The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Children's Day and the Unification of the Fatherland

Sun Myung Moon
November 21, 1987
World Mission Center
Translator: Sang Kil Han

Main Pledge Ceremony at the World Mission Center on Children's Day.

Your homeland is the country in which you were born, after many generations of ancestors. We in this room represent many different homelands, but when we trace back through all our ancestries, back to the beginning, hundreds of thousands of years ago, we will find only one homeland. All our ancestries must have begun from one cultural background, one family in one homeland.

As we learn from the Bible, the lineage is to be passed down through the elder son. However, when we look around us today, we can find no individual or race who can claim, "I am the mainstream of the tradition that has been passed on, unmixed and pure, from generation to generation." Nevertheless, no matter where we come from or where we are now, we all want such a pure, consistent flow of tradition that we can take pride in. Why hasn't tradition been maintained in a pure and simple way? Clearly, it is a result of the human fall. One way of explaining the fall is to say that the human lineage changed from the pure and right into something else.

Purifying Our Lineage

Into whose lineage have people been transferred? We know it is Satan's. So we ought to feel, "Yes, in my blood is Satan's lineage. To cleanse and purify it is my work and God's desire' But does anyone of us feel that strongly about it? Even though reason and logic direct us to this understanding, few of us really feel that strongly about it. Even Moonies would rather avoid thinking about it.

How strong is your urge to escape from this situation, to throw away all the sinfulness within you? Suppose a righteous person tried to squeeze the sinfulness out of your body so that you could become pure. Would you say, "Oh, it hurts," or would you say, "Thank you for helping me get rid of that poison. I am so grateful that I am being cleansed"?

It is a historic privilege that we have discovered the truth about our fallen lineage, and it is our historic task to cleanse and transfer that lineage back to goodness. It is a truly momentous undertaking. What does it take for a person to change his state back to goodness? Is it man's work alone? Is it God's work alone? We know it takes the tremendous, painful, all-out effort of both God and man to change our lineage back to the original.

This false lineage, expanded from the individual to the family, society, nation, and even the whole world, has created Satan's realm. There is now no place on earth that God can claim as totally His own. If someone comes along and tries to take someone or something away from Satan's territory, do you think Satan will ignore that person's effort, not caring whether he succeeds? No, not at all. Satan will never allow even the smallest part of his territory to be taken away freely.

Although human beings originally belong to God, today it is Satan who is reigning over us. Satan can claim, "You have created all things through love, God, and You have dominion over the world through love. But even though I never reached the perfection stage of love, I did get to the top of the growth stage, so I have dominion over everything below that level." Furthermore, Satan can say to us, "Unless you have a higher tradition of love than I have achieved, you cannot claim anything from me:" We must seriously ask ourselves what it takes to get the better of that false tradition. The one thing we can do is to deny our self-centered desires: deny all of our links to the satanic domain. Even unto death, we must deny them, preferring to go to the spirit world rather than be held by those physical ties that connect us to the false foundation. To deny the evil lineage, we have to belong somewhere else. Only when our love for God is stronger than our will to live can we begin to move our fallen lineage into the original one.

A Stronger Bond With God

Centering on God, then, are we supposed to go around and kick down what Satan has built up and nurtured? No, violence is not our standard of denial. The true denial of Satan's bond is to have a stronger bond with God.

Let's look at what Jesus did. Instead of trying to retaliate against the enemies who were piercing his body with a spear, Jesus prayed for God to forgive them. Was Jesus cowardly? Was he inferior and unable to do anything more powerful? When I came to the United States, trying to bring goodness here, the people repaid me with antagonism and eventually put me into prison. Why didn't I become righteously indignant and just judge them? Am 1 a coward?

We know clearly that to be heavenly citizens we must not only love God the most strongly but also love other people, including our enemies. Before Lucifer became Satan, he was a being whom Adam and Eve were to love. This is Satan's claim before God: "Even though I fell into an unprincipled existence, You have the responsibility to love me. Unless you love me to the point where I say You have truly loved me, You cannot regain Your dominion over the world' This is a legitimate claim, according to the Principle. Hence, before we can go to heaven, we have to love not only God but also the unprincipled, fallen world, because originally it was in the position to be loved by God.

Thus, we have a most perplexing, complicated task. We must first love our enemy, including Satan, and yet we must also cut off our ties with our enemy at the same time! In order to satisfy these two conditions, we cannot help but go to the most difficult, painful places with our own two feet. In the most trying situations, we must love Satan as well as cut our ties with the false lineage. Satan is pushing us into the most agonizing circumstances, driving us even to the point of death. In order to change our lineage, even when we are about to shed our blood and die we must cling desperately to God, loving Him more than life. Whenever we face great danger such as this, we must recognize that if we maintain our oneness with God, we will be given new life once we go to the spirit world. We have to be able to say, "I would rather die and stay with God than live and stay with the old fallen lineage of Satan."

When we accomplish this monumental task, we can bravely confront Satan, saying, "Let me go to where I originally belong. I truly love you, but you know you must let me go." Then Satan will sign a release form that says, "Yes, you may go to Heaven. That is where you belong because you truly love me." Each and every one of us must have that paper signed by Satan. Do you have such a signed release form? If you never get that paper signed and cannot go to Heaven, where else will you go? Understanding this, then, if someone demands that you take up your own cross and follow Jesus, ordering you to go and be crucified as he was, will you agree to it?

Complete Denial Of Satan

The deepest human desire is to become one with God. That is what we want above and beyond everything else. Secondly, we want to become God's descendants, God's children. Thirdly, we want God's Kingdom on the earth. And fourthly, we want to live in Heaven centered upon God. But because of the fall, everything turned out completely the opposite. Satan's dominion started from those parents who fell. They gave birth to the first offspring much as they were originally destined to, but with the significant difference that those births were centered not on God but on Satan. That was the only difference, but it was a world of difference!

To return to the original position is to do away with our satanic lineage and restore our ties with God. That means we need to be liberated from the four fallen positions. First, we who are one with Satan want to be liberated from Satan's love. Secondly, we who became Satan's descendants want to be liberated from Satan's lineage. Thirdly, we want to be liberated from Satan's world. Fourthly, we want to be liberated from Satan's hell in the spirit world. We cannot hold onto God's kingdom with the right hand and Satan's kingdom with the left. The only way to have any part of God's realm is by the complete dismissal and denial of Satan's realm. If even a small part of Satan remains in us, Satan will come and say, "Here is proof that you belong to me. You cannot get away!"

We have been talking so much about heaven, but how do you propose to go there? It is very obvious that what we eat, what we wear, what we speak, and so forth, all belong to Satan. How are we different from the people who live within the satanic world?

Although since the fall all things were claimed by Satan, a law has come into being whereby, when you sprinkle something you buy with holy salt, the ownership completely changes. That law works. We have been observing that law, haven't we?

What about language? You can't holy salt your tongue and say, "Now I can speak any language and it will be God's." Instead, we must say, "I have been a captive, like the Israelites in Egypt -- a prisoner of war. I am originally God's citizen, but the enemy took me into Egypt and taught me their language. Now I am gaining back the original language, by learning Korean, even though I am slow" At least you know a few words, like "anyong hashimnikka." And you can say some of the alphabet. That's evidence that your true language is Korean.

Father and Mother listen intently to reports at the leaders' conference, November 22, 1987.

The Law of Holy Salt

Do you really make it a practice to holy salt a place before you sit there, so that you can say you are sitting on God's land and nobody else's? If you don't, you'd better start doing so immediately. This is why I taught you the condition of blowing three times to consecrate something if you can't use holy salt. If you come across the most handsome man or beautiful woman imaginable and you happen to brush against that person in passing, you should holy salt your hand or shoulder or else blow on it three times. Cleanse that connection. You shouldn't want to think about the incident again. You don't have to show everyone what you are doing. You can dust yourself off within your own mind, but you must do it very firmly.

How do you know this law about holy salt is an active law? How can you trust my teachings? I have taught you not some ordinary principle but the Divine Principle, which is all-encompassing. This is why it is divine. If we apply the Principle, all problems can be solved, no matter how complicated.

I did not first speak the Principle and then test it out and prove it. No, I first tested and accomplished it, gained approval from God and also Satan, and then taught it to you. Therefore nobody can deny it.

You call me Father. True Father means there is only one. And true cannot mean true to Satan and to God, but only to God. The opposite of true is false. False father means fallen father, the father on Satan's side. When we say "True Father" it can only mean the father who is on God's side.

Today is Children's Day. Without True Parents, true children can never come into existence. True Parents and true children are related through love. If this relationship were rendered as the trunk of a tree, how big would that trunk be? Would it be thin and willowy, or so thick and strong that nothing could cut it down? As true children, how strong is your tie to the True Father?

You Are the Victor!

Maybe we will have to test it sometime. You may have a strong relationship with True Father, but then Satan comes along with a baseball bat made of iron. Satan's iron bat is your first love. That first love will strike very hard at you, to see how strong the tie is between you and the True Parents. Something ought to break then. So let the bat break! Because your love relationship with the True Parents is stronger than Satan's love relationship, that iron bat will be broken. What good news!

If all 5 billion people of the world got together to attack the relationship between you and the True Parents, what would happen? Would you say, "Gee, I never thought about it. I don't really know what would happen"? No! You will say, "I am confident. My tie with the True Parents is so strong that it's going to last through anything, believe me"

Then I will shout out, "You are the victor!" God will be so excited that He will say with enormous passion, "You are really my true children!" God will be out of His mind with joy.

Then suppose all the satanic nations got together and said, "We've got to do something about this or we'll lose everything" The presidents and kings of all the fallen nations might meet at the United Nations to try everything possible to cut the ties between you and the True Parents. Which side will break then, the Moonie side or the other side? Ah, how wonderful for God to see the Moonies making that kind of effort! He will say, "Mansei!" Are you strong enough for God to shout mansei to you?

When Satan sees such a scene, he will think, "Oh, all those presidents weren't strong enough. I will go myself and stop the Moonies" Then Satan will come with all his minions, determined to launch the ultimate attack against the Moonies' faith, confident that they will break at last.

What will happen? When we hold and don't break, not only will God shout another "Mansei!" but also all the people in hell will shout "Mansei!" The whole universe will echo with the joyful Manseis of every living being.

A real Moonie is centered on True Parents. We have seen that the whole world did indeed conspire together, with all the powers of government and religion, and gave their strongest blow against Rev. Moon. But did Rev. Moon's strong love for God break, or did the strong blows against Rev. Moon give way? Satan knows he did his best and still couldn't break me. Now that I have held up under such blows, whose turn is next?

Hyo Jin Nim and his band greet the audience at the Manhattan Center on Children's Day, after playing 15 of Hyo Jin Nim's 40 newly composed songs. Left to right: Jin Hyung Kim, Won Suk Lee, Hyo Jin Nim, Jin Kun Kim, and Jin Man Kwak.

The Two Aspects We Share

On God's side, True Parents are the champion of all champions, the super-champions. After witnessing the most powerful of Satan's attacks, even the satanic world recognizes who the champion is -- the champion of God who won over Satan.

Whoever claims to be a child of the super-champions, the True Parents, has to be a true child. True Parents can only have true children. The relationship is one of true love, but before that, it is one of true lineage. You may not look like me at all, but there need be only two aspects of unmistakable resemblance between you and me. The first is that you love God with the strongest love, as I do. The second is that we share the same determination to win over Satan, not by hating Satan but by denying everything satanic and gaining dominion over Satan instead. As long as we share these two common points, then we are related as True Father and true children.

Also, true children are the ones who consistently follow the True Parents wherever they go. If True Parents climb a high mountain, the children don't say, "I'm too tired to do that." True Parents' destination is the homeland. If the True Parents completely disappear, then you know you can ask God where they are.

However, you should all get together and ask Him collectively, not individually. Where, then, should you all meet? You reply, "In the Fatherland," but where is that? Korea is not yet God's country, is it? We call Korea the Fatherland because it is the place where True Parents were born. Actually, True Father was born in what is now North Korea, so that is where the Unification Church's hometown is. God, Satan, and all the spirit world definitely know where Father was born.

Now you are saying that you will all go to North Korea, gather in the town where I was born, and pray to God to find your direction. But how do you propose to cross over the border into North Korea? That border is the most viciously protected borderline in the world, and the soldiers posted there would shoot you without hesitation. Kim Il Sung is in the position of the father of the evil side, and the people of North Korea have to call him their father.

Meanwhile, one Rev. Moon in South Korea is saying, "I am the father of the South Korean people."

The Children's Time To Fight

Actually, the super-champion can no longer fight anybody; it wouldn't be fair, for he cannot be defeated. However, his children can fight. This is the Children's Age, the children's time to fight. Thus the True Parents can go to Africa, for example, and stay there, while the children all go to Korea. After they unite and establish the country for God, they can invite the Parents back there. I have been fighting and struggling all my life. Should I gain this victory, too, and then tell all the unworthy Moonies they can follow me to Korea and settle down with me? Or is this your fight to build this country and then usher in the True Parents? You should be able to say, "Father and Mother, this is the country we have built for God. Let's live here together."

If I have fought the battle on every level and won, do you think there is any way for Satan to accuse me? But what about the true children? In the strictest sense, true children are the ones who are qualified to inherit the rights of the True Parents. You may not actually be such worthy people; nevertheless, since you are the true children you have to understand deeply who the True Parents are. The True Parents can go anywhere and be received. Since the true children inherit that right, then wherever they go, the same thing must happen. This is why we have to be strong and bold now so that nobody can come against us.

Are we going to do this because some strong Moonie is pointing a gun at us and saying, "Do this, or else"? No. Even though nobody tells us what to do, we know what our goal is and we are going to accomplish it. The women should go first because North Korea, the satanic country, represents the archangel, and Eve was enticed by the archangel, bringing about the fall.

Wouldn't the Unification women's corps be wiped out in the fight against the violent North Korean soldiers? Words are easy, but actions are not. I know how hard your job will be, but you don't. All the blessed women in Korea have already been mobilized to go into the cities and villages to work and witness. Those women are your seniors, having been blessed before you. Since they have built the tradition, it is your turn to follow in their wake.

How proud you will be for the rest of history if, at this one critical time, all you blessed women go to Korea and fight this holy struggle and win! Because of one woman, Eve, the world has come to such incredible misery. Now many women together will restore that position. How historically cherished this event will be!

Good Queens

You are not going to fight literally, with guns and ammunition. You have another weapon -- true love. But how will you exercise your love in the face of such viciousness?

Since Kim Il Sung is acting as the bad king, you wives will be in the position of good queens. American women like that title. Most American women have enjoyed a queenly position here within the American family system. God has been training American women to become queens. You have money, lots of jewelry, and plenty of power.

So let's mobilize all our "jewelry." As you may know, in North Korea all resources are focused on building up arsenals of weapons. The people there are among the hungriest people in the world, since all their money goes for the military. So the American queens will go there and say to the people, "You are hungry, aren't you? We will send you food and clothing" If the American queens give everything they own to the North Koreans, do you think they will respond, "We would rather fight you"? No, certainly not. If the people in North Korea are fed and housed as well as people here in the United States, why would they want to fight?

We Moonies are not living an extravagant life. In fact, we are sometimes hungry, we don't wear nice clothing, we always work hard, and we sleep little. Even so, if we give everything we own and earn to North Korean families -- not to Kim Il Sung but to the people -- they will know what we are doing for them. They will not want to fight us. They will be grateful.

The last time I went to Korea I established the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland. I have been working hard so that no individual or group will want to oppose our work. By now, every Korean knows that nobody can work more effectively for the unification of North and South Korea than Rev. Moon. They know that if Rev. Moon wants to do something, he can do it. That is why people don't oppose us any longer. Knowing that now is just the right time for this work, I gave the motto for 1987: "The Unification of the Fatherland."

For the first time in history, Cain will follow Abel's road. I have been preparing this historic changing point, the turnaround in the Cain and Abel path. Abel will take the leadership in South Korea, and North Korea, dominated by Cain, will have to respond and follow. Until now, North Korea has always taken the initiative -- militarily and in other ways. Now the South Koreans will be the ones to initiate unification, with Rev. Moon in the forefront, followed by many Unification Church members and in turn by the rest of the people of South Korea.

Four multiplied by seven equals 28, the perfect number for each direction, the full number. This happens to be the 28th anniversary of Children's Day. On this day, my message has been for you to take the initiative and build the homeland with your own hands in order to inherit the rights of the True Parents. At the age of 28, I went to North Korea to pay indemnity by going to jail. Now this 28th birthday of the Unification Church's children is the day of liberation -- not imprisonment. Our gathering together today and pledging that we will undertake this task is truly historic.

Another advantage we have now is the support of the spirit world, centering on Heung Jin Nim. Now that my work is so well-established on the earth, the spirit world is gradually descending to help us. Until now, that was not possible. When we pledge to God that we will win this holy struggle and bring the victory, not only Heung Jin Nim but all of our ancestry will be able to give us constant advice about what to do and how to do it, so that they too will be able to settle down as we can.

Heung Jin Nim is in the position of elder son, while all of you are in the second son's position. Even though you are much older than the True Children, you still consider them your elder brothers and sisters, don't you? Hyo Jin is younger than almost all of you, but you still call him "elder brother Hyo Jin Nim." Even Jeung Jin, the youngest daughter, you still refer to as "my elder sister Jeung Jin Nim."

Whenever Cain and Abel become one, God can come down and complete His work. S. when we unite with Heung Jin Nim and follow him into Korea to work, we will be winning a foundation of victory there.

Now you know that wherever you go and whatever you do, if you go into battle 100 times, you will win a victory 100 times. No defeat is possible. You have been learning a great deal from Heung Jin Nim, haven't you, in the past three or four days? You have become a strong, tightly-knit group, so that when you receive direction from me, you will just instantly work to fulfill it. In this way God can bring immediate victorious results.

You Will Be Founding Members

You should understand how difficult Heung Jin Nim's position initially was. He worked very hard in the spirit world to make a foundation here on earth so that he could descend, and now he can teach you directly. Therefore, you must learn your lessons from him with the greatest respect and with the most serious attention.

You will all go to Korea soon enough, especially you women, so you must have $4,000 ready to support yourselves there. I trust you are continuing to prepare for that. You go to help, not burden, the Korean members and families. Your going to assist in the unification of Korea will make you like the founding members of the homeland. The credit accorded you will benefit both your descendants and your ancestors.

At that point, there will be no more borderlines on earth or in the spirit world. People will be able to move around freely everywhere, and the spirit world will be able to come to earth anytime it wishes. This is just the way the world was created to be.

You have a double purpose: to work directly for the establishment of the Fatherland and to accomplish the foundation for your own ancestry and descendants. The desire of the True Parents, as well as God, is to regain the true Fatherland. The rest of 1987 and the year 1988 will be your rare opportunity to fulfill this desire. Those who pledge: "Yes, we will now unite together strongly and advance toward the inevitable victory and the unification of the Fatherland of North and South Korea," raise your hands. God bless you. 

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