The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Desperately Witness

Sun Myung Moon
November 10, 1988
Leaders' Conference
East Garden

Where is the world headed? You don't worry about where the world is going but worry only about yourselves, your things and about where you are going. But God worries about where the world is heading. If you really want to be a part of God's providence, you must put yourself in God's position: look at world affairs and think ahead of God, worrying about things on His behalf.

Even if you are concerned about the world, your concern may stem from a secular point of view, actually the satanic viewpoint, which has no meaning or value in the sight of God. God would like to lead man back to his original position, and ultimately bring in the Kingdom of Heaven. To do this, absolute purity is paramount; anything stained by Satan has no qualification to be part of God's world.

Even though the goal is wrong, Satan's "movement" is trying to bring in its own utopia, ahead of God's people. Communism has espoused the great cause of creating utopia for all the working and poor people for 70 years. However, their "utopia" can never materialize.

Only the Unification Church can come near the expectation of God. The Unification Church was born for the sake of world restoration, rather than for an individual, or even the Unification Church itself. Though Satan has desperately tried, his efforts to thwart and destroy the Unification movement have failed.

What is God's most important tool? Because He desires a principled world, He searches for the person of principle. What is a principled man? Man without the fall. God is desperate to find the first man and woman who can attain perfection.

You really do not know the importance of perfection and why it must be attained because you have never seen or experienced it. The reality of the satanic world is so powerful that it is difficult to even imagine perfection. You have become a victim of habits inherited from Satan.

The Principle says to reach individual perfection you have to walk Adam's unfulfilled path and grow through the levels of formation, growth, and perfection. If there had been no fall of man, your God-centered mind would have become your central figure and your body would absolutely follow it. Yet the body became the master and our most fearful problem is to get our body to follow our mind with no contradiction. Now man's mind goes in one direction and his body in another. But if you are absolutely united with the love of God, you become an absolute plus with no room for anything else. However, Satan also became master and imposed himself as a plus. So the God centered plus (the mind) and the Satan- centered plus (the body) repel each other, causing total confusion and disorganization. Man must center upon the love of God so that both mind and body respond to each other and constantly resonate harmoniously.

How can we get rid of Satan-centered love? Actions connected to satanic love always lead man into hell. Man has to deny and separate himself from satanic love at every level. At one time or another, many people have been able to totally deny satanic elements and influence, but Satan always infiltrates again. Thus, you have to deny Satan over and over again, 1000% every day.

How Serious Are You?

Jesus said, "Those who seek to gain their life will lose it; those who lose their life for my sake will find it." God is deadly serious about this point, but you are casual. Those who listen to this teaching should be more serious than God. The religious way is a most serious way with one false step taking you straight to hell. It is like walking on a tightrope every moment of the day, never knowing at what point you might fall off.

How many people in the Western world share my seriousness? Absolute denial is the beginning point. When you deny yourself, don't do it blindly, but with the hope of attaining true love and a true relationship with God. Denial is not in itself the end goal. The goal is to create a true mind and body, always expressing and receiving God's love. If you don't attain this goal during your lifetime, you will take your contradictory nature with you into the spirit world and it will continue to be your burden.

Without having as serious a commitment as me, you will just live in a routine way. But life is not fruitful with just routine prayer and service. The Unification Church started out centering on the most noble God-centered providence in the entire history of humanity. Our ideology is correct and I have embodied true love. Why then has the Unification Church not been prospering? Simply because you did not share my seriousness. Your tears have dried up.

Your five senses are all looking out for your own interests, not God's, using and exploiting God's ideology for your own sake. If you are my real disciple, you would be so concentrated and focused upon embodying the Principle as I have done, that you would forget eating, sleeping, and everything else. Principle has to become that real.

You need a life filled with tears. Even with such a mind of repentance, you can have no confidence that you will be absolutely saved. Routine prayers you have prayed even 1000 times have no meaning. You should be desperate for your blood lineage to change and be purified. With that kind of aspiration alone, God can accept you as my true disciple.

I have already taught all the words you need to accomplish this. I now wait for you to act and embody them. The Principle has been given to you as your weapon, but winning the victory is your job.

Do you think we are building one giant house together, or is each person building a small cubbyhole for himself? Will your house be comfortable for Satan or God? That you cannot stop Satan is the problem. How can you even think about taking plenty of rest and food first? You have to do the mission first.

Tearful Way of Repentance

Mother's role is to follow Father absolutely. Her basic concern is the True Children. But only upon Mother's request do I speak to our children on the phone when they call us in Korea. I want to concentrate and focus on one thing -- mission. Aren't you afraid that the American people will accuse you as the first Americans to be taught by me if you don't do the same as me?

I always want to be anticipating what God wants. That is the way I push things to happen. When I began the pioneering work in America our numbers grew quickly. If there had been no legal battle, we would have gained 50,000 members right away Satan's strategy was to divert my energy from evangelizing and creating the movement, to dealing with legal battles. However, I fought the court battle with one hand and continued to pull America up with the other hand.

Before I entered Danbury, 400 mobile homes and 250 trucks were purchased to be your tools during the time I was in Danbury. I did not want you to slacken off, but rather to move ahead, to strengthen and prosper, not only in evangelical activities, but by feeding the poor people and doing relief work at the same time. How much did you love these vehicles? They were to go to museums, as a memento of my investment in America. Because I did this shortly before I entered Danbury and not at an ordinary time, they were the most incredible treasures.

You are your own worst enemy, not your family or your country. You have to go the tearful way of repentance. According to God's standard, you and your lineage can only be accepted when you change and are born again. We have to revitalize and reorganize. There are a great number of conscientious people out there. If you cannot do the work, at least become a spark that makes things burn into a fire.

There are two ways to go: one way is that you sacrifice and go through your mission step by step, denying yourself and repenting every day. The other way is that you forget yourself and tackle the giant Satan. You are in David's position. Say to God, "I want to become Your hammer; I want to be Your weapon. Like David, I will confront Goliath, so use me as Your tool. Throw me at them. Do anything you want; I am obedient to You."

Father and Mother sing at Shin Won Nim's birthday celebration on March 17, 1989.

Become God's Hammer

If you have the absolute determination to become the hammer of God, God will need you and not abandon you. But if you try to win the battle with a self-centered attitude, no matter how many years you struggle, it would be in vain. Even self-denial takes too much time. Instead, volunteer to become God's hammer.

Before I came to the United States, God was all by Himself here with bare hands. When I left Korea for America I was an individual; but when I returned to Korea, my foundation was on the national level. I had determination and the attitude to be used as God's hammer. I knew that if you try to commit yourself totally, you may be hit and persecuted, but that is the only way to advance beyond your present level.

If you just continue as you are for the next one hundred years, nothing will happen. There is not much time left for the Unification Church of America. From this point on, with the help of God, you have to get out of your deadlock and leap into a new stage. You must forget eating and sleeping and in the name of God just tackle your mission. When great religions were persecuted, they prospered. Voluntarily do things to be persecuted and you will prosper.

The only way you can survive is to become God's hammer, for then you become the men and women who are needed by God, and you will receive God's protection. Rather than trying to pay a little bit of indemnity through making a condition, become God's weapon. Cry out that America is in ruin and failing. Throw a stone that will make the biggest possible ripple. As the ripple becomes bigger, the greater the impact and the faster you will zoom out of your deadlock into the new horizon before you.

I know where I will go in the spirit world because I laid all the foundations needed. What about you? Sitting and trying to get rid of that chain won't work. Battle against those most opposing the Unification Church in your region. Your weapons are the truth, your passion, and your true love. Conscientious people will get excited and ask if they can join you in the fight. This is how you win membership.

You do not fully realize how much you need to be liberated from the satanic realm, the satanic lineage and the satanic environment. The reason we have Holy Salt is to purify food, buildings and all things. You are stained and contaminated, but you can be purified by the love of God. Jesus pinpointed this principle exactly, "Unless you love me more than your wife, your husband, your parents, and your children, you are not worthy of me." Your weapon is sacrificial love.

The Path of Persecution

Only the rope of God's love can pull you from the indirect to the direct dominion of God. Even I could not go from one to the other in one jump. I have been struggling an arduous path, step by step going through the servant of servant, servant, adopted son, stepson, son, then finally True Parents' position. Jesus' greatness was that he lived his life for the mission, working and being persecuted for the sake of God. Nobody can deny that Jesus lived entirely for God's sake. This is the standard by which I also live.

Perhaps you think that you receive persecution because of me? But do you realize that I receive persecution because of you, your iniquity, lack of faith and betrayal? You have the freedom to follow me, but I don't have the freedom to follow your path. I have to hold on to you in order to save America.

I need you to save America; you are my mediator. How much I suffer to lead and to forgive you! You are so naive and relaxed. If you think following me is difficult, think about how much more difficult it is for me to hold on to you. Many people have hurt and abandoned me, yet I still hold on, constantly teaching, believing, trusting and pushing. You are deeply indebted to me. You and your generations must pay back the debt. Before my life is over, I want there to be a complete giving and receiving of forgiveness, unifying everything.

I must create a nation with the heavenly constitution declaring the laws of heaven. Brotherhood, represented by America and Germany, and parents, represented by Korea and Japan, must join and make unity. That is the only way you and your posterity can continue to receive God's blessing. The only way to make the world into one is by crossing national and cultural boundaries to unify the lineages. World unity can quickly be achieved through many international marriages.

The way God looks at the world is entirely different from us. We have to close the gap and, like David, win against the worldwide Goliath. I taught you everything; I already fought every battle. Even if it is difficult to win, at least you must imitate me. When you become a small Reverend Sun Myung Moon, you have the condition to be forgiven, and God will be on your side. That is the only way to get us out of our present deadlock. At that time, God will fight your battles for you, and you will be victorious.

Church leaders may think people should automatically follow their leadership. But you must eliminate this attitude. You cannot try to take the best for yourself just because you are a leader. You are in a very serious situation; you must break out of it now or you will have no way to do it in the future. You must hurry! You must have the "can do" spirit and work hard.

The True Witnessing Tradition

Reorganize America into a heavenly America. Make the church organization more powerful. From now on, your primary mission is to increase membership. To do that, you must follow my tradition exactly. When I first came to this country, I directed each leader to give five two-hour lectures per day, making a total of 10 hours a day. It would have been impossible for Jesus to be crucified if he had 84 disciples completely united with him. Thus, the number 84 needs to be indemnified. Your goal is to gather your relatives and friends and create your own 84 member clan.

I told the newly blessed couples in Korea that they were each in the position of Jesus. Both husband and wife need to create their own tribe of 12 disciples. To belong to one of the 12 tribes worldwide your tribe must begin with 12 disciples centering upon yourself. Otherwise the 12 gates to the Kingdom of Heaven will not be open to you, nor will you have the freedom to come through every gate.

We have received persecution, but from now on, the members of your clan will fight battles for you. The elder son's birthright has been restored. For that reason, your younger brothers and sisters can now listen to Divine Principle lectures. Satan had previously claimed the elder son's position, but has now been forced to leave and we have taken it over.

I have been emphasizing the formula of 1-1-1. Why haven't you accomplished this? The time is ripe. You can do it and people will welcome you. You have to fulfill this responsibility and create the momentum. Even if there are only three people in a center or other department, they should organize a congregation and try to bring 12 people. The 12 people will grow into 70 and quickly become a congregation of 84.

You are the head of the tribe and all your relatives, including those in spirit world, will be a part of it. Repeat on your level what I have done with the 36, 72, 124, 430, 777, 1800, etc. blessed couples. Your relatives have to be blessed. You have to liberate your clan -- both your family here on earth and in the spirit world. You have to join the organization of 12 tribes here on earth worldwide, and at the same time your ancestors in the spirit world must unite and do the same. If you fail to organize your relatives here on earth and your ancestors in the spirit world, your worlds will be in disarray. You have to restore your ancestors as well as your relatives.

I am not deemphasizing the importance of an economic foundation. In fact, all American church members must assist business enterprises to produce economic success. The body, which is material and represented by the economy, is primary in a way because God created it first. True love can bring spirit and life into the body -- that is how man becomes whole and perfected. Then, He put the spirit into the body. The primary mission of the Japanese church is to restore the body or economy, but ultimately the spirit must be put in. Japanese members are spiritually very strong and the membership is growing. Even while the Japanese members work in economic activities, they use spiritual principles and thus receive revelations, visions, and tremendous spiritual benefit. The United States must do the same.

President Hyo Won Eu giving a lecture in early days.

One Purpose and Goal

I have also emphasized in Japan that no matter what our mission is, our lifestyle is to be a spiritual or religious one. The center of everything is the love of God, not church, not business. True love at the center is what welds them together.

Whether you are in a business or church mission does not matter. In both your primary purpose is to become the personification of true love and True Parents. Those should be the only things on your mind. Sometimes you are trying to fulfill this through the external mission and sometimes the internal mission, but in the end they have one purpose and goal. I look at and treat them as the same in Japan.

We are in competition to obtain the true love of God. If Adam had grabbed true love first with a selfish motivation, Eve would complain. A selfish motive in seeking true love always brings destruction of relationships. Grab the love of God not for yourself, but for your spouse. Then God will be willing to give to you and there will be absolute gratitude instead of complaint. If you reach out for the sake of God, True Parents, and others, then there is fulfillment for everyone, otherwise you could lose everyone and God.. This is the core formula of Unification Theory. Conversely, the communist world thinks everything is "mine." However, we understand if one side takes but does so for the sake of another, unity is made and that is how to make the world unified.

When I entered Danbury, I did not curse America or seek revenge; rather I continued to love and help save America. When I received good food or gifts, I always distributed them to the other inmates, keeping only the smallest portion for myself. That is the way I practiced loving. The inmates felt I must be a holy man of God, or I would not be able to do such a thing. I do not live in a self-centered way.

When I began the Unification Church in Korea, the late Mr. Eu was the president. I directed him to lecture the Principle 18 hours every day, even though Mr. Eu was crippled and not very healthy. At that time we had almost nothing to eat. Sometimes Mr. Eu complained that it was too hard because nobody came to listen to his lectures; so I sat as his student and listened to every lecture. That was the tradition I made for three and a half years.

The number of members will increase according to the number of hours Divine Principle is lectured. Even the world's standard is to work eight hours a day. I am the founder and embodiment of the Divine Principle, yet I listened to lectures hundreds of times. You think, "Oh, I can lecture," but that attitude and lack of effort will not bring members. Rev. Ahn prays one hour for every hour he lectures. I gave similar instruction to the key lecturers in CAUSA: (1) pray, then lecture the same length of time, and (2) lecture heart, not theory. Lecture with passion and tears, making it like an evangelical meeting and evoking tears from your audience. Do you think all the spiritually dead souls will rise up if you do not give your own tears and soul? Raising up dead souls takes all your effort. When you lecture or give Sunday service, you should desperately appeal to God, "I am the worst sinner under the sun. I cannot do this without You, so please come and help me. I tearfully beg to be able to give Your heart to the audience."

You must organize yourself so that you can lecture 8-16 hours per day. When you go over 16 hours, you go beyond the formation and growth stage, which God will accept as the entire day. Don't wait for people to come to listen to your lecture: Go out and get them! Nobody will come until you advertise, unless you go out and reach the people.

If you really want to save your country, get down to work and increase the membership. How many tears have I shed for America? How many tears have you shed for me? If you have not shed tears for me, I find it difficult to expect you to shed tears for the people. You have the mind of a thief.

Are you going to reach my level, the late President Eu's level, or will you be stuck on your own level? Membership will increase parallel to the amount of lecturing and praying that is done. Members don't just walk in. You need to witness with a desperate heart. I used to pray up to 17 hours a day, kneeling on the floor. This is God's business and He will send you members only when you lecture.

The responsibility of all Unification Church leaders is to lecture 365 days a year. I created the video workshop tapes because there's no way people can accept the Principle if they don't even hear it! Put up a P.A. system anywhere there is a crowd and speak out loud and clear. Many people might call you crazy, but from God's point of view, you are a saint. You can do an entire cycle of Principle once every three days. When you see the people in this dying America don't you feel ashamed that you have a solution you have not taught them? You are not leaving the right tradition for the people who will join later. Make a new tradition that they can inherit.

If no one attends, beg the people to come or go out to lecture in a park, public place, bus or train station. Witnessing is your primary job and the mission I give you today. I declare this an emergency situation for America.

Create Your Own Tribe

It is your country and your future generations which will decline and be destroyed, not Reverend Moon. The kind of tradition in which you are living today is killing, not saving America. When you see the young people spiritually dying out there, you should be more passionate than I am, crying out for their salvation.

Therefore, from now on there should be daily lectures and workshops going on. When a person listens to the Principle the first two times he fights with his previous concepts, comparing his own ideas with what he hears. The third and fourth times, he fights with his environment: "When I join, what will happen in my family?" But during the fifth and sixth times, he says, "No matter what, I'm going to dedicate myself to this cause." That's why it's important that guests can hear six cycles of Principle in 3 weeks -- a 21 day workshop. Continue this for one or two years and you will see your membership quickly increase. There is no other way to bring people except through the Word, by the Principle. Did you join the Unification Church by looking at Reverend Moon's face? You joined after listening to the Principle, didn't you?

If you sit still, you will die. You have to work, to restore, to inject life. Take care of the people; embrace them as if they were new members of your family. Use the pair system, with an older member taking care of a newer member. Amazing things happen when the Divine Principle is lectured. People receive revelations, see visions, and strengthen each other. I remember the early days as the most wonderful. I feel the most worthwhile job is to teach the Divine Principle. It is like opening up the door of Satan's world and pulling a person into heaven. In order to enable another to have rebirth, you must labor even more than a new mother does.

The era to spend time and effort to pay indemnity is over. From now on, it is time to build heaven in this nation. My victory in Korea makes it possible.

Up to this time you have been mobilized for other missions, but from now on, you should create your own clan and tribe. This is the time to multiply. If you obey this direction, multiplication will happen. In a small way, you are the Reverend Moon in your area. You are the savior to your state and city. Always think about my pattern and tradition. I have left footprints for you to follow. As much as the spirit world assisted my own mission, they will also help you to be successful. 

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