The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Original Homeland And The Realm Of Heart

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 23, 1987
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Where are we now? We are at Belvedere, correct? If we were asked where is Belvedere, the answer would be, "It is in the southern part of the state of New York." If asked where is New York, we would answer, "It is located in the north eastern part of the United States." Where is the United States located? It is on the continent of North America, one of the six continents of the earth. The earth is a part of the solar system, and the solar system is within one of the many galaxies in the vast cosmos. But all of that begins with the fact of us sitting here on the land of Belvedere.

Do we want ourselves and our immediate vicinity to be the last and least significant of all the locations in the universe, or do we want to be the first and most important? We naturally want to be the first, the best, and the most important. If someone belittles or ignores you, you will immediately protest. You will say, "Why are you trying to move me out of the center?" You are sitting right in the center or focal point, so if someone tries to move you from there, it means that the center is moved from its position. All the surroundings will be affected by that. Someone next to you must be nudged away and the person next to him, and so on.

Each "I" represents all of history, the past, present, and future. By the same token, the location of Belvedere represents New York, America, the whole world and the cosmos because it is at the center. We always have to be aware that "I" am the center of the cosmos and "I" represent the whole of mankind-past, present, and future.

We've talked about two things: man and the location of all created things. How are man and all things connected? When we say "man," we include both man and woman. We need to connect man and woman. Does money connect these two? Does power or knowledge? Each individual has a mind and a body. They are meant to be connected by love to form the original, eternal man. We have to be precise on this point. What creates unity or harmony between two people? It is true love.

Is true love centered on men or on women? We need to answer that very carefully. If we say the center of love is men, then women will object. If we say it is the other way around, the men will call it unfair. This is a very important point and God does not treat it lightly. In fact, the king of wisdom, God, must have thought this out very carefully. He came up with the idea that the center of love is not two different bodies or individuals. The center of love is perfected when the two get together and become one. A half can never be perfect. If there was a perfect love centered just on man, there would have to be another perfect love centered on woman. Both might be perfect but that would mean different cores of love. Two can never be as good as one, as far as a true center is concerned, so God must have thought, "There cannot be two separate cores. It must be one."

Thus, love is divided into two parts. The two parts brought together make one perfect whole. We conclude that no matter how perfect a man may be, he is at best only half. The same is true of woman. A half is never complete by itself. Why did God make man and woman? He did it in order to make one love center instead of two.

The one love center must be appreciated by men and women and God. All three of them must like it to the same degree. We are talking about the one point of true love which God created. A man might run around here and there, but where would he like to settle down? He would like to be at the central point of love.

We all like to be good and virtuous, don't we? Yet, virtues are conceptual not material things. Can you touch and mold love like clay? Can you make goodness on a workbench? Even though we cannot see or touch love and goodness, they are very much there. How do we know if we are happy or sad, joyful or ecstatic? When we say, "This is bad and this is good. I am happy. I am sad," what is our standard of comparison? In a word, it is love. Love is the only center. When men and women are growing up, their mind and body are growing on a certain center. Where is this core or center? When men and women reach maturity they meet each other centering on this love core.

During the growth stage before reaching perfection, what do men and women center upon? It is love, too, but the love of their parents. That is a vertical relationship. Compared to that, our mind and body are in a lateral, or horizontal, relationship. Children grow up centered on the love of both their parents. Both the father and mother are needed. Their love is the core for the growth stage. The child does not grow up centered on either the father or mother, but on the very love center between the father and the mother. They grow this way in a subject and object relationship.

Mind and body have give and take on the horizontal level. As they mature, this point (referring to blackboard) gets closer and closer to the center. Why does this phenomenon take place? We can see from this diagram that the father and mother are two halves which form one entity. The mind and the body of the child are meant to become closer and resemble the father and mother's love. So mind and body-plus and minus-become one unit, vertically centering on family love.

Where should the center of family love be? We have to determine that center. It is where everybody wants to be. Man and woman, mind and body, children and parents- all will go toward that center and be happiest there. The center cannot be here, there and everywhere. It can be only in one place, which is the love center.

The family is the horizontal relationship. Horizontal means that it dwells within 180 degrees. In order to conceive of the horizon, it is very important to have a vertical line which crosses it. The vertical line defines the horizon. Only after we set up this vertical line perfectly does it become possible to define one degree, two degrees, three degrees, and so on. We are individuals and we have this horizontal line, centering on mind and body. But for that to be precise and stable, we must have a vertical line. Without that, we would be moving this way and that with no focal point. But when this vertical center is established, then you are right there. If you want to move around, how do you do it? You spin around. You cannot move to and fro, here and there. Instead, you can only move at that very center, that axis. From there, you can move around as much as you want without losing your position.

The next question is, "Do I revolve around or does the center revolve around me?" If the axis moves around in one direction and we want to move around in another, we would come to a standstill. Centering on what do we revolve around-the center or oneself? You said it right, it is the center. Why should it be like that? That vertical center is one point and can never be two. If you think, "We should have two instead of one, and four would be even better," you cannot move. In order for the world to be one global ideal we need one axis which will not change in a million years.

Let's look at the characteristics of vertical and horizontal lines. Horizontally, there are many different give and take possibilities but they all want to come to one central point. A vertical line can never be like that. It can only be one line. Plus and minus must become one centering on this line. There are many couples all coming toward one point; that one point is a vertical line.

A man will go his way, but he is always directed toward this center. The women's way also comes toward this center. Every living thing will come to this center. A man's neck may revolve around this way and his arm may move that way and every other part of his body may move in its own way, but the man as a whole will move toward the focal point. On the horizontal level, it is centered on a woman. Even though men and women have different emotions, they come to one focal line, which is the vertical line. Do you understand?

There cannot be more than one vertical center or line. Men, women, and all things come to this one point. What if there were no vertical line? Without a vertical line, there can be no point of unity, no point where everyone can meet and settle down. It just cannot work. With only the horizontal line we cannot form a sphere, so we cannot have an ideal form. Molecules. atoms. and even the cells of our bodies are in global, rounded form. We can move in all four different directions if we have a focal point. While we are moving, we are spinning. That is the kind of motion we are making all the time. But without the central axis, we cannot control our direction.

Everyone is trying to get somewhere-to this one central point. It is the point of the ideal, which is good for everyone. All actual motion takes place through this one focal point. Without that, no harmony or symmetry can exist. There would be only deformity of motion and shape. If a top has an off-center axis, it wobbles around. That is not ideal. The ideal for the top is to spin around so smoothly it looks as if it isn't moving. When it spins around at top speed while still keeping its position-that's ideal.

Riding in an automobile, do you feel how fast the wheels move? When a car is traveling at a hundred miles an hour, does it wobble? No, it rides smoothly and is very stable. In a perfectly made car, you don't even notice whether you are moving or not. Thus we say that the ideal exists when the vertical and horizontal relationship is kept at its best balance. Do you understand?

What is the central point of spirit world and the physical world? It is love, but what kind of love? Spirit world is an eternal and unchangeable world, while the physical realm is temporal. As we grow from childhood to maturity, we change. Your body cells are active even when you are sitting still. Should the center line be set on the physical or the spiritual world? It should be set along the unchangeable position of the vertical line.

All things in the physical world change, but it is because they are growing in the unchanging, eternal direction of the spiritual world. Then what is the center line of the entire cosmos? Hundreds of millions of solar systems have to fit into that immense cosmos, so what would be the center line? You say God, but there is no complete love if God is alone. The center of the immense universe can never be knowledge or material things. It can be nothing but love.

Ask God, "Would You like to live on top of a glittering diamond mountain?" That would not interest Him. Diamonds may be fantastic, but they are not warm. They are shiny and brilliant and unchangingly hard, but they are not warm! Gold exudes a warm glow, but it is a soft substance. Pearls exhibit a beautiful harmony of colors. Where would a hard entity want to stay, and also a soft one and the harmonious colors of the pearl? Flat things, pointed things, sharp things-all different shapes and colors want to get there. Where is that? It is the place of true love.

True love contains all those properties. If you want something soft, there is nothing softer than true love. It is also the king of hardness and the king of all harmony. A place is needed where a sharp thing or a soft thing or anything can go and rest comfortably and be accommodated, where nothing is rejected. Where would that be? The conclusion is that it is only in love.

Some women can be very sharp. Their words shoot right up like a rocket. They are so talkative, they can fill the entire universe with their conversation. But no matter how strongly she shoots up, such a woman can be caught in a net and calmed down by love. Something sharp or something heavy can fall in the net of love and rest there comfortably. Someone could hang in there by one foot or in any other posture and still be comfortable.

Women's jewelry is symbolic of their nature. Wearing a necklace shows that you want to be attached, but you also want to enjoy motion. Wherever you move the necklace also moves. A woman wants to have such an attachment to a man. A ring fits closely around the finger. That means you want to fit into a man. Would you like to hang onto and be warmed by a man, fitting into his life? Or do you want the man to hang onto you? Men are physically bigger than women. A bigger person can't hang onto a smaller one.

Man and woman are meant to dance around each other. That is a universal formula. It can never be reversed. You might say, "Father, you're making a mountain out of a molehill." If you feel that, raise your hand. This is a reality. My warning to women is, "You can't hide. Your jewelry reveals everything about you!" But you don't feel upset by this serious warning, do you? Your expression is one of approval! We have to go along with these kinds of laws because we are happiest under their sway. That is the way we were meant to be; that is where our happiness lies.

Why do we dwell with all this duality? Why can't the mind just be happy without caring about the body? Why is it that the body and the mind both have to be happy, the husband and the wife have to be happy, and God has to be happy? Why do we have all these pairs? In order to go through the one focal point, two have to be made into one, centering on love. Both the mind and the body want that. The husband and wife want that. God and man want it.

Many people are sick both in mind and body, inside and outside. What is the remedy for sickness of mind and body? It is the love of the central point. God's love is one-sided, just as man's love is one-sided. But the center of love, or centering love, is not. If my mind gets near to that center of love, my mind is happy. My body is so happy, it just becomes a sprite. Can those who receive that centering love be healed of their sickness? Yes, they can. If God has a choice, doesn't He want His object to be healthy, not sick and aching all the time and never feeling well? Wouldn't God want us to be healthy?

If you become ill, it is nature's way of giving a warning: you should not stay where you are now. Go to the center line, the love center. If the person doesn't get to the center soon enough, he will collapse. When we are right on track, disease doesn't happen. When we go off-track, then we are given warning through illness. Is that a good or a bad warning? Is this good or bad news? It is good news; it is gospel. Disease can be good if it warns you in time.

How about God? Is it possible for God to suffer? Surely, it is the teaching of the Principle. If God stands in the center of love, He feels fine. But if something comes between God and His love object, then God can feel sick, too. Is God happy or sad? If God can stand on that center line, He is happy. But if He cannot stand there for some reason, He is sad. When all human beings are more or less sick, can God stand on the centering love or not? Until now, everyone was sick and God could not stand on the love center. How can you be healthy when everyone else is sick? Thus we can reason out why God is sad.

Ordinary Christians have this notion that God can never be unhappy or sad. They project upon God what they want Him to be, regardless of what He really is. That is wrong. We can now clearly see that God has to be sad. We have to know clearly about that. Is God in the position of being happy at this moment, or is He very sad and unhappy-even more so than we are? God is the most unhappy being in the entire universe.

Have I worked so hard to convince you of an imaginary situation? Am I making this up, or am I reminding you of the reality? If we are sick, how does God feel? Why is He very sick? After all, He is the subject of the whole world. (Diagram) This is the whole world, the external creation of God, who is internal. If the whole world is sick, how can the subject of the whole world be well? There is sickness everywhere. How pained would the subject feel when His object is sick at every level-individually sick, sick on the family level, nationally sick, sick on the world level? Every area is unwell, so how can God be well? Heaven in the spirit world today is as sick as hell in the spirit world. There seems to be no one who is well. When we really understand this clearly, should we be asking God to save us or should we be offering to save God? "God, now that I know, I must save You." Have you ever stopped to think that way?

Women are asking God, "I'm getting too old! If I don't marry now, it will be too late to make a four position foundation. Please give me a spouse-the best one at that. Please match and Bless me now!" Should a woman have that kind of a prayer, day in and day out? Many women say, "I need some fine clothes, perhaps a mink coat." Should we pray like that, or not? But in fact, many of us do have such an attitude, don't we?

All the 5 billion people in the world are, in their own way, asking God for one thing or another. Should God plug His ears? He cannot keep His ears open to all those requests. If you were in the position of God and being asked so many things by so many people, maybe you'd just go crazy. Maybe you couldn't stand it for even one minute. If God has eyes, wouldn't He cover them?

We cover up our eyes if we don't want to see something. Don't ever believe that God is different from us. Would God want to turn away from facing all of us and not even look at us? People do not know their limits. They keep on nagging God. Everyone is crying to heaven asking God for things. Maybe He will go somewhere else, like deep in a valley to hide. God may very well be where no one imagines Him to be. Everyone is trying to go where they think God is, but actually, He is somewhere no one thinks to look.

This actually describes the path of religion. The sincere people seeking God are the ones God has been picking up and putting in His bag, raising and grooming them through the path of religion. In history, many people who responded to God's voice were not really the most capable or prominent people. Instead, they were drop-outs, those who gave up on human society as it was. God has been picking these people up and saying, "Oh, you resemble me. Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm a lot like you." Where there are bright lights, wine, dance and laughter-Americans like to laugh very much-where there is talking and a lot of singing-is that where God is found? Satan is the king of the daytime in the fallen world. God only reigns for a short time during the night over man and all things, trying to raise them up.

Do we know now that God is never happy, that He is a sad God in the truest sense? The only way for us to become happy is to liberate God from that misery. What are we to liberate Him from? Do we liberate Him from poverty? Do we have to make a lot of money for Him? Do we have to build big cathedrals for Him-will that free Him? He doesn't need anything like that. He doesn't need power or influence or material wealth. God is omnipotent so He can have all of that He wants. The one thing He really needs is love. The only way to liberate God is with love, because that is what He is lacking.

Can anyone suggest a better solution? Can you say, "Father, You're wrong. I know something else will liberate God"? If God is listening to my sermon, would He say, "You're wrong. What are you talking about"? Or would He say, "You may not be very handsome and you're from the Orient, which is not really the reigning, fashion able area these days. You're speaking to white people like the king of wisdom, but what you say is-yes, I have to admit it-it's true." Would God say that? Yes, He would. If you disagree and demonstrate against me, would God say, "You are right to demonstrate against him. He's wrong"? Or would God try to quell a demonstration against me? He would like to smash such a demonstration, wouldn't He?

Here is an individual, Reverend Moon. I am so small I am dwarfed by this gigantic America. Yet this small person has gotten hold of the giant's necktie and has been wrestling with him. Looking down at this impossibly uneven wrestling match, which side do you think God would take? Would God root for America or for Reverend Moon? Why would God stand on Reverend Moon's side? It is because of the Principle. Even though I am only one of the 240 million human beings living in this country, no one else has come even near the center of love. But I hit it right on the nail. Centering on love, I have worked to liberate God.

The powers that prevail in this nation put me in jail. They made up an excuse to incarcerate me. Now a few years later, do you think they feel, "We won out over him"? Or do they feel, "After all, for some strange reason, we are defeated and he is the victor"? I don't know the answer, but what do you think? Americans know who won and who lost, and God knows, too. I continue to try to liberate God. Do you understand?

What is the title of my talk this morning? "The Homeland and the Realm of Heart." I haven't even gotten to the homeland yet, much less the realm of God's heart! I have only talked about the center of love. Two hours have passed. Should I continue? Let me ask you a question. When I talk to you as I have today, is it necessary for you? How necessary? Whom do you represent? Belvedere represents the universe. Our sitting here, from the individual through all the different levels, represents humanity. Do you want to become just the representative of America or do you want to represent the entire world?

What is it that mankind wants? What is it that God wants? We have to know that clearly. We want to bring awareness to the people of America and guide them to the true love center. We want to bring the entire world into awareness and into the true love center. We want to invite God to the threshold of our true love center. We want to represent that love. That is the one focal point the whole population desires, including God and all the spirit world.

This focal point can never be two or three. It has to be only one, the one and only. If we find this point, we are worthy of being called the representatives of mankind and God. We must have that kind of confidence. Even though we are humble people, we shouldn't be too humble.

We may be very small, but we nevertheless represent what no one else even thinks about. We have to be absolutely confident and know that our position is different from the rest of mankind because we are in the direct lineage of True Parents.

All people, including the entire American population, are following us in order to find some hope. We are such individuals so we have to be absolutely confident, saying, "Follow me and you can never go wrong. I will get there and when I do, you will get there, too." We should never let go of any follower. Tell them, "Just hang onto me. Don't let go for your own sake, because we are going to get to the goal." You shouldn't even ask me to help you. Because we are going this way, God will help us without our asking. He cannot do anything but help us.

Mankind needs all of us. We know that for certain. The power of the cosmos will help us; God's law will help us; all people will help us even without their knowing. They are all unconsciously hoping that we will be successful in reaching the center point. We are not in a position of need before mankind because we already have God and the True Parents. But what about the rest of the world? They are orphans and they are certainly going to need us.

Until this moment, have you ever realized that you are in such an important position? Out of the 240 million Americans, how many would oppose us strongly and say, "I know absolutely that Reverend Moon is wrong and I am right?" How many people can we find like that? What percentage will go against you when you teach them this truth? Probably very few. If someone places a negative ad in The New York Times, we needn't do anything. Other Americans will hush him up.

When NBC and ABC and all the major networks allow us to broadcast the Principle do you think people will say, "Make them go away?" Or do you think they will be inspired and find new hope? Do you think they will applaud or will they demonstrate against us? What about the spirit world? At this very moment, do you think they have their ears wide open to hear what I am saying? Through the electronic media we can transmit anything anywhere. Do you think spirit world has a better system or an inferior system of transmission? Their system even goes beyond time and space. When they hear my words, do you think all of the spirit world is on my side, saying, "You are right." Or are they saying, "No, what the Christian ministers are teaching is still right"? If some group of Christian ministers charges us with heresy, do you think the spirit world will come down and say, "Yes, you're right; you should fight against him?" Or will they bother those ministers and even kick them out?

Even without expecting help from the spirit world, if we continue to work hard as we have during these past years, eventually we will win. Are there more people living here on earth or in the spirit world? How can you know that kind of thing? Spirit world already knows about the truth, so it is this world that really matters. Do you think the Unification movement is about to win the war or have we already won? We have already won. All we have to do now is arrange things. We are proclaiming that a new world, God's world, is coming into being and it is not an exaggeration. It is bound to happen. It will not be the democratic world nor the communist world. It is no other world but that of Unificationism, centered on true love.

Everyone in every era has wanted true love, and that is our focal point. Past, present, and future, all humanity wanted true love. God has also yearned for this. Is it likely to come about, do you think? Do you say, "Father, every time I hear, I understand, but too soon I forget. We've been hearing this for years but people are still not responding in the right way. How are we going to accomplish? My body is getting old and tired. When am I going to get married and start a family? How can I send my children to school? What will my old age be like?"

I never worry about those kinds of things. Instead throughout my life, I have focused on the goal. I think, "If I get hungry, I can always go over to one of the member's homes." You would be willing to feed me for at least three days, wouldn't you? In fact, everyone would say, "Father, come to my house." Do you really want to feed me? Maybe you don't think you can support me all of my life, but three days is not too much. The number three is very important to the dispensation. Everyone is capable of supporting me for three days. That represents formation, growth, and perfection.

We have our trinities and four providential positions- Japanese, German, Korean, and American members. Say there are four individual families living together and I came to stay with you. Would you Americans say, "Oh, the Koreans can take care of Father first, then the Japanese and the Germans-I'll be the last." America wants to be the first, but as of today, Americans are the last, thinking, "Let the Japanese or the Koreans do it. They seem to like it." Americans don't even walk straight. You walk crooked like this. You say, "I can tag along; I can follow, but that's all I can do."

If everyone goes at a different pace they will someday meet in unity, but isn't it better if all four directions march forward at once and almost crash together at the center point? Who will occupy this center? It will be those who try to make unity between the four providential cultures, those who want to get in when there is conflict and make peace with their own tears. Those who try to solve all the problems and think about true love and unity day and night will occupy the center-be they Korean, Japanese, German, or American. Whoever is willing to suffer more than others for this goal will become the center.

How about the United States? It has been ahead of others, but now the Americans are resting. Will Americans try to move forward from now on? What do you think? As of now, Japan is moving ahead in every way. The Japanese no longer fear the Americans, but the Koreans worry them. That's because Koreans are even more diligent and fast-moving. They never let go once they get hold of something. They sleep less, eat less and work harder. In the very near future, both Korea and China will emerge upon the world scene with great potential. Now many American people are thinking, "We have to protect our trade balance, so we have to stop those Asians."

God has His own purposes. The American way, the Japanese way, the Chinese way, etc. -- it is all too complicated. God doesn't want that. Who will inherit God's blessing? The person, family or country who works the hardest will inherit God's blessing. Korea is now doing that.

What kind of country or world does Reverend Moon want to build? I am working for a love-centered country, a love-centered world. This is the ultimate ideal which no country has ever achieved. Protectionism will not work. No matter how much a nation tries to protect its position, if God wants to, He will push for a change.

How can we hesitate to act? No matter how powerful the enemy is, we must march on. No matter how strong Satan's fortress is, we will tear it down. We will follow the love highway-the individual love highway, the family, tribal, national, world and cosmic love highways. How precious, how wonderful this is. Will you take that highway? You say yes so excitedly, but once you've made this decision, will you later pull out? You have to make that decision for all time. Your lifestyle has to reflect it. You have to correct your wavering. It's a problem.

The war has been won, so there is no more room for fighting. Right and wrong are becoming totally clear now. After this, where do we go? Our homeland. What will we do there? Once we go back home with the crown of victory on our heads, we will find our parents and all our relatives there. Then we will say, "We won the victory. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth has begun. All you have to do now is follow us and you will get there." We have to get back to our homeland bringing the victory of centering love. Are we in that position now? Do we have such confidence that we have won the victory of the true love point? Everyone needs that place How much do you need that? You need it desperately.

There will be no room for Satan in the true love world. He will have nothing to relate with. Originally, Satan was not supposed to exist. If you make the right foundation on the individual, family, tribal, national, and world levels, Satan will automatically kneel down. You have to be dedicated to completing that foundation. Is this clear? Otherwise, you cannot find the ideal place. How proud of that place we can be. Satan's world cannot stand up to true love.

I have been describing the realm of heart. That is my realm of victory and it is where the ideal truly dwells. On the blackboard we can represents the fallen world on one side, and the original realm of heart on the other. The realm of heart has been empty. God's world never started. Instead, Satan initiated his world without true love. People never had true love to begin with, so we never had that one central point. I fought the desperate fight to penetrate the individual and family levels within this false world in order to clear the way and pave a highway of true love. I went on to penetrate the tribal, national, and world levels and to liberate the whole world. The highway is completed now and connects with the world of heart.

There's only one way to pierce through the barriers of all these levels. Even if you had all the money in the world, you couldn't pierce these walls. No power but love can do that. Look at the big and wonderful fortress Satan has built, today's brilliant civilization. Since Satan made it with immature love, the only way to pierce through it is with true, mature love.

(Father speaks in English:) All of us must go beyond the ordinary thinking of this world, but we are not a part of this world. We have a far greater understanding and we can pull the fallen world into the realm of heart. Satan's side cannot prevail and it will automatically disappear. Germans, Americans, and everyone can live in the ideal world, the original homeland. All the conflicting ways belong to Satan's side. We can't want any barriers between Koreans, Japanese, blacks, or whites. Who made the barriers in this world? It was Satan. It is the duty of the people on heaven's side to remove those barriers. Do you agree?

At this time there is no heavenly country. All countries are separated from one another. The communist world and the democratic world are in conflict; likewise the spiritual world and the physical world are divided. Each entity has its separate place. In this country, the Republican party and the Democratic party are separated. We have to help them find unity. By following me, you can find the ideal way. I am going that ideal way on the individual, family, national, and world levels.

Understand this precisely: every existing nation and culture is part of Satan's world. The center point cannot appear on man's side. It can only appear on God's side.

God sent Reverend Moon to teach people and to make the foundation for unity. You don't need any more mandates from me. You already know everything precisely and clearly so you should not need to ask many questions.

What kind of place are you standing in now? You should be able to say, "I am the representative of God. As a couple we are standing on true love." Everyone wants to arrive at the original homeland. Do we have a tribe? Yes, we have a Unification tribe-the combined tribes of American, Korean, Japanese and so forth. We still have to restore a nation. Once a nation is restored to this very high place in the realm of the heart, Satan has no more place to dwell.

When I went to Korea this past time, I worked to unite the separated north and south. That is the nation's providential journey. We created an organization, a coalition to bring about the reunification of the north and south. Korean professors have come to this country for education and they are now learning about fishing in Alaska. We are making a foundation through all those professors. Many serious problems are troubling Korea now, including university demonstrations and so forth. I am trying to make a strong protective spiritual atmosphere to stop these problems.

If our work is successful, North and South Korea can automatically combine. That is the Principled view. Once God's side is completely in position, Satan's side can no longer stand. Thus we are forming an association in South Korea to stand on God's side. It is not so difficult nowadays. God can call Kim II Sung to spirit world immediately once His side has the proper standard. God has the power to do that. God's side needs to achieve the standard; otherwise, the time gets extended and everything is prolonged. The real problem is how to achieve the right standard.

Compare Korea's situation to that of America. Ever since I came to this country, I have tried to unite the American people. Consider my actions during the administrations of Nixon, Carter and Reagan. I always strove to unite the people with God's will, but the presidents never supported my work. Now I have a lot of influence. Most people who come here from foreign lands can't achieve any kind of influence for a long time. I have done this in fifteen years. People are saying, "He's Moonizing the American people!" You are Moonized people, aren't you? Is Moonizing good or bad? Are we declining day by day, or going steadily upward?

The American people have too many concepts about national boundaries. To me, all countries are cousins, like fingers on the same hand. No matter how great any historical figure was, did anyone ever teach Unificationism? No one. Unificationism is different. Ours is the

greatest, most blessed, beautiful, and by far the most exciting ideal. Words cannot express how wonderful it is. It's as stimulating as strong drink. It's true-it's intoxicating. Is that a problem? It's a good problem. For the first time a good problem-something that causes a problem for Satan!

Many people oppose me still. The media world says I am a controversial figure. But in the past 15 years, an amazing change has come about. Now many people are saying Reverend Moon is a giant and has many brilliant ideas.

People often ask each other, "Are you happy or unhappy?" Originally, we would not need to ask such a question. The answer would be, "Of course, I am happy." The happy world needs to be restored. Happiness would be solid as a stone.

How can we create a country with the high standard of God? All the currently existing countries are standing on Satan's side. Centering on God's law, we will reach God's ideal world.

Many people were asking to come to our latest American leadership conference. Candidates from both the Democratic and the Republican party were saying, "Please permit me to come!" If they found out someone else spoke at our conference, they said, "Why didn't you invite me? I want to speak, too."

How wonderful this kind of heavenly power can be, solid as a stone. God wants it. Do you want that or not? God wants a foundation as powerful as a rock. True Parents want the same. But do you American Moonies want it? You are not so strong. This is the American reality. Satan's world is not indemnified. Is this my opinion? No, it is God's opinion. The American Moonies do not like to make a strong foundation. But you need a general, a commander.

How many people have graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary'? Over 550. They should be working now as American Unification leaders, but how many are doing that? This is a problem. Many say, "I don't want to work just as a regular Moonie. I want to get a good job!" But I made the foundation for you and you cannot deny that. Anyone who does is taking a stand against love.

You don't know the extent of our activities. We are doing many things all around the country and throughout the world. In the history of the Unification movement, I've seen many kinds of people. I've seen Unification Theological Seminary members and many American people, and I know what the traditional American concepts are. Many American concepts do not fit in with God's thinking. This is the reality of your country's situation-I'm not talking about Korea or another country.

The restoration of this nation is not my duty and it is not God's duty. It is the American people's responsibility. People from other countries shouldn't have to do it-you must do it. If you don't, your nation will decline.

God wanted me to come here and so I did. It was not because I wanted to. I've been here for fifteen years now and I am well recognized in this country. Until recently, I have been considered by many to be the worst guy in America. Yet mysteriously, the atmosphere has completely changed. People are wondering, "Why is Reverend Moon doing all those different things? We don't like it!"

But no matter how much noise they make, we'll keep working until we are finished. We are giving people good ideas. Some ministers invite our members to visit because they know we are doing a good thing and they want to participate in our works. Even if people throw us out, we visit them again two or three times. After a time, their righteous mind is awakened; their conscience is aroused and they come to accept us.

Can you trust the newspapers in America? So many of them contain lies, sheer fabrication. The whole American media system is in the wrong position. Many media people realize this. The media have created a lot of problems for us. Someday they will come around, saying, "I'm sorry, a hundred times over, I'm sorry." We will see that kind of confession and repentance. I've already seen such things happen. The American people will eventually go over to God's side. They will shed tears and say to God, "I have so much to confess to You. How can You ever forgive me?"

All over the world, American people are spreading their immorality and God wants to stop this. The established church leaders haven't been able to change things, so God asked me to do it. He asked me to come here and introduce the Unification system. That is why I've been working here for 15 years. During the time I was in Danbury, we reached out to educate 7,000 ministers.

Everything in the current American system is breaking down. Is this the leader of the free world? This society with its promiscuity and self-centeredness-is it a proud situation or a shameful situation? Shameful! How terribly shameful!

How about the Moonies? You must help me. Some Americans say I am running a Moon dictatorship. The democratic world says it stands for freedom and equality, but what is equality? You'll find true equality at the ideal point. Are you standing at the ideal point yet? No. Only after you reach that ideal point you can proclaim equality. If you don't reach it, you can't talk about equality. America does not yet know this truth.

I like the democratic world. This world has not yet reached the situation of true democracy. You have to understand that point clearly. When the mind and body are truly united, then you will know freedom and equality. America does not really have equality. God's ideal world of love is the only truly democratic world.

You have to follow my pattern absolutely. If you absolutely follow, there will be no problem. Your democratic standards and mine are the same. But parents should be the center and the subject. Also, husbands should be subject over their wives. That is the Principle. The cosmos moves and everything revolves around that Principle, that formula. Are children and parents really equal? No.

Without the correct standard, how can America progress? We need to rebuild the crumbling family structure in this nation. That is our challenge. Is a grandfather equal to a grandchild? No. The American way is wrong. There is no true freedom or equality here. Follow me and I'll teach you the correct way. As long as this nation is so misdirected, other nations will be resentful and want to kick Americans out. This is already happening around the world. No matter how beautiful a face you women put on, wearing all sorts of makeup, still you hear, "Yankee, go home!" I'm sorry I have to tell you about all these problems, but I have to speak the truth.

How can you get onto God's providential path? You cannot find the way without listening to this. You must wake up! If you continue with the typical individualistic American concepts about life, you cannot belong to God. God's thinking is very different from that. Once the vertical purpose is achieved, we can find equality. It will be achieved automatically. That is the ultimate democratic way. The current political systems are wrong. They will break apart. Americans accuse me, "What are you saying-you're a Korean guy! You come to our country and say these things? You talk about standing up to America. Kick that guy out." Now after fifteen years of working with the people here, things are beginning to change. People are beginning to stand in the correct place. From all directions, people admire us. This is becoming the reality of the American Moonies' lifestyle.

The problem is not with me or the Unification Church, nor with the Principle. The problem is with the American people. America is standing in such a historically significant position, yet its young people are living immorally. Many abnormal things are being encouraged, including homosexuality and so forth. Even if you research and study forever, you will not find that kind of relationship in the animal kingdom. Only human beings have that kind of problem. People with such distorted relationships can't proclaim, "I am the love center." The American family situation is terribly damaged. Members of the family must come to realize how much they need each other. Mothers need their daughters, grandparents need their grandchildren, and so forth. Without that kind of family atmosphere, life becomes miserable. Only by understanding the Principle can families be truly restored.

God wants to help you in America. That is why I am standing here teaching you this most precious truth. You must heed it or this nation will perish. America was proud in the past, but no more. We need a new revolution in America. We are doing that, marching on with a second American revolution. At the time of George Washington and the writing of the Constitution, the focal point was "one nation under God." We want one world under God. God wants a homeland. Until now, He hasn't had one. From now on, we are building that homeland.

How proud we can be, proud and independent. Americans like to be independent from everything, don't they? How about becoming independent from Satan? We will turn the old America into a new one, fighting a new war of independence against Satan. What kind of soldiers are you? You must be soldiers in America's new war of independence. I need that kind of soldier. America needs those kinds of soldiers more than it needs its external army. This is our duty and our responsibility. Is it clear?

(Translation resumes:) Korea must be reunited, north and south. One problem in today's world is the separation between the northern and southern hemispheres, basically a separation between wealth and poverty. The cultural separation between East and West is also a major problem. Neither money nor any power other than love can bring about this kind of reunion. Korea's situation is interesting to watch. North and south are divided right at the 38th parallel. At this man-made border, democracy and communism confront each other. That is symbolic of the division between all communist and democratic countries.

In general, which area do the Russians occupy-the East or the West? They occupy much of the Asian continent, so they are essentially part of the East. If you look at it in terms of territory, they are on the Asian side. The free world is represented by the Western hemisphere. The West is much more prosperous than the East. Why has a country like China become communist? China has a more than 5,000 year history and during this time, even though the sovereignty changed many times over, they rarely came into direct confrontation with other countries. They haven't had intense give and take with the rest of the world. China was so huge, it was like a world unto itself.

The Soviet Union is the only country which encompasses large areas of both east and west. That is why they can entertain this dream of controlling the entire world. If they occupied only a small country, the Soviets wouldn't have had that dream to begin with. To accomplish it, they need a methodology. Using the Marxist-Leninist model, the Soviets were once very confident that their ideology and their capacity to produce material goods would allow them to control the world in no time.

On the Western side, there is no common ideology, no basis of connecting the East and the West. Western religions do not have such a vision. Sectarianism and denominationalism have prevailed among the Christians. They have built walls, never getting together, and meanwhile calling each other heretics. They haven't thought about the world level of responsibility but only about themselves. Even though the West recognizes a spiritual ideal for unity, no strong unifying ideology has emerged.

The Soviet economic theory has performed very poorly in the past and it is highly unlikely that they can achieve what they want now. Everyone sees that, including the Soviets themselves. On the Western side there is no ideological foundation powerful enough to influence the world. Material prosperity and economic theories are not enough. From this point of view, the Soviets are in a slightly better position because they do have an ideology they can take all over the world. The Western world's lack of a unifying ideology is a handicap.

God sent me to bring together all the "isms" within Christianity and forge a religion with a very strong ideological foundation to stretch from East to West. This ideology is much stronger than communism. The world must come into unity and the fallen world must change to the ideal world. This is the ideology we are bringing. Everyone likes such an idea. Everyone will understand that this foundation was made by Reverend Moon so the world needs to embrace me. Through that unity, the world can achieve the connection between East and West.

As we know, the Western approach is analytical. Westerners like to take things apart and categorize everything. Thus, they took Christianity apart, analyzed it and then classified themselves into many different denominations. They used the Bible as an instrument of separation instead of oneness, which it was supposed to be. They separated it into a hundred thousand pieces, even though the Bible is one.

My teaching has put everything together. We have a strong ideological foundation stretching from East to West, a foundation of unity rather than separation. When the Western world makes use of this ideology, it will be in a much stronger position than the communist world. Why did communism gain dominance over Eastern Europe? This was the satanic unity of East and West.

Korea represents the entire world, condensed into one small country-it is a microcosm of the world. North Korea is a microcosm of the communist world and South Korea is a microcosm of the West. Kim I1 Sung claims that he is the father of the nation. Even the Soviets don't claim this father/child relationship which North Korea does. Kim II Sung is trying to build a kingdom based on the ideal of communism.

In the South, Reverend Moon is also proclaiming one sovereignty under God, a kingdom centered on the True Parents. Kim II Sung has been calling himself the father of the people for many years, but there can't be two fathers. One must be real and the other must be false. This is a world level confrontation, representing both camps of the entire world. The True Parent or father/son relationship is the very crux of the messianic mission and the Second Coming of Christ. The battle then is between the false Adam and his false kingdom on earth and the True Parents' kingdom on earth. The North wants to influence and "liberate" us here just as much as we want to liberate them, but Kim II Sung wants to do it with guns and force.

In the south, I have done it completely the other way around. I never resorted to any kind of weapon or force, but rather I base my claims on the power of love, even at the sacrifice of myself. I will suffer to make unity, not make others suffer. The people under North Korean communism would rather have the South Korean way. When the Russian people come to understand us, they will say, "Oh, that is a good thing. It is the same thing we are trying to accomplish, but yours is a better method."

Where is this confrontation going to happen? Northern Panmunjom. "Panmunjom" means literally a store where wooden doors are sold. But a better name for that particular village would have been "Door of Gold." Wood is too breakable. It has to be a golden door if we are going to go to God's kingdom through it. North Korea sells falsehood and lies in the broad daylight. On the southern side, they also tell lies, but they tell fewer lies!

But if a store sells golden gates, it is selling really true, solid goods. Imagine a store which sells three different kinds of tickets. At one counter, people can but tickets to something that looks like heaven, a quasi-heaven. This is the counter of the archangel, or the free world. Another counter-the North Korean counter-sells a bald-faced lie. In Korea, we call it a "crimson" lie. But the third counter sells the perfect ticket to the perfect kingdom. The Western world will realize that their goods are inferior, so they will want to buy their tickets there. Once they know about our idea, the people under communism will also try to come here to buy tickets.

The providential countries are divided in one of two ways. Korea is divided vertically, between north and south. Germany is divided horizontally, between east and west. When these two problem areas of the world are brought into unity, the rest of the world will automatically come into unity. According to the Principle, Korea is the Adam country. Adam is the one who starts the new civilization which will be centered on the language which Adam speaks.

Unificationism or Godism came from Korea. Why didn't it start in the great big land of China, which has a longer history than Korea? It is because of this most crucial element: it must come from the Adam country. That nation not only must bring Cain and Abel into unity but in addition the Adam country is responsible for creating a perfect Eve country. The original Adam lost Eve, so Adam must find and remake Eve. Korea, a peninsula, represents a man's sexual organ. Japan in Eve's position is an island, symbolically seeking the mainland.

Men often initiate an activity or an invention and women then perfect it. Japan is like that; she is the queen of imitation. They are a small people, like a woman. They are experts at making things smaller-miniaturizing things like the radio, computers, the bonsai, and so forth. Do you know clearly why Korea has to be the Adam country? Until now, maybe you thought it was a man-made idea. Dispensationally, there is no other way. The theoretical basis for this is strong.

I was born in what is now North Korea. At that time, Korea was only one country. I wasn't familiar with the South until I went there. No one now is seriously interested in North Korea unless he comes from there. But I am more interested in North Korea than in the South. That is why Unificationism is possible. Panmunjom is the North Korean ticket-selling point. There is no other place like it-that is where the satanic world and the godly world confront one another. Satan wants to bring people through his door. The physical and spiritual world meet there, too. Nevertheless, the solution for the entire world must begin there. God is directly interested in that place.

The 1988 Olympics will be held in Korea. North Korea hates to see it because outstanding men and women from the West and the whole world will be coming to South Korea creating an atmosphere of friendly competition. Cain and Abel are coming together and that is what Satan hates the most. Even in communist China, opinion was divided. Some said they should participate and some said they shouldn't. The voices urging them to go won, and then they were very glad. People feel happy when they go to South Korea. This is true not only for our members but for other people as well. Somehow their mind becomes happy.

Satan really hates that, so beyond rationality North Korea will do anything it can to stop the Olympics. They will employ terrorist tactics if they think it will work. The whole world will come to South Korea and love it, seeing how prosperous and good the people are. The Soviets will feel it is better than Russia. The Chinese will see that it is better than their home. Then they will think, "America must be even better. It must be the real kingdom of heaven of material goods." Materially-oriented people will be very impressed by Korea and their interest will turn toward the Western world. Nobody will want communism anymore. That is why Satan really hates the fact that the 1988 Olympics are being held in Seoul.

You don't particularly like the idea of America being the archangel country, do you? Until now, America and the Western world clearly were the material leaders. But around 1978, Japan started taking the lead. When the movie Shogun came out, the interest in Japan became obvious, like a wind blowing over the North American continent. We must understand what the archangel country is. That is where people can collect and store all the material goods. That is the archangel's responsibility. The U.S. has built an enormous material empire, which was its providential function. All the Abel people of the world as well-professors, ministers, and the European Christian world-were received here. It is a huge foundation.

America is standing as the fallen archangel and has collected the property of the fallen world and put it in the warehouse. In the spiritual sense that is also what happened in the Orient. All the world's scattered spiritual assets were collected and the result is the Unification Church. Korea collected the fruit of the Buddhist world, Confucianism, and Christianity. All the world's religiosity was gathered into the warehouse of Korea. Thus Korea became a spiritual warehouse, Adam's country.

After World War II, that one time and one time only, the entire secular world was united. America had enormous power then. When combined with Adam's spiritual base in the country of Korea, this could have been a platform for the reception of the Second Coming. If the spiritual and the material had combined into one, the whole universe would have combined into one. But the Western world and Asia did not combine. They separated and thus the foundation was lost. God wanted Reverend Moon to spearhead that universal unity. Instead, Korea was divided into South and North. Now I am proclaiming their reunification. The Korean people yearn for that reunification.

You represent the worldwide Unification Church members. When the parents are not here, this is a very lonely place, but when True Parents come, this whole place fills up. It's true. That is the normal power of a parent.

I want to bring 7,000 people to Korea. Why? Jesus needed 7,000 people to support him. If he had had 7,000 followers, he would not have had to die. To reindemnify this, I am bringing 7,000 ministers to Korea. Time is so important. My main purpose is already finished.

I am giving you a complete explication of my plan of action. The 12 tribes of Israel were divided into north and south, much the same as Korea now. The northern country was comprised of 10 tribes and Judea in the south contained two tribes. Prophets arose continually in Judea and they were always working to liberate the northern country. Although many prophets came, they were not successful. But Elijah could work miracles. When he made the altar burn, the people knew God was working through him. Elijah killed all 850 of the false prophets. After losing their major leaders, all the people were supposed to come to Elijah. But as it happened, they did not do that so more trouble came. The people wanted to kill Elijah and he had to escape.

When Elijah lay down under the shade of a gourd tree, he lamented, "Oh, God, I am the lone survivor, the only one on Your side. Why did the people go the opposite way? Oh, I am a lonely man. What shall I do? I want to die." Elijah cried out, "God, you committed me to such a difficult mission and I did it perfectly, but it didn't work." He slept under the stem of a gourd and then everything dried up and he had no shade to sleep under. He said, "God, why are you doing this to me? I am all alone."

God said, "Don't worry about that! Stand up! There are 7,000 people remaining true in Israel." God told Elijah that with 7,000 prepared people, he could lead them to accomplish his mission. "Go there and find them and they will join you," God told him. With that, Elijah began to make the foundation to receive the coming Messiah. He unified the country, educated them, and organized them to prepare for the Messiah. Unfortunately, he couldn't accomplish everything.

This was also what God expected of John the Baptist. John had the ability to bring the nation of Judea and the Jewish religion together and find 7,000 righteous people. The Messiah could come upon that foundation. Since Elijah did not complete his mission nor did John the Baptist, the foundation was not there. Since it was not done, John the Baptist was later slaughtered.

The same foundation would have to be laid at the time of the Second Advent. Immediately after 1945 was the golden opportunity, a time of great expectations for God. America had won the war and literally all the world was under her influence. The President and all the members of Congress could have been brought together in unity with the Christian leaders, and they could have become one with the Lord of the Second Advent. The work should have been done then, and no reindemnification would have been necessary. The Unification Church itself would not have been necessary.

We have to understand clearly what has taken place in history. Four thousand years of religious history from Jacob's time until now had to be reindemnified. I knew I did not have 400 years to do it, so I willingly embraced 40 years of intense indemnity. That is what I have been doing until now. Everybody went against me-even ministers opposed me. I stood all by myself and achieved this 40 years' reindemnity.

Jesus died for the lack of that specific 7,000 and I went to Danbury for the same reason. Then from Danbury, I started the historic path which had always failed before. I found the ministers and have been taking them to Korea for education. The Unification Church is the internal representative, while the external representative is traditional Christianity. How can we unite these two-the inside and the outside? How can we unite Korea, the internal, with America, the external-the archangel with Adam? If we can unite the two, then automatically the world will follow. Which forces will control the next presidential election? Who can guide the Christian world? I am trying to make the right kind of atmosphere. Since I came out of Danbury, we began immediately educating ministers and state legislators. We have already educated almost 7,000 state senators and congressmen.

If all these people are educated, they can take a consistent direction. We have also been working with Veterans' Associations. They are all going in one direction. These three combined form a foundation to follow Reverend Moon and solve America's historical problem. This is a good phenomenon for America, although many white Anglo-Saxon people don't like to see it. Until now, the white people were a majority in this country and they mostly went against me. Now will be a new time, however.

The time is getting very near; it is not far away. Since 1978 Japan has taken a very active world role. This world's wealth has moved from America into Japan's warehouse. The archangel enticed Eve and that is how the fall took place. To indemnify that, the archangel has to give everything back to Eve. That is the only way for the archangel to go back to God. He has to go through Eve and Adam before he can expect to go to God.

This has already happened. It has happened not only with material, but also with men. Many Japanese people have come to live in America. For the first time, Adam, Eve, the archangel, and all things can combine with the way of God. This is the cosmic center in which all things are unified and dedicated to God. That is the providential desire. As soon as Korea, Japan, and America come together-the Adam country, the Eve country and the archangel country-the power of all the satanic countries will crumble overnight.

Why was Germany selected as a providential nation and not France or England? Both had a good chance of standing in that position, but it happened for various reasons, including the fact that Germany is divided into East and West. To bring the two sides together would symbolize the bringing together of the divided world. America is Abel to Germany's Cain role. If Europe is Cain to the U.S., then Germany is the Cain of Europe. For these various reasons, Germany took the position of the Cain archangel. When America and Germany become one, all the rest of Europe will easily become one with America. If France became one with America, it wouldn't necessarily happen, but if Germany becomes one, it will. Hitler was the satanic Adam of the fallen world.

I have a strategy. At one time, the communist world bloc included both China and Russia, but then China separated from Russia. Now there are many divisions in the communist world. All this has to come into unity. That is why I am so concerned about China.

The key here is for America, especially white America, to become one with God's direction. If that happens, all the other divisive situations of the world can be easily mended. Even Russia can be immediately influenced. Germany is not a problem; not even North Korea will be much of a problem once America becomes one with me. The real unity of the world is very near. That is what I am working so hard to accomplish. Do you understand? You must clearly understand these points as a basis for understanding what I do.

We are speaking about the homeland and the realm of heart. Where is that homeland? It is where our spirit can go and rest. Our material wealth can be kept there and we can feel secure about it. This is the grand scheme and the whole time schedule, all the things that need to be done. From this, you can imagine how much longer I will be in America. I have to generate the power of unity here, stronger than any other power. The Western world must come into unity with the Eastern world and be dedicated to God.

When this actual undertaking begins, where is the best place to work? Which geographical location is the best to work for immediate contribution to this dispensation? Eventually Korea, but not right now. I am in the Abel position to the American president in the Cain position. When God says, "This is the way it ought to be," the President has to unite with that. Then we can go to Korea. That is the order. When the American President is someone who has the ear to listen to God, then America will be saved. If America elects a president whose ears are closed to God's guidance, this country will continue to have a hard time, even perish. So we are doing our work to make this happen, centering on the election year of 1988.

The Republican Party is standing more on the side of morality and against such things as free sex. For that reason, the conservative stance is closer to God, while the liberal attitude is far from God. The conservative side must gain dominance in this country. Satan doesn't want that, but God does. How can we guide the American people to unite with the conservatives centering on Christianity?

430 years is indemnified in the 43 years after World War II. For the next three years, we will work on the world foundation in a new atmosphere. We are starting out like the Israelites, with the ideal of heaven on earth. Everything is working toward that one purpose of a unified world. Do you know what I mean? You don't know the schedule, so I am explaining it to give you a clear understanding. How can you influence the American people in the right direction if you do not know all this?

You must have a clear idea of what we are doing and why. Otherwise, you will be confused. We must return to the original homeland and from there expand to the whole world. That is the original purpose of the homeland. It is the home base where everything begins. We go there, learn the language, get to know the food, the ways of thinking, the laws, and customs. When we become thoroughly familiar with the homeland, we will return to America to connect this nation with the homeland for the first time.

Sooner or later, we all have to go to Korea to connect with the homeland. We have to know that there is a homeland waiting after whatever we do here. We have to suffer there even more than we suffered here and work for the sake of the building of the homeland. Everyone has that path ahead of him. All the Koreans want to go to Korea and all the Americans and Japanese want to go there as well. Why would the Oriental people remain here when the American people go to Korea? They all want to go to Korea. The Korean and Japanese members came here to show the way. Without that, the American people would have a hard time understanding where to go. So far, both the American members and leaders were confused. Now, I have called all the American leaders to go through a 40 days' training about the things I have taught this morning. Do you understand?

You should think, "I want to be blessed to a Korean man or woman." Even though that may not be possible in a practical sense, it is a good, original, and natural desire. Western members who do not feel that way are lacking something necessary to be called true Unification Church members. To become true Unification Church members is not easy at all. It requires going the traditional way. That means True Parents did it, all the elder brothers did it, so you must also do it. The only way anyone can go is the traditional way. That is the way our minds should work. Do you know why there are so many Orientals- almost like a population explosion? It is so there will be enough to go around to everybody.

(Father speaks English:) God always has everything planned. How wonderful God is. That's true! There are only 800 million white people in the world, so compared with the rest of the population, you are a minority. Black people number about 650 million, while the Asian population is in the billions. Asia hasn't even come into unity yet; wait until it does. The world balance will tip so that Orientals are the world leaders. Their fortunes are rising now, while the white people's fortune is descending.

Orientals are in the position of eldest son. Black people are Ham's descendants, the second son of Noah. Because this is the fallen world, the third son-the white race-has been most blessed. That is why the white people have been leading the world until now. But in the Second Advent time, the Parents are born from the elder son's lineage. The second son is next in line. Therefore, the fortune of black people has been rising. In America, the sports world is dominated by black people. And black people are gaining more political power. No politician dares go against their interests. This is reality. The privileged position of white people is changing.

Jesus is the true center; the true center means the starting point. At the crucifixion, a thief hung on Jesus' right side and another thief on his left. The thief on the left, who mocked Jesus, is represented today by the communist world. The thief on the right, who accepted him, is represented by the free world. A black man-Joseph of Arimethea-helped Jesus carry his cross. Now we will see black people gaining a great deal of control over the world. Because Joseph of Arimethea helped Jesus, the time of blessing for black people is coming. They will eventually occupy positions of authority everywhere.

Is this the truth? In this time, who can make black people unite with white people? We need someone like Dr. Martin Luther King now. Who would that be? It is Reverend Moon. Who else is working like this? Here in the Unification Church, black and white people are dwelling together. We are working to make black and white into one. We have to be strong so we can digest all the opposition of white American people. It is hard work. Black people are receiving Unificationism. Our time is coming. We need to make a foundation. Black people have the most passionate, pure preachers.

There is too much racism in the U.S. White people have been in positions of power and they have oppressed the black people. Now is the time for black people to prepare and to work harder than white people in the public way. All the people in the Unification Church must work hard and there will be new hope for the country.

Where is that small black guy named Rodney? He works hard, harder than most Unification Church members. You are his wife? Is he working harder than any black or white person in the Church? Is he number one? I think so! If black people really work hard, that will be their saving point. When you do that, your fate and fortune will automatically be reversed.

Fate is a mysterious word. Heaven is now visiting black people. Welcome that heavenly visit. How can we make a preparation? It is through hard work. Who can work the hardest? Black people? Indian people? The Japanese people work hard, while the white American people are just making noise! They eat too much and get fat and say, "I don't care." Meanwhile, the Koreans and the black people are working harder.

I have taken my family fishing three times this year. I never took them before. In the past, Mother complained to me, saying, "Father, you never take your children swimming or on a vacation. They hardly know their father!" Until now, I've been working too hard to do things like that with my children.

When you accept persecution, you automatically go to a higher level. Without doing that, you cannot open your mouth. You will be in a defeated situation. Become true men. Work harder than your persecutors, harder than they are oppressing you, and you will win in the end. I don't lack anything. Things come me automatically. I don't need so many people-it's too noisy! It keeps me too busy. I only need a few who are willing to work hard.

Some people will not leave my side when I am in Korea. Who makes them do that? Their mind makes them do it. How about you? Why are you sitting here? Why haven't you escaped? The gate is completely open out there. There is no obstacle. You are completely free and there's a convenient highway. Why don't you go back? You continue with me even in this miserable situation. Who brought about this phenomenon'? I did. You did not make it. People think some power, some mind control system is at work here. That's a very interesting theory! They think you inhabit some kind of strange world, led by a strange man.

(Father notices Colonel Han for the first time in a while. Laughter.) Your job is easier, Colonel Han, when I speak in English, isn't it? (There is prolonged applause for Father's speech in English.)

Let's come to the conclusion. How can we bring the homeland? You must be making preparations for visiting the homeland. All your ancestors and all of human history were aiming for that point. How can we reach that place? What is the most precious thing? It is love, centering love. God doesn't want money, material things or the secular pursuits of this world. God wants and we want true love. As long as I have this life, I want love and I want to completely give of myself. We need to purify our mind and body. Can we achieve that kind of standard? We must make ourselves pure for the homeland. "I want to give more true love, I want to shed more true sweat there. I will not sleep." Do women like the kind of guy who sleeps all the time around the house? I don't think so. Is this true, or am I just making this up? Have I got the right concept or not?

Do you know about the Pusan Holy Ground? It is the place of the so-called Holy Rock. I didn't name it that. The ministers who are visiting there call it that. They go up to touch the rock and they connect to a spiritual, melting power. They feel intense, godly vibrations. The phenomena that have occurred at "Holy Rock" caused them to call it that. It's actually a miserable place! There is not even much space there; it's just a small, miserable corner. If people were scouting around for a location for their own house, they wouldn't even consider that place. But the ministers are just the opposite-touching the rock, tasting it-it's true! They pray there, they cry there. Some have had their eyesight healed there.

It is amazing. At the time I prayed there, I was one individual all alone. But now many Western people come to that rock and experience many intensely beautiful feelings. Certainly no one consulted me that this mountainside place should become a Holy Rock. They came to that kind of conclusion by themselves from the miraculous things they were experiencing. Many things that I didn't need or seek, God prepared.

My style and the American style of doing things are very different. Mine is a vertical style, while America's is horizontal. Which is the most beautiful way? I won't say, but you know. God knows. Should I follow the American style or should Americans follow mine? Americans have many systems. I don't really have a system, but heaven has one. There is a definite heavenly system and purpose.

Today is the first Sunday since the anniversary of my departure from Danbury on August 20th, so I am marking the occasion by talking to you for such a long time. This is a special occasion. (Applause.) The leaders attending the 40 days training missed this talk. I wanted to talk to them about all this but I have spoken to you instead.

Seven hours. How wonderful. Through this speech, you can understand everything about the beautiful, ideal way. You can find out about the way of the individual, the family, society, nation, world, cosmos, and God. I want you to know that no matter how much effort it takes to reach the center point of love, it is worth it. Nothing is more valuable than that. That is the most beautiful, precious place. There is where you find the True Parents. Otherwise, you will not find them. It should not just be True Parents standing in the most precious place. Ultimately, you must stand there, too. What are you going to do? Someday you must go to the spiritual world. That is the vertical homeland, God's place.

I have had a miserable course on this earth, but God will appreciate it forever. God will make me welcome in the center point of love. I only want to give you my true love. I don't want money; I don't want fame. I don't want all of America following me. I just want to be completely on God's side. Does that make me a valuable guy or not? People on God's side often look miserable to this world, but they end up in a beautiful place. Externally, God's training is difficult and miserable, but internally how wonderful it is.

You didn't know these kinds of things, but now you do. I don't even need to say it. You know the truth. You can reach the goal if you clearly understand. The homeland of true love. It is the most wonderful thing to be standing there in utter purity. That position is the infinitely valuable goal to pursue. How wonderful to receive it.

With all the ministers coming, we've had many visitors in Korea. It causes much noise and excitement. Soon the Moon people, otherwise known as Unificationists, will go to Korea, too. We have to make a foundation of the standard of heart in that place. If we attain that loving point nationwide then we can establish the homeland. Adam and Eve's nation must combine with the archangel nation. Germany, the Cain archangel, must combine with America, the Abel archangel. Then the free world can unite. This is the principled viewpoint. Satan's side, the communist world, must ultimately combine with Abel's side. Even the communist world is divided. Between China and Russia, which is on the Abel side? China is crossing over to the Abel side.

True Parents are standing in the Abel center and I am guiding all of Korea in that direction as well. If Korea follows me, we will automatically become one. Next year, in 1988, a new American president will be elected. We have to start working fast. Then we can make phenomenal changes. Who is the central figure of the Unification Church? Would you like to be in my position? I am the subject and you are the object, so you must follow me. I am training you to work hard, run fast, and make the kind of foundation you can stand on. Quickly go through your training course.

Let's shoot up to that center point, that center sphere. Until we reach that situation, we have to work a hundred times harder than anyone else. There is nothing more valuable than achieving that success. If you want to go to the center and be a subject, we will meet. You are being trained in how to take love action. It is very valuable.

In the past everyone was against me; I was always experiencing persecution. Now it is changing. Present day Americans don't know the true way, but spirit world has known the truth. Your ancestors are now coming down from spirit world and communicating with you. Do you think I will receive persecution in the spirit world? When I go there everybody will fall to their knees. I know about these things, even though you don't.

Those closed-minded people who are against you now-including those who believe in Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Confucius-will see how large we are in spirit world. Already spirit world is creating phenomena that testify to me. That sort of situation hasn't taken place before. How wonderful it is. How proud we can be when we reach that center point of love. Everyone's original mind wants to reach that point.

I visited Alaska recently and went out fishing on the ocean. It was very difficult and miserable, yet how wonderful it was. Now we have been at Belvedere for many hours-it is two o'clock in the afternoon! Maybe you feel miserable from sitting on the floor for so long. It is miserable for me, too. But spiritual world is watching the physical world, wanting to be connected with us. They can meet at this original point of true love.

If you had known all about that, I wouldn't need to be in America. Because you didn't know it, I came here. Your ancestors in spirit world can confirm my teachings. Spiritual world knows more about the truth than the physical world does. Many people deny the existence of the spiritual world and of God, and they make God miserable.

When you go to spirit world, where do you want to be-in a low or a high place? You are smart. If you work all the time thinking about the standard of spiritual world, you are living the way original man would have lived. If you know clearly about spiritual world, you can never betray your beliefs. But if you act based on your own concepts and worldly standards, that is unacceptable. This world is on Satan's side and it is going to pass away. Base your life and actions on the standard of the spiritual world.

Would you like to live the way I have just described? Let us pray together.

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