The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Way Of The Victory Of God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 1987
World Mission Center - Grand Ballroom
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

(After the introduction of Father, loud and prolonged applause and cheering.)

Why are you so wildly enthusiastic this morning? Do you have some reason for it? Actually, I am not supposed to be the one to speak today. The True Family and the church elders should speak and give testimony for the True Parents and the victory of Danbury, but you pushed me out here again! So my topic this morning is "The Way of the Victory of God."

If there had not been a fall of man, there would never have been the need for such terminology as restoration or restoration history. The same is true for many other aspects of God's providence. But what happened because of the fall of man? A villain came on the scene, an evil central figure, and basically all of fallen mankind has been following that evil central figure. Satan and his forces came to exist in God's world. Therefore, God's dispensational will after the fall of man has been to create another side-that is, the forces centering upon God and His will. That became the historical mandate of God.

The deepest tragedy of humanity today is one of ignorance-we don't even realize that we are victims of human fall. Individuals as well as families, societies, nations and the whole world have all become part of the satanic element. Yet all are ignorant of this basic fact. Furthermore, all the things of creation which God intended to be dominated by godly men and women have been subjugated by the satanic will. They have been burdened and grieving, victimized by the dominion of evil in this world.

According to the original dispensational will of God, all the things of creation, including the sun, moon, and all the heavenly bodies, are supposed to be illuminating life centered upon God. Instead, all these things give light to the satanic elements in the world; they support the prosperity of evil. That has been the dreadful situation of all the things of creation. They do not want to be in that position, but because of the fall of man they have been wrongly subjugated.

What about the air you breathe today? To whom did that air originally belong? It belonged to God, but now because of man's fall, it belongs to Satan. How about the water you drink? All the basic aspects of creation-air, water, sunshine-are supposed to function for God. Instead, they have been forced to do their jobs for Satan. This is the greatest tragedy for them and it is all due to the fall of man.

We must think about why all this tragedy and grief has come about. Even if there was an evil archangel masterminding it all, if no human beings had cooperated with him, he could not have accomplished anything. There would have been no evil results. Therefore, who are the villains? Who are the ones ultimately responsible for the human fall? It is man and woman.

If man and woman were responsible for the fall, what caused them to fall? It was love. We have to ask why love, which is supposed to be a totally good thing, was able to motivate the human fall. For what purpose do men and women come together? God created men and women for the consummation of true love. Can you think of any other reason? If you deny that purpose, you are actually denying your own being as a woman or a man.

If the human purpose is to consummate true love, then another question arises: whose love is it? Who owns that love? Is it yours? For example, you men: from whom does your love come? It comes from a woman. What about you women? From whom does your love come? From a man. You American women don't like that answer, do you? As you can see, our love comes from someone else-man's love comes from woman, and woman's love comes from man.

But does that love relationship begin the first day of your life? As a newborn baby, do you start receiving and wanting that kind of love? Why not? As you know, there are two aspects to human beings. We have the internal aspect of mind and the external aspect of body. Before a man and woman become a pair, each person already exists as a pair within himself or herself.

The mind and body of men and women exist on an equal horizontal line. At what point would they like to meet? Where is their center point? When I speak of a center, I mean that point where the vertical line crosses the horizontal line. That crossing point must be a perfect 90 degree angle. The maximum power of love can be expressed when men and women come together at that center point. The shortest distance between the love of a man and the love of a woman is that central crossing point. A straight line is be the shortest path.

Man and woman pull each other with such intensity that they become completely joined and form a global, rounded entity. The action of love is manifested in many different ways, but it is always pulling everyone toward the center. Ultimately, it creates one round, global shape. The globe is the ultimate form of love. This is true even for American women. You tend to be independent and brash, not wanting to be bothered with anything and anybody, but love has the power to conquer even you. Even American women will capitulate to love.

Love forms into a globe, which is round, and it can roll everywhere freely. If nothing is controlling it, a disaster could result because it could bump into other things. Therefore, God created an axis for love, which is the vertical line we have been discussing. Because of that vertical axis of love, even though the globe tries to roll everywhere all the time, it cannot because the axis is controlling it and keeping it at the center.

The plus power, the love of God, and the minus power, the love of human beings, move around all over the place but they are continually pulled by the magnetic strength of the axis. They come together and vertically unite. Once that unity is formed, what happens? It becomes a universal power and influence, a universal embrace. It is like universal lightning. True joy will come into being at that point because there the universe will join with you.

What do you think-when God says, "Ha, ha, ha," would Adam and Eve respond with, "Boo"? No, when God shouts joyfully in His universally powerful voice, men and women shout the same thing in their smaller voices. This is universal harmony-men and women and God moving together in one expression of love. Thus, turning action is always taking place, but it is always centered upon that proper axis.

Therefore, when God and men are united and turning around on that axis of love, the entire universe is also turning on that axis. The universe is turning, the earth is turning, the entire solar system is turning. Even the tiny atoms are turning within everything. There is no exception to this rotating movement. In other words, the entire creation of God resembles the motion of the love axis. That is the original formula of God.

What about you? You have eyeballs, right? Do those eyes have an axis? Your eyes work in a disciplined manner. They each have an axis, a point of focus, a right angle of light. They adjust themselves so that you can see clearly. This is a manifestation of a four position foundation. You also have two ears with which to hear sounds. Those two points transmit information about sound to the brain. One sound is separated into two ears, then they join together again into one. That creates the square shape of the four position foundation. You breathe air through your two nostrils, which join into one point at the top of your nose. All this illustrates that human beings have many dual systems which unite into one. This is a universal formula.

Why then should men and women wait to achieve their unity in love? We must first grow to maturity before we unite. What does it mean to be a mature person? It means that the focus of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, body, and spirit are all the same-the location of love. That is the unified focal point for the whole person. Once we reach that unified focus, all the universal elements are protected. They will not be destroyed or hampered.

Once that kind of unity is formed, its oneness is absolute. Even if God tries to separate it, no power under the sun can detach it. It's always there. When you are responding with love and you shout out because of the power of that love, God is not apathetic. He doesn't just passively listen. His response comes immediately, automatically.

When a teenager experiences his or her first love, the entire body is pulled in that direction. Bosom, hips, every part goes toward the direction of the beloved, even if you say, "No, I don't want to go there." All the elements of the body are united to go toward that goal. Nothing under the sun can deny it. Isn't this true? That is why the power of love is supreme, even in the fallen world. People are willing to preserve their love even at the cost of their own lives. People will kill themselves before they will live without love. This is because the power of love is stronger than the power of life.

We are born and then must go through a period of growth to reach maturity along the horizontal line. The growth period is essential according to the original formula of God's creation. This is very logical. God created the growth period because the ultimate goal of creation is to form global love and bring everything into that center. God has to come down to meet human beings at that center; human beings have to grow into that center. All the environment has to be ready, ripened for that center. Therefore, the period of growth is essential.

It resembles an explosion. God comes down as men and women are growing toward that central point of love. Once vertical and horizontal meet, the clash of love is like an explosion which creates a vacuum. Everything is expelled and then the vacuum pulls everything in. Everybody is pulled together, united into one, and can live there happily forever. This is the beauty of love. Once they are united like this, no one is separated or exposed.

Once they become one, the woman's heart is in the heart of the man; the man's heart is in the heart of the woman. The hearts of the man and woman are in the heart of God. So there is no way you can retreat. You are trying to get deeper and deeper into the heart of God, closer and closer together. What happens then? If every component is trying to push inward toward the center, does it create something flat or round? It has to become round.

Consider the diamond, the hardest and most precious gem. Which is stronger-the love of the axis line or a diamond? It is love. Furthermore, while a diamond may impart a beautiful sparkle, the love of the axis line is even more intensely sparkling and bright.

As I said, the fall of man occurred through the misuse of love. Love was supposed to be consummated at one particular point, not at any other place. That point is the juncture of the horizontal and vertical lines. This is the only love I am speaking about.

you can see by now, love cannot be consummated by just one individual. It requires two parts. Furthermore, you don't create your own love. It comes from the other side. Men and women who want to live alone without marrying, as well as those who adopt a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle are going against the universal principle.

No matter how proud you may be of yourself, no matter how powerfully you might speak, you have to come to the realization that you are only a half. You are half-formed. Each individual half has to find another half in order to become whole, to be consummated. Some power is needed to unite the two parts into one and that power is love. Two individual halves centering on love come together and become one perfected man and woman, one couple. That is the Principle.

So far, the essential purpose of mankind as well as all of creation have not been understood. It is, put simply, the consummation of true love. Everyone agrees that this is correct. God says, "This is right." Man says, "This is right." Woman says, "This is right." All people who lived in the past and are now in spirit world will agree with this truth, as will contemporary people. People of the future will also say it is correct.

You might try to tell your eyes to go the wrong way, but they know better. All five of your senses know what is right. When the power of love, particularly first love, is working nothing under the sun can stop it. The formula of original love cannot be stopped.

Everybody has a love antenna. You don't have to be taught to seek love. Your antenna is guiding you in that direction, like a homing device seeking for the goal. Don't you think so? Don't you like that? What about elderly grandmas and grandpas-do they feel the same way about love? If you asked an old grandmother, lying on her deathbed, "Where do you want to die?" she would answer, "I want to die in the arms of my beloved husband." That is the universal sentiment-to live and die in love.

The same is true for each of you. You want to live your life with love and then die surrounded by your loved ones. Is the same true of the citizens of the United States? Do you say, "The American people are different"? You don't think they are different? Are you sure?

There are 240 million American people going about their business every day, but who is thinking about the true purpose of love? Is anybody? Some women are always busy, walking fast and swaying on their high heels. I wonder where they are going and what they are after. At least, we Moonies have a different purpose from the secular world. When we walk fast it is because we have a definite place to go. We swing our hips too, but our axis is always centered upon the right place. We mustn't lose that central point.

In an explosion, everything gets blown away and a vacuum is created which has an incredibly strong pulling power to suck everything into the center. Thus we should be moving even faster than the speed of that sucking power. We are different because we know where our axis is. God's love should always be regulating our actions.

When you go out every morning to do your work- whether it is MFT, witnessing or whatever-you have lots of energy. But if you come home at night, crying, "I'm dying! I can't go on," then you are not men and women of true love. That is the sign of fake men and women. Do you understand?

Why does God have problems? After all, He has everything He needs. He has access to all the wealth, power, and knowledge in the universe. He certainly has the power to create life. Why has God been working so desperately in His providence? Even with His almighty power, He has been enduring tremendous suffering and grief. Why? It is because the ultimate purpose of God is to obtain true love and He has not yet been able to do it. There is no way for Him to obtain true love until His object truly responds to Him. Even with all His power, God cannot create or fulfill love all by Himself. This is the problem.

Suppose I decided, "I don't need Mother or the children. I'll just fall in love with myself!" Could I consummate love that way? No, God would look at me and say, "That guy is out of his mind." Do you think God still needs love? But He is the almighty, all-knowing God! He doesn't need love! Is that right or wrong? Love is something you can achieve all by yourself, right? "I just love myself and I'm so happy to be with me! My loving self, how joyful you make me!" No, the stimulation of love must come from another.

God already possesses all the power, wealth and knowledge in the universe, so He doesn't need another almighty, omniscient being as His object. The strong need something weak; something hard needs something soft. That creates balance. So God is not expecting you to become almighty. He knows you are a finite, limited being. If two infinite, almighty beings tried to push together into love, then love would run away from them. Love itself would be pushed out. That is not what God wants. The way in which love grows is when one is almighty and the other is weak and finite; one is hard and the other is soft. That is how love can grow the most.

The hard point is looking forward to meeting with the soft point, and vice-versa. They both want to come together. If a soft, feminine woman has nothing to touch but another woman's soft hand, she can't feel excitement. If a man, with his coarse, rough hands has to touch another man's hand, he can't enjoy that. They would rather die than live with that. The soft, silky hands of a woman need to be caressed by the large, rough hands of a man. Therefore, men have to be masculine; women have to be feminine. God made you with those qualities to achieve balance.

You women shouldn't guffaw loudly; you should be feminine even in your laughter. Men should have rough, deep, and loud laughter. Men should have masculine concerns. You must concentrate on working for the sake of society, improving the political situation, even striving to become president in order to right injustices. That is the kind of ambition a man should harbor. Women should be more interested in their homes, their children, and all the things of the family. That is another aspect of harmony between men and women. The two areas of interest can come together into a harmonious, balanced couple. That is beautiful.

You women long for unconditional love from your husband. The love of your children is not sufficient for you. You want to dwell in your husband's love.

Whom do people resemble? You are created in the image of God. So if we are in the image of God, then God must resemble us. Think about the parents of a tiny baby. The baby is helpless, creating lots of dirty diapers and spitting up on his parents, but he is unconditionally loved by them. That is the same kind of relationship between God and human beings. Compared to God, people are weak and powerless, like a tiny infant. God cannot help but come down and take care of us.

The greatest of all Kings of the universe-God almighty-comes down to take care of His children. You should think, "My almighty Father is here, changing my diapers, giving me my bath." Therefore, God should never feel like a stranger to us. We should be able to say, "God is my love and I want to live with Him forever. He is my big Dad."

When God moves, do you think people can keep up with Him? If the relationship between God and man depended upon sharing of knowledge, then we would never get very far. God has all knowledge and we have so little. However, when the relationship between God and us is one of love, then it is unconditional, without limit. Without consideration for appearance, personal dignity and all that, God will say, "Come on, get closer to me. You go ahead of me."

The greatest happiness that men and women can attain is to be able to ask God to be with us and do certain things. When God is at your command, saying, "All right, my dearest, I will do that for you," that is the ultimate level of happiness.

God wants to listen to your words of love. No matter how small or trivial, He will listen. But He will not care to hear anything other than the story of love. He isn't interested in anything else. For instance, a person who tries to get things from God for selfish purposes will receive no notice from Him. But when God hears His sons and daughters saying, "Heavenly Father, I love you so much. I want to do everything for You," then He relishes their every word.

Do you love me or not? You say you love me, but what is the quality of your love? I do not feel too good about it. You are still in the fallen realm. If someone does all kinds of things, even engaging in free sex and immorality and all manner of selfish acts, then if he says, "I love God. I love Father," God does not rejoice over that.

There is the expression of having an "iron face." That describes a shameless person who says, "So what?" I'll give you an analogy. Suppose a woman marries for a second time, yet she carries a picture of her first husband in every pocket. Suppose she sets one up on her bedroom bureau and on the table in the dining room. Then when the second husband comes home, she says, "Darling, I love you!" The man would naturally ask, "Whom do you really love?" There can be no purity of heart and soul in that kind of love.

In love, the most important and precious thing is unstained purity. This is what the fall of man was all about. If God sees a beauty queen, does He come down and say, "Oh, how pretty you are. My darling, I love you." Do external appearances have anything to do with God's love? No.

Love is serious. God is searching among the five billion people on the earth for someone who has the purity of genuine love for Him. But so far, no such man or woman has existed. That has been the problem. Therefore, in His re-creation, God has to begin the work all over again to find a new beachhead for His true love. Through that person, He will undertake the salvation and restoration of mankind to true love. That has been the work of God.

I have already been preaching an hour and 15 minutes. In most churches, the minister won't speak more than 30 minutes, but I am just getting warmed up. Would you like me to conclude now? No? You must be crazy!

God is asking, "Where are the men and women of pure love among the American churches or among the American people as a whole?" Have you seen many people who are true servants of God? In the sight of God, there is really nothing to be proud of, then. This makes God feel discouraged and sad. The satanic net in this country has to be cut and a new, heavenly love net has to be constructed. That is the religious dispensation of God.

Throughout history, all healthy, universal religions spoke of love. Look at the Old Testament and also the teachings of Jesus. The genuine religious impulse is based on love. Who is Satan? Satan is the archangel and the archangel is supposed to be nothing more than a servant

of God and human beings. But that servant not only took away all the master's property, he also raped the daughter of God. That is Satan's true nature. Our job is to expose and expel Satan from our planet. So far in human history, Satan has been trying to kick God off the planet.

God cannot use force to take people out of Satan's bosom and back to His side because the relationship between human beings and Satan is one of love. God cannot deny that relationship. Satan is an impostor and a fornicator, an adulterer. Through the fall of man, the children born on earth have been the offspring of satanic love. People have even been worshipping Satan as their god, in a sense. Therefore, God's job of restoration has been incredibly difficult. He has been working not just to restore stolen property, but to restore heart and love.

The only hope for human salvation is the original mind. Man's original mind is always longing for its home, which is with God. You are in between God and Satan and their tug-of-war is going on over you. Your body and limbs are bound by Satan, but there is one hope: your heart and mind want to go in the direction of God.

Therefore, our way of life must help us to think constantly about God. We must eat, sleep, and do everything for the sake of belonging to Him. Your job is to expel Satan from the environment-a 24-hour-a-day occupation. Since Satan has enslaved your body and limbs, you must make tremendous effort to cut his chains and separate from him.

Today is the second anniversary of the victory of Danbury. What is Danbury? It is the place that satanic people dislike the most. No one wants to go to prison. It is the lowest place in any society. When someone gets sent there, it is very difficult for him to go back into society. Lawyers and government officials don't want any part of prison. Most people do not go to prison out of a public interest. They have violated the laws for their own private interest, so prison truly represents the dungeon of hell in our society. It is a satanic place, so if any godly men go there, they are not welcomed.

There are two basic types of people who get sent to jail in the United States. One type goes against the legitimate interests of society for selfish reasons and breaks the law. But the other type is working to destroy Satan. Such people will also wind up in prison.

This has been true throughout history. Two different types of people have been imprisoned and even executed. One was the genuine criminal and the other was the true person of God trying to expel Satan from society. Such people were always falsely accused and thus ended up in prison. History is a witness to this.

However, godly people have used imprisonment as an opportunity to cut the satanic net around this world and create a net of God's love. From that point on, the greatest of all victories for God can be obtained. That has been an important strategy of God. Even though the forces representing Satan may put a godly person in prison, they cannot handle him or digest him. They cannot destroy him, either.

If a civil government under the influence of Satan mistakenly brings a man of God to prison and that man continues to exhibit love for others in an exemplary way, what will happen? If Satan tries to condemn such a person, he has to pay the indemnity. Satan knows the Principle. The archangel knew the Principle of Creation in precise detail and he knew that God created man for love. Satan has no power to match the power of unconditional love.

This is the very strategy of God. Often in the past, God sent his beloved children into the dungeons of hell. Sometimes He even allowed Satan to kill them, but in the eternal realm, the satanic world has had to pay the price for that. In such a way, God counterattacks Satan's forces and regains the world. That has been His historical strategy.

Jesus Christ was the greatest example of this. God allowed His only begotten son to be killed at the hands of Satan. Jesus never condemned others and told his followers instead, "Love your enemy." He forgave the Roman soldiers because he knew he was dying as a sacrifice, and that eventually his love would conquer the Roman Empire. The value of the son of God is greater than that of all the children of the fallen realm. That is the law. But God did not lose by this sacrifice. He created another realm beyond the crucifixion: the realm of resurrection.

After crucifying Jesus, Satan had no more power to touch him in any way. Jesus was completely out of the satanic realm. Then he could come back and claim God's children. Love conquers everything. There is no such thing as prison or bondage in love. Even though Satan destroyed Jesus' body, the disciples marched to Rome and conquered it because of the condition that Jesus set. However, because no one knew the complete truth, it took a long time. If they had known all the truth that I am teaching you today, the Roman Empire would have been converted virtually overnight. Instead it took four centuries.

Reverend Moon is an extraordinary religious leader who not only knows the truth but who pays the price for the sake of humanity in blood, sweat and tears. Furthermore, as a religious leader, I hold the top record for receiving persecution during my own lifetime. My method is not to fight any denomination, religious organization or leader. Instead, I embrace and love them and teach them the truth, asking them to unite so that together we can cast Satan out of the planet.

That was the Danbury dispensation. Danbury was the result of Satan's work through all kinds of organizations: established Christian churches, communists, Jewish groups, white supremacist groups. The American government and social establishment came together with a common goal: to destroy Reverend Moon and his movement once and for all. After pushing me into prison, they celebrated with champagne, saying, "The evil-doer is finally in jail!"

But there was one thing they did not know about: I had a secret weapon. I entered the prison with dignity and power and I showed love for Judaism, Christianity, other religions, the American government and the entire establishment. I did not fight against them. Instead, I forgave them and loved them more than before.

I set the condition that in due course, all of America's religious community and government would change. What has happened since that Danbury victory? Within three years, our movement has made the most incredible inroads and recovery. Resurrection has taken place. I am rising like a love sun, giving out love rays to the world. For the first time, the entire world is receiving the warmth and light of salvation and hope. This has become apparent not only in the United States, but all over the world. At the same time, powerful forces like the American government and the communist governments have become weaker from within.

In Washington in 1976, I predicted the end of the Soviet Union and declared we would hold a rally in Moscow. No one took it seriously then, but now after Danbury, everyone is taking it seriously. I also made a proclamation in Geneva in 1985 that the end of communism was near. After Danbury, I set the condition of hope not only for myself but for everybody, much as Jesus set the condition for his disciples. Through that, all the members of the Unification Church received new power and a clearance to get out of the satanic realm.

Now is our time of exodus from the satanic realm. The standard has been established in front of Satan and in front of God, which is our fortress, our bulwark. This gift was given to everyone individually and from that you can win everything. This is our dignity and our authority.

I came out of Danbury as a victor. Meanwhile, the U.S. government has become more and more confused. You do not have any idea of the foundation and power I have obtained in these short two years since Danbury. People might laugh at me, but they do not know that I am teamed up with God. They cannot see that God and the spirit world are supporting me.

After Danbury, we have taken the offensive. My goal is that even if the U. S. government falters, the country itself will not falter. Our coal is to save America, not to destroy it. Our movement will become the peoples' champion. This is the reason I want to ignite American Christianity. Tens of thousands of Christian leaders will be educated and sent to Korea to find spiritual rebirth. Many American leaders and state legislators are now united with our goals. They are changing their plans and following me the way the Israelites followed Moses during the 40 years. It is exactly that kind of situation.

Now the choice is very clear: if the people follow Reverend Moon's principle and ideal, they will survive. If they go the other way, they will falter and decline. Nobody can stop the spread of materialistic atheism in the United States; neither can anyone stop the increasing immorality and drug abuse. No power under the sun can stop them except the power of God, translated through Reverend Moon.

On this day of the Danbury anniversary celebration, the question is whether you are going to inherit my victory, tradition, and pride and take my mission upon your shoulders. Are you willing to become the personification and instrument of true love? With that power, you can be a victor anywhere on the face of the earth. You will be welcomed because Satan has no power before you. Because I won the victory at Danbury, you can go anywhere and be victorious.

(Father speaks in English:) You have to know this point. After Danbury, my situation is like a love sun rising. The road is clear, the sky is clear, everything is clear after Danbury. You have to rise up in this atmosphere, centering on love. Every Moonie under the sun possesses that kind of strong condition now. There will be no more persecution against the Unification Church. That situation will pass away. Only a welcome will remain. The groups that combined against me have changed their minds now, by 180 degrees. That situation will prevail all over the world. If you went to houses or businesses in the past and asked people, "How do you like Reverend Moon?" everyone said, "I don't like him." But now they are repenting. Who did this? God and I made these conditions for resurrection in Danbury.

Are you going to inherit my standard and condition? This day, every Moonie must inherit that condition. Keep it in your mind. This is God's salvation. For a long, long time it was halted. God has spent all this time trying to get back to the starting position where we are now. What shall you do? This is the problem. American people are too clever, too analytical. They wind up on Satan's side by thinking, "Reverend Moon's theory is similar to such-and-such a famous scholar's theory." This is not just a theory. This is God's principle, so we call it the Divine Principle. You have to go the Principle way step by step, point by point.

What is your purpose for gathering here today? You have to be clear on this point. The fallen world is occupied by Satan. God doesn't want that. You are God's soldiers. Every Moonie, day and night, is confronting and overcoming Satan's soldiers. This is the American Moonies' responsibility-to save this country. Otherwise, it will perish.

On this continent, you white people are a minority. American white people, don't you want to inherit this new situation? Do you want to continue in Satan's circumstances or start God's? Moonies must absolutely follow me. You have to make a determination during this anniversary and commemorative time.

(Translation:) Danbury is the place where I absolutely demonstrated my love for this nation, even though it has been an enemy to me. I showed my determination to save and love this nation. Because of this condition, people in the government are beginning to come around. It has to be so.

The Washington Times is another example of my love for this nation. Without The Washington Times, the United States would be experiencing its darkest hour. I initiated that publication at an enormous sacrifice for the sake of the salvation of this country. Do you understand the one principle upon which I operate? You must know my secret. It is that, knowing Satan will attack and try to destroy you, you love the satanic people more than you love your own godly people. By doing that, Satan absolutely has to retreat. This is how a revolution can occur in peoples' minds.

It is like the love between men and women. When the true subject appears, the object of love is pulled toward it, as if by magnetic power. This is the strategy that God uses. So far in history, no one has unlocked this secret of the love of God. I not only know this truth but I have applied it. For that reason, I have become like a magnetic dynamo, pulling all the metallic pieces towards me. This is the reason black, yellow, red, and white people are all drawn to me.

It doesn't really matter where you are-in prison or the dungeons of hell. As long as you become the central figure or subject of the love of God, you will pull even the enemy toward you. This is the reason Jesus proclaimed that we must love our enemies. It is not by force, nor by the sword that I can change the United States. My secret is to surpass the love any godly, patriotic man in history has had for this country. In that way, the heart of the American people will be drawn toward me.

True love is the source of eternal light and life. When the sun rises in the east, its rays gradually spread over the earth. All living things turn toward the sun, which is their centering point. They want to move toward the source of their life. That is natural law. The law of love is the same: all people are drawn to the rising love sun.

Reverend Moon is an Oriental man, a Korean. I have been on the ocean so much and gotten so tan, I look like I belong to the Negro race. I am not an average, standard American but if I don't come to Gloucester or Alaska, the ocean feels almost empty. When I leave the United States, the whole country feels almost empty, doesn't it?

Those who want to follow me wherever I go, raise your hands. All right, I will give you a condition now: unless you love God and humanity, you have no right to follow me. You Americans, representatives of all the people of this country, unless you love the United States more than all other citizens ever loved it before, you are not worthy to follow me.

Do I belong to a certain nation? Do I belong to the world? God is cosmic, universal. That is the ultimate realm and it is my goal. Therefore, do not just love your own country. Love the world, love the cosmos, love the spirit world. Love humanity more than Confucius did; more than Buddha did; even more than Jesus did.

Declare to the world, "God, I love the world more than You do. My love will take care of the entire world, so you don't have to worry about it. Just take a vacation." Do you think God will say, "You rascal! Go to hell." No, God will laugh and say, "I fulfilled my love! Hooray, now I will go on a permanent vacation!"

I am Korean, but am I just Korea-minded, Korea-centered? Am I simply an Asian person? It is obvious that I am not just Korean because the country of Korea rejected me. I am not Asian because Asia pushed me out. I am not American because America is pushing me out. I do not belong to this world because the entire world is pushing me out. If spirit world pushes me out, where will I go? The only place left to go is to God!

Imagine me trying to enter the palace of God and the guard persecuting me. God would see this persecution and say, "My son, come over here. Don't worry about them. You belong to my heart. Stay with me." What a dramatic and exciting ideal that is; it is positively romantic. This is the romance of eternity. You wouldn't want to swap that kind of life for any price.

The conclusion is this: no matter what people say about me, it doesn't matter. History will show that from now on, anyone who does not follow God's ideal will decline and perish. The followers of Reverend Moon's teachings will prosper. I make this formidable declaration knowing that the CIA and the FBI are listening, as well as broadcasters and newspaper reporters. Times will soon change. Now people come and write, "Reverend Moon is trying to conquer the world; he speaks about a world government, a theocratic kingdom and so forth." Soon they will say, "So what! I love Reverend Moon." Even they will want to follow my ideal. Amen? Amen.

Are you like that? Really? In order for you to hear this great message, God has made tremendous sacrifices. God's son Jesus died, and many saints in history perished in order to restore true love. Today, you are listening comfortably, just trying to claim that love by saying one word, "Amen." What rascals you are!

Yet, you have a right to do so. I will teach you the secret reason now: you can say, "I have True Parents. I am their true child in a relationship of true love. Therefore, I can claim that true love anywhere under the sun." You have the privilege to inherit and participate in true love.

You've got to feel a burning and passionate desire today, first of all, to participate in True Parents' love. Secondly, you must want that love to be your permanent inheritance. If you have that kind of strong, divinely-centered dedication, you are already walking in true love. You don't need any other kind of education but that: how to make the condition of true love. With that condition, you can inherit all of God's cosmic property. You have to make such a foundation. You can't just say, "I want to follow Father; I want to go to heaven."

Today is the celebration of the victory of Danbury, which means the victory of resurrection. Upon this foundation of resurrection, you can do anything, fulfill any mission. Even if you are kicked 100 times a day, it won't make any difference. The work of resurrection will continue and become your victory. That is the meaning of the victory of Danbury.

I suffered imprisonment in Japan before coming to the United States because I knew I had to demonstrate an invincible standard of love for Japan. That is the only way Japan could be changed. Likewise, I went to prison in Korea so I could conquer those people with true love. I suffered in prison in the United States so that this nation and the world can come under true love. Danbury has one more great purpose. It has the power to liberate the communist world because the influence behind my imprisonment was that of communism. I knew that and I accepted it on those terms.

The secret is this: no matter what happens, or what persecution and opposition you encounter, do not worry and do not complain. It is God's way of giving you a blessing. By allowing you to go through that suffering, God is allowing you to gain a gigantic return in terms of the victory of love. This is the tactical strategy of God to separate you from Satan.

(Father speaks in English:) Satan will leave. Otherwise, you'll have to fight on every level, winning that foundation eight times over. How can we reach that kind of level? Man doesn't have such power. Persecution does it.

That is the kind of fighting going on between Satan and God. How wonderful is this secret. Human history did not reveal this secret, but now through Reverend Moon it has been revealed. How wonderful a providential point we are standing on, to have this kind of power and authority. Who gave you this authority? Not your ancestors, not your own suffering. God gave it to you out of His love. Through the True Parents, He is making you this gift: a victorious foundation for my followers, the so-called Moonies. How proud of this we should be.

We are celebrating today. The time for the consummation of our goal, our ultimate victory, is near. By the end of 1988, the nation's and the world's destiny will be determined. We will bring it over to the victorious side. Today we are not just gathered together to rejoice over the victory. Today we must recommit ourselves to the additional task which lies ahead. Recommit yourselves to take over my mission, to move ahead, to win your own Danbury victory. That is the meaning of today's celebration.

From now on, you have to make your own victorious foundation. You need it. You do not yet have it. In order to win such a victory, the first thing you have to do is separate from Satan. Have you done that? Is Satan separated from your home, out of your lineage? That is the problem. You cannot cut off the lineage of Satan by yourself. You need repentance to clean up the past and the present. Through repentance, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth appears.

Sometimes you ask, "Why do we have to go the course of indemnity?" You have to do it to fight against the satanic atmosphere. Satan is always suggesting things to you. Through indemnity and repentance, you can kick out and clean up Satan from your realm. This is the life of faith. You have not known how serious I am, fighting to separate from Satan's realm on the individual, family, tribal, national and world levels. From then on, the cosmic level is easy.

The gate of hell has been opened. That was True Parents' duty. You do not know how lonely my situation was. This is a serious point. First of all, you have to gain victory in your individual situation. You have to separate from Satan or you cannot release your family, your tribe, and your nation. I have made that kind of separation on every level. You are conditionally separated.

(Translation:) The meaning of today's celebration is that we must make up our minds to start anew and become new people after today. Nothing will be the same. You don't know the direction of history, the President of the United States does not know, nor does Mr. Gorbachev. I know exactly what the providential will is, and where we are heading. This is your time to set your own Danbury condition. As much as I was victorious in Danbury, each of you must win that same victory in your own life. You can do it. This is the meaning of today and this is our determination.

I know that many things occupy your mind: your spouse, your children, your parents. Even though you have a thousand different mundane thoughts, just forget them. Right now, you should have only one goal: the will of God and the victory of His true love on earth. Set the condition to love humanity and love God. Become an individual who will demonstrate that supreme love. Can you do it? may God bless you.

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