The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Stage Is Ready

By Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Leaders' Conference - March 30, 1987
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

The most important declaration I have made recently is the proclamation of the head-wing ideology, as opposed to the right or left wing. "Head wing" comes from the head, which is the central controlling mechanism. The head controls the whole body through the spine and nervous system.

The right wing and left wing started from the crucifixion of Jesus, when there was a thief on his right and a thief on his left with their opposing ideologies. Even if the right wing, like a person's right arm, were to dominate and control the entire world, unless the left arm -- the communists -- joined with it and tried to harmonize with the right wing, there would be no balance, no peace, and no stability. Likewise, if the left arm were to control the whole situation, there would be no balance without the right arm.

In history, there was an imperialistic stage when one king or emperor had absolute power. From that stage, history came to the period of the individualistic amassing of wealth and power-democracy. Now the world is experiencing the system of socialistic control of wealth and human lives. Political systems have thus developed from absolute monarchy down to a socialistic system where the people have more power, benefits, and social welfare.

The mission and accomplishment of the democratic system was to bring power down from the aristocracy to the grass roots. In the communist system, power starts from the bottom, with the poor and the laborers, and goes all the way to the top. However, unless both systems link themselves to a higher power, their existence is very much challenged.

The democratic and communist worlds have been so severely separated from each other that there is seemingly no room for harmony. But what is happening today? Communist China is adjusting its own beliefs and trying to embrace the Western system. The Soviet Union, the core of the communist world, is threatened unless they adjust themselves and adopt a new direction that is more lenient and liberal and follows the West.

In the Roman Empire, Christianity became the imperial religion. In that way, religion had the power to govern the world. However, absolute power always corrupts. Those in authority removed themselves completely from the people at the grass-roots level. Therefore, a new movement of the people arose in opposition, an anti-God movement called humanism, which is running rampant today. Democracy comes from this movement, its purpose being to try to protect human dignity and value. The democratic system, therefore, is based not on God but on man.

The human intellect has become the central point of that system. Since man is the center, the democratic system tends to condone instant gratification of secular desires. However, democracy has come to a dead end. In the democratic world, there is no vision. When a nation has no vision, it will perish.

Communism started out with a lofty desire and vision, but the practice of communism is entirely corrupt. A new elite in the Soviet Union, called the nomenclatura, has taken over, and more corruption exists than ever before.

You can see that both the democratic and the communist worlds are hitting a stone wall, deadlocked. The leaders of both worlds no longer have the confidence that their own ideology will run the world successfully. The communist world is losing that hope and the democratic world has already lost it.

Now the most extraordinary phenomenon has occurred. The children in the communist world are seeing the corruption inside their own power system and are beginning to look somewhere else -- to the Western world. And the children in the democratic world are saying, "I know what my father is doing is wrong, that my father's generation is corrupt. There must be some hope in the communist world. They must be doing something right."

In the 60s and 70s, the youth of America and the Western world blindly followed and worshipped socialism and the communist system, thinking that their dream had become a reality. But in about the last 10 years, largely because of our own educational movement, they are coming to understand the true picture of communism. They are becoming jolted into realizing, "This is not what we've been searching for."

The youth of both worlds have finally come to realize that the other system is not the answer. They are awaiting some new vision and ideology that is better than communism or democracy. The young people are longing for some mysterious being, some mysterious solution that is centered upon God. This desire has been coming out from both camps like an avalanche, like a tidal wave.

If the left wing can't solve the world's problems, and the right wing can't solve the world's problems, a new wing has to emerge. People's aspirations now are moving toward a system that can digest all of these -- imperialism, materialism, and humanitarianism -- centering upon one strong central element. The time has come for the ripening emergence of a new ism that will digest all of the historical isms on a global scale, beyond the boundaries of nation or race. This is the point at which the Unification Church is emerging, with the proclamation of the head-wing ideology. I am proclaiming this to the world as a solution to the world's deadlock.

Forty-three years ago, and even long before that, I had this head-wing concept in mind, knowing, however, that I would have to make it prosper and work under great persecution. I have been moving forward under incredible suffering and persecution all these years without stumbling, without being diverted, without being discouraged -- and now what has happened?

I have come in the nick of time to the dawning of a new day. A new sunrise has just come. The only opposition has been coming from what we call the establishment -- the established communists, the established humanists, the established religionists. However, I have not been neglecting the establishment -- the Cain element -- even while knowing that the younger generation is coming to my side. This is why I have been working with the academic community, the media, political and social organizations, ministers and religious leaders, and retired military personnel.

Now that our foundation is so firm and sound, I don't have to work anymore. I could take a big nap! Through the momentum we have established by my direction and initiative, the world will automatically advance onward like a locomotive, moving on and on and on. Ultimately, the world will come under the correct order. That is the reality now. The final vision has been set.

Even though I have been working for a long time, I just recently proclaimed the head-wing ideology because the time has only now ripened to receive it. So what is this head wing, actually? Head wing comes under Godism, the absolute God-centered ideology, which I proclaimed at the Washington Monument rally. The head-wing concept even penetrates all the way to the spirit world.

When you address secular humanists about head wing, they are simply flabbergasted: "That is the most refreshing idea. We can accept that." When you approach religious people, talk about Godism. Then they will say, "Aha! That's it. That is our unifying goal. " So you can see, you have an ideological weapon to deal with all fields.

Head wing is a concept or ideology that involves man and the creation, while Godism involves the spirit. With head wing and Godism together, the spirit and body become totally united and perfected. Unificationism brings these noble ideologies together into one unified working system.

How can we bring this unification about? With God! We must begin from the origin, the center, because God is the source of love, power, and energy. Through God, the unity of all these things will become a reality. In our Unification Church way of life, God has become a living reality.

You are always living a God-centered way of life whatever you do, 24 hours a day. If you try to stray from that God-centered way, chastisement from the spirit world, in the form of revelations and dreams and indemnity, will always come to push you back to the center. It is amazing. God is real in our life every day. The Unification Church way of life is the vertical way of life.

Therefore, when you are moving, you are not actually moving by yourself. You are pulling your entire ancestral line along with you on a string. All the spirit world is connected to you. If you stray somewhere, the string says, "Come back," and pulls you back to the center. It is our privilege in the Unification Church that the spirit world has the power to influence our actions here on earth.

In nature there are electromagnetic waves. To receive a broadcast, you have to tune your radio to that particular wavelength or vibration; otherwise, you can't receive it. The Unification Church is now completely attuned to the spirit world. Furthermore, you are not just tuned in to their vibrations; you are becoming broadcasters yourselves.

You are actually the ones sending out the signals. You can create short wave, medium wave, long wave, and AM and FM signals; you can send out as much as needed in all directions. You have that foundation here on earth, based on True Parents' victory. Therefore, if you want to summon an individual in the spirit world, just name the person: "Mr. So-and-So, come down and help me. St. Paul, come down, I need your help." And he will come down. You can call upon such assistance -- a whole family, a unit, a tribe, or whatever requirements you need -- and it will be instantly provided.

That's why sometimes, when you think you are moving to the left, you find that you are moving to the right. You can't see them, but two spirit men on each side of you are lifting you up. You don't even have to walk! Spirit men will take you along. Do you believe this? This is not a class on superstition; this is logical and scientific.

The common goal of the spirit world, of all religions, and of all people in history is the perfection of men and women. Throughout history, God has had only one thing on His mind: He wants to restore human beings to the original models of perfection. Therefore, all existing schools of thought, such as materialism and humanism, are actually components of human perfection. These philosophies are pulling together men and women to be not only spiritually perfect, but physically perfect. The physical aspects of man are also God's creation. God does not deny the material.

We are living in the computer age. All you have to do is push a button, and the machine whirs and everything is printed out instantly. To have a computer printout available, however, somebody has to input the data. A human being is like a computer. If you push the body's button, the data will come out. But the data has to already be inside. You must become men and women who are constantly receiving data from God--His spirit, His truth, and His love. Then when your button is pushed, out will come the truth, the love, and the spirit of God.

Whatever you put into your mind in your daily life -- what kind of thoughts you think, what kind of motivation you have, what kind of truth you speak, what kind of love you practice -- all that will appear on your screen. I always teach from the Principle that the individual level must expand to the family, tribal, national, world, and cosmic levels.

I am giving you all the data on all levels so you can program it into yourselves. When God pushes someone's button, He can see from the picture on the screen, "Oh, that person is at the national level. Pretty good." Or, "Oh, he never even got beyond the family level." And so on.

I am always telling you members of the Unification Church that you must live for the sake of the world; you must be citizens in service to the world. But if God pushed the worldwide button, not many Unification Church members would light up on the screen -- in fact, it would be a total blackout. That is a failure. You have put no data in. As you can see, when you go up the scale, the number of qualified people at each level becomes smaller and smaller, like a pyramid. Do you think your body is capable of receiving the universal data; is there enough room?

Every computer has a database consisting of so many millions of megabits. How many megabits do you have? The human body has an infinite capacity to receive all kinds of data that God and myself ask you to input. Do you have the capability of receiving it all? Modern technology can create a computer chip that contains an incredible number of megabits. How many more megabits can be contained in a human computer created by God? Shouldn't we be able to receive millions and billions of megabits of information, spiritual as well?

God is always testing us. Every morning he pushes the cosmic button to see how many Moonies show up on His screen. The computer starts humming and vibrating, trying to come out with something, but nobody shows up. The computer is vibrating violently, so at least God can see that His children are thinking about the universal level, even though no one is quite able to appear on the screen. What if God pushed Rev. Moon's buttons? What do you think would happen? Like piano keys, every one of them would ring out loudly, all the way to the very highest. Wouldn't you like to be like that, too?

God made human beings to be the perfect computers. God created in us the most comfortable dwelling place for Himself so that all His data can be housed. That is why we are called the temples of God. But when He pushes your button, the screen shows all kinds of odd configurations -- no regular or beautiful images, only ugly shapes and sharp corners. In many cases, your computer is just humming, still trying to figure out the data, but nothing appears.

Even God's computer can't understand you. But I have taught you the correct input, so you have no excuse. Your God-like image is supposed to be showing up crystal clear. Each one of you is God's broadcasting station. God would like to broadcast His heart and love and truth directly through you.

Compared to the sophistication of humans, a computer is a primitive device. These instruments are being invented because they take after the human image. Someday we will invent a television set that will pick up the spiritual world. When that type of television camera focuses on you, it will show your individual spiritual body.

Also, other spirit men will appear on the screen as a group of people always walking together with you. Who are they? If you are just thinking about your own clan, then you will receive only ancestral assistance, nothing more. But when you become a person of universal good will and are thinking about the whole world, striving towards the highest possible ideals and even worrying about God Himself, the highest spirit world will come down to assist you.

All people, whether they come from the U.S., from Germany, or from France, have at least one thing in common: They all love me. They love me simply because my concentration upon the ideal and my way of life are transcendent of all denominations, races, and national boundaries. Therefore, the entire spirit world is united in wanting to come and help me. The saints and patriots of American history are all coming down now, trying to push every right-minded person on the face of the earth in my direction.

For the last 43 years, people in the spirit world have been helping me, but I have been bringing them to the lowest possible level, to the bottom of human existence. There, the hope of salvation must be planted. Only then can they work their way upward. I myself started from the very lowest level of the physical world and came into ultimate union with the highest level of the spirit world.

I want each one of you, particularly you national leaders, to understand that you must have total confidence. You have the largest army ever mobilized in history. Behind you are millions of spirits waiting to carry out your marching orders as soon as you give them. Therefore, all you missionaries of the world must be engaged in some kind of project on a national scale. Then you must issue marching orders to the spirit army. If you can demonstrate that you are working sacrificially and exceeding them in devotion, incredible help will materialize.

If you don't do that, then you will pay a penalty; the closest members of your family and the Unification movement itself will have to pay the price.

Some of the elder members of the Unification Church will die of cancer; I have been predicting this. Unless you do your external mission well, then you will have to pay the indemnity internally. Now that the nation and the world are in the midst of an emergency, it is totally unacceptable for any individual to do things for his own selfish benefit, trying to gain something for himself or for his family. It is contradictory to God's will, for which God will undoubtedly unleash His punishment.

Today on earth, an effort towards creating unity is being made even among communists, materialists, humanists, and all other segments of human society.

At the same time, the spirit world is unleashing its power toward unification, coming down on the individual, tribal, and worldwide levels. The question I have for each of you is, How much have you done to connect yourself to different nationalities and races? You must create your own foundation upon which people of all races -- black, white, brown, red, and yellow -- as well as saints of all the different religions can come down and assist you. If you love only your own race or religion, you are totally isolating yourself from the rest of the community.

The time will come when spiritual intervention will be so intense, so serious, that anyone trying to speak ill against me or the Unification Church won't be physically able to. A person will open his mouth and say, "Mmmmmm," trying to say the word "Moon," but before he can finish pronouncing the word something will happen to him. His throat muscles will tighten and he will collapse. That time will come.

You would like to see that happen right away, wouldn't you? I have taken the initiative as the central figure of the universe. I have made a God-centered foundation in the academic field, the social services field, the religious field, the media field -- a foundation that no government can tear down. At the same time I have a special emissary in the spirit world -- Heung Jin -- who has broken the boundaries that have been confining the kings and queens in the spirit world. These kings and queens have always wanted to find the true kings and queens. Who are they? Unification Church members! In their eyes, you blessed couples are the royalty.

Right now there is a lot of confusion in the spirit world. No real organization can take place before the True Parents go there. When True Parents become the central figures, from that point on, all organization can begin. You will be important figures in that organization, because you are part of the True Parents. In the Kingdom of Heaven there will be a contest for the selection of the kings and queens. How can you be selected? By acting like a beggar, a wanderer, a stranger? No. Your job is to imitate me. You've got to receive and live my ideal.

Since 1965 I have been traveling all over the world. I have been preparing over 40 different nations to receive spiritual assistance. I carried Korean soil to those 40 countries in order to create holy grounds. Centering on Korea, I want to link the entire world as one community -- one physical community, one spiritual community. It took me 22 years to do this because I was the only pioneer. During those 22 years I broke down all the barriers; now there is no door that is not open to us. All you have to do is go in; the stage is ready. Become the central figure of that stage and act upon it.

The spiritual elements have to be linked to the physical elements. This is now ready to occur. All members are being assigned to the home church mission. When you connect to your 360 homes, the prepared spiritual forces can receive their marching orders and come down and become integrated with the physical forces in your area.

In America, when you visit your 360 homes, 120 countries are represented there. When you are working in your home church area, you are dealing with a small world. You will meet people of all characters--stern German people, arrogant British people, clever French people, romantic Italian people, talkative Spanish people. By doing home church, you are linking yourselves to the universal community--where there are no boundaries between races or nations. Then when you enter into the spirit world, you will be free to travel, free to communicate, free to have give and take with all races.

In the spirit world, you need not worry about food, shelter, clothing, or any such thing. The only important thing to do in the spirit world is to participate in God's banquet and experience the joy of celebration centering upon God. Every source of happiness -- every joy, fulfillment, and reward -- is there. Your happiness will be determined by how close and how intimate your relationship with God is. Your joy will be in spending time with the True Parents. Anyone who participates in True Parents' banquet is the closest to Heaven.

The amazing thing is this: You don't have to be issued an invitation to come to the banquet. Your spiritual vibration automatically determines whether you are qualified to enter the hall. Those who are not qualified automatically retreat, because it is such a pain to be there. Suppose a worthy person is far away in the countryside holding onto a fence, and he does not want to come. What will happen? When the banquet begins, that person's whole house will be moved; he and the house and the fence will all automatically come to the banquet!

The spiritual light is ahead of you. You are now with Satan, so I am pushing you ruthlessly, because I would like you to deserve such things, such a place. When you give up your physical body, eternity opens up. All of a sudden you hit a stone wall and you see where you were wrong. How grateful you should be that you know me while you are still on earth! I want to give you the best blessing so that you can be totally free to move in the spirit world without any boundaries or barriers.

Once you have come to the level of the spirit world I am describing, wherever you go you will never be a stranger, because I have already set the right conditions. You will even be able to become intimately close to a person on the other side of the world. This is inevitable, because the spirit world is already one country, one system, one nation, one unified world. The physical world will absolutely become one world under God, eventually. There is no way out. We, therefore, are the pioneers, the harbingers, to proclaim one world under God.

What percentage of my vision do you think will be fulfilled? Zero percent or 100 percent? How do you know? I may be the world's worst swindler. You know because of your actual, physical experiences. You know because you've tried this way of life out, and what I am saying absolutely works in your daily life. When you apply my principle, what I predict occurs.

When Heung Jin ascended into heaven, I precisely described why the ascension occurred, where the position of Heung Jin is in spirit world, what he is going to do there, and God's dispensation concerning him. Virtually no one believed me. They thought I was trying to make his death look good and the air smell sweet. Today, several years later, you are receiving direct communication from him--in Europe, in Asia, in America. Now you know that what I said was absolutely true.

I want you to know that without the spirit world's help, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot be a reality. And the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot even begin without True Parents. True Parents are the beginning point of everything. I alone can ignite the spirit world to come down and assist you. With the help of the spirit world, the Kingdom of God will become a reality.

In the original creation, God created men and women with the assistance of the angels. The fall of the archangelic world was a disaster, so in restoration I have to restore that failure by mobilizing the spirit world, which is the angelic realm.

Right now many spirit men are listening to my words -- they are so joyful, so hopeful, so full of vision. But when I look at you, I see how skeptical you are inside. You are still not believing, you are not even taking this seriously. What miserable people! Spirit world is lamenting because of you.

What if I told the spirit world, "Look at all these Unification Church leaders. They're no good anymore! Get rid of them and bring 600 new ones." They would obey me right away. But why don't I do that? Because I have worked with you, paid indemnity with you, prayed with you, cried with you, worried with you. I want to save our foundation. If I sent you away, I would have to begin again from the very bottom. Besides, if others came to replace you, there is no guarantee they would be any better! So I have to deal with you.

But you are lucky in a way. I am going to hold you tight and do everything to inspire you and remake you so that you will become new creatures. Is the spirit world far away? Is the spirit world on the outside of your body or the inside? [Father speaks in English. ] It is inside your body, so the mind can't stop, can't take rest. You have to work hard, more and more and more, all day long, day and night. You know that. The mind is always commanding you. God wants to pierce through your mind. God wants you to listen to my words, follow my words. That's the absolute standard.

Your mind will always say to you, "Please work hard." It doesn't come from outside, but inside your mind. You have the absolute order. You have the absolute master and teacher who represents God always. You know that clearly. No excuse. When you pass into the spirit world, you will see that your spiritual body is the reflection of your mind, exactly. The spiritual body is the mind. So God knows how your mind is, automatically. God should be at the center of your spiritual mind.

How much influence God has on you will reflect in your spirit body, automatically. The spiritual body is a reflection of the mind. They're parallel. So you can't open your mouth to complain there. Remember this point: Only follow my course. Human life is so serious. I know about this kind of phenomena in spirit world. That is why I am working against the enemy, no matter how hard it gets, standing on the front line, taking this kind of path. You must go through my life history. You have to follow that course. No matter what excuses you have, you have to follow the course -- your spiritual mind course, your spiritual body course. They are one, not two.

[Father resumes in Korean.] You carry the spirit world upon your head, upon your bosom, upon your back, everywhere. You are with the spirit world, in the spirit world. You cannot escape that reality. Since I always have the spirit world with me, no matter where I go I am always dignified, always confident, even if the American government tries to oppose me.

I'm not worried, because the spirit world is bigger than the U.S.A. I am making the most extraordinary and incredible statements. When the CIA, the FBI, and the American government hear these, they are completely shocked. I am challenging them. You should be like that too. Go ahead--the spirit world is on your side. What do you have to fear? You should have no shame at any time, even sitting on the toilet.

You can be sitting on the toilet and saying, "God, I am making a resolution." When you are pushing your energy down to expel the waste out of your body, and exclaiming "Ummmmmmm!" as it goes out, you can say, "God, I just felt the spirit of restoration! I know You will feel this good when restoration is completed." Will God say, "You must be ashamed to call my name in the bathroom!" God would not say that. The bathroom is Satan's territory, but I can proclaim it to be the Kingdom of Heaven. I can call the name of God inside the bathroom, because God is never apart from me.

Like me, you are to have dominion over all things. You have to be gutsy men and women. You have to have the guts to proclaim even to Satan, "Come over here. You've got to surrender and follow me." Call the spirit world and say, "Come down right now. I am now moving in this direction. I'm giving you orders to create this path for me, so march!"

After this conference, go forward to your missions with a central figure's confidence. You are the subjects of every situation. You can command the spirit world, you can command the national situation, you can command the whole environment. With that kind of courageous feeling, representing True Parents, go forward and carry out my mission. You've got to have absolute confidence that what I have pronounced shall be done.

When I came to America and made my first step on this land, I made a pledge to be the central figure of this nation and gain the support of the entire patriotic spirit world. I had absolute confidence that this would be done.

I know you have your own textbooks of patriotism, but I am not going to follow your textbook. I am going to create a new textbook of patriotism. I cannot return to my own country without establishing such a formula, such a result. Now that work has been done.

We are working under the same God, the same spirit world; there is no reason you cannot gain as much result as I do. The reason why you aren't is simply because there is still some selfishness remaining within you. You have not been able to get out of your self-centeredness. That is why God and the spirit world cannot work fully with you.

A new age is dawning. Tomorrow will be the Holy Wedding of Hyun Jin. Even though he is young, 18, the reason I am doing this is because I am marking a new age before the end of March. I am completing the number eight. The family of Noah will be restored in the True Parents' family when six of my children have been blessed. With True Parents on both sides, that makes eight. By this Holy Wedding, the entire world will be in the position to welcome the True Parents' family.

From now on, the Unification Church will blossom and bloom. The spirit world is determined to make this happen. So far, the spirit world has been reserved because it has been waiting for a certain foundation to be laid. Even though the spirit world has always been trying to expand the Unification Church movement, it has only brought more burden to me. But now, the spirit world is happy to see the foundation is being firmly laid.

When you go back to your missions this time, only good things will happen. This new head-wing concept, the concept of Godism, will be the most exciting, dramatic, and extraordinary thing anyone has ever heard. You now have this weapon to take with you. I am going to send you back out right away, because good things are waiting for you out there in your mission areas. Within one month's time, you are going to feel an incredibly different atmosphere. I would like to let you go now and commit yourselves, so that with new results you can come back to me for our next meeting.

Within several month's time, all kinds of incredible situations will develop in all 50 states of America. Now you cannot be defeated by opposition. You cannot be pushed away. You are the fighters. You are going to fight your battle with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul. Breathe in the spring air and look at the new heaven and earth. My springtime is now here; God's springtime is now here, also. You must feel it to your bones.

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