The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

True Parents' Activities in Korea

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1987
Tong-Il Se-Gye

Prayer at the site of the World Missions headquarters on Yoido Island, Seoul.

Having been in America since November 24, 1986, Father and Mother arrived back in Korea' on April 9, 1987. Upon their arrival, they immediately went to the site of the headquarters of the World Missions at Yoido Island and prayed. Then they arrived at Han Nam Dong and listened to reports from the main leaders. Father gave directions to them concerning missionary activities in Korea.

True Parents visit a project site on Jeju Island.

On April 12, at 6:00 pm, a welcoming meeting for True Parents was held at the church headquarters, where over 1,000 members listened to Father speak for three hours. In his speech, entitled "Proud Unification Church," he emphasized that Moonies have deeper desires than ordinary people. He said we were different from others because the Unification Church teaches us how to meet God and how to live. By following heavenly principles, we must remove Satan and liberate God, thus becoming Father's true representatives. In this way, he said, we can be proud of the Unification Church.

Father and Mother receive a homecoming cake when they arrive at Han Nam Dong on April 9.

On May 1 at 10 am, all local chapters of HSA-UWC held services to celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of the Unification Church. At the Seoul headquarters, 1,000 members gathered to hear Father's speech. The service began with remarks by Rev. Hyuk Suh Kwon, general affairs director of HSA-UWC. A prayer was offered by Rev. Kyu Nam Park, the second regional director of Seoul. Mr. Kwang Yul Yoo, the chairman for Unification Church history, read a celebration poem. Prizes were awarded to members who had contributed at least 15 years to the development of the church and who had excellent witnessing results.

Father speaks at the church headquarters on Foundation Day.

In his speech, Father compared the 33 years of the church with the 33 years of Jesus' life span. He emphasized that the final moment for the construction of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth had finally come.

Father and Mother with Shin Jeung Nim, the eldest daughter of Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim (on Mother's lap), and Rung Jin Nim, True Parents' youngest child.

From April 6 to May 1, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and Dr. Bo Hi Pak went on extensive speaking tours around the nation. The purpose of the tours was to prepare the way for an alternative view of the issues that are causing severe instability on the campuses.

Celebrating True Parents' 27th Holy Wedding Anniversary. Back row, left to right: Father, Mother, and Hoon Sook Nim. Front row, left to right: Shin Goon Nim and Shin Bok Nim, (sons of Ye Jin Nim and Jin Whi Nim), Jeung Jin Nim, and Shin Jeung Nim.

Rev. Kwak's tour was organized by the Korean International Christian Students Association. His speech, which he gave at 10 universities, was entitled 'A New Unification Movement for Overcoming Disunity:' He emphasized that neither democracy nor communism is the system mankind is hoping will bring world peace. A new faith that is wider than any ideology -- Godism -- is being proposed by Rev. Moon as an answer to the tragic division between both camps and between North and South.

True Parents pay a visit to the Korean Folk Village--a cluster of farms preserved as a historic site

Dr. Pak's tour was organized by Korean CARP. His speech, which he gave at 9 universities, was entitled "The Ambitious Will of Koreans: Opening the Age of Unification of North and South:" He reminded his audience that we can discover a valuable truth only when we meet a true teacher. He said that Korean intellectuals today totally lack respect for values, and that Rev. Moon's Unificationism is the only ideology to bring a true understanding of the importance of values back into society.

Mother with Jeung Jin Nim and Shin Jeung Nim amidst the springtime flowers. 

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