The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Palace Of Peaceful Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
August 12, 1990
Translated by Col. Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "The Palace of Peaceful Heaven." To the democratic world of today, the word "palace" is something from the distant past. Yet if they're asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" do boys say, "I'd like to be President," or do they rather say, "I want to be a king." Is that true for Americans as well?

As society becomes more evil, they tend to elect more evil presidents. Isn't that true? Father was tuna fishing in Provincetown and people young and old were hanging around there. There were homosexuals there also; two men kissing each other on the street. When you look at that, do you feel good or bad'' hey both have beards and moustaches and they are kissing each other. We can see that the moustaches come into contact with each other first. It is certainly not becoming. There is no reciprocity; there is no balance between subject and object, creating beauty.

Which is more balanced-when you look down the street and see two very handsome men walking side by side and holding hands or when you see a man and a woman, even if he is not so handsome and she is not so beautiful and he is tall and she is short? The taller one looks down at the shorter one and the shorter one looks up-that sort of design is an art. The taller one wants to lift up the shorter one and the shorter one is inviting the taller one to come down to her level. That give and take is there automatically. It forms a circle.

The man has to bend down to make himself the same height as the woman and the woman has to stretch up. They are always trying to balance and harmonize with each other. If God announced that starting today, all the women should get taller and the men shorter, do you think all the women would turn pale? Think about it. Many women may have dreamed of being taller, but when the announcement comes, not many women will volunteer for it.

A man is much taller than a woman, but he is in a position to cover her up when it is needed, to protect her. Even a short woman can, in a certain intangible way cover a man up, protect him. They often do this. Men and women are always trying to make harmony and symmetry.

Men are very powerful, but when it comes to the power of emotion, the power of heart and feeling, no man can match a woman. Even though women are small, their emotional size is big; bigger than men. Isn't that so? [Yes.)

Women as well as men enjoy eating chicken, right? That's part of our food, isn't it? Here, most of us never see how the chicken is slaughtered, but in Korea, if you want to eat a chicken for dinner, someone has to kill the chicken and dress it. Guess who does that? Do you think a woman can catch a live chicken and cut the neck and get all the feathers off? In Korea, the men always do that. Maybe American women could do it!

That's for chicken, how about beef? How about cattle? Maybe two or three strong women could get together and slaughter a cow! No, men have to do that. A small woman may weigh about eighty pounds. That's how much a striped bass weighs! When you hook it and land it on the boat, then you have to cut the head off. Come to think of it, even to eat chicken, beef and fish, you have to think about men. "Because of men, I can eat these things. Without them, I wouldn't know where to begin." Men prepare the meat to be cooked and then the women take it and, with a lot of heart, cook it for their loved ones. Each position is different, but that does not change the value of each. Their value is the same. They simply play a different role. This is what makes our life beautiful.

Who starts eating first when the family eats together? [Men.] Men? When the women are cooking, they sample the food! The women taste it first before it goes to the table. Cooking for a king is no exception. The cook samples it first and then presents into the king. The women have the first taste. No king or president would oppose that. He would say, "Yes, that is the way it should be. She has to make sure that it is palatable."

When you look at it in that light, even though women are not as tall or as strong as men, is the position of women a good thing or a bad thing? Why should the woman take the food into her mouth first? Why are they allowed to do that? Women are rich in heart and emotion and feeling, so when they cook, they use a pinch of salt here, a pinch of pepper there and they do it with love. You have to balance it with love. You invest your love into the food. Since lots of love is cooked into the food, it is good to behold and it smells good and it is good to eat. The man will feel very happy then and the woman will feel proud. Every dish on the table is an exhibit of her investment of love. When that is done, do you think a woman's mind is happy or unhappy? [Happy.]

When we recognize these privileges that women have, do women feel the value of their position or not? They are God's creation. That is what God intended. God has all things prepared. Who will be foremost, closest to God in this respect? When women feel every day that they are creating love at every mealtime, then they cannot help but be happy.

Not only three meals a day, but in preparing and washing clothes, and doing all the so-called chores every day, the love she invests will put her in a really unique position. Only a person with a rich heart can do that. Men cannot do that. She will be appreciated as the only one who can do that, not only by her husband, but even down to her smallest grandchild. The family represents all of mankind. The very young ages, the medium ages, and the old ages are all represented in a big family. This is what God intended a family to be.

There is art and there is literature but everything can be found in a family. Love is the highest culture. Who was instrumental in making the cultures of all civilization? Who plays the chief role? No one can deny that it was woman.

Should women always be unhappy because they feel they are inferior to men? They are not Women love flowers, don't they? A woman will change the flowers every day, full of expectation and love. Rarely does any man notice that After ten times of changing them, the man all of a sudden may realize, "Oh, the flowers have been changed! " Sometimes his tongue slips and he says that If you go into a room where there are no women and only men live, how like a desert it is! It is very different!

A woman who decorates her room can never be happy unless there is someone to appreciate it. A chicken will wander into the room and a dog will come in and sniff and bark at it-cows will come in-everyone wants to respond to what she does. When the woman sees that what she does is appreciated, she wants to do more and more.

What is Father trying to lead us to now? This is a very serious topic, the topic of heaven. When we say heaven, what is it? Heaven is largely in the domain of one's head and one's heart We are not just talking about heaven, but peaceful heaven, not a heaven where there is even occasional fighting.

When we say heaven, we nod, but our mind does not respond. Yet when we say "peaceful heaven" then we get the feeling, "Oh, now I get it, I can feel that" The loving heaven-the heaven where there is lots of happiness and love, the peaceful heaven, and just plain heaven-there is a difference.

This woman has a necklace on. She is beautiful as she is, but then she adds a necklace. A necklace can balance her beauty so nicely. It is like an adjective. This is heaven. Heaven has everything, but we need this adjective "peaceful" like a woman needs a necklace, as a decoration. That's true!

Brooches and all different colors of clothes-she is beautiful, why does she need that? Have you ever seen a woman who wore a nice dress for ten years and never changed it? For most women, once they've worn something three times they don't want to look at it again! Men, on the other hand, wear something for ten years and it just gets more and more comfortable to them!

Men's clothing runs to formula. You can't alter it. Women wear things like scarves-if you want it long, you can let it down long, if you want it short, you can wear it up short. You can roll the sleeves up and down-women's clothing is very flexible. Men's clothing is not so flexible. Women are the symbol of beauty in art. A lot of artists have spent their lives trying to portray the beauty of the female nude. What about women's skin? Is it smooth or is it coarse like a man's? It is soft and smooth. Women's skin is very soft and tender, but man's skin is not like that. Imagine if a man had to laugh ten thousand times as much as a woman-think how much hard work he would have to do with those muscles! After so many smiles and so much laughter, he would have to stretch out because he would be so tired.

A house should be full of smiles and the laughing voice of a woman. When you hear a laughing voice, it should be that of a woman. Which is more normal? Do you hear the man of the house laugh three times as much as the woman or do you hear the woman laugh three times as much as the man? Which is more ideal? Women's or men's laughter? [Women's.]

When women laugh, it is very stylish and smooth, very contoured. How uncomfortable it is to see a man laughing like a woman! It is very difficult to look at.

Every home needs to be colorful. Only women can bring this about Is God a male figure or a female figure? (Both.] Yes, both, that is true, but which is dominant? Which gender is God? If the women say, "God is a woman!" that means that God created man as the center of beauty. How could that be? No way!

Now answer quickly: do you want God to be a man or a woman? [Man!] Man is so tall. Woman is always smaller. Man is to be tall and woman is to be deep, deep in heart That is how they are structured. Something which is tall and high- is that the center or is something which is deep the center? The center is so deep, you cannot even imagine it.

Imagine the depths of the ocean and the tops of the mountains, the Himalayas, for instance. Look at the Himalayas and Mount Everest What do you think people who live within view of those mountains do first thing when they wake up in the morning? They go out of the house and look at the mountain to see what the weather is going to be like that day. Some people can even tell what the weather for the whole year will be like by viewing the mountain. Some will get inspiration from the mountain. When you are happy, when you are sad, you look at the mountain. There is something very deep centered there that you cannot even see. We are not supposed to see that That is why the mountain is all covered up. The ocean is all covered up with blue. There is much you cannot see. That doesn't mean that it is something bad that shouldn't be seen. That means that there is a mystical quality there, something only our imaginations can reach.

Women have this same mystique. Even though they may not be beautiful on the outside by some standards, some tall man will bend down and be willing to die for them. Why? That is what women have. That is how they can control men!

When a man wants to look for something, does he look in another man to find it? They look for that quality of mystique in women. Men always see the different aspects of women and keep discovering things about them. This is why every woman, without exception, even an ugly woman, can attract men. There is an attraction in her to pull the strongest man in. Even a fat woman has a certain attraction. A skinny woman has a different attraction. All have a mystique about them. Women may not have the strength and height of a man, nor the bravery, but women have something even more to offset that.

If women come out and declare, "Yes, we'll be in the forefront and really achieve something! " and the other women say, "Yea!" it sounds very weak. When men shout that out, it sounds like thunder!

Women look very attractive and there is a mystery about them that all men want to discover. Men have a moustache around their mouths. Their mouths are covered. Men's words have a mystique in their contents. Men's speech has deep meaning in it. The women will appreciate that and say, "I like that kind of man." That is what women look for in men. Whatever is mysterious tends to be covered.

The palace of the mysticism of laughter is right here- under the arm. There is no man, no matter how big, who will not laugh if you tickle him under the arm. Everyone laughs.

The critical parts of males and females are covered with hair. God intended it that way. It is a secret place, mysterious.

Sometimes you try to look at someone else's eye and it will not meet yours. It dances away all the time and veils itself. The more mystique something has, the more we want it to be covered.

Eastern women tend to cover everything up. They never expose anything. They always cover their feet, even in summer. In some cultures, everything but the eyes and the nose of women are covered up. That is extreme, but Oriental women for the most part don't like to expose themselves either. Western women are completely the opposite!

The palace of peaceful heaven-what kind of a place is a palace? We know that a palace is where they hide many mysterious things of high quality. Then what should play the chief role there? Love of a mystical quality.

The palace of peaceful heaven is so full of mysticism. God will reveal one layer and all the women will cheer because they welcome it so much. God will disclose the next layer and this time all the men will be excited and cheer. They have wanted to see that for many years. The next layer God discloses will cause all the children to shout out in joy. Those kinds of mystical contents are kept in the palace of peaceful heaven.

How can we embrace that mysticism and how much can we give it to others? True love can make that happen.

Do you all have mystic content inside of you? Yes, you do, even if you don't know it. You have everything. With true love activated in you, working in you, every smile you smile has a different, attractive, mystical quality. The same thing applies to smelling-all things smell a different way and the same things smell a different way each time. Some people smile or laugh only like leaves or branches, that is all. Sometimes we can laugh using the whole body-all the different muscles. That is an historical laugh. Historical-not hysterical.

People regard Reverend Moon, Father, as a mysterious person don't they? [Yes.] Father is a mysterious person. Father can talk mysteriously and he can do mysterious things too. People look at Reverend Moon and think, "Oh, he is this way," but he is never like that. When Father goes fishing, he fishes like a first-rate fisherman and acts like a foreman, telling other people how to do it and arranging things. Other people who do not know Reverend Moon say, "Oh he is the king of fishermen! " When Father goes farming, he is as much of an expert about it as he is about fishing. He knows all about planting and care. The scholars come and openly confess to Father, "Father, I am respected very much by other people because of what I know and they sometimes call me a mysterious person, but you are more mysterious than I am!" What makes a man mysterious;, (True love.] That's true. With true love, you already have everything,

The conclusion can be drawn that by having true love, you can be a prince over all the mysterious contents in the palace. On the throne sits true love. The center is mysterious, true love.

Love is such an important key. Without love, what is so mysterious about women? They are very simple. They are in three parts: head, trunk and body. There is no atmosphere to that Without love, you cannot make a mysterious atmosphere. [Father says in English, "If you take away love, how desolate that is. Is that true?" Yes.]

The word for peace in Korean - yunhwa-is made up of two characters. The first character means balance and harmony. Look how it is written-in a straight, very level line. Another level line is perpendicular to it at a perfect angle. This represents man and woman, plus and minus, intersecting at a right angle or at precisely ninety degrees. Ninety degrees is the standard angle. These parts can be interchangeable; they go everywhere with anything. This means balance.

Here is white, here is black, and here is a crevice, a big slot or empty place. What are we going to fill this with? We cannot fill it with color, we cannot fill it with power or by any other means. Only love can fill up the big hole, the big distance between black and white or between any races: true love; the vertical idea.

There is no freedom in which we can ignore this and justify ourselves. You cannot do that. When you ignore it., already you are in a bad situation. There is no freedom aside from the Principle. Whatever one does, he will take the con sequences. When we do something and have good intentions, we are welcomed by everyone. When everyone detests what we do and denies it, then we can say that it is not good, but bad. If we expand our actions, it means more and more goodness, more and more prosperity. That is the freedom foundation that we desire. Do you understand? Freedom is taking action that leads to prosperity.

We have to multiply goodness. This is one of the duties of freedom. This is the Principle and we must abide by it. Standing upon the Principle, you can create a freedom that is acceptable all over the world. Next is responsibility, your duty. The "I don't care" kind of freedom will not be accepted all over the world. God does not want that kind of action. You yourself don't really want that kind of action. After taking action, you have to be responsible for it. If no one likes the action you take, they will say, "I don't like that. I don't want it. I don't want to make a connection with you." Do you understand?

Compare this with the generally held concept of so called freedom here in America. Father came here almost twenty years ago and took much action, making a divine foundation. Compare Reverend Moon's history and America's history. Later on, people will find out that Reverend Moon was right and America was wrong. Why? Because the Principle will stand forever. Forever. Father made that kind of victorious foundation even under persecution. Finally, all the persecution-will disappear. Finally, all will testify, "Yes, you were right. You were always right. Your goodness was greater than America's, greater than the world's." The entire atmosphere will change. People will say, "Oh, he has been very mysterious." Much about Father was hidden, like true love. Finally, they will understand. True love was hidden in the deepest place.

Every creature needs that. Everyone wants that. Everyone is aching for that . That is the Kingdom of Heaven palace. Without truelove, no one can find that palace of love. Can rich people find that palace? No, knowledge and power cannot find it either. You can only find it by being centered upon true love. That is where the mysterious palace is. Do you understand? [Yes.]

What is peace? True love. Without true love, there is no peace, there is only hell. Do you like hell? [No.] "Peaceful" means "full of true love." Are we peaceful persons? Are we mysterious persons? Are we persons of true love? Those three are one, actually. Are you like that? Are you an individual who has these three qualities? Father wants to ask this question especially of the women! [Father imitates a woman nagging.] If a woman speaks like that in protest, complaining, can we find any peace there? If someone says one word of criticism to her, she will counter with ten words. Is there peace there? Is there anything mysterious there? Is love there? No love is coming from that woman's lips. When she starts speaking, there is no love, but as long as she is silent, there is love. That is why men want to kiss her. They know that behind that mouth, there is a peaceful realm. Any creature would want to come close to that place and kiss her.

Do brother and sisters like to come to Belvedere? "Yes, but if Father is going to speak more than three hours, I don't want to go." Those who say that have only three hours of peace. Father doesn't need that kind of person. Only if you want to stay here forever and ever do you deserve to come here, because you have mystery and peace within you. What about thirty hours? If Father talked here thirty hours, everyone would run away, one by one. You have thirty hour love, at best, but you want to be a person of forever love.

When Father goes out to the ocean and a storm comes and the boat is tumbling about, Father often wonders how many women would come along with him on the boat, saying, "Father, I don't care if the storm goes on forever. I will be with you." How many women are there like that? Father has checked everyone. There was no American woman who would do that. There was no Korean or Japanese woman on the list either. Father might have found one person-that was a man and he happened to be Japanese, a small Japanese person who was always hanging around Father. He was the only one who wanted to stay with Father. Who would be the prince of the palace? He would be. He would certainly occupy the palace in that field and for that time. It doesn't matter what he looks like or what educational background he has.

Do you say, "Father, will you speak of true love again today? We have heard that many times." To those people Father will say, "Run away if you want to." You have already tasted true love and smelled it, but creating true love is your function. If you lose that function, what kind of a person are you?

Taking action and making effort is your province in true love. That is most important for you. I am giving that kind of important advice to you. The American people don't like this-they want to separate from it. Their tendency is to separate, to make distant, not to be concerned about Reverend Moon or the Unification Church. Satan is really active in that.

Father has been doing many things up until the present moment, but from now on, will Father continue to do things which will startle and surprise the world's people? Will Father do that or not-stirring things up? Will he continually take action and do mysterious things-things they do not expect?

What is your line? Have you drawn a line in front of Father, saying, "Oh, Father, if you go this far, I will follow, but if you go beyond this, I won't follow"? Is that our attitude towards Father? [No.]

Everywhere we go, we have to be a subject of harmony. When there is fighting, you must be the type of person who goes in and everyone stops fighting. We have to become that kind of a center. Father has met many people from many different fields-religious persons and leaders, scholars, politicians, you name it-and no one dislikes Father. Everyone says, "Oh, Reverend Moon is a very natural man, not artificial at all." Before Reverend Moon explains something new to them, he has already done it himself. Father does not' teach them, "This is what I am going to do." Father has already done it. Teaching means expressing and explaining what is already done.

Father would like to ask you a question: do you have peace in your mind now? Do you have eternal peace? Do you have the kind of peace that stretches over all four corners of the earth and the universe and is unchangeable? You have to have that kind of foundation. No matter how terrible the atmosphere gets, it cannot occupy this type of person. God looks down at that person and feels He can really use him to do His will. Compared to this kind of person, what kind of position are you in? Do you have a peaceful foundation in your mind? No, you are always moving about, rootless, unable to stay in one place. Nothing can move a peaceful foundation once it is established, not even God. Not America, not your parents, nothing. From there, re-creation starts. Do you understand? [Yes.] Otherwise there is no way.

It is your portion of responsibility to make such a peaceful foundation in your mind. No one can make it for you. You have to make it yourself. The outside world cannot help you. Father talks about true love all the time-why? Father has been making true love and true purpose clear to us. Just saying it one time wouldn't work. It needs to become a forceful power in your mind. No one can occupy that kind of successfully-made foundation except you. It is absolutely you. Then you stand in the position of God. "I am your true son; I have this kind of foundation and have been making this kind of result. I am God's son." God will say, "Please come close to me." Then you are standing on God's side, after everything is finished. Otherwise, there is no way.

You have to invest more and more and more. God cannot deny that. Invest-and after making a good foundation, after making a high position, God can recognize you. That is the Principle. No one can deny this. This is an eternal concept.

You have to restore yourself, all of you. No one is excluded. Many family members, many nations, white people, black people-the white nation and the black nation must be combined into one cosmic world. The restoration includes all of that.

You are making that kind of beauty in order to be in God's presence. Otherwise, there is no way you can be there. Now do you understand? Do you get the message clearly, the full impact of it? [Yes.]

We all want to go to the same place that Father goes. Father will say, "Yes, you're okay. Satan is not behind you; you have no problem." Father wants to see that kind of clear background in Americans, where he can only see God. We must win the seal of approval, pass the test of heaven-this is what we have to go through. We have to make that peaceful foundation in our minds. That is a most serious problem. Don't think about heaven-think about your foundation. Without a foundation, you cannot connect to God's original ideal place. This is an historical conclusion. Do you understand? [Yes.] No one can deny this.

Do you have this foundation? You know yourself well. You don't need or want any other explanation. You know where you are at-you know better than God knows.

Some minds have no peace or mystery. Do you have a mysterious foundation in your mind? You have to have some mystery. This is your problem, your concern, not Father's, not the Unification Church's. It is your problem. You have to solve your problem.

Do you have true love? How many hundreds of times have your heard about true love from Father? The number of times you have heard it is not important. Taking action is more important. What kind of action? True love action. If you are taking true love action, the center of that is God, forever. When you make that kind of foundation, God appears.

You have heard Reverend Moon's speeches hundreds of times. Did you imprint Father's speech on your mind? Your situation stays the same before hearing Father's speech and after hearing it. When you hear a speech about true love, you should become excited. That kind of atmosphere is not here now. Do you understand? The Bible says Jesus came to the same conclusion: some people lose their early zeal. That means you have no real root. This is your problem, your responsibility. Is it Father's responsibility or yours? Which one? [Our responsibility.] Yours. Father did everything, he taught you everything. He taught too much in America. It didn't take root in you.

The problem is yours. You must have a peaceful palace and true love in your mind. It is you, not me. It is your mind. No one can control your mind. You have to control it yourself. That is the only way. By taking action, you can reach perfection. You can become a perfect American follower. After that, you are a perfect human being. You are connected to God. As your actions continue on a higher and higher level, you will occupy a higher and higher place spiritually.

Peace must come from "me."

Father has already taught us about true lineage, true life, and true love. How to connect this with our life is our responsibility. The lineage of man and woman is strong enough to hold together and unite the bone and flesh of men and women, siblings, parents, children, everything. Lineage is that strong, that important. Without lineage, you cannot make an ideal foundation. Lineage has life participating in it and love already participated in it. Lineage is involved in the blood and true love is also connected to that. True love, true life, true lineage. Even though true love is all-important, it still has to connect through the lineage and hold these two together. If your blood is boiling, then life is enhanced Without love, you cannot do this. In order for love to become strong and expressive, our blood has to be boiling. No matter how much true love you have, unless you touch each other, your blood will not boil. You have to have give and take.

If a man or woman is seeking love, whoever touched him or her first will become a very important matter. The man who goes and occupies her, even though she may not like it in the beginning,. the second time. the third time. she will submit to him. The one who kisses her first will very much become the determinant. It is not because she wants it that it is happening. Who will come by her and touch her with truth? That is the question.

True love is connected by touch. Now love is in action and the blood is stimulated, life is excited. First you have to touch. First you have to do something. You can touch in various different places, but whoever touches the deepest place comes the closest What is the deepest place between men and women? Of course, we know that it is the sexual organ.

This is the most deep, mysterious hiding place. Is it unique or do you have many of them? We have only one, don't we? Do we want one or many? [One.] Absolutely, we only want one because it is so precious.

A man can open that most precious place of the woman and vice versa. God is in the most high, most mysterious place, and the deepest place too. God is there. We have to take that one central way, note side way. God wants to follow true love. True love, true life and true lineage connect in this deepest, mysterious place. All of history is connected here, all your ancestors. They all went a false way, into false life, false love, false lineage. We need repentance! Without repentance, you cannot completely come over into God's way. Do you understand? This is the truth. It is eternal truth that will stand forever. Who made it like this? Father didn't make it like this. God made it. You have to repent, do you understand? This is not Father's problem. It is your problem.

The lineage is so strong and important. We did not inherit God's lineage, heaven's lineage, so our minds and bodies are still not in unity. We must really work to combine our minds and bodies-we must inherit that lineage. If you become united in mind and body, you will immediately understand the world's situation, God's situation, and True Parents' situation. You will understand God's providence clearly. You have to find out your situation clearly. We are like trash because of the Fall. We have to know that deeply.

Who can do this for you? Not Father, not your parents, not your nation, the whole world cannot do this for you. It is your responsibility. After that you can stand on God's side. Otherwise there is no way.

Blessed couples are embracing their children and loving them so much: "God gave me this wonderful child." But still, you have to unite your mind and body centering on true love. It is you, you, you. Do you understand? "Me." Are white people exempt? [No.] They too must unite their minds and bodies. No matter how complicated a history you have- forget everything. The most important thing is getting myself united. This includes the American white people. They opposed me so much. How miserable a situation America is in. Is it good news or bad news for America? It is bad news!

The problem is you-me, me, me. [Father makes the members repeat, "Me, me, me. The problem is me."] The most important place is me: how to make unity within yourself, how to make your body obey your mind. This is your lifetime job. After that, Cain comes back to the Abel position. Some people appointed by Father to be leaders think, "Oh, I am in the Abel position. Follow me, me, you have to work under me." Some Unification leaders have the concept that the members should work harder than they do, fundraising, etc. Father never taught you that. To be a 100% true leader, you need to invest more. The Abel and Cain foundation is most important Father made this kind of foundation. You must too. No one can accuse Father, "Father says this and that but doesn't do it."

Do you accept Father? [Yes.] Accept or except? [Accept!] Do you follow Gorbachev and Bush, excepting Father? [No.] Father is on that level. Father's words are a gold mine. If you say "Fine" to Father's words but soon forget them, that has nothing to do with Father's words. It is like finding a gold mine and ignoring it.

It is not up to "us." It is up to "me."

If Father, in the process of discovering and pioneering this truth which he is teaching us now, had had a teacher like we have in him, do you think Father would have been like we are-just sitting there not even knowing what to think and how to respond? We're putting priority on a lot of things which are actually of no value. It is like we are carrying a beggar's bag. What is so difficult about throwing that away to put gold in it? Our mind constantly tries to advise us. Does it or doesn't it? It says, "Forget about that. Do this. Move this way." How much did we rebel, fight against our conscience which is trying to give us good advice? You know very well if you have a welcoming attitude to your mind and conscience or not No one else can tell you. You know.

How can we make excuses? How can we say we are blameless?

What do you need to make your mind and body come into unity? True love. Have you ever seen true love? In God, who has no part in the Fall, are His mind and body in conflict-fighting? No. God Himself is centered on true love. He is not centered on true power or true knowledge or material things. Only on true what? [Love.] Love is the unified, eternal power.

Why are the mind and body fighting now? Because our ancestors were connected to Satan's lineage. We must break up the bad foundation Satan has made in this world, break it into pieces and use that as fertilizer for the world of true love. Theoretically, this is the correct conclusion: after saving all of us, God wants to save even Satan. We have to make ourselves into fertilizer-the church is the factory for that.

The father, mother, and all the brothers and sisters and relatives are bound through the lineage, through the blood. Love, life, and lineage. They bring the family together; they bring the country together to create a nation. They bring the world and cosmos together. All this is necessary. We have the same lineage and life that started from the same love. Each level needs all elements.

God put everything He has, all His love, 100% and more into creating a man. Likewise, to inherit that, we men, here on this level, should do the same thing in order to bring our family units together. Then we inherit from Him. Even though we lost everything to the Fall, we go on the re-creation, salvation, or restoration course. Re-creation is like standing in God's position. God is in the center; He is the center of love, the center of life and the center of lineage. All those are combined into one. He invested all of Himself and more. That is the clear teaching of the Divine Principle.

In the course of restoration, you have to take that same kind of path in order to stand in God's position. Invest 100% and more. Then you stand on the heavenly side and you have hope. Otherwise, no. These are not Father's words. This is the Divine Principle, the Word of God. No matter how much you deny it, no matter how much you might hate it and want to escape from it, this task will remain before you forever until you achieve it. In the future, everyone must pass this point. This is the fate of the fallen world. This is the destiny of fallen people.

Our task is how to create freedom. "Dom" in Korean means foundation-kingdom-foundation for a king. You have to make that 'dom' place. Then you can make the world of freedom. How about that? [Yes.] Would you welcome it? [Yes.] Father is taking that seriously. It is a different kind of freedom than the free laughing, with the mouth and eyes open, the escaping type of freedom. There are the words "flee" and "free". We are talking about "free".

Do you understand? [Yes.] We need to expand this foundation and base to the national, world and cosmic levels.

In the family, the principle of love is filial piety. On the national level, it is the concept of the patriot. On the world level, it is the concept of the saint. On the cosmic level, it is the concept of the holy son. Everything is connected to Satan's love right now: the cosmos, the universe, the world, the family. These three elements, love, life and lineage were captured. We must restore true love, true life and true lineage by investing everything. We will reach the cosmic level and at last go to God. Then we can say, "I have true love, I have true life, I have true lineage." This is God's re-creation. The teaching of Unificationism is the clear, universal teaching.

That is our lifestyle, our life. It is incredibly valuable. We have a wonderful life, centered on the source of true love. Don't you want that? [Yes.] The Kingdom of Heaven on earth. You need to become that kind of owner, that kind of leader. Then, automatically, you will have the heavenly palace of peace forever.

Those who want to become those kinds of people, raise both hands now. Beautiful! God bless you.

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