The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1988

The Meaning Of The Day Of Victory Of Love

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1988
Han Nam Dong, Korea

Father prays:

Today is January 2, 1988. Thank you so much, Father, for allowing us to remember that four years ago today, Heung Jin offered himself. Let us remember and celebrate this day as the Day of Victory of Love.

Thank You very much for letting us build the foundation of victory on the earth so that 120 countries could be connected with True Parents' realm of heart and so that the spiritual world and the physical world could be connected to heaven, upon the sacrifice of Heung Jin.

Thank You very much for allowing True Parents to have dominion over heaven and earth. Even more, I thank You with deepest appreciation for Heung Jin's resurrection and his embodiment on the earth within four years, centering on a new foundation.

Please allow us to spread all over the world until Your will is completed on the earth. Bless us so that all the deceased may resurrect and that we may be rid of all evil spirits and expand our shield of victory.

Please be with us and receive this ceremony as Yours, Father, so that the heavenly heart can now connect with earth, so that all the people in the spirit world may resurrect on the earth, and so that we can remember this sublime day and celebrate the Day of Victory of Love centering on the historical year of 1988.

Please let Jesus Christ and all moral people, good spirits, and all spiritual people who lived their lives for the sake of Heavenly Father be with Heung Jin. Please let all Unification Church members be Your troops that can protect Heung Jin horizontally and connect with all the descendants of those in the spirit world.

I sincerely ask that we could celebrate the Day of Victory of Love with the happiness of heaven and earth.

I pray everything in the names of True Parents.


Today is January 2, 1988. This is the fifth year we are celebrating the Day of Victory of Love, after four full years. Having this kind of gathering is very important both for the spiritual world and the physical world. On the first Day of Victory of Love, all the spirit world became one, with one direction, and all points of the dispensation on earth were connected together. It is one of the days we must remember.

In my family, second sons have always been the offerings. My family has a long history. My great-great-grandparents were the first ones to move to the location presently called Sang Sa-Ree. They lived under very difficult circumstances, but fortunately, with great blessings from heaven, they prospered and built a strong foundation for the coming generations. They had three sons. My grandfather was the eldest son from their direct lineage. The second eldest was my great-uncle Moon, and the third was my great-uncle who lived in Pa Joo. The second son died while he was studying away from home. He was a sacrifice. All second sons of my other great-uncles' families died while in school away from home. In the next generation, my father was born as the eldest son of an eldest son. In my generation, I am the second son. All second sons in my generation died also.

Many kinds of suffering that you cannot imagine occurred in my lineage. I was born during the time when Korea was suffering under Japan's 40-year rule. Just before my birth there were three years of bad harvest. For four generations in my family, all second sons had been attacked by Satan. I was spared, but even my own second-born children got attacked. Hee Jin, my second son, died while away from home witnessing. He had attended a seven-day Principle workshop and was so overwhelmed with joy that he wanted to be the first one to go out and witness. He died in an accident. Heung Jin also died in a car accident while I was in Korea for the rally of Victory Over Communism. This is not a coincidence. Hae Jin, my second daughter, also died. It is always the second ones.

The history of the dispensation is the history of the confrontation between good and evil. The providence could never be completed because the Cain side always attacked the Abel side. Satan and those on the Cain side on earth have persecuted religion over and over again in history. This fighting between good and evil has now spread over the whole world, and it must be ended, centering on one nation. We can't overturn Satan's sovereign power all at once. We have to overturn it gradually, starting with one individual, then one family, one tribe, one race, and one nation. Then the whole world can be reclaimed for God. You can't turn all your parts inside out at once, can you?

Because Korea is that one central nation, Korea is in a very important position in Asia. Often in history, Korea has been put in a subordinate position to the larger countries. Compared to China, Korea is a very small country and is sometimes called "the second China." Because we are located in between big countries, we were always beaten by the big countries. Geopolitically, Korea is the country that represents the whole world. In the history of dispensation, the representative country is always a country that gets attacked and dominated by other countries.

Forty years of Korea's occupation by Japan was the indemnity period that restored 4,000 years of fallen history. Japan's domination of Korea paralleled the time Eve fell and controlled Adam. The meaning behind this period of foreign rule was that fallen Adam had to come out from under the position of being controlled by the fallen Eve and then rise up and take dominion over both Eve and the archangel.

Korea is now divided into two because America and established Christianity didn't fulfill their responsibility. The Korean Unification Church has Adam's responsibility, which is to connect to America, the central country of Western Christian culture, through Japan.

Christian culture began in Israel. The United Kingdom of Israel was divided into the Northern Kingdom of Israel, consisting of ten tribes in the Cain position, and the Southern Kingdom of Judah, consisting of two tribes in the Abel position. Old Testament history is the record of the struggles that came about because Judah and Israel couldn't unite. Likewise today, the dispensation cannot reach completion until Cain and Abel are united into one. The first son and the second son have to exchange positions. That is the way of dispensation.

You all are Unification Church members. When you joined the church, you were supposed to liquidate all your satanic ways. But you are still living with your fallen nature because you are accustomed to it. Even those countries that stand on the side of God can easily fall into a satanic position; that is why we have to have one restored nation representing the whole world, and we have to have one tribe centered on that nation. We have to have a family centered on that tribe, and an individual centered on that family. We have to get rid of Satan completely by attacking him centered on that individual.

We can't fulfill the dispensation without going through this course. You have to know the concept of restoration through indemnity; then you can recognize Korea as the chosen country for the dispensation. There must be a man from the Moon clan from the nation of Korea who can complete God's will. There are many clans in Korea, but the Moon clan, which numbers about 400,000, has the tradition of stubbornness; they never tolerate any injustice. Through four generations, my family has fought against Satan. During this time, Abel always got beaten, and that is why all second sons in my family died. Because of that, I am in the position of Abel in God's dispensation.

Even though my position was established upon my ancestors' indemnity, I had to fight for everything I got. Nobody supported me. I planned for a year to go to school in Japan. Because the other second sons in my family died while studying away from home, my parents refused to let me go away to school. But I persevered and won over all their objections and went to engineering school in Japan. I and my cousin, who went with me, didn't speak a word of Japanese. I studied hard and memorized all the first-grade, second-grade, third-grade, and fourth- grade textbooks. After that I could understand Japanese.

Even my wedding was unique. We couldn't afford a taxi, so I prepared a horse for my wedding. In such ways I created everything from nothing in my lifetime. Because mankind has to go the way of recreation, I have had to restore everything in my lifetime. While I walked the way of God's will, I cut off all the historical forces of habit. Complete victory is the standard of the Unification Church. You must know this.

Koreans who grew up with kimchee and kae doo gee (white radish pickles) still eat them even when they are living in another country. It feels good to even think about the smell of those foods. In the same way, when you joined the church you couldn't automatically forget about your secular habits. You have to fight to overcome these habits. When you have an infected organ, you have to surgically remove it. Through cutting out all the bad parts, you can build a new foundation. Every blessed couple must cut off all their satanic habits, because they can manifest anytime. The Israelites who lived in Egypt missed Egypt even long after they left there. You have to know how strong those habits are.

Who sacrificed for the internal foundation of the Unification Church? Heung Jin, even more than Hee Jin. Heung Jin's sacrifice was for the sake of the blood lineage of the 36 Couples through the 120 Couples. Blessed couples are surrounded by the evil of the secular world and are always liable to fall again. To protect the blessed couples, as well as the True Family, Heung Jin's sacrifice was needed.

Heaven and earth must become united. We cannot leave any grievances on the earth or in heaven. We have to overcome everything completely and establish the unity that Heavenly Father wants. We must be proud of our great lineage centered on the realm of Heavenly Father's heart, and we have to ignore the fallen world and rise above it. Heung Jin carried the cross for all the faults of the Unification Church. After receiving the Blessing, everybody is supposed to repent and stop making mistakes. But it wasn't happening, so Heung Jin resurrected and is giving everyone the opportunity to confess once again.

All Unification Church members have to separate from all satanic things. You all have to know how much your ancestors and God have had to sweat to save each one of you. You should know how difficult it is for Heavenly Father to fulfill His will because of your weakness. On this special day, we must again determine ourselves to fulfill Heavenly Father's will. A man may look as if he is standing alone, but if he is united with God completely, then the whole world will be under him.

What does it mean to fulfill our responsibility? To be able to reach the direct dominion of God, we have to establish the true love of a husband and wife. That is the completion of responsibility. A couple's love must be connected completely to God's love, and children born from those parents must be absolutely connected to God. Those children are the Unification Church. These relationships are completely different from relationships in the secular world, and creating them must be your goal.

Korea has shed much blood in its history. Powerful nations have invaded Korea 932 times in Korean history. During these invasions, many families and individuals were sacrificed. Korea endured all those hardships and still exists. The reason why is because God's dispensation is with Korea.

All those incidents that happened in my family weren't just coincidental. They were inevitable. My family was called to take Abel's position to liquidate the historical indemnity for the sake of the dispensation. A person must be born with that kind of background to be the Messiah. Some of you might have had the desire to be the Messiah. But you can't become the Messiah just because you want to. I had to proceed according to this inevitable way of indemnity, and because I did it successfully, Satan couldn't strike me. Most people can't understand this. The only reason you can is because I taught you the conclusion of the Principle.

Hyo Won Eu is in the second son's position in the Unification Church. He died in the hospital, also while away from home, as an offering. He sacrificed everything from the position of the second son, which indicated that that kind of sacrifice could also happen in my family. If you follow the secular world habits, Hee Jin, Heung Jin, and Hyo Won will not leave you alone. If the second generation gets involved in crimes of the secular world, you will receive punishment.

I walked my path alone. Who was with me? Even my mother, father, and brothers and sisters weren't with me. Just as Elijah lamented, "I am the only one remaining!" so was I also alone. But Heavenly Father can't be blamed for that. One must blame oneself for not fulfilling one's responsibility.

This is a very serious time. It's been 43 years since the independence of Korea. You have to unite within yourself so you can unite Korea into one. This year's slogan is "The Unification of the Fatherland." How can you unite the Fatherland when your mind and body aren't united into one? Hyo Won Eu, Hee Jin, and Heung Jin sacrificed themselves for the sake of the Unification Church, and when they went to the spirit world, they could not bear all of your secular world habitual behavior. That is why Heung Jin had to be resurrected and clear up everything. Do you think it was easy for him to do so? He had to come up from the very bottom of hell.

How suspicious you were when you heard that Heung Jin was coming in a physical body! The ones that didn't attend the confession will see the consequences of their actions in the future. After you receive the Blessing, if you all go your own way because you say my way is too hard, then you'll have even more problems. You will have to climb over the mountain again and go through another 43-year wilderness period.

Heung Jin's sacrifice was to free the physical world. The salvation of the spiritual world was the indirect and second purpose. He had to make the enemy surrender so he could unite the spiritual world, the physical world, and all religions. This was made possible because before he died we held the Unification Ceremony for the sake of the whole world centered on our family. Now religious people and people who believe in Jesus are getting messages from the spirit world that the Messiah has come again. The spirit world is already united.

You all received the Blessing, but you didn't fulfill your responsibility. There are many members who are in a position to receive judgment. You all must understand how fearful the indemnity of judgment is. I've been praying for the forgiveness of all your failures because this is a very busy, important time and judgment now would interfere and slow things down. If you lose your position once more, you can't go to the Kingdom of Heaven, and none of your descendants can marry with my descendants. You must wake up! Don't get mixed up with the secular world. The reason I especially care about the second generation is that I have given up on the first generation. You must know how important your responsibility is. All of you have to pray and determine to continue until death. So you must work hard. You must pray hard until you die. Do you understand?

Before the fall, Adam and Eve didn't need to pray. My family are at the completion level of the completion stage. Your children are at the completion level of the growth stage. It is not only my children who must go with me; you have to come also. That is the Principle. You have to go the vertical way. Otherwise you will fall away easily.

During 1983, 1984, and 1985 we reached the national level. At that time, I left all the doors in my home open. I was challenging Satan. During that time, if Hyo Jin did something wrong, I couldn't raise my voice at him because Satan could have interfered, saying it was not love. None of you know how hard restoration is. You all must know how much indemnity I paid.

Heung Jin walked a bloody path, but now he is making me happy and helping the Unification Church. He is on Heavenly Father's side and he is Abel; that is why all the Satans in the spirit world wanted to strike him. They kept harassing him until Heung Jin surpassed their own level. I went through the same course.

Even Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father challenged me until I grew to where I am now. That is the way of restoration. Some of you have had an easy path. Those of you who had an easy path are in great debt. You are alive but you have the eyes of dead people, and you look like you can't even shoo flies off yourselves. You all chose only an easy path and didn't want to go the hard way. That is shameful.

Do you all promise you will be reborn and will go only the righteous way? You must repent and prepare to go to the front line in 1988. You have to offer everything, especially that which you love the most. Do you know who your enemy is when the Last Days come? The one that you loved the most will judge you.

Do you know how tired I have been in my life? Do you know how hard it was working at Hung Nam prison for two years and eight months? I think about that time whenever I have a serious problem. I have had to walk over every problem in the name of love. You must repent and follow my way in 1988. Your own family is not the issue.

What is this year's slogan? It is "The Unification of the Fatherland." Last year's slogan was the same. That was to prepare for the time of Cain's unity. This year is the time of Abel's unity. You have to participate in the mobilization. It is time to unite. When I went to Danbury, everybody thought that the Unification Church was ruined. But we leaped forward from that point. How about all of you? You all have to pray for Heung Jin with renewed hope. Break down all the barriers between heaven and earth and unite into one. That is the meaning of the Day of Victory of Love.

What is that love? A person of true love must be able to forget his own son's death. If he doesn't, he could have resentment and get angry and Satan would claim that. He must be able to go beyond his own son's sacrifice.

The Day of Victory of Love is the completion of love, and it breaks down the barriers between the indirect and direct dominion of God. A person who has God's love can go anywhere and can dominate Satan's love. So when Heung Jin came to the earth with all the royal guards from the spirit world, centering on Hoon Sook, nobody could stop him. You must be pure. You must all be like Heung Jin and you must work along with him. In the 25 million years of human history, when could Heavenly Father relax? He only had restoration in His mind. Heung Jin forgave all your sins but it means nothing if you don't change. You must fulfill your responsibilities in 1988. Do you understand? Later you must not say that you didn't understand.

Heung Jin is telling you that you must absolutely obey True Parents. You must go out to the world and bring people to Heavenly Father through living for others with love. You must do it, not I. Then where do you have to go? To the front line. When Abel takes responsibility for Cain, he will listen to Abel and follow him anywhere.

To reach the national level, Cain's nation and Abel's nation must be connected. That is why I'm working centered on Korea and Japan. The Adam nation and the Eve nation must become one. The Japanese Unification Church must fulfill its responsibility, which is to make Adam's country into Heavenly Father's country. The Eve country must unite Korea.

All Unification Church members need to become a commando of unity. You should pledge that you will unite your own homeland, and to do that you must listen to me. I will have no regrets when the unity of North Korea and South Korea is completed. You all know what you have to do. Heavenly Father's nation must be restored, centering on your children. If we can't restore the nation, it will be impossible to liberate Heavenly Father's heart. So we must absolutely restore Heavenly Father's nation on this earth.

From 1990, I'm not going to use an interpreter. How difficult it will be for you international members if you don't know Korean! Every Unification Church member must know Korean before I reach 80 years of age, which is the year 2,000. All of you should know this clearly.

You must be proud of Heavenly Father's first son. To obtain this position I sacrificed my entire life. You must avenge my grief and our ancestors' grief. If you don't complete your responsibility, the world will continue to suffer years of famine and people will suffer from diseases like AIDS. Mankind will die from forfeiting the purpose of life.

We must prepare to destroy North Korea's regime in the name of Heavenly Father and True Parents. Kim Il Sung calls himself a father and he deifies himself and makes the North Koreans completely obey him. If we can break down the relationship between the North Korean people and Kim Il Sung, the North Korean Communists will crumble immediately. We have to make the North Koreans realize that they are living under a fabrication.

If we unite North and South Korea, we can unite East and West Germany; then we can unite Europe. Even though Judah and Israel could not unite into one, we have already built the foundation for the unity of North and South Korea. To free the North Koreans, you must be able to sacrifice your tribe. It will take the sacrifice of a maximum of 84 people to free the 20 million North Koreans.

If you hide your identity as a Unification Church member you'll be punished. If anyone speaks evil about the Unification Church, you can strike at them verbally. Until now, when the first son struck he suffered for it, but from now on, the first son can strike and go to heaven.

I've already completed my responsibility. You'll realize this more and more every day. Raise your hand if you know for sure you'll fulfill your own responsibility completely. You must know that you have all received a great privilege in being loved by me. You have all seen good things and learned good things through me and through your experiences with Heung Jin. Are you going to go to the front line or return to the back? For this great cause, everybody must follow this way, and you must lead the people. It is not the time for me to lead them. I've completed all my responsibility.

You can't always lean on me. First you must be able to support yourself, and then you have to exercise autonomy in your village. You'll eventually become the owner. A leader of the Unification Church must be able to take care of economic matters and public relations. You have to know how to persuade others.

You all have to work with professors within your communities. You have to treat them as you would treat your elder brother. The root of patriotism must spread to all of your homes. That root has to grow to preserve the country, and you have to water the roots to make them grow.

Now does everybody know the meaning of the Day of Victory of Love? You must know for sure. We are in Heavenly Father's eldest son's position now. All other religions are in the second son's position. If we unite, then Satan's world will give way automatically. That is the Principle. When the rest of Christianity and the Unification Church become one, Satan's side will automatically decline. This is already happening right in front of our own eyes.

Blessed families must be the model. Centering on God's dispensation, this moment in history is the turning point of restoring the birthright of the true eldest son. At Hyun Jin's wedding last March we established the true first son's birthright. Just like Noah's family, which had eight family members, my family has established a strong solid foundation of eight blessed members to unite with all directions. When we become one centered on this foundation, the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth will be completed. If the Korean leaders absolutely unite, the unity of North and South Korea will take only three-and-a-half years.

So you must all know how great the Day of Victory of Love really is. Instead of remembering the day of Heung Jin's death, we remember the day of his sublime sacrifice centered on love. You all have to have a souvenir of the Day of Victory of Love. Do you know where to find it? It is with Heavenly Father, Heung Jin, and True Parents. You have to receive our heart in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why you must fight for the unity of North and South Korea. Then we can defeat Communism. We have to strike Communism with Godism. To enter the Kingdom of Heaven you need True Parents' recognition. In order to get Heavenly Father's official recognition as a man who lives for the sake of his homeland, you have to march forward for the unity of North and South Korea. I'm telling you this today for the first time.

All the barriers in hell must be broken down for the cause of freedom. You must set this goal, and when you surpass this goal, you'll all become adopted sons. You must march forward through this course. All of you leaders must be careful; many times your title kills you.

You don't know how hard my position is. I wish I could be free of my position. I have climbed over all the hills now. I only have one desire left--the unity of Korea. All of you should know that we are not going to kill anybody in North Korea; we are going to free them. Everybody in South Korea must make the North Korean people understand and free them from Communism. I know this isn't going to happen instantly, but pretty soon there will be a fight between North and South Korea over unity. If you can't fulfill your responsibility, you can't be a leader. Let's pull all the second sons together and go forward toward the Kingdom of Heaven without losing the first son's right.

I hope that you all will do as I ask in 1988. Are you going to do it? Those of you who determine yourselves again, raise your hands. Knowing the meaning of Heung Jin' sacrifice, everybody must march forward to inherit the Day of Victory of Love and bring that victory to all nations and the whole world.

God bless you all.

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