The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

True Person and True Love

Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1987
Selected Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 168
Towards the True World

When you think about the title, "Towards the True World," who is the true man and the true woman? Who is the true person? When we make the final definition, it should not be derived from money or knowledge.

Then, who is the true person? What kind of man will be the true person? When gazing into the eyes of the true person, you will realize that they do not issue demands ordering, "You must be such and such a person." There is no restriction as, if you are from the east, than you must stay in the east. Love does not restrict you. It gives freedom to move from east to west, from west to south, from south to north, and from the edge to the center. Such is love.

This is the reason why love is wonderful. However strict a grandfather may be, when his grandson jumps onto him, he will welcome his grandson with open hands. Why is this? What makes this possible? This is because of the love of the grandfather. If he rejects his grandson by kicking him; later, even if he calls him asking, "Please come here," the grandson will never come near him.

When looking at the physiological structure of man, each has five senses. Then, what is the human essence that rejoices with these sensations that man experiences through the five senses? How are the essence and the senses connected? Only by following the way of love, will all five senses truly rejoice.

This is why, when acting centering on love, all senses become one -- senses of eyes, ears, nose and tongue become as one at the same time as all sensations of touch unite as one. Your eyes are moving left and right like this. But, they will go where love is. Nose as well will be looking for where love is. Likewise, your mouth and ears want to go where love dwells. Your entire being -- spirit and body -- and your physiological and biological essences will focus on this one point. This is like buds, which always focus on and follow the sun when the sun rises in the morning, even though trees and grasses are moving freely.

Thus, in the family, a filial child is needed. In the nation, patriots are wanted and in the world, saints are desired. Who is a saint? In general, saints have lived their lives centered on God. Look at Buddha, Confucius, Mohamed, and Jesus. All of them are the founders of new religions. They were religious leaders. Then, how did the founders of religions become saints?

They all loved people as they loved God. Since God is the eternal subject, they loved all the people with the love that they developed to be able to embrace their eternal subject. They loved with this love all people, desiring to embrace them forever. Thus, their breathing, their lifestyle, even all their biological functions were manifested as the expression of this love.

God must have to pay attention to these saints. All humanity must be interested in them. Because of this, their teachings transcend thousands and tens of thousands of years of history. You should recognize that these teachings are beyond time and space.

Who, then, are saints? They are the ones who can follow the rules of the palace. Of course, they must keep the social order. But, if the nation has a palace, they must keep the laws of the palace. If there is a palace of the Heavenly Kingdom and there are laws of royalty that apply to the royal troops centered on God, they must follow the laws. By doing so, they become saints.

What did Jesus want to establish first, upon coming to this world? He set up to live according to the constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom, rather than following the external environment of the world. Accordingly, all deeds that he conducted in this world reflected Jesus' aspiration to attend God at all times in the ideal environment that he envisioned. His conviction was that the nation of his desire will reign where God is the sovereign -- God's Heavenly Kingdom would reign on this earth -- after this world passes away at the last days. This was the law of the palace.

In order to keep this law, what should be your center? You must follow the law by your heart and love. Before anyone teaches the law, you must be living such a life. Starting from the family, nation, the world and Heavenly Kingdom, what is the most precious and unchanging essential content that you must be equipped with? Or, what is the center of the fundamental content that can be the standard of peace, happiness and ideal? This is true love. 

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