The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Completion Of The Dispensation And Our Father Country

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
6:00 A.M., 22nd April, 1990
Translated by Dr. Bo Hi Pak

When we use the word dispensation, it means everything which is involved in the execution of God's plan. All of the creation made by the Creator harmonizes with the will of God to fulfill its mission and glorify Heavenly Father-that is the dispensational goal. The beginning point of the completion of the dispensation is to have all creatures, centered on human beings who are in turn centered on true love, united with the Creator and being one with Him to fulfill His dispensational purpose. That is the beginning point of the fulfillment of the dispensation.

Before Father went to Moscow he went on a speaking tour in Korea and to five major cities here in the United States where he spoke to the Korean community. Father gave them the message that the essential being for a man is woman, for woman it is a man, and that before God, man is the essential being and for man, God is. Father declared that absolute truth. You do not have to search far away for the truth, it is right next to you. Truth begins with God. Everything created from God is a true thing. Everything connected with God is truth. Therefore everything not connected with God is not true. The universal axis, which is the core truth of the universe is simple: true man and true woman united into one and united with God fulfill the dispensational will. That is dispensational truth, there is nothing more. That is universal perfection centered on true love. Do you understand?

There is no other conclusion. The true goal of a man is to accomplish the "completion" of himself. A woman on the way to completion of herself must follow the truth. God is trying to join up with man and woman on their way to universal truth. That is it, complete.

In a way, man is an antenna for universal completion and woman is another one. The two working together for universal completion will be acceptable. They must be centered on true love. God is always looking down from the point of view of the original purpose of creation. God never loses sight of this. Man and woman should never lose sight of the goal and what is necessary for their completion and the completion of the universe. Once we know the truth, we must live it.

When man loves woman for the sake of God and woman loves man for the sake of God, everything is focused on the will of God. This is the universal purpose of creation. That journey of completion has no end. It begins on earth and continues through all eternity.

Can you marry twice? You cannot conceive the idea of two Gods in heaven so you can't conceive the idea of two marriages. There is only one purpose in marriage. Our society today is manifesting the bowels of hell. It is the lowest hell of hells. That is what society today manifests.

As humans, we need a sound mind and body. You have two layers, an invisible mind layer and a visible body layer. How can you bring unity without true love? There is no other method to bring unity of the mind and body. In daily life look at everything with true love eyes, smell with a true love nose and taste with a true love mouth. Nothing should be separated from true love. That is true for all eternity.

The first problem on earth is to make one mind and body. The second is what to eat. Even for birds, feeding themselves is the most important thing. Then they can create a nest and lay eggs and multiply. So first they need to resolve the food problem. Because we live in the fallen world with mind and body separated everything is difficult. In our daily life we worry about three things: what to eat, what to wear and where to live. Another way to put it-you can say we are always concern about how to eat, how to satisfy my emotion by receiving love and how I can live a peaceful life. How can we live well? This is a common problem for both the east and west. Every day we have to be concerned with these mundane, but essential things.

The second set of problems is Cain and Abel problems. The stronger one always conquers and exploits the weaker one. This is what Satan has spread over the entire world. Satan's rule is stronger and he plunders the weak. Therefore Satan's rule is to try to use the body. The body harbors a desire to control the mind, so the mind will obey the body completely. The body wants to eat well. The body wants to make love for the sake of carnal desire and the body wants to be comfortable and in control. This is Satan's environment which we live in. What can God control? Only one thing-the mind. Through the mind, God works to oppose the body's position. God wants to use the mind to dominate and discipline the body. The mind knows that for the sake of the greater purpose it can fast, it can sustain celibacy and can go without rest. The mind knows it can go the suffering road and that discipline is possible. When the world obeys the mind it will become the opposite of Satan's world.

Many people think that religion is a concept. It is not a concept, it is a way of life. Religious life is not just going to church on Sunday where you can sing hymns and pray for one hour and then do nothing else the rest of the week. Religious life is not just ritual, but every minute of the day we have to be living a religious way of life.

In each person there is an invisible line, we should call it the 38th parallel. It separates heaven and hell, God and Satan. One step to the right and you go to heaven's side, one step to the left is hell. One step will determine everything. Heaven is not so far away and neither is hell. "Myself" is the deciding factor.

When mind and body come together with the mind in the lead you are going in the right direction. Father has a question-who knows you better, yourself or God? Everyone answers God. Father's answer is opposite. You know yourself best, so even God listens to your judgment! If you say, "God I am good", God rewards you. If you say, "Father I am no good", God will punish you. So watch out what you say! You actually determine the ultimate direction. If you really believe you're a heavenly man or woman, you will go to heaven. If you believe you are no good, you will go to hell.

In spirit world there is no policeman directing traffic. You know exactly where to go. So if you make up your own destiny, how can you complain? God doesn't send you to the bottom of hell, you send yourself. So no one can complain to God. Right this moment you know if you are a heavenly man or Satanic man. Isn't it true? You know well. If you have absolute confidence you're headed to heaven raise your hand. Why do you laugh? It means you have no confidence. Reverend Moon knows no matter what others say, he is doing the right thing.

When you are on the right track to heaven the entire universe comes to protect and support you. When you go in the other direction, all creation repels you.

Today's topic is "The Completion of the Dispensation and Our Father Country." Since the completion of the dispensation wasn't fulfilled, we haven't had a heavenly homeland yet. It must begin with one individual. The homeland begins from you. You, your flesh is homeland property. Unless God and heaven's homeland is dwelling within yourself, your country and your homeland has nothing to do with you. If you don't have God within yourself all you have is hell and the satanic world. Heaven and hell is within you, no where else. Therefore you have to act as God. See, hear and do things from God's point of view. You can be the representative of God and act on His behalf. "I always feel the presence of God within me." You can then feel that with the six senses you have you are living God's life.

What has Father done in the Unification Church? He has pioneered this new God-centered way of life. God and Father accomplished this and then expanded it into a church. Is Father talking about concept or actual way of life? He is

speaking from his own experience. When you look in the mirror in the morning look at your eyes and ask, "Are you looking from God's point of view?" You must see God within your own face, otherwise you are too far from the reality of God.

God wants to close His eyes, ears, nose and mouth when He looks at this world. He doesn't want to deal with it. Look at New York City. It is actually hell. Every night there are thousands of sins committed. . . murder, prostitution, drugs, homosexuality and free sex. This city continues in a hellish way. It prospers under Satan's control. It is oppressed by Satan's power. Satan's totalitarian rule hangs over New York and America.

When we look at the reality of New York and work to turn it upside down and back the right way, God will look at such a person and treasure them. They are so precious to God. God would like to look at that champion and hear much more about what they're doing. God wants to embrace and protect them more. Initially there is only one person like this-Father, but he is multiplying. This is what the Unification Church is all about. Where can God find this champion but within the Unification Church? Are you a parasite of the Unification Church? Are you a vibrant soldier, like a locomotive, doing more than Father? Or are you barely able to carry out two of the ten directions that Father gives? You know your own situation well.

When a parasite goes to heaven's gate, they will be locked out. Heaven is a fair place. It is the most fair place. When everything is fair, how can you complain? There is no way. Is Father a fair man? Why? Forgetting himself, his family, his nation and his own well being, he has desperately served the enemy nation and its suffering people. That is the most fair person you can find. Even if at times his own family feels neglected, in the end they will recognize his greatness and be glad.

In that way of life you may think you are losing by giving everything away in a sacrificial way of life. But that is not true, all will be wide open to you in the future and secured for you.

A very good example of this is Father's life and family. Father's children sometimes felt, "Mommy and Daddy don't love us. They have no time for us. They just love the church and don't have an ounce of energy left for us." Even Mother felt that way sometimes, that Father should look at the children. But such thinking is small and temporal. They see Father has been giving life and that more will come to Father's family and the world than they ever imagined because of it. The same analogy can be applied to you. You are Father and Mother's children so you should have good food, etc. But for the sake of the world, they let you suffer, facing hardship in fasting and fundraising. But what happened? We have prospered on all levels. Now even the communist world is crumbling down. The bowels of the Kremlin have welcomed Father this time.

When Father spoke about the Moscow rally, we never believed it would happen. Father pushed us to make more indemnity, and we thought "This isn't the way." Now, fourteen years later, victory has come, Satan's pinnacle has been conquered. Father was in Moscow seven days. Father lifted that that city way up high then let it fall to the ground where it shattered. Father then repaired it with heaven's bandage. Father connected with the highest Soviet authority, the President, his wife and key cabinet members. In one week Father connected to these people. Father did more in one week that all the diplomatic corps could do in years and years.

Next time Father can say "You see, unless you listen to me, you cannot save your country." Gorbachev doesn't know the future situation. He has to listen to Father. He has no solution. Incredible indemnity has been paid. President Gorbachev was lucky to see Father. They had one public and one private meeting. All the world was surprised. Father and Mother electrified Gorbachev. He was beaming from ear to ear. Gorbachev's final word to an aide, was "I love Reverend Moon." Why did President Gorbachev instantly fall in love with Father? The reason is simple. Father is the only one to visit the Kremlin with the heartfelt desire to help him and to save the country of Russia Also Reverend Moon has debt on his shoulder but is trying to bring salvation to the Soviet Union. Even though the Soviet's antenna is a little rusted, they could know Father's true heart and motivation. In the Soviet Union there are still many enemies. Father was naked there. He didn't take anything with him but true love and the ideal of the heavenly nation.

There is a vacuum in the Soviet Union. They know this is what they need, so they embraced Father. Is Father courageous? Is Father taking advantage of you or loving you and trying to save you? Father is fishing for our original mind. The special bait is a sacrificial mind, a loving heart and a serving mind. With that kind of bait you can't lose, you will always catch the biggest fish. Has the big fish of America been caught or not? [America is caught.] Many today are trying to cut the line, but they can't do it. Not with military or any other kind of power. The fishing line is a love line and it is made of elastic. It cannot be cut with a knife. They will try to cut it three times and then give up, saying, "Hook me too." Religious life is like fishing every day. How wonderful! It is like war, like going off to the battlefield. If we fight 100 wars, we will gain 100 victories. We can't lose. This is Father's pattern. The United States has been trying to cut the line, so finally Father went to Danbury. Through Danbury, the United States actually surrendered.

The Soviets see Father as number one. The Moscow News said Father is a "brilliant anti-Communist He is the number one enemy of the State." In the end they crumbled and surrendered. The Soviet Union now needs a true anticommunist. They don't like liberals anymore! They've realized pro-communism doesn't work, so now they're looking at Father. That is the reason Father is respected by the entire Soviet Union today.

It is amazing. For a long time the Kremlin and the KGB plotted to eliminate Father. He knows this. Many thought that in his speech Father would praise Gorbachev and perestroika and say nice things to make a good diplomatic message. But diplomacy is not righteous. Father looked at the first speech which the staff came up with and said not one line was right From A to Z it had to teach Divine Principle, Adam and Eve, creation and God. During Father's opening message all were stunned. There was not one word about Gorbachev or glasnost, only "vertical True Parents and horizontal True Parents." The conclusion of Father's farewell message was, "If you don't follow God's way, you will bring self destruction in the end." One journalist said, "In seventy years no one came to our land and talked more severely than Reverend Moon!" Father is looking at heaven and earth and the entire spirit world. Father went to Russia for this huge important event. Heaven and earth and spirit world want to have the truth declared and no one could do that except for a man of God and true courage. Only True Parents could do it.

Not only spirit world, but the entire free world is watching what Reverend Moon will say. They think he will want to [latter Gorbachev and won't do anti-Communist work anymore. But all the correspondents and former prime ministers and presidents were absolutely stunned by Father's opening speech. It was only about God. The final thing he said was, "God bless the Soviet people." If Father spoke only like a diplomat, the CIA and American leaders would say Father sold out his soul to the Kremlin. But the free world is absolutely stunned by a man who can say such things as Father said in the Soviet Union. Father is a tremendous influence on young people of the free world, so he must be gutsy and show that no matter what stand up for your principles. Many people could not have done this. You too want to do it but can't. Father's courage comes from an entirely different level.

The United States has no choice but to follow Father's way of truth and true love. Many American leaders listen to Father and now Soviet leaders are too.

There is one final problem today. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is the Eve nation and there are three Archangel nations-China, the Soviet Union and America. These countries have always been fighting with each other. First these three archangels united with Eve and tried to kick out Adam.

After World War II all could have united but because of America's failure, it wasn't done. Father is now bringing enemy counties into unity. Father revived and restored this lost relationship in the Garden of Eden on a universal level. Father's victory has such a meaning. The loss of the Garden of Eden has been restored by True Parents on a universal level. Japan is an attractive woman, she has lots of money. The United States, China and Russia all want to fall in love with her. But, she belongs to Adam. From now the key factor is who controls Japan. Korea and Japan have ex changed marriage vows and need to become one and inseparable.

One by one, Father united with America, China, the Soviet Union and now Japan and has combined all five to make one entity. Japan is like the mother who is feeding triplets. The mother's energy is going out through her milk. Japan must give her energy out for the sake of love. She has to give away life, love and true lineage.

Father told the Japanese leaders to feed the world. They must fundraise to make a $300 million goal. Should the United States oppose this or cooperate? The United States has to help because we are the archangel on God's side. Father is now in America showing how to love so the entire world can follow his example in the future. Anyone who doesn't follow Father will fall behind even the Soviet Union. The Unification Church is really moving, marching towards Canaan of the twentieth century. Father is now in the position to command. With this Father is going to educate the three archangels. This is his heavenly duty-to make them into one united tree and then graft them onto the true tree. The only thing remaining to be done is education.

The era of individual salvation is over. Now nation by nation, the world will be restored. The Summit Council and AULA were created for this. Japan will be respected by the world for this work they do. The ratio Father has set is 50:1. One person must educate fifty people. That is the standard formula. The United States, China and Russia will go to Japan or Korea for education.

Through this all will be completed. The entire world will be as a family united and following behind the tribal messiahs. That is why Father anointed you. By accomplishing this, unification of the Father country will be completed.

After this Father will be working to unite North and South Korea Kim II Sung says he is 'father," so he is not in an archangel position. If the three archangel nations are restored, where can the false father belong? He has to give up. Father never used bullets or force but naturally subjugated America, China and the Soviet Union. When all three are naturally subjugated, the false father will be naturally subjugated. When the false father is subjugated Korean unification will occur. The satanic world is completely gone, the only foothold is North Korea.

Do you follow now? This is the completion of the dispensation and our fatherland. You must be ready yourself to enter into this. Are you ready? Not just for yourself, but your children and your grandchildren as well. Three generations must be ready to go. It takes three generations to be completely cleansed. You are not genuinely clean, some spots still remain, but your children are cleaner and your grandchildren are pure. This is how the heavenly dispensation works. Adam and Eve, Jesus and the Lord of the second advent are like three generations as well. You are in the grandfather's position, so you must send down the correct

tradition to your children and grandchildren. It is not only your problem but a problem for your children and grandchildren. You are in the grandparent's position, like the position of God and True Parents. You are the central figure to send tradition down to your own children. Your children will be your judge. Will they curse you and dig out your tomb because you didn't fulfill your mission? Don't make your children and grandchildren miserable.

Theoretically speaking, Father has taught you everything. There is not much more to explain. Isn't it true? A new chapter is starting for a new era of the Adam race. Do you have confidence? Are you like True Parents and ready to send down the correct tradition? Whatever you are doing always focus your mind and think, "I am the representative of True Parents and we are going to go to our Father country." So do you think you have to learn the Father language? Only one language is absolutely centered on God. Our words and culture should be absolutely the same. America has too much variety. It can't be clear. This is your mission. Cultivate unity. Clean up the American continent. No matter how difficult it may be this is your mission. Father took this difficult way. Take one step after another to make progress. From now this is your mission, Father's mission is passed.

There are no symbols and parables here, only the naked truth. Father sees Kim II Sung as a necessary evil. Without him, True Parents couldn't so clearly emerge. Before.

Moscow, Father sent a message to Kim Il Sung saying, "Join with us, send your ambassador and lets make this move together." They did not respond.

After the rally, the North Korean embassy in Moscow was trembling especially because of Father's meeting with Gorbachev. They thought Gorbachev was their helper and friend. The North Korean embassy now invited Father's delegation to Pyongyang [to find out what happened in Fathers meeting with Gorbachev. It is the responsibility of Adam and Eve to restore the archangel, but after that, the false father is naturally restored. So the next step is Kim II Sung. Father already knew it.

Father came to the world and exposed Satan. This is the Messianic job. Because of this the future of man is full of hope. We know how to subjugate Satan. Once this kingdom comes it will continue on for eternity because of the truth True Parents have brought.

We are to be grateful to True Parents and Heavenly Father. On the rail of death, like death valley, they have been victorious. They now occupy the highest mountain of the world and are completely victorious. Father did this all through the law of indemnity. There is no more to do. Eight levels have all been completed Your responsibility is to inherit Father's precious tradition. Without staining it, hand it down for the future generations. Will you do it? Those who pledge to do so, raise your hands!

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