The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Fifth Anniversary Of The 8,000 Couples Blessing

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 5, 1987
Translator - Sang Kil Han

I had not planned to come here today, but when I heard that you were meeting, I thought it might be a good occasion to speak to many people. Therefore I decided to come. In the future when you organize such a gathering, you and headquarters should contact me first for approval; then the invitations you send out can indicate my endorsement. If members receive an invitation, they may not know how to take it, but when they find out that I know about the meeting, they will respond.

Those families who have children, raise your hands. How many of the children of the 8,000 couples are present and how many are not? Somebody should have the figures. Also, you should prepare statistics for events like this so that when I ask questions you will have the answers available. For instance, how many of the 8,000 couples are living in this area? How many have children? How many boys? How many girls? How old is the oldest? How many international couples are there?

In preparation for each anniversary of the 8,000 Couple Blessing, you should compile all these statistics. Also, you should call the different regions and find out how many couples are coming. On the basis of such preparations, you can invite me to your anniversary celebration and I will be happy to respond.

You should not take this kind of meeting lightly. Make sure everybody comes, whether I am here or not. Then if I do come, the meeting will be very powerful. Do you know the significance of a gathering of the 8,000 couples? It is much more important and meaningful than any conference of scientists or scholars.

When you hold your meeting on a Sunday, like today, you should make sure that everybody comes since it is such an important event. If the details are not arranged, members don't know how to respond and they may or may not come. This is not a work day, so 100 percent of the invited people should be here. You have to make good plans and lay a strong foundation, which takes a lot of heart. So from now on, you should organize the foundation and then invite me.

Does anybody know how many children have been born from this Blessing? Each month, you should know how many children there are. This looks like a multitude without a master; if so, you are in an inferior position to the Israelites in the wilderness. Is that what you are? You want to belong to somebody, don't you? You want to belong to some nation, don't you? What nationality do you belong to? If you really belong to True Parents, you should realize that all the other couples belong to the same nationality.

I have been at Gloucester where fishing activities are being organized for the season. I wanted to stay there for a few days to organize the beginning of the program. Two hundred and sixty participants are there, including all the Barrytown graduates, the blessed couples' children from age 18 and over, and all the members of Ocean Church. I am overseeing the program, but when I heard about this meeting I came here.

Do you have any preference for what you would like me to do? You can see me on other occasions. If I say I want to leave now, do you have the right to say no? Those couples who feel very confident that your child is the best child of all the blessed couples, raise your hands.

(Testimonies by Georgia Lewis, speaking about her child and her commitment to becoming an ideal couple; Valerie Shimoyama, speaking about her Japanese / American marriage; and Mrs. Tacco Hose speaking about making harmony within a marriage and the special difficulties of East/West marriages.)

You are strange people, aren't you? Strange and mysterious! Are you sitting together as couples? It was in 1982, wasn't it, that the Blessing took place? It's been five years. Time goes fast, too fast. Those who haven't seen me in person since the Blessing, raise your hands. No one.

What did I have in mind when I gave the Blessing to you? What did I want to do after the Blessing? You have experienced some difficulties in your marriage, right? Did I just match you and marry you and expect you to have no problems? No, I have to keep encouraging and educating you and helping you to become stronger.

Nobody likes to suffer or go through persecution. For whom are you doing this? It is not for me, but for God and mankind. Our lifestyle is very different from that of other people. Most people live only for their own purpose; they aren't concerned about their nation or the world. Our situation is different. We have taken up this difficult lifestyle in order to help God and all humankind. This is the important point.

In the past, God was never able to enjoy a day of celebration because of the human fall initiated by Satan. This has been Satan's world. People have lived completely surrounded by Satan, so God has always been concerned about liberating people. Originally it was God's world and God was our Parent, but people in the fallen world have been unaware of the original situation. Only God knew.

Heaven's side is one place and Satan's side is another place. How can we connect them? No matter how hard fallen people try, they cannot contact God's side; no matter how hard they work, they cannot cross over to God's place. People can reach God only through a God-centered person.

God has been preparing a foundation in the "basement" of the world, using religion. In this world basement many cultures exist: Asian, European, African, Latin American, and so forth, each with different backgrounds. There is also a collection of religions in that basement: Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, and so forth. But they all disagree and fight among themselves. They have not been able to unite. This is the difficult situation within the fallen religious world.

God's purpose is to unite religions and save mankind, making one ideal world. He has worked through many kinds of people in the Old Testament era and the New Testament era in order to save mankind. But how can God make people one? If they do not unite, they cannot go to the original world.

What about the Unification Church? What can we accomplish? Our purpose is to unify the world and that means we have to feel oneness with each other, share a common lifestyle, and create a common culture. Rather than each person choosing an independent course, we need a common direction. Since individuals go their separate ways in our present world, how can the multitudes of people in the world today gain unity? It isn't so easy.

Consider how difficult God's situation is compared to yours. One sister today described how many difficulties a Japanese woman and an American man experience even after living together for several years. That is true. If it was not difficult, it would not be true. Truth is difficult. That is the natural way. We might compare racial differences to differences between colors. Red and yellow are quite distinct colors, for example, and it is not easy to harmonize them.

International marriages are the most difficult kind of all. Why do Moonies want to take on that kind of challenge? It's not because of our human viewpoint but because of God's situation. We understand what God and mankind have gone through. Those who undertake such a challenge will liberate and eventually unite the world. Those who refuse to get involved will not appear in such a world. You Moonies know that, but most others don't.

You know the way. You are on God's side. In your mind you can decide to do it. With love, you volunteer to undertake a difficult marriage in order to develop true love for humanity. You make that precious choice very seriously, knowing that God wants you to rescue mankind and God. God cannot be liberated until the fallen world is liberated. After God is free, He will bless all people.

Your situation may be difficult; you may have only one room to live in, for example. I know that. But you are turning the spiritual world upside down. In order to liberate God through love, you are making these sacrifices. In terms of liberation, you are closer to God than the rest of the people.

What is the meaning of a good person? A good person is one who lives for the sake of others. The family member who is most dedicated to the well-being of the family is a good person. Good people automatically become the center of their environment. The outside world doesn't know that, but the Moonies do. The most important thing is to reach the center point. It is a universal phenomenon that good people automatically arrive at a place of value. Our original mind knows that good people reach the place of greatest significance.

Your mind should direct the actions of your body because your original mind recognizes God's place and knows that a good person will automatically reach the good world. Like a military officer, your mind ceaselessly tells you to act for a good purpose. Every Moonie knows this.

How much persecution have I received since I came to America? Many Americans wonder why I am here. My purpose is to make a contribution to humanity. The United States is not heading in a good direction; in fact, it is declining. Think about how difficult my situation has been. Only God has understood it; Americans don't know it at all. Instead they oppose me and say, "You are an enemy of our country. Korea's situation is worse than ours so you should go back home."

I know very well that the people of the United States don't want me, so why should I stay? It is for the sake of God and mankind. If the present way of life continues in the United States, it will perish. Not just anybody can help save this country - only one man. God is urging me to save this country because if it perishes, God's providence will be completely lost. All nations are looking at the situation of the United States. Why has the family system broken down here if this country's background is Christian? The Bible doesn't condone such a situation, so who caused it? The American people don't want that situation; God doesn't want it; Jesus Christ doesn't want it. It was caused by Satan, working through bad people.

Satan uses people such as atheists and secular humanists because they don't recognize that they should live for God. They don't consider God's heart; they completely deny God. They have made America what it is today. God cannot remain in such a situation. The American people have virtually lost God and therefore this country is experiencing God's punishment in the form of family and social breakdown.

Think about it. American young people are diseased with drugs. Who will save them? The American government cannot do anything about it. The Department of State and the Department of Defense cannot resolve this situation. With all its scientific technology, with space programs reaching the moon, the United States cannot reach the spirit world or save it. Who can? It can be done Only with God's help.

I came to the United States 15 years ago and I organized this breed of Moonies. Has it been hard? It is not easy to transform you. The Moonie world is unlike the outside world and, being different, you find yourself in difficult situations. Once you know God's situation you feel you must do something. To fulfill God's purpose you want to break out of the present world system, no matter how difficult it is.

I have chosen to take up the challenge. Both mankind and the spirit world desperately need you. You Moonies are strong. Neither God nor mankind will make your determination for you; you must make it. Such determination is so precious and valuable. To help God and mankind is the most valuable decision you can make, and once you have made it, you should resolve not to complain.

If yours is an international marriage, will you complain and make excuses? When you marry a person from another country and grow to love him or her, you double God's territory. An international marriage is most important because it enables a true person to connect two nations and save them. One spouse may be an American with mostly German ancestry and the other a descendant of Japanese samurai, but as long as both know God's situation, they can build a marriage.

If you can understand the Japanese culture as well as that of the United States and combine the two, uniting both countries for the sake of God and mankind, you are achieving something wonderful. Who else in history has done such a thing for God, mankind, the United States and Japan? This is a historical consummation. God and mankind have been yearning for such fulfillment; Japan and the United States have been longing for it. Your marriage becomes the intersection of all these realms. Isn't this a wonderful Moonie concept? This is our source of pride and our authorization to receive God.

During this age in which I am living, people can attain such victories. Without meeting me, you would never be able to reach such a point, even if you tried for eternity. We are living at the same time and you have met me and were blessed by me, so your blessed marriage at this time should be your most prized possession. Once you make your pledge of true love here, you can go throughout this country and even visit many different countries and cultures without being hindered by any boundaries.

An ideal person doesn't erect any barriers. Whoever wants boundaries is no model for others. A perfect person wants to eliminate borders and see one common culture. Who made the many boundaries of this world? It was people such as Americans, Koreans, Germans - but not God. True people don't draw boundaries; they were made by Satan's side working through people.

By the same token, the things of creation never heed man-made boundaries. Does a snake ask someone for permission to cross a border? Does a fly ask for a visa? Even an insect can travel freely, but what about mankind? Aren't human beings the most valuable creatures? Who made such restrictive laws? Black cattle can mate with white cattle without restrictions; that is the natural way. Who opposes that? The barriers of background and culture originated with Satan. The outside world doesn't know that, but you understand it clearly and are willing to marry someone from another background.

You should be willing to transcend boundaries because that is how you become historical people. God longs for you to broaden yourself. In the future, such people will be in positions of authority. If you resolve to do it, you can take pride in that willingness.

Suppose in the future you have five children and each marries someone of a different nationality. What language will those ten people use? If each one claims that his or her country's language is number one, what will you do? This may become a reality in your lifetime, and it would be a big problem. Concerned about your family's language, you will discuss the question among yourselves and ultimately decide to use Korean - because it is the True Parents' original tongue.

You have to learn Korean. It is both a scientific and a spiritual language. For instance, hundreds of different adjectives in Korean may express the same concept, each one having a subtle variation in meaning. There are hundreds of different ways of expressing color, for instance, and in order to comprehend it you need a mind like a computer. This is one reason Koreans tend to be intellectually sharp. Only a spiritually attuned mind can do that.

Linguists say that people with the most highly developed language will never perish. Japanese, for instance, normally cannot speak other languages fluently because their ability to pronounce certain sounds is limited. The reason that I could master English as well as I have at my age is that I am Korean. Korean is the ideal language. God certainly had this in mind when He developed it and He is proud of it.

As a result of meeting me, have you developed or have you regressed? Have you improved just a little or a lot? People may leave the church for one reason or another but eventually they have to return. Do you think I am smarter than the ex-Moonies, or do you think they are clever for having left and I am dumb for staying? I remain in the movement because I am smart. Others may think they are smart to leave, but eventually they will return.

In the near future the general public will come to understand what you international couples have had to go through. All who meet you will cheer and applaud you. They will consider you the pioneers, those who sparked the revolution of goodness and true love. You are truly paving the road for all others.

Your environment may change from time to time, but once true love develops within you it will abide there eternally; it will never change. Do you comprehend this? Can any of you say to me, "I think I have some idea of what you are going through. Maybe I can lead the Unification Church now"? No American or Korean can say that. No matter how much money, power or knowledge you may have, you cannot do what I am doing now.

From the bottom of your heart you keep yearning for me to come and be with you because you cannot live without me. I am Korean, with no American background, but it is the Americans who are crying out for that. I represent something far beyond Korea, far beyond any country. I represent true love and that is why you want to connect with me and follow me. That is what distinguishes you from the outside world. You have to know this.

Normally, when people give things up they can soon be reduced to nothing because they exhaust themselves and have nothing more to give out. But with true love, the situation is different. In true love, the more we sacrifice for the sake of others, the more we grow. Our internal capacity expands because of true love.

In the physical world, any motion requires a certain output of energy. Every time motion occurs, energy is depleted until the supply is exhausted. But that rule does not apply in the case of true love. The more love we give, the greater the supply of love we have. God wanted to exercise true, loving dominion over all things through His sons and daughters because that way His power would never be exhausted. The more we love our children with true, sacrificial love, the more we will receive love in return and the more energy we will have to keep on giving. Thus the greater the number of children, the more energy will be available to fill the corners of the universe.

During these past 40 years many people have tried their very best to destroy me, but has the Unification Church been damaged by their efforts? It may have appeared to be weakened, but in the long run we have become stronger and have developed a broader foundation. No one can claim that I started out with a large foundation that has been shrinking under attack and is in danger of disappearing. My life is an example of the principle that the more one gives out, the greater one's supply of love.

What has made this foundation grow? The power of true love brought about this prosperity. The more people oppose me, the more I keep loving them. That is my secret. When the government of the United States came against me, I resolved to save this country and invest everything to restore it. The greater the opposition, the more love I pour out. Love has flooded the American basement and now my name has become famous throughout the world! Who made that happen? It was God's true love.

Through the CAUSA seminars, many people in high position have been hearing the same kinds of things you learned years ago, and they have been so deeply touched that they are dedicating themselves to it. Can anybody cut off this force with political or intellectual power? No. Nobody can turn back this tide. With the power of true love we can embrace all mankind; no matter how difficult it may be, we can keep on loving people from this position.

Previously, nobody knew how far mankind has been from God; now you are beginning to see it. But what is God's response? Does He want to take revenge on people for what they have done to Him? On the contrary, God is trying to make a nation for us and give us an easier way of living. God's attitude is that people oppose Him out of ignorance, so He keeps forgiving them. That is what we, too, should do. God's love is so great that He has been trying to encompass even those who oppose Him.

You might want to say, "Father, we know that Korea is a central country in the providence so why didn't you stay there instead of coming here to America? We can manage without you." The Koreans are saying, "Father, we need you in Korea; we don't know what to do here." Not only the Moonies say this, but others as well. Professors and leaders of society are asking me to do something about Korea, confident of my ability.

But I say, "No, I must go to America." Why? Am I so overjoyed with America because it serves me so well? Is that why I want to come back? No, this country received God's blessing as a second Israel, and unless the second Israel is revived and helped to fulfill its mission, the third Israel can never be properly connected.

Nothing is simple. The scales may tip one way or the other. The Moonies are called to re-indemnify the entire second Israel. If we do it right, America will certainly live; if we do things wrong and the outside power prevails, God's dispensation will be destroyed. This is the responsibility we are called to fulfill.

Suppose I told you to forget about America and concentrate on saving the world instead. Would you object and say that since you come from America you must focus on this country? Or would you be willing to sacrifice America in order to save the world, realizing that the world is more important than America? Can you think that way? Isn't that what I have taught you?

I am putting into practice what I have been teaching you. I gave up my own country, Korea, to work for the sake of the world, not just America. The liberation of God requires that the world be liberated. What is the final goal of our true love mission? It is to liberate God in true love. God hasn't been able to freely pour out His love and He has never received true love. God has been bound by many restrictions and is longing for love to come and set Him free. The highest calling of the Unification Church is this mission of liberating God with love.

Christians and other religious people long for God to bless and help them, but they don't think about liberating God. No nation or religion in history has been devoted to liberating God before the Unification Church appeared. Instead of seeking our own liberation, we seek to liberate God. Whether we make money or not, we cannot abandon this mission. It is easier to make money than to dedicate our love, but we have to pour out our love in order to liberate True Parents and liberate God. Liberation will be accomplished by giving true love. Love is the crucial point.

Now that we know we are called to liberate God, how shall we go about it? At the beginning of history, God's children deviated from their position as His filial son and daughter. They revolted against their Parent and betrayed Him. Since the fall took place, our God has been shackled in prison. How can He be liberated? Unless we develop filial love for True Parents, we cannot liberate God in love.

I have come to fulfill this most important mission in history: to practice true love and liberate God. I am bringing this message to the world. After receiving this message, all people can liberate God through true love. This is why God sent me. Now that you have received this message, you should each be able to liberate many individuals, many families, nations, and finally the world. Then you can liberate God. These are the progressive levels of our work. You cannot stop along the way and say you have fulfilled the task and liberated God. After accomplishing one level, you must reach for the next level.

If you are only working on the individual level, your base is not adequate to reach God. First you need to reach the family level. After raising up a family of true love, you can connect to the tribe of true love. Based on such a tribe, you can work to create the nation of true love With such a nation as your base, you can reach out and make it a world of true love. This is how the tier system works. Finally, with a loving world as your base, you can reach the God of true love.

You can truly liberate God through this course of true love. But before you can liberate God you need a worldwide foundation. You cannot liberate Him on just an individual foundation or just by making noise. You need to know this clearly.

I have been following this pattern myself. I came to the United States because it is the leading nation of the world. If I can liberate this country, it will be the foundation for liberating God. By liberating the territory occupied by Satan, it can be connected to God. This is the course of liberation. I did not create this course; it is the original way of the Principle.

Many people want to become ideal men or women, but they can achieve that only through true love. The ideal world itself cannot be established without true love which bears happiness as its fruit. Without love, mankind cannot find happiness, freedom, blessing or prosperity. Anything that is centered on true love can be successful. You must know this clearly.

How can you find a perfect individual? There can be no perfect person without a center of true love. There can be no ideal family without a center of true love. It is impossible to reach God without a nation of true love.

God's purpose and our purpose are actually one. The endpoint of God's desire is the same as the endpoint of our desire; God's purpose and our purpose merge into true love. God is our subject and we are His object. When both combine, centering on true love, unification results. This is the ideal and it can only be based on love.

Love always takes two; one is not enough. God is the subject and we are the object, so how can we take it upon ourselves to liberate God? After we become His true objects we can liberate our subject, God. When God sees you as the representative of the individual foundation of true love, the family foundation of true love, the tribal, national and worldwide foundations of true love, with everything in order, God will come to you. That is how to approach God, who is the absolute, unchanging, unique being.

God wants to possess His children completely with absolute true love. He has the authority to establish that connection. I am aiming to accomplish this. Many blessed couples have been complaining, but God doesn't want to hear such complaints. Before focusing on your spouse, your priority is to become a perfect object to God. God doesn't want husband and wife to concentrate on each other without first becoming perfect objects to Him. The only way you can be truly united with each other is by uniting with God.

We are working to liberate God, but God in turn is concerned about your liberation. I have been in difficult situations throughout my life. Americans realize that I have received much persecution in this country but still I deeply love the American people. As people recognize that, they eventually come to respect me. The environment in the United States has changed a lot.

Our mission is to totally liberate God on every level. I have been working toward this goal for 40 years. I cannot liberate God next year, but I can work on liberating individuals, families, clans, nations, races and the world - then one day I will liberate God.

There are always crossroads along the way. Suppose we have to decide whether to liberate the world or to liberate God? Of course, we should liberate both at the same time, but if that is not possible, which takes priority? I always think that even if I have to sacrifice the world, I must liberate God. This is not so difficult to understand if you compare it to deciding whether to liberate first an individual or a family. The individual should be liberated, but the higher goal is the family, even if it means sacrificing the individual benefit.

I always sacrifice the individual benefit because when the family is liberated, the individual is automatically liberated as well. Likewise, when we liberate God the liberation of the world will follow almost automatically. Thus, we must work for the liberation of God.

How many of you 8,000 couples have thought, "I must sacrifice my family's benefit in order to liberate America"? Have you been living that way? My own children have had to go through many difficulties in school because their name is Moon. They were persecuted for being Moonies. You know how difficult it is for a child to be different from others. I felt terrible, but I always paid attention to America and not to my family. When this nation realizes what it has unwittingly done, it will praise my children. Since they have persevered through the antagonism, the American people will want to serve them and raise them up. I know that one day this will happen.

The American people have treated me very badly but eventually they will realize how much I have done for this country and they will bow down to me and want to serve me hundreds of times more than they persecuted me. They will do that out of their respect for God, not just for me. All people in history will bow their heads in gratitude for what I was doing while they were unaware.

Recently there have been many conferences to teach people about God's providence and God's will for this country. One participant was deeply touched and said, "We must erect a statue of Reverend Moon in all 50 states." Everyone was surprised, but this is an example of a person filled with gratitude who wants to give back ten times more than he received.

To God it really makes sense to work not just for the sake of today but for tomorrow - and not only for tomorrow but for the sake of ten years from now, a thousand years from now. How wonderful it is to make such an investment!

It is good for white Westerners to begin to appreciate and bow their heads to the sacrifice and love coming through me. People are beginning to feel and express their gratitude. Many white people, however, don't realize the situation they are in. It is very wise for modern American women to choose a Japanese husband, for instance, rather than someone of their own race and customs just in order to have fun together. Even though American women know their country is the top nation, they ask for a Japanese husband because they feel somehow it is right and closer to God's heart. Such women make a wise choice.

How wonderful it is for an American woman to resolve to open up the love of a Japanese man and thus unlock the gate of his nation! When husband and wife can each open the gate of their nations, together they will be able to open the gate of the spirit world and ultimately include even God. How wonderful! Do you feel that way?

You may think your situation is so full of problems that it stinks. That is what fertilizer is all about! But fertilizer guarantees a good harvest for the future. Why do I do things like this? It is so you will receive in return a thousand times more than you invested. I do these things to liberate God and mankind - not to be understood right away.

Whenever I go to another country - Germany for instance - my first desire is to visit the international blessed couples. I might look first for a German-Korean couple or a German-Chinese couple. If there were none, I would look for any Asian blessed to a German, because people in international couples can feel very lonely. That is why my mind is drawn to them. I am a friend of the lonely people. If everyone in a family is satisfied, I am not drawn to that family. If someone is lonesome, my mind goes to them.

Because I love Americans, I give them Korean and Japanese spouses. If I considered them my enemy, I would not want to give them my own people. The Korean and Japanese sisters who love me so much are the ones I give to Americans - people who may not know what love is or who are indifferent to love. For this, I look for women with a strong, true nature. Therefore, no matter how difficult the situation may be in your family, never forget that your wife is my beloved daughter. Don't be stuck at the individual level of love; always aim for the highest standard of love.

When you and your spouse go through difficult times, you should get together, hold hands and cry out with tears to God. Then heaven will find a way to give you some help. You know that your situation is miserable, but you should realize that God's situation is also miserable and that He wants to alleviate the misery of all people. Therefore even in your greatest difficulties, seek to liberate God from His misery.

You, your family, and all mankind may be in distress, but even then you can be one with God. Misery is certainly not the ideal of creation; no one ever expects or longs for misery. Even though nobody in history wanted things to be this way, still we must go through trials. Why? We must realize that in the midst of sorrow we can find the key to liberate mankind and God. We must never weep just for our own misery but pray that God's misery can be liberated. In this way we can liberate God.

What makes a Japanese woman go to a foreign family situation where she will not be understood, where she has little in common with others, where everything - even the height and color of the eyes - is different? She does it for the sake of America. If she married someone of her own kind, she wouldn't have to go through such adjustments. But once she decided to sacrifice herself here, she took that responsibility.

If you Americans want to find out how difficult it is for your Japanese or Korean spouse, try going to Japan or Korea and living with your in-laws for one year. Then you will realize what your spouse must be going through with you. Once you realize that, you must treat your wife like God! The American environment is against her, time is against her. How can these women overcome such pressures? Think how difficult it is for them. No one can talk to them and understand where their mind is. They have to digest everything by themselves. Since they cannot unburden their situation to anyone, they just pray in tears to God. What a predicament they are in! By living in the normal way they could never find a solution, but they have to keep reminding themselves, "Father blessed me," and then look for ways to digest the circumstances. These are the experiences they are building up.

The average American man doesn't think about that. He typically likes American ways better than the Japanese style, so his way of thinking is different from that of his wife. But you should remember that God's daughter from Japan is trying to bring the heart of America around to God's side. That is why Japanese brides were given to Americans.

Since the environment is so difficult for his wife, the husband should respond by easing the pressure and protecting his wife more. These brides are foreigners, and I am always thinking about their difficult situations, looking for ways to protect them. Sometimes I help couples in which the wife hates her American husband. It's true. An Oriental woman is generally not as strong as her American husband. She is physically small, weighing perhaps only half as much as he does. How can she stand being in a bad environment? It's not easy. If she isn't confident that God and I are always with her absolutely, she might want to commit suicide.

Realizing these difficulties, why did I form international marriages? I did it for God and mankind. No matter how difficult it may be, this is what God desires and what mankind needs. There is no other way to bring world salvation. You married couples should think about that. When your situation is difficult, thank God for it. Raise your right hand and say, "Thank you, God," and then raise your left hand and say, "Thank you, mankind."

No husband can be negative toward a woman who remains thankful no matter what difficulties arise. You men must remember that I gave you my blessed daughter. In the spirit world, I will treat the international couples in a special way; they will get additional "credit." Those who think that I will never go to the spirit world but will remain here forever and ever, raise your hands. No one! Everybody, sooner or later, goes to the spirit world.

I never do anything just for the sake of pleasing this world. I know that this world is temporal and its standards are not godly. I couldn't care less about pleasing the world, but whatever I do, I want to be consistent with the spirit world and to conform with its law. You too shouldn't exist to please this world but to please the laws of spirit world, where all of us will one day go. Do you understand? This is why I do the things I do.

Today is a time of relaxation, a one-day leave of absence, so to speak, when I can meet all you members. I am speaking like this so you can learn about your goal: to liberate God and mankind by a success in your family. That requires self-sacrifice. If you carry this out, the ideal world will automatically result. After liberating God and mankind, everything else can be yours, but without the liberation of God and mankind, you can't accomplish anything. In other words, it's all or nothing. The family is not our only level; we must also reach the national and worldwide levels. If we don't liberate the world, our family has no meaning. Do you understand?

The pride of the blessed couples is to establish by your own hands and by your own work the foundation on the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide levels, and ultimately to liberate God. It was human beings who fell, not God. Since the human relationship with God has been distorted, the bonds between nations, families, and individuals have been twisted as well. We must untangle these knots. God cannot do it; we have to. That is why everything depends on your decision and your family's decision. People fell, so people have to restore the fall. This is what you must realize.

It is through the family that we must liberate the world and liberate God, not the individual. After falling, Adam's family went to hell. We have to go the reverse way; we have to carry out restoration and return to our original place. How can we do it? We must take a different way, a course diametrically opposed to that of the secular world. Moonie activities are absolutely different from those of the outside world. I do not teach the "normal" way, but the abnormal way. Many young Americans don't want to go that way. They want to enjoy life and be happy. Even though they do not see it, their lifestyle is being directed by Satan.

We must take the opposite way. All humanity is diseased, so in order to be healed we must receive an injection of medicine. No one likes the medicine or the injection, but receiving such treatment is taking the opposite course. When the doctor tells us to take something to cure our disease we must do it. You Moonies know what is good for you; you do what I tell you to because you know it is the antidote for spiritual disease.

You know you must move from the realm of the individual to that of the family and tribe. There are many tribes: North American, Latin American, Korean, German, and so on. Each of you is reaching out to save your country. By organizing these tribes we can save the world. Now that you know that, would you like me to mobilize you?

I will let you enjoy the afternoon and carry out your own program but before that, I want to add something. Remember that international marriages are very difficult - extremely difficult. How does your situation rank on the scale of difficulty? When husband and wife are of the same nationality, their marriage is the easiest. If I give some direction to such a couple and you say it is too difficult, I will plug your mouths up! You can't say your life and your relationship is that difficult. So from now on, couples of the same nationality can be given any order and should never complain. If you do complain, you will become like a tiny insect from the viewpoint of the spirit world.

A new standard for marriage is being set by the international couples. This is the first time in history that a religious group has created such marriages. Do you think I make such matches easily? Would I just lightly match a Korean and an American? No, I am totally serious about it. I know such marriages are very difficult, but I have laid so much of a foundation with you that you know it can work out and you resolve to make it work. It is a miracle in itself that your mind works that way. It would never happen normally but only on the right foundation. Your original mind knows that.

It is not just getting married that is great, but what follows. As you work to build your marriage, you experience a powerful, magnetic pull from your original mind and the good spirit world.

Who started this kind of marriage for the first time in history? There have never been any truly blessed marriages before but there was plenty of illegal love, adultery and promiscuity. The only totally legitimate marriage is that given by God through the True Parents.

Because of the fall, people left God and lost knowledge about themselves; they became ignorant even of their origin. Throughout history, God had to make sacrifice after sacrifice to lay the foundation upon which legal marriages could take place for the first time in human history. According to biblical chronology, this took 6,000 years but those years are symbolic. Actually, God has been working for more than a million years to make these arrangements.

The Unification movement comes upon this foundation. After millions of years, at the right moment in human history, everything has been arranged in the proper order. Do you think my desire to bless couples is just an impulse? No, this is the focal point of the entire course of history that God has been developing. When we reached this destination, I knew what to do and I did it properly. You couples are the fruits of my work.

Some day you blessed couples may say to other couples, "How long have you been giving suffering to God's heart and all mankind? Your so-called happy marriage has brought so much pain to the rest of mankind and to God." But what if those couples turn against you and say, "You are in a historical position, but you always sought only your family's happiness and never cared about us"? You may not fully comprehend your situation now, but your ancestors do and your descendants will. How can you escape the accusation of the spiritual world? Such accusation is most fearful.

If you go to the spirit world without making a clear foundation on earth, how will you appear there? What kind of name and history will you make during your lifetime? Everyone sets some kind of tradition, bad or good, and passes it on to his descendants. If you make a bad tradition, your descendants will inherit it and then accuse you for it.

Your ancestors are watching your situation closely because they are very interested in what you are doing. You are standing in an important position and you have a duty and responsibility to fulfill it. If you are concerned only about yourself, your ancestors will become very angry with you. You are a living representative of three ages - past, present and future. Think about that; it is a serious responsibility. Even in the midst of persecution I concentrate on fulfilling my responsibility; that is the only way I can accomplish it. Our mission is most serious.

More important than your individual situation is your family's situation. More important than your family is your tribe's situation. More important than your tribe is your nation's situation. More important than your nation is the world. And God's situation is the most important of all. If you visualize each of these positions as a series of points reaching around in a circle, God's position is almost next to yours. But there is a barrier between you and God that you have to tear down. Not everyone tears it down, but you should do it. People created that barrier, so it is logical that people have to destroy it. Others may make excuses for not removing it, but we clearly understand the situation, we know the direction to take, and we have the method. You have to know these things as clearly as you can see your face in the mirror.

Your lineage has received this message only one time. The universal opportunity comes only once - during my lifetime. It will not return. I am in this world only once, so this is a very precious time. How can you pass up this opportunity? You should tell yourself that no matter how difficult the challenge may be, you will not avoid it. You should resolve to accomplish everything during my lifetime on earth.

I have faced so many difficult situations but I have overcome them one by one up until the present time. The communist world and the democratic world can no longer coexist. Only God's teaching through Reverend Moon can solve the problem and unite public opinion around the world. Think about it. This is the level we have reached.

Think how much God has helped to bring about this level of achievement. Think about how much the spirit world has been helping. God paid the price for all this; He paid the price for me and the Unification Church movement. You have to realize that you are not here on your own; God is standing behind you.

I have devoted my lifetime to setting this tradition and my family has done the same. My ancestors are also working toward this victory. Instead of resting at night, they are busy helping our movement all over the world. You are deeply indebted because of that. How can you try to snatch freedom for yourself? The attitude of the fallen world is to seek freedom and happiness for one's self. If you focus just on your own happiness, God won't recognize you. God cannot acknowledge anyone concerned only with personal happiness.

I never look for the easy way out. I take the direct way, no matter how difficult it may be, and I always penetrate the obstacles. Don't look for an escape route; challenge the difficulties and go through them.

My children don't complain to me. No matter how difficult things may be or how long it takes, they follow in silence. Mother has done this as well. Can't you do it, too? Of course you can. Now you know clearly how important this time is. You will never be able to find another such opportunity. This is a serious matter.

Like the Israelites in the wilderness, you don't understand God's providence thoroughly. The Israelites didn't know right away that they were going to Canaan, or Paradise. Moses had to teach them. You are in the same situation; you don't know everything. You don't understand how to penetrate Satan's world. God knows and I know, but no one else does.

How many times have you American leaders complained to me? Some of you wonder why other church leaders seem to be doing opposite things. An ocean church leader, for instance, asks why we need the home church system. Some complain about the expenses of ICUS, CAUSA, PWPA, and ICC conferences. We are working in many different ways. We are educating ministers and bringing them to Korea. I have been making every kind of preparation; these conferences and assemblies are for the purpose of saving this country.

For 40 years I have been making a foundation to save America. Now the leaders understand and recognize the foundation that has been laid. It is amazing that a foundation has been established in all four directions.

Many young leaders feel that it is time for them to think about themselves. How miserable an internal situation they have! Why didn't they say that 10, 13, or 14 years ago? How much encouragement are such leaders giving the American Unification Church movement? It would be good if they can repent for their attitude. Consider how many Americans have died during these past 14 years. Perhaps 21 million people have gone to hell during this time. Isn't it obvious how urgent the situation is?

Consider the world situation; think about the 5 billion people living on this earth. How many have died in the past 10 years? How many people have been lost while the providence was delayed 40 years? How much harm has been done in the world? The situation is most serious!

You are one individual out of the billions of people on this earth. I am concerned about you and your family, but not for your sake as individuals. My concern is for saving the world and for liberating God; that is why God has been working with me. God deals with individuals and families from that perspective. Is that clear?

Because my purpose is the same as God's, God has been working with me and helping me. That is why I have been able to console Him. This is the only thing I focus on. God is real. I think about the same things God does. I have clearly taught you everything and now it is your responsibility to carry it out. I have invested my full effort and completed all my responsibility. How can you say you are busy with your own affairs?

According to the Principle, three things are required for a conditional offering: a person or central figure, a time period, and the offering. If you make your offering after the conditional time period is over, God cannot use it; it has no value. In the future you might want to do good things for the Unification Church or help out financially, but you have to make a timely decision. The providential way means decision-making during a specific time period. Then God will command you to act. I want you to take your responsibility seriously and have no complaints.

When you thoroughly understand the Principle and practice it, you can accuse Satan. You will be able to recognize his work and not get involved in it. We are fighting a war on the front line. There is no time to waste. Satan's world has much time. Satan doesn't like any intrusion into his territory, but God sends forth His spies to make holes in Satan's defenses in order to take over. So are you going to complain again? The American family complains too much; it's too noisy!

You blessed couples should realize your own value. This historical time will never recur. You are the first in your lineage to receive the Blessing. The nucleus of the spirit world is the blessed family; ours are the only legal marriages in the spirit world. Spirit world doesn't recognize any other; the rest of the married couples go their separate ways in the spirit world.

Whom will you follow in the spirit world? You must follow the True Parents' family; you are part of their lineage. Has my family been indifferent to the task of world restoration or have they accompanied me even through all the persecution? They have been with me.

You are the connection between your lineage and True Parents. Your ancestors and descendants are linked with True Parents through you; so you are now the ancestor. Through the True Parents and centering on God, you have received a new blood lineage and are making a new root. In order to be engrafted to me, you must cut back everything else. You must cut off your fallen trunk in order to receive the graft of the new tree.

God doesn't like the American focus on individualism; no other nation has such a strong concept. You should become like children, starting fresh with no concepts. The first thing children do is memorize their parents' faces. The Bible clearly says that unless you become like a little child you will not enter heaven. Are you like a child?

The values of American society need to be changed. God doesn't like free sex, drug abuse, family breakdown, youth problems, or a self-centered standard. God cannot accept the fallen concepts or qualities passed on to you from your parents. In the Garden of Eden, God was the only one in the parental position. There was no family, country, or world level at that time. According to the Principle viewpoint, all of mankind's concepts should have come from God.

Compare this to your current situation. You may be proud of living in the United States, but my attitude goes beyond nationality. If I had stuck to Korean traditions, I would not have received so much persecution there. But since I took a different course, people naturally resisted me. You should clearly understand that I am opposed to Satan's world. You need to give up the habits that provide Satan a foundation to influence you. By denying your bad habits you can keep Satan from entering you.

Our aim is to jump over into another world. You need to develop a whole new system in order to cross the boundary into God's world. You have to make a new family, tribe and nation based on one central person. With God's permission, you will establish your family and tribe and dedicate them for the sake of the world. Remember how seriously I have worked to establish this during my lifetime.

You should be proud of your family system. Your family's roots are not in you or the world, but in God. You don't realize how precious this is. God knows and I know the value of this family system, but your perspective is more limited. We see you more clearly, so you must trust our view. A revolution is truly in progress. Please evaluate yourself from the viewpoint of Principle and see how well your family measures up. I have been speaking to you and teaching you over and over so you should understand the truth very well. Isn't that correct?

This is the only time when people can be given the Blessing by the True Parents. Once we are gone from the earth, this opportunity will be gone, too, so this is a most special time. Those who broke this precious Blessing of their own will have blocked the way for up to 70 generations of their good ancestors. Their progress is hindered and they don't know where to go. You must realize how important your marriage is. It takes an incredible amount of hard work to indemnify it. Because I realize the importance of your marriages, I am so serious and I am working so hard.

Those couples who have fought with each other in the past, raise your hands. I see that some of you haven't raised your hands. Does that mean you have never had a fight? You are being given a special chance: if you raise your hands now you can receive pardon. Spirit world is watching you. This is a good opportunity, so you shouldn't miss it! I will ask again: those who have fought, raise your hands. Be on the safe side and admit it!

Okay, here's another question: those who promise never to fight again, raise your hands. Now stand up. If you can't make that promise just stay seated. If you are seated, that means you are determined to fight! Now I want each couple to hold hands. Go out and find your spouse if he or she is not in this room. Those who aren't sure, in the future don't raise your hands, but if you are determined never to fight again raise both hands. If one refuses to raise his or her hand, the other can force it up! Let me see your hands - both of them.

Now I will forgive you for your past mistakes, and spirit world will forgive you as well. But you really shouldn't fight with each other. Those who are determined not to fight any more, please lower your hands and sit down again.

(Father speaks for a while in Korean, without translation. ) Do you understand what I have been saying? Why not? You have the same ears, so why don't you know Korean? You came from a different place! One thing special about Koreans is that no matter how hard I pound on them they realize that they deserve it. They want to follow their Father, even though I am harsh. They respond, "Yes, Father, if you say so, that is right."

Do you Americans have the same attitude? You turn away when I pound on you, don't you? I have seen many people do that. But you are not normal Americans. You are different. Who caused such a different breed of people to arise? Not me, but God. God worked through your original mind and you responded. you actually did it.

Your families will live for the ideal and be happy, right? Let me ask you one question: do you have a tribe to welcome you? When will you have such a tribe? It will be in home church. Will you make home church successful? When past, present or future? Many people give the same answer: sometime.

I expect you to continue to do your mission as well as raise your family and connect them with God. Adam and Eve multiplied and the result is this fallen world. This whole realm needs to be brought back to God's original, ideal realm, centering on parents and God's true love. False love entered the world through Satan. At that time there were only two human beings, Adam and Eve. If Satan had attacked later and had influenced only a few people, history would have been different. But he infected the very root of humanity.

God has been working to recreate the original realm, returning this world to its central point. He has been interceding in human history at key points, striving to give mankind new parents and a new lineage. Working through Judaism and Christianity and now at the time of the Second Advent, God has been bringing mankind back to this central point.

At the time of the Second Advent, all people should become one under one common set of parents. The only occasion for it to happen smoothly came immediately following World War II. Centering on Christianity, God's world could have been realized at that time of history. The aftermath of World War II was the golden opportunity. At that time Christianity had a strong foundation which God had worked hard to create. Christianity's foundation extended throughout the world, so it was possible that people throughout the world could have welcomed the True Parents. Then the original family, clan, race, nation and world could have been established. The original position had to be restored from bottom to top.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus and his bride should have appeared and been welcomed by the whole world. Then the will of God would have been fulfilled. The Jewish religion on the right hand and the Jewish nation on the left hand should have united to welcome Jesus, and within 40 years the whole world, centering on Rome, could have been united. Then the God-centered, restored country would have been created.

Since that did not happen, the Lord of the Second Advent had to come to re-indemnify what Jesus could not do. At the end of World War II, established Christianity on the right hand and the Christian nation of the United States on the left hand should have united. Thus Americans are the second Israelites, called to fulfill what the first Israelites failed to do at the first coming. American Christians represent the Jewish religion and the United States the nation of Israel 2,000 years ago. Thus America is in the position of second Israel, and other nations can be connected to the providence through it.

The Second Advent was necessary to repair on the worldwide level the lack of unity at the time of the First Advent, but neither American Christians nor the United States recognized the Second Advent. Since this failed, the Unification Church had to be established and the whole course of preparation re-indemnified. Then Korean Christians and the nation of Korea took over the position of Israelites.

If Jesus had achieved his goal, he could have restored the world within 40 years. At the time of the Second Advent, the situation was similar. During the past 40 years, we have been working to re-indemnify the world situation. During these 42 years of Unification Church activity, I have been leading you through the wilderness like Moses leading the first Israelites. We have had no land, no place to settle.

The work of preparing the foundation was repeated three times. At Jesus' time the providence centered on the Jewish faith. At the Second Advent the providence centered upon Christianity and the United States. Since both of those failed, Korea has had to stand in that position. That is why Korea comes into the picture.

Jesus could not accomplish this restoration before going to the spirit world. He worked for 400 years in the spirit world to re-indemnify that foundation. But when Christianity failed its mission, I worked to indemnify it within 40 years during my physical lifetime. That period corresponds to Jesus' 400 years of effort in the spirit world and the 4,000 years of preparation for Jesus' coming. Those 40 years re-indemnified all these conditions.

Now 42 years have passed since the end of World War II. Now Koreans are in the leading providential position. Koreans are always at the center of an issue, either in a good way or a bad way. If they turn toward the good, goodness will prosper; if they turn toward the bad, wrong will gain strength. As you know, Korea is divided into two; the democratic side is the right wing and the communist side the left wing. North Korea is fiercely communist and has violently opposed the South. For 40 years they have been confronting one another.

I have been laboring in Korea to plant the seed of unity at the core of division. We established the National Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland; this means unification of North and South Korea. Before the organization was formed, the incumbent party and the opposition party in South Korea were constantly fighting. But it has become apparent to both of them that there is no longer any point in fighting. Now Korea looks to us for direction. If we move one way, Korea will take that course; if we move another way, Korea will take that course. This is forming the axis around which the people of the world are arrayed.

The United States must follow the same law. Just as Jesus was supposed to be able to go and talk to the leaders of the Roman Empire, I have come to the United States. I have been working so hard to set the direction that this country can follow.

Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire had many far-flung colonies, including Israel. At this time, the United States is the broad, mother country and Korea is like her colony. The relationship between the Israelites and Rome was similar to that between Korea and America today. We have to pay the indemnity now to restore that situation. According to the historical time identity, the same pattern reappears because the previous failure needs to be restored.

Another function of the last 40 years was to allow for the third Israel to grow up to maturity. After World War II, the third Israel had nothing - no family, no clan or country - in contrast to the fallen civilization, which had developed clans and nations and had spread throughout the world. Starting from nothing, we had to pay this indemnity in 40 years; we had to bring everything to fruition centering on this horizontal axis.

If Jesus had fulfilled the whole dispensation, nothing additional would have been necessary, but since that didn't happen, we now have to re-indemnify it. That means the third Israel must go and restore the second Israel and help it fulfill its function as the restored nation. This would accomplish the indemnity. This restored position must be implanted in the United States so it can make up for its failure 40 years ago. Otherwise, the United States will not be able to survive.

This is why I have been working here - bringing back all the scattered spiritual fortune, you might say. I have been indemnifying worldwide conditions, recovering all the lost requirements and bringing them back to be firmly implanted here. Korea is divided into two countries, but we are restoring the position of individuals, families, clans, races, nation and the world in Korea and are bringing them back to the United States.

This is not just a symbolic accomplishment. True Parents are real people, not symbols. In the same way, both North and South Korea have to be united. This is going to happen soon. Then out of this unity will arise the family, tribe and nation - North and South Korea. When the United States follows God's will at this time, it will reindemnify its failure after World War II. Once North and South Korea achieve unity, the free world and the communist world can unite.

As you know, in 1988 all four of the major providential nations will elect their leaders. The president of the United States, the premier of Japan, the president of Korea and the chancellor of Germany will all be chosen in 1988. Who holds the key to the direction those elections will take? When North and South Korea become one, it will solve the problems between East and West Germany as well as heal the divisions between the communist and the free world.

This is what I have been working to accomplish. As soon as this is fulfilled, the free world will follow this direction and the whole world will enter God's realm. The differences between communism and democracy will completely fade away. Even now communist countries are adopting aspects of the free market system and democratic countries are adopting more centralized policies. The distinctions between left and right are no longer clear.

Now you know why I called the United States the second Israel and why Korea has to be the third Israel. The third Israel is playing this role because the first and second failed completely. The challenge is to make everything successful; there is no other reason for Korea to be in that position.

The situation of Israel in the Middle East is very tense and difficult. The United States is facing many difficulties both around the world and domestically. Korea, too, is in the midst of great turmoil. Why are such things happening to all three countries? The first Israel - the Jewish state - is undergoing tremendous difficulties for basically religious reasons. Since Judaism has virtually given up the idea of the advent of the Messiah, Islam and Hinduism have gotten the better of them religiously. The war that Israel has been waging in the Middle East is a religious war. Then the Russians moved in and took advantage of the situation in the Middle East. The communist way of thinking has exerted much influence there. Actually, Christianity should have influenced the region, but when they didn't, the Soviets moved in.

It was good that the United States assisted Israel in gaining its independence; this was the proper thing to do for the dispensation. Jewish people who had been scattered all over the world came back to their homeland and recreated the nation of Israel, but look at how many problems it is now experiencing.

As I have said many times, the United States was in an ideal situation in 1945. It was primarily Christian in religion and that faith was flourishing. Communism was not attracting many people at all. If this nation had done the job right it could have stimulated rapid unity throughout the world. Everything was set up, waiting for fulfillment, but the United States failed to recognize the Second Coming.

Since God lost the body of His son in Asia, that lost body must be restored from Asia at the time of the Second Coming. In other words, if Jesus' mission had been completely successful, his thought and teaching would have spread from the Middle East to the Far East, rather than first moving West. It would have embraced all of Asia, including the realms of Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism. After traveling around the world to Europe, it would have finally reached the Roman Empire, which could have automatically accepted his teaching.

However, since Jesus' mission was thwarted, a different direction had to be taken. After the first Israelites failed, the second Israelites took a different course. They went west, reaching Europe first. Finally, at the last dispensational moment Christianity was brought to Korea. It arrived only 200 to 300 years ago. Instead of spreading to Korea within a few centuries of Jesus' lifetime, Christianity took nearly 2,000 years to get there.

Without question, Korea is a most religious country. Buddhism has flourished there even more than in the country of its origin, India. Likewise, China virtually neglected Confucianism, while Koreans adhere faithfully to its precepts. When Billy Graham visited Korea, he said that it was the most fervently Christian nation in the world. The spirit of God is in Korea and it is truly a religious nation.

Furthermore, Korea has other significant characteristics. Like Italy in Europe, Korea is a peninsular nation. The Roman Catholic Church made mistakes in medieval times and, as a result, humanism has taken the place of a God-centered viewpoint in the West. As a result of the Roman Catholic Church's failure to fulfill the original mission of Christianity, the prevalent attitude of Western life is materialistic, and many divisions have taken place in the world.

All this has to be restored. The only country which has the same conditions as Italy is Korea. Both countries are peninsulas and they have similar climates and even strikingly similar national characters. The ideal of the Catholic Church is now the ideal of the Unification Church and should become the ideal of the entire religious world.

The mistakes of the Vatican gave rise to materialism and secular humanism; ultimately, communist theory resulted from such failures. Now these things must be reindemnified in Korea. The Unification Church must offer the remedy. We must mend the American way of thinking, particularly secular humanism, and transform it into Godism. Then we must correct the communist way of thinking. Both worlds must be indemnified, centering on the Unification Church. After that is cleared up, the mistakes made by the Vatican will be re-indemnified. Do you follow me?

Why am I opposed to communism? Why am I against the prevailing American attitudes? America promotes individualism, and communism promotes materialism, and both of those are satanic ideologies.

The leaders of the Vatican were ignorant of God's will and direction, so they made a lot of mistakes. But how about us? We have been told everything so we have no room to make mistakes. We are proclaiming loudly and clearly the need for ecumenism and unification of religion. We are pleading with people to bring all religions into unity, not just the Christian denominations. That is why we sponsor the Congress of the World's Religions as well as the International Conferences for the Unity of the Sciences and the CAUSA conferences. I initiated all those projects in order to bring unity, not division. All these activities are to re-indemnify past failures. We are reaching world leaders through programs such as the Summit Conference and global economic programs.

Religious people in the past meant to do good but, because they did not realize where God's direction was heading, the result was error and tragedy. We can see the fruits in the United States today. Restoration needs to be centered on one person because everything starts from one original point. Everything has to return to one person and through him spread out again and re-indemnify conditions properly. This is why I am leading all these activities.

The Israelites lost their country because of historical failure. For 2,000 years the Jews had no country of their own, but at the time of the Second Coming they reestablished their nation. Jews who had been scattered throughout the world returned to help re-establish Israel. Many true patriots chose to return to the land of their origins. People gave up everything they had for the sake of Israel.

The United States has lost so much, but we are working to bring everything back again. Secular Americans don't know how to accomplish it but the members of the Unification Church do. In this way we will indemnify everything for the sake of the United States. We are the re-indemnifiers of America.

While this is being done, I am also working to bring the third Israelites into the picture so they can indemnify the failures of the first and second Israel. Although Korea is a small country, it is a most crucial one. Many high officials in the Reagan administration have gone to Korea because they understand that nation's critical importance. The United States is doing everything it can to help bring about a solution to the current problems in Korea because it senses spiritually that if it loses Korea, it loses everything. By helping Korea work out its situation, the United States will be restored.

Centering on Korea, the first and second Israel must work together to bring God's dispensation to its culmination. Now all the failures must be restored, failures of 2,000 years ago as well as of 40 years ago. Everybody must help spiritually at this time.

What is the responsibility of the Unification Church? The Moonies are the church of the third Israel. The church of the third Israel must invest its full thrust into the restoration of Korea. Do you agree? Don't you think that the second Israel should participate in the successful restoration of the third Israel? Once the third Israel is restored, the first and second Israels will also be restored.

This is why I have sacrificed and invested so much effort to bring the Jewish and Christian faiths together. I have been inviting rabbis and ministers to Korea, where they have been learning a great deal. "We should unite," we suggest to them. Many of these religious leaders are receiving direct revelations from God about this point and they return to the United States with a clear understanding that Korea is the religious core of the world.

When that Jewish-Christian unity comes into being, it will be just a matter of time until the rest of the work of restoration is accomplished. Once religious unity is accomplished, economy, ideology and other aspects of society will eventually link up with the one central point.

We must understand the characteristics of the church of the third Israel ourselves. We are a microcosm of humankind; the entire world family has been condensed into the form of one family, such as those of the 8,000 couples here today. The Korean blessed couples are the central core of the 8,000 couples.

If you call the central core Abel, the blessed couples outside of Korea are in the position of Cain. But Cain and Abel are both true children of the same God and parents, and together they encapsulate the entire world. So when I bring the Cain couples from around the world to Korea they will have enough power to outweigh the current situation in Korea. Once all of us join together on God's side, our weight will be enough to counterbalance all the satanic elements in Korea, and unification will begin to happen. When we unite around the strongest ideal, we will enhance the Korean nation. Then God's side will win, and North and South Korea will begin to unite realistically.

I have mobilized the Korean blessed couples in order to build the country of the third Israel, our Fatherland. All of you are blessed couples of the third Israel too, but we still don't have a country of our own. The first Israel has its country, the second Israel has the United States, but the third Israel - the Unification Church - has no nation. Therefore, it is logical that we have to build our nation, isn't it? Whatever the cost, the Fatherland must be built.

What is the purpose of the blessed couples? It is to build the third Israel. Only families can build it. If you ask what you should do, the answer is to go and build the nation of the third Israel, our own Fatherland. The Unification Church needs that foundation.

Both God and mankind have been longing to see that one country. Our ideal is to build that country, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, even though we don't have enough of a foundation yet. Once we establish this foundation, we will be able to make a connection with virtually everybody. We need to substantiate God's everlasting ideal. Centering on that, God can control and build everything up.

Blessed family members from outside of Korea must go there to build a nation for the third Israelites. The goal is to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, so shouldn't you be mobilized for this purpose? Those who can say, "Yes, I will be mobilized," raise your hands. Thank you. This is one well-organized and effective organization for fighting in this spiritual war. Normally any government that raises an army has to supply everything the soldiers need. But this is a group that supplies itself and even helps other nations. No government is supporting us.

By going to Korea and helping it become independent, blessed couples from around the world will automatically be able to connect with Korean people and even be able to live in Korea. This is the key connection you need in order to live legitimately in Korea.

In terms of dispensational history, what time is it now? This is the time for Cain to come to the front line and fight. This is different from the past, when people in the Abel position always stood on the front line of God's side. Now people in the Cain position are to stand on the front line. Cain means the whole communist world, the fallen archangel, but it also includes the archangel on God's side. Do you follow me? There are heavenly archangels and satanic archangels, and this is now the last war between them.

From now on, your family, clan, race and nation will all be connected. Your family should be qualified to represent the entire world. All blessed families should have this position. By raising the vertical standard, you can make the new ideal world, nation, tribe and family. My family represents the family, tribe and nation of the original world, a world where Satan cannot enter. This whole new world will be under God's dominion; God's realm will encompass everything within this huge circle. When everything is restored, Satan can no longer accuse. With the absence of accusation, restoration will be complete.

You haven't known much about what I have been doing because this is the first time I have explained it clearly. Now you can understand. During all the years since I came to the United States, I have been working for this ideal. I have laid 95 percent of the foundation; the rest is yours. You have a 5 percent condition to fulfill, one which you can carry out with your own hands. You should clearly understand that the first Israel, second Israel and third Israel all share one common purpose.

Satan invaded and caused the fall. Restoration must take place, but how will it be done? Satan enticed Eve, then Adam, then their children. As a result of the fall, Adam and Eve's children followed Satan down to hell. Therefore, all the couples and families of the third Israel have to indemnify the original family. Also, since the third Israel represents all countries, your families are families of the whole world. All the families of the third Israel must join together and indemnify Adam's original family.

In the Unification Church I have always sent out the women to do witnessing. The Korean blessed wives are now working with other Korean women and their families in order to bring about restoration. The families in our Korean church represent God-centered Eve, or Rachel, and the rest of the Korean families represent Leah. Once these two kinds of families can unite, both of them will be saved. Korean people in general know about me and what I am doing. Many like me now and want to support me in some way. Why don't you go and see for yourself?

Women are the center of their household so if they follow me, the husbands and children will follow as well. Then when we announce we are going to march forward to save and liberate North Korea, everyone will want to follow the liberation march. Today the people in North Korea are not given any information; they are treated just like slaves. Once we set out to liberate them, many people will follow us.

North Korean children are taught that Kim II Sung is their father. That is the only country teaching such a thing about its leader. Korea is the site of the most direct confrontation between the true father on the heavenly side and the false father on the satanic side. Our "weapon" is love, whereas their weapons are violence, fear, and coercion. But it is our responsibility to overcome all that.

What is my position in relation to women? To the women members of the Unification Church, I am father and they are daughters. To the rest of the women of the world, I represent all males and the unfallen elder brother, as well as the position of Adam, or father. Unification Church members are not only sons and daughters to me but also heavenly archangels. So you women must follow Adam, me, and embrace Cain and Abel as your two sons. The satanic world distorted or reversed this original pattern but now God is restoring it and harvesting the fruits. The original will of God has not changed.

In the future, if you are asked when you paid the indemnity on all levels from that of the family to the world, you will be able to say, "I did it by helping the Korean family at this crucial time. In that way I fulfilled my 5 percent portion of responsibility for world restoration." That is good enough. This is a one-time chance to indemnify everything in a very short period, so it is a rare and precious opportunity.

At the fall, the parents made the mistake. So I have come, representing parents, in order to work to indemnify everything. Now I am able to pass everything on to you. You can receive your true family, true tribe, true nation and true world. In theory, that is all there is to it; it is relatively easy to accomplish. Seven thousand blessed wives will go to Korea to work for this cause. The number 7,000 represents a multitude. In Elijah's time, for instance, there were 7,000 faithful people in Israel. There should have been 7,000 couples in the Christian era, but it wasn't accomplished. Now seven thousand women of the third Israel will go to Korea and work together to indemnify everything. With 7~000 we can indemnify all things.

While I was in Danbury, connection was made with 7,000 ministers in order to link us to the rest of the world. Now we are in the process of sending 7,000 ministers to Korea. Internally, 7,000 blessed wives will go to Korea to connect with Korean families. Then the leaders and members of both Christianity and the Unification Church will come into unity. Once we are engrafted into the Korean spirit and viewpoint, that unity will expand to the whole world.

While you are in Korea, your husband and children will no doubt have a difficult time. You know what a family without their mother can be like. But whatever the sacrifice, this needs to be done. Each husband also has to support his wife while she is working far away in Korea. The husbands will be fighting their lonely battle, not only taking care of their family in America but supporting their wife too.

The condition may last for three years or one and a half years, until October or November of 1988, depending on the situation. But it will be at least one and a half years. This has to be done at this ending point of fallen history.

With our own hands we will build our own country; we will call it our Fatherland. That country will not be just a Korean country but our own, the third Israel. Do you understand? After that happens national borders and passports will no longer be necessary! People may need certificates, but no more passports or visas.

The Little Angels School has a program to bring the teenaged children of the older blessed couples for one or two years of study. That school is very crowded now so I want to establish schools in each province of Korea, where you can all send your children when they reach that age.

We have many examples to follow. You know how hard the Jewish people, the first Israelites, have worked during this century, dedicating their lives and investing everything they had to build their homeland. They are making a beautiful country out of the desert. The American pioneers worked hard to build this nation, the second Israel. Certainly the Unification Church can do better! In building the third Israel, we should surpass the standard of any American patriot and any World War II hero. We should be capable of working three times harder and setting a higher standard than anyone from the first or second Israel. Do you think I am just a big dreamer, or am I realistic? This is our reality.

People of all five colors of skin will assemble in Korea. You may have had a hard time achieving unity here in the United States, but in Korea you will have to make unity. I trust that you will succeed there. There are many varieties of women, and when they get together they are usually very talkative. What a noisy place Korea will be! The Chinese character that shows three women together means something very noisy and very bad, the worst thing imaginable! Ask any Korean or Japanese about this. It's true!

You may think you will be helping me but, actually, I have nothing to gain by bringing many women to Korea. I have never done things just because I like them. In fact, I always do things I don't like. You will have a lot of freedom; the terms and conditions are good. You can do anything you like, really: you can fight among yourselves, you can fight with the blessed women from other countries, you can even fight your central figure. But there is one person you may not fight against, your parent. I am in Adam's position, and there is only one commandment: don't fight Adam. You may fight anybody else, to your heart's content!

I am saying this laughingly, but actually it is a serious point. The Principle is serious, not something to laugh at. The entire tragedy of the fall resulted from a woman's disobedience to Adam. But now, in the time of restoration, there is no place for disobedience. So please control yourself and don't oppose Adam. As long as you say yes to whatever I ask, you may throw a tantrum with anybody else.

If I direct you to fast, for instance, all of you must obey. Of course, if you cheat and go to the bathroom to eat something, I may tolerate it because I would understand that whoever sneaks into a bathroom to eat must be miserably hungry! But otherwise, you shouldn't eat if I tell you not to.

Now is the time to plan how you will participate. Each woman must pray and make plans. You should make this resolution: "When I go to Korea, I will indemnify all the bad things in America. Once I get to Korea I will do much better than I did here." You need to prepare for the day when you hear the word, "Go to Korea tomorrow." We will even have some training program for reaching out to the communists in North Korea. Don't think that North Koreans are wicked people; they are very pure people who have been taught totally wrong things.

You are fortunate to still have a preparation period. In terms of geopolitics, the world can never abandon Korea to turmoil. Strife in Korea would cause many problems for the United States, Japan and even China. Each of those countries would like general elections to be held in both North and South Korea. Eventually there will be a consensus that elections are necessary. In preparation for that, we want to go to the North and teach people to vote for God's will.

We can teach people, "Reverend Moon has made a foundation throughout the world and that is why we have come here. God's world is so much better than the communist world." You can explain in detail; you can teach Godism, Unification Thought and Principle. Every North Korean must know the truth and be liberated.

Until now people have been ignorant under communism but when you come and tell them the truth they will be amazed. "Is that true?" they will exclaim. "We didn't know anything about that." It will be the first time they hear about it. Then the country will completely change. If we take 10 million North Koreans to tour the South, they will see how different and how much better life is there, and their attitudes will completely turn around.

Then if they are given the chance to vote on their choice of a system there would be no contest. They would respond, "We hate Kim II Sung and his system, but we welcome Reverend Moon's ideal." After that, Korea will be united as one country. It will not be so difficult. That is the kind of situation that will be created. You can explain how we have built a foundation in 150 countries. The Korean people will follow when they know we have the economic foundation, the manpower, and the strongest ideal.

Your only responsibility is to follow me. You didn't know everything I have been doing, but now you do. Will you follow my instructions and make the same commitment to this goal? Will you help restore Korea? Will you be the people of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? How wonderful Moonies are! What an exciting time this is! How do you feel now? Wonderful! I trust you.

All you women should prepare for that day of mobilization. Actually, all we need are 7,000 women, not everybody. Imagine how many Japanese members there are. The Japanese women have short legs and can move very fast. They will move very quickly to fill those 7,000 positions. Please prepare yourself. I won't give you many days' notice. You may hear the announcement, "Tomorrow you go."

Discuss this with your husband and children, even your small children. Also discuss it with your relatives and plan what to do. Tell them about the situation in Korea. Your family members will receive blessing through this. Koreans have come here to help this country; you will be doing the same thing for them.

(Question: How much time do we have to prepare?) I don't know how much preparation time there will be. Only God knows. The Korean women have already begun the work; they went out the beginning of June. Your turn is next. Those who will say, "Yes, Father, I will go," stand up.

Don't expect me to keep coming here to speak. Many different things are now happening. Professors are visiting from Korea, for instance, and there are many places I should be going to work. So just forget about me! You know what you must do, so from now on, you should act of your own accord. Make your own decision and don't wait for me. Let's accomplish what must be done.

(Gifts presented from the 8,000 couples. Three cheers.)

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