The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Leaders' Meeting - March 30, 1987

Rev Moon
March 30, 1987
Unofficial Notes

This year you have heard the most important proclamation: that of the inauguration of the 'headwing'. The headwing is like the head, controlling the whole body. This terminology comes originally from the time of the crucifixion of Jesus. There was the thief on the left and the thief on the right.. Actually, like both arms, both left and right are needed. We need both arms to harmonize and join together to embrace the world.

If we look at history, we can see that leadership was first monarchic and imperialistic, then it became more socialistic. The political system has been developing. The monarchic system organized the masses. Next came the democratic system. This brings the power of the 'high' down to the masses. Communism brings the power of the masses up through to the few at the top. This is the trend of world history.

Communist countries today are having to be more lenient and are leaning more to the west in order to survive. This can be seen in China and Russia.

Religions at one time governed the world. For example the time of the Roman empire. However, absolute power always corrupt. Those in power segregated themselves from the majority of the people. The reaction to this was that there came anti-religious, and anti-God sentiments. This took form in the rationalistic and the humanistic movements.

Democracy is more an intellectual oriented movement that begins at the grass roots level. It was aimed at protecting human dignity and human rights. The democratic system is based philosophically on man, not on God. So human rights are the central issues and concern in the democratic society. Therefore it is a natural tendency for it to tend toward humanism, and toward accommodation of secular desires, and even the more carnal desires. Wealthy democratic societies do not see any great vision. They observe the tendency of society toward socialism, so they respond with an attitude "let's spend and have a good time." Their total interest is in self-centered pleasure. They manipulate their money and assets beyond national and even legal boundaries to augment their personal situation. They rarely have ideals of patriotism. Their center of concern is themselves. Because of this they pursue artificial, carnal desires, and they pay little or no heed to moral principles. They involve themselves in drugs and sex. The democratic world has come to a dead end. They have no vision and without a vision, it must perish.

Communism arose out of a noble vision and desire, but the method was neither. The power of the masses is funneled through to the few who have absolute power, and again this absolute power absolutely corrupts.

Therefore both the democratic and the communistic worlds are reaching a dead-end. Each has no solution. The leaders of both worlds are coming to their own realization that their way and ideology is inadequate for ruling the world.

But an extraordinary phenomenon is occurring. Neither have the solution, both are reaching a deadlock, but their children are seeing that the way of their parents is not the answer. So the children of the communists are looking at democracy, and those in democratic society are looking at communism. They see the corruption that exists within their own worlds. However, the democratic youth are realizing that communism is not the answer either, and communist youth are looking for alternatives to communism.

So the youth are also in a deadlock. They cannot see solutions, and they are waiting to find a new vision, a new alternative. The democratic world thought they had the world, but they lost their children. The communists also thought they had the world, but they too lost their children.

The time has come to find some workable solution for the world, This has to be through the emergence of a new, a brand new element. People are itching for this new mystical solution, they are longing to find a new solution, and it will be one centered upon God.

Imperialism, democracy and communism have all emerged at various times in history, and they have all failed. Now, a combination, a digested combination of all these must come together centered on a strong central element. Absolutely, the time has come for the emergence of a new 'ism' to emerge at a global level, one that can digest all. It must be a new religious principle and movement must come to embrace and organize all these into one harmonized system. This is where the Unification Church is to emerge, to proclaim the emergence of the headwing. This must be a unity of spirit, body and material. There have been three major 'isms' as the bases of government throughout history: theistic imperialism, humanistic democracy, and materialistic communism. These have prospered and then failed. But which one should be the central figure for the unity of these three? It has to be the spiritual/mind. But what kind of spiritual mind? It needs to be the highest possible spiritual mind. It has to be a mind that is not the slave of history, but one that is transcendent of history. The new 'ism' must be transcendent of history and geography, one that is timeless and beyond space; one that is eternal.

One of the several key problems is the racial problem. But how are we to solve this? There is also the problem of division, spiritual division and secular humanism. Therefore the new solution of the world must be a global solution. Religion also must reach out to the global community. These are some of the concepts of the headwing. Its philosophy transcends that of race, nation or religion. The Unification Church is embracing both the left and the right wings, and is bringing both to the highest ideal. We must not simply move to the left or the right. We must go up, beginning at the bottom in the humble position. The Unification Church has the substance and the ability needed to digest both the left and the right, plus move from the bottom and connect to the top, centering upon spiritual standards. In other words, the Unification Church must be a mega-religion, a supra-religion. We must have the contents and ability to digest and be able to consummate the highest ideal. Therefore the qualification of the Unification Church is that it creates the models, the "man for all season." So, for example, the communists should say, "These Moonies would make great communists, the only problem is that they believe in God." Humanists should be able to say, "Moonies are truly humanitarian, the problem is that they believe in God and high morals." The religious should say of Moonies, "They are most devout, I wish he were a Buddhist/Moslem/Catholic/etc, but he's a Moonie." God should say, "He/she fits into the exact formula. I take this person as my son/daughter. This is my model person."

Such people have to have a sound head, sound left arm, sound right arm, around two legs, in other words, be perfect. If there was a human museum, Moonies should occupy the "ideal" section. This is the headwing concept. Moonies have the ability to digest communism, socialism, religions and God by True Love. When you look at an overview of history, you can see that this is the highest ideal.

For more than forty three years, Father had this ideal. But how to make it work was perhaps the biggest problem. He's been moving toward this, and now we move toward the dawn of a new day. Those who oppose Father are the established groups: the established democrats, the established communists, and the established religions. But their children are coming to Father.

Father's strategy is that he does not neglect the established, the Cain elements. Therefore he has been working for years with the academics, the world's religions, the media, the politicians, and the retired military people. Father wants to convert the Cain into Abel, to convert them all to headwing, and ultimately into "Father's sons."

From America, West Germany, Korea and Japan, came the most vigorous opposition, but all this has melted away. The foundation that was required to melt this opposition has been laid. Most recently Father proclaimed the formation of the headwing, because the time is now ripe. The headwing comes under Godism. Godism was first proclaimed at the Washington Monument rally, and there it penetrated into the spiritual world. Now the spiritual world is harmonized through and with this concept.

Now, when we address materialists and secular humanists, we can talk about the headwing. How refreshing! When we talk to religious people, we can talk about Godism. Therefore we have ways of talking to all people. 'Headwing' and 'Godism' are interchangeable. This new terminology allows us to effectively relate to the entire spectrum of people.

The headwing philosophically embraces the concepts that deal with the whole person; and Godism comes especially from the perspective of spirit. So together, Unificationism is a system that makes a workable unity of all things.

Therefore Unification Church members are waiting to walk into any territory, for we are equipped for everything. How can we bring unity? We have to begin with God. From God, unity can become a reality. When you move away from God as the center for your life and activities, your conscience, spirit world, indemnity and dreams come to you and start to push you back. The Unification Church way of life is a vertical way of life. When you move, you pull that vertical string that is attached to your ancestors. So when you move, all your ancestors move with you. This is our privilege, that spirit world has the power to influence those on earth.

Like a radio, however, we have to tune into the spiritual world. The Unification Church members have to be attuned to the spiritual world. We even have to become dynamos so we are actually sending out signals. After all, who is subject, spirit world or those in the physical world? We are the broadcasters. We can send out short wave, medium wave, or whatever is needed. We are the initiators. We can call on the spiritual world.

We have a foundation such that when we summon individuals in the spiritual world, they will come. If you call one of your ancestors in the spiritual world, he will come to assist you. Whatever you need, their assistance will come. (Sometimes you don't even have to walk, for two spirit men will carry you! Do you believe that?)

The goal of spirit world is the completion and perfection of men and women. Throughout history, God has had but one plan: to perfect people according to the original plan of God. All the 'isms' are a part of the plan and need to be drawn into a united plan. Materialism is but an aspect of that plan, for God does not deny the physical or material world.

Considering computers: to get a printout, you need input, like the mind. The human body is akin to a computer: to get something out of it, you must have input, and for people, that input must come from God. We need the input of God's truth, love and spirit. Then when we push the "printout" button, something can come out. If Father was to push Dennis Orme's button, we would see what kind of input of mind and heart he has, for the result of that input will come out on the screen of life. Father is always teaching us that we have to work at many level: the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world, and cosmic levels. Father is giving you the data so that when God pushes your button, He can see what level you are at. If God pushes Dennis Orme's family level button, it will show up OK, and the clan level OK, but what about the tribe or the national levels? Do they show a blank, with only white noise? What about the worldwide button? Not too many Moonies show up when the worldwide button us pushed. The number of people whose names show up at the lower levels are great, and the numbers diminish as we go to the higher and higher levels, like a pyramid.

The body has megabyte storage capabilities. Even human ingenuity has created machines with megabyte storage capabilities. God has created in humankind, the ability to store and deal with millions and millions of megabytes, and to deal with spiritual aspects as well. God is always pushing the cosmic level button to see who will show up, but the computer only makes a sound, a white noise, and shows nothing.

If Reverend Moon's buttons are pushed one after the other from individual to cosmic levels, its like playing a piano, something shows up each time. When your buttons are pushed, perhaps you only get odd shapes and sounds. God can't even figure you out. Yet you have no excuse. Father taught you, and gave you the correct input. Each one is the broadcasting station of the heart, love and truth of God. What kind of being are you? Who are you?

Compared to human beings, computers are primitive but they take after human beings. Soon there will be monitors that will form pictures of spiritual beings. You'll be able to see the spirit people in the room.

If you only think of your own clan, only that spirit world will come down to help you. When you think of good will to all humankind, then all the spirit world can come down to help you. Father's life is transcendent of all races nations and so they can all connect and help Father. If you call on the American saints, they will come down and relate to all the like-minded people on earth and influence people in Father's direction. This is what Father has been doing. He works not only in the top levels of the spiritual world. In fact he started working at the bottom, working up and bringing them all into ultimate unity. Now the globe is the stage for the providence, for we are working in the worldwide level of the dispensation. There are no compartments and no limits to what we can do.

You must have total confidence that you have the largest army in spirit world waiting for you to give them marching orders. They are ready to be mobilized (especially you national leaders). The missionaries must be engaged in national projects, then incredible help will come to you and materialize. If you don't do that, penalties will come. Those in your close family and others close to you will pay the price. Elder members, especially thirty-six blessed couples, will die of cancer when you do not accomplish the external mission well. So if you don't do the external mission, you will pay indemnity internally.

Negotiation efforts are being made on the earth to establish peace. Also in the spiritual world, there is an unleashing of power to bring unity on the face of the earth. But how much have you done to connect yourself with different nations? You must go beyond the racial, national and religious boundaries. You need to create your own foundation such that all parts of spirit world, all races, all nations, and all religions can come down and assist you.

Father's mission is consummated. If there had been no fall, there would have been absolute freedom of give and take between the spiritual world and the physical world. Now because of Father's work, the barriers are torn down.

Yesterday I mentioned that you have to work in four nations. You have to be able to go beyond four enemy nations, breaking down the enemy barriers, and sprinkling the seeds of love.

The time will come when all those who even try to speak ill of Father will not be able to do so. Their mouths will be stopped before they can even get the whole word "Moon" out, (but this time is not quite yet even though you wish it were).

We have to remember that we are the subject over the spiritual world. So we have to initiate, we have to be the ones to orchestrate their activities. Father has laid the foundation with academics, with the media, religions, and so on, and no-one can destroy this foundation. The CIA, the FBI, no-one can tear or shake this foundation. Father has even sent a special emissary to the spiritual world, Heung Jin Nim. He is tearing down all the barriers, especially those that exist between the kings, queens and leaders of nations. Actually, the kings and queens in the spiritual world are looking for, and wanting the true kings and queens, and these are the blessed couples.

If you are from Spanish origins, you can become a Spanish patriarch in the spiritual world. Now there is much confusion in the spiritual world. For there to be order and organization in the spirit world, this can only begin with True Parents. Therefore because you belong to the True Parents, you are important central figures in the establishment of such organization in the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you are to look from the point of view of the spiritual world, there is no way to avoid being judged as a person of dignity or as being like a beggar. So to truly take your place as a central figure for your ancestors, tribe and nation, you cannot act like a beggar.

You have to have a clear concept in your mind. This is most important. You have to completely revolutionize your concept. It has to be like Father's ideal. Your job is to imitate Father. Father has had to pioneer the way, opening up the way at every level. But you have a highway provided for you by Father. All you have to do is run along it. How can you say you cannot do this? It is so easy compared to what Father had to do.

Beginning back in 1965, Father has been visiting many nations, and there launching victories. All we have to do is become the central figures of the stage. Father went to all the nations in 1965, carrying some Korean stones and dirt with him to create a link between Korea and all these nations, a link that is both physical and spiritual. In the last twenty two years, Father has been breaking down all the barriers between these nations. Now all the doors are opened to the forty countries. Father took twenty two year, but you should not take very long.

Unless Father sent people out in four different directions, you would not get out of your American frame of mind and view of things. Father also wants to emphasize that the spiritual world has to be linked to the physical world. We have to integrate the physical and the spiritual forces. The spiritual forces can be mobilized and integrated through the Home Church providence. In America when you visit your 360 homes, you will find all elements of the world in this one area. America is a melting pot, and each Home Church area is a part of it. So when you deal with Home Church, you deal with a small world. You deal with the arrogant English, the romantic Italians, the intelligent French, the talkative Spanish, and so on. When you have established this foundation, you are free to travel to all places in the spiritual world, and you can call on many areas in the spiritual world. They are ready to come down, but you have to take the initiative. This is your responsibility.

Do you know this? (Father addresses Ph.D. graduate, Tyler Hendricks. Tyler responds after thinking, "Yes.") This is the difference between the Japanese and the Westerners. When a Japanese member is asked, he immediately responds, "Hai." Later he thinks about it. He starts to do, and figures things out as he is doing it, changing and improving things along the way. The westerner, however responds, "W-e-l-l . . . ." When Father hears this he thinks of a well, a well spring of water in which the person gets stuck. Father wants a new definition of "well": get going, get your feet wet, but don't get stuck, and move on."

Father has tested out every avenue of thought. He has looked at all ways of thinking. This is the diagnosis that he has come up with. If his diagnosis is correct, is the prescription correct? You don't have to evaluate it, do it and leave the evaluation to the historians. You just get out and do it. Now 'well' means to run, not jump into a deep trap. The Japanese prosper because they find something that works, they use that as a model, they don't think about it, they just get out and do it. They figure out the improvements as they go.

You are the imitation of the True Parents. Become the kings and queens, and mobilize the spiritual world. There is no room for racists. There is no room for humanists. There is no room for denominationalists or separatists. There is only room for Unificationists.

Are you the leaders of the Unification Church? You should pity Father that he has to depend upon you, and talk to you. He should have the opportunity to speak to all the leaders and kings and queens. He should only speak to you if you have such spirit. Father is pushing you because he wants you to have the label of kings and queens, and he wants you to be worthy of it.

If you elevate into the spirit world where you don't have to worry about food, clothing, sleep, and shelter, the only important thing is to participate in God's events, banquets for God. For every source of happiness is there in the relationship with God. What will you do with all that time? Joyfully spending time with True Parents will be what you will want to be able to do. Therefore those who are at the banquet are the closest to Heaven.

In the spirit world, there is no such thing as an invitation. The vibrations you put out are your automatic invitation. If you are not qualified, it will be so painful for you to be there that you will naturally leave. Only the worthy persons will come. That kind of spiritual life is ahead of you. No-one will escape such a world. Father wants you to experience this, he wants you to be worthy of experiencing the highest joy, that is why he pushes you.

Absolutely you will loose your earthly life one day. Father wants to give you the best blessing: to be able to move freely in the spiritual world, move without barriers. Therefore we must be grateful to Father.

Spirit world is already one unit (even if the order within it is confused), and the physical world will also absolutely become one orderly world under God. We are the pioneers, the harbingers of such a world. This will eventually come, there is no way to avoid this reality.

Do you think that there are some people who have special privileges? Do you think that Bo Hi Pak has special privileges working so closely with Father, being his translator, and seeing him all the time? (Some say 'No!' others say 'Yes!') What about a mathematical formula, and the ability of a student to use this formula correctly? Do you think that just because a student is friends with a professor that he can get special ability to do math, and get special grades? No. It is the same for Bo Hi Pak, and others.

There are three generations of Adam: the first Adam, Jesus, the second Adam, and the LSA, the third Adam. Similarly, we must work with three generations, with grandparents, with parents and with children.

If you listen to Father, what kind of chance do you think there is to make the kingdom of heaven a reality? Maybe Father is the world's worst swindler. But from your experiences and from your knowledge of the world around you, you know that this is not so, that in fact Father speaks the truth. But unless you live by it, you cannot know whether it is the truth or not.

Father described precisely, years ago, all about the significance of Heung Jin Nim's ascension, why he went, what he is to do and what he is doing. People said and felt that Father was just making it sound good, making it smell sweet and clean like a lemon. But now people are realizing that what Father said was actually true. People are receiving messages and dreams that validate what Father said.

I want you to know that without spirit world, there will be no kingdom of heaven on earth, and without True Parents, there will be no kingdom of heaven on earth. Father alone can ignite spirit world, and with the help of spirit world, the kingdom of heaven will become a reality. Right now, spirit world is listening to Father and they are all looking at us. They see you all, some sleeping, thinking critically, observing without excitement. They see that. We have to fully realize that spirit world is limited by us. Perhaps they think that I should just liquidate all these Unification Church leaders. If I did, and if I gave them the mandate to come up with another room full of leaders, they would do it. So why doesn't Father do this? Because we have worked together, we have sweated together, and Father wants to save this foundation. If you were all wiped out, we would have to start by establishing a new foundation. There would also be no guarantee that all the other secular leaders would do a better job. So Father has to deal with you. He has to try to remake you.

Where is spirit world? Is it far away? Is it inside your body? Your mind doesn't stop, day or night. That's how close spirit world is, you know this. Day and night spirit world is active, and it is active in your mind. How can you sleep?

Take action. Follow Father's words, follow his absolute standard, and don't bother with questions. Be my people. Always spirit world will come to your mind. You have to follow the absolute master and teacher . . . God. Your mind is where you experience the spiritual world. There you must experience love. You have to influence the spiritual world through your mind. Human life is very serious. You must know the phenomenon of the spiritual world, and you must realize that the physical and the spiritual worlds exist in parallel. Our way is the way of faith. This is our destiny. We have no excuse, for we know this, our mind knows this. Our minds cannot go two ways, only one way. You must have Father's kind of mind and standard. (Father was speaking in English. Dr. Pak thanks him for the break and continues.) So know you have to learn Korean.

You are carrying the spiritual world with you. You cannot escape it. By realizing you have the spirit world always there, you can be confident in all that you do, and also feel the need to act with dignity. Father is always dignified, and has confidence no matter where he is. He has this sense of spirit world, and of eternity. Father hopes the CIA, the FBI and the American government are listening, and he challenges them to be like this too.

If the spiritual world is on your side, what have you to fear? You should have no shame. Even if you are upside down in the toilet basin, you should have no shame. While sitting on the toilet, as you brace yourself and push out your waste, you can determine and feel that this is the spirit of restoration. Even in the bathroom, you can proclaim your determination to build the kingdom of heaven.

Father often uses harsh words against Americans, and he feels no shame or regret simply because he tells the truth! Father doesn't feel shame or fear because of the way he lives. You should also live this way so that you can speak the truth fearlessly in front of all people. Such men and women are dramatic people. Such gutsy people are the ones who say "God, I will take care of anything." When Father sent people to get their Ph.D.'s, their minds became like peanuts. They began to worry about their appearance, they were concerned about tiny little things. Their minds and thinking became so small. If you are to get Unification Church Ph.D.'s, you will have to take the most difficult tasks, and become strong, otherwise you become soft and weak, bystanders, parasites.

God created men and women with the assistance of the spiritual world, with the assistance of the archangels. Now during restoration, we need to proclaim to the spirit world that they are to help us. To recreate this world, we must call upon the assistance of the spiritual world which is in the archangel's position. The archangel brought about the fall of man, and we have to restore the proper position of the archangel.

You must become a central figure and subject of all situations. Be gutsy men and women, proclaiming even to Satan that he has to come and surrender. Call the spiritual world to come and accomplish certain projects. They are your army. Call them saying, "This is my plan, this is my path, clear the way." March forward, be bold and gutsy. This is our mandate.

You national leaders and God-chosen leaders, go forward with the idea of being a central figure, reign over the entire spirit world, over every situation and over your environment. Do this with a gutsy, confident feeling, and carry out Father's orders. Have absolute confidence that Father's direction are true and timely. Make things happen, mobilize the spiritual world and see the phenomenon as a result. I am recreating this world, join me and work with God and spirit world on our side. We have to help Father. Work with this view, this concept of creation, and help Father.

Do you have confidence to do this? If someone comes to kick you, don't run away, move forward, divert his energy and dominate the situation. When America attacked Father, did he run or shy away? No, he moved forward, and was even on the offensive. He went from Lincoln Center to Madison Square Garden, to Yankee Stadium and on to Washington Monument. He moved on and on. He never retreated. Even throughout the legal battle, he moved toward his aggressor. He returned to America, went into Danbury, and from there turned the world upside down. Now America is following behind Father. This is reality. Look and see.

Father has always lived according to a similar formula. His lifestyle, his daily life and thinking manifests this formula, he is always going forward. Do you follow Father? If you hesitate, you cannot survive, you cannot win. You have to make a straight path. How wonderful that is.

You can become a central figure for your nation, for your state, for your mission. Be a champion to mobilize the spirit world. Pledge before Father. If you pledge with confidence, God will be with you.

When Father first came to America, as he stepped onto the soil of America, he determined to become the central figure of this nation and the spirit world. He had absolute confidence that he would fulfill this course. Father discarded the old text books of patriotism, and created a new one. He created a new formula. He said he could not return to Korea without such a pattern and formula established in this country.

We are all working with the same God as Father is. We are all working with the same spirit world as Father is, so there is no reason why you should not gain the same results. The only thing that is altering the outcome is you, what's in you, and that is your selfishness. With this residue within you, God and spirit world cannot work with you.

Father just matched over one thousand couples in the last couple of days. During this time, his legs wanted to fold up, but Father just scolded them and told them to go on. Father is getting older now, but still he pushes himself on. How can you young ones do any less? If we cannot keep up with Father, you deserve heavenly punishment. You cannot rest, you cannot nap and waste time. The spirit world is wanting to work with you day and night. You cannot stop.

This is truly a new age. Tomorrow is Hyun Jin Nim's holy marriage. He is eighteen years old, and this marriage will mark the completion of a new age. The family of Adam and Noah will be complete. Therefore the entire world will be in a place to welcome the True Parents. From now on the movement will blossom. Spirit world is determined to make this movement blossom. Spirit world has been waiting for this foundation to be firmly laid. Now the target is the young people of twenty years and even eighteen years old. We are to remake them, recreate them. Today, many of the young people belong to the trash can. We are to recreate them. In the Old Testament, it speaks of the Valley of skeletons that will be turned into a heavenly army. This is what is going to happen with the young people. You have to get yourselves excited, full of bubbling enthusiasm. Your younger brothers and sisters are dying, most of them are little more than human trash. Open our doors, welcome them in. When you go back to your centers, you will see only good things happen.

The headwing is a great weapon. Extraordinary things will happen, you will see. There will be no reports today because only good things are going to happen. In the next month, you will feel a real difference. In seven (several?) months time, incredible things will happen in the states. Father's army is working with the established groups, so you go out and concentrate upon connecting with the young people.

The Africa group comes to East Garden and they get excited and enthusiastic about their mission. You cannot get behind them. Go and do your mission with all your heart and all your soul.

It is springtime, it is Father's springtime, it is God's springtime. Go out today and feel the spring in the air. Know it is spring. God bless you.

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