The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Heavenly Fatherism

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
September 1st, 1990
Translated by Col. Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's speech this morning is "Heavenly Fatherism". It is very difficult to translate accurately in its deepest meaning, so we must settle for that.

We must understand that our meeting on the first day of each month will bring forth blessing for that month. It is our tradition to gather every Sunday and every first day of the month. The keeping of these holy days is very important for our lives.

As you know, it has already been a year since Father proclaimed "Heavenly Fatherism" from Kodiak, Alaska.

If we think of Unification Church as an ordinary church, then we are very,, much mistaken. We simply could not be more wrong. The Unification Church is the center for creating true individuals, true families. true clans, the true nation, and the true world

The idea of salvation that the average man of religion holds today, as we know, is very wrong. Their notions are based on salvation of the individual, not of the family or of the clan or of the whole universe. Individualistic thinking has no place in God's dispensation. It is the world which needs to be saved. Then the nation can be liberated, then the family, and finally the individual. It is not the other way around. In other words, heaven is such that no matter how perfect the individual may be, no matter how much he himself is saved, he cannot have a place in heaven until everyone is in heaven. When that is achieved, the individual can have heaven.

Adam and Eve failed and the center was lost. Everything is connected to the center. This needs to be restored and has to be in its original form before the individual has a place. We have to be restored to the original position. After that, we have to reach up to the dispensation of the world level. Then we go back to the center based on our individual victorious foundation

Adam was not just an individual; he represented everyone. Likewise, even though she was an individual, Eve represented the whole. These two, Adam and Eve, must become united, must become one in true love. If the leaders and participants of religion today knew this, they would not act as they do now. Their goal would be no less than to reach out to the world. If people accomplished that and then found themselves in the right center position, then today's world would

not be like it is. Here is an individual. [Father draws on the board.] That individual is surrounded by layer after layer of satanic dominion. How do we free ourselves from it? The only way we can be safe is to dwell where Satan does not exist. If an individual wants to reach out to the further perimeter, to the family, Satan is there, stopping the family. Even if the family becomes successful, Satan will stop them at the next level-the clan. Father had to go through this course literally. On every level, Satan was there to stop Father, but Father successfully won over and penetrated those layers.

What is different about the Unification Church is that we have no part in individual salvation. The Unification Church is where we go beyond that, tearing down all the walls and reaching out to the world. This is what Father has been doing, taking down the walls between nations, taking down the walls on the world level. That must happen before the individual can hope to be freed and saved.

Now that Father has achieved that, there are no grounds on which Russia can oppose us, no grounds for any particular "ism", whether it be communism or materialism, to oppose us. We must realize that each individual here represents his nation, some 150 nations of the world. Here within the Unification Church we participate in the steps of tearing down the walls between all the different levels and creating a free zone where we can travel back and forth so that individual salvation can be achieved. Father and all the Unification Church members can go anywhere because Father has taken down the walls. We are to accomplish this purpose.

Father plants human seeds all over this world and then the harvest time comes. We can make heaven on the earth. Do you understand? Salvation is not an individual occurrence. Centering on all things, you can get into the spiritual world. Otherwise, there is no way. This is how the Unification Church differs from all existing churches and religions. They are all based on individual salvation. We have the concept of representing the whole

If we cannot go everywhere, then it is not heaven. The human mind is such that every individual thinks centering on himself: "I want to be on top." That is fine if we want to become the Top representative. If we represent everything. then we become a minus to God's plan. We are God's objects. Your mind wants to reach that original point of creation. This is like a great gift, the concept of the true center. Do you understand? We have to be very clear about that. The individual, as such, has no place in this.

No matter how religious, exemplary, and perfect a couple may be, they cannot achieve their own salvation. Instead, they must represent their clan and their nation. They must restore elder sonship, parentism and kinship. In other words, we must restore our lost right to become true parents. That is not individually-centered. That is historically holistic. Then, later, we have to recover Heavenly Fatherism, too. Otherwise, how can we insure the Heavenly Kingdom's sovereignty? This is our individual mission. This is what we are in a position to do historically. This is what we as individuals must go through, just as Father did. Father took down all the walls and did all these works through which we can go an easier path, but we must go the path ourselves.

America must go its own path correctly and it is difficult to do so. Father has shown them, "This is the way to go." Father has good advice and suggestions. If they take his advice, Father knows a good outcome is guaranteed. Father is very consistent in the path he points out.

There was the Berlin Wall, impregnable for years. Who took chat down? There was a wall between the free world and the communist world who tore that down? There is a thicker wall between the free world and North Korea and China. Who is taking chat wall down? Someone has to do it. Reverend Moon proclaims that he is doing it

This is the destiny of history. Someone has to do it. If America takes Father seriously and follows in his wake, how quickly will they achieve all they want to. We know where the world is going and how everything is to unfold, but that knowledge is not just your individual privilege. Along with that privilege goes the responsibility of influencing those in higher positions. We must not only influence them, but guide them through the right course. Do you follow? [Yes.]

Without doing that, no salvation is possible. God has done many works. He has given rise to many religions. How many righteous, good people has He sacrificed-and for what? For this very purpose of tearing down all the walls and reaching the Kingdom of Heaven. The one who has fought the bloody battle, the war for this will be truly free in the spirit world. His realm extends everywhere. He is not just confined to one place.

We are not here as individuals. If we do not bear that due responsibility, then we may be an individual who destroys the family, the clan, the nation, the world, the cosmos, and even God. Individualism will do chat; it is that destructive.

What do you think? Do you think this is the right perspective or is it far-fetched?

Why did Reverend Moon come to America and go through all kinds of turmoil and troubles, even suffering imprisonment in Danbury? Father has been in jail in North Korea, South Korea and Japan as well. Why did he go to jail?

What purpose did he have? Was it to save his own individual foundation? No. He went there representing the center, which has as its main purpose the salvation of all humanity.

Is it clear? Do not center on the individual. We have to live centering on all humanity. Then we come to represent God.

That heavy burden rests on you. How can you solve it in your lifetime? This is our duty, our responsibility, No one can solve it for you. Resolving this will liberate you in spirit world. Wherever you go, you will be protected. You have to make that kind of situation in your own lifetime. You must make a world foundation, representing the center and becoming the owner. Then when you go to spiritual world, you can go everywhere freely; you will always be protected. Do you understand? You have to know this point clearly.

You have to go over the individual base, the family base, the clan base, the national base, the world base and after that you must become the owner and attain Messiahship. Do you understand? This is the meaning of Tribal Messiahship. Satan cannot oppose or attack you then.

Once you have made that kind of liberation on all the levels up to the cosmic level, God will follow you everywhere and protect you and Satan cannot accuse you. this is the responsibility of your life. No matter how difficult it is, you have to welcome this responsibility.

Every time you think, "How can I liberate myself?" you are on the level of Satan's worldwide foundation. If you worry about that, you cannot stand in front of me. There is no hope then, there is no spiritual help for that.

Every time you come to Belvedere to participate in this morning service, you are not doing it for your individual self. You should be doing it to save the world, to save the universe and cosmos. This is your armament against Satan's world, to save the universe and cosmos. This is your armament against Satan's world. Once you attain that position, Satan's side will bow down. God wants all of humanity to attain this position. Otherwise, you cannot separate from Satan and all these satanic layers surrounding you. Do you understand? You should come here in order to liberate the world from Satan. I want to train that kind of treasured person at Belvedere, the site of Father's speeches.

If you have that kind of unselfish armament, you can go everywhere in Satan's world end go over it and make victory. Otherwise, there is no way. You have to know this point clearly. "I represent everything, I represent the world' s people." There is no room for '"please save me." You are Tribal Messiahs, national Messiahs, world Messiahs, cosmic Messiahs. You should say, "Save them instead." If you have that kind of mission, you can bring so many results. If you go in the individualistic direction, you will be creating a miserable situation for yourself. Do you like to be in Satan's realms? No. You don't want that You and I are in the same situation. You have to take your portion of responsibility as seriously as Father has taken his. You have to know this point clearly.

If, for example, there is a Chinese person drifting off to sleep here or a Jewish person doing the same, it is not just that individual. The whole clan, the whole race, is represented by him or her and will reap the same result. If there are three Jewish people here and one is sleeping, then one third of all Jews will feel the effect of that. You belong to a nation. Father represents Korea and he also represents the world. Father is responsible for the overall restorational dispensation. In restoring the overall situation, there are so many smaller things that Father has to do before he can achieve this goal. No one knows what Father is involved in, it is so complicated. You can imagine. The spirit world is very complex, just like society. There are all kinds of undertakings there. Father has to know all about the spirit world and all about the religious world and all about history. He has to know God's mind and he has. to deal with people going against God. Father had to know everything, small things included, but we here today know very clearly what the world is all about because Father has cleared everything up and taught us. That knowledge is not for ourselves as individuals-it with that knowledge that we are to save the world.

Imagine if Christianity received Fathers words, paid attention to him and went along with him. Then the Pope and the high priests would come to father and ask questions of him and they would receive all the knowledge with which to save the world. Instead of them, we are here. Do you think God intended us to be here instead of those great leaders? Likewise, do you think Father is happy just to see our members? No. His mind is always going to a higher place, reaching out to the higher goal. We just happen to be here. Then at least we have to try to act as if we were on the same level as those whom we are replacing. They went against me, so I must teach you. That is God's disappointment. That is the reality, the real conclusion.

Think about what position you are in. Don't forget it! don't cast your duty aside. Satan wants you to cast it aside. He wants that kind of bad result. Do you understand? God wants good results, the people who can make good results. You know where you stand, on which side, more than anyone else. Don't you? Don't make excuses.

Now it is clear. We should aim at victory. The victory is in going over oneself. At least we should know very clearly what the Unification Church stands for. It stands for no individual. Unification stands for "everybody". The Unification Church exists to create and to educate, to give birth to God's sons and daughters, not individualists. The sons and daughters must go all over the world, with the world foundation as their internal contents. Those are God's contents. We should be clear on this one point.

Heavenly Fatherism is to restore three things: the right of brothers or brotherism, the right to be parents, and the right to be a king. These three comprise Heavenly Fatherism.

In the democratic world, there is no conception of a king. Democracy is based on brotherism. All are horizontally equal. With brotherism, there is always rivalry, always competition. Democracy is a fighting culture-it has a "go get" mentality. Brothers compete with each other to secure the right to be king, or as it is expressed here, the President. The only difference between kingship and democracy is that in democracy, they go in all different directions. They are not stable. America is the representative nation of democracy. It is almost as if the end justifies the means here. Whatever you do to become elected, unless you violate or are caught by the law, once you are elected, you exercise all authority. There is the power of money at work here and all sorts of plots and schemes are involved-slander, even violence. Politicians utilize everything they can without getting caught in order to be elected, but if you are elected that way, there are bad side effects.

Democracy is in a very weak position because it is not an ideology. It is just a system. Since there is no ideology behind it, there is no direction or orientation either. They can go this way or that and everybody thinks it is okay.

Is there a guarantee that only certain kinds of people will become President of the country. [No.] A Mafia representative could become the President of this country and then he would rule. If the communists work in unity, they too, can send their candidate to the White House, can't they? When a thief becomes the President, then everyone has to belong to that thief's clan. god sees that brotherism is not the be-all and end-all human exercise. In fact, if brotherism prevails, the nation will perish. There is no possibility except to perish. there is no love here; there is only ruthless fighting and competition.

Does love ever travel horizontally? It does not. Look at the horizontal love we see in this democratic country. It has become degraded down to free sex because it does not come vertically. Free sex is the cause of the miserable situation of all of humankind. this is America's situation. This is the reality of your society. who can clear this up? The national foundation is all muddied. No President has been able to clear it up; no professor has been able to do that. The American people have a strong government yet even that power cannot clear it up. Knowledge cannot do that. No matter how proud we are and no matter how man material things we have, we cannot solve this serious situation.

Who can solve this serious, heavy situation? The person who represents the absolute vertical center in this world can do it. From there, the situation can be solved and made clear. Otherwise, there is no way. That is why reverend Moon is here. My teaching is about the vertical center of true love. The American people need this vertical position. This is the principle for the whole free world. However, they have not wanted to receive it, up to the present time. Someday they will thank me, however.

Look at the situation. god is on one side and Satan is on the other. God's side pulls up; Satan's side pulls down. No matter how difficult the situation, Reverend Moon is standing on God's side, pulling up. America has strong economic power, but Satan is pulling America down, down, down, into the darkness. Without Reverend Moon, without the Unification Church, there is no hope, no way to solve America's situation.

No matter how big America is, the heart of the Unification church is so big that the whole country of America and the whole world can be put into it and we would still have more room. God is there, in the foundation of absolute victory. All of the world and all of humanity is there. After the victory, we can totally occupy Satan's domain.

Neither democracy nor communism are adequate. Democracy in America is centered on God's side, but it is in the archangel's position. communism, which is another form of democracy, is centered on Satan's side. They have something in common in that they lack the central ideology; they lack the center of parents. Human history began with bloody fighting between two brothers. That is the way the seed was planted, therefore, this is the harvest now. This is the fruit. Satan became a rootless god based on adultery. He planted that kind of seed and harvests a rootless result. the world has been completely controlled by Satan's rule and power. How can we save America's youth from this degradation? Who can salvage this life-threatening situation? American leaders cannot do it. No matter how proud and famous America is, darkness and destruction are modern America's spiritual situation. There is agony in the minds of parents, agony in the minds of brothers, agony in the nation. Who can save them from this situation? Without God, there is no possible solution.

Is what Father is explaining about today's situation correct or is it made up? [Correct.] Even physical parentism does not work. This is why it has to be Heavenly Fatherism. Do you understand?

The fall took place in early history and what is the result? If Adam and Eve had not fallen, how would it be different? After they fell, mankind lost the right to be kings. Mankind also lost parents. Of course, there have been parents who gave birth, but those parents did not give eternal life and true love. True Parentship was lost. Also, brotherhood was lost. All became distant from God. They lost their true parents and lost the love of brothers for one another. Adam and Eve, by perfecting themselves, would have had kingship, would have been true parents, and would have had true brothers. this is the original state. Because of the fall, all this was lost and is now being restored.

History is moving towards restoring brotherhood. After that, we have to move on to restore parenthood. Satanic fatherism is what is on earth today. Look at North Korea, for example. This is satanic fatherism on the national level. they cannot go beyond the national level to the world level. If this theory proves to be true, then we can say that it is no longer theory, but reality. This is where we are today-the left and right wings are two brothers, Cain and Abel. When did the left and right wings begin? the lower one, centering on Satan, propagates materialism, whereas this side, centering on God, has been pursuing the spiritual. this became the left wing and this became the right wing.

The left wing and the right wing will fight. Then how would this develop? You can predict it because of this principle, which always works: when these two brothers fight each other, who attacks whom? God's side never attacks first. It is always the satanic side which attacks first and loses. Look at WWI, WWII, and in the form or ideological warfare, WWIII. The satanic side will always attack first. They are defeated in every instance. We see that too in our daily environment. If two persons are fighting, if we observe them, we will see that one did not do anything wrong, but always this other person tries to attack him. Who is on the right wing- the one who is attacked or the one who attacks? "Right" means correct or righteous. The center person is God and He is always right and always victorious. Left is the opposite of being right, like counter-clockwise on a clock. Satan is always going the opposite way. The left side people always claim, "You will benefit by following me. "The leftist direction ends by going down, whereas the right side will go up and here is God and His love. Here, there is nothing, a dead end, whereas here, the more you rise up, the more you have. You gain everything here, god and His unlimited love, whereas here, you do not have anything but despair. On the satanic side, the further down you go, the more and more desperation and death there is. On God's side, or the side of the Unification Church, it may be difficult, but as we go higher and higher, there is more hope, more faith, more love and more blessings and the closer we get to God. It is really the opposite.

Here in the Unification Church too, there is a crossroads. When we choose to live an easier life in the Unification church, then we end up on this side, which is the left The difficult path is on the right and the easier way is on the left. On the difficult side, we do everything by the Principle. This line will extend upward and the other line will extend in completely the opposite direction. Even within the Unification Church, these things are very apparent. Some people want to go an easier way and do not pay much attention to matters of Principle, but the other side goes where the Principle directs us to go. Do we want to belong to the right side in the spiritual world or the left side? Most definitely everyone wants to be on the right side. Reverend Moon is a pretty smart guy. He understands this world and this purpose.

In the satanic world, the democratic side is the right wing and the communist world is the left wing. This one is the subject position, but the left wing says they are the subject. without God. they just do away with God. They want to become the plus. Plus and plus can never harmonize. This is the course of history-it is not human beings' doing, it is God's. It is on that level. To become harmonious, democracy should stay in the plus position and communism must stay in a minus position. Who can do this? This is what Reverend Moon does. Reverend Moon tells this side where they should stand and why. That is why he brings Russian students here to America to teach them to center on the cosmos, to center on God. After that. brotherhood can be made. Otherwise. there is no way. Reverend Moon's thought is to combine them into one. This is hopeful. Then there will be no problems in the future. If it is centered on God, brother hood will endure forever.

Those in the Unification Church who want to go in this left direction, raise your hands. [Father indicates on the blackboard that this line extends to a low place.] Do you want to go to this place? If you just follow, drift along, this side is hell. There is nothing to look forward to there. Do you understand?

Democracy today represents "brotherism". We see history going in such a clear direction. The Divine Principle of Cain and Abel fits perfectly into this situation. Communism has been reduced down to a really powerless position because they lost God. They made laborers and farmers the center of everything, not God. Communism created demagogues, putting up a lot of false premises and hoping that it would work, but even the communists themselves have discovered that they have nothing, so they are giving up. This course perfectly illustrates and follows the Cain and Abel principle. Now even communists have come back to their senses and are searching for parentism. Both forms of democracy are about to do that now.

The restoration of brotherism is directed toward finding the real brothers, true brothers. True brothers do not come from the horizontal direction; they come from heaven, which is a vertical direction. For example, Jesus came on earth. In other words, he was born through a mother like all of us, but we say that he came from heaven. Heaven means that the vertical came down to earth. None of this fallen world has the centered, true vertical way. There are no true vertical men and women. In the fallen world, God cannot find the vertical family, the vertical tribe, the vertical nation, the vertical world and the vertical heaven on earth. Once that vertical is set up, however, everything can connect to it and it is the way of safety and peace. On the earth, things are not that way. They are the opposite, upside-down. Therefore, God taught them through the Bible and it was said that the Messiah comes from heaven, descending to the earth. Do you understand? That is the vertical concept.

Do you have a vertical concept? Do you have a vertical mind? Do you have the real vertical mind, the mind that is connected to the vertical foundation? That kind of mind can always master the flesh. The righteous mind must save the body. It is always urging us to invest more, to sacrifice more, but it often loses the battle with the body. That has been God's standing until now. That is the fallen world, where the righteous mind loses every time. Your flesh doesn't obey your mind. why? Because the body is connected to Satan and tries to be another plus. This is where all of the family, all of the nation, all of the world are connected to Satan. He commands a big territory. The fleshly eyes are always looking around, seeking things for themselves. You have to separate from that. That is a fearful atmosphere to be in. Your body is a military site for the battle between God and Satan. The senses of the flesh are all Satan's weapons, including the power of sexuality and the power of selfishness. Following the body takes you deeper and deeper into the darkness, down into the dungeons of hell. It results in death. Do you understand?

How can I make a revolution in the body by the power of the righteous mind? This is the purpose of religion. Pray hard, invest everything in that direction. Everything was invested on Satan's side-all the flesh. All our bodies are buried in that completely. We have to dig them out. We have to come to the zero point. From there, the mind, the righteous power, can control the flesh and connect freely to the original position, the vertical position, connecting as one, centering on God. God plus the human mind is a much greater power than the body. Then controlling the flesh is no problem. Do you understand? Be merciless with the body. That is what religions teach. Take the sacrificial way, the humble way, the way of fasting, After that, the original power of the mind has no trouble controlling the body. Only in the religious world did people ever do this. Denying oneself, denying the body, results in salvation. You need that. The flesh body needs to make sacrifices every day, then it can connect with the power of the original mind, centering on God. That power is great enough to control the body automatically, with no problem. Satan will escape from there. He will flee.

Our Principle is so great because it will show you the direction of history. Who lost all of this? Adam did. So, before we can restore these [brotherism, parentism and kingship] we have to first find Adam. God's goal and mankind's wish is to find Adam. Without him, it is a hopelessly complicated situation. There is one failure after another, there is no hope anywhere and we wonder what we are living for. But once we find Adam-the completed Adam-then the whole thing can be restored. Everything can have hope again, no matter how confusing it has been. Order is restored. This is the concept of the Messiah. As you know, Christianity's proper goal is to wait for the Messiah. Until that time, they cannot do anything. Their major religion should have been Messiahism.

Without the true Adam, Cain and Abel's struggle can never end. We should have been connected to God from the beginning to the end-forever. Do you understand? After the fall, we separated from God, isn't that true? From the biblical perspective, that is clear. No one can deny that. God wants Adam to connect forever with Him. God did not want separation. No one can deny that.

No one can deny the relationship between Messiahship and Adamship in theory or in practice. Only after finding Adamship can Eveship follow. Would the women shout out, "We don't need men-we don't need Adam"? Well, they're right, they don't need fallen Adam, that's for sure! those kinds of men have exploited women so much that women came to say, "We don't need men." But that is all the more reason why they need the real Adam. All women would welcome him.

Is restoring brothership necessary? Who does that? Will the American government do it? Will the American churches do that? Who does that? Adam does it. The Messiah does it. Descending from heaven, he has the vertical concept even though he is here on earth. Do we have a vertical concept? Do the American people have a vertical concept? They lost God, they lost everything, They lost the church; they lost parents, they lost the center point; everything.

Everyone thinks they are the central point. What is the real center? Is the real center everywhere? No, there is only one. Oneness is intrinsic to the center concept. Here everything is connected to God, connected to history, and connected to the world There is only one central point, not two. No one in the world knew this. Reverend Moon revealed the secret. After everyone clearly understands that, they should follow, no matter how difficult the surrounding circumstances. "I will go beyond that and follow Reverend Moon forever." This is a hopeful attitude and those are hopeful activities.

Theoretically, is it wrong or correct? It is correct

Should we or should we not assert or claim brothership, centering on Adam? [Yes.] Adam is parentship. We must graft onto Adam and deny everything else. For instance, those of Indian descent should deny their Indian ancestors in that they must try not to be vengeful toward the white race to retaliate for past injustices. If we keep resentful feelings, how can we restore brothership? Black people too, have a lot of resentment. Don't take the way of resentment. God didn't take that way. God has no concept of an enemy. God does not see white and black people differently. Why? Because all of humankind is very fallen. All of humankind is connected by blood to Satan. They are all self centered, everyone, everywhere. So God takes the opposite way-He has no concept of an enemy. He tries to save everyone. Satan's side has no root. The one true root ultimately connects everyone, so God cannot see anyone in terms of being an enemy.

How about Reverend Moon? Can he conceive of an enemy? [No.] America, including the Christians, has been like an enemy to Reverend Moon. All of them accused him and assassinated his character. Some of them wanted to destroy him. But Reverend Moon took the opposite way and did not see them as his enemies. Reverend Moon took a strong minus position to Satan's plus and from there he invested and invested-and got victory. If you have the concept of an enemy, you cannot connect to the true root. Is this a wrong theory of Reverend Moon's. No, it is the correct theory. It is God's viewpoint.

In America, no matter how much they go against me, I have no fear of them. I can go anywhere without fear, for I have no enemies. This is a saving concept; a peaceful concept.

A dam has to restore brothership and this is what Father has done in the last forty years. After WWII, the possibility for the restoration of brothership was there, centering on the free world and the Christian cultural background. All America had to do was to follow God's will and to move. wisely, but they failed, so they lost everything. Then Father had to do that all over again, which he has done. By 1992, Father will have influenced the Presidents of this nation for a full twelve years since 1980, starting with Reagan. This has been the path to restoring harmonious brothership. If Father had not done what he did in this country, America would have been destroyed. Up until as late as 1984, communism was still plotting against America. History saw what Father did; who applied the brake and who utilized the media and every means to try to stop communism. Reverend Moon, Father, served as a shield to protect America, but America put him in jail. Father knew however, that after Danbury those who put him in jail would go down and Father would go up. Historically, this has been so.

Danbury is the cross of the twentieth century. In the first century, Jesus was crucified. This is the modern day crucifixion, twenty centuries later. After Danbury, Reverend Moon's name was resurrected. He is becoming more and more well known and the free world follows in his footsteps. The free world, the Western world, the world of white people, went against Reverend Moon but they will repent. Do you remember in 197S, there was a movie entitled "Shogun" which, in one sweeping moment, gave Westerners a deeper understanding of the East? In the ensuing ten years, their attention, concern, and due respect went to the East. The East has really grown since then.

Did Father restore elder sonship or not? [Yes.] If Reverend Moon was primarily interested in politics, then he would have gone in a different direction and would have been very capable about it too. However, the only Principle which directs Father is that of natural repentance. People will naturally come and say, "You are right and I was wrong." Father has to wait until that time.

Centering on America and Russia, we have to restore brothership. We have to teach their second generation that they should pay more serious attention to Father than to Gorbachev or whoever is their leader. Russians are now pleading, "Please bring the same leadership conferences you gave here in America to Russia and please bring CAUSA." They are asking for CARP to come to the Soviet universities too. They are asking, "Please help us."

How about America's situation? The Soviet world is all connected; the ones who were pushed down are now coming up as Russia comes up. The free world's representative, America-what level are they on? You can compare America and Russia. In Russia, people are used to following directions for the sake of the whole. If we don't perform our mission well now, America will be subjugated by Russia That means whatever Russia tells America to do, they will have no choice except to do it. Father is really warning you, for future reference. The communist world has lost every kind of hope, but after meeting Reverend Moon, they have found the way. Draw your own conclusions. Father will not stay in America forever.

This is a termination time and a time to make a determination. Otherwise, America has no hope. You haven't acted enough. Graduates of the Unification Theological Seminary, you must act. Father went to the seminary every day in the beginning, investing and investing. You must do your mission from Father's viewpoint. All American UTS graduates really need to repent and revolutionize their minds.

You know yourself well, better than I do. You know where you stand.

Father has done everything that he had to do and that he can do here in America Americans thought, "Oh East Garden is a mansion with a pool. Father is living a luxurious life." Actually, that is not so. It is our of the question. Father is not interested in East Garden and Father never spent any of the money raised here in America on himself. Instead, Father has spent hundreds of million of dollars for the aid of this country. He never took one dollar out of this country. He invested so that America and the free world could come up with more money to spend for the sake of the world. Father spent the money with that hope. He did not bring the money here just to feed you. Father didn't create Barrytown just to give you a degree or to give you a precious education-it was not for you, but for the sake of the whole, for the sake of America and the world. If you dwindle down, just centering on yourself, you really have to go the way of repentance.

We have to know clearly where we stand and on what foundation. How desperate can you be-how much can you deny for the sake of the heavenly mission, putting it first? It is so important. It is not part-time.

Was it easy to restore brothership? If it was difficult, how difficult was it? How much persecution do you have to go through in order to restore this? First you have to do your responsibility as a man. You have to do your responsibility as a husband, which is to restore parentship. Perfecting Fathers own family was not easy. Does Mother know as much as Father does? No, Father is always ahead of her. Until now, God's providence did not have a woman's tradition, children's tradition, a tribal and national tradition. Father made that tradition from the individual level on. We have to make this new tradition. Otherwise, in the future how will they be able to follow a high-level tradition centered on God? No matter how long you have been following Father, you didn't help make that tradition and foundation. Only Father could do that. You follow behind me, yet you say, "Oh, please Father, we want the easy way."

How much of a miserable situation I have been in and gone through, you don't know. No matter how America's leaders persecuted me, I overcame to make this foundation to go to the world level. How can you deny that real, righteous result and foundation? If people recognize it now and take a course of repentance, from there, new hope can come to America Who is the center of the future of America? You are. What kind of concept do you have now? Isn't your concept self-centered? America and the free world need to center on God and on a higher level, to center on true love.

After restoring the elder sonship and being persecuted so much in the process here in America and everywhere in the world, Father then returned to Korea and proclaimed True

Parentship there. Then he returned to America and proclaimed True Parentship here. Father proclaimed True Parentism in all religions to a gathering of religious leaders recently. Nobody protested, "Oh, Reverend Moon, you are not standing in that parental position. You are not standing on that kind of high level foundation." Everyone was just silent and serious. They were trying to think how they should adopt this. After forty years of persecution, they understood clearly.

Recently, an interesting thing happened. President Bush wrote to Dr. Pak. President Bush wrote that his note really should be addressed to Reverend Moon, but he feels more at ease writing to Dr. Pak. He congratulated him and said, "Please convey my congratulatory message to Reverend Moon."

On September 6, 1990, the United Broadcasting Station will have its Opening Ceremony in Washington. Members of both the Bush administration and the Soviet Union will be there. The world-renowned Kirov Ballet has been asked to join us. People are wondering how such a high level entity as the Kirov Ballet would join up with the Universal Ballet Academy and Reverend Moon. Actually, the spirit world gave the president of the Kirov Ballet a revelation and told him that no matter what difficult phenomena occur, no matter how difficult the situation becomes, he should follow Reverend Moon. He told Father that in person. So he said, "Reverend Moon, I am with you forever."

Through such a long period of persecution, True Parentism has been established. Parentship has been restored. Kingship will be achieved through Heavenly Fatherism and headwing. True Parents are the king of the family. When there are many families, it automatically makes a tribe. The tribal level connects and automatically becomes the nation. Do you understand? There is world level kingship and cosmic level kingship and that automatically leads to God. God is the kingship king-the king of kings. Here there is no Satan, no fighting, no misery. Do you need kingship? You are representatives of the democratic world. Kingship goes against the American grain, but you are not American people. You are God's people. We are not people of the fallen world. We are God's people, of the original country of God. Do you understand? There we can find real freedom. The democratic world is fighting, fighting. We have to go up to parentism, then there is no fighting. Then brotherhood has peace, centering on the parents. True Parents, true peace, true children, true nation- true everything.

With Heavenly Fatherism, we have to digest democracy and communism, which are faltering and about to die. We have to digest them and bring them up into this realm. Once we have restored parentship and brotherhood, the parents will automatically go into the kingship position.

The Unification Church is where the parents will engraft all different elements into the one great Kingdom of Heaven. Educating, connecting, and engrafting are what the Unification Church is supposed to do. Do you follow?

Who is the first one to practice Heavenly Fatherism?

True Parents, True Father, of course made the tradition. Without them making this tradition, Heavenly Fatherism is not there. But who will be the ones-will it be the communist world or the democratic world or us who will teach and practice Heavenly Fatherism? Who will inherit it?

When we say "kingship" people might be very sensitive and say, "What do you mean 'kingship'?" They are thinking of kinds as they have known them. Everyone can love a true king however. A true king draws people by love. All tyrants, all dictators from the past ruled by fear, so human beings' ideas about a king are very far from God's original idea of a king. All men should be a king in their own family. All of us, by the same token, are kings. That is Heavenly Parentism. This is not something Reverend Moon just thought up. Of course not. This is something God has been working on. What is a Messiah? The Messiah is the king. He is the center of that tribe. There is a Messiah on the family level, the tribal level, the national level, the world and the cosmic levels.

If the clan Messiah becomes one with Father, immediately the national Messiah will be born from there and go over to the realm of unification. The first center is God, and every level from the cosmic to the individual is connected there. God can come up and down freely. True Parents can go up and down freely. Brotherhood, being horizontal, cannot do that. Those are the branches, but the root and trunk are the straight bud, the center, through which everything comes down.

Every day you have to be growing up and up, otherwise there is no hope. The question is, am I growing up continually? [Yes, Father.] Yes, Father? How many branches do you have? This is a problem. Do you have 180 branches, 360 branches? No. Then you are stopped and declining. No matter how much you deny your situation, a tree like that will die and be cut down. So, how many branches do you have? You must know clearly: my branch is a tribal branch and centering on that, you should connect many other branches. If you hesitate, you will go down and perish. How long have you been connected to the Unification Church? Unless you are flourishing with other branches, you will automatically diminish. You have to make preparation for your own tradition and foundation. How can you grow up? That is not Father's mission. That is your mission. Now you understand clearly.

Heavenly Fatherism has been proclaimed so that by the restoration of brothership and parentship, automatically kingship will be realized. False kingship will be liberated.

Father comes from North Korea. When he restores North Korea, then he represents all the world, all the nations, centered there. It is the center of individuals, the center of the family. It represents all the world family, the center of the world tribe, the center of the world nation, the center of the cosmos, and the center of God. After that, everything is connected.

Father made that kind of connection and foundation all over the world, in Korea, Japan, America, Europe-and now he is making it in the communist world. Father has had his hand in the Soviet world for twenty years. He sent underground missionaries to every big city so that they too, are all connected to the one point. Father connected those nations and grafted them on. Father will also connect Kim II Sung. They are centering on Bolshevism, but they are becoming more and more isolated and miserable. Father says, "I'll help you. I'll save you. The world will come to you and you will open up." Father has no enemy. The leader of China, the leader of the Soviet Union-they are not Fathers enemies. He will connect them to the counter point, embracing them-even kissing them! That is the situation now, the kind of progress that has been made.

Hearing about it is good, but the reality of doing it is not so easy. It is very complicated and takes much action.

Father already blessed us to be Tribal Messiahs in that Father allowed our parents to be in Adam's position and us to be in Jesus' position. Father is in the Second Advent position. Satan is standing on the horizontal level. When all become united there, that means Satan can no longer stand on the horizontal level, or in the world.

There are three generations but four stages or levels. Three generations to restore one family and make that global. All global-acting power goes through the center point. Every object and subject will be connected to the one center point. The universal center is God's true love. Opposites are connected, creating God's global ideal world. There is one core point, true love. Every power finds true love there. You want to have true love, don't you? True Parents then are the parents that have true love. Go through there, the central core. God will welcome you there, the nation, the world, the universe, every individual and everything will welcome you there once you are one with the center point. Without true love, the subject and object cannot make complete oneness.

How can Moonies connect here? You are a different race of people. You say, "I want to follow Father-no matter where he stays, I want to stay there forever." Why do you say that? Because Father represents true love and I will follow God. Why? Because God is the true love center.

The real parents, the real teachers, and the real owners are at the one center point. It is a center to occupy forever in happiness. There, true men and true women find true coupleship and bear children who are automatically connected, who can get into heaven without persecution, who are welcomed everywhere. How wonderful that is. I like that! How about you? You don't like that! [I like it!] Do you like that more than I do? [I like it very much!] Do you like it more than I do or less than I do? [As much as you. Father laughs.]

So, based upon Heavenly Fatherism, we restore our own brothership, we restore our own parentship. By doing that, eventually, we will be the king of our own family and clan. With this small victory, we have the blessing of being connected with the larger victory, which connects directly to God.

Tribal Messiahship is necessary. Do you understand? Through it, you can connect the family foundation and the national foundation. From now, Father connects you to it.

After that, you connect your family. Once you make your family into one, then you come around to be in Father's place. At that time, your mission as Tribal Messiah is finished. Do you understand? [Yes.]

We have to do that, then our native land will become heaven. In other words, we must register our native land in heaven. Fathers own native land is Chung Joo. Chung Joo cannot accommodate everyone, but by everyone connecting to that village, like a bud in a perfectly vertical line, then we all connect to heaven. After connecting to that trunk, we will live forever.

We now know much of the significance of why it is necessary to have Heavenly Fatherism. Based upon that, we can restore all these three lost things-brotherism, parentism, and kingship. We can restore all these and with this, we also can digest the existing countries and ideologies, like democracy and communism. Since they are wrong, we have to lead them somewhere. We can do it with this. All countries have different cultural backgrounds. We have to digest these with Heavenly Fatherism, which is higher. You can digest these with true love. False love was planted in this world. We must cultivate new, true love and digest false love with true love. After that unification, kingship will automatically come. Do you understand?

An "ism" or thought is like Moses' staff. It leads everyone and they all graft onto it. Where are we heading now? Towards kingship. So the direction of history is clarified now, as well as what form the new history will take. Are you clear in your minds about it? Are you just entertaining the thought or are we going to work at it and make it our own victorious foundation? [Our own. Work at it.]

In all practicality-this is not a trick question-are you superior to Father or is Father superior to you in actual day to day ability? Are you as an average American better than Father or is Father better than you? [Father is better.] No. Father does not even have a country. Korea is divided in two. America is not divided. It is a big country and has influence all over the world. We have the most money, with many high level scholars and great universities and we have great power, the greatest army in the world. What a wonderful country it is! I didn't have that kind of background. No. If you can control this country, making a foundation, you can do more than me. [Yes, Father.]

In the future, if you become senators or congressmen or the President, you will have such a big, wide level foundation. You are working hard and will become senators, congressmen, first ladies, etcetera It is true. You didn't believe me before either, that we could influence and save America You thought I had no foundation, but I made a very strong foundation in this country.

Father was always mysteriously working behind the scenes in this country and in the world. Father has complete confidence that by centering on the Creator God, he can make great results. Why does Father feel that way? You cannot escape from God. Once people are connected to the center true love core, no matter how much they pull away, they are automatically pulled back to the original point. How happy is the guy standing in that central true love position. Don't you want that? [Yes.] Greedy guys! Everyone said yes! It's good to answer like that.

From now on, you have to make that foundation and occupy that kind of territory. Then that becomes your property. Will you do it? [Yes. ) Make up your minds to do that. If you will do so, raise both your hands. God hands! Held aloft, swaying like that, they are beautiful. They look like flowers. God bless you! Let us pray.

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