The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Children's Day And The Unification Of Our Fatherland

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 21, 1987
World Mission Center - Grand Ballroom
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Have you missed me these past months? Well, now I have returned. Do you know where I went? Yes, to Korea. Korea is one of the many countries of the world. Those of us here today are from many different parts of the world and represent many different homelands.

What is a homeland? It is the country in which a person is born in succession of a line of many ancestors. We can go far back into our human ancestry, hundreds of thousands of years, to where all our ancestries first began. Tracing it all the way back to the beginning, how many homelands does the human race actually have? There is only one-one family and one cultural background was the beginning point of this present world.

Today, however, people have different origins and such diverse backgrounds. As we learn from the Bible, the ancestral mainstream was inherited and transmitted through the position of the elder son. But in the world today, is there a single nation which has inherited its tradition through one ancestry in pure succession through the elder sons? Do we see any individual or race who can claim, "I am the culmination of that tradition which has been passed on generation after generation without being mixed with miscellaneous elements"? No, there is no person or race who can make such a claim.

On the contrary, today we see all different elements-adopted sons, third or fourth sons, and so on. It is everything other than purity and consistency. All different elements came in and "inherited" the tradition.

Everyone has a homeland. Do we want our homeland to be the best, the purest, and the most stable? Or do we want something all mixed together, haphazard and weak? Are we content to inherit such a tradition? This is a common trait for all people. No matter where we come from or where we are, we all want a pure, consistent flow of tradition that we can take pride in.

Looking around us, we see everything but this strength and simplicity. Why did things come to this point? Why was tradition not maintained in a pure and clear way? This is a result of the human fall. Humanity had no other alternative than to arrive at this mixed up point today.

What is the fall? As members of the Unification Church, we can give a very simple definition. One way of explaining the fall is to say that the human lineage changed from pure and true to something else. Whose lineage were we originally created within and whose lineage do we find ourselves in now? We all know the answer to that. People have been transferred into Satan's lineage. Yet do we really really feel, "Yes, Satan's lineage is in my blood. To cleanse and purify it is my work and God's desire." Is there anyone who feels very strongly about that? Reason and logic direct us to this understanding and even though the Moonies understand this point, few feel really strongly about it. The Moonies would rather not think about it if they can avoid it.

Do you have a strong urge to extricate yourself from the fallen lineage and thrust away all the sinfulness within you? If a righteous person pinches you, saying, Y do this because your body has inherited Satan's lineage," what is your response? Do you say, "Yes, I deserve that and I thank you for doing it"? What if someone should come up to you and pinch you all over your arms and legs, saying, "Because you are from the fallen lineage, I am trying to pinch that out of your body to allow you to become pure." It hurts and bleeds everywhere. What do you do? Do you complain, "Oh, it hurts"? Or do you say, "I am getting rid of that poison. I am grateful to be cleansed"? Do you really feel grateful for it? That is a big question.

It is really historic that we have discovered this fact about our fallen lineage and it is our historical task to cleanse and transfer that lineage back to God's. That is a truly momentous undertaking. Is that just man's work or just God's work? Actually, it takes the tremendous, painful, all-out effort of both God and man. It is an immense task.

Since everything is interconnected, a false lineage in an individual produces a false family; a society of false families produces a false country, and false countries make up a false world. Who is the master of such a realm? The inescapable answer is Satan. There is no place that God can claim as totally His own.

Suppose someone comes along and tries to take someone or something away from the satanic realm. Do you think Satan will just ignore such an effort, not caring whether it succeeds or not? No, not at all. Satan will never freely allow even the smallest piece of his territory to be taken away. He will fight against any such effort, whether it is made by God or man.

To whom does a human being originally belong? Yes, it is God. But the fact is that today Satan is reigning over human beings. Why can't God just come in and claim His original property, saying, "This is mine and you know it"? Why isn't it that simple? It is because Satan can claim, "You created all things through love, God, so Your dominion over the world is through love. Even though I never achieved the perfection stage of love, I did get to the top of the growth stage. Since I achieved that level, then I must have dominion over everything beneath that level." That is according to the Principle. Furthermore, he can say, "Unless You have a higher tradition of love than that which I achieved, You cannot claim anything from me." Do you understand?

What is the most important element for ridding ourselves of the tradition of satanic love? What does it take to overcome that tradition? Denial. We must deny all of our links or associations with the satanic domain, even unto our very lives. We must prefer to go to spirit world rather than compromise with Satan's evil structures.

Before we deny something, we have to belong to something else. We must have a base from which to deny the evil lineage. That base is God. We must seek for God and love Him more than our own life. Our love for God must be greater than any standard of love in the fallen world to enable us to deny everything in favor of Him, even our own life. When we have a love for God which is stronger than our own will to live, that is the standard for beginning to transfer our lineage into the original one.

Do we destroy Satan's domain by going around and kicking all that Satan has built up and nurtured? No, that is not the way. Violence is not our standard of denial. The true denial of Satan's bond is to have a stronger bond with God. We know that Satan is the enemy of God and mankind. Are we going to completely conquer all Satan's power and go back to God? Answer me clearly, is that true? How?

If someone claims that violence is the right course of action, let's look at what Jesus did. Why didn't Jesus just kick those Roman soldiers away from him instead of praying for their forgiveness? Was he a coward? Instead of trying to retaliate against the enemy who was piercing his body with a spear, Jesus prayed for him. What sort of action was that? Did he do that because he was inferior and powerless? Was he incapable of smashing Satan's foundation, as we have sworn we are about to do? Why did Jesus have to take the stance he did? The modern-day reenactment of Jesus' position came in the life of Reverend Moon. When I came here to the United States, trying to bring goodness, this country repaid me with antagonism and eventually put me in jail. Why didn't I become righteously indignant and just judge them? Is it because I am a coward? Why did I have to do what I did?

For us to be heavenly citizens, we must not only love God most intensely, we must also love other people, including our enemies. Before Lucifer became Satan, he was a being in a position to be loved. This is his claim. Now Satan is saying to God, "Even though I fell into an unprincipled existence, Your responsibility is to love me. Unless you love me to the point where I say You have truly loved me, You cannot regain Your dominion over the world." This is according to the Principle and this is Satan's claim.

Before we can go to heaven, we have to love not only God but also the fallen world. Even though it is unprincipled, the fallen world was originally in the position to be loved by God. Thus Satan demands that God love him before going on and advancing to heaven. Do you understand? Truly?

Satan goes on to say to God, "I do not deny that You are the original master and owner of this world, but unless the people You save can also love me according to the highest standard, I cannot let them go to Heaven." Does God have a basis to deny this claim? Even God must admit that what Satan is saying is according to His own Principle. God has to recognize Satan's claim. That has been the problem.

Thus we have a most perplexing, complicated task. We must first love our enemy, including Satan, and yet also cut off our ties with him. Isn't that true? In order to satisfy these two conditions, we must go on our own feet and visit the most difficult, painful areas. Satan pushes you into the most painful situation, perhaps driving you even to the point of death. What is your response? Do you fight against it and say, "No, I don't want to die. I don't want to endure such a difficult situation"? Can we argue with Satan about that? No, we cannot. In order to change our lineage, we must never let go of our ties with God. We must cling more desperately to our love of God than to our own life, saying, "If I die, I will not regret it. I will never let go of God's love." If we maintain our oneness with God in such a climate of risk and danger, we will be given new life once we go to spirit world.

With such determination, we can bravely confront Satan, saying, "Let me go to where I originally belong. I truly love you, but you know you must let me go." Then Satan will sign the paper saying, "Yes, you may go to Heaven. That is where you belong because you truly loved me." Each and every one of us must have that paper signed by Satan. Do you have such a signed paper? If not, then what is the destination of the Moonies? You have to be going somewhere. If you never get that paper signed, then where will you go? If not Heaven, there is no place to go other than hell.

Are you a miserable group now? How can you say you are not miserable? "We may be suffering, but we are not miserable." Is that what you are saying? Are you confident that you can really shake loose from the satanic world? You really don't want to belong there?

Then if someone demands that you take up your cross and follow Jesus, saying that you must go and be crucified as he was, will you agree to that? You would stay with God rather than avoid such suffering? Can you do that for your brother's sake as well as your own? White Americans are so individualistic that they rarely think of anyone but themselves, isn't that true? They say, "Why should we have to die for the sake of the British or the Germans? Let them die for their own sake and I'll die for mine."

Today's topic is "Children's Day and the Unification of the Fatherland." What kind of children do we want to become? Do you want to be the children of England or the United States or some other country? You say the homeland, but where is that homeland? That is something special about the Moonies-you come from a powerful, wealthy nation like the United States or England, the nation with the highest traditions, yet you forsake your own countries. Instead, you want to go to the country where Reverend Moon came from.

I don't have anything-not power, not money or anything like that. I don't have any sort of military strength. I don't even have an automobile of my own. The only transportation I own is my "car #11"-my two legs. So why are you so eager to follow me? You say it is because of true love, but are you really sure there is such a thing? How do you know that I have true love and that I will abide by it? Do you know me? How do you know that I haven't done everything so far just to deceive you?

Do I have my own homeland now? Does God? There are over a hundred countries in the world, but does God have even one nation which is truly His? How has it happened that in this whole wide world which almighty God created, He doesn't even have dominion over one nation?

We are reminded again this morning that the names of Reverend Moon and of Jesus were not necessary for the original world. These names have come into existence because of the fall of man. Traditional Christianity doesn't understand any of these most basic points: they don't know how the fall was generated or what it was; they don't know where mankind is heading; they don't understand why Jesus came to the earth. Without understanding the truth, we can never go the right way. This world is pitch-dark spiritually. If it weren't for my coming and teaching about restoring the elder sonship, inheriting the right tradition, and restoring the original lineage, mankind would not have any idea where they should be headed.

The deepest human desire is to become one with God. That is what we want above and beyond everything else. Secondly, we want to become God's descendants, God's children. Thirdly, we desire God's nation on the earth. Fourthly, we want to live in Heaven, centered upon God.

Because of the fall of man, we have gone to the completely opposite side of the spectrum. First of all, we had no choice but to become people living under Satan's dominion. We can see clearly where we were supposed to be, but we can also see clearly that we are not there. Let us stop a moment and consider where we are today. We cannot deny that we are in the wrong place. We want to go back to God's realm, but how can we do it? What was the original human starting place? Everything started from the original parents who fell. Those parents gave birth to their first offspring in much the same way that they were originally destined to, but with the significant difference of not being centered on God. They were centered on Satan instead. That was the only difference, but what a world of difference it was!

To return to the original position requires ridding ourselves of our satanic lineage and restoring our ties with God. That is the summary of it. First, we belong to Satan-we are Satan's people. We want to pull away from Satan-this is the first part of liberation.

Number two, we became Satan's descendants. We have to be liberated from Satan's love, Satan's people, Satan's nation and Satan's hell in the spiritual world. We want to find God's love, be restored to the descendants of God, and find and restore God's country. We want eventually to belong to God's Heaven. We want to transfer from Satan's territory to God's territory. That is the goal of our life. How wonderful it will be if we really do away with the satanic ties and move on to God's side, bringing everything along with us.

Can we hold onto God's kingdom with our right hand and Satan's kingdom with our left and try to bring them together into unity? Wouldn't that be convenient? Why can't we do that? Perhaps we should retain half of Satan's world within God's? No, the only way to have any part of God's realm is by the complete dismissal and denial of Satan's realm. That is the only way we can begin. If we have even a small part of Satan remaining, Satan will come and say, "Here is proof that you belong to me. You cannot get away!"

We have already agreed that all the nations in this world belong to Satan. Is the United States an exception? Is this a God-centered country? When you are wearing clothing which is made in America, Satan can say, "Since your clothing is made in America, which belongs to me, then you also belong to me. Your clothing belongs to me and so do you." What about a small piece of American bread? You, as a heavenly citizen, eat that American bread. Satan will say, "Since you are eating the bread which is of this country, then you belong to this country."

How about the language spoken here? If you keep on speaking English, Satan will say, "That is the language of the country which belongs to me. Because you are speaking that language, you belong to me." It's the same if you live in a house which belongs to America. This country could say, "You belong to me because you are living in the house which belongs to me."

We have been talking so much about heaven, but how do you propose to go there? It is obvious that what we wear, what we eat, what we speak and so forth all belongs to Satan. Then how do you propose to go to heaven? How are we different from the people who live within the satanic world?

Whenever you purchase something, what do you sprinkle over it? Holy salt. A law was created so that property which once belonged to Satan can be purchased and sprinkled with holy salt and the ownership completely changes. That law works. We have been doing that, haven't we? How about language? What are we doing about that? How are you going to dispose of your language? You can't holy salt your tongue. We can say, "I have been as a captive, like the Israelites in Egypt, a prisoner of war. I am originally God's citizen, but the enemy took me into Egypt and taught me English. So now I am gaining back the original language. I am learning the Korean language, even though I am so slow."

At least you know a few words, like "anya hashimnika" and you can say some of the alphabet. That's evidence enough that your true language is Korean. The Anglo-Saxon people will be really dismayed and say, "What is he trying to do? He is going to enslave us and put all Americans under the dominion of some other country." They may have such a fearful perspective, but actually we are following God's law. Therefore, no one can stop it.

Some people say, "Reverend Moon is so greedy. He is coming here to swallow up the whole Anglo-Saxon culture! We don't like that!" That is the American way. How wonderful America is, right? Wonderful or miserable? How miserable America is.

You have a clear idea now of what we must have in order to belong to God. Do you really make it a practice that, before sitting anywhere you holy salt the area, saying that you are sitting on God's land and nobody else's? If you don't, then you'd better start doing that quickly. This is why I taught you the condition of blowing three times to consecrate something if you can't use holy salt. If you encounter some handsome man or beautiful woman and happen to touch that person just a little bit, what should you do? You should holy salt your hand or blow three times. You shouldn't want to think about the incident again. You have to cleanse that connection. You don't have to show others what you are doing. (He acts out blowing on his hand with great vigor.) You can dust it off within your own mind, but you have to do it very firmly.

The question is, will this contract, this promise work? Who established that contract? You say God, but how do you know? Maybe I just told you that to deceive you. How do you know this law is an active law? Why do you trust me? I've taught you wonderful words, haven't I? I have taught you the Divine Principle. It is not some ordinary principle but the Divine Principle that I am teaching you. Yes, this is The Principle, which is overriding, all-encompassing, and divine. Since it is the Divine Principle, it is a working law. If we study the Divine Principle, we can solve everything. Nothing is too complicated to be solved by the Divine Principle. Looking through the glass of the Divine Principle, all the complicated situations of the satanic world will become simple and clear. The same is true for all the problems within the heavenly world. Through the Divine Principle, we can solve everything.

I didn't speak the Divine Principle first, then test it out. No, first I tested it and proved it, got the approval of God and of Satan, and then I spoke it and taught it to you Therefore, nobody can deny it. What do you call me? You call me Father. The Catholic Church also calls its clergymen "Father." Do you have many fathers? There are many fathers in the world, but the world only has one True Father. If someone is a true father, can there be two or three others as well? No, "True Father" means there is only one. Is True Father standing on the satanic side or on God's side? True cannot mean true to Satan and true to God, but only true to God. The opposite of true is false. False father means the fallen father, the father on Satan's side. When we say "True Father" it can only mean the father who is on God's side.

Today is Children's Day. What kind of day is Children's Day? What kind of children are we talking about? There are false children and true children. Are you true children? Without True Parents, true children can never come into existence. We assume that True Parents and true children are here, but what is their relationship? You say true love. Do you like true love? How strongly do you like true love? Do you want a gigantic amount of true love or just a little? You are too greedy!

True Parents and true children are related through true love. If their relationship were like the trunk of a tree, how big would that trunk be? Would it be thin and willowy or so thick and strong that nothing could cut it down? You testify to your own selves. How strong is your tie, as true children, to the True Father? Is it unbreakable, strong, huge and powerful? You know yourselves how it is.

Maybe we will have to test it sometime. You have a relationship with True Father, but suppose Satan comes along with a thick baseball bat made of iron. Satan's iron bat is that of your first love. That first love will strike you hard to see how strong the tie is between you and the True Parents. Something ought to break from such a break, so let the bat break! Because your love relationship with the True Parents is stronger, the iron bat will be broken. That's good news!

What about the five billion people of the world? Imagine if they all got together to attack the relationship between the true children and the True Parents. Would the relationship break or would their bat break? Those five billion are trying to strike out at your individual personal tie with the True Parents-not the collective relationship. If they struck a strong blow against that, what would happen? You know how strong your relationship is. Maybe you say, "Gee, I never thought about such a thing. I really don't know." Would you say that? No! You should say, "I am confident. My tie with the True Parents is so strong that it's going to last through anything. Believe me."

Then I will shout out, "You are the victor!" Would God rejoice at that or would Satan? Yes, God would rejoice. How excited would God be? God would say with enormous passion, "You are really my true children!" He would just be out of His mind with joy.

Suppose all the satanic nations said, "We've got to do something about this or we're going to lose everything." Imagine that the leaders of all the fallen nations got together at the United Nations and consulted to try to do everything possible to cut the ties between you true children and the True Parents. Maybe their power would be too strong for you. They could amass all the strength of their nations and hit at your tie with the True Parents. At that time, which side will break-the Moonies' side or Satan's side? How wonderful it would be for God to see the Moonies making that kind of effort. He will say, "Mansei!" Are you strong enough for God to shout "Mansei" to you?

When Satan looks at such a scene, he will think, "Oh, all those presidents weren't strong enough. I must go myself and stop them." Then Satan will come with all his forces, all his minions, determined to make the ultimate attack on the Moonies' faith, confident that they will break at last. What will happen? Are we going to break or will we hold? At that time, not only will God shout another "Mansei!" but all the people in hell itself will shout "Mansei." Everywhere people will be shouting "Mansei!" The whole universe will echo with the joyful shouts of every living being. Do you want that or not?

Let us reflect upon ourselves now for a while. Compared with what the Moonies are supposed to be, how do you measure up? How small and insignificant have you really been? Who has been thinking, "Oh, soon it will be Christmas time and I will go to my hometown and visit with all my family and relatives. How wonderful and joyful that will be"? Is that the extent of the Moonies' joy, thinking about the good old days and so forth? Have you been such miserable Moonies? Do you think that is God's idea of a real Moonie? After a while, you may meet one of your old flames and take his or her hand, saying, "How wonderful to meet you again." Is that the way you are, or do you feel the strong urge to holy salt your hand and kick away the connection with the past?

Do you have some idea, some clear image of what a real Moonie is? Who is the real Moonie centered upon? Of course, it is the True Parents. We have seen that the whole world came together, including government powers, all the religions, and so forth, and gave their utmost blow to Reverend Moon. But who broke? Did Reverend Moon's strong love for God break or did the strong blows against Reverend Moon give way? Satan knows he did his best and still he couldn't break me. Now that I have held up under such blows, whose turn is next?

In God's eyes, who is Reverend Moon? He is the representative champion, we might say the head champion. After observing the most powerful attacks of Satan, can you say that Reverend Moon is worthy to be that champion of God? If I won that big prize, would the satanic world recognize it? They would recognize it. They will know the champion of God who won over the champion of Satan. The ultimate champion is recognized by everyone on both sides. The champion nation of the world is known by all the other nations.

The champion of God is called the True Parent. True Parents are the champions of all champions. (Audience: "The super-champions!") That's true. The super-champions. Those champions won the victory on the individual level, the family, clan, race, national and world levels, as well as the cosmic level. They have won those battles. When a champion wins that level of victory, he can go anywhere. Satan will look at him curiously but Satan cannot say, "You can't come here!" That is why, wherever I make an appearance, wherever I walk, others have to give way because I am the super-champion.

Looking at that, how do the Moonies feel? Do you really feel good? The True Parents are the champions over everything in Satan's world. Do you claim to be the true children of those super-champions? Or do you say, "Well, he is the super-champion but I'm not"?

The child of those super-champions has to be a true child. True Parents can only have true children. What is the relationship supposed to be? It is one of true love, but before that it is true lineage. The lineage is already there and through that the children resemble one another.

The lineage power is the power of the generations. Do you really look like me? What about our coloring? I have black hair, dark eyes, and a rather flat nose and face. Many of you have blonde hair, blue eyes, and sharply protruding noses. How can you say you are the true children of the True Father? Actually, you don't have to resemble me physically. There are only two points in which we must be unmistakably the same: you and I both love God with the strongest love, and we both reject Satan utterly. As long as we share those two common points, then we are related as True Father and true children. Do you understated?

The first resemblance is the love of God. The second is the determination to dominate and win over Satan yet not to hate him. We cannot love anything satanic. We must deny everything satanic and have dominion over Satan instead.

Look at some famous men: President Reagan of the United States and Mr. Gorbachev of the Soviet Union. What is Mr. Reagan's way-straight or sometimes zigzagged and complicated? What about Gorbachev? He also goes zigzag because he is saying that the present communist system is not adequate and they have to change it, yet he talks about returning to a more pure form of Marxism Leninism. He tries to go both ways, so his walk is very complicated and crooked.

How does Reverend Moon walk? You say I walk straight? Isn't that just because you are prejudiced toward me? You know the truth because it is recorded as part of history. If I encountered a mountain in my path, I didn't try to go around it. Rather, I wanted to go straight through it. Your True Parents are walking straight, without wavering or zigzagging.

Many of the scientists who participate in the Science Conferences have come to feel very close to me, so they sometimes tell me how they feel. They say, "Father, why don't you be more diplomatic and say nicer things about President Reagan and other American politicians? Then you would have a smoother time." Actually, I have been fighting single-handedly against the collective force of the world. Even though I was pushed into jail by this nation, who actually won the confrontation? Did the United States, the plaintiff, win? Or did the defendant, Reverend Moon, win? The whole country came against one individual.

Even though they thought they had won and gotten rid of me, what really happened? After that, we saw that the Reagan administration didn't walk straight. They have been wobbling the whole time. If I withdrew from my work here, this country would be in deep trouble. For instance, if The Washington Times quit publishing, who would take the lead in the media? They would be completely at the mercy of communist influence.

Everyone is wobbling and circling around, without knowing where to go. What about Reverend Moon? Am I certain of myself? Am I totally stable, with both feet planted firmly on the earth? Yes, I am. These gigantic nations of the United States and the Soviet Union have to keep going somewhere, even though they don't know where. Where will they end up? They have to turn around, yet these giants have no way of turning around. Who is going to play the crucial role of turning the giants around from their collision courses and putting them on a safe course? That is God and Reverend Moon.

This is the reality. Therefore, are the Moonies fortunate and proud people in spite of whatever difficult situations we may be facing? Or are we miserable people? We look at the world now and see that individuals are confused, families are breaking down, nations are uncertain and weak. The democratic and communist worlds are both crumbling. But no matter what happens to them, there is one group centered on God who will grow stronger day by day. They are the only people with absolute certainty about their foundation and where they are going. That group is the Moonies. Isn't that true?

The world doesn't know where to turn, but when you Moonies look at the True Parents and see that they are going in a certain direction, you can follow them. All you have to do is follow the True Parents because you know they are going in the direction of God. This is true on the individual level and also on the family and clan levels. When we have a heavenly country, it will be true on the national level as well. Who are the true children? They are the ones who consistently follow the True Parents. If the True Parents climb a high mountain, the children don't say, "I'm too tired to do that."

When True Parents go to China, all the true children will want to go there, too. If they go to Russia, then even if you have to swim there, will you follow them? How long will this continue? Until when? It's very simple: for as long as we live. We will follow this path, the path of True Parents, as long as we live. When I go someplace, there should spring out everywhere the true individual, true family, and true nation in my wake. Do you follow?

As we already said, the true children are those who are always following the True Parents, no matter where they go. What is their destination? It is the homeland. What happens if the True Parents completely disappear and the true children don't know where they are? What would you do? We are dwelling in this physical world with the True Parents, but we are all going eventually to the spirit world. God exists and we can dwell fully with Him in the spirit world. True Parents are here on earth, while God is the True Parent in the spiritual world. So even if you lost track of the True Parents, you could ask God.

Should you just ask God as an individual or should you all get together and ask Him collectively? Where should you all meet together-in England, or in the United States, or Japan? You have to gather somewhere and pray together. You say the Fatherland. Where is that? You say Korea, but Korea is no exception to what we have already said. Korea is not God's country. How can we call Korea the Fatherland? Yes, the homeland or Fatherland is the place where the True Parents were born. If the homeland is Korea, that covers a lot of area. Should we meet in the southern part or in the northern part? Why the north? The True Father was born in the north so that is the Unification Church's home town. God knows this and so does Satan. All the spirit world knows where Father was born.

Are you saying that you will all go to North Korea and gather in the town where I was born and pray to God to find your direction? Is that what you should do? But how do you propose to cross over the borders into North Korea? That is the most viciously protected borderline in the world. The soldiers posted there would shoot you without hesitation. The people of North Korea have to call Kim I1 Sung "Father." Meanwhile, Reverend Moon in South Korea is saying, "I am the father of the Korean people." So there are two fathers facing each other in Korea. This is a problem.

If I went to Africa to live, where would you go? If I spend time in Africa and you all follow, do you think our homeland would blossom there? True Parents are the super-champions, as we have said. That means there are no higher champions, no one else to fight against. In fact, a super-champion can no longer fight anyone. It wouldn't be fair. However, his children can fight. That is the meaning of the Children's Age, the children's turn to fight. Thus the True Parents can go to Africa and stay there while the children all go to Korea and fight to recover the northern part and make it into God's country. After you establish and rebuild the country for God, you will invite the Parents back there. That is our work, isn't it?

Who should fight this war? Should I do it or should you? I have been fighting and struggling throughout my lifetime. Should I accomplish this victory so that all the unworthy Moonies can just follow. Or is it your job to build God's country and then to usher in the True Parents, saying, "Father, this is the country we have built for God. Let's live here together"?

If I have fought and won on all the levels of battle, do you think there is any way for Satan to accuse me? But what about the true children? True children, in the strictest sense, are those who are qualified to inherit the rights of the True Parents. Do you follow? This is something to consider seriously. You may not be such a worthy person but since you are one of the true children, you have to understand deeply who the True Parents are. The True Parents can go anywhere and be received. They have that right. Everybody has to make way for them. If the true children inherit the rights of True Parents, then the same thing must happen wherever they go. Isn't that true? This is why we must be strong and bold now. Nothing and nobody can get in our way. When you are weak even the dogs will bark at you. Do you understand the position of true children?

Are you saying that even if you lost track of the True Parents, you are confident that you could all assemble in North Korea and fight against the evil power there? You could gain that country back for God and build up the homeland so that you could invite me there? Do you have such confidence? Do you really want to do that? Is that because some strong Moonie is going to point a gun at you and say, "You do this or else"? No, we know what our mission is and what our life is all about. Even though nobody tells us, we know what to do and we are going to do it.

Those who are really aware of what we have to do-that we must go there, fight with our own hands, and build our own homeland-raise your hands. Unbelievable!

What if I went to stay in the southern tip of Korea, in Pusan? Should you all just follow me there and do nothing more? What do you think- should I send the men to Korea first or the women? Well, use your head and think about the Principle. Yes, it is women. What strong women soldiers you are! Wonderful. North Korea is the satanic country, representing the archangel, correct? Who enticed the archangel to bring about the fall? It was Eve. So Eve and women are the mistresses of the nighttime. Down every dark street and alley, women are reigning. What do you Moonie women think-do you like that, or do you hate such a thing? How much do you hate to be that kind of woman?

What will happen? Will the Unification women's corps go and be wiped out by the vicious North Korean soldiers, or will you subjugate them? Words are easy, but actions are not. I know how hard it is, but you don't. Those North Korean soldiers are too strong for you. All the blessed women in Korea have now been mobilized to go work in the cities and villages. Those women are your seniors, having been blessed before you. Since they have built the tradition, it is your turn to follow their path. Therefore, all the Moonie women should do that.

How proud you will be for the rest of history if, at this one critical time, all you blessed women go to Korea and win this holy struggle. How proud you can be throughout eternity! Because of one woman's impulse, Eve, the world has come to such incredible misery. Now many women will get together and restore that position. How cherished in history this event will be!

Are we going to fight literally, with guns and ammunition, or will we use some other weapon? How are you going to win over those soldiers with their guns? You say through true love, but how will you exhibit your love in the face of such viciousness? How do we plan to win them over? Since Kim Il Sung is acting as the bad king, you will be in the position of the good queen. American women like that title-Good Queen. Most American women have enjoyed a queenly position here within the American family system. The American wife is always commanding her husband-"Do this, do that." God has trained American women to become queens. You have lots of money, jewelry, and power. In Korean the word that sounds like "money" means "much."

We will mobilize all our jewelry, all our land. If we dropped half the land of America on Kim Il Sung, it would crush him. All the North Korean resources are focused on building up their arsenal of weapons. The people are some of the hungriest in the world. All their money goes for the military. So the American queens can go there and ask the people, "You are hungry, aren't you? We will send you food and clothing. You don't have to fight so much."

If the American queens will give everything they own to the North Koreans, do you think they will say, "We would rather fight you"? Certainly not. There is a route to send this food and clothing-through China. We can send everything from America into China and then they can take it into North Korea and feed the people there. If the people are fed and housed as well as the people here in the United States, why would they want to fight?

We Moonies are not living an extravagant life. In fact, we are sometimes hungry and we don't wear nice clothing; we always work hard and sleep little. But if we give everything we own to North Korean families-not to Kim Il Sung but to the people they will know what we are doing for them. Do you think they will want to fight us? They will be grateful.

The motto for 1987 was what? "Unification of the Fatherland." Why did I give that motto this year? The previous time I went to Korea, I established the Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. This time when I went to Korea, I sent people out to all the different places in the country where there some organizations or individuals are opposing our goal. Our members are supposed to find out who the opposition is and overcome that opposition. They are finding out from the top to the bottom who is going against God's way. Is that good or bad news?

I was leveling the ground before I returned here so that no one would be opposing our work in any areas-political, economic, local government, and so on. Every Korean knows that nobody can work more effectively for the unification of North and South Korea than Reverend Moon. They know that if Reverend Moon wants to do something, he can do it. That is why people don't oppose us.

This is just the right time for this work to be done and that is why we have the same motto this year. As you know, there are four candidates running for the Korean presidency. Not one of them has a foundation. They are all floating. They don't know what they are going to do after they are elected. They know they can't do anything, but they are still running. I am standing with my feet firmly rooted in the ground, making plans and creating all kinds of possibilities. Once that country is brought around in one direction, all the people will follow. I am planting the vertical axis there, a strong and stable axis. When it turns, the country will also turn.

We mentioned the elder son's position earlier. When I turn the axis, this is the way Abel moves. Cain will have to spin out or follow in Abel's wake. For the first time in history, Cain will follow Abel's road. This is what I have been preparing. That is the historical changing point, the turnaround in the Cain and Abel relationship. Even though nobody else realizes what is happening, the Moonies have the privilege of understanding and knowing because you are in line to inherit everything. For the first time, Abel determines the direction. He is the forerunner.

We must clearly understand. North Korea is dominated by Cain. For the first time on the heavenly side, Abel will take the leadership role. South Korea will move and North Korea must respond and follow. The initiative has changed. Until now, North Korea has always taken the initiative-militarily and in every way. Now the South Koreans will be the ones to initiate unification, centering on one individual who is followed by many others. That means Reverend Moon will be in the forefront, followed by many Unification Church members. After that, all the rest of the people of South Korea will follow.

Four multiplied by seven equals 28. That number represents the perfect number for each direction-the full number. This happens to be the 28th anniversary of Children's Day. On this day, my message to you is to take the initiative and build the homeland with your own hands to inherit the rights of the True Parents. This is historic. At the age of 28, I went to North Korea to pay indemnity by going to jail. Now this 28th celebration of Children's Day is the day of liberation, not imprisonment. Thus the fact that- we are gathered together today and pledging to fulfill this task is truly historic. This is why I prayed as I did this morning at the Pledge Service. We will be brave and willing soldiers, confident of absolute victory in winning the Fatherland. We pledge we will do this.

Now let us remind ourselves. The period from 1945 to 1985 was a 40-year period and was extended three years to 1988. We are in the second year, 1987. This is the year that Satan acts at his peak, but after this, he will have to give in.

Those who will pledge, "Yes, we will now unite strongly and advance for the victory and the unification of the Fatherland of North and South Korea. I will participate in that strong march and bring the inevitable victory." If you pledge to that, raise your hands, please. Thank you. (Applause.)

It is noteworthy that the spirit world is taking advantage of this time. Heung Jin is an example of that. My work is so well-established on the earth now that spirit world is gradually descending to make a settlement here. Until now, that was not possible. When we pledge to God that we will win this holy struggle and bring the victory, all of our ancestry as well as Heung Jin will be able to help us win. They help us know what to do, how to do it, giving us constant advice, so that they too can be settled on the face of the earth.

There is even more detailed spiritual significance to this time. Heung Jin is the elder son, while all of you are in the second son's position. When you become united, it automatically creates the condition for the spirit world to come down and help. The foundation is perfected there. Through this, Heung Jin is working practically everywhere in the world, centering on Korea.

Wherever Cain and Abel become one, God can come down and complete His work. This is what is happening. When we follow Heung Jin Nim into Korea and do the work, we will be winning the foundation of victory everywhere we go and in everything we do. I can use that foundation as my immediate ground.

Isn't it true that, even though you are much older than the true children, still you consider them your elder brothers and sisters? Hyo Jin is younger than almost all of you, but you still call him, "Elder brother, Hyo Jin Nim." The same is true of the sisters, no matter how young they are. You call even Hyung Jin, who is much younger, your elder brother. Likewise with Jeung Jin, the youngest. You still call her, "My elder sister, Jeung Jin Nim."

When the Abel and Cain positions unite, there is no division and God can do whatever He wishes. That is the original position. This is why things are developing much faster and victories are brought more quickly. Do you understand?

Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you fight a hundred times, you'll win a hundred victories. No defeat is possible. You have been learning a great deal from Heung Jin Nim in the past three or four days, haven't you? You have become a strong, tightly-knit organization, so that when you receive a direction from me, you will not question but will just instantly work to fulfill it. Then God can bring immediate victorious result every time. Heung Jin will teach you more, but you must learn that point quickly.

It is truly amazing that your elder brother, Heung Jin Nim, sacrificed himself at such a young age for you This is opposite from the worldly elder brother, who tries to make use of the younger brother for his own sake. We must understand how difficult Heung Jin's position initially was. He went to spirit world; he did not have a body any more. He worked so hard there to make a foundation on earth so that he could teach you. Therefore, you must learn your lessons from him with great respect and with most serious attention.

You must believe strongly that if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of mankind as Heung Jin did, and then work toward your goal, your victory is guaranteed. What other result could you get? You must be absolutely confident that you are completely one with the True Parents. Nothing can cut that tie. You know that you are willing to die rather than return to Satan, so that is your source of absolute confidence.

Remember these two points: strong love of God and no reconciliation with Satan. Those are our two distinctly different characteristics as true children. With absolute confidence in these points, you can win the victory every time you fight.

As I said before I went to Korea, you will all go there soon enough, especially the women. I trust you are continuing to prepare $4,000 to support yourselves there. You should never become a burden to the Korean members and families. Instead, you should be helping them. When you go to help Korea and win the victory and make that foundation, great credit will come to you. You will be like the signers of the constitution, the victorious founding citizens of the homeland. That will be your eternal credit. With that credit, your ancestors can enjoy your privileges as well.

At that point, there will be no more borderlines on earth. That means people will be able to move around anywhere they wish, just as they were created to do. This will be the case both on earth and in spirit world-there will be no boundaries. Spirit world will be able to come to earth anytime it wishes.

What is your name? (Heidi.) What is your original country? (Puerto Rico.) When you go to Korea representing your country and you win the victory, establishing the homeland, then wherever you go, you will encounter no boundaries and your ancestors will share in that privilege as well. That is the greatest hope of the people in spirit world. The hope of your descendants and those of the homeland nation are intertwined. Do you understand? You have a dual purpose. One is to work directly for the establishment of the Fatherland. At the same time, you are accomplishing the foundation for your own ancestry and your descendants.

This is truly a historic time. 1987 and 1988 will be the time of rare opportunity. The desire of the True Parents, as well as of God, is to regain the true Fatherland. Fulfilling this desire for God and True Parents is an amazing opportunity. We will all advance in that direction. Amen! Those who pledge, "Yes, Father, I will go forth in that direction," raise your hands. God bless you.

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