The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


God's Day 1990 Morning Address

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Seoul, Korea
1st January, 1990

Father is the Adam who could restore the failure of Jesus. He had to go through three levels (formation, growth and perfection) to reach the level of True Parents.

Jesus established spiritual salvation, but not physical salvation. Therefore man was cut in half and his mind and body were divided. To restore the foundation of Jesus, Father had to confront Satan on all levels. After the liberation of Korea, Father had to work for fourteen years to restore the foundation of spiritual salvation (like Jesus). Father had to connect spiritual salvation to physical salvation. So he had to go through an indemnity course, struggling with Satan to take back all three levels. Therefore, Father had to go through so much persecution and suffering. That was a seven year course and seven more years were necessary to enter the direct dominion of God. That is the realm where Satan can never take you away from God. Father reached that point in 1960, with the Holy Wedding.

All the universe is a stage for spirit world. Spirit world is the world where everything communicates. We are entering the stage now where we communicate with spirit world. Even physically, with the advent of satellites, etc. we can communicate worldwide in seconds. If we have spiritual communication with God, this is possible to an even greater degree.

In the beginning, God wanted to have dominion over the whole universe through the Divine Principle. Because of the Fall though, the physical and spirit worlds came under Satan. Spirit world and the physical world have been separated, like the 38th parallel separates Korea.

God suffered so much to look at fallen man under Satan, but could do nothing about it. Throughout history, religious leaders tried to cross the boundary between spirit world and the physical world to connect them. To do this, they had to fight with Satan and take away his territory and bring it back to God. For a man to do this, he must be completely centered on God. God must be the absolute subject of his love. His love must resemble God's.

So many people have asked, "Why doesn't God do something about the suffering of this world?" But God cannot relate to this world. Many atheistic philosophers have argued that since God isn't doing anything about this

world, then He must not exist. Then they developed philosophies to try to help man, but no matter how sophisticated a philosophy is, if it is not connected with God, it cannot change mankind's state.

If you look at the history of man, you can see that the world seems to be going in the direction of more and more chaos, in tradition, philosophy and thought. At the same time, the foundation for God's world is growing.

The only way for man to enter into a new relationship with God is to be born again through True Parents. Because man has inherited Satan's blood lineage, he needs new parents to be liberated. Jesus' purpose was to establish the ideal of True Parents in his time. Father had to indemnify and restore those conditions. Jesus was betrayed by his twelve disciples. In 1960 Father had this same experience. Twelve of his followers betrayed him. In this way, Father pioneered the foundation for the four Holy Days.

Christianity didn't have a country or a national foundation like Israel did. Because of this, it only achieved the level of spiritual salvation and therefore early Christianity has a history of martyrdom. With Jesus and the Holy Spirit, spiritual True Parents were established, but because this is in spirit world they cannot affect the physical world. The Lord of the Second Coming needs to come in the physical world, marry and establish physical True Parents.

In 1945, God had prepared Christianity to receive True Parents, but because Christianity failed. Father then had to establish a new foundation of indemnity. To do that he had to struggle against Satan. This is not just talk but the true history of Father's life. Neither God or Satan can take away what he has done.

Father has clearly explained the ideal of God, that husband and wife should unite centering on God. God's plan is for man and woman to grow to perfection and with God as the center, they will unite in true love. Everything was created by God in pairs of plus and minus. The crown of all creation is Adam and Eve. When they become one there is an explosion of love. At the time they become one in love, God's life, love and blood lineage are established! Until now man has not known the ideal of God or even the existence of God. Through the Principle, we know that God is our Father, the vertical center of our love. God is our vertical parents. Adam and Eve, connected with God at a forty five degree angle have to achieve a perfect ninety degree angle with God in the center.

When Adam and Eve unite in love, all the world is ignited. A chain reaction of love is established. It is like nuclear fusion; God is the central nucleus and Adam and Eve are the peripheral nuclei.

When Adam and Eve meet in that love they have no eyes or ears for anything else except each other. This happens at a ninety degree angle between vertical and horizontal.

Because we did not inherit God's love, we have so many paradoxes and contradictions within us. Originally, the mind is vertical and the body horizontal. This is because the mind is from God (our vertical Parents) and the body is from our physical parents (horizontal parents). Through the Fall, this angle became twisted, so man could not gain the inheritance of true vertical love from God.

Only if our mind becomes completely vertical can it incorporate true love. Our life is only qualified if it is vertically connected with God. Our body is only qualified if it makes a ninety degree angle with the mind.

Look at the face of man. The nose is the center. If you travel down from there, you find the navel also in the center. Further down are the genital organs. Is man's genital organ vertical? Yes!

Should we breathe air through our mouth or nose? Originally, it should be the nose. White people have a high or long nose. Why? It makes them look like a polar bear! Their nose is like that so it can warm the air that they breathe. People in hot or tropical areas have a very big nostrils and a short nose so the air can come in directly, not through a long channel. Look at the shape of people's nostrils. The nose regulates the temperature of air into the lungs. God is truly a great scientist!

What do the parts of the face represent? The eyes represent God, they look at the universe and everything. The nose represents Adam and Eve, the vertical parents. The mouth represents the horizontal parents. They eyes have to focus on the center. The mouth has to be centered on the vertical line or it would look very strange! The same is true of the navel and for the most precious organs-the genital organs.

It is very hard to make a ninety degree angle to the body with the legs. The most you can probably do is a forty five degree angle. But with your arms, you can easily make a ninety degree or any angle. Western people dance with their legs, but Eastern (Oriental) people dance with their arms! That's the better way. By studying the features of man, Father became the champion of knowing people and the greatest matchmaker of all time.

When Parent's Day was established, that was the greatest moment in history. All the spirit world, all the saints were there. Before this, there was never a time when there was True Parents.

You should never forget what a great privilege it is to live at the time of the True Parents. Your ancestors in spirit world would cut off an arm and a leg to be in your position. Don't forget that. In the fallen world your blood lineage and root came from Satan, but with True Parents it is different

Your position as children of True Parents is more precious than any nobility or VIP's position in the world.

Throughout history all religions had the purpose of separating from the blood lineage of Satan. Their only purpose was to come to the new blood lineage of God. The history of religion consists of strengthening the mind (through prayer) and weakening the body (through fasting, denying the body sleep, etc.) To be victorious over Satan, we have to be victorious over three things; food, sleep and sexual temptation. About the last point, even if we were in a room with 100 naked beauties, we should control ourselves and not give in to temptation. This in itself would make a very long speech if I went into it.

What is your root? Originally it is Satan and fallen Adam. The Unification Church mass weddings are ceremonies of engrafting. Through the Blessing you are engrafted to the blood lineage of True Parents. All the world is like branches and leaves of Satan, the false root. They have to be taken off and grafted to the true olive tree.

In Korea, there are two kinds of persimmon trees. There are the true persimmon trees, with good fruit and the so called "stone" persimmon, with inedible fruit. If you take a branch from a "stone" persimmon however and graft it to a true persimmon, it will bear edible fruit!

Love has absolute principles. In the fallen world, even if a wife loves her husband for ten years and then finds out that he had an affair, her love is broken. If fallen love is like that, true love is even more so. In spirit world there is no exception to the Principle and no excuse. There can be no deviation from the absolute Principle. In spirit world, unless you conform 100 percent to the standard there, you do not fit in.

God has to be educated. People will say that I am a heretic, but it is true. God doesn't know about love-He hasn't experienced it before. God has no partner with whom to experience love. If you don't have children, can you learn about the love of parents? No. God has never experienced love through true children. If Christian ministers heard me talking now, they would be shocked! God has no sexual organs, so until a man becomes one with God, He cannot experience making love to a woman. Through me, God has done this.

When I first came to America, I met Arthur Ford, a famous spiritualist. At the time, he bowed to Father. In his book, "Unknown, But Known", Ford said that Father had far greater ability than him. Do you think this is true? Yes, it is. People have come up to Father and said, "I know you from the spirit world, come and have a meal that I prepared for you."

When Parent's Day was established on this earth, it was a great, historical and most amazing day. Now the whole world has become a stage for Reverend Moon. The opposition has been totally overcome. Father has inherited the sovereignty of all nations. The founders and historical kings and presidents of all nations who are in the spirit world have

all acknowledged the sovereignty of Father. The present leaders of nations have no idea of Father's position. Let them pray and they will find out.

After Parent's Day, Children's Day could be established. When True Parents had children, Ye Jin being the first, it created the foundation for Children's Day.

Jesus never achieved a thousandth of what Father has done. In his two years and eight months of public ministry, he didn't even establish the national foundation. Now, Father has established a foundation of worldwide power that is unprecedented in history.

In the time to come, should I use even people like you, that cannot hear or feel? Yes, I'll have to because I gave you the Blessing!

Before I left America I told the American members they have to realize how much indemnity, pain and suffering was shed in order to find True Parents.

So, in history, only one person has achieved super-religious, super-national unity. Therefore, in the world of religion people are now realizing that the only way for religions to become united is through Reverend Moon. Even if secular leaders do not recognize Father, more and more the religious leaders are. Even if people do not recognize Father, because he has planted the seed of true love and provided an environment for it to grow in there is no way it can be stopped.

Father has completely overcome the barriers of national prejudice through international Blessings. Father has blessed thousands of couples across international and racial boundaries. True love is overcoming all barriers of east and west, north and south. Once a person has true love, there are no boundaries for that person. Even God won't stop him!

Because Father has gone through all kinds of tribulation, he could become the Messiah for all kinds of men. In prison, Father learned how to survive and could become the Messiah of prisoners. Father has labored and therefore could become the Messiah of laborers. Through his personal experience Father has triumphed. He had to fight evil on every level. That is the background to Parent's Day and Children's Day. These conditions were the foundation for the blessing of members of the Unification Church. Father established Day of All Things and then he could proclaim the liberation of the material world. After Parent's Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things, there could be the liberation of parents, children and all things.

The Unification Church has changed a lot in forty years, hasn't it? Why has it survived, grown and developed? Because Father has persevered over all kinds of persecution.

On Parent's Day, God acknowledged True Parents.

On Children's Day, God acknowledged True Children.

On Day of All Things, God acknowledged the liberation of material things.

Do you recognize how precious these Holy Days are? How deep and wonderful their meaning is!

Father established his foundation in 1960, but Mother was just a young girl, a high school student, actually. She didn't know anything about the Unification Church. She had to go through her own seven year course. Many women with great academic backgrounds longed to be Father's wife, but Father had to choose a young girl. Mother had to overcome all the historical problems of Eve. She had to completely obey and unite with Father and over come the deepest tribulation of death.

Then, on January 1st, 1968, Father proclaimed God's Day. Only through the establishment of God's Day was the Unification Church able to establish the relationship with God through the minimum amount of indemnity. It is easy to say "The twenty third God's Day", but if you understand the meaning it has ...

Through the history of the Unification Church movement, incredible indemnity had to be paid. The 430 couples had to go out on a witnessing campaign for a few years. They had to give up their children to relatives who hated them or if there was no one else, to orphanages. The indemnity that has been paid by these mothers who had to kick away their own children for the sake of the nation, was the foundation for God's Day.

From now on, you have to become self confident representatives of Father. In 1990 and the following two years you have to make your own three year course. Tribal messiahship is the way for you to get victory on all levels.

You have to take Father's words seriously. You have to look at Father and establish the tradition for your nation, your country. If you are willing to completely sacrifice yourself for that, what a powerful foundation you will have! Father has dedicated his whole life to establish a new foundation for the world. This foundation is stronger than any individual nation.

The 1990's can be yours. Determine yourselves that Father's victory will become your victory.

These days, Father is very homesick for his hometown. Father has strong feelings about it. Kim Il Sung has no way to oppose the destiny of Heaven.

Father's activities worldwide (Little Angels School, Washington Times, Segye Ilbo, etc.) are Father's face to the world. They are his inheritance to the world. In the same way you have to accomplish effective results, this is your inheritance for your tribe and your relatives.

If you dedicate yourselves to this task, raise your hands. Let us pray.

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