The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

To the East European missionaries

Sun Myung Moon
September 1987
East Garden
Translator: Bo Hi Pak
Unofficial notes

The Missionaries to Eastern Europe share lunch with True Parents

Reverend Kwak explained to Father which of us represented which country. Father then asked us in English: "How do you feel? This place is historic!" Father and Reverend Kwak spoke shortly in Korean before Dr. Bo Hi Pak started translating for Father:

How old are you? Those of you who are over thirty years old, please raise your hands. What about over thirty-five years old? How many are younger than thirty? When you see Father for the first time this morning do you have some special questions to ask him? Do you want to ask or request something from Father? It is a very rare opportunity to see Father and it does not come often.

I am sure that you have been under Communist persecution in your mission countries. However worldwide Communism is trying to target Father. They are trying to persecute Father. So, more than you are oppressed, Father is persecuted by worldwide Communism. How is the underground movement? (Laughter) A lot of fun? There are exciting moments and serious moments. Every moment of the day is truly serious. When you are serious and deadly committed to your mission then heaven gets closer to you. God will become closer and you will be assisted more by Heavenly Father and the spirit world.

Do you see Father in dreams? Yes? (Yes) Amazing isn't it? For Communists, there isn't such a thing. When you go and elevate a hit higher, then you can be guided virtually every day on how to avoid dangers and how to contact certain persons. You will be instructed. Your heart and mind know intuitively. It will come so directly through intuition. When you feel very uncertain, uncomfortable and see that certain omens are not quite right, then you must understand that spirit world is trying to tell you something. Watch out! In those kinds of situations you have to kneel down in deep prayer and ask for special guidance. Then you will know exactly that you have to change your location. Or if you don't feel too good about going in a certain direction, then you should change your location and go in a different direction.

When an apparent danger or bad signs come and persecution seems evident, then that can also be a good sign. Somewhere God is preparing something equally good -- a sign of goodness. The dispensational work of God has been the rejection of Satan and the recreation of man and the world. Therefore there is always a conflict and incredible process of recreation occurring at different stages of your mission. That is what you are doing. Separating from Satan, trying to find a man, recreate that man and the society. In other words, you have to get yourself out of the satanic realm. You are liberating yourselves from the satanic arena. How do you separate yourselves from Satan? There are two ways: One way is to engage Satan in a war, fight and destroy him -- push him out. Another way is to receive the utmost persecution. By enduring it you also win over Satan. That in a way is a blessing. It is like encircling Satan. Then when he is completely encircled his satanic attack is destroyed. You can have an encircling movement, in other words you can go this way and around then to the back door. So, there is still satanic persecution and satanic power remaining. But at the same time God is simultaneously creating a new world, a new era, a new direction, a new kind of foundation for you to work from. Father's dispensational process has been exactly the same path and formula.

Father walked through the same formula. You know after World War II, there was a great opportunity to have a total realization of the Kingdom, all at once. However, because of the rejection of Christianity at the time, Father has to go through the nation of America. It has been a road of indemnity for 40 years. But then how could Father become victorious by being persecuted by Satan and by the Christian community? By withstanding this persecution Father has won the victory, inch by inch every step of the way. After forty years Father is completely victorious on the worldwide level.

As you know, Father has been in and out of prison six times. This includes Danbury, yet nobody has defeated Father. Father defeated the world. In 1976, at Washington Monument Rally, Father encountered the most extraordinary worldwide opposition. But Father is victorious over such circumstances. Father never retreats, not one iota. Always moving forward and winning over such incredible international opposition. Father then has set the condition to be victorious on the international stage.

After World War II, if the foundation of Christianity in America had supported the True Parents, then that would have brought the immediate ideal kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Father has physically laid the foundation in the last forty years which replaced Christianity with the Unification Church foundation. Today is almost exactly like the time after World War II. Today, Father has come once again to the opportunity where He can be completely victorious on an international scale.

So how will the dispensation reach its culmination? That will be in 1988. In detail it is 40 years plus 3 years and that is 43 years starting with 1945. The final 3 years are like an assault. A final assault which will be translated into political power. With this political power Father can then influence Korea, Japan and the U.S.A.

Missionaries to Eastern Europe together with Reverend Ken Sudo at the Holy Rock in Belvedere

Father then spoke in English:

Korea, Japan, U.S.A. and Germany represent the foundation of the four fallen nations. Adam and Eve came at that time and planted four enemy seeds on earth. Now is the harvest time to reap the fruits of the four nation foundation. Korea represents Adam, Japan Eve, America is Abel and Germany is Cain. Why is Germany Cain nation when both represent Satan's side? (Tape recording unclear) The four countries were enemies during WW II. (Tape unclear) How can we combine and unify these four nations? From the principle view, people from the four countries gather and work in this nation. That's how can we make four countries into a tradition representing the free world. Do you follow me? Firstly, the four countries must make some kind of foundation.

Dr. Pak continued to translate:

This time you came to East Garden to see Father and there is a very extraordinary meaning behind it. It's a very special opportunity. People who are working underground in the Communist nations come to see Father. That is, in a way, bringing Father's blessing and linking it, Father's spiritual power, to your territory, which is Communist territory. Furthermore, the unification of the four enemy countries of the USA, Japan, Korea and Germany has taken place. They were enemy countries in the past and are united now. In the past it has been Satan's doing -- his province. Father is restoring these nations into one harmonious country. Satan has no more power. Father's power is prevailing over these countries and uniting those four nations has special meaning. Satan sowed the seed, but Satan could not harvest. Do you understand?

God and Father harvested. Setting a certain condition and the reality combined together to produce the actual result. Father is absolutely convinced, in regards to Korea's political situation, that he will decide who shall become the next president of the Republic of Korea. There are several candidates. Whoever receives Father's blessing will be elected.

It is the same with Japan and the USA. Of course, who shall become the president? Those who received Father, his word and truth. They will become presidents. Once Father is in a position to control the president of the USA, then the world situation will become easier. That means the free world can be linked and united rather quickly.

When Father has this kind of consolidation of the western world then the democratic governments and nations will find it easier to deal with the Soviet Union. We can be very strong: Peace with strength! This kind of policy can be pursued. The Soviet Union has a new policy called 'glasnost' -- openness. In a way they are trying to deceive the western world with this openness policy. But it can be a boomerang for Gorbachev. Communist countries don't allow a movement of liberalization. Isn't that true? They want to be freed from the shackles of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union will be in big trouble. The time will come when our church can gradually surface and then link with the Christian organizations in your countries. Together a very powerful coalition of resistance can come about. This coalition can be done neither by Catholics nor Protestants. It has been proven. Now many theologians and ministers agree that only Unification theology is broad enough to embrace all the Christians into a coalition. So this year there will be 7.000 Christian ministers from America who will visit Korea.

Every month several teams are going to Korea on pilgrimage. Good times are coming. The liberalization of the Communist world has to happen. Your mission countries have to have openness. The governments will have to allow it since the people's desire and aspirations are getting so strong. The time will come. Your preparation, your underground movement will gradually come to the surface and be able to work together with the Christian people. When the liberalization movement is spreading around the world, then there will be a lot of sentiment to occupy and liberate the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is a crucial central factor. "Let us liberate the Soviet Union" -- that type of movement will spring up all over the world.

There are two major areas of change that we have to force the Communist countries to undertake. They have to move in two directions: First in the direction of religious freedom. They have to allow religious faith in the Communist countries. That is number one. Secondly, they have to adopt the free economic system -- free enterprise. Otherwise they cannot utilize western resources and western capital power.

Father is preaching to Communists in this manner: "You are Communists. You must change. Your materialistic Communism based on historical materialism and the dialectical materialism is no good! In other words, you've got to become Communists under God. Bring Communism under God!

A God-centered Communism! How about that?" It doesn't matter whether they still want to call it Communism, as long as they accept God. They then must change one hundred and eighty degrees. Don't you see? Fast. It can go so very fast. So you can see that the world is not too far away from our goal. You are just approaching a very final time to reach out for the global liberation that is coming.

The Soviet Union fears one person so desperately and that's Father. They are afraid of Father. They now see that Father has the power to control the United States. Father even has the power to link Red China. He has a Chinese policy that works. One of the greatest events and changes that came about in Asia in recent years is that China has linked with Reverend Moon. Yes, Reverend Moon made a breakthrough with the Chinese government. The Chinese have been trying Communism for fifty years and have come to the conclusion that Marxism and Leninism do not work. They are now ready to abandon Marxism as a national policy, right? Then they can turn abruptly to Christianity.

They feel the very best would be to adopt Reverend Moon's ideology. China is struggling with two major headaches. Firstly they are looking for an alternative religion for their country. Secondly they are looking for an alternative power to science. How can they replace science? Those two points are the major problems of the Chinese government. The best hope is to link with Father. Father is both. (Laughter) If mainland China is cooperating with Father, then they can advance thirty years. They can leap forward thirty years because Father can give that kind of capability and facility. Otherwise they will be a backward country, still thirty years behind.

That's the first time you heard this kind of thing? Am I right? (Yes) Very refreshing, isn't it? (Yes) It will give you a lot of power. But Father alone, all by himself did that. What about you? Even though Father was alone, he was never alone because there was Heavenly Father. God is working with Father. So God and Father struck a joint venture business and accomplished the success. So could you. You think that you are alone in your country. Not at all! You have a joint venture with God. As much as Father succeeded, so can you by using the same principle. You too will succeed in your mission countries.

Reverend Kwak welcomes the Missionaries in East Garden before they meet the True Parents

Father again spoke in English:

Now you are gathered here as twenty-two members. That means that twenty-two countries are represented. You truly are the people to bring some kind of new revolution. Who knows? God knows! So how can an individual make that kind of revolution? That is your mission. Do you follow me?

Translation continues:

Never be discouraged. Furthermore Father says "be bold and strong." Father was a heavenly spy sent by God to the satanic world. All this time Father was alone and spying. Hostile enemies were everywhere. Then what happened? After forty years, Father became a commanding general in the satanic world. Father emerged as a commanding general! So must you. You'll never be alone. You must not feel that you're alone and then you'll never feel discouraged.

You see, there is a left wing ideology and a right wing ideology. Left and right concepts began at the crucifixion. As you know, there were two thieves, one advocating Jesus, defending Him and the thief on the left accusing Jesus. Actually fallen parents produced Cain and Abel.

Father speaks again in English:

Only the True Parents have brought the standard of good and evil. From the time of the two thieves, there appeared two concepts of truth. At this time the free world is the Abel side and the Communist world is on the Cain side. Both sides are fighting. Now the world is fighting centering on mankind. Now the True Parents are here. Until now there were no parents, so the brothers fight. The free world has to know Reverend Moon's concepts. They should start to understand Divine Principle, Victory over Communism and the Unification Thought. Until now it has only been the Communist ideology that has reached world leaders. Now we are reaching that kind of level. Do you follow me? Father is making a connection between Unification leaders and representatives of the free and Communist world. Both the free and Communist world knows about Reverend Moon's new gospel. `Headwing' is now God's opportunity.

Translation continues:

Headwing concept is Father's new concept. This is a most incredible revelation. Headwing is Father's position. Father said the horizontal division of left and right began because the fallen parents produced the fallen brothers, Cain and Abel. So 'left' and 'right' represent the brothers' fight. Therefore this war, this conflict cannot be reconciled until the emergence of True Parents. They can bring the two brothers together into harmony. That is the True Parents.

The intellectual world has been really bound together and won by Father. This time the Korean professors, about 250 came to a special training program in the United States and divided into two teams. What Father is teaching those professors is the Headwing concept. They don't like to be called right wing. No professor wants to be a 'left winger.' So when Father says, "you are all head wing, come with me!" How do the professors answer? "Yes sir, Father, we want to be Headwing". Everyone loves the center. They immediately see that the Headwing concept is the only concept, the only hope that can bring unity between left and right.

Father speaks in English:

You know that worldwide CARP recently gathered at the Berlin Wall. That was a CARP assault.

All the young students in the Communist world are asking their teachers, what is Headwing? How can they answer? This means they have to begin to study Reverend Moon's thought: Godism. This is hopeful. Godism is Headwing ideology.

True Parents' house in East Garden

Translation continues:

The smarter persons will catch it quicker. Once they study it, the smarter persons have to come into that concept. They'll be completely fascinated by Father's ideology. There is no question about it. So we came all the way to the top. Father came all the way to the top.

Who is from the Soviet Union? Raise your hand. Sit down please. You know that is a very proud mission that you are undertaking. You, at this extraordinary time in this mission, are under the mandate of True Parents. A mandate to enter a Communist country and work underground. It is the reverse. Communists are always underground in the free world. Now only under the mandate of True Parents you enter into a Communist country and work under the True Parents mission. That is very historical. Each one of you has a historical mission. There are two different purposes. Communist infiltration is to destroy the nation, to conquer the nation. Our infiltration is to save the nation. Isn't that true? (Yes) One is trying to bring it down to the bottom of hell and the other is bringing it up to the top of heaven.

Even if the Communist countries, the Soviet Union for example, conquer the entire world then that doesn't mean the killing or genocide will stop. Their ideology is an ideology of conflict -- dialectic. However when we ideologically conquer the world, then we can make every corner of the face of the world into a heaven, a paradise. When they conquer, they conquer because they want revenge and to kill. But when we conquer the people will want it. They are grateful for the conquest since Father's conquest is by true love, by altruism, by giving and true love.

The Communist Revolution, which is the Bolshevik Revolution, was in 1917. This year is 70 years on. I believe it is on Nov. 7th. On Nov. 7th they are going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. The time is up now. Within seven years they will have totally collapsed. Inside the Communist countries you can sense the incredible setbacks and the incredible contradiction within their way of life. Isn't so? There is an incredible contradiction -- Cruelty, an incredible kind of bureaucracy, corruption and alcoholism. Isn't that true? (Yes) You know it. Father knows.

Father's goal is to kick the Soviet Union's influence out of Central America and Africa. These two places are most crucial. This is where Communists are trying to make a showdown. And as soon as we do that, you know, in Europe it is virtually impossible that the Soviet Union could make a total conquest. Asia, Red China is already turned around. It is virtually impossible for the Soviet Union to have a stronghold in Asia. In these two areas, Central America and the USA, Father is now engaged in Central America, Nicaragua, freedom fighters and so forth.

Father is doing incredibly powerful work of salvation for Central America. Without Father's help in Central America, it would not survive. So you can see, you are dealing with one nation and think that is a gigantic mission -- a big headache. Father deals with the entire world and every continent. In the meantime the world wide population looks to Father and knows that Reverend Moon is the hope, the only hope. They looked around all over the place and couldn't find any hope elsewhere. Father has established the most numerous organizations in different areas. All these organizations are harmoniously working towards one common goal.

So even when Father was establishing all these projects, remember he had to face a lot of difficulties, incredible opposition and persecution etc. At the time Father always thought about you and your work in the Communist countries. Father knew that you are working desperately under cover. Sometimes under the most adverse conditions, so Father said within himself, "Yes, I must work harder, win the victory so that I can give you support. That is the way Father has been thinking. Do you follow? Those who suffer for the sake of God and True Parents shall be blessed. That is your position. So, be bold and strong. Right! Yes or no? You repeat, "Be bold and strong" (Be bold and strong) "Yes Father, we will do it." (Yes Father, we will do it). That was the exact slogan used when Joshua and Caleb entered into the land of Canaan. That was the mandate -- be bold and strong. Do you understand? (Yes Father).

During the reconnaissance spy mission that took place when the twelve tribal leaders entered into Jericho, there were hidden champions who assisted the spies. They were hiding them in special places until the danger had passed. The people who assisted those righteous people at that time became the ancestors of Jesus. There was even a prostitute, Nahar [Rahab], who hid those righteous spies. Although she was a prostitute, she was listed in the ancestral tree of Jesus. Why? Because once those who have a most extraordinary secret mission fulfill it, then God blesses their descendants.

Do you know we have a government? It is invisible, yet we have a government. We have a nation, it is simply invisible. It is almost like a mind. You have a mind. We have a nation, we have sovereignty and we have our Canaan. The absolute plus always creates and engenders the absolute minus. If you become the absolute plus, then the minus is created. When you work underground, then you know there are national leaders, a sovereignty and people in high places. Never think they are in high places. They come under your mercy. In the sight of God you are the sovereignty of those countries. You are the most important person in those countries -- nobody else.

In each country you must find the patriot, an altruistic dedicated patriot. You are foreigners in those countries. When you go there, and do more than the patriots of the country, love the country more, then Satan has no way to disturb you. It is a hope. If Satan opposes, then Satan has to pay a lot of penalties. Satan then has to pay.

Father's secret is always the same. Father is working in all kinds of nations: America, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. There are a hundred and twenty countries in total. Yet Father always tries to exceed the loyalty, service and love of the countries' patriots. Father always wants to exceed their standard. By doing so Father cannot be pushed out. Father is always the central figure in that country. No one worked harder than Father, no one sleeps less than Father, no one devoted entire heart and soul into the mission than Father. No one has exceeded Father's family. Therefore it is the supreme standard. Therefore the entire spirit world, saints, ancestors and patriots have to bow down to Father. They have to respect his standard.

If the spirit world is bowing down to Father, then it is just a matter of time before the physical world will follow. The reality of the world has to come to that level because this is the shadow; the spirit world is the subject. If the subject world bows down to Father then the object world has to follow. You have no idea how much blessing you have received. You'll never know how much blessing Father has received and how much actual persecution Father has received. The government persecuted Father but Father never took revenge on the government. Father always returned love, forgave them and loved them.

In the United States, for example, Father said that of anyone in history who loved this country, that he would do it better. This is how Jesus applied his conquest of the satanic world. Jesus knew the secret. He said love your enemy. And the enemy countries of Rome were conquered by love. The power of love conquered Rome instead of hatred. That is how Christianity conquered Rome. Do you follow? (Yes) Your job is to love people and be warm with people. That is your mission. You probably have members and followers in your countries. Do not try to let them do the job by commanding: "You do this, you do that". Instead lead them by setting the example. Tell them, "Follow me and my example." Go everywhere in the country; walk more, pray more and sleep less. You'll have to get more people. Work harder than every member.

This secret, a heavenly secret, has been applied by Jesus. Now Father is using this law entirely for the restoration of the world. This is why Jesus said, "Love your enemy" Jesus did not speak about one individual but rather love the country and the nation. Father is following that exact principle in conquering this nation and the entire world.

Father created so many important instruments and organizations while He was in Danbury prison. Organizations like the 'Washington Times,' `Insight magazine' and The World and I' were all created during Father's time in Danbury. This was Father's love manifested. The government pushed Father into Danbury prison but Father in return gave love to this country. So you can see that is the way of reciprocation. This is why the American nation has to eventually bow down to Father. Father returned love and not revenge.

What about Christianity? If the Christian people throughout history would have harbored exactly the ideal Father has described today, the kind of ideology you have, if they had been practicing this for 2000 years, then what do you think? Would the unification of the world have been done? Or would it be far away? If Christianity had practiced, doing exactly Father's way, then what would have happened? (It would have been unified). It would have become one.

Christianity is breaking down because it's going the opposite direction of selfishness, division and in-fighting. Even the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church, which has so much power throughout the world, would become helpless particularly in the face of Communism. Today, therefore, the only hope to save Christianity, even the Vatican and the Roman Catholics is the Unification Church. So you must realize how powerful you are! Each individual, how fearful you are, and formidable! That means how proud we are in the sight of God. Do you follow? So far Father gave an overall picture. Do you have any specific question to ask?

Peter Ladstaetter:

Which policy do we have in the field of economy for the Communist countries?


From the point of view of the Soviet Union or the free world?

Peter Ladstaetter:

From the free world. Father, may I explain? I am working in the commercial field and for me it is always a question. There are so many companies that support the Soviet Union through selling their good products such as high technology. Which policy should we have?

Reverend Kwak, attended by his assistant, Shunichiro Yoshida, gives guidance to the Missionaries to Eastern Europe in the grounds of Belvedere


The free world makes a lot of mistakes today in economic policy. This is against Father's will. Until the liberation of Moscow is accomplished the free world must be entirely restrained so that the Communist system is suffocated and choked up within. That is the best possible way that the decline of Communism can be achieved. But the free world is trying to make trade, trying to make negotiations, trying to give high technology and so forth. This is all against Father's will. The Soviet Union and the Communist countries in general are collapsing because the Communist economic system doesn't work. Isn't it true? The economic system is collapsing.

Father is looking forward to the day when the Eastern satellite countries: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, and Poland declare their separation and independence from the Soviet Union. "No, you are not going to bother with our policy; we are going to have self-determination. We'll make our people survive and prosper with western trade and so forth and so on". Father would like to see a country and government come to that point. It will happen. It only takes one country to set the example. If one country does it first, then a second and third country will do it too.

The Soviet Union is so afraid of such independence of their satellite countries. They would change their regime completely so that no revolt can occur. However, when one nation and one government can somehow be turned around successfully then that's the end of the satellite countries. There is no freedom of expression and assembly, right? Poland tried that. Lech Walesa is from Poland, right? It was also tried in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Such uprisings were ruthlessly stopped. The situation is now getting worse and worse. It is necessary that it gets worse and worse so that the Communist governments and the Soviet Union become helpless. That it goes beyond their control. Cuba is doing all the dirty work in Africa. The Soviet Union is finding it more and more difficult to support it. The Soviet Union has more of a burden satisfying the so called surrogate countries and the satellites. The economy of the Soviet Union can't hold up. It is crumbling quickly. Internally the country is suffering so much.

This is why Father has put the brakes on the United States on supporting a dying Soviet economy. A dying Soviet economy -- you know, let it die. If peoples' uprisings occur, the government will collapse and liberation might come. The Soviet Union is going down, suffering more and having more difficulties and the satellite countries have more opportunity to break away. The USA has a lot of responsibility. If Father was in the position of the president of the USA, then the Soviet Union would have been finished a long time ago. Moscow would have been liberated a long time ago, long, long ago. However slow it may be, we are moving in that direction.

After World War II, in 1945, when liberation came to Korea, Father aimed at a seven year dispensation to restore the world. However, because of the failure of Christianity, the American nation and especially Korean Christianity, Father had to make a detour, a round trip. It meant a forty year delay. An indemnity period was set for forty years, then another seven year period and that is ultimately the final stage; that is these three years all the way up to 1992. Father said in three years: 1986, 1987 and 1988. At its worst it could be is postponed to 1992. But Father doesn't want to postpone it and is aggressively moving and enforcing his program. That is in order that his program will be fulfilled within three years' time rather than in seven years. Father will be involved in the 1988 presidential elections. That comes first. Father then hopes that everything will be completed.

If not, then at worst another election would come about in 1992. Everything goes through formation, growth and perfection. When you go beyond the growth stage, then God can intervene. So God will then directly intervene and the completion will come automatically. It is just a matter of time. In the next four years the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries will suffer the most severe difficulties. So actually if a difficult situation comes to your country such as unfavorable and most horrible situations then that is good news for you. It is your opportunity to declare victory over Satan's kingdom.

Father's entering Danbury prison looked like bad news but after all it was good news since it opened up so many incredible doors. Incredible extraordinary avenues were opened in so many directions, so many different directions. So it turned out to be a blessing, the turning point of victory. The Soviet Union is horrible right now. They have a lot of difficulties from within: alcoholism is incredible, right? Moral degradation will come soon; they don't have much compared with the free world. But that will come also. That will be fine. The system will die. It is uncontrollable.

The power of the government and bureaucracy there has no influence, it doesn't make sense and the people just don't move. People just don't move even at gunpoint. Gorbachev has a lot of problems with the military as well. Father considers Gorbachev to be the last Communist dictator before the country is liberated. He is consolidating his power right now: military, government, Communist party and everything. He is a very dangerous man and a clever man.. Father is calling upon Gorbachev right now. A Father-Gorbachev showdown is right now. That will be the final showdown.

To see Father gives you a lot of joy? (Yes). I am sure you have been longing for Father and that you miss Father. You want to see Father often but your mission is such that that kind of luxury is not there. That kind of privilege will not be available, so this is one in a million opportunity that you came here to see Father.

Father spoke in Korean with Reverend Kwak

Translation continues:

You are at a beautiful age, a lovely age and at a wonderful time. If Father would have accomplished everything forty years ago, then you would not have the opportunity to suffer. (Thank you Father. Laughter) Are you thankful that Father postponed so that you have the chance to register your historical record? Right? If Father was victorious in 1945 then there would have been no chance for Communism to have prospered or succeeded. Because of the postponement of the dispensation, Communism had a chance to prosper. Father is inviting you for a special lunch. That is very rare. Father never does this. Only for you. Father never invites members too often like this. Today you will be all invited to Father's table. It's a special honor. (Thank you Father.) 

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