The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Be Like a Toy That People Can Enjoy

Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1988
Han Nam Dong
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

When you think about it, it's quite difficult to lead the world. If we want everyone to come to a certain point, the entire world has to be interested -- not just one particular nationality, but everyone who lives in the global village. Do you understand?

Children from different countries may not be able to communicate verbally with each other, but the toys that they enjoy are all very similar, isn't that so? Then we must ask, what are the elements that make that so? What are toys? They are objects created for the delight of other people. Machines, objects, and words all have something to do with people and are all part of the creation. All these aspects of creation are made into toys, into very small objects that capture the imagination.

Everything Moves in Circles

If you look carefully, you will see that children only want to play with beautiful things. They want their parents to buy the most appealing toys. What standard do they usually use for choosing what to play with? Toys that move. Why is that? People have a need for motion. Your minds are going around and around in give and take with the minds of people from other countries. You are unconsciously harmonizing with each other, isn't that so? People in a foreign country who move their arms and legs around to communicate in sign language will become global people much more quickly than people who just keep to themselves because they don't speak the language. You can communicate well by moving around and gesturing. If you just keep to yourself, you'll remain alone.

Everything moves in circles. Even trees have give and take and move in circles. The grass, too, lives in circular motion. Everything lives in circular motion. The Republic of Korea lives in circular motion, and the vast ocean also exists in circular motion. What is the meaning of the Unification Church? The Unification Church has to find a way to unify the whole world. Unification means give and take. There can be no unification in a linear world. There must be give and take.

You've seen how much children enjoy toys. What if everyone in the world were to be like toys? Could you be a toy that people would enjoy? Tell me. What if you were all to become different kinds of toys, so that people would want to touch you?

Oriental people could be the kind of toys that Western people would want to keep as their best friends. Westerners could be friends that Orientals would be as fond of as they are of toys. What do you think about that? When you first look at Orientals, they don't really look like people, do they? Their faces are flat and round, with just a pair of eyes smiling out at you from a wide open space. You wonder whether that can really be a person. Be honest, now, isn't that true? And so don't you want to touch each other like you would touch a toy?

If someone touches you with affection, do you resist that and complain? No, you want them to touch you more. What if everyone were to live like that? "Here, touch my ear. I want white people to touch my ear. I want yellow people and black people to touch it, too." Do you have an ear that all 5 billion people of the world would want to touch? Would that be something wonderful or something terrible? You would want people to touch your eyes as if you were a toy, wouldn't you? You would probably want that person to keep on touching your eyes for eternity.

Be an Indispensable Toy for Mankind

Have you ever thought you would like to become like a toy for your wife? Wouldn't you want her to touch your nose in delight? Why am I saying these things? Because this is the way we can unify all mankind. I think of myself as an indispensable toy for mankind. What a splendid thing that is!

If you can pass the test of being a toy for your wife, and then pass the test of being a toy for your parents and your children, then for your village, then for your nation, and then for the whole world, how would God feel about that? This is the simplest way to bring about unification. Hold up your hand if you think that would be a nice world to live in.

Let me ask you something. When young people marry, do they want to marry a young person or an old person? Why do Westerners like only young people? You should be fond of old people as well. Westerners don't want anything to do with old things. I don't hear about people buying grandfather dolls, but why not? People who are spiritually sensitive find that their minds are becoming younger as even their bodies are growing older. As they near the time of their death, they return to childhood. It's true. So don't be afraid of old people. That's the heart we should have.

To be a leader, you must love all the members of the church more than you would love toys. Your mind has to become young. Become the kind of person that all young people will want to know. They should want to relate with you, follow you, and be with you. You have to know how to do that. If you want to become leaders in the Unification Church, you must always be able to have give and take with them. It's necessary that you make yourself into a beautiful doll. Evaluate yourself: Will people want to look at you your whole life, 365 days a year? 

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