The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Speech to the 40-Day Trainees

Sun Myung Moon
August 28, 1987
World Mission Center
Translator: Peter Kim

Father holds Jeung Jin Nim on his lap during breakfast at Han Nam Dong in Seoul.

If God is absolute, then why does he need people like you to fulfill His will? The answer is because man fell. Originally, human beings should never have been controlled by Satan, but now they are. Why couldn't God eliminate Satan right away? The best answer -- and also the source of all our problems -- is that man inherited Satan's blood lineage_ Do you perceive in your daily life how you have inherited Satan's nature? When you are pushed, you resist. Is that Satan's or God's influence? Pride in position is a result of Satan's blood lineage. Your education has been contaminated by this inheritance. Who can help you cut off from Satan's lineage? Only the Messiah.

However, to restore the world, the Messiah needs a strong foundation -- which you must provide. Only when you have the determination to save the entire world -- not just your own country -- can you justifiably claim that Satan must leave. We must enable everyone to cut off from Satan's blood lineage, be liberated from Satan, and unite completely, thus subjugating Satan. In this way we can enable God to reclaim the world. In a sense, God considers all 5 billion people on earth as if they were just two people -- Adam and Eve. Originally, man's mind and body were to have been united, centering on the original love from God and True Parents. All people would have been naturally pulled together by the power of that love. When the people on earth today become absolutely united with God, Satan will surrender.

Obedience and Conviction

Jesus could come as the Messiah because in his lineage a condition was made to enable him to be born with no attachment to Satan's lineage As we read the story of Tamar in the Bible, we see that the twin who was to have been the second son was in fact born first, restoring back to God, on a tribal level, the elder son's position, which had been claimed by Satan until that point. Jesus himself came in the younger son's position in relationship to John the Baptist, who should have served and completely united with him in order to restore the true elder son's position on the national level. Because of John's failure to follow Jesus, however, neither Judea nor Rome could be restored, and there was no foundation for world restoration. Just as those of his day should have followed Jesus without any resistance whatsoever, you too need to be obedient and follow the Messiah.

Can you make the statement, "I believe and trust in Father absolutely"? You must remember that you first have to get rid of Satan, be liberated from Satan, subjugate Satan, and prosecute Satan. You should make a clear statement, "Satan, you committed this and that crime, so you have to surrender" Satan may retort, "That's the Principle view, but remember, you are still part of my blood lineage" Then you clearly must affirm, "I cut off from this lineage of Satan long ago. Therefore, Satan, leave me!" When you stand in accord with the Principle, Satan has to obey and leave. After separation from Satan, you must restore the true elder son's position and work hard to gain at least three spiritual children who can devote their entire lives for your sake. Only then can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Principle teaches you how to avoid Satan's influence, but it cannot make Satan go away from you. It only shows you the narrow track you have to follow in order to reach heaven. One step off the track and Satan can claim you. That's how important it is to cut completely from Satan's lineage. Have you been living your life with this kind of seriousness?

Think about how many times you have acted as Satan's agent to some extent. All the men here, when you see a pretty woman, do you look at her from the perspective of a man reborn with God's grace or as a man with Satan's blood lineage? You may have to go through the situation in which the most beautiful woman in the world is standing naked in front of you, and yet you feel absolutely zero temptation, thinking of nothing but God. Can you do it? Even if that woman is crying out, "Please come to me!" how would you act? This is a very serious matter. You must realize that the root of fallen man is scarred and dirty. Mankind is shameful in front of the trees, the air, everything in nature.

Our Role as Co-Creators

If we want to accomplish our responsibility, we must share God's responsibility as co-creators. You are still in the indirect dominion; therefore, you can be easily accused by Satan. According to the Principle, God can't deal with us directly when we are in that realm; He has to first wait for us to fulfill our responsibility on our own. It is very important to understand that at both the time of the fall and now, God can't interfere in our portion of responsibility. This is so that

1) Man can be a co-creator,
2) Man can have dominion over the whole world, and
3) The absoluteness of the Principle is maintained.

We cannot continue to be arrogant. We must practice patience and the forgiveness of our enemies. When the Blessing, which involves the process of engrafting, is given to you, remember that it is conditional and depends upon the completion of your own effort through eight different levels, from individual to cosmic. True Parents cannot do it all. You have to take responsibility to cling to the true branch that is engrafted into you and make your life there. That's why it is called "conditional"

I took responsibility for world restoration on my own shoulders, not even avoiding prison. Why? It was all for your sake. In the Unification Church you have felt able to live your life much more freely than I have, but you should be determined to go even beyond me. Somehow, I don't see that kind of spirit in you. If you don't work harder than I do, how can I be liberated?

How can you make yourselves more hard-working? I am going to put you through a really hard training course because I want you to be even more determined than I am. You must go through the complete vertical and horizontal indemnity course. The vertical level is the internal level of closeness to God: from servant of servants to servant, adopted son, step son, true son, husband, father, and ultimately being one with God. The horizontal level is the external level of achievement: from the individual to the family, clan, society, nation, world, cosmos, and finally, God. Have you ever thought, "I'm in the position of servant of servants and I'm now fighting Satan on the world level"? If you haven't thought in those terms and aren't clear what stage you are in, you cannot rise to a higher level. Satan won't let you. Without consciously going through our own personal indemnity course, vertically and horizontally, we cannot return to God, and we cannot liberate this world. In restoration we begin at the bottom, as a servant of servants, not in the middle. Man, not God, has to make the condition, otherwise Satan won't give his approval. Therefore, we need to seriously pray and work to be able to complete the highest levels of indemnity.

Reestablishing the Foundation

God prepared a great historical opportunity for America right after World War II. If Korean and American Christianity had united then, centered on America, North and South Korea wouldn't have been split apart and Mao Tse-tung wouldn't have taken over China. If the world leaders had understood me then, God's will could have been fulfilled 40 years ago. There would be no secular humanism or communist influence today. If all Christian people had united as one, it would have been relatively easy to liberate the rest of humanity and chase out Satan completely. Now we must educate American Christians so they can help bring the world under God.

If I had not come, this world would be completely subjugated by Satan by now. How serious my portion of responsibility is! One mistaken step and I would have tumbled off the cliff. If I hadn't realized clearly what had to be done when the 4,000 years of indemnity were lost at the end of World War II, there would have been no hope for God's side. However, I was able to create a base for a new worldwide foundation. The spirit world has been crying out, tearfully longing for True Parents to appear. How critical it is to fulfill in this time!

It was not my mistake, yet I took responsibility, fighting alone with no friends or supporters, to reestablish the foundation for the Messiah all over the world. I was only 25 years old, and I had no position in society; I was just a laborer. Who could be humble in front of such a person? Even very prepared spiritual leaders couldn't follow me. Can you easily say, "Yes, I will follow"?

As you begin to truly understand my course, you should determine yourself to go through tougher training than you have ever experienced before. When you kneel and bow to Heavenly Father and True Parents, you have to remember that millions of your ancestors are crying in joy and sorrow in that moment. You must understand your position. I believe that even God is thankful to me. If you are always thinking about God, you will have no room to complain about having to work hard.

If there had been no fall, there would be no Satan -- only True Parents and endless generations of True Children connected in one love lineage. Now you can inherit from True Parents their love and sacrificial indemnity conditions in direct proportion to how much you love them and connect with their heart. The one who sincerely loves and sacrifices the most inherits the most. That is indemnity centering on love. Your determination and attitude must be such that even if you had to sacrifice everything, you would want to work for God and complete the cleaning-up work.

Where Restoration Begins

Now the elder son, Satan's side, represented at this time by communism, is declining; while the younger son, God's side, represented by democracy, is rising. We on God's side must have love that overpowers satanic love and turns people around 180 degrees -- to follow God's "headwing" direction into the Kingdom of Heaven. We must completely forget about self-centered thinking and individualism and focus on winning the cosmic battle between communism and Godism.

The purpose of the historical struggle between Cain and Abel is to restore the rightful position of the younger son, so that he may separate from Satan, claim the elder son's birthright, and unite with the heavenly parents. Abel's position can be restored only when Cain, the elder brother, is willing to give everything, including his life, to help and serve his younger brother. It can only happen when the elder son turns around and sheds tears of regret over his mistreatment of his younger brother. Repentance starts from this kind of guilty conscience. When this happens, the elder brother takes the younger brother's position and hopes that his younger brother, now in the elder brother's position, will take him to their Parents to be saved and forgiven. This is the time true confession will take place. When people hear the Principle for the first time, those who really understand it with their heart come forward to the lecturer and repent and confess everything in tears. That's the point where the history of restoration, centering on you, begins.

Satan wants most to take over Korea (the Adam country), then Japan (the Eve country), and next America and Germany (the Abel and Cain archangel countries). I have made the foundation for these four countries to work together for God, so that the entire world can turn around. The archangel must follow, help, and support Adam. If America abandons Korea, both countries will perish. The position of the archangel can be likened to that of the keeper of the warehouse; all the material goods are being kept in America. But if the archangel country is foolish enough to think that all this material wealth is its own, then the wealth will gradually be transferred to Japan. Since 1978, this has already started to take place. Material wealth will be transferred from the archangel, to Eve, to Adam, and finally to God--from America to Japan to Korea.

Your Life Formula

I have been working to save America by connecting concerned and responsible people and organizations all over the world through the power of love. I founded many organizations and projects for the sake of saving this country -- not out of jealousy but out of love. Satan can never accuse me. By practicing the tradition of loving my enemy, even in Danbury, I have gone from the place where everyone opposed me to the point at which people want to sit near me. Now you must follow this course exactly. Please think about how you can represent the world.

You absolutely need Parents to be born again. Yet so far, you only have a conditional base; you must fulfill your portion of responsibility in order to inherit the heavenly lineage. You absolutely need to bring Cain to God or Satan won't release you. In order to take the elder brother's position and birthright, be released from Satan's blood lineage, and connect with True Parents, you must love Cain.

In the spirit world you will be checked to see if you did everything 100 percent. Spiritually it will be just like pushing a button and seeing your whole life on videotape. You can't make excuses or deny anything.

This is your lifetime formula. Please don't complain. Every morning when you get up and wash your face, look at your eyes, your nose, your mouth, and your ears, and decide right then and there to see, smell, taste, and hear everything only for the sake of God. Forget your old situations and all your old concepts. Study hard and stay healthy.

Our Standard of Devotion

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1/1/79, World Mission Center

How much you devote yourself to home church will determine the distance between you and God and the intensity of love God can give to you. Set the condition to love your home church more than your wife or husband or children or parents. Jesus said if anyone loved his husband or wife or family more than him, that person was not worthy of him. Today I am saying that if you love your own family more than you love your home church and more than you love God, then you are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your home church is one small world representing all mankind and the entire earth; it is a microcosm of the whole earth. Wherever you live or travel makes no difference; your home church is the place where you will become a child of the Messiah and enter the Kingdom. Even if you live in Korea and then come to America, you will still have to make a home church. No matter where you may go on earth, you must do the home church mission. Even if you went to the spirit world now, you would have to come down to finish that mission, because without going through that gate you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12/24/78, Belvedere

It may take several years to restore your home church, but if you are as good as I am, you could restore 360 homes in one year. If your baby were sick, you would drop everything to go to the hospital and try to heal him. If your husband or wife were sick, I know you would immediately take him or her to the hospital. Love your territory more than you would love your ailing husband or wife, and then you can say that you loved your territory with a love superior to all satanic standards. There is no question that if you meet that criterion you shall be the Messiah of your territory.

God set the goal in the Garden of Eden, and that ideal still remains. That goal continued through the time of Jesus and comes to us today in terms of home church. Whether I remain here on earth for another ten or 100 years doesn't make any difference. I have fulfilled the ideal already, and now it is up to you to fulfill through home church. Now is the time for the sons and daughters to fulfill as the parents have done. The criterion is to love your home church more than you love True Parents; then all kinds of miracles will take place.

Liquidation and Blessing
5/18/80, Belvedere

Those of you who have had love before know how powerful the attraction between men and women is; so you should think of your home church as your lover and love your people more than you have ever loved anyone in the past. You have to love God most. What you have done for home church is what you have done for God. Now, take action.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9/14/80, Belvedere

Jesus said that he who would save his life will lose it, but he who would lose his life for Jesus' sake will find it. It sounds contradictory, but that is what home church is all about. Your own family in particular will talk about how you love home church more than your own husband or wife and children, and more than your parents. That's why the Bible says said that your own household will be your enemy. That's true. You should not worry about that, however, because when your day of victory comes, your own family will repent and ask your forgiveness and want to follow you.

If I knock on your door at midnight and demand to know where your husband is, I don't want to hear, "I don't know, Father." I want to hear, "Father, my husband is doing home church': If you should come to see me at Gloucester at 5 am, I wouldn't be around. No one would be able to find me at midnight either. I am always at sea, in my home church, with the tuna tribe. Can you be an exception? At sea I can communicate with God and receive many inspirations, so I don't want to go anywhere else.

Reflection Upon Life
6/1/79, Belvedere

The wife should strive to work harder than her husband, and the husband should strive to work harder than his wife. You should love home church more than you love each other. Love your home church more than anything else, and concentrate on finding your own Kingdom of Heaven there. Then you will know you are entitled to ultimate Heaven. Even if you appear in your home church without clothes, they will all still welcome you as their savior. This is the new evangelism. This is the place where we must succeed. 

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