The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

How to Succeed As a Leader

Sun Myung Moon
February 4, 1987
Leaders' Conference
East Garden


The day after True Parents' Birthday, Father invited all the state leaders, some of the international leaders, and other church elders to East Garden -- altogether about 200 people.

Addressing the new state leaders, many of whom had never been to East Garden before, Father spoke in a loving and caring way about how the leader's role is that of a parent.

Afterwards, Dr. Pak read excerpts from birthday wishes that True Parents had received from all over the world. Among them were greetings from famous American Christian leaders who conveyed their admiration and respect to Father and Mother as well as their renewed hope in America.

One of these leaders expressed his sincere gratitude that, at a time when the destiny of America and the world is being decided, "God sent Rev. Moon to us." His message went on: 'America is ready for a second revolution, one of character and America has lost its great ideal but will recapture it.... On behalf of the unnamed millions of Americans who don't know this now, I want to express my heartfelt thanks."

Another leader wrote, "The greatest thing America did is liberate you from the North Korean prison.... You are like another Lafayette, bringing a new spirit of freedom to this country...taking the nation of America to new heights.... Just like a Moses, you are fighting for America and being persecuted for the cause of freedom...."

While listening to Dr. Pak read these messages, Father smiled, but it seemed he was passing the glory on to God.

Needless to say, everyone else felt uplifted and happy to hear such words of recognition for our True Parents' life work.

The conference then closed with a few more comments from Father, and the state leaders spent the rest of the dais to ether on an outing.

Because of the change of personnel among the state leaders and regional coordinators, this is a new team. We will begin the New Year with a new program. Why have these changes been made? So far, the state leaders did not have the correct concept of what state leadership is all about. State leaders are in the parent's position, and your primary job is to raise the members. The parent's role is one of leadership: You must guide the members, show them the best example, and protect and educate them until they grow in faith to become truly independent leaders themselves. After evaluating the past, however, I have come to the conclusion that 80 percent of the state leaders could not even come close to reaching the full potential of their assigned role.

In the Unification Church we have to go the way of indemnity in order to create the foundation for victory; the foundation doesn't just appear automatically. You know the word indemnity, but you don't know its real meaning. You don't understand its full implications, nor its true goal and purpose. Yet you have to learn this content clearly.

Why should we have to set conditions of indemnity at all? Simply because of Satan. Satan exists and acts all around us; he has been the principal governor of history. Unless you can successfully separate yourself from Satan, there is no room for God to enter into your heart. Therefore, this is the most important thing in dispensational history.

Two Phases of Restoration

The course of the fall had two major phases: The first was the fall of Adam and Eve -- the vertical phase; the second was when Cain dominated his brother Abel and slew him -- the horizontal phase. In order to restore mankind's original sinless condition, a representative of true Adam must appear. That person must pay indemnity for the sin of Adam and make him whole again. First, indemnity must be paid for the position of Adam to be restored vertically. Then, however, the conflict of Cain and Abel will inevitably appear, and the one who stands in Adam's position must then also pay indemnity to restore his position horizontally.

How did Adam come to fall? First of all, he did not fulfill the responsibility God gave him, thereby departing from God and becoming totally unrelated to Him. Thus fallen Adam lost the realm of responsibility. Second, as a consequence, Adam lost the love of God, thereby losing the realm of love as well. In order for you to restore these lost realms, you must become a representative of true, perfected Adam and pay the indemnity in these two areas. Original human responsibility has to be restored and the lost realm of the love of God has to be restored.

Satan has stolen and isolated the realms of responsibility and true love; he is always setting obstacles to try to prevent us from reaching them. In a fierce way he doesn't want to be subjugated or forced to release his hold. Therefore you have to wage the battle and overcome adverse conditions again and again before Satan will move out of your path and surrender. You have to be absolutely firm and unchanging in your determination and penetrate both the indirect and direct dominion on your way. When you reach those lost realms, the position of the original Adam will be restored.

So the rule is absolutely clear: First, you must set the vertical condition to fulfill your human portion of responsibility, and second, you must reach out firmly to others with the love of God. When you secure your position this way, Satan has no way to destabilize you. Responsibility and love will form an invincible shield that Satan simply cannot deal with.

Everywhere around us -- in the church and in the communities we work in -- whenever someone takes the central position, Cain and Abel factions appear, competing to reach the central point where God's love resides. There is always this division. In the central position, as Adam, you must try to raise up fallen Adam; as Abel, you must try to raise up Cain. In restoration there is Adam, and Abel; one position is vertical, the other is horizontal. In many cases, one and the same person performs both of these roles.

Work On Both Roles

Restoring the relationship between Cain and Abel is the horizontal and external avenue of paying indemnity. Once you are victorious on the external level, you can automatically be restored vertically and internally into your position as true Adam or Eve. You have to work along both avenues -- the vertical as well as the horizontal. For example, if you are attacked in your position from the standpoint of Abel, you can work from the standpoint of Adam or Eve -- from the base of the parent's position, secured by the love and trust between you and God. Thus, when the roles of Adam and Abel are working harmoniously together, there can always be a quicker result -- a quicker victory over Satan. You must apply the principle to separate from Satan on the internal level, restoring the role of Adam and Eve, and on the external level, restoring the proper order between Cain and Abel.

Ever since the coming of Jesus Christ, the world has been polarized horizontally between Abel-type, Christian forces and Cain-type, secular forces. Throughout the last 2,000 years, the Christian realm has been struggling and winning the world. However, Jesus is in a parental role only spiritually and symbolically. Therefore, our world has been awaiting the Second Advent, when a visible, parental central figure will appear. By completely consummating human responsibility and uniting with God, the Messiah will link the indirect to the direct dominion centering on true love and thus secure absolute vertical victory. On that foundation, the horizontal victory of Cain and Abel will be automatic. That is the formula. So far, the teaching of this formula has been vague; even your leaders didn't understand it clearly, and the movement has suffered some confusion as a result.

After you secure the parental role, then step down into Abel's position and sacrifice for the salvation of Cain. What is most important, however, is for you to first establish yourself by uniting with and centering upon True Parents. The vertical consummation of human responsibility and the establishment of the parental role has to be the priority. As state leaders you represent restored Adam at the state level, You must stand in the parent's position with the true love of God, teaching my tradition to all the members of your state. When you make such a firm vertical foundation, there will be no room for Satan to come in. You can completely separate from Satan and expand God's territory. Then you will be in a position to dominate the Cain and Abel dispensation, and win more and more Cains to God's side. Your membership will grow and your local church will become larger and larger.

You must apply this formula on every level of the eight stages of development: externally from the individual to the family, clan, tribal, national, world, and cosmic levels; and internally from the servant of servants' position to the servant's, adopted son's, stepson's, son's, mother's, and father's position; finally leading up to the level and the position of God Himself.

The Formula For Victory

I have completed this dispensation, having totally fulfilled this formula of human responsibility. Satan has no say about it; there is no condition for Satan to exercise his power, so the victory is absolutely protected. I have walked this course from the very bottom, beginning from the servant of servant's position, and I served in every successive position. Later I helped Mother to fulfill her role, so the mother's position has also been restored. Then I could come into the position of restored Adam and True Parent. In laying this foundation, level by level, Satan has to be conquered every step of the way; otherwise it is utterly impossible to reach all the way to the parents' level.

When you lecture the Principle, you should emphasize this formula very clearly. The purpose of the internal process of separation from Satan is to gain the parents' position and stand as restored Adam and Eve. If you follow this pattern in total obedience to True Parents -- by fulfilling your human portion of responsibility, reclaiming the true love of God, and becoming installed in the parents' position -- Satan will be separated from you. He will no longer have any claim, and you will have laid the cornerstone of the foundation for victory. Then the external process of separation from Satan will follow through the horizontal dispensation of Cain and Abel, which will restore the true son's position.

Everything in the Messiah's dispensation has been based on the principle of internal and external separation from Satan. Here in the United States I have fulfilled those conditions of separation. I have consummated, and am installed in, the position of True Parent and Abel, where Satan has no power. Therefore, when external powers like the U.S. government and internal religious powers attack and persecute me, I am not afraid -- even imprisonment will not affect me.

Set The Correct Standard

Now all you new leaders, as second sons, have moved up into first place, haven't you? The second has become the first. Through you I would like to set the correct standard. Can you just sit down and ask the members to go out and fundraise to bring in the money, and then just spend it? What type of leadership is that? From this time on I will not tolerate that kind of behavior on the part of the leaders. I have been setting the tradition, and you should follow it, so how can you sit idly and rest? Begin from the servant of servant's position -- do the work yourself! These are my words to you -- "Get up and get out:' You cannot just jump all the way to the top but must sweat each step of the way. But I don't want you to think that you are below me: I want you to stay at the front line by my side.

Now we are once again going to apply the strategy of using both vertical and horizontal indemnity conditions to separate from Satan. Now that you are in the Abel group, will you help those in the Cain group or reject them? If you say, "Oh, they are Cain, and I am Abel you are being the most foolish leader you can be. I am asking you to work hard to gain the respect of your Cains. The time will come when you can humbly say, "Yes, I am Abel" How? By first having absolute faith in God and fulfilling your human portion of responsibility 100 percent, and second, by obtaining the love of God. You are Abel. That means that you should be totally united with True Parents and inherit True Parents' goal as your own.

Actually, for you truly to be Abel, you must learn Korean. When I speak my deepest thoughts to you, you just open your eyes and stare -- nothing reaches your ears. After 1991 I will no longer have an interpreter, so you will have to be able to understand me directly.

Now I am going to ask you one last time: Do you correctly understand the vertical condition of indemnity and the horizontal condition of indemnity? Are these something that you would just like to have, or are they an absolute necessity? They are a necessity -- no question about it. Set the vertical condition, then do the horizontal work. If you follow this principle, the church will boom.

Be Willing To Jump Right In

From now on there is not too much out there to hold the Unification Church back. This is the golden harvest time: All the crops are ready to be brought in. All you have to do is go out to the fields to harvest them. If you don't go out harvesting, you will just inherit hell.

Whatever your mission is, be willing to get right down to it. Begin with the servant of servant's position; then you will be elevated to the servant's position, adopted son's, stepson's, son's, mother's and father's position. Then you will enter into the parent's position and the parent's role. Now that you know this, you shouldn't need any more words from me, because that's all there is to it: I have taught you the essence of the Principle.

Don't ever complain. If you say, "Oh, I am so hungry. Please God -- somebody -- give me some food!" Satan will just laugh at your attitude. Just go and get your food! When mealtime comes, instead of thinking, "Oh, I love to eat," you might regret that you have to take the time to eat at all and think that mealtime is your enemy. Do you say, 'American law only requires eight hours of labor a day, from nine to five, so that's all I'll do"? I myself feel that 24 hours in a day is not enough! I wish each day could be 48 or 56 hours long so that I could do more -- each day is so precious. This is an emergency time, and every day is crucial. I usually don't have time to eat.

Unless you lay the foundation while you are on the face of the earth, your life is a lie, and you will be in trouble in the spirit world. Where did the fall of man take place? In the spirit world or on the earth? On the earth. Then where should restoration come? On the earth. That's why I want to remain here.

Up until now, clouds of confusion have been flying around the Unification Church, blocking the rays of sunlight. Have your minds cleared? Do you want to place last among the 50 states, or do you want to win the championship? Those who want to have the best record of faith, raise your hands! All right, do it! I want all 50 states to be winners. Then I will ask each state leader to connect to one nation of the world, and we will raise up 50 nations. When you think about it that way, world restoration is not at all far away. 

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