The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1987
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Summary of the First Part

Right after World War II, America had the opportunity to embrace the entire world and bring about the fulfillment of God's dispensation, but through what happened in Korea, America lost that chance.

At that time, Korean Christians were divided into two camps. The devout Christians who had been opposed to the Japanese were on the Abel side, and those who had compromised their faith, as well as those who had studied in the United States during the war, were on the Cain side. If the Cain camp had united with the Abel camp, God's new dispensational era would have begun.

But the two camps accused each other as heretics. Those on the Abel side, who had to work underground, considered themselves the only pure Christians. The established Christians, those on the Cain side, accused the underground Christians for harboring the heretical belief in the imminent coming of the Messiah. I was in the position to bring harmony between the two camps, but since my message was that the Messiah must come as a man in the flesh, I was accused by both sides.

Some people who had received spiritual messages from heaven left their churches to join me, but their congregations began to persecute me severely.

Upon the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, the United States set up a military provisional government. Koreans who had studied in the United States were placed in most of the official positions. The American missionaries, as well as the Cain-type Christians, united with the U.S. military government and used their power to block my work.

Thus Christianity in Korea became completely dominated by satanic forces, and my position became extremely precarious. God's great expectation was thwarted. North Korea had already been taken over by the communists, leaving South Korea to fulfill the will of God, but that was now impossible.

I want you to understand that the messianic movement must begin upon the foundation of a nation. Since Korea took the position of Cain, I had to go on to the world level without first securing the national foundation.

Jesus had to set a special 40-day condition to bring his lost disciples together after they had scattered. In the same way, since half of Korea had been given away to the satanic side, I had to go to North Korea physically and try to restore that part of Korea back to God.

I suffered incredibly while I was there, but I gained many disciples who were spiritually led to me, especially while I was in prison. When the UN forces liberated Hungnam in the Korean War, I could go back to the South.

South Korea had been devastated by the war. The rich and influential people had fled the country and the government was in chaos. This temporarily confusing situation could be used by God, and I took this opportunity to make a new beginning. By 1954, I was able to organize an official church under the name of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

However, the persecution soon started up again. Ehwa and Yonsei universities, the American missionaries, and the government launched a severe attack on us. The Holy Wedding of the True Parents in 1960 and the Blessing of the 36 Couples in 1961 took place under incredible turmoil.

In 1970 I initiated a three-year mobilization campaign for all blessed couples for the sake of the salvation of the country. After tremendous sacrifice on their part, public opinion turned around and people finally recognized the dedication of our members. By 1972, I had laid down a national foundation stronger than any previous Christian foundation. Thus that national victory could now be linked to the worldwide level.

On December 18, 1971, I came to America. Initially I received an unbelievably warm welcome. This response indemnified, on a world level, the national failure of Korean Christianity to accept me in 1945. To link this international victory with Korea, I brought the International One World Crusade team to Korea in 1975. Because of the IOWC's success, the Korean government, the United States, and the Unification Church became symbolically united for the first time, thus indemnifying the failure of Israel, the Roman Empire, and Judaism to unite at the time of Jesus. The realm of total salvation was opened up.

However, after my initial warm welcome, persecution in America intensified. I had a face-to-face talk with President Nixon and made a monumental recommendation to him. If he had heeded my words, the world political situation would have unfolded in an entirely different manner, but he did not.

So what happened? Nixon was pulled down in the Watergate disgrace, Carter came into office, and a miserable situation developed in America. Ronald Reagan was my hope but he, too, has failed to stand firmly on his principles. I had to wage a battle against the United States government and American Christianity which represents world-level Christianity. Eventually I had to go to prison in Danbury to indemnify the failure of America, especially the failures of Nixon and Carter. Otherwise I could not have gone on to a higher stage of the dispensation.

In 1983, one more victorious foundation had to be laid in Korea because Satan was holding his hook over me. There was still persistent accusation and persecution by the established Christian churches in Korea and failure on certain levels of the Korean government. Thus I returned there in December 1983 and mobilized the entire nation with VOC rallies. That was, in a way, the final show down between Satan and me. The morale of the Korean people had been very low, but during that month of December, the entire country was buoyed up.

Satan could not invade me directly, so what did he do? He invaded my family. On December 23, 1983, at the same hour I was completing our final rally in Kwangju, Heung Jin was involved in his accident. There was a great ransom that had to be paid, a great debt. Thus an extraordinary sacrifice was required. For that reason, God allowed one of the precious sons of the True Family to serve as that sacrifice.

The failure of established Christianity had to be paid by someone. Otherwise, the souls of Christians in the spirit world could not be linked to the physical world and could not come down to assist the dispensation. With the payment of this ransom by Heung Jin's noble sacrifice, the debt was paid. From that point on, the entire Christian population in the spirit world was released to come down freely through Heung Jin and assist on earth. Heung Jin was the bridge.

Opening True Parents' Gate

Before that, Christians in the spirit world could have no real connection with the True Parents. The utmost desire of all Christian men and women in the spirit world is to make a heartistic connection with the True Parents -- because that is the ultimate salvation for them, too. Since they could not do it with their physical bodies, True Parents' own son, the flesh and blood of True Parents, came to the spirit world to link them.

Since the fall of man, everybody has been going to the spirit world without passing through any gate, without any order, just according to whim. In this age, fallen men and women are supposed to enter the spirit world through the gate of the True Parents. If spirit people want to descend to the physical world, they also have to go through this gate. Otherwise, if they come down according to their own desire, their coming does not serve any purpose. In isolated cases spirits have descended and made contact with people, given certain revelations, and then left. This, however, did not help their spiritual growth. They could make vertical contact but they could not make any lasting influence horizontally.

How, can this horizontal movement be created? The horizontal world is under the dominion of the True Parents. The children of the True Parents as well have the right to dominion over this territory. Therefore, when one of the True Parents' family is sent to the spirit world, a gate is opened up so that the spirits can come down through that gate and into the True Parents' territory. Once they come down, they can stay permanently and continue to work. Before, when good spirits came down, they did a little bit of work and then took off. What happened? Satan could enter in and snatch the results away. But now, the good spirits can descend to earth through the True Parents' gate and stay here on earth permanently. This is how the satanic world can be pushed out. Satan will have no room to come back and reclaim the result.

It is human nature to feel great sorrow at the death of a beloved son, but I knew I could not shed tears from a human perspective -- not one tear. Actually, during the time of Heung Jin's ascension, I was doing the work of creating this gate, setting the condition through which to send him to the spirit world. I did this in less than three days' time. During the Ceremony of Unification I prayed a very special prayer, and now no one has the power to block the True Parents' gate. This gate was opened up by the sacrifice of Heung Jin. At the fall of man, true love was replaced with illicit love. True love was lost and the realm of death was created. But by reactivating and restoring true love, the realm of death was conquered.

A New Era in History

At 1:18 a.m. on January 2, 1983, Heung Jin's ascension occurred. When Jesus was resurrected, 120 spirits escorted his spirit into heaven. In the same way, when Heung Jin ascended, 120 kings and queens from nations in the spirit world assembled. They could then come down and begin to exercise their influence and power on earth for the benefit of God's dispensation. After this event, there were many spiritualists who testified that in the spirit world Jesus is now known as the old Christ and Heung Jin as the young Christ. Now the two worlds are linked -- the spirit world and the physical world. They are becoming one, and there will be free communication between them.

In 1984, two of the greatest sacrifices in history were made. One was the ascension of Heung Jin, which liberated all the good Christians in spirit world. The position of Jesus was indemnified through this sacrifice. Secondly, my stay in Danbury indemnified the national failure so that we could move up to the world dispensational level. Thus a new era has dawned. A new dispensational history has begun upon this great foundation.

The years following the victory of Danbury-1986, 1987, 1988 -- are the years of the physical presence or dominion of the True Parents. After Danbury, I immediately returned to Korea in order to restore the situation there. The presence and influence of the True Parents was also brought to the scene in Japan. Then I returned to the United States once again, in order to achieve victory in this country.

So far, the Abel power has always been overshadowed by the Cain power. But during these three years, I am pushing this Abel power upward, advancing straight ahead against the Cain power; then the Abel side will go over and take dominion. This is the year of total mobilization for the blessed couples and all the members of the Unification Church on the final level -- the worldwide level. Just as I mobilized the Korean families in 1970 on the national level, this time I want to mobilize everyone on the worldwide level in order to gain the final victory over the Cain world.

Actually, Danbury was a voluntary act on my part. I was in Korea at the time of the indictment; I didn't have to go to the courthouse for the trial since I am not a citizen of the United States and this government could not arrest me in Korea. But I returned to America in order to face the trial and even go to prison if necessary, just for the purpose of restoring the national and world-level dispensation. I accepted the sacrifice of Heung Jin so the failure of Christianity could be indemnified. After the death of my beloved son, how could I retreat in the face of a court battle? I stepped forward as a front-line soldier, to save this nation and the world.

Hoon Sook Nim, the wife of Heung Jin Nim, is honored after Father's speech.

The National Foundation Is Next

While I was in Danbury, the churches in the Cain position -- the established Christian churches -- became united with the Unification Church. After restoring that Christian foundation, the national foundation is next. After the victory of Danbury, we stepped up to another level.

In the nations of Korea, Japan, and the United States, complicated and confusing situations persist. There is only one solution remaining to all the problems of these countries: Follow the Principle taught by Rev. Moon. There can be no other prescription for the sicknesses that beset these three countries. President Reagan's popularity in this country is dwindling. He may not end his term gloriously because of his lack of courage to testify to me.

Forty years ago, after the World War II victory, God gave a great opportunity to the nations of the world, but the blessings were squandered and God's efforts ended in failure. So I have been laboring for these 40 years to lay the foundation again all by myself. We have come once again to a great opportunity to save America -- to heal America and heal the world.

Communists know that the most fearful person in America is not Ronald Reagan but Rev. Moon. In North Korea, the most closed, regimented society in the communist world, education begins at the age of seven. Children's textbooks say that the enemy of world communism and the communist utopia is the man who calls himself Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Even the seven-year-olds in North Korea know my name.

While I was in Danbury prison, the evil forces of the world had already begun to decline. China declared its swing away from Marxism. The leaders of the Soviet Union also realized that they have to adjust their course; otherwise, as even they understand, their Marxism/Leninism will not work. The United States is declining into secular humanism. Both the right and left camps are losing effectiveness. The left wing and the right wing are both drooping down like the wings of a tired bird. There is no reason for them to exist any longer. But the center remains, and that center is Godism.

The Most Crucial Years

The first opportunity for the restoration of the world came in 1945, and the succeeding seven years were supposed to see the fulfillment of God's will. That dispensation should have been consummated by 1952. But that initial plan ended in failure, as I explained today. Forty years later -- in 1985 -- a new foundation was erected. Upon that, these seven years until 1992 will see the true opportunity for the fulfillment of the dispensation of God. Within these seven years, the first three are the most crucial-1986, 1987, and 1988.

Thus the two remaining years are the most important of all.

The year 1988 will be a dramatic year, from an internal as well as an external viewpoint. In that year, Korea will be holding a significant election. The United States, Japan, and Germany will all have a change of government. France is also going to hold a presidential election. While you have been resting, sitting idly, and doing nothing, I have been totally focused on this situation. There is not even one minute that I am separated from these problems in my thoughts. I am caring and worrying more about this country than any other religious or political leader. Now you must realize that the course is set for the next two years. This nation and world cannot sway any other way than the way of God.

Upon the proclamation of the Day of Victory of Love, the realm of death was conquered. Satan's forces have become deflated. As soon as you seize the spirit of this Day of Victory of Love and proclaim yourself to the world boldly and strongly, the satanic forces will retreat. You will be the winner. This is the moment you are in now. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for all this time. Unless nations and individuals follow the Principle, no one can have hope.

For whom is this victorious foundation laid? Not for my sake, but for the sake of you Unification Church members in America and the world, so that it can become your foundation, your launching pad. It is for the sake of all humanity. Ultimately the Unification Church has to take off its own sign; "Unification Church" is not important anymore. The important thing is the salvation of humanity and the fulfillment of God's desire.

One sovereignty -- God's sovereignty -- must reign over all of humanity forever. This is the will of God. All religions, including Christianity, have been waiting for this goal to be fulfilled. Therefore, our stage is the world. The existence of the Unification Church is immaterial. The important thing is to do God's will -- to reach that ultimate goal.

Hyo Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim cut the cake commemorating Heung Jin Nim's victory.

We Are Not Going Alone

During these remaining two years of 1987 and 1988, I would like to mobilize every force possible within the realm of the Unification movement and move the nation and the world. Everyone -- the Unification Church, Christianity, all Jewish people, all of humanity -- is waiting to enter the new Israel, the ultimate Israel. That Israel is the victorious, God-centered chosen nation and the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We are waiting to enter into that new Israel.

This is the formula you must remember: 1945 plus 40 years equals 1985. Three more years brings us to 1988. Forty-three years are equivalent to the 430 years the Israelites were in Egypt, the sojourners' land. In a way, the Unification Church has been dwelling in the worldwide Egypt -- the satanic world, the sojourners' land -- for these 43 years. After 430 years the Israelites made their Exodus and entered the land of Canaan. Now the Unification Church has come to the point where our Exodus shall occur and we shall go into Canaan.

The Israelites were like prisoners of war; they were originally meant to be in the position of kings and queens, but they were made into slaves. In the same way, I am in the king's position; I was captured by Egypt's power and was given a slave's work in order t. restore those 430 years as well as the 4,000 years of human history since Abraham. The time has come now to get out of Egypt. The shackles of slavery have to be cast off. We must go through the Sinai desert successfully and enter Canaan. But we are not going out alone; we are also taking the American people, the nation, and the government with us into the land of Canaan.

The year 1988 is, therefore, a most crucial moment in dispensational history. Not only ourselves but also the American nation as a whole shall be focused and dedicated to victory in 1988. We must mobilize the spirit world. Without that, no great crusade can be successful. Each one of you must set enough conditions so that the spirit world can come down and assist you. During the time of the great plagues upon the land of Egypt, the Israelites were instructed to protect themselves by putting lamb's blood on their doorposts. By doing that, the angel of death passed over their houses and the Israelites were spared. But all the first-born sons in every other home throughout Egypt were killed. The Israelites were saved by that condition of the lamb's blood. You must set a similar condition, by posting the lamb's blood in a symbolic way, so that the power of death can pass over you.

Posters in Every Village

This condition can be set this year by postering in every town. Our footprints must be made. A special poster is being designed by CAUSE USA to say "One World Under God" These posters will be put up on every large tree and on buildings in every town in the United States so that the power of death can pass over the people. Blessing can come to those places because of this. Volunteers will drive from town to town, from city to city, in order to cover the entire country. This spectacular patriotic movement will lift up the nation in a new wave of patriotism. As they move around the country, it will almost be like a heavenly army swarming across the nation, everywhere.

This will invoke the power of spirit world; incredible assistance will come to the towns where the posters have been put up. The villagers of those towns, even without knowing why, will feel uplifted and inspired to do something about the country. Such a booming spirit will be mobilized that the people of this country will want to pick truly God-centered people in the next elections for Congress and the White House.

One major difference between you and me is that you don't have a true sense of timing. I have an absolute awareness of where we are on God's timetable. Gradually we are coming to the point where any political leader who is aspiring for the White House will have to be united with God's ideal.

In 70 days CAUSA USA volunteers had the power to get the signatures of 10 million Americans. If you put the posters up you can buy a bugle so you can blow it and declare to the world, "Come and hear! The time has come for unity! We will make this one world under God!" When you blow the bugle, those 10 million people will be drawn to you. You can say, "Please join with us! Go out and poster your own villages, churches, and neighborhoods. Bring your relatives and friends, too:' You can assemble people in the towns and make moving speeches about patriotism. Let the people become excited and inspired so that they can commit themselves to the cause. You can organize them and push them out to do the same as you.

Now It Is Your Turn

The ultimate goal is to enter the worldwide land of Canaan. However, after the Israelites entered Canaan, they suffered many difficulties. Why? Instead of setting a new tradition in the land of Canaan, a God-centered way of life, they succumbed to the influence of the surrounding satanic culture. They became part of that culture and came to love money and material things. They wanted to keep the good things for themselves, even though that was not what God wanted them to do. They were supposed to love and promote a God-centered nation first; then they would have been free to enjoy material goods. But they put themselves first, rather than the nation. Eventually the Israelites were demolished.

You need to come to the realization of how much suffering I have gone through to erect the foundation over these 40 years. My suffering was unbelievable. When you consider that today's foundation is erected upon that suffering and that all I want to do is pass this foundation on to you, how can you say, "I am not willing to be mobilized. I don't want to go the road of suffering"? Actually, I have suffered because of you -- and your relatives, your parents, and your ancestors. Also, I have suffered because of your nation. I paid indemnity for all of them. Now it is your turn. I walked this road of suffering for 40 years and I am asking you to walk it within seven years. Then you can inherit my foundation.

I laid this foundation under incredible opposition, including being incarcerated in prison on many different occasions. Under those extremely adverse conditions I could accomplish God's will, so how can you say you cannot do this, now that there is a more welcoming atmosphere in the world? Anybody who wants to inherit this foundation without doing his share of the responsibility is like a thief. You are following me, so you must follow my example; you must walk my path. Your job is actually simple, because I have already done 95 percent of the work. All you have to do is continue during these next two years. How can you say you won't do it? Those who will do it, raise your hands, please.

Today is the Day of Victory of Love. The significance of this day is to conquer the realm of death, so death shall be no more. We are victorious. Love has won. True Parents have won. Upon this foundation, we shall do it. Thank you very much and God bless you. 

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