The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Unification of the Fatherland

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1987
God's Day Midnight Speech
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

After his midnight prayer, Father holds up the new motto for 1987 that he wrote in Chinese calligraphy: "The Unification of the Fatherland."

The slogan for the new year of 1987 is written in four Chinese characters: Cho Guk Tong II. Cho Guk means fatherland, and Tong Il means unification. So the slogan for 1987 is "The Unification of the Fatherland."

If there had been no fall, mankind would have been granted the Kingdom of Heaven -- the unified fatherland on earth. This globe, the entire planet, was supposed to be that fatherland. The Kingdom of Heaven was to have been initiated by God and related forever to God. Men and women were to have created God-centered families and would have lived in the fullness of life on earth with God. Then when their time on earth was over, they would be elevated into the spirit world and dwell there for eternity. That world is called the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

However, because of the fall, that originally intended Kingdom of Heaven on earth did not become a reality. Therefore, no one has grown to the fullest degree in order to deserve the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven has been empty -- without residents.

Division and Struggle

The fall of man brought about separation on every level, separation between mind and body, between husband and wife, between parents and children. In the society, the nation, and the world we also see the consequences of the fall -- division everywhere. The Heavenly Kingdom is composed only of united individuals. Only those individuals who have achieved true unity can dwell there. But men and women have been dwelling in isolation from each other, creating different cultures in the North, South, East, and West -- their own man-centered cultures. Also, many different races have come into being -- in the North, the white race; in the South, the black race; in the East, the yellow race.

The consequences of the fall were not only division on every level but also struggle -- struggle in the family, the clan, the community, the nation, and the world. There has been a great deal of tragedy and war throughout history. In this manner, humanity has progressed to the 20th century. Races and cultures have sought to compete with each other and dominate each other. History, therefore, can be said to be a history of war.

But behind those many wars, there is an even greater struggle on a more subtle level. That is the struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Many people are ignorant about this struggle, but whether they realize it or not, all people must eventually side with one camp -- either the good camp or the evil camp. The people with good character will be drawn toward the camp of goodness, and those with bad character will be drawn into the camp of evil.

After the fall of man, human beings developed changeable characters. People could not always uphold their principles; sometimes they would join the camp of goodness, but then they might change their position and join the evil camp. However, God needs men and women of unchanging character. In order to build such unchanging character, God initiated religion. The good religions of the world are those that help create men and women of unchanging character, people capable of standing steadfastly upon their principles. Thus religion has been creating, in a way, soldiers for the side of goodness -- heavenly forces -- so that the good side can become bigger and bigger.

One Common Goal

The world can be divided into four major religious spheres. In the Orient there are the Buddhist and the Hindu cultural spheres. There is also the Islamic cultural sphere as well as the Judeo-Christian cultural sphere. Although their paths have been different, all the major world religions have been moving toward a common purpose and goal. The ultimate dispensational will of God is to create the unification of one fatherland for all humanity.

In order to achieve that goal, there must be a movement that will unify all the good religions under their common cause. Once this sort of unity has been created and the ultimate unification of the fatherland of God has been completed, there shall be no further need for religion.

When history comes to its final chapter, the most important thing for humanity is to know clearly what is good and what is evil. This is very important knowledge. Goodness possesses unchanging character, just as God does. Therefore, goodness stays with God throughout eternity; it always remains on God's side. Evil has a changing quality; evil people change for their own selfish benefit. Even though we have the fallen character within us, we also have the original good character within us, lying dormant. For that reason, whenever God's truth and goodness come into contact with people, human nature is pulled like a magnet to such spirit and truth. That is the hope for mankind.

When good people are communicating with God, Satan hates to see that; therefore, Satan always tries to attack such people and turn them around. What is the most perfect base for satanic give and take within ourselves? What kind of character provides Satan the best base for his work? Selfish character.

A good man, on the other hand, sacrifices himself for the sake of others. Who are the saints in history? They are those people who sacrificed themselves the most for the greater goodness -- for humanity and the world. Those are the people who make up the good forces of spirit world that prevail in the world today.

But ultimately we must ask, how can we make unification possible? There are only two ways to do it. One is to conquer and subjugate the body completely to the will of the mind, forcing the body to follow the mind absolutely. The other way is to charge the mind with tremendous, extraordinary power; when that happens the body automatically has no room for its own will. Therefore, religion does two things: It teaches people how to subjugate, even torment, the physical body, and it gives enormous spiritual strength to the mind so that the body just follows spontaneously.

Part of the Heavenly Lineage

Once a religious person, no matter how weak or feeble he might appear, receives spiritual inspiration or revelation, he becomes completely ignited and filled with power -- the embodiment of new energy. This has been the way individuals practice religion, but what about the whole world? How can the world become united? What is the common base, the unifying point for all levels -- the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, and world?

We must realize or diagnose the manner in which Satan infiltrated us, how he came to dwell within mankind. We learn through the Principle that the human body became the recipient of satanic lineage; the bloodstream became the means of transferring Satan's inheritance. The very root was wrong; we received ingredients from the wrong root.

The fallen world is like a forest of wild olive trees. God's dispensational will is to provide one true olive tree -- a pure, God-centered olive tree. All the wild trees must be cut and the new branches from the true olive tree must be engrafted onto the wild roots.

This is a dramatic and revolutionary process; for this reason, there are always repercussions. When you look at a bud or branch of the true olive tree, you cannot observe any external differences between it and the wild olive tree. They look the same. When your wild branches are being cut off, the entire world, especially your natural parents and family might say, "What's going on here? Why have they taken my child away from me?"

In the Bible, Jesus said, "Unless you drink my blood and eat my flesh, you will not become new men and women." This is what is happening today. You were born as a wild olive tree, but then you were cut and a branch of the true olive tree was grafted onto you. Then you became a new person. You are no longer a part of the satanic lineage but the heavenly lineage, and Satan has no condition to attack.

An amazing thing is that in most of the major religions of the world there has always been a teaching of the coming of the Ultimate One. There is that expectation in Christianity, in Islam, even in Buddhism and Hinduism. Therefore, the time will finally come when God will grant to the world that Ultimate One -- the Messiah -- with the pure lineage of God. Through the engrafting process everybody's citizenship will be transferred onto the side of the Kingdom of Heaven. Otherwise, there can be no ultimate unification.

Our slogan, "Unification of the Fatherland," is not a simple or external statement. It is a most profound statement. The fatherland cannot come into being unless there is first an individual unified between mind and body; then a unified family; then a unified clan, society, nation, and world. That is what gives substance to the fatherland. As long as there is God, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will arrive. That is the ultimate destiny of mankind.

A Wedge between East and West

Satan is an expert in dividing all levels of society. What has Satan used to drive a wedge between East and West? He has divided people by cultures. What a world of difference between the two cultures of East and West! Westerners are generally more materialistic, with a craving for scientific development and technology. The Eastern culture, on the other hand, has been primarily spiritually oriented. People of the East have led a way of life that denies the material side. They have been relatively poverty-stricken for many centuries because the Western world has plundered the wealth of the East. Westerners thought they could plunder the whole world and put all that wealth in their own pockets, but I want you to know that God has not allowed that to happen.

The phenomenon that we see today is that the materially- centered people have come to the end of their rope. They are standing on a cliff, with no more steps possible. Therefore, they are looking for a sign of hope; they are longing to find something mystical from the East that will save them.

Because there is a God, the mind is supposed to control the body. Therefore, the Oriental culture, which is centered upon the mind and spirit, should take the subject role on the world stage. The time will come when this spirit- centered culture will influence the Western culture and unite with it. That is the hope for the Western world, and that is when the consummation of human history is possible. You are, in a way, the harbingers of this, the pioneers for the Western culture, uniting with this one Oriental man -- Rev. Moon.

The division of East and West is the most basic problem. The second problem is the division between North and South: white versus black. This is basically a problem of wealth versus poverty. Some extraordinary movement must begin in which white people will give away all their wealth and try to help the poor black people of the world. If such a thing could happen, the whole situation of the world would change.

These two problems of East versus West and North versus South are a part of everyone's life. These phenomena have become exaggerated at this latter part of human history. This is the sign of the end of the world because Satan can see that God's dispensational will is working; thus he is doing his absolute best to make an ultimate assault and create divisions in every realm.

Safety in the Center

What is the key to world survival? We must all come to the center; everybody will find safety at the center. Thus there must be a circling motion. North becomes East; East becomes South; South becomes West -- this kind of turning and changing of positions. Throughout history there has been no center of the world. What should that center be? God.

Why did God create this world? To fulfill true love. But when the fall of man came, all the bridges connecting mankind with true love and the true character of a father and a mother were burned down. Therefore, the fallen generations have been like orphans -- parentless children. When the Messiah comes, he comes in the position and role of the True Parents, to be the bridge for true love between God and men.

Before we talk about unification of the fatherland, the most important thing is to create that bridge of true love. Unless we go over that bridge of true love, no one -- not even kings and queens and presidents of great nations -- can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. They have to cross the bridge of true love, through the True Parents.

Western people have many fears. Some Westerners fear "yellow power" -- they fear that Oriental people will gain dominion over them and cause great suffering. But actually, Westerners are totally in the minority. Asians number at least 3 billion in the world today! Look at Japan, that small island nation. Forty years ago, it was devastated by war. VJ Day was declared and the Western nations were triumphant. Now, however, who is trailing in the world? It is the United States -- economically, socially, and in every way. What is responsible for this? This is the direction of history, which has moved to the area of the Pacific Ocean and Asia. Japan has become the instrument by which the potential of the Asian people -- what they can do for the world -- can be clearly seen.

Instead of talking about the East/West and North/South problem, we have the solution; we can see it right here in this room! This is a place where those two primary problems have been solved. We are welding ourselves into one. We have the "true love bolt" that brings Easterners and Westerners together into one welded body. Therefore, no matter how formidable the earthly powers may be, including the power of the government, the CIA, or the military, they cannot do anything to break up this true fusion of love, this unity of true love between East and West.

The True Color of Love

What is the true color of love? White? Black? True love has no color. In other words, anybody who is color-conscious cannot have true love at all. You've got to be color-blind. Look at the doves -- the white and black doves come together and coo to each other. They mate and lay their eggs. The supreme creation, men and women, must learn to coo like the doves to one another. Even from them you can learn what true love is.

Unification doesn't come when people are back to back; that can only be an alliance, not true unification. One must be on top of the other and it doesn't even matter who is on top -- either white or black. As long as there is true love unification, that becomes a delight to God. Without this kind of true love, we can't even talk about unification. They are only empty words, with no substance. There is no solution or cure for the problems of the world today except the love of God.

The other day I was speaking to you about the Unification Church and what our "ism" is. What do we pursue? Yes, Godism, but is it left-wing, right-wing or what? We say it is "head-wing" -- directly in the forefront. We might say that right-wing and left-wing symbolize the planet earth. Without your two "wings" -- your two arms -- you can still live. Even if you lose your two legs, you are still a human being. As long as you have your mind and your body, you are capable of living.

Communism must go -- if it doesn't, then we in the Unification Church will push it out. But that does not mean we want to kill the communists. No, we want to digest their ideology and liberate them. Regardless of whether people are right-wing or left-wing, if they were to live according to our way of life for three years, they would all become "head-wine Unification-wing.

We don't have to fight against anyone; we don't have to attack or hit people. We just need to show them the right way of life and live together with them. As Moonies, you know how to digest them, how to influence them.

When did we lose the fatherland? When we lost the True Parents, that was the moment the true fatherland was lost.

Then where can we find that fatherland? The world could be said to be our fatherland, but more specifically, the fatherland of our Unification faith is Korea.

Unifying the Korean Nation

Korea is a small peninsula nation, but it has different characteristics in its eastern, western, northern, and southern parts. In the history of North and South Korea, both countries have traditionally displayed a common phenomenon -- the eastern sector has always taken dominion over, or governed, the western sector. This is opposite to the general pattern of the rest of the world, where the West has always had influence or dominance over the East. Also, on a world level, the North has always been dominant over the South. But in Korea, the northern part is poorer and more backward than the southern part. These opposite phenomena occur because this is the restoration era.

But the problem is that on this one peninsula, Korea, there has been no unity; Korea has not been able to achieve unification. Who has the influence and power to bring all four sectors into unity? That is the Unification movement and our International Federation for Victory Over Communism. This movement is spreading out, unifying all four sectors of the Korean nation.

First, unification should begin from South Korea, and this idea is spreading throughout the entire 40 million population. The people of South Korea are now in a position to respect and love and f glow the leadership of Father. What Rev. Moon does or doesn't do has become a focal point of the entire Korean population today. In communist North Korea, Kim II Sung and his regime fear one individual in the south, and that is none other than Rev. Moon.

North Korea, the most isolated and closed society, is being forced to open its doors; otherwise, it cannot survive. Furthermore, between the eastern and western parts of the Korean peninsula there has always been a big discrepancy in wealth, but these differences are now being smoothed out. That is one sign that this is truly the end of the era of division. The hope for unification is appearing on the horizon.

Let's Share Our Technology

The position of Mainland China is crucial. I would like to freely share, without any hesitation or reservation, all the highest possible technology we have access to. Major nations have become very selfish; America doesn't want to share or give away any technology. Japan and the Soviet Union don't want to give away any technology. But I say, "Let's open up. Let's give it away." As you know, we now have research centers in Europe, Japan, Korea, and the United States. We have created a type of robot machine that does its work entirely independent of human beings. We have also developed the highest possible computer technology in Japan, beyond what the Western world can approach.

What is the purpose of all this? It is to give it to the world. Our entire way of life, including our marriage, is for the sake of the world. Whatever we do, whatever we eat each day -- none of that is for our own individual sake. In the same way, the Unification Church doesn't exist for itself. We have some guests tonight, some ministers who have come to listen to my talk. They are members of one particular denomination or another, and I want to say to them that their particular denomination does not exist for its own sake; that denomination exists for the sake of the world. Anybody who tries to confine his denomination within narrow boundaries will be suffocated by those boundaries.

The Unification Church never thinks for one moment that we are here to serve ourselves. We are here for the purpose of serving the world; we are sacrificing ourselves for that purpose. This is the reason Rev. Moon and the Unification Church will never be destroyed; we will just become more popular and more appreciated.

In order to achieve ultimate world unification, or the unification of the fatherland, there must be a model. The Korean nation can be that model. When all the four different sectors within that small peninsula nation are under one true God-centered ideology, that will become the catalyst for unification for the rest of the world. If Korea becomes united into one, the rest of the world can follow that model and become united as well.

A Very Crucial Year

But at the same time we have to look at this another way. In order to unite Korea, the work of unification must continue all over the world. In other words, without making major effort on the worldwide level, there is no way the Korean peninsula can be united. This year is a very crucial year for America, because God wants to accomplish certain things not only in the United States but also in Japan and Western Europe.

In the heavenly dispensational schedule, the years 1945 to 1985 were like the 40 years of Moses° wilderness period. But now, since that 40 years has been victoriously completed, the next three years-1986, 1987, and 1988 -- are the most crucial years in the entire history of humanity. The work we do during these three years will create the environment and the foundation to move forward, laying the groundwork for the unification of the fatherland.

Before the people of Israel began their exodus from Egypt, they proclaimed to all the people that they were leaving. Today the Unification Church must also proclaim to the entire Christian world what it is doing. Nowadays, many American clergymen are going on pilgrimages to Korea -- hundreds of people are going every month or two. Why are they going there? To discover the roots of Rev. Moon.

We shall create a great inspirational power here in America. The Republican and the Democratic parties are becoming the prey of communism. So all the Moonies are now going to launch a most spectacular patriotic movement. In 1987 I want you to join in the launching of this new patriotic movement and crusade in America, to bring this nation back to God.

Injections of True Love

This year our slogan is "The Unification of the Fatherland': This slogan has implications on many levels, both great and small. Unification by what? By fists and power? No, only by the injection of true love. What is America today? It is a wilderness, a desert of love. Everybody here is starving for love. So as soon as we bring them true love, they will receive it eagerly -- like a thirsty man reaching for water. Do you have true love to inject into them?

Actually I have given you many true love injections. I have taught you how to use this injection machine. It is very simple. People are always willing to receive a shot of love anywhere you can give it, whether it is in the hip, the neck, the foot, the bottom, or wherever. When you offer that injection of true love, nobody will reject it. They will love it!

Go ahead and give out 10,000 true-love shots during 1987! All the 240 million Americans will eventually receive those true love shots. How could you ever do anything better or more valuable than to restore the broken families of America? Look at the drug epidemic in America today -- that is a sign of the hunger for love. People are so desperate for love, they take drugs in order to get an artificial high. But once you teach them how to get true love, they will get a greater high than anything artificial can give them.

What is true love? It is love that can even love its enemy. It can give the ultimate gift and forget about it. It doesn't even remember what it has given. That is what I have been doing for America -- giving and pouring out sweat and material into this country, then forgetting about it. I don't even want to remember what I have given to this country.

Today we have the mandate: the unification of the fatherland. This is the subject of the prayer you should be praying throughout this entire year, so that this most profound unification of the fatherland of God can happen. As soon as I launch this crusade, then I need to quickly get back to Korea, because that country needs to be saved. It is in a dangerous position.

I have taught you so much, I have trained you, I have given you my love and my example. Now the time has come for you to take over the leadership.

Think about me. Since I came to America I have been just one man standing up to train all the members of the Unification Church. Now you must resemble me and stand in my place. You can do anything. I am only one man, but you are many. We all shall become champions, workers, and tireless fighters for the unification of the fatherland.

Amen! Amen! Amen! 

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