The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Let Us Become the Hosts of the New Age of Peace and Unification

Sun Myung Moon
October 10, 1988

This statement was placed by the Korean Unification Church in leading Korean newspapers after the completion of the 24th Olympiad.

With the successful holding of the Seoul Olympic Games, which truly became a festival for all mankind, destiny is now calling on the people of Korea to go over the barriers between ideologies, nationalities, religions, and races and take the lead in opening a new age of peace and unification. Humankind must now liquidate the dark history of wars and disagreements and face the great turning point of history that will bring harmony to all mankind. We are destined to soon reach that point -- by overcoming the structural and ideological conflicts between East and West with a new ideology of true love. This new ideology will bring both sides into harmony, unite them, and bring about an ideal world.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, by discovering the value of the nature of, the relationship between God, man, and creation, has achieved miraculous results that no man in history has ever achieved, through his new teaching of the building of an ideal world. He has paved the way for others in 130 nations of the world. Many distinguished scholars, religious leaders, artists, and politicians from all over the world respect Rev. Moon's supra-national, supra-religious, and supra- racial teaching for its ideal of true love, and they are taking leading positions in various aspects of this movement to help achieve worldwide freedom, peace, and happiness.

Heaven Is Calling Us

How could such things happen without the assistance of God? Yet, as Jesus said, "A prophet is not received in his own land." In the early days of the church, false accusations were made against Rev. Moon by some of the established churches and the government, and he was consequently imprisoned. But after investigation, he was found innocent and acquitted on October 4, 1955, by the decision of the Seoul district court. Yet today many Korean people still misunderstand the Unification Church and its founder, Rev. Moon. Some leaders of Christian churches are even supporting the activities of God-denying communists, who are infiltrating into the religious world.

Most of the Korean people, unfortunately, have only heard rumors about the Unification Church. Both lay people and leaders should try to clearly distinguish what is right and wrong in the rumors they hear.

The history of religion has taught us that only God can correctly decide who is a heretic. Jesus was accused by the Jewish leaders as a heretic. Later, the Catholic Church called the Reformation movement of Luther and Calvin heretical too. In the same way, the Protestant churches of today are among those categorically labeling the new religious movements false and heretical and devoting themselves to criticizing and slandering them.

Heaven is calling upon all religious people at this time to transcend denominations, classes, and nations by becoming one through the power of true love. Heaven is urging us to even go and bring that true love to the people of North Korea, and then not only to achieve unification among North and South Korea but also to become an example of the peaceful unification (4 the world centering on true love. For denominations to remain self-centered and to call others heretical in this new age of unity can neither be the original will of Christ nor can it be tolerated by God. Should not true religious people first reflection themselves before criticizing others and try in their own life to become examples of true love?

God's way to establish goodness within human history, which originated in evil, has been that a person must first endure persecution before he can gain good results. The Unification Church has realized this and has made continuous efforts to realize the will of God silently even under severe persecution and sharp criticism.

Fellow citizens, the time has come for us to overcome all our old differences and hostilities. The time has come to welcome the new age that is upon us and to lay the foundation for the new generation to play an even more active role in world history.

We should earnestly examine the worldwide activities inspired by Rev. Moon. Young people of all colors of skin are taking the lead in creating a peaceful world under the teachings of Rev. Moon, who is inspiring them toward a new commitment to values. The activities of young people of many faiths in the Religious Youth Service, the gathering of interfaith leaders at the Assembly of the World's Religions to bring about interfaith harmony, the work of the International Relief Friendship Foundation, the building of schools, the donation of medical equipment to Eastern Bloc countries, the summit meetings convened for the purpose of building a peaceful world -- these activities of the Unification movement are all various ways of practicing the love that is so desperately needed today.

Korea Must Take the Lead

Seven thousand American clergymen have visited Korea to find out about Rev. Moon's ideology in the context of God's providence. Young people from around the world, inspired by Rev. Moon, are coming here to learn about Korean culture and the Korean language; many now consider Korea as their homeland of truth. The source for such activities and such phenomena could hardly come from human wisdom or direction only.

While the interest of people all over the world is indeed more and more focusing on Rev. Moon, will the Korean people themselves turn away? It is our sincere wish that the Korean people pull down the walls of opposition and start to learn about the Unification movement. It is urgent that the Korean people build up their dignity as a nation and work to achieve nationwide unity. Korea must take the lead in unification and peace by guiding the world and Asia into the upcoming Pacific Era. We pray that all Christians, instead of accusing one another, may truly come together in harmony.

Thanking God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon Korea and the world, we wish all the best for the Korean people.

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
October 10, 1988 

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