The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Parents Day And I

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center
9:00 A.M., March 27, 1990
Translated by Dr. Bo Hi Pak

We are the members of the Unification Church aren't we? Do you know the word Tong Il? Everything we see in our world today exists in pairs. Look at the face, the eyes, ears and the nostrils. There are two of each. Father is talking about the two functions that each of them have. You have one mouth, but it can say good or bad things. The eyes can see good or bad things too. You have only one body, but it can conduct good or bad acts. Is it true? In order to overcome this dichotomy and make it into one world of unity we need unification on every level. Why is there separation and no oneness? Because of the fall of man. What was the fall of man? An action which opposed the ideal of creation. What is the core of the ideal of creation? The love of God. There is love of God and life of God. God does not want to be alone. He wants His own posterity. God wants His own blood lineage.

"Parents Day and I" is the topic today. "I" am the center of the problem. If there was no fall, the love and life of God and His blood lineage would have been united into one. Who are you? You who are the fruit of your entire lineage, your ancestral tree. You can make an analogy with a large tree. A large tree has many branches and leaves, but still only one trunk and one root. Everything is connected from the root to the trunk and to the branches and leaves. That tree will bloom and blossom. Finally it bears fruit. The fruit represents the entire essence of the tree, the root, trunk, branches, leaves, everything. So you are like a fruit. The fruit is where the seed lies, so eventually you are the seed.

You first have to bloom into a flower. For this process to take place male and female have to first come together. Your parent's love created you. They had parents, their parents had parents, and so forth, all the way back. If you want to become a pair, you need a partner. You cannot bear fruit alone. Man needs woman and woman needs man.

In a perverted culture men love other men and women love women. They even marry. What does this mean? The end of the human species!

There must always be an original model or tradition that will blossom into the ultimate fruit, an ultimate beginning. Everything has life, love and lineage. In order to bear fruit the pair system is needed. That is the absolute formula, there is no deviation. Without a pair system there is no multiplication. It is impossible for one alone to create fruit. One alone cannot become a recipient of original love, life and lineage.

Love is vertical, coming down. Therefore to be a recipient you need to stand right below the vertical line. It is not crooked. The ideal is a straight, vertical line. True love always moves in the shortest possible line. True love never beats around the bush. It never wanders. True love and true lineage always travel straight. What about your lineage and ancestral tree?

When we read the Bible, it talks of the fall. The fall was not the damage of one leaf or branch. It was inflicted upon the very root of the tree. The ideal of God did not include any kind of fall. True Love, true life and true lineage should have moved straight down from generation to generation for all eternity.

What is the action of the fall? The invasion of illicit love which knocked the tree down, took it over and planted an illicit seed. The true lineage of God was taken over by satanic lineage. Now it is crooked all the time and wandering all over, creating perverted love. In today's world, love is deviated, hiding and secret. That is illicit love. People have a conscious and it bothers them to do illicit things. Sometimes the conscious is even crooked. American society today is rampant with free sex and perverted sex. Today we are reaping the evil sown in the first days. Illicit love occurred while Adam and Eve were teenagers and now American teenagers are corrupted. This is the harvest time.

The corrupted tree must be cut and burned and a new tradition and new lineage must be planted. What is the Unification Church all about? What is the teaching of the Unification Church? It is Divine Principle isn't it? Divine Principle is not a theology. This is an important statement that Father is making. It is not a theology. It is a principal formula for humankind. Without this principle, without living it and fulfilling it, no one can truly live like a human being and fulfill what they should be.

This formula is one particular form that fits everywhere, every occasion and every circumstance. The Divine Principle is bringing daylight to darkness. It teaches everything-what went wrong and exactly what happened. It also teaches how to tell right from wrong. People are intelligent so they can follow the right way when they can discern it clearly.

Love, life and lineage are like a trinity. If YOU remove love, life disappears. You must realize God's love, life and lineage was meant to prosper forever through you, through human beings for eternity. "The true love, life and lineage of God is in here, in me." If there was no fall, we would each be able to say that. Because of the fall, we're not in that position. Instead, Satan's love, life and lineage ended up here inside of us.

Satan's love is always self centered. The love of God is always for the sake of others, for the whole. America today is the kingdom of the individual. That symbolically expresses that this nation belongs to Satan. That is why free sex is rampant here. It is the Satanic strategy to destroy God's love and truth. Free sex is the destruction of God's true love.

The free world and the communist world will ultimately unite into one world. The USSR is moving toward democratization. This doesn't mean that God's work is done. It is only an external phenomena. There needs to be a revolution in mans heart. The history of man has been lead by Satan. Where is it doing? Into hell. There are many enemies in this world. The worst one is the enemy of love. Don't you think so?

God has a teaching. It is to love your enemy. Why could God not love Satan? Satanic men can be forgiven and loved by God, but not Satan himself. The Satanic man can be changed to good. When he switches to the good camp, he can be saved. Satanic man without the fall is a child of God so there is room for love and forgiveness, but Satan himself destroyed the root of love and cannot be forgiven. Satan himself is the enemy of God's love, life and lineage.

We have to completely change over and turn things upside down. Then they will be right side up the way they were supposed to be.

People have a fundamental question, 'why did God create the world?" For the sake of love. Could God have fun alone? No. He was lonely. Why did He create? He wanted an object, a recipient of His love. Even though God is absolute and almighty, He wants a subject that He would like to be completely obedient to. If God did not have this kind of characteristic, it would be like God saying "All is for me." Then God would be a selfish God. Therefore we can say that God Himself is obedient to true love. Therefore God can command humanity to obey Him in true love. Therefore all creation was made for the sake of love, nothing else.

God has totally invested Himself in the creation, giving 1000 percent. God wants His object to be even better than Himself. If we say that God has 1000 percent love, He did not spare even one ounce of energy for Himself, but gave everything when He created. So a characteristic of love is that the object should be even better than the creator. Those who would like to have a husband or wife inferior to themselves, raise your hand. No one? Do you want them to be better than you? [Yes.] Where does this come from? God Himself

Those who want inferior children, raise your hand. You want them better, right? We all receive this original characteristic from God. God wants His creation to be better than Himself. This characteristic has come down generation to generation to you. This is a logical and scientific answer, like cause and effect, showing that the beginning and end are the same. They are unified-one.

This particular declaration of principle is one of the most extraordinary in the universe. For the sake of the object, God invested everything in totality. The absolute object is centered on true love, it is always focused on love. Love does not come from "me", but from the object which wants to receive love. You must be in a humble position to receive. Your head should be down. [Father demonstrates, standing with his head down and his palms outstretched.] Men and women are in a horizontal position. [Like the two outstretched hands.] The vertical love of God comes right down between them, in the center. The direction of true love is the shortest way. It moves in a straight vertical line. There can only be one straight, vertical line. It only hits one point or one dot, not two. Absolute love travels an absolute vertical line and lands on absolutely one dot. There is no deviation.

Adam and Eve were born in that one true love dot. They were supposed to grow to the perfection level and then travel the horizontal line to meet in the center. This center is where the vertical true love line of God would cross the horizontal line.

Man represents east and woman represents west. They should grow up and feeling the emotion of love, travel the horizontal line to the center. The vertical line would hit them. They would have a head on collision! True love turns in the same direction like the hands on a clock. What about the earth? It is the same. The ideal meets no resistance, it just turns smoothly. It is welcome everywhere from the end of one land to a continent on the other side of the world. True love is always welcome.

If all humanity dwells in true love, God would be in the center. God becomes the axis and exists in appreciation and enjoyment. God would enjoy humanity thinking, "Everyone is just like me."

How about you? Are you in that state? True love is a vertical line and exists for the sake of the universe. When you search and seek after love, think of universal love as the scale. When you give out everything, that is true love. If you are connected to true love your supply depot is infinite. The vertical center is universal love. Whoever lives with vertical love and a universal concept is the true son or daughter of God. Wherever true love exists, there is also true life and lineage. All are connected. The lineage comes with marriage. Oneself alone cannot create it.

When you inherit true love, true life and true lineage the entire tree becomes yours, the root, trunk, branches and leaves. Humanity in all nations become your brothers and sisters, like one family of man. All energy flows through the

tree from one end to the other. There are no boundaries and no resistance. True love breaks down all the barriers of the universe and love. That is the Unification Church teaching. What about Unification Church marriages? We do not recognize any national or color barriers. What about you? Are you Americans? What nationality are you? You are citizens of what country? The unification country!

True love absolutely exists for the sake of others- giving and investing. The laws of physics explain how a high pressure area draws a low pressure area. When they come together, it creates a big storm. Similarly when absolute love is in motion, boundless energy is activated. This works on every level.

Why did the United States decline after World War II? It was America's peak time. The United States did not fulfill the will of God, but thought only from a selfish view of national policy. God wanted the United States to have a universal scope and exist for all humanity.

Why did Israel, the chosen nation, crucify Jesus? Because of selfishness. They thought the messiah would make them great, take revenge on their enemies and allow them to dominate the world. But when Jesus came he taught something completely different. He told people to live for others and embrace the world. His way was opposite of the Israelites thinking. By the same token, the Unification Church is not going to govern the world, but it will plant love for the sake of the world and humanity. That is Father's idea. This is the final solution to the world's problems. Unified love, life and lineage. There is no other solution. This is the only way. There are racial problems, economic and moral problems and diseases plaguing the world today. The key is true love for the sake of others. Do you understand? Not love for ones self. This was the way of creation. It is exactly following God's way. It will bring universal power and so, create prosperity.

How can we save the world? It is simple. The United States should become a servant to African nations. Then Africa would automatically climb up on America's back. This is God's way of taking over or invading. If you give, you will inherit ownership. You will gain all that is now under Satan's ownership. This is history's secret. It has not been know until now. You now know it clearly.

[Father hits a brother in the front row.] Father hit this brother and without even knowing why he feels, "This is my greatest honor. Father did that just for me, so I feel great!" If he feels that way, Father cannot continue to hit him. Father is absolutely following that kind of strategy in his life. It is God's strategy. The United States tried to hit and destroy Father in every way possible. But during that time Father created many institutions and publications to love and serve this country. Young people like you recognize this. As long as you are here, the United States will not crumble. It will not be destroyed.

God began the policy of serving so that is Father's tradition. From a simple mineral to the most supreme creation, this tradition must be followed. Through all history, every creature in the world seeks for a true love partnership. Each is looking for a partner, an object better than himself.

[Father draws a diagram of a globe with a vertical true love line and a horizontal true love line intersecting within it.] God created the world in this fashion. From the simplest to the most complex level the action of give and take between the vertical true love line and the horizontal true love line is always taking place. The vertical foundation cannot be invaded. The vertical line is the backbone, no one can invade it.

Look at a molecule. There we can see plus and minus come together. But even God cannot force them together. It has to be a natural force which draws them together.

The theory of evolution is declining and Father absolutely rejects it. Because in order to advance, there must be give and take between plus and minus. There is no way a lower creation, like an amoebae can advance to a higher level.

When a husband and wife are in love would you like some third person to invade? American women say yes. [No!] Your mission is to wipe this out.

There are two types of bird which seem exactly the same. They are the same size and have the same bone structure, only their color is a little different. Lets say these two birds get married. Can they lay eggs? It is not possible. Even though they look so similar, they are different types. God made a division of the seed between species. He protects each one with absolute clarity. The theory of evolution is a satanic theory. Father emphasizes that love proceeds multiplication in heading toward the destiny of the love of God. Without the love of God no creature could exist on the face of the earth.

Animals eat plants and then people eat animals. Many think that it is ungodly to do so. Father says that a lower creature which is eaten by a higher creature comes closer to the love of God. Do you follow? This is absolutely the law of love. By the same token, if animals sacrifice themselves for the sake of love of man, for the sake of God we should be able and willing to sacrifice ourselves. We must be always willing and ready. Praise God for making the pair system!

God's vertical line never changes. It is always straight. The fall is like an off center line. It exists on an angle, it is not straight. Man and woman, which represent east and west should move in a horizontal line. The crossing point can only be in one place. That is the ninety degree angle where horizontal and vertical cross. Ninety degrees is an absolute formula. There is just one point where this intersection takes place, it can't happen just anywhere. The fallen world is mixed up with all kinds of lines at many different angles. It is perverted and strange. How can this be the heavenly kingdom?

We need to use the ninety degree formula. Pattern your life in this way. Through this pattern of vertical true love and horizontal true love, man and woman, son and daughter and parents and children exist. Anyone not in this pattern is destined to hell.

Do you want one or two minds? [One.] One or two bodies? [One.] We want one mind in one body united at ninety degrees. Your body is a product of birth, which comes from your parents while your mind originates from the vertical parents. It is your true self. Now your body and mind are fighting. Why? Because of the fall. Only true love can make them into one. The connection between the spirit world and the physical world is the same. The vertical line is only one. The horizontal line has a broader base, so it is able to multiply. The spirit world is like the vertical line, for in spirit world there is no more multiplication.

God created first of all to find an object of true love. His second purpose is to create Himself in the physical form. A father ultimately has to have a certain form. Adam and Eve should have become the physical form of God in life, then they would have remained that in spirit world. The third purpose of creation was to create Gods own people. In spirit world there is no multiplication. Therefore God wanted His people multiplied on earth. When we reach the level of true love, we don't need salvation. It is not necessary. We will be born in heaven and live in heaven.

Religion is like a correction center or hospital, trying to bring humanity to the right way. Father is now teaching all these points in five cities around America.. He is telling Korean people that the body should be subjugated by the will of the mind and that the mind should be subjugated by God.

When we receive the most powerful energy from the vertical line it is overwhelming. It gives us power to control the body. This is another purpose of religion. This is what Father has been asking you to do. Only the Unification Church and Divine Principle can teach this. You must control your flesh body. The mind and body centered on true love and combined into one is what restoration is all about. When you accomplish this God and the universe will welcome you.

Father already said evolution was wrong. Another argument going on these days is also wrong. People are asking the question, which came first-concept or reality? This is another thing Father is teaching the Korean audiences. For example, when the eye was created, did it know that sunlight would exist? No, it was made by some Will to see the sunlight. Who had that knowledge? The eye itself? No. This same "somebody" knew an eyelash would be needed to keep dust out of the eye and also that tears would be necessary to keep the eyes from drying out. The creator had the concept of how all parts would fit together in the whole. This shows that concept was first. Father's conclusion is that God exists.

Today is the thirtieth Parents Day. If there was no crucifixion and Jesus was elevated to the position of True Parents restoration would have been accomplished by now. In 1960, True Mother was installed. Looking at Mother, this thirtieth anniversary is significant because it is the same number as the age of Jesus when he began his mission. Jesus was supposed to accomplish his mission in his thirties. He was messiah on the national level. Now True Parents stand on the universal level. In 1960 True Parents were installed. Today thirty years later, True Parents have absolutely accomplished on the universal level. In thirty years time all persecution and opposition from the free world and the communist world has passed. Even Kim II Sung's persecution is passing away. Father has a special plan for him. Father has consummated the True Parents mission.

When Father ascends to heaven and only Mother remains, it doesn't mean the work is finished. It will go on. Until True Mother came into being women of the world were not in the position to be liberated. At today's pledge service Father declared that now women can be liberated based on the accomplishments of True Mother. Therefore women are now more on the front line and are important in the mission. Women of the world must be united to go out and cleanse all unclean women of all nations.

Women have been used as Satan's instrument through all time. They multiplied Satan's children through illicit love. This must be stopped. How can it be cleaned up? That's the job and responsibility on the shoulders of Unification Church women. All women must be restored. Even if you have to bring them one by one to your home, women must become heavenly and Godly. We are moving toward the ideal family of one man and one woman, Adam and Eve. That is the ideal of creation.

Make your mind and body into one, then each Adam and Eve can connect absolutely with God. Then man and woman can absolutely combine into one. This is true love- absolute couples centered on God's love. They cannot separate, but will remain absolutely connected forever.

What about American families? There are stepfathers and stepmothers, is this good? American people lost everything. They have no concept of the ideal. There are no parents, brothers or sisters, only individuals. They like the flesh way-free sex and drugs. They accuse God, asking "Can you save this world?"

The Unification Church has the power to change. Your ambition should be on the highest point. You want to occupy everywhere. Why did God give you such big ambition? So you can occupy true love.

Father can fill America with love. Father can change every place that he visits. All Unification Church members around the world ask Father to visit. They ask him why he wants to stay in America which is such a bad place. From now on all countries will welcome Reverend Moon.

The True Parents only come once. You are meeting with True Parents and receiving education directly from them. How precious your position is!

If you don't take action, you cannot make result. Do you like zero result? [No.] Then you have to work hard.

Today Father declared the liberation of women. Even if only Father or Mother is here alone, the dispensation will go on. Now the outside world is talking about Fathers seventieth birthday and wondering about his successor. There is no need to talk about it, Reverend Moon's wife is only forty seven years old. After True Parents there is the True Family. So what is the worry? Father would like to make special emphasis in True Family that they become examples of True Parents. Eventually Father will install a True Family council where all matters of church policy can be discussed and member changes made. No problem.

On this day at pledge Father declared that Father is the first founder of the Unification Church and Mother is the second founder. This title was officially installed today. So far all women have been following behind men, now you can walk side by side. From now if Mother goes to visit mission countries, no one can question why only Mother may visit or ask where Father is. Because Mother is a representative of Father, and also a founder of the church.

In Fathers dispensational period the elder sons birthright has been completed. Cain and Abel have been restored. Father is in the Adam position and the American president and people are in Cain's position. They must listen to Father now and follow his direction.

Satan is pushing all humanity into hell. God has been creating another orchard of wild olive trees which can be controlled by God. That is Christianity. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, Satan's world is getting weaker. Father will cut the trees and a grafting process will take place. When True Parents came, right and left wing both declined. God and True Parents did this. America alone cannot solve the corruption of youth. The Soviets are the same. They have no foundation for a world utopia. Only the Unification Church has this. Only True Parents and God can do this. The Unification Church is creating a world of Utopia with God at the center.

This Parents Day is the declaration of the liberation of women, the elevation of Mother as the second founder and also, Father announced all blessed families of the world have inherited True Parents power. As much as spirit world protects True Parents the same will come to blessed families.

Be bold and strong, go out to the front line. March forward in a straight line. Proclaim to the world, Y am a proud member of the Unification Church." This world belongs to True Parents and you are True Parents children. Make your mind up to this kind of concept. Those who do raise both hands.

Father has accomplished the restoration of three rights. The first is the restoration of Cains birthright. True Parents have restored brotherhood. The USSR has been in Cains position on Satan's side. Now Father has been invited to visit. Father will declare to them the same message he gave us today. There are 270 million Soviet people. Fathers words will be televised on Soviet National Television. There is only one station there so they will have to watch! American media is still far behind. China, Russia and the eastern world welcome me now. This is not joking, but reality.

Members of the Soviet media visited Father in America and Korea. One of them advised Father that though he has many followers in the free world, if he were to print Divine Principle in simple Russian language, it could reach the entire population of the USSR. In a few months our church would have more members there than in the rest of the world combined.

And what about China? The highest leadership there sees Father as a hero. Not a Korean hero, but a hero of China. The restoration course is done, not by God but by man. Man fell and so man must restore himself and recreate himself.

The second thing Father has restored is True Parentship. Adam and Eve should have been True Parents, but fell. Jesus should have been True Parents but couldn't because he was crucified. True Parents finally accomplished this. As God sent out True Parents, True Parents should send you out in the name of Tribal Messiah. For that reason everyone goes to their hometown. Because of True Parents traditional religious work is not needed. The entire world is now entering into the chosen realm. The tribal messiahs purpose is to save your parents. On a vertical line, there are three levels, Adam and Eve, Jesus and the LSA role which is on top. Horizontally, all restoration is united under one parent. There are three levels of horizontal parenthood, old testament, new testament and completed testament. Now they are united into one.

Your hometown, where you were born can become the kingdom of heaven. When your hometown is restored you will become the true ancestor. True Parents are the vertical and you the horizontal. All should be connected and combined. The original hometown is Father's hometown, but we should all become leaders in our individual tribes hometown.

True Parents family is vertical, you and your family are the horizontal line. Love True Parents first (the vertical), then your own family and tribe.

The third thing Father has restored is Kingship. This was declared February 27th, 1990. True Adam and Eve were consummated as king of the family, tribe nation and world. It means the entire world will follow Father's direction. His declaration is on the world wide level.

Father has to ask us to go the suffering way to separate from Satan. We complain saying this is not the American way of freedom and enjoyment. No, you have to know what suffering is. Go all the way down. Be persecuted. You must go the deep way to be separated from Satan. Satan cannot follow you on the most difficult way. So it is good. No matter how difficult it gets, Father goes the straight way.

What kind of situation are American blessed couples in? Many have four children now. We don't have a nation so who can protect your family? You have to make your nation. Start with your tribe.

Today we are talking about Parents Day and I. Our gift from True Parents is true love and parenthood, so you can become like True Parents.

God is obedient to true love. True love is absolute investment and total giving. Blessed families raise your hands. Would you trade one billion dollars for your husband or wife? What about your children? Would you trade them for the world?

The spirit world has infinite room. There is no need for birth control because they want a bigger population. Even if you starve to death here because of your sacrificial life, or the fact you have such a large family, you will go to the kingdom of heaven, so it's not a bad deal. Has anyone in our movement starved to death? No. We're trained to survive any kind of situation.

When true love is given as a gift, you have everything. You can even control God. There is nothing more to want. The entire universe can be controlled with true love.

Persecution is the way to inherit Satan's ownership and take it to Gods side.

Today is a very special Parents Day. Father explained his declaration of the thirtieth Parents Day. Follow True Father. True love can control the entire world and Satan's world will be wiped away. Be a chosen, God centered people. Those who can do this raise your hands.

[After Dr. Pak prayed, Father began speaking again]

From now we need to create nationalistic tribe messiahs. For example if you are Colombian, you should have a Colombian tribe. If you are Japanese, you should have a Japanese tribe. Father will use the United States as the world restoration foundation. So far the United States has been exploiting the rest of the world, but now it will help by being used in this way.

From the viewpoint of Christianity America is in the Abel position and Europe is Cain. People who were persecuted left Europe and the domination of the Catholic church. Those who came here established Protestantism, in protest against the churches of Europe.

Tribal messiahship was established, now national messiahship must come. Father has the Summit Council which many former leaders are connected to. Father can now link us to those countries on a national level. No matter if you are a man or a woman, you can become a leader of your ethnic church. Satan pulled woman out of the Garden of Eden so restored women have to be able to entice Satans world into Canaan. You can control the twelve past presidents and prime ministers and become like a queen.

You are the sons and daughters of God, there is no way for you to become a servant of Satan. He is your servant. No power can invade you. Your husband is God's son, and your wife is God's daughter. How could you want to keep company with a servant?

Racial minorities has suffered in the United States, but now they can come together and be a majority. Who said that America belongs to whites and that there can never be a black or Spanish or yellow president? Anything is possible. All minorities follow Father, but he has no political ambition. Father only wants to give them truth.

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