The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

To Health Professionals

Sun Myung Moon
February 3, 1987
World Mission Center
New York

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 11, 2011

As you know, there are many different types of persons, so when the regular doctors cannot handle it, alternative medicine, such as Dr. Fastiggi's can better cope with it. Actually, Father sees that the real key to curing disease is the psychological factor, in other words: Mind. If you set the mind straight, that can be the main means of treating the patient. So Dr. Fastiggi can be relevant for that through his nutrition and thesis.

Father sees that a man becomes sick, and a man with a strong will and a strong spirituality can bring him deep in nature, like in the mountains, and take him around, and by forcing him to live right, disease can be cured more naturally. Father saw that over and over again. This is part of our Church's tradition: that many people with illness, disease -- the hospital diagnosed him with a certain known disease -- is cured almost instantly; that when they come to the Church their mind is so happy, they nearly forget that they have a disease. Then when this condition persists for a certain period of time, the disease is gone. Father really knows that this is true. So it is good to talk to a patient in such a way that it will satisfy him, it will convince him in such a way that he can almost forget that he is sick. Then that can be one of the best cures.

So Dr. Bergman, you simply have to be the center of this conference. Then if you are about to establish a hospital within 6 months, what kind of budget proposal can you make?

Dr. Bergman: Father, we had planned before you called us to New York for this meeting, to get together and make some initial discussion so that we could propose some practical plan for beginning. We've already been discussing about some different ways in which we could make a hospital a reality here The consensus of our group it seems, is some kind of clinic where we concentrate on especially family practice and a very mainstream, conventional approach, but where we're open to other kinds of alternative therapies, but keeping it basically in such a way that it can be recognized and respected by the conventional American medical establishment in this country.

Then we thought a multidisciplinary or multispecialty clinic which, as it grows and the patient population develops could be the basis for immediately evolving a 24-hour or overnight hospital facility program. This then could grow and expand so that we don't find ourselves draining and utilizing resources prematurely.

Father: Yes, Father agrees with you totally that either Washington or New York is very appropriate. Either one will be O.K.

Dr. Bergman: Unless Father has some specific idea of which place, we see some advantages and disadvantages to either place and we can research more deeply and then make some concrete proposals.

Father: Yes, that's very ideal that we will not give the public or the people the impression that we are deviating from the original orthodox medicine, but we will create enough room to accommodate alternative methods of cure because, not only white people, but also many oriental people live here an America, especially in Washington and New York, and they know from many years wisdom that alternative methods work, so it is good to accommodate them.

Eventually, Father sees that we have to have our own medical university, medical college. The students that graduate, the graduates from each department can start the hospital, the clinic. From that fundamental foundation, we can develop faster. With that as a foundation, having a university, we can invite many special doctors, many specialists, from the Orient, from Europe, wherever you have your alternative therapy. Then, these rather famous established professors can teach at the college and undergo the test of their colleagues. Then Father sees that what is tested in the center can be spread quickly to 10 different regions of the United States. That way we can advance and perfect the existing medicine.

On the fundamental side, Father sees that today's Western medicine is by far materialistic. They deal only with things they see. However, as we know, there is a spirit body, and a spiritual entity, and a spiritual world, which are very real, and our body, is merely a reflection of that. Father sees there is an immense area still, which can be developed in the psychological area. But then, above that, even psychological phenomena and the psychological state are not the end of the invisible cause. Beyond that there is a spiritual reality, so doctors need to develop more insight and more fact-finding about the spiritual area and then connect it well to the psychological function, then to the somatic level.

So-called psychiatry or psychology, which is rather developed today, is thought of as the ultimate or end of it. This is not so; beyond that, and above that, is the spiritual entity, spiritual nature. Like now, here we're discussing a patient who is in London, for example. Then we should be able to, and we will be able to diagnose the condition of the patient who is in London, England. We can develop that. So there is room for this to be developed, and with the success of development, will come a resolution of modern day medicine. Father can really see that.

We see very often in the Orient one who goes into the mountain and deeply concentrates, after studying medicine. Then, somehow, they get the knowledge to diagnose spiritually and to find the remedy, what kind of medicine, that is best for this case. And the patient will have to come back. In the Orient, they emphasize the characteristics of the spiritual nature. Like acupuncture, for example; how did anyone know about the invisible 360 degrees, the exact spots that are definitely there and manifestable? This is teachable, learnable. And how in the world can a Western doctor who is overly materialistic-centered and relating to only that which they can see, how can they think about this? That kind of doctor, when he treats the patient, will extend his hands and then treats the person, but on top of his hand is the spirit body of a famous doctor in the spiritual world. And actually, that spiritual doctor is healing him, curing him. Actually, this is done very often in the Orient.

The advantage of that way of curing is that all he has to do is give specific instructions for the patient -- today you must do this, today you must do that. And the patient will listen and faithfully carry that out. In a few days the disease will have been cured. It's a blending, a careful blending of the Western concept of medicine and what is already being done in the Orient. A careful blending of that, just like Eastern and Western civilization coming into harmony. In medicine, similar things will take place.

The extreme case will be that without even medical knowledge, this Oriental doctor, who has been concentrating for a long period of time, will come to sit in front of the patient and in a few seconds, he will be able to tell what ails this person and what the remedy will be. And this is being done, that's the other extreme to materialistic medicine. So it is the role of the Unification Church and the doctors whose foundation is the Unification Church, to have this mission of integrating two medicines, And in this way, the cure will be faster.

Like David, he's been shown in great detail from the spirit world over a long period of time. Very much, the spectrum, the wisdom and knowledge are given to him, but what he faces, his handicap, is that nobody is leading him. Someone has to teach him and steer him, but he himself cannot do that. Someone else has to do that. But there's great potential there. So Father can say here that whatever David contends, his way of perceiving things, his way of explaining the phenomena, the symptoms or the cure, all things about medicine should not be ignored at all, never be ignored, but a lot of attention should be given to what he says.

Also, the ethics of the doctor should be concerned with the curing of disease. This is the subjective matter, so you cannot charge. You cannot set up an objective value and then charge the patient a certain amount of money. You cannot do that. I mean this is priceless. Sometimes it can be a lot of money, sometimes a small amount of money. So typically these kinds of people don't overcharge. Typically they undercharge, grossly undercharge. They remain, if anything, rather poor, even though they are really heavenly doctors, whose cure is almost like a miracle. With that kind of ability to cure, he stays poor because as long as he stays poor, spirit world teaches him more. It is rather easy to understand why this is so. If he's rich, he's like a tall thing. The taller you are, the less stable you are. But the lower you are, the more stable you are. That is all there is to it.

The doctor should be the religious worshipper, worshipping life. This is a very good basic quality. Arrogance has absolutely no place in doctors. And now, sometimes using test cases out of the patients to promote his fame, actually has no place; it's a solemn thing, an awesome thing, and the attitude of the doctor towards the patient and his life should be like a top religionist and never materialistic.

Well, in one word, today the Western doctor, which all of you are, cannot even imagine, but this is still very much the reality. It is a fact that the Oriental doctor, whose concept is based on philosophy, can check your name and your date of birth, and take a look at you and then concentrate, can instantly tell what is the problem with you, and what the remedy is. All without even so much as touching the body, because it is subject and object balance that shows in the body. Cause is invisible yet tangible here, so he doesn't just see one, but both, and very real. And the Western doctor cannot even dream of this. Of course your scientific approach to medicine has its tremendous advantage, no question about that, but it's far short of what is possible, which is what Father is trying to point out.

Lots of patients are dying in the Western world. For quite a number of those in the Oriental way of curing, all he has to do is perhaps put a few places in acupuncture and have a small seemingly nonsensical medicine, and he can literally cure that patient. One way of curing disease for which there's actually no hope today, as a last measure, is for the patient to go deep into the mountain with one who is an experienced person and then pray and then at the right moment, he receives fire descending upon him. One strong fire going through your body, and all the sickness and malady is gone. You may say, "What are you talking about, are you dreaming or making up stories?" No, this is the best way you can explain; that reality is there.

So, in one word, there is a revolution that will take place and needs to take place from laboratory to spiritual: instant and spiritual cure. Father feels that we must create a well-balanced solution to this. This is a mission we have to pursue. You know how well the Japanese are raising funds? How staggering the sum of money the Japanese are bringing. How? Because the one who peddles, the merchant, our member by prayer knows where to go. And that person is waiting for that person to come and he teaches him and so forth. In one commodity, they get the priceless price tag there. And we cannot imagine that, before our member visits him, that member is already shown the very fact that he's about to visit him. So how much are you going to pay? How much do you think that is worth? So you should pay that much.

The best way the western doctors can explain the phenomenon will be the Freudian concept, or by psychiatric, subconscious level. Someone who has been going through that will be regenerated? No! The spiritual entity, that area has nothing to do with that and goes way beyond that. He had absolutely no center of subconscious thinking of that nature. It's way beyond that. Because he already has that potential, the dormant one has been manifested. That's the best way they can explain it on the psychological basis. No, this one is beyond that dimension. So, it's a spiritual reality, which a material world or psychological realm cannot even reach, cannot even comprehend.

That reality is rampant everywhere in the Orient. There's a sound and well established uniqueness, everywhere. It's almost like its nature. But here, Western doctors don't even dream about that kind of thing. This is the first time I'm hearing that kind of story you might say. So we can truly see the contrast: Western medicine is from the material, trying to prove what is invisible. But the Oriental comes from the highest and then finds its way towards the body, towards the material. Two extremes but not conflicting, need not conflict, isn't conflicting. So we have to be able to explain both sides well and harmoniously. It is never to say, to belittle or ignore the present-day materialist-based Western medicine. Not at all. It is to be respected. Who can deny that? It's there.

So we should be able to tell many things about him, have an instant grasp of the situation; we should therefore train in that area very much, you have to concentrate, you have to pray deeply. You have to develop that quality as a doctor or else you just cannot be a real doctor, you just cannot be. Even Western doctors have to be a kind of a real Taoist, the real thinker, a real spiritualist. You have to be absolutely unselfish; have an absolutely clear mind. Your life should be clear, no drinks or over-stimulation, no excitement. You really have to live like a top religious person, like a monk. If you deeply concentrate, think about patients often, and deeply concentrate, even pray, and the more serious his condition, the more seriously you have to pray and deeply probe into them with a serious mind, then put a lot of thought and love into it, then you'll know how to cure him.

If you have an absolute plus, as the Divine Principle says, then absolute minus automatically comes to exist, you don't have to try. All you have to do is push the absolute plus to the higher dimension, then the higher dimensional minus will come into being. You don't create them separately. This is an automatic thing. So if you put a deep heart into a certain matter, then the answer comes as a pair. The only way that you have to accomplish this is to recognize that something very serious made this person seriously sick. All you have to do is to become more serious to untangle it. Then you will know the answer.

Today's Western doctor certainly couldn't care less about this. In what they have learned, they are overly depending on the clinical, scientific solution, and if the patient dies, that's in the realm of mathematics they say. The Oriental doctor is really highly respected and valued, just like a lifetime leader, lifetime benefactor. No matter how small a doctor he may be, if he's a doctor, everyone respects him. His ethical standard is unquestioned. Here in this country it is not so. Teachers and professors in general are well respected in Korea too. Doctors are much, much more respected than that. The teacher is a teacher of a few years, but a doctor is a teacher over your whole lifetime so they are naturally much more valued.

But today's Western doctors study hard for 10 years and then get their money back. They have no ethical standard. If the patient is rich and can give a lot for relatively little in return, then the doctor will be happy. If the patient has a strange illness, but he doesn't have money, then the doctor will treat him coldly. That kind of doctor is actually not a healer. I mean that is a most unfortunate person right there and doesn't go any higher or deeper whereas when there is a suffering soul, and the doctor really takes pity in his effort to cure him, and is even willing to sacrifice his own material, his own money, and he's willing to do that and develop and gain more experience and find more pleasure in it, value in it, that kind of doctor really will be a fortunate doctor. His source of happiness is based on how well he can cure, how many difficult diseases he has cured, and how much dedication he has made. That should be his source of pride, not how much money he makes. Very obviously these are two extremely different concepts, and today's Western doctors' attitude really should be mended.

Isshin Hospital teaches the attitude very seriously that when all the doctors see the patient come in who is very old, then the doctors treat him like their own grandfather, their own grandmother. And with that seriousness, with that natural love, they try to find out what's wrong with that patient. Usually they find out what's wrong with him and the patient really feels at ease and peaceful. And as you know, Isshin is very small, crowded, congested, but more patients come in, whereas in the very modern hospital with the same [a break in the notes]charge of money, not so. Some person took notice of this unusual nature of Isshin Hospital and said we're willing to buy that to use as a first rate hotel they said; they sensed that.

Man is a spiritual being. He knows what is good and what is bad. So something mystical and not so mystical. So the hospital Father would like to create is not just another hospital. There are so many of them, another one what difference would it make. What contribution could we make for humanity and for this country. So it is with this in mind, the doctor would be almost saint-like, an actual saint, saintly attitudes and posture and with an ability to deeply meditate and diagnose spiritually, with the knowledge of scientific medicine.

Actually, many doctors treat the patient lightly, who then suffers or dies. Later in spiritual world the doctor will be blamed. The spirit man will protest and say, you didn't think of me. Doctors don't know that kind of world exists, so they do as they please. But the one serious doctor, the conscientious, serious, ethical doctor, who practices all his life that way, later in the spiritual world, many people will come to appreciate what you have done. And if you have many such patients, then you'll go up. If you don't have so many, there's no way you can go up, lifted up in spiritual world.

So before you plan, and the moment you plan the future hospital, first let this serve as a foundation. Father has this concept to make a hospital. So before you plan to establish a hospital, share with Father's basic concepts. You will be contributing a lot to this country and the world, for humanity really, if you develop this way. To respect and to have this reality in your mind and how you can best...

Like David mentions something; sometimes we think we can understand, some things we think totally absurd, but don't try to criticize the statement that David is making because that world is real. He is living in the reality. But we having no experience of such, cannot understand that and try to dismiss it. It's against orthodox medicine but orthodox medicine should take interest in that kind of thing. That orthodox medicine can be more enriched to understand that. We have to think. Take this as a fact: in the Orient, the first beginning to become a doctor is to communicate spiritually. That's the first foundation and the first step to becoming a doctor. Doctor never comes to learn about the body, to learn about cure. Doctor doesn't start like that in the Orient. So you see, the proof is this, the remedy, the prescription that was developed 6-7 thousand years ago, how did they develop that at that time. The spiritual origin. Today the same medicine, the same prescription works. Because this is reality.

To the Western doctor, can anyone with a rich imagination say the medical profession should start from the spirit, from the spiritual world? Does anyone have any notion about that? The first thing they have to do is concentrate on spiritual communication. Then learn; but here you've already learned so you have to back up into spiritual world. Even though you may not spiritually communicate like an Oriental, yet if you really faithfully try hard, your senses will become sensitive enough almost as good as an Eastern doctor.

You know, Father isn't an ordinary person. We know that. When someone walks in, Father can tell a lot, and then the man sits there and before he starts to speak, Father already knows what he's about to speak. Then Father is almost always right. Then Father can immediately draw a line, on what you say is right, what you say is wrong. Father already knows. So Father really knows what he says is worthwhile, what he says is not worthwhile. Father already knows but Father listens anyway to satisfy him. Because Father has this kind of extraordinary ability, Father can do such a big thing: like how the world should be, how to restore the whole world into the original position. Without this sensitivity, Father cannot fulfill that great big mission. For example, Father is about to make a sermon tomorrow. Father never prepares a sermon. Father will concentrate on the state of the spiritual world and he gets attuned; he will go along with that rhythm and when Father does that, that makes the greatest impact on this world. Then his mind is drawn into that naturally. Father never plans and does it, but does it according to the way the spiritual world is; then they get the greatest impact.

So actually, the ideal doctor, if you're really the ideal doctor, then the illness, the sickness will come and give his own name. The sickness comes and identifies himself to that doctor. Then he's a real doctor who knows what he does. So Father never goes to a doctor because Father knows there is no such doctor. So what's the use Father thinks. Father can be his own doctor. That was better than ordinary doctor. So Father knows very much about himself. But a lot of people around him: Father, you're age, you can't fight the age, the materialistic limit. Father takes it to please them but Father doesn't think it is a great impact on Father's body. He does it anyway.

You know, doctors are very unhappy. In fact, they're surprised to see Father 220 lbs. but Father knows, Father has a way to control 220 lbs. And you know, that's a different concept. Father has special exercise. And Mother says: Father, don't eat too much salt. But that is a nuisance. Father knows pretty much what goes on in his body.

Father has been protected. Father knows every inch of the way, every second of Father's life is from heaven. Father is not saying we have to ignore Western medicine. Do you see it? Western medicine is there, but then we have to jump over that. That's what Father is saying. You will know what other people don't know. Other Western doctors do not know this kind of world exists. But you will know. You know already. You may say: Oh Father, when did you study medicine? You're not qualified. But not so; you see, you know without studying. There's a way to do that. Just imagine, you could advise your patient, like they have to conduct themselves this way. You have to pay attention to spirituality like this, and how much good influence you can exert on the patients.

Also, through PWPA, we can attract the most famous doctors from around the world and let them participate in this program too. Father has a plan to do that. Then they'll finalize this. They will theorize this and we go through the clinical test and gradually establish this well-adjusted jump-ahead medical practice and attitudes. This is what our member-doctors should develop themselves into first. And go the spiritual nature. Forget about the psychiatric approach. That's a waste of time. So the medical encyclopedia for the first time in the lifelong history they'll have to compile based on this factual reality of both planes: East and West; not just a materialistic explanation.

So the revolution, the grand revolution of the medical world is about to come. That age of the dawning of the real medicine is about to dawn and you will in reality accomplish that. And based on your findings and practice, you will compile your encyclopedia of medicine, which will be quite different from what we find today. Much more of an added dimension, deep rooted, consistent.

So therefore, each one of you here: chiropractic, nutrition, orthodox medicine, and homeopathic, traditional curing from Europe existing couple of hundred years, they will have a perspective of truth. Do not deny each other. Here's a patient with a waist ache. Here's a chiropractor with his approach, a nutritionist with his approach and a traditional doctor with his approach. And acupressure massage which cures just as fast and permanently as medicine, medical doctor who dispenses chemical treatment. But they all think their way is the shortest cut. But neither one is likely to know the cause of it. Why it is cured? How? But if you work through spirit, each and every one of you know whose method is the best, whose is the closest, and his advantage and his disadvantage. So you have to reach to that area before you can evaluate anything even yourself. Or else, all you know is what you know and you can never step out of that, never accept one thing which is one step different from you. They cannot do that. So they all fight, fight to protect themselves. So when you practice on this basis, the patient will know and "Oh, Moonies' hospital works differently. They are far advanced from ordinary." We have to get that reputation. Then you have to really meditate and also you have to study. Study that way of life in the spirit. And make a new revolution. You have to have this kind of concept. You don't know that area so you have to study. Checking, analyze. Not like a normal doctor. That means ultimately, accumulating knowledge. Growing up. That means becoming the center. Do you follow me?

Father doesn't create any hospital in order to make any money out of that. How much money would you be able to make anyway? It's absurd. Father's absolutely money is no problem. Father sees in Western world 4/5's are drug addicts. One kind or another of drugs. And Father is really thinking about massive production of antidotes. Unless one does that, without that there's no real religious person that can come out. And the world level, the spiritual leader, we have to play that role. If these 9 or 10 really get together closely, Father really sees explosive amount of knowledge or explosive amount of effort if you really become one.

And each one will share his own finding. And each one will pay utmost attention. Never ignore because you don't understand. You ignore, never! That's a foolish thing. Try to understand what he says if you don't understand him. So never try to estimate other people on the basis of his knowledge. If he doesn't understand him unless he has the deeper understanding of what that person is talking about, and develop that, then stop concluding it, let the conclusion wait. Like David made this intestinal cleansing formula. Many people don't know what's behind it, but they take it, and everyone feels so much better, that there's absolutely no question, it's a worthwhile, valuable product. And there are a few people, come actually and asking the patent, the know-how to be sold through them.

In other words, appreciating the commercial value. But then the present day medicine will look at it and see the ingredients, "Oh you see", and belittle it. Actually, this has no place in our medicine. So Father the other day took him and then rather thought Dr. Bergman and him both should understand each other completely. If there's a gap that they cannot fill up, then he has to really try hard until he can understand that. Also, when you really develop your medicine and still you cannot make perfection, then that part you have to ask Father to teach you how to go about that. Even though Father's not a doctor, he's able to tell as a natural person. 

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