The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Benediction Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1986

Benediction Prayer for Second Generation Blessed Families given at the Blessing of the 36 Couples Blessed Children's Blessing in 1986 "May the Second Generation be the pride of Blessed Families and the pride of the Universe!"

Beloved Heavenly Father!

Today, on 12 April 1986, in the Little Angels Auditorium in Seoul, Korea, at the 1st Blessing of Second Generation Blessed Children, please accept the offering of the 36 Blessed Couples gather here. Now is the time when the fate of the couples gathered here is decided. They, as eternal true sons and daughters of You, have pledged in front of Heaven to follow the Will of Heaven with an unchanging attitude. We know that their minds and bodies are not their own. As individual truth bodies connected to Heaven, we know that they are faithfully bound together as husband and wife through Your love. Those gathered here in this place today have determined in front of our Heavenly Father to become an eternal couple, so please accept these couples as the glorious families of the Heavenly Nation. Moreover, they know the Will of True Parents, and they know that, after completing the 40 year course in the wilderness, we now stand on a victorious foundation to establish the will of Heaven and to restore Canaan.

At this time here as they form Heavenly families they have understood and re-determined that they have to establish, as members of the Second Generation, the tradition of the Heavenly tribe, the Heavenly people, the Heavenly nation and the Heavenly world. Please allow them to maintain their dignity in front of Heaven and to become couples who cover the deficiency of those who have walked a difficult path and received the Blessing up until now, so that they will not only receive recognition by Heaven as members of the Second Generation, but that they can also, through receiving the love of Heaven, obtain all authority and justice.

As resolving the historical resentment of Heavenly Father and resolving the resentment of the True Parents starts with the establishment of eternal families that can be Your pride, Father, please rule and be the centre of our minds and bodies, please prepare the foundation so that we and our families can be different today than we were yesterday, please allow us to stand as leaders in front of all of humanity, and please allow us to clearly determine to become brave parents in front of Heaven. We earnestly desire that You will lead us and guide us so that we can, step by step, personify the tradition of the Heavenly nation our whole lives, and that You will correct us in the path that we walk on so that we perfect our responsibility to guide mankind.

We earnestly hope and desire that You will unify all the spirits in Heaven and all those reborn on earth, as well as all the saints in Heaven and all their good descendants and connect their road so that they walk as one and move Heavenly fortune.

May Your dignity, authority and glory be with those gathered here today at this ceremony and for whom this benediction prayer is offered, and may Your abundant guidance continuously be with them on the path of life. We earnestly ask You to allow those gathered here to become the fruits of Your hope and desire. We are offering these 36 Blessed Couples, today as they are joined eternally as husband and wife, as the beginning of Second Generation Blessed Families so that they may be the pride of the Unification Movement and the Universe.

Please accept our pledge that we will lead a life which we will not have to be ashamed of when the Eternal You calls us. As we thank You for Your abundant Grace, we pray all of this in the name of the Parents of the 36 Blessed Couples.


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