The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


God And I

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
4th March, 1990
Translated by Peter Kim

Christians call God Father. What about us? It is the same. Christians call God Father, but in an ambiguous way. But we know the reason why we call God Father. Who does God resemble? Of course God is our parent. Parents resemble children and conversely children resemble their parents. From your point of view God resembles you, but from God's point of view we all resemble Him. The same applies in daily life. Your parents look like you and the same with your child. God is invisible but should appear as a visible being. Who is the visible God? True Parents. Why did God make creation? God needed a body to dominate and run this world. As you look at creation you see that all things have bodies or form, and they connect to one another with love. Therefore God created because He needed love as welt as form.

If Adam hadn't fallen, he would have been God's body. When we say God resembles us, it means God has our physical senses, eyes, ears, nose and a mouth. When you put both hands on your face, you experience touch. The sixth sense is your heart. All six senses unite centered on love which is the seventh level. When you have a crush on someone, you say your eyes or senses meet each other. We have this saying in Korea.

The invisible God wants to appear in our body somewhere. Your eyes represent God. Whereas the nose is at the center of the face and represents Adam and Eve. Your mouth is open horizontally. Usually you have thirty two teeth. The ears represent four directions. Altogether your entire head represents the kingdom of heaven. So your intelligent self, your center office is in the middle of the kingdom of God. If you suspect a crime, you say you can sense something. It may be a smell, something you see or hear, and of course you talk about it, but all of these organs turn when you turn your head. If you see something and want to grasp it, your hand reaches out. Our hands fulfill an important role. The senses of the face give direction and the hands carry it out. Therefore your head is the command post and the rest of the body moves accordingly.

It is essential for life that the head and body be united to go through daily life without trouble. You function and work every day, so it seems easy, but there must be unity for the mind and body to work together.

Where does speech come from? Your heart. Your speech represents your heart and level of education. Listen closely to people's speech. It is constantly moving like dancing. There is good talk and evil talk. When you think about the eyes, nose and mouth they function because they represent an object. For example, can your eyes see without an object to look at? No. Can your nose smelt only your nose? Does your mouth talk for the mouth? No. All six organs want to see, smell, hear, and talk only about good things. That is the original desire. What is this good thing?

From children's point of view, they think it is their parents. The best thing for a child is his mother and father. What about American children? [someone answers "Candy"] That is the problem! What about a man's point of view? [Woman] And a woman's? Man. What about from a man and woman's point of view? Children. This is the way they are all interwoven and connected.

What about things in this world and things in the spirit world? Things in the spirit world are like a root. Things in this world are like the trunk and branches of that tree. [Father draws an upside down tree with the roots in spirit world.] It looks like a tree standing upside down. If there is one small branch in the spirit world, the same sized branch wilt spring up in the physical world. But which side is more important? [The root] But you cannot see the root. The origin of life is in the ground, so you cannot see it. There are plenty of elements in the soil to form the life of the tree. With sunlight the leaves create elements which go to the root This is give and take action in a tree, between the roots and other parts. Even if you cut off the trunk, the roots are still alive. Even though the grass outside is brown and looks dead, its roots are still alive and it will become green again. The invisible world which we don't see is the root and is more important

From a child's point of view they want to go to the parents, and the parents want to go to the children. All combined they form a family. The next step is a society, all centered on God. God is the center of vertical relationships. A family in this world makes a circular movement on a horizontal level, not a vertical level.

We can conclude that if God has five senses He will want to see, hear and smell good things. Do you agree? It is not for His sake, but for His object, His best object What is the best object of God?

From God's point of view, the best thing to see and feel is a family centered on true love. A family where the parents and children are all centered on true love. When you feel love your hand automatically wants to reach out. You want to smell, your eyes become narrow. When you hug your lover, you usually close your eyes. That means that everything within you is satisfied, you don't have to look anymore. You feel like floating and feel that you are the center of the universe and are spinning around. Usually these lovers jump together, whirling around. If that takes place, all your organs, even your heart all feel happy. So where is happiness? It comes when all organs feel satisfied with no room to move. Even if all the other senses come together, but the eyes squint and look elsewhere, it is no good. You need one focus point for all.

Remember this tree is reversed, with the invisible root in heaven. Eventually we return to the root, our hometown, the dwelling of our parents and ancestors. We go there to make a tradition of true love.

When you look at your self, there are two major parts. An inside essence of spirit world and a body derived from the material world The two function harmoniously centered on true love. God then comes into your heart and mind. Because you have God Himself in your heart, in deep prayer you can call God He will answer from your heart, like a microphone. Through that your original mind should be united. If God is the root of mankind, we have to be united through our original mind. Your original mind is already one with spirit world Your original mind functions in this way: if you want to give millions of dollars to all people in America, would your original mind be satisfied to stop there? No, it would have you move on to South America Who does the original mind resemble? God. It's true. When you have such a precious mind functioning like that, and your body can unite, it is so wonderful!

Since God is in your heart and original mind, and God is always happy, you should be happy. That way when you join spirit world you have eternal happiness. It's logical that if you practice living happily here with your mind and body united and harmonious with God, that you will have the same in spirit world. Sometimes we have ambition to own even the entire world. Also, you have desires to be the best. Father says this desire is the connecting rod between mind and body. It is like a strong bar which extends outward to the worldwide level. So is having desire good? Yes!

Whether you have desire or greed, if it is centered on true love, it is good, no matter how much you have. Greed centered on God is okay, but if it is centered on the individuals sake it makes trouble. This desire bar extends to the worldwide level, but a self centered body tries to grab it and possess it. A desire centered on God's true love existed from the beginning. Originally centering on God this desire would be expressed, but before we reach this level, the self centered body tries to possess this.

Many people stay in this small area of self centered desire and struggle till they pass away. They never see the rest of the world and all its possibilities. Even God is waiting for a unified perfect world, so He can allow man to be the owner. But man tries to own the small section centering on himself. When God's desire is finally fulfilled, He will declare man the owner, teacher and parents of the world. When a gigantic world of perfection is waiting why do we still try to look for small places? God is the teacher, owner and center.

What about your body? You body wants to cling to small things while your mind reaches for the world. That is why you never feel satisfied. Our original desire has a wide scope, but the body is sitting still. While we look content with our own husband, children and family, God is looking at the world and trying to give you that level of parentship. Your family is only playing the role of a textbook.

In a company there is an owner. He is like the teacher and parents and provides love. These three positions should be centered on love. The president of the company tries to teach and take care of the employees. At school the same principle occurs, wherever you go the same principle applies. If you offer your love, you feel like you care about a place the most.

Once you play the role of parents, you are also a teacher and owner. It is very essential for our lives. These three positions are interrelated. You can play all three roles together. Therefore a teacher should be parents and a school should feel like home. If everyone had this kind of understanding the country would prosper. Even though the world is chaotic, if we can find one true teacher or one true owner or one parent we can still have hope. Out of those three, the central figure is the parent. The coming messiah will come as a parent and play the role of owner and teacher. That is what the Unification Church is striving for-to make all members teachers and owners of the world. After becoming an owner, can you relax and not work? No, think about the creator of the universe and the work He did. If you want to become a better owner, you have to invest more of yourself, there is no end.

Without investing themselves, Communists try to take from the people. Once more than half is taken the rest automatically follow. Communism insists on a utopia, but when the economic system is failing and taken over, the remainder of the ideology will collapse. In the beginning they looked prosperous, but will now fall rapidly. Their economic level will be the worst in the world.

Both sides in any situation should prosper. Based on true substance they will even if you are persecuted. The United States is facing a stone wall. The Unification Church is small, but is becoming greater and prosperous.

Who has true ownership, true teachership and true parentship? Only God. What about you? God already gave it to you! It is in your mind and heart. Look at the degree of ignorance we have! God gave us this precious treasure and we don't even know it. Is your mind your owner? It desires to be, but the body does not agree. The body is the enemy of ownership. The flesh body is always against the mind. The body is the enemy of the mind. True or not?

Once you crush the body totally and it becomes obedient to the mind, you will feel like a great god. This is because the body is then following the mind created by God. Your desire is universal ownership. Your mind is trying to direct the body to the right, but the body is moving to the left. The teacher is trying to give you the right direction saying, "Do this and do that", but the flesh body is the greatest enemy against it. Your body will only take you to hell. Do you like hell? The body says, "I want no teacher, no owner and no parent." It is God's enemy. The body is the Satan's swelling place. Once you completely subjugate it, the body's desire and resemblance will be like God. You will be able to look into the future ten years. You will function like God. Your hand will naturally follow the minds direction to give with no resistance. Look at reality. God feels pity for poor people and wants to give to them. We close our eyes to those who are miserable and don't want to know about them.

This is Satan's world. His foundation is already laid and connected in flesh through parents and brothers and sisters. Once you overcome all obstacles and subjugate the body completely on every level, you will be declared as owner of the universe. You'll know the entire universe is with you and following you. You will be the substantial Font, feeling "All creation follows me!"

What do we mean when we say indemnity course? It means To crush each level of Satan's base-the individual, family, society, etc. You face all levels of opposition from your parents, friends and society. They say "You are an American. Why do you follow this Korean man?" What about now, what do you feel? Is America trying to chase Reverend Moon out, or keep him here? [keep him here.] Why? They now know that the true owner, true teacher and true parents for America will emerge from this Unification Church. That is why Father is always pushing, telling you to run and run to reach this goal. Don't go for all three, but secure one centered on true love. Still America and the entire world will follow behind you.

In America people like free sex and drugs. All individuals fight and are becoming enemies. There is too much money to spend in this country. Too much material to enjoy. Think of Africa Since we want to save Africa we should experience worse poverty than them. Once we do it, we can restore their situation. We all want good food and we think this is paradise. If that is your route, you will never find true teacherhood, true ownership and true parenthood and you will lose God.

What is God hoping for now? He wants to see love relationships that are centered on flesh completely destroyed. You see what Satan has done here. There is no relationship between parents, children, teachers, etc. Even within corporations there is no solid relationship between the owners and laborers. Satan has destroyed all to this

level, but God is trying to utilize it. Our original mind and God are working to gain the original owner, teacher and parent. Eventually outside people will see no other way but the route we are on. Once Unification Church doctrine is accepted, it will take forty days of Father teaching through modern electronic devices, and two thirds of the worlds population will turn around-that's it!

In Washington D.C. Father is now preparing a media center able to carry this out. Father owns this media system which will be used by over 6000 media people in that area. Father is now making a facility better than those of ABC or NBC. They may take forty five minutes to make a certain program, our facility will take fifteen. They will plug into our system and use it. This is truly a time to cheer for Reverend Moon!

What are the weapons of Reverend Moon? Parentism, teachership and ownership. Once you become a true Unification Church member, do you feel America is yours or are you still working on feeling that way? Once Americans know the Divine Principle every problem is solved. Free sex and drugs will be no problem. From the point of being parents to America we can tell them "You are all dead, I'll save you." Make a resurrection system and take them to heaven. This is true parentship. Stand as true parents to them and help them understand the principle.

Teachership, ownership and parentism-this is the very purpose of creation. We lost them, but centered on Reverend Moon and True Parents we are recreating them. You have learned a lot from Father. You are liberated from the dead and have become alive because of Father. You have determined that you will save this country and the entire world.

From today go forward to accomplish one of these three positions, not two, just choose one and go for it. Then you won't go to hell.

Today's topic is "God and I." if you reach this, you will become the offspring of God. No matter how capable or omniscient God is, He cannot play His role until you do this. You should feel, "Only through me, can God fulfill His purpose of creation. So I will march forward and make it happen." You see clearly that if we go for one of these three positions, there is hope for this country. It will be reborn and we can rebuild it. It is astonishing news. Internally we will have complete unity and externally we will be able to build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Should we keep our mouths shut? Or our eyes, ears and nose? Your ambition will accuse you. Open everything! From there, we can have hope.

If you make a resurrection of the United States, you can control the free world-no problem. When you look at Father, he has no other secret but the essence of these three roles and he practices them. It doesn't matter if it is day or night, Father is always teaching this truth. He tells us To clean up the bad things when he sees them. Since Father has been practicing this, now he sees people like you Americans who are following him and saying, "You are better than my parents. No matter how difficult it gets, I will follow Reverend Moon."

Do you like Reverend Moon? [Yes!] Who made you think that? Your original mind. If your feel your mind's desire is small then go for one of these titles. If it is big enough, go for all three. If you truly understand the value of truth and Father's words, you can see this clearly. We have the best news. We have the armament to strike Satan's world and break it into pieces. This is the first Sunday of March. Those who promise and have determination to go after these three titles raise your hands. God is the internal God and you will become the external God.

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