The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Global, Universal Root for God's New Culture

Sun Myung Moon
September 1, 1987
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Father and Mother at September 1 Birthday Celebration.

Almost all the leaders of the Unification Church in America have gathered here this morning. I want to ask you to truly take charge of your missions in this country while Mother and I go to Korea on another providential mission in that part of the world.

As you know, Korea is a microcosm of the world and the connecting point of the Eastern and Western cultures. Korean history is quite unique. Korea, unlike America, is a truly homogeneous nation and has struggled to preserve the purity of its culture and lineage without compromising or being assimilated by the great powers surrounding it. Especially important, Korea has upheld the tradition of purity and loyalty among its own people, particularly its women.

Undaunted Faith

The Korean people have endured incredible humiliation and persecution from other countries. Through it all, they have demonstrated great patience, perseverance, and endurance, always thinking that the day will come when their country will blossom and all the accumulated suffering of the past will be cleared away. Although Korea is a small nation, Koreans have a special pride, thinking, "Someday, we will be above the great powers!"

For reasons explicable only by the hand of Providence, the Korean people have been subjected to a history of extreme suffering inflicted upon them from outside. For example, the current painful division of Korea was imposed upon them because of the confrontation between communism and freedom. Through it all, the Korean people have consistently demonstrated their undaunted religious faith in God and prayerful mind, asking God's guidance and assistance so that someday they might be delivered.

Normally, when people encounter suffering, they rebel against God, asking, "God, how can You let us suffer so much?" But the Korean people, even in the midst of tremendous suffering, have steadfastly been obedient and faithful to God, telling God, "We will never abandon You. We know You are with us. There is some reason for our suffering; therefore, we are going to bear it and do Your will."

God has been looking forward to finding one nation, one people, who demonstrate over and over again the kind of patience, perseverance, undying faith, and loyalty to God that can be harnessed and matured in the Last Days of human history. God has been working through all the major religions of the world, but in the Last Days, God needs to harvest from a central point of one chosen nation and people -- Korea.

Although Buddhism was founded in India and later moved to China and Japan, it blossomed and crystallized in its finest form in the Korean culture. The time of the Shilla dynasty in Korea, about 1500 years ago, was the golden age of Buddhist civilization. That era of great prophets and monks surpasses any other time or place in Buddhist history.

Similarly, Confucianism began in China but was implanted in Korea during the 500 years of the Yi dynasty; Confucianism reached its peak in the hands of great Korean scholars.

Birthplace of a New Truth

Christianity, which was introduced to Korea only about 100 years ago, has become the backbone of the Korean culture. In its politics, economics, social structure, education, and other fields, Korea is now one of the most Christianized countries in the Orient. It is probably the most Christian nation in the world in terms of the fervor and vitality of its faith. Christianity is experiencing extraordinary growth in Korea today, while in the rest of the world -- Europe, America, and Latin America -- it is generally declining. This is an incredible phenomenon in the late 20th century.

Thus, we can see that the greatest of all the world religions, although founded elsewhere, actually enjoyed their golden age when they came to the Korean peninsula. The Korean people, then, have been accustomed to these three major religious ways of life.

What is the goal of God? The unification of the world under God and a peaceful world for all humanity. God is seeking first those people who have the ideal of creating one world under God -- Unificationism -- and, secondly, those people who practice peace. World unity under God begins with an ideology that can unite all major religions and can expand into political and social unification as well, with the goal of world peace.

According to the Principle, God will abundantly bless those who accept suffering as their destiny for the sake of fulfilling God's providential will. Korea has demonstrated a peaceful attitude over and over again in its history. Over 930 times, Korea was invaded. It never failed to repel the invaders, but at the same time Korea demonstrated peace because it never invaded others. The Korean people have been uniquely chosen and trained to fulfill God', providence. Historically and logically, we can conclude that the Korean nation has been chosen to be the birthplace of a new truth, the Principle, the superior ideology of love.

In Jin Nim and her husband Jin Sung Nim at her September 1 birthday celebration at East Garden.

Deep Spiritual Heritage

When you, as a foreigner, go to Korea and meet the people of that country face-to-face, you will find that they genuinely and deeply embrace you. It is not a superficial gesture or just for their own selfish benefit. They sincerely love and give in a selfless way. As many visitors testify, you feel very welcomed by these people who come from such a deep, heartistic tradition.

At the same time, you feel that you also want to extend your love to these people. You can readily embrace them. The Korean people have been nurtured through their deep spiritual and historical heritage specifically for their providential mission. The Koreans are truly loving, but at the same time they cannot stand injustice. They never fail to repel injustice wherever they find it.

From this prepared culture and background, one central figure must emerge. He should be a person who can embrace, digest, and transcend all religious backgrounds with a principle that can not only unify all religions and create a peaceful world on the horizontal level but also bring about vertical unity between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Such a universal ideology must be based on the eternal principle of true love.

True Father is that central figure, and the Unification Church is the particular vehicle born to fulfill this task. The Unification Church has no aggressive or invading intention. Unification truth is centered upon salvation and the spirit of liberation. Ultimately, with the spiritual and physical worlds united together, we ought to liberate God. Who shall do it? That task must be given to the true people representing God's history. Historically, they must be those who live and practice true love, by which the environment and the people of the world will be melted into one. The Korean people show this kind of embracing love and forgiveness. They are a compassionate people capable of elevating others into salvation.

Knowing the significance of the Republic of Korea, why have I spent such a long time pouring my heart and soul and sweat into America? Simply because it is my first mission to embrace worldwide Christianity, the most essential religion upon which God's dispensation rests. God is working upon the worldwide base of Christianity in the United States.

Truth Without Compromise

I have been desperately pushing you every minute and second of the day because the dispensational time and hour will not wait. We have to capture the opportunity -- or lose it. The most important opportunity in all of history has been these 43 years, from 1945 to 1988, which indemnifies the 4,000 years of past history. The final three years, 1986-1988, are the culmination period.

This 43-year period began in 1945, after the liberation of Korea and the end of World War II. The three years of 1946, 1947, and 1948 were the most confusing and chaotic period in the world. Every major country, East and West, experienced tremendous confusion in all fields -- political, economic, religious, and social. This situation is finding its parallel during the years 1986-1988. In this drastically changing world, there must be one theme born, one love that is unchanging from alpha to omega.

My teaching has been absolutely the same from beginning to end, the same 40 years ago as it is today. If God is ever to accomplish the restoration of this fluctuating world, such an absolute unchanging truth must emerge, be tested by all kinds of circumstances, and forge ahead without any compromise. This has been the pattern of my life for the last 40 years.

On the national level, the Korean people and nation are the first to persecute me. Then other Asian nations persecuted me. Then the worldwide religions persecuted me. One wave after another, each greater than the next, swept over me, yet I did not change. Finally, the U.S. government concocted charges and sent me to prison. But prison did not change me either. That public opinion is now changing testifies to the unbending and undaunted victorious foundation I have laid in the last 40 years under the most incredible waves of attack and unjust persecution.

My mission is moving very dramatically into the final stages. One after another, I am tackling gigantic missions here in America and in Korea. The formation year of 1986 is already over. There are only four months left to go in 1987. The completion or perfection year, 1988, is the year of the turn-around, when the tide is reversed. This morning I prayed that the spiritual world and the physical world could unite in a concerted effort toward the final goal. So far, the God-centered side has always been on the defensive and the satanic side has been on the offensive. Now the heavenly side will take the offensive. With this kind of conviction, you must be aware of where you are standing today and forge ahead to fulfill the dispensation and God's expectation for your mission.

The End Of Conflict

God's dispensation will finally find its land of settlement in the Korean nation, the culminating point of all historical faiths. Only after this is achieved can we move forward toward the ultimate fulfillment of the Kingdom of God on earth. However, Korea is still a long way away from this point.

The Korean peninsula is a microcosm of the world and of the struggle in the world between God and Satan. In North Korea you can find the worst possible regimented communism; in South Korea, you can find the most God- fearing people, those who are desperate for democracy. The North side calls their leader "Father" or the "parent." In South Korea, 40 years ago, the concept of the "True Parent" or "True Father" was born. Those two concepts are struggling in the Korean peninsula. Once Korean unification comes, world unification is possible.

The American people take me very casually. They say, "Oh, Rev. Moon. He's some new religious leader." But I am much more famous among the people suffering under the iron-clad rule of the Soviet system. Soviet citizens know in many ways that Rev. Moon is their hope. The people in the Soviet Union are not all communists; they are victims of communism. If the sovereignty of the nation changed, the people would be ready to unite under the ideal of the True Parents.

A poet once said, "East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet" but through Unification ideology this unity and harmony can be accomplished. The East/West problem is really the problem between Cain and Abel -- the communist world and the free world. Western culture is essentially a horizontal culture, and the Eastern culture is a vertical culture based on the ideology of parents. The new "headwing" ideology will bring East and West and left and right together to the center under the leadership of the parents.

The headwing is broad enough to embrace those on the right and bring them to the center, helping them to understand and listen. At the same time, those on the left will be embraced and brought to the center, thus realizing their faults. The headwing is the parental, unconditional heart of love. Only parents can reconcile the differences between all ideologies and races.

The True Family. Back row on stage (left to right): Jin Hun Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Hyun Jin Nim. Middle row on stage (left to right): Un Jin Nim, Father, Mother, Sun Jin Nim, and In Jin Nim holding Shin Myung Nim. Front row on stage (left to right): Kwon Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim, Jeung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Shin Jeung Nim, and Yeon Jin Nim. In front on either side (left to right): Jin Sung Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Jun Sook Nim holding Shin Young Nim, and Nan Sook Nim.

Global Implications

In South Korea, the capital city of Seoul is in the West, but for the last 28 years most of the governing power has been held by the people in the East. In North Korea, the governing elite are in the East while Pyongyang, the capital, is in the West. An interesting historical parallel can be drawn. Worldwide, the West generally holds the governing power, but in Korea, the East holds the power. This gives a certain balance to the situation of the rest of the world. From the poverty/wealth point of view, those who live near the East Coast of South Korea live a more luxurious lifestyle, while most of the poor live in the West. This understanding should not be taken lightly. It has a special meaning in God's overall dispensational plan. When unification is accomplished, everything will become balanced out. Our efforts to educate the intellectual community are a significant part of my plan for Korea's restoration.

Whatever I undertake has global -- even cosmic -- implications, beyond Korea or the United States. For this reason, the entire Unification movement of the world must be mobilized. Before this time, a foundation of unity between the Unification Church and the rest of Christianity was accomplished by the martyrdom of Heung Jin Nim, who is now united with Jesus in the spirit world. The total love of True Parents has been conveyed from Heung Jin Nim to Jesus. They are now one harmonious entity, and Christianity as a whole and Unificationism are becoming more and more united. Many Christian ministers every month are making pilgrimages to Korea as a result of the foundation laid for this spiritual unity. Once 7,000 ministers have gone there, the entire Christian community of the world will have an established tradition of making pilgrimages to Korea.

Until today, all religious movements have been centered upon individuals. Now for the first time in history, the Unification Church is working on the level of the family. Therefore, whenever I move, my family moves. When this First Family of the universe moves in a certain direction, the Unification movement also goes in that direction. Therefore, when I go to Korea, Unification families around the world will respond. When Unification people are able to really influence South Korea, the people there will vividly see that the person who has the key to the unification of the world is not any great political figure or one of the famous American evangelists, but rather, Rev. Moon and his movement. When people see that enemies in the past -- Americans and Germans, Americans and Japanese -- are coming together, loving each other, and harmoniously united as brothers and sisters working for one goal, that will bear witness to our ability to bring unity. This harmony, which we have practiced for so long, must be planted in Korea.

7,000 to Korea

I have buried Korean soil in places all over the world to make holy grounds. Now, people all over the world who are the fruits of my labor must be planted in Korea. The time has come to plant the special seed of Unification culture. I have been training people in a new tradition through the Unification Church; now they should go to Korea to be planted. After they are planted in Korea, they will become one. That is the meaning of the homeland.

The mission that remains ahead of us is to create that link with Korea. Each blessed family should send at least one child to Korea. If a couple does not have children old enough, either the husband or the wife must go to Korea. Of the engaged couples, both should go to Korea. Anyone willing to be linked with Korea should also go at this time. As you know, about a year ago, I said that 7,000 Western members should be mobilized for the providence of the homeland of Korea. That time has come.

We also need a financial base to accomplish this. The numbers 3 and 4 are very significant, so each family should prepare $3,000 -- 4,000 for the homeland crusade. The ideal would be $4,000 because that is the number of the consummation of the heavenly foundation.

Seven thousand people will go and link up with Korea. A material offering will also go to Korea. Seven thousand people represent the whole of humankind. Three to four thousand dollars represent all of creation, the entire material world. The total population of North and South Korea is roughly 60 million people. Since the number seven is more than the number six, by mobilizing 7,000, the condition we need will be fulfilled.

Why is the material condition important? You must bring resources to help Korea rather than becoming a burden on the Korean people and economy, which would go against the law of indemnity. You are going to Korea for more than learning; you will be giving your sweat, your efforts, and your tears. There is no other way this mission can be accomplished. By doing so, the past, present, and future achievements can reach fulfillment.

Blossoming on Asian Soil

I am speaking of a global, universal root for God's new culture. It is especially important to understand that if Jesus had not been crucified, Christianity would not have moved to the West first. It would have gone to India and the Far East, eventually culminating in Korea. The flower was to have blossomed more brightly in Asian soil than in the Western world. Christianity would have become the Asian culture. Because of the crucifixion, a wrong turn was taken; however, now the Orient is blossoming in the messianic era of the Second Advent. Jesus was the one who was first committed to uniting the world religions and establishing peace. If the Christian movement had gone to India, Jesus would have united with Buddhism and then with Confucianism in China, eventually uniting all the world's religions. Because of the crucifixion, this ultimate goal was not accomplished; so to prepare for the time of the Second Advent, Confucianism was planted in Korea; Buddhism was planted in Korea; and Christianity was planted in Korea. The Jewish religion must also unite with the dispensational will. By having True Parents come out of Korea, these religions will be united under the leadership of the True Parents, the Lord of the Second Advent. Until the messianic revelation was given, no one could imagine undertaking such a mammoth task.

The Roman Empire was able to unite virtually the entire world, but it collapsed. The Vatican, centered upon Rome, has tried to unify world cultures through the Catholic Church, but true unity could not happen until the time of the Second Advent. History has had to wait for 2,000 years to establish another peninsula -- the Korean peninsula -- in place of Italy. Korea has become the world; the center for God's dispensation. Korea is like a new Roman Empire or a new Vatican, emerging under the leadership of the Lord of the Second Advent. Eventually, it will fulfill and accomplish the unification that the Roman Empire was not able to.

New Seed Of Life

The Mediterranean Sea is shaped almost like a woman's womb and was the birthplace of Christianity and the Roman Empire as well as the Atlantic Era. Now the Pacific Era has come. The Korean peninsula is in the shape of a man's reproductive organ; the nation of Korea is giving a new seed of life to the world. The island of Japan is shaped like a woman embracing a man, in Eve's position. The two nations are to grow together, giving birth to a new Pacific culture, the emerging Unification culture.

The Pacific Ocean has tremendous marine resources. The linking of those ocean resources to land resources is one of the missions of the Messiah, so that abundant prosperity will be available to the new human civilization. Providentially speaking, the ocean is like another realm of life. The water is like the air and the fish are like people. When I catch fish, it is symbolic of catching men. As Jesus said, "I will make you fishers of men." I am doing both -- winning people in the world and fish in the ocean.

Alaska is a very masculine, rugged country. There are very rugged mountains there that Hyo Jin Nim has conquered. Eighty-five percent of all the world's ocean resources are in the area of Alaska. There is an incredible concentration of resources in the Pacific region. You can see that the dispensational will is moving from the Atlantic culture to the Pacific culture. Under Unificationism alone can the Pacific culture blossom. Eventually, it will be like a new Roman Empire, centered on Korea.

At this providential time, the Eve nation will blossom, bringing material wealth into Asia. This is the reason behind the Japanese economic miracle. Japan's economy is based primarily on the production of electronic equipment. Electronics deals with electrical power, which is invisible, like the spirit world. The new age is a spiritual age. Japan and Korea, in the Adam position, will be the central nations of the new age. Eve represents the earth, the things of creation. Japan will have dominion over all creation in the name of Eve. If Japan, however, tries to amass that wealth only for its own sake, it will collapse. Japan must be linked to the Korean peninsula; this is its destiny. Otherwise, after 1988, the Korean and Japanese economies will decline.

These three years are the final throes of the satanic world. The year 1988 will be a very crucial year for the United States. Unless this nation heeds my words, it will be in grave difficulty. By next year, if the dispensational will has not been fully accomplished, the dispensation will be postponed for four years -- until 1992. That is the Principle.

The archangel nation of the Western world should understand their positions and what they should be doing now. Korea is an incredibly important country, where the ideals and hopes of humankind shall be fulfilled. Think of Korea as Your homeland, your eternal home, where your parents live. Long for a homecoming there. By doing so, the satanic world will come to an end. 

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