The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Prayer Should Be Like Your Breathing

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1987
Unofficial Translation
Lifestyle of Prayer

Significance and Necessity of Prayer

Prayer means to offer your mind and body to God. Instead of a material offering, prayer time is a time when you offer your mind and body completely to God with your utmost sincerity.

For your spiritual life it is necessary that you can be where you are in harmony with nature. You retire yourself to a quiet place and give your gratitude to God while watching the moon -- this is an example of a life of prayer. Father is no exception. One of the reasons why I go out to the sea is to master such a Heart. It is much more precious than eating food.

What is prayer? It is purification. It is necessary for you to purify your spirit. It is a method of discipline in order to purify our spirit. It is necessary to unify your mind.

Through prayer you will recover the standard of original conscience. As long as you restore the standard of original conscience, you do not need to connect with God through prayer. At that point, every aspect of you is connected with God. Then, you will discover clearly the path that you should follow. That is a realm of resonance of your mind and body centered on true love.

From now on, you must make your prayer your lifestyle. You should pray while conducting your daily life. One day is 24 hours, and then throughout 24 hours, you dedicate for prayer. You will be praying while eating your meal. You will be praying while walking on the street. You pray when you are wake or sleep. Everything is done while you are praying.

You must repeatedly live this lifestyle that you always pray, reflect on your life and make a new determination. Even if you are scolded by Rev. Moon, you must pray. Even if you are chastised by your spouse, you must offer a prayer of gratitude. Unless you pray ceaselessly, you will not go the way of God's Will. You must think of God's Will rather than thinking and worrying about money. So, you must pray. Through prayer, our heart will be restocked. Even though you do not have a time to pray, it is possible for you to pray while you are working at a job.

In order to constantly stimulate your desire to practice true love, you need prayer. Prayer is needed to practice such love. There is a prayer of seeking and asking; and a prayer of reporting. A prayer of asking and seeking is a prayer to determine your mind. A prayer of report should become a prayer expressing your gratitude. These prayers will continually stimulate you. Therefore, you need prayer.

As individuals, you need such prayers. As a couple you need such prayers. The Church needs such prayers. A nation needs such prayers. The world requires such prayers. Therefore, in the fallen realm, such prayers are absolutely necessary. You must understand this.

Prayer of Report

Centering on a nation and centering on parents, you must consult with them longing for the love of parents. That is the way in which you may become a filial son, filial daughter, loyal subject or woman of fidelity. As you consult with your parents in your life, you all think alike and feel the same. Such a place is the Heavenly Kingdom. Heaven is where you share and report to each other in life. When you report, you are not reporting God's Will to yourself but you report how you live in front of God's Will. This is the way to follow God's Will.

Before you make a decision, it is important that you must consult with and report to Heaven. It is not a report if you decide everything yourself first and then notify Heaven. You must not put yourself first. The thinking which comes from your self-centeredness fouls up the Will; and the thinking that you are doing well from your own standpoint botches up God's Will. 

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