The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


God's Day 1990 - The Unification Of My Country

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Midnight Address
1st January, 1990
Chongpadong, Korea

The motto for the new year is: "The Unification of My Country". When you look at the history of the providence, the decade of the 1980's was a very important time of change. Now all the indemnity that had to be paid is paid. Forty years of Unification movement history have passed now.

After the fall, God divided the children into Cain and Abel. The purpose of the providence was for these two sons to become one and then to become one with Adam and restore Adam's position. Cain and Abel, as you know, did not fulfill this.

Throughout history the position of the younger son has been one of persecution and opposition. The position of the first son, which was Satan's position, was always persecuting the position of the second son. Religion, in the second son's position, was always persecuted by the world. Originally the position of the first son was to be the one to directly communicate with God but this was lost through the fall. Because of the fall, Satan achieved the position of father of mankind.

Adam and Eve were originally supposed to become united under the vertical dominion of God. How could man and woman become one and at the same time heaven and earth become one? The vertical and horizontal should have united. By uniting with God, Adam and Eve would have created a perfect vertical relationship with God and through their blessing they would have united with one another. This would have been the beginning of world unification according to the original plan of God.

Because of the fall this perfect vertical direction, which would have been the key, was lost and the vertical angle became distorted. Satan distorted the vertical relationship with Adam and Eve and destroyed God's ideal.

Originally God's plan would have been for one man to become God's root in mankind Because Adam did not fulfill God's will and established a relationship with Satan instead, this root was never established The only way for the ideal of God to be established is through an individual who establishes this kind of relationship with God and then establishes the position of True Parents centered on God. Only through True Parents on the earth can the original love of God be implanted into mankind.

All history has been going toward the goal of finding the True Parents who would establish the new tradition of God's love and clean out the polluted love that has come down through history. All the different cultural backgrounds have a different view of it, but it is all some kind of manifestation of the original desire of mankind for True Parents.

True Parents are the opposite of false parents. Because all men are born from false parents, the position of first and second sons are automatically false and history has been one of strife. Darwin's theory for example, is the survival of the fittest. History has been a fight between the two sons' positions. The purpose of this fight has always been to establish a basis for restoration of true sonship and also True Parentship.

Mankind has multiplied centered on the false love of Satan. God cannot relate in this sphere of false love. Even though He is omniscient and omnipotent He cannot do it. You have to understand how terrible history has been for God who through thousands of years has cried indescribable tears. He has been forsaken, betrayed and disappointed so many times. God has worked through history through chosen individuals and nations. What is a chosen nation? It means a nation that in the fight with Satan, has been brought over to the side of God. Through Jacob, God brought the nation of Israel over to His side. If it had united with Jesus it would have fulfilled. God is coming from above and taking away Satan's domain. God started with the head (era of ideology), then with power. If God were to be recognized by man, Satan's power would be taken away, so Satan established communism which denied the existence of God. In communist states all important decisions are made at night.

The confrontation between the two blocs of democracy and communism was concentrated on Korea. Communism and the free world are represented here. Korea has a really central role in the world. It was not accidental that all the world except for North Korea and Cuba came to Korea for the Olympics. In that way they were all connected to the providence of Korea, to God's unification dominion. That would not have been possible without the Unification movement. So missionaries of the Unification Church came from all over the world as representatives of the second generation of the movement. In Korea they witnessed to and helped their national teams. That was when the internal Abels and the external Cains (missionaries and team reps) became one in Korea.

Politicians don't know about the providence. They think they are deciding things but internally it is Father that is moving events. President Roh Tae Woo was providentially put in that position by Father. He didn't win through his own power. Through his activity during the Games, Father has restored the positions of the first and second sons.

How was Korea divided? After the Liberation in 1945 there were three Christian groups. One had collaborated with the Japanese and worshipped at Shinto shrines during the occupation. Another group had been persecuted for opposing this and the third group had cooperated with the Japanese but were internally opposed to them. When the Americans came in they should have worked for the unification of these different groups. They should have done this in a fatherly way centered on the patriotic side and not centered on the group which had worshipped at the Shinto shrines.

During the Olympics, through the activity of missionaries serving the national teams, the position of the son was restored by the second sons serving the first sons. From that moment the communist world started to move and Satan's power declined.

During WWII Britain was in the position of Eve, America in the position of Abel and France as Cain. Britain should have united these nations. After being victorious in the war, the Christian culture centered on the mother should have united with these countries and embraced the whole world. The principle of restoration is the same pattern from the individual to the world level.

After Eve has overcome Satan, she should say to her sons, "Let's go to Adam." If Eve is in the west then Adam would be on the other side, in the east.

The role of the peninsula is to unite different countries. Italy has been in that role for Christianity. It should have been where Eastern and western culture united. The same is true now for Korea It has the same role Italy had during the Christian period. Many people recognized that this is now the Pacific era. But who should be the center of it? Japan? China? They are traditional enemies.

America had the responsibility to prevent the division of Korea. If after WWII America had fulfilled this responsibility, and had united with the Abel type Christianity and supported Reverend Moon, the whole restoration would have finished in seven years.

So what happened? At the time Christianity in Korea was so divided. Those who had opposed the Japanese and fought in the underground failed to unite because they didn't realize what the center was. Father had been a participant in the underground opposition to the Japanese. He should have been the center around which Christianity united.

If Christianity had united centering on the underground movement and Father, within as short time the nation could have united. The whole world could have been restored. The Divine Principle has not changed in the last forty years. Now when it is taught to people in the west, such as politicians, within a week they completely change.

The Abel side has to overcome the Cain side with love.

The problem is that Christianity was invaded by Satan all over the world because Christians ignored God's will.

So forty years ago, because Christianity failed, the Unification Church was established and had to start as an underground movement. Because Christianity failed and the nation failed, Father and the Unification Movement had to go the way of suffering. The Unification Church had to be victorious in the midst of persecution.

When people joined the church they became opposed to their own family. They became connected to the true plus pole and became positively charged. Their old environment was positively charged in the Satanic side. Two positives repel each other. That's why when people joined they had to endure opposition, even from their own parents.

God's side always has to grab the second generation of a nation. If Father had been able to grab the young people ten years ago we would not see the radical student and labor problems we have in Korea now.

In WWII, Japan was in the Satanic Eve position and Germany in the son's position. Since then, Father established Germany and Japan in new positions on God's side. Japan is a traditional enemy of Korea. It seems impossible for a Korean to establish influence in Japan. It was only possible to overcome this animosity by overcoming Satan's love. Father had first to achieve the level of God's love. Father had to go a lonely and painful way to establish himself in the position to love with God's heart. In this way he was able to overcome national animosities and take nations away from Satan.

The time is coming when the communist world can come into Father's hands. Father's way is to win by enduring persecution and then taking the victory. Father's tactic is to take away the second generation of Satan's children through divine love.

Father now has a worldwide foundation to completely deal with the free world and the communist world. He has a power base to take all the world away from Satan.

The Western world has been completely corrupted. Satan has worked through the decay of morals to completely pollute the young generation in America. He has tried to completely corrupt the young people of the west.

When the Israelites came to Canaan they had been in the desert a long time and they were weak and hungry. The people of Canaan were fat and wealthy, but the Israelites completely depended on God. That was how they could win. It's not a question of our numbers but it's a question of how united we are with God. If we are united with God then we can completely occupy Satan's World.

Because of the fall the whole world has become the domain of Satan. That's why the True Parents have to bring to God, the unity of Cain and Abel with Adam and Eve thus bringing all back to the domain of God. Christianity does not know that the history has been so full of tears. Because it didn't fulfill its responsibility, Father had to set up the Unification Church. The Church had to go to America to win sovereignty over America.

My original plan was to unite with the Christians in Korea and the leaders in Korea. However they turned around and persecuted me and accused me of all sorts of things. This persecution has never brought me down. After persecution, Father always became stronger. Father could take sovereignty over many nations.

Satan has established so many walls between men. Father had to overcome these walls. There was no way to go over them. Father had to dig holes and go under the walls. The Unification churches established in Korea were in the most smelly places in the city. Even Satan does not like to go there. Next to the garbage dumps and so on was where you could find the Unification Churches.

Between the worlds of Satan and God there is a deep ravine, but who can cross it? It can only be crossed at the cost of your life. Father has invested his life to cross it. All we need now is to bring a rope and many people can swing over. The Unification Church has this rope which Father has tied on God's side.

Father has led the members for so many years and has made them suffer but what do you have to show for it? You have no money, but you have tremendous power and authority.

What was the subject again? I've been around the whole world now I have to come back to the subject. What was it?

How many presidents have there been here since Father started? They have all come and gone. Who is stronger, the political leaders or Father? Father is not a politician but some of the church leaders would like to become politicians. They are like frogs who want to puff up their chests and become more important. We can catch politicians and teach them.

Father will bring four nations-Japan, America, Russia and China and surround North Korea. North Korea will have to put down its arms.

America is afraid of me. With all its power, it's afraid of this one man. They always want to study Reverend Moon but they can't keep up. When they investigate, it takes six months to investigate one organization, but in that time Father has made ten more organizations. They never catch up.

Father is declaring war on Satan. I am proclaiming to Satan, "I need the communist countries, Russia and its satellite states, so get ready to fight." Father's plan for German Unification is easy. The people from the east should just come and live with the people in West Germany. They could get a room with a West German family. The country would be united in eighteen months. The unification of Korea would also be easy if people followed Fathers direction.

But what are the politicians doing? They're investigating the corruption of the Fifth republic but they're behaving worse than village thugs. Former president Chun Doo Hwan was questioned in the National Assembly on December 31st. The investigation was interrupted several times by congressmen shouting and fighting.

Yesterday's topic was, "The Final Settlement of the Providential History". Now Father has gone over the peak of worldwide restoration and from now it's downhill. The time has come where Father can freely go back and forth between the free world and the communist world.

Father, with his own hands, has taken away the positions of Adam, Eve, the son and the three archangels away from Satan. He has set Japan in the position of Eve, Korea as Adam and America, Russia and China in the positions of the three archangels. Father has brought the positions back which were lost at the fall. Now the time has come for the final providence.

If Kim Daejung were the president, the situation now would be more complicated. If Nixon had listened to Father he could have easily solved the Watergate crisis. He could have brought together the journalists and given them the tapes, telling them it was a national secret. Nixon didn't listen to Father. Father has reached out to all area of society. In Korea Father has brought many professors to hear Divine Principle lectures. Father has explained to them how to be a true patriot for Korea They agreed that Father was a patriot and now they have to work with the Citizens Federation for the Unification of South and North.

Now the world has no leader. Even Russia and America have no real leader. They are calling for their true leader. Can you believe that this leader they are crying for is this man called Moon from Asia?

Father likes opposition. It is like wind to our sails. All the opposition is in this way, behind Father. Now in all countries there is support for Father, especially in the academic world. How famous is Father? In America when the dogs hear my name they bark!

Are you good people or evil people? Answer me. Are you better than me or worse? If you say "I am the son of someone" or "I am the father of someone", which is better? If you can say you are the sons of Reverend Moon then if Reverend Moon is great you are also great. Bo Hi Pak is even more famous than Reverend Moon. He went to Russia and came here and reported about his trip. What do you think? Who is bigger? He has a smaller head than me, but bigger eyes. To become true children you have to be engrafted onto True Parents.

Today's topic is "Unification of My Country". Now the world has no leader. The world is in confusion and it's looking for a new ideology. In this situation a new world figure is emerging to take the lead in philosophy and ideology. That is Reverend Moon. Reverend Kwak met with east bloc scholars in Poland and they were discussing ways to dissolve the communist system and find an alternative. They came to the agreement there is only one philosophy and one person to lead. That is Unification Thought and Reverend Moon.

If America is calling for Reverend Moon with its 200 million people and Korea, a divided nation with forty million is calling too, where will Father go? Because his roots are in Korea there is a possibility Father might turn to Korea. For a root to become stronger must it go up or down? It must go down deeper into the earth. In a storm the leaves and branches may be blown away but if the root is strong the tree will survive. The trunk of the root is the one that goes the deepest. The root likes fertilizer and dark humid places whereas the branches and leaves love fresh air and sunshine. So a person is needed who likes to go down into the dirty part and enjoy the nutritious elements and feed the tree. The fertilizer is the satanic world and the dirty smelly place is the worst part of the satanic world. To establish God's world you must start from the bottom. While the satanic world is going up, the world of God has to go down.

We have to become a "self" that represents America, East and West Germany, North and South Korea, etc. centered on the love of God. Then America can become "my America", Germany can become "my Germany" and Korea can become "my Korea", etc. If I become such a person that is a representative of my nation centered on God, then I become the basis for the Kingdom of God in my nation.

Originally Adam's love should have led to the perfection of the family, nation and so on to the perfection of God. Because all of this was lost, without restoring the original love of Adam it's impossible to have liberation on any level. If you have possessions you have to make them God's possessions. If you consider them as yours and not as God's you have no connection between the deepest root and the highest part of the tree.

Today is the first day of 1990. It is an historical occasion for our determination to become a representative self of our nation and our world. I told the church leaders you have to have result to leave to your descendants. If you have no results then even though you went through suffering, starvation and persecution it will be all in vain. Only if you have some practical results from your work can you justify yourself and prove your opposition wrong. Do not think as the Unification Church thought in the past. From now on you have to clearly ask yourself if you as an individual have realized successfully the unity of your mind and body.

Have you separated physically and spiritually your body and mind from Satan? Have you achieved tangible results? Only if you have established your own place and you take possession of the things around you can you say of your body, "This is my body" or of your mind, "This is my mind." Only if you follow 100 percent the direction God is giving you vertically and True Parents are giving you horizontally can you receive the guidance from God. Only if you unite with God can your body and mind unite. You need to realize that By having gone through the levels from individual, tribe, nation and world, Father is standing on top of the world. Father has provided the worldwide foundation; you have to provide the opposite direction. That is, you have to provide a "self" that can represent the family, tribe, nation and world. You start with the individual level and expand.

We determine ourselves in this moment to establish ourselves as representatives of myself, my tribe, my nation and my world. Within ten years the world will change. In three years the Korean problem can be solved.

Unification of my country-where does it start? It starts with "I".

There has to be opposition. In the body, opposition to bacteria for example, makes the body strong, So opposition is good. There is no more opposition to Father. Even the KGB wanted to get rid of Reverend Moon in 1987, but has Reverend Moon disappeared?

If I don't realize "myself' there cannot be unification in the individual, family, tribe or nation. All unification starts with the self. If you realize Unification of yourself, unification of the family can take place. You have to find "my country". Establish "my country". From today we must determine ourselves and march forward in this new decade and open the way for the unification kingdom period.

Let us pray.

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