The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Unification of the Fatherland

Rev Sun Myung Moon
January, 1, 1987
Unofficial Notes

The motto for 1987 is Unification of the Fatherland.

"This can be done centering upon the True Love of God alone", Father proclaimed, "through absolute unity."

The following are some excerpts from the January 1st midnight speech.

If there had been no fall, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have been established at the beginning, and we would be living in the Unified Fatherland on Earth.

The Fall brought about separation, so there is no unified kingdom. There is separation white from black, west from east, both racial and cultural separation.

There has been separation within the individual, in the family, clans, society, nations and within the world throughout history.

The process of war is the process of separation where each entity competes with the other, and the dominant power takes over. History is a history of war and struggle between good and evil.

After the fall, there was a change in the human character. Sometimes people are good and sometimes they are evil. But what God really needs is people of unchanging character. So the purpose of religion is to create soldiers on the good and holy side, to create people who are dependable and unchanging. So the religious life engenders characteristics of endurance, boldness and steadfastness.

Essentially all the major religions are moving toward a common purpose and toward God. There will be one Fatherland of all religions. There is one God of all religions and ultimately there will be no need for religion.

To bring history to an end it is most important for humanity to know the definition of good and evil.

Good always maintains an unchanging character like God.

Evil meanwhile is always changing and eventually diminishes.

The original mind and body of the human being are completely communicable. The fall established a virtually unbreakable shield between the mind and body, so there is little or no communication. The carnal body is the stage of Satan and the mind is the stage of God.

This is the common principle of religion is to deny the desire of the body and center upon the mind.

The most perfect base for Satan in ourselves is selfishness.

The definition of a good man is one who sacrifices themselves for the sake of others.

An evil man is one who, centering upon himself, sacrifices others for his own gains.

Saints are those who sacrifice themselves for the purpose of goodness, that is they sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, their nation and the world.

The ultimate question is "How can we make unification possible?" There are only two ways: a) conquer the body by the will of the mind b) by the extraordinary power of the mind, give the body no room to move.

Religion does two things: a) subjugates the body b) gives enormous spiritual strength to the mind such that the body has to follow the mind.

Therefore the religious person, though physically weak or feeble, can gain spiritual inspiration or revelation. This then ignites and empowers the individual with new energy and power.

Still, how can we unit the world? How did Satan come into being within me? We have to analyze this. Through Divine Principle we understand the human body is Satan's heir since we stem from the wrong root. Therefore we have to a) shock the body, and b) cleanse the body.

The Principle of Unification is this: We must create absolute unity centering upon the True Love of God alone.

Due to the fall, we are like the wild olive tree. Fallen humanity is like a forest. It is God's Will that there be one True Olive Tree.

When you read the Bible with a sincere and serious heart you can understand that this is the same message Jesus taught. He said "You must drink my blood and eat of my flesh", that is, you must become as my flesh and blood, engrafted onto the new tree so there is no evil lineage remaining. If there is no evil lineage, there is no base for Satan to attack. So we are waiting for the new forest to emerge after the fall and winter of history.

Unification of the Fatherland is not a simple statement. It is a profound statement. It cannot come into being without the unified individual, family, clan, society, nation and world. Without the unified individual, there is no substance to anything. It is God's Will and the destiny of humankind for this to happen. This is but an excerpt of the midnight speech. The following is a summary of Father's message for '87 that he built his God's Day speeches around:

I. Unification of the Individual: Kei Tongil

1. Unification between mind/heart and God
2. Unification of body and God
3. Union of mind, body and God
4. Individual (truth body) unity with God in love
5. Heaven and Earth and parents totally united in love.

II. Unification of the Family

1. Unity of love of parents
2. Unity of husband and wife in love
3. Unity of love between brothers and sisters
4. Physical experience of Holy True Love
5. Mutual responsibility of husband and wife in love

III. Unification of the Clan

1. Center the clan on the love of the chief of the clan
2. Equality of every individual family love
3. Practice the way of life in love, that is, love other families first
4. Practice the six directions, or universal service of neighbors
5. Practice the way of live of love and duty for the sake for the world
6. Practice the way of life of love with the highest standard of morals and ethics

IV. Unification of the Tribe

1. Inherit Heaven's Tradition through love.
2. Love and trust the tribe leader
3. Observe the order of society and unify the society in love
4. Practice brotherly love centering upon the family
5. Practice responsible and moral love for the well being of the world
6. Love the creation with ideal love

V. Unification of the Nation

1. Re-manifestation and recreation of the spirit and love of the ideal tribe
2. Love of the country proceeds the love of parents
3. Secure a Heavenly system and unselfish love through service
4. Experience unification of love with parents and Heaven and Earth
5. Inherit the Heavenly Kingdom through the realm of Heavenly love and trust
6. National unity in love and service

VI. Unification of the World

1. Inherit ideal love which transcends nationality and tribe
2. The foremost and most import thing in the universe is life centering upon the love of True Parents
3. Practice love that guarantees equality of all people and engenders a spirit of service to humanity
4. Practice sacrificial love for world peace
5. Practice faith, love and service for the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven
6. Unite into one through True Parent's love in Heaven and on Earth and brotherly love

VII. Unification of Both Heavens (Heaven in Heaven and Heaven on Earth)

1. Practice love during your earthly life (the workshop on earth), and so enter the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven
2. Practice absolute love of humankind for the sake of others
3. Practice unselfish love for the sake of others for your entire life
4. Become a public person able to inherit historical tradition and treasure
5. Become a person who respects unchanging love6. Practice the way of life of adoration and attendance and longing for True Parents on earth and in heaven
7. Become a righteous person of peace through joy, service and love
8. Become a person of good character, favored and liked by all kinds of people

General Conclusion

On the road toward unification, there shall be Heavenly Will and support always.

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