a higher level if our mind is basically good. Who knows what will happen in the future? If something happens, everyone may agree it is a tragedy. But there are two ways for us: either complain, or continue on contemplating what chance this offers me. Who is the wise person, the sagacious person? The wise person does not complain.

Yesterday morning one of our buses was stolen during the State Leaders meeting, and so they arrived late. Everyone was annoyed and worried because they could not meet in time. But Father was not worried. He just wondered what was going to happen as a result of that bus being stolen. Maybe as a result someone would be met at the police station while making the report, or at the jail, and your path could cross the cousin or nephew of President Bush Who knows? Plenty of these things happen. That way you may go to a political candidacy more quickly than by your own planning. Usually success happens by this kind of extraordinary In Yun. So how can we complain about things? In Father's life, going to prison is the worst thing that can happen. But what was the result?

Father knows one thing: our life, whatever it may be, is a course of indemnity. Whether we approve it or not, it's indemnity. It's bound to be. So if the indemnity goes the normal way, it takes a normal amount of time. Everybody wants to quicken it. But how? By something extraordinary happening, then it quickens. So we have to expect that happening. [Father draws on the board.] This is human history, thousands of years, and the happenings lie out like a sine curve. One is smooth and one is saturated, complicated. Which curve do you want to follow, the complicated or simple? The simple will take thousands of years. The other, saturated way means you are always busy, with no time to be complacent, and you really go the incredible way, but it only takes a hundred years. Which way do you prefer? The saturated, which is the short cut, and you only need a hundred years.

There are many different combinations of curves. Sometimes you go up, sometimes down. Corporations go through one hundred or two hundred years of turbulence. Which do you want? Shorter indemnity? Shorter indemnity means that even though you think today is miserable, tomorrow will be worse, and the next day even worse. Which do you want: a smooth life which requires thousands of years of indemnity, or short, which gets it over with? (Short.) Religion takes thousands of years. When you receive glory, that period will end and you must go down before you can go up again. Christianity suffered for 2,000 years, then went up in America. Now it has come down again. Conversely, the Unification Church started from the deepest suffering, but then went up.

10,000 Years of Happiness

What was Father's motto? "Within this twenty years, let us indemnify 2,000 years." Father actually invited opposition, saying "If you are going to oppose, then oppose me now, when you are at your strongest." Thus Father set the condition to be able to say: "You persecuted me for twenty years, and at the end of the persecution if you are stronger you can have your way. But if you are weaker, then you must listen to me." So who is more capable, the existing Christian church or Father? (Father.) In evangelizing, Father is better. Father can smell better than they, and he can stare them down without batting an eyelash.

When Christianity goes down, it goes down very fast and does not rise again, because it lost its purpose. Our side, instead of repeating the up and down cycle, will move forward on a straight, flat line, which is what nature intended it to be. How about that? (Amen.) This flat line has no persecution, everything is liberated. It is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world. The horizontal line is great, you lie down on a horizontal line, and you can climb up on God. You wake up in the middle of the night to find that God was sleeping right beside you. It is night and dark, but his hands are glowing. Then you know it is God right beside you.

So this pain of twenty years is incredible. The ground on which the Empire State building is built was dug up and pounded, laid with pipes and wires. That ground must have said, "What are you doing to me? I've never had so much torture." Later when the Empire' State building was erected, then it said, "Had I known this, I would have asked for more pounding, because then there could be a taller building, a nicer building." Those who complained will be shameful; will never be able to look straight at the building.

When Father was breaking the ground and laying the foundation, all Unification Church members said, "Oh, I don't, like that, oh, why do I suffer like this?" Sometimes Father will make you suffer upside down, which is even more painful. How much more proud will one be if one is right at the center, right at the bottom. We will say that if we had known, we would have volunteered for that. No matter how tall that building is, no point is greater than that person who is at the deepest bottom.

Are we pursuing ten thousand years, of happiness or ten years of happiness? (Ten thousand.) Is that going to be easy? (No.) Should we accomplish the suffering in a condensed time or a long time? (Condensed.) Ten years? (Yes.) Or one year? If you say one year, that means ten thousand times more suffering than we had in the past. Do we want that? It means that someone has to take out your eyes and nose: and teeth, to meet this one-year deadline. How about American women? Do you have that kind of endurance? (Yes, Father.) American women talk too soon. How can you take that indemnity? Chinese women bind their feet. With small feet they cover long distances. But American women have big feet. Chinese women will walk many years, and still continue to walk. American women will ride in the car, go around the obstacle, and call it a day. They will say, "I've seen it; I'm going around it." Maybe you saw a mountain, but you never bothered to go down and see what ore is inside. You don't know; you just went around it. True? (Yes.) Do you think diamond mines and gold mines are found lying nest to the highway?

The Chinese woman will go thousands of miles to find her husband and lost children This is great characteristic of oriental attitudes and philosophy. Because of this, they understand the thousands of years of preparation behind one hour's meeting. Therefore they take it very seriously and endure and endure, and never start anything quickly. The oriental person first listens you out, because he is interested in how you came to that meeting. The western concept is opposite: "Hello, ha ha. I like you; get close to me, ha ha ha." So which attitude will lead us to the blessed position more surely? (Oriental.) I don't know; you teach me.

Embrace the World

A Unification Church member should not be lightweight. You should be heavyweight. You shouldn't be so happy. Always think, if you laugh in a big way there will come a time when you will cry in a big way. If there is day there is bound to come the night. The peak of a civilization, too, will always come down to a certain point, and a new one will start. What does the world say, that the western civilization is starting anew? Or that the oriental is starting to flourish? (Oriental.) And this is not just lightly happening. Five thousand years of preparation is there, and now the new era is in the making. No one can stop that tide. How can anyone stop the tide of an ocean, the tide of time? So we have to take Father's words today very seriously and practically, because Father wants to prepare us for the forthcoming trend of the world, in which we Unification Church members must embrace the world in the oriental way, the deep, contemplative way, understanding the background of thousands of years, not just as if it is a chance happening. Therefore Father gave us this topic.

When American men marry oriental women, don't think you will be carried on your wife's back Rather, determine to carry her on your back. If you depend on them, you will perish.

Do not say, "Since I am western, I am on top and since you are oriental, you've got to be on the bottom." If you think that, that is the end of your development. If you take it the other way around and raise them up while you go down, then you will do well.

By the same token, so many Moonies think, ' Well I have done so much for so many years, now I will be carried on Father's back." That is the end of their development. Whereas those who think, "Father, now you raised us up, I will carry you on my back," will prosper forever and ever on the horizontal line. Is this a correct statement? Father has been carrying us on his back but he cannot do that forever here in' America. Now he has done all he can do and should do for this country. Father may leave and not come back for years.

Father knows that since America is a Christian country, Americans are bound to follow us whether they complain or not, still they will have to follow in our wake. China is different. They do not have that godly background of Christianity. Soviets, too. You have to tell them every day, "Do this and don't do that." You have to do that every day to China and Russia, unlike America.

If America follows the same thought pattern that Father is now expressing, if America were wise, she would carry Russia and China on her back, and North Korea, too. But she is refusing to do that. That's why Father is volunteering now to do that. What this country should be doing, Father is now taking upon himself to do. There will be many people who ~ will carry Father's baton if Father doesn't complete his goal. It is never whimsical things with Father, but very serious projects.

You remember the Tienenman Square incident of June 4? By June 27 in every embassy in Beijing and in other big cities in China, foreigners were panicking and deserting China. But Father instead went in and signed the Panda project contract. Father knew, even though that incident happened, everyone should stay there and help the country.

China realizes this and owes something to Father. Within five years China will rise up. To get to a higher place it will take much longer and they know that. They believe in Father's agreement. They praise Rev. Moon more than anybody else, including their former national hero. Chinese people are very capable and accurate at assessing individuals, so they understand Father. They saw clearly that when America was stoning Father and opposing him, Father was carrying America on his back. Rev. Moon is not the one who perishes. No matter how big in numbers, America is perishing, not Father. How deeply has In Yun manifested for Father's encounter with America. We must understand how great a mistake we made in the past inadvertently and unknowingly throwing In Yun with our shallow thinking. The universe, looking at us, is very disappointed. We have to lead life in such a way that when God sees us, He will say, "Yes, I know how much you suffered and yet went steadfastly on the right course." That kind of man doesn't perish. This is the formula for success.

We know that we should never budge no matter what happens, and endure and take seriously this In Yun." You will inherit this way of life from Father in a most solemn occasion, pledging, "Father, from this time on I will conduct my life in your way. I never understood before, but now I take this way as my own." Those who pledge to never forget their responsibility and to continue to bear the responsibility for America on their shoulders when Father goes to China or Russia, raise your hands. Thank you.

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