The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Day of Victory of Love

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1987
Unofficial Notes

Indemnity is an important part of restoration.

After WW II, there was an incredible opportunity for America to embrace Father. At that time, America was in the position of Adam, England in the position of Eve, France in the position of Archangel and on the Satanic side, Germany was Adam, Japan was Eve and Italy was Satanic Archangel.

Both England and Japan are island nations, and America is in a son position relative to England. This symbolizes birth through the womb.

In the last days, this line-up of Adam, Eve, and the Archangel is necessary.

WW II involved all nations of the world.

Germany and Japan initiated the war in Satan's tradition.

Korea was previously under Japanese rule, but it gained its own identity as if it were given birth by Japan.

Japan did its absolute best to do evil to Korea. It did its worst during the five years surrounding Father's birth.

The Movement for Independence was from 1919 until 1921.

Father's family was from Manchuria, they became Christians and were most patriotic.

The struggle for liberation climaxed during the years 1940-1944. God allows the maximum peak of difficulty to be reached before liberation or resurrection. This was clear in the case of Korean Liberation. If it had been even three days later, than 15th August 1945, it would have been too late.

Father was working in the underground, preparing.

After liberation, the military government picked people of law to set up the Korean government, but people who were in the Christine underground were not linked at all with the Japanese government.

Essentially there were two main groups. One group was those who were vehemently against the Japanese government, and those who were sympathetic with the Japanese. The second group had usually been to school in Japan, knew Japanese and were more liberal in their attitude towards the Japanese than the others. Those who were outside Korea and therefore had contact with the Japanese government were the Cain group and those who were still in Korea were the Abel group.

Unfortunately, Cain and Abel accused each other as heretics and there was no unity.

Father was in the position to emerge and bring harmony between the two, but both camps were super heretics.

The US military sided with the Cain group.

The American missionaries were able to influence those who had studied abroad, and these were the Cain group.

When the US sided with Cain, the Abel group saw this and decided to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Father was contacting spiritual people as allies. There were many who received messages from heaven to support Father.

Some concern was aroused as Father began to pull together righteous people from both camps. This confrontation effectively brought many into opposition with Father, and they brought political pressure to bare on Father.

So God's expectation for unity and support by Korean Christianity and America was frustrated. Those whom God had hoped to see govern had not fulfilled nor taken their place, and instead North Korea separated from the South through communist conspiracy. Sygmun Rhee (?) The fact that South Korea came under the Cain group also magnified the split with God's will.

According to the will of God, Jesus came on the foundation of a nation. This was meant to be the foundation for the returning Messiah also. However, Korea was taken by Cain, and indeed, effectively, America and Korea tried to destroy Father's messianic movement.

Father therefore had to enter North Korea to set the condition to bring North Korea back to God's side. Pyong Yang had been known as a place where there were the best Christians.

Father made the condition by winning disciples while in jail. In fact, a whole network was set up, and all knew who Father was.

Finally, the UN forces moved north and saved Father by landing at Inchon.

Because of the war, there was much confusion, and many key people left, leaving vacancies and an inadequate foundation that Father needed.

The Unification Church was established for the purpose of establishing the needed foundation. However, there was still incredible persecution form both camps. The Unification Church then became the Abel to the Korean government.

1960 was the height of persecution, and this was also the time God's turning point came. The main opposition came through two prominent University. Many young students were responding to Father, and this deeply concerned the University staff and president.

Eventually, two universities kicked out both students and professors who had joined the Unification Church. Effectively, the universities joined in with the government in persecuting the Unification Church. This indemnity became the basis for the 36, 72, 124 and the 430 Blessings.

People eventually realize that Unification Church is the only one that can win against communism. By 1968, the Unification Church's foundation was firmly set. At this time, Father was in a position to oppose communism and indeed, for three years all the blessed couples were mobilized, completely dedicated for three years. Many even put their children in orphanages if they couldn't leave their children with their own parents or relatives. Such a condition was also the basis for a lot of criticism against the church. Families complained that Father sent members out to be beggars rather than establish families. It was truly a time of life and death, especially regarding their children. Many parents and children parted in tears. There were many tragic situation. All were in a position to sacrifice.

1970 was really a time of gypsy life, a time of sacrifice, and fasting even on birthdays. Father would always fast on his birthday. He would never wear a tie or suit. He would always dress like a laborer. He even gave Sunday sermons without a tie. Father would never sit at a table to eat, he would sit on the floor and use his hands to eat, he didn't even use chopsticks. He did everything like a beggar. This was his way of life until recently.

1970 mobilization was for the sake of the nation. Now, we are mobilizing for the sake of the world.

By 1973, public opinion had been turned around, and people could see that the only real hope for their nation was the Unification Church. It is openly recognized that the Unification Church is a true patriotic movement.

Those who sacrifice most, inherit most. The Unification Church sacrifices most, so it inherits most.

The national foundation of 1945 was lost, but Father rebuilt it by 1972. Now Father is wanting to take everything into the world-wide level. Father has been working to set the conditions and foundation for victory at the world-wide level.

Father came to the United States 18th September, 1971. Initially, everyone welcomed Father. That this Christian nation received Father meant that the previous crime was forgiven. That is, Father's previous rejections by American missionaries in Korea were indemnified by Father's welcome in America. Based upon this victory in America, Father could return to Korea and connect that victory with Korea by inaugurating the IOWC in Korea in 1975. This was a time when the political situation was tense.

Parallels with the time of Jesus, Judaism and the Roman government exist with today's relationships between Christianity, Korea and America.

To indemnify the failures in Jesus' time, the Unification Church, Korea and America must lift up Father. The Cain-type of Christianity must be pushed out.

Because Judaism and Rome crucified Jesus, there was only spiritual restoration. Today, however, because of the unity of Unification Church, Korea and America, there can be both spiritual and physical restoration. So a new era has opened up. Father has won a battle through which the physical and spiritual foundation is set. This is a new opportunity for America. Father declared a victory for Heaven.

Father met with Nixon, and had Nixon listened to Father, he would not have been thrown out of the White House. Because of this failure, Ford was defeated and Carter opposed Father, and Reagan let Father go to prison.

Many thought that prison would be the end of Father, but instead, Danbury became the cross through which Father could bring a victory and indemnify the failures of the presidents. Then, on this victorious Danbury foundation, Father returned to Korea at the end of 1983 to gain a victorious foundation through the VOC rallies. This was a final showdown. Korea responded by lifting Father up. While Father was at Kwan Ju, Satan finally invaded Father's family.

Heung Jin's sacrifice paid the price of the failures of the Unification Church, of Korea and of America. Now, through the Unification Ceremony, there is bridge between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Now those in spiritual world and make a connection with True Parents, which was impossible until this time. So through unity with Heung Jin, there can be substantial unity with True Parents. So Christians, especially can connect with Heung Jin centered upon Jesus.

Today we celebrate the Victory of Love. This victory was not gained by Adam and Eve. Instead it has been won through Heung Jin Nim. Because there has previously been no True Parents, there has been no bridge or gate to the spiritual world, so those in spiritual world could not come down to connect with the physical world. So there could be no spiritual growth and giving revelations was most difficult.

Only by sending on representative to the Spiritual World could a gate be permanently established between Spiritual World and True Parents.

Because of the fall, there was no realm of True Love. Instead, the realm of death was established. Now, through Heung Jin's sacrifice, the realm of True Love has been established, the gate has been opened. Therefore there was no room for sorrow.

The greatest sacrifices made were by Heung Jin Nim and Father's Danbury course. Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice indemnified the failure of Jesus' time and Father's sacrifice in Danbury indemnified this nations failures. SO a new era began.

1983, 1984, and 1985 were times of this incredible indemnity and victory.

Abel until now has been overshadowed by Cain. Father is pushing this Cain back, and so is mobilizing everyone in 1987 for the sake of the entire world.

Father didn't have to go to Danbury, it was voluntary. Also, Father allowed the sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim for the sake of Christianity.

father has now returned to the front line for the sake of the world. Father gathered 7,000 ministers' support. Father did all he could to raise Reagan, but Reagan was not courageous enough. Therefore Father will go again to raise another.

This time is similar to four years after WW II. Now we have THE opportunity to reach the world. Father is active in so many ways: AULA (unity of Latin American countries), PWPA, ICUS, media and many other things. This in for the sake of saving America and saving the world.

This is the victory of True Love. While Father was in Danbury, evil was crumbling. There will be Godism in the senate. There is presently the left-wing parties and the right-wing parties, but soon there will be the head-wing party. This head-wing will emerge.

This is the first opportunity of restoration since 1945, this is a new beginning.

1986, 1987, 1988 are the most crucial years for restoration. There will be a change of government.

Upon the victory of love, death is conquered, and the Satanic force will retreat. Unless we follow Father, there will be no hope.

The foundation is set for you and humanity. The Unification Church can take off its sign some day, for it exists not for itself but for the sake of the world. All creation is waiting for this goal to be achieved.

Father wants to mobilize everyone to create a new Israel.

1945 + 40 = 1985, then add three years for the creation of the new Israel.

The Unification Church is in the world-wide Egypt, and in 1988 there will be an exodus into Canaan. Israel suffered 430 years in Egypt.

Father came here to save America, so he will not leave until he can bring out a new America.

We must set conditions to mobilize spiritual world. We have to set a new tradition, put patriotic posters everywhere, on buildings and trees, go everywhere. We must launch a new wave of patriotism. This mobilization is to begin January 4th. We must pick and support God-centered representatives, senators and president.

We do not know the time, only Father knows the time.

Who thought you could reach the goal of 70 million signatures in 70 days? You didn't know the time. Only Father knows the time.

Now we will sound the trumpet with posters calling for "One World Under God. Let us unite to save America". Our goal is to enter the world-wide level land of Canaan.

To be victorious, we have to interested in more than ourselves. We have to set a new tradition of serving a purpose higher than ourselves.

Father suffered incredibly for this present foundation. How can we not willingly mobilize ourselves and bring a victory. It is your turn now. Already 1986 is passed, there is only two years left. Let's do it!

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