The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Parents' Day And Our Path 

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1987
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

In the tradition of the Unification Church, we celebrate many special days during the year. Among them, the most important celebration for the fallen world's sake is Parents' Day, because without the establishment of Parents' Day, there could not be any Children's Day, Day of All Things, or God's Day. Because the restoration of this day is so momentous for the beginning of a new history, God Himself honors this day with great importance and joy.

Without the installation of Parents' Day, the fallen world would have no hope for the future. Why is that? Because of the fall, the very roots of humankind became rotten. Therefore, without going all the way down to the root, there can be no real restoration. Out of that fallen root, a tree has grown up with lots of branches as well as a lot of fruit. However, none of those branches or fruits bring joy to God; they have nothing to do with God's providence.

The original root was taken away from God's position to the satanic realm. Since the root was begun from the evil action of the fall, all that grew from it brought suffering, not glory or joy, to God.

It was false love that produced this fruit. Man, consisting of spirit and body, was supposed to receive the true love of God, but because of the human fall, contradiction came to reign in human life between man's mind and body. That was not meant to be and is not natural. It is abnormal and wrong. The correct order of love has not been established. Since the fall of man came during the indirect dominion of God, we must go through that same course to obtain the direct dominion of God, the reign of true love. Unless we fulfill human responsibility in the indirect dominion, there is no way we can achieve perfection.

The original ideal of creation is that men and women would be born in purity within the true lineage and grow up through the indirect dominion of God. During this time, guided by the Principle as well as human responsibility, men and women would mature into perfection. Ultimately they would be united, centering upon true love, and enter into the direct dominion of God. You know this from the Principle of Creation. When we enter the direct dominion of God, we inherit the true lineage of God.

Yesterday there were many couples matched. However, I want you to realize that even though you have been matched and are ready to be engaged and receive the Blessing, getting out of the false lineage and transferring yourself into the true lineage is not an easy task.

Before we can return to the original state, we must go back to zero--the original starting point. Therefore, each of you is destined to search for the place where you can totally erase the false lineage of Satan and the original sin. Unless you can find such a place, there is no hope for the restoration of the true lineage. The first step toward that goal is the recognition that we are born into the fallen lineage and are from the wrong root. We have to come to that heartfelt realization as the first step.

Why do we learn the Principle of Creation and the Principle of the Fall of Man? Because we want to know the original blueprint of God and the root cause of what went wrong. Unless you can discover where the wrong root began, you can have no hope of cure or restoration. The most astonishing thing in the life of the Unification Church under True Parents is the discovery of this truth.

How shall go from the indirect dominion to the direct dominion of God? There is only one way--by going through the true love of perfected Adam. Adam and Eve were to perfect themselves individually and then achieve the direct dominion of God. Once they were perfected vertically, they could become united horizontally.

People want to know what a perfected person is. Most people have absolutely no idea what that is, simply because they do not know the Principle of Creation. Only through the True Parents has the whole truth been unfolded for the first time, particularly the importance of the indirect dominion of God, human responsibility, and the way to achieve perfection.

The path we are to walk is very clear. Men and women must individually walk the path, reach perfection, unite with each other, and become the direct heirs of the lineage of God. By doing so, they represent the perfection of the universe. The realization of the ideal of men and women is to ultimately know true love--to unite in that true love, to become one body, one spirit, one unit in the sight of God and thus enter the direct dominion of God.

Once that perfection of love is completed, no power can ever infiltrate or defile that realm. Not even the entire wealth of the world can buy such preciousness. This is a priceless accomplishment. Each man and woman is striving to be able to stand on that foundation and declare, "No satanic power can ever have any influence over me." When a man and woman reach that level, they become a central point of the love of God. The dignity and holiness that such a man and woman impart can never be defiled.

If a representative of one of the underdeveloped nations wanted to meet with the President of the United States, he would have no chance unless that person knew exactly which route to take and precisely how to reach that high goal. Compare the difficulty of a person trying to meet the President with someone trying to find the path toward the true love of God. Which way is more difficult? The important difference is that there is a way to meet the President, although very difficult, while for an individual fallen man or woman trying to find the true love of God, it is virtually impossible. That is because no amount of your own effort is enough to find that path.

For you to join the Unification Church and work for only three and a half years and then come and be matched and blessed by me is, in a way, unspeakably easy. It is almost too cheap. Do you think you have worked enough to deserve the Blessing after three and a half years in the church? Absolutely not. No one comes even near to deserving that Blessing from the True Parents. In order to find the formula for giving the Blessing to humanity, God had to suffer unspeakably for an incredibly long time. True Parents suffered to an unimaginable degree. Can you come here and try to take that accomplishment freely, thinking you deserve it?

Let's look at an analogy. Suppose a king and queen were giving a festive banquet in the palace. Do you think somebody who was dressed in dirty rags, all smelly, carrying a beggar's cup, could be admitted to the palace and be considered worthy to become a prince or princess of the kingdom? That is impossible. Suppose you say, "Since I am a citizen of the United States, the first-class country of the world, I carry great status with me. I can enter that king's palace and claim the role of a prince." Would your American citizenship or a Ph.D. from Harvard or high social standing buy you such a position? No. Only those who are specially chosen, hand-picked, can enter the palace.

Within the perfected Garden of Eden, which is truly the Kingdom of Heaven, only the joy of true love between God and Adam and Eve has value. None of the secular glories would have any meaning in that place. There was only one assignment given to Adam and Eve: Fulfill your human responsibility. There was no requirement to gain a lot of education or social honor in the Kingdom of Heaven. All Adam and Eve had to do was fulfill their human responsibility. By doing that, they could grow up and open themselves to true love.

All of you, even including the 36 Blessed Couples, do not come near to fulfilling the True Parents' wishes and standard. You think about attaining a certain position or privilege within the Unification Church, but none of those positions have anything to do with heavenly qualifications. As you are gathered here together for Parents' Day, you should not have any such concepts as, "I am a well-educated person," or "I am a first-class citizen of America." People who have that kind of impure thinking always hamper God. The only thing He wanted in the Garden of Eden was purity and total fulfillment of responsibility.

The ultimate goal of men and women is to enter the direct dominion of God, the dominion of true love. In growing up through the indirect dominion, men and women must demonstrate human responsibility. Once you reach the true love of God, you join that root of God; you yourself become the root. From that root, new offspring can come. New generations and traditions can spring forth and bring great prosperity.

When you become that root, giving the tree new life, then the branches and fruit--the children--can grow up to perfection. They will be harvested into the heavenly storehouse, the Kingdom of Heaven. To put it simply, you have no other or more important life goal than to become a bearer of true love and be qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, you must become men and women who are united as one couple to give seed to God's true lineage and posterity. If you accomplish that, you can do nothing more precious. Once you become part of the true lineage of God, then the more children you have, the better.

If you have 12 children, that represents the 12 gates of heaven, as well as the completion of the four seasons. Those who have completed their responsibility have nothing to worry about, including what to eat or wear or where to live. You will come into God's direct dominion. Think about it: God is almighty and all-capable. If you were on the verge of starving to death at the edge of the ocean, God could make an instant bridge over that ocean and bring down food and help to you. God is capable of doing anything, supplying you with anything at anytime.

Today, our job is to focus ourselves properly. Even for you elders of the church, such as the 36 Blessed Couples, the important thing is to reflect upon your own life. During your 30 or so years in the church, have you really done what I have said today that true men and women must do? Have you been living up to this definition of true men and women?

Your basic understanding is very important: You must not have confusion in your mind but a clear concept. When you are firmly standing upon that clear understanding, then strive toward the attainment of true love. Then declare to the world, "Nobody can take this true love away from me." When you have that kind of confidence and commitment, you men and women will be standing together like strong pillars, even to the degree that God Himself cannot shake you and Satan must testify to your achievement.

This understanding is truly a priceless treasure, one which could never be traded for anything else. Once you truly understand it, that is the beginning point of your success. That is what your mission is all about--becoming men and women standing upon the fulfillment of responsibility and obtaining the lineage of God. Then you will want to change your environment, beginning with the individual environment, then the family, clan, society, and national environment. Ultimately the mission of the Unification Church is to change the worldwide and universal environment. This one principle will ultimately prevail throughout the universe.

The important point is that the center line is always the family. The family is the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven. No matter how many millions or billions of years may pass in human history, this central line of family purity, centered on the true love of God, is unchangeable. If you Unification Church members truly want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to go from the world into the core, which is the True Parents and their family. Inherit the tradition of love of that family. Then duplicate that tradition within your own family, clan, tribe, nation, and world.

The problem in the beginning was that no true seed was formed in the Garden of Eden, no perfected Adam and Eve. Therefore, the satanic pattern came to exist. It is the same pattern as God's, but exactly reversed, so the opposite world from God's ideal came to be the reality. Satan planted the evil seed, so the satanic clan, tribe, family, and world came to exist.

Now we have division between the satanic world and the world of God. When the end of the world comes, the secular world becomes totally chaotic and confused. People lose their sense of direction. This is one important sign of the end of the world. That is because they have no seed. But on God's side, it is very different. You have the true seed and the true central point at every level of development. Most fallen people don't take any thought for the nation or the world. Their everyday life just becomes more and more individualistic, and they pursue more and more sensual pleasures and desires, trying to have fun. They don't really know how to make plans for tomorrow.

There are 4 billion people in the world, but the important thing is each individual. Whether you are Bo Hi Pak or any one of you here in this room, you have to create inside yourself the growing seed. Everyone in the world has the same basic shape, everyone looks like a complete human being; but most do not have that inner seed and substance. Wherever you go with that seed, it is spread around.

How much have you become that seed of the True Parents? Inside you, is there that seed with God at the core? You must be able to say, "I'm not an ordinary individual. I'm the carrier of God and True Parents' seed. Inside of me there is true love." That is the kind of conviction each of you must have. It is time for repentance and a new beginning. We must restore that original place. During Jesus' time, the first thing he told people was, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

After we repent, what do we have to do? We have to take responsibility and create true love. During this last matching, I learned much about you. There were so few, virtually none, who really thought, "Yes, Father, whatever you think. I am here to marry only for the sake of Heaven." Rather, you were feeling, "Oh, please let me have someone a little taller." Or, "That woman is too fat for me. Can't you give me someone a little prettier?" You were completely looking at something else. You are lucky we have Parents' Day today, to get everybody straightened out!

In 1960 when the True Parents were installed, it was the most important time of beginning for our movement. During that time, I was working on the family level dispensation, and the entire weight of the world level opposed me. By 1976, the entire world came to the realization that, "Unless we can stop Rev. Moon now, we'll never be able to."

Actually, the seed of Danbury was begun in 1976; the culmination of that desire to destroy Rev. Moon and his movement was the Danbury dispensation. Rather than rotting in Danbury, however, we were resurrected from that point on. Danbury became the site of our resurrection, the birthplace of a new seed for our movement. New leaves and branches came out of Danbury. Normally anybody who goes to prison is finished. But in the case of the Unification Church, prison became our new birthplace. Now a new seed has sprouted and is spreading quickly throughout the world. The entire world is responding to that new dispensation. Since Danbury, we have been moving at the speed of light.

The gate to the Kingdom of Heaven and perfection has been opened up. The Korean word "Moon" means gate. The letter M looks like the Korean word for gate. If anyone is sincerely seeking perfection, he must pass through that gate of heaven. Not only those living on earth but also those who are already in the spirit world must pass through this gate. That is the only way anyone can be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. What is the content of the gate? It is the fulfillment of human responsibility and the fulfillment of true love.

After passing through the gate, men and women can join with each other and together reach the true love of God. This fundamental point, this basic formula, was first begun in 1960. That was the beginning point of Parents' Day. That is when the original seed was made. For the first time in history, there was model of a perfected man--True Father. Then perfected woman appeared--True Mother. All men should be masculine and powerful like Father. All women should be charming and beautiful like Mother.

The Unification Church is providing for the world a mold for the true man and woman. The mold for a true man is Father and the mold for a true woman is Mother. You can imprint yourself from that mold. However oddly shaped you may be, it doesn't matter. The Unification Church will remake you, and you will become a new person. You will be pressed down into the mold until you come out shining like Father or Mother.

By the installation of the True Parents, we have a true family model for the first time in history. One central model came to exist. From that, it has expanded to the tribal model; then the model should expand to the national, world, and cosmic levels. I came to the United States to teach this model, to tell the people where true life and salvation lie so that this country will not perish.

The movement of the True Parents is spreading from the center outward to the world and cosmos. But at the same time, the world is coming toward the center. When this cycle is completed, there shall be new seeds, a new core. Thus a new breed shall spring up throughout the world. No power can stop the spread of that new seed. When the era of the new seed has dawned, the spirit world and the archangelic world, which were in the position to assist Adam and Eve in the beginning, will have to come down here on earth. True Adam and True Eve will be residing on the earth again, and the angelic world will be working at full power to help the earthly dispensation.

The environment will begin to change. So far here on earth, the evil spirits have been all-pervasive. They have most grossly dominated the environment. But now all the good spirits, including the great saints, will be able to come down and change the environment so that everything will push forward the movement of the True Parents, spreading the new seed. Furthermore, another phenomenon will occur--that of unification. Everybody will be drawn to the center, desiring to unify. That has already been occurring.

One ideal centered upon one God and one world will become real within the minds of all people. This is why there are two most important aspects of unification: the unification of language and lifestyle, and the unification of love. All these aspects of the restoration process have been begun through the effort of the True Parents, the pioneers in opening up all these gates. It has taken me 43 years to accomplish this entire cycle because of the incredible opposition I had to face on every level. But for you, because the environment is changing, the angelic world is coming down to earth, and hostility is being transformed into welcome.

Under these circumstances, you can accomplish the cycle in less than seven years. I began my dispensational work from the Adam nation--Korea--and then went to Japan, the Eve nation. Then I came to America, the archangel nation. When these three nations are united, we will go to Moscow, the core of Satan's evil empire.

The goal of the Unification Church and Rev. Moon was made abundantly clear in 1976--that is, to hold a rally in Moscow and liberate that land. That work cannot be done by dropping a bomb on Moscow, only by working here in the United States. If this country is united and awakened to that goal of liberation, this can be achieved very quickly. Then the entire world shall be liberated and united. That will be the external consummation of God's will.

You shall be trained according to my pattern, so you must be able to work in four different countries. You will start in your own country, then go to another land, then move to another, and then another. You should be able to digest those countries culturally. First of all, you have to learn more than one language. You must take care of the people of those countries as their parents, helping to raise them up, so that you can have spiritual children all over the world. Otherwise, you will not become a good citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We sent out missionaries to more than 120 countries, and they all went out with True Parents' ideal, learning the language of those countries. They are teaching the people there the heavenly tradition. In that way, the True Parents' heart is spreading throughout the world. In the same way, as an individual, you have to at least set such a condition in order to go in my footsteps. When you are in a foreign nation, it is most important that you be able to teach the people the mother tongue of the Kingdom of Heaven, as well as the model lifestyle, which is that of the True Parents. Otherwise, when you enter spirit world you will encounter barriers. Unless you overcome those barriers in your life on earth, you will have to overcome them in the spirit world.

The fallen world doesn't have any gate, so we have to open up the gates. They have only chaos and confusion, so we have to establish the gate according to the True Parents' tradition. Satan is trying to block that gate as much as possible. For example, before I came here to the United States, Satan worked very hard to try to defile this nation before the True Parents had a chance to save it. The satanic forces wanted to destroy this nation beforehand, trying to eat it up. Now the time has come when all those who are embodiments of individualism and secular humanism and materialism must come and repent before God on their knees.

Now you have to inherit this mission of mine. The only difference between you and the True Parents is this: When Mother and I began our work, there was no path ahead of us. We had to pioneer on every level and encounter opposition everywhere. But in your case, you have no opposition and the highway has already been laid.

We have already taken on all the persecution; now people around the world are looking up to and respecting us. Our movement has spread all over the world, and many highly intelligent people have joined with us. The Unification ideology has been taught around the globe. Now if you are strong and stand up with great confidence and proclaim, "I have a teaching that will bring salvation to the world," you will be able to move in all four directions. Why? Because the spirit world is helping so much now. Many thousands of your ancestors from the spirit world are following you and helping you. When you work with a serious attitude, you will immediately receive assistance from them. No matter how difficult the situation you may encounter, you can overcome with that kind of help.

Satan can no longer accuse you when you stand up for God's purposes. He has no more condition to do so. There is no one in the whole world who can stop the work of God that we are doing. This is because of our powerful foundation. Why doesn't the spirit world sleep? Because they desperately want to extend the foundation on the earth--your foundation.

That is the purpose of God and the spirit world--the purpose of all your ancestors. You must understand clearly that they are constantly working for your benefit. Now that time has come. So the cry is, "Move forward, march on!" God is always giving us the right kind of environment. You have to have a large viewpoint. How long God has worked to see the time that is now at hand! We must grab this moment and march forward with it. This is our mission.

No matter how difficult your situation may appear, always remember that you have the victorious formula God has given you. Why do you hesitate? Don't think you can be proud that you are a citizen of the great nation of America, or that you are a graduate of some university such as Harvard. God doesn't need that kind of accomplishment, and Satan doesn't recognize or fear such a thing.

All you need is to learn to embody God's loving heart, that simple rule. Until now, people didn't understand that point, but through the teaching of True Parents, you have come to know this precisely. Make this foundation a part of your own tradition and custom. Don't listen to Satan's temptations. Always say, "I make my decisions about what I do based on what True Parents have taught me from God." You are carrying the banner of God's love, so hold it up high and never let it fall to the ground or be stepped on.

You have to stand up for God and True Parents, always asking this one question, "How can I inherit God's true love? How can I achieve this during my lifetime, not only for myself but also for my family, my nation, the world?" This is the most precious gospel. How precious? You can never buy such a thing, even with every asset the fallen world has to offer. Nothing in the world can be exchanged for this gospel.

Within this simple teaching, everything good and true that the world is yearning for can be obtained: the ideal world, a true relationship with God, God's love. You know that clearly. Satan doesn't like this at all, but of course God welcomes it. That is why God wants us to work hard at this time so that we can bring the victory now. Today we have come to the poignant realization of the true meaning of Parents' Day. We must pledge ourselves to the ultimate fulfillment of God's will and the True Parents' wishes.

Shall we do it?

Thank you and God bless you.

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