The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Harvest Time

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 21, 1987
Translator - Sang Kil Han

In the Unification Church, we have brought together people of all five colors of skin. God must be very happy to see this. If heaven was a huge warehouse of people harvested from the earth, what kind of people would be found there? Billions of human beings have lived here on earth and all have eventually gone to spirit world. They come in all different shapes and forms, but until now none was able to meet God's original standard. This is because of the human fall. We must always keep in mind that we also, without exception, are far from the original standard.

How different has mankind been, compared with God's original standard? To begin with, the fallen blood flowing through man's veins is completely different, it is as different as night and day. Human blood is stained by the love of Satan, not the original love of God. No matter how many people have lived here on earth, God could have no real relationship with them because the root, or origin, was different. People look pretty much the same to our eyes whether they are good or bad, but to God there is a world of difference.

The world is upside down now. Satan is on top and God is in the lower position. How to make things right side up is the question. At the last days, the purpose of the Second Coming is to reverse the wrong order which has prevailed. We have reached a point of intersection and from this time on, we will begin to go in the normal direction and position that God originally intended. God will be in the upper position along with the True Parents. Eventually, we will think and live as if the past had not existed. We will erase it.

Since the day we entered the church, we were in a position to put the past behind us. Are we in any way related with it still? That is a very serious question. We shouldn't have a relationship with the past because it was unprincipled and it had nothing to do with God. The sooner we forget it, the better off we are. We can start anew here, building a new world.

For instance, we might have the concept, "I am an American, so my loyalty is to this culture and country." Does that thinking have any place in us? Many different kinds of people and families are living in the United States, but where have they originated from? Clearly, they exist within the unprincipled realm. How much are they influenced? How much dye have they absorbed, so to speak, and how much have they been stained through the thousands of years of history?

Imagine what is required in the process of salvation and restoration. Do you think the restoration process is an instantaneous one? We could compare it to the process of black people turning into white people, or vice versa. It's that difficult. By the same token, would it be easy for American people to become Korean, or vice versa? Which do you think is more difficult? Would it be easier for a communist nation to become democratic, or the other way around? This illustrates the difficulties in the process of being saved or restored. Many ways of changing the world have been tried in the past but none could succeed. People didn't even know where to begin.

Looking at this diagram on the blackboard, we can understand why we absolutely need the Second Coming. Only through the Messiah can we change directions and put things upright. Without that change, the individual can never be truly saved or restored. The family and the country, everyone and everything absolutely needs the Second Coming. The world must go through this time of restoration.

You Moonies are the hand-picked disciples of God, but even in you the fallen influence is so deeply ingrained that you don't have a clear idea of what you must do. No matter how deep the abyss or how high the peak, we have to climb. Even if we feel discouraged, still we have to go on. The Second Coming is necessary for the people here on earth, but the spirit world also needs it. In fact, people in the spirit world feel the necessity of this more acutely than we do.

We have to open our eyes wide and be very watchful. These are the last days. What is happening and developing? The True Family has been formed on earth in vivid reality under the full protection of God. We have to confirm that with our own eyes. Are they in any way related with the past and with Satan? We have to be able to see clearly that they are not. The turning point is being reached now, right in our midst.

If the fall hadn't taken place, history would have progressed normally, not in the reverse way. But as a result of the fall, the wrong side took the upper position. At the time of the last days and the Second Coming of the Messiah, a new history begins which was supposed to have been our beginning point. It is actually the normal history. God inspired the creation of religion and spoke through the prophets and good people of history. The whole purpose of their efforts was to bring the world to this original point, and then to start anew. Many people have paid with their lives just to get mankind back to the Original point.

Right after World War II, the whole world had achieved a certain unity centering on the United States. Christianity was functioning at its best and was the guiding spirit of this country, so the U.S. was in the position to guide the rest of the world according to God' will. But the United States and established Christianity did not understand and they did not fulfill their portion of responsibility. Had they known and fulfilled their mission, God would have taken His rightful position in the world and Satan would have been subjugated, placed at the bottom.

All these intervening years of restoration effort would not have been necessary. God's will could have been achieved right then if people had realized, "God can take dominion and Satan can be defeated." If the world had been mobilized by this ideal centering on Christianity, these past 40 years or so would have been very different. But that didn't happen, and Satan continued to hold the upper position while God remained in the lower position. This has been the reality throughout the history of the Unification Church.

During these past 40 years, the power of Christianity in America has plummeted. Having once upheld the greatest glory of God and the highest standard in religion, established Christianity has been reduced to mere humanism. It has become more and more distant from God and concerned about secular values. Many Christians are living a self-centered way of life which has nothing to do with the original world of God. It is a terrible tragedy but people do not know why that tragedy occurred.

Now we have the right-wing and the left-wing in this world. The right-wing should have been advancing God's cause, but instead it has declined. The left-wing has had the better of the right until now. Communism has been advancing throughout the world in an aggressive way. Both the right and the left believed themselves to be superior to the other and could lead the world. They tried, but they have both failed and are becoming powerless. The right-wing, represented by the U.S., has lost sight of God. People don't know where God is any more. The left-wing didn't acknowledge God to begin with.

From Jacob's time until now, 4000 years have elapsed. But all that foundation was lost when the U.S. and Christianity did not comply with God's dispensation. Thus, a 40-year re-indemnification period was necessary. From Jacob's time to the end of World War II, both the first and second Israelites-the Christians-failed to consummate God's dispensation. All of the prior foundation was taken under the satanic dominion and what they did was nullified. Thus, the third Israelites had to re-indemnify that in the past 40 years.

In order to restore this foundation, the individual, family, clan, race and nation must be re-indemnified each step of the way. It may sound simple just to re-indemnify the individual level, but individual restoration is not easy. The individual has to go and fight within the satanic dominion and win a victory there before he can claim that victory. Who is supposed to accomplish that? Yes, it is the third Israel, but who is the leader of that third Israel? I came here to do this work of recreation which was supposed to have taken place earlier. As I have worked along the way, all levels of Satan from the individual, family, clan, to the national and world levels have come down and tried to stop me. They have done the worst they can to stop my progress because that is Satan's nature.

All of humanity exists within the unit of the family. But for the first time in history, with the advent of True Father, the family unit has started working properly. Before that, even though many people got married and had families, in God's eyes it could not be recognized. It was still on the individual level.

Each of you must go through the same pattern. You work as a God-centered individual and face the opposition of Satan in order to gain the victory on that level, then you must struggle on the family and clan level, facing satanic persecution. When you win over that, you create the clan foundation on the heavenly side. It is a desperate fight all the way through. Each of us have been through it. It is not just a concept. All of the Unification Church members are doing this under my leadership. When we are on one level, all of Satan's power at the next level comes down and attacks us. Even though you may not realize where it came from, that is what has happened. Then, after that fight, we are elevated to the same level of the opposition we were facing.

we go deeper into Satan's territory, we elevate and extend God's realm to that height. As we struggle on all levels-the family, clan, nation, and so forth-God is elevated to a corresponding height. Do you understand? We must fight against Satan on every level before we situate our victorious foundation on the eternal side. Even if you are ready to go straight forward, you cannot. First, you have to go back, win over, then come back, and be elevated. You must keep repeating the process. We cannot go to heaven unless we win over satanic dominion.

In the Unification Church today, the members don't think about this concept so much, even though you are right in the middle of it. Even though you are in the midst of the fight, you don't know what is happening for the most part. You only know you are suffering. A typical attitude of the Unification Church member has been, "Now that Father has blessed me, everything will be great." The idea never occurred to him that, even though I gave the Blessing and he now has a family, he has to go back and struggle, even alone, and rejoin his family later, in order to truly achieve the family level. Then he has to go back again, fighting for the still higher level. Such a realization seems foreign to many of you.

One must go back to his native land and fight to win on the individual level and then come back and elevate his foundation. We must keep on doing that on all the levels of struggle-the family, clan, and so forth. To achieve a national level foundation, you must win on the national level in your own home country and come back.

Why is this necessary? We are dwelling within a country under Satan's dominion. You are Abel living in Cain's country. Abel must love Cain and move him with God's love so that you can unite. The younger brother has to move the elder brother by doing whatever is necessary. On all different levels, Abel has to do that.

Since the United States goes against the Unification Church, then still it must be under the dominion of the fallen archangel who opposes God on every level. Once the fallen archangel comes around and no longer opposes God's work, the condition will be created for the beginning of the original world. The archangel was supposed to help the original human beings.

How is the fallen archangel transformed into the original archangel? By building the victorious foundation on the level of the individual, family, clan, nation, world, and spirit world, this turning point will be established. By doing that, we will restore the position of the unfallen archangel. Of course, we must face opposition, but by winning over that situation the archangel is in the original position. Do you understand what I am trying to explain?

The major point is that, even though we want to get ahead quickly, we cannot do it directly. We have to go back and win over the satanic world. We must win over the heart of the elder brother and move him so he says, "Oh, younger brother, I didn't know you were that good." Then we can come back to the higher level.

Step by step you have to create the realm where Satan has nothing to accuse you for on the individual level. You have achieved that much of a realm. Then on the family level, Satan has to have no condition to accuse you. When that happens, this much of the original family level realm would be established. And so on to the national level and up to the universal level. Then the realm of God's complete dominion will be achieved.

The reason I went to Korea recently was to achieve this. I have achieved to the point where there is no way Satan can legitimately oppose me. That was after Danbury. At no level, including the highest universal level, has Satan anything to accuse me with. Then I must implant the foundation right where it is supposed to be-in the land of Korea. We have to go there and achieve it, and return. We must come here and go back, and plant the foundation there eight times from the individual through the universal levels.

Unless Satan signs it, we don't have a valid passport to go to heaven. It's up to him to sign it. The love of God is the ammunition that we fight with. Originally, the entire world would have been under God's warm love, but Satan's love took over because of the fall. God's love is better than Satan's love, deeper and warmer, and God's love will never give up. This is all the more reason why the Unification Church must operate beyond national boundaries, beyond the whole world because that is our region and scope. After the national level, we have the world, cosmic, and the spirit world level.

As you see, there will be no side or hemisphere which is not under God's dominion. There is no shaded area where Satan will reign any longer. Do you understand? Our mission is to go into the evil world and make goodness prosper there. We must plant God there. Our job is to liberate hell on earth and hell in the spirit world, to chase out the darkness and bring in the light. Most Christian ministers don't know that this is the work of God, but that is what the True Parents are achieving now. While I was doing this, even you were unaware. Who in this whole world knew? True Parents did this, but they wouldn't speak about it was until they accomplished.

Why do True Parents have to do this themselves? It was the ones in the parental position who fell, so a person in the same parental position must re-indemnify this for their offspring. It is not a stationary position; rather it will have to move at great speed. Then God can be situated in the North as well as the South, in the East as well as the West. Upside down becomes right side up and the down side is also good because there is no Satan to interfere with or worry about. It becomes God's world, or the original world. This is where we are heading.

The symbol of the U.S. dollar is written as a large S with slashes through it. Thus the dollar sign means "Satan no more!" Unfortunately, the U.S. is now acting more in accordance with Satan. Whose territory is the extreme North, South, East, and West-the far extremes? Are they God's or Satan's? Have Eastern and Western civilizations become one yet? Have the South and North become one? Have the differences between poverty and wealth been eliminated? Why do these discrepancies still exist? Satan will not let go.

Now you know what God wants to achieve. Every area should have the same abundance. You shouldn't say that the South is low and underdeveloped and the North is much better. That sort of disparity shouldn't exist. Every country should be prosperous. I always yearn for the white people to go and clean up the disadvantaged black areas. What about the black people? They will see this and they will develop a sense of responsibility, saying, "Why should the white people clean up our mess? We will do it ourselves." Black people will not want to be indebted to white people. This is the lesson they will quickly learn. When that happens, can we call this one world or two worlds? One world! Centering on whom, this time? Centering on God and True Parents. There will be no more Satan.

How must we think now? All of our families are the center of the newly-formed, restored universe. That means "I"-you and your family-are the center of the universe. What does the world want with you and your family? You are the root. What is the root of you and your family? God is your root. On the way, True Parents are your roots. You and your family are bound with true love. This is our relationship. Everything will be connected with true love.

You might wonder why I am back here in America. Why didn't I stay in Korea and help the situation there? With all the demonstrations and political upheaval, there seem to be more dangers facing Korea than America at this time. Why did I come back here when Korea seems to be in more immediate need? It can be only one reason- to implant a higher level of love here.

All things bear fruit and all fruit has a rounded shape. Have you ever seen a square fruit? What you plant as an individual and what you harvest on the world's perimeter should be the same. It should be connected by original love. When God looks at that, He will say, "Well, I want that too-original love. I like that."

Wherever you plant this seed, the same fruit will come out of the soil. Today we have a technique called "cell reproduction," in which you only need one cell from the fruit or vegetable to plant, like cloning. Each cell is the same as its origin, so you don't have to plant a seed every time. After you are restored, maybe I will take one cell out of your body-a very tiny one-and smell it. Should it give out the fragrance of God, or the odor of Satan? Each cell should smell of true love. Are your cells all transformed into those of true love? Each individual gives out an odor, without our knowing it. Some give out a stench, some give out a sweet smell; but all of us here should give out the fragrance of true love. People look at the members of the Unification Church and say, "I like them-they have a good aroma!" All Moonies, without exception, should give out this sweet perfume. Our trademark, our nature, should be true love.

When you go back to your parents' home, they will usher you into the most comfortable chair in the living room and say, "We're so glad you're here." They can smell the true love fragrance coming out of you. Are you like that now? Do you give out the true love smell? When you visit your physical brothers and sisters, would they welcome you with respect? What about me, then? Do you love me? I am an Oriental and I never heard of Western people being crazy about Orientals. Why do you love me so much? We have to be specific. It's because I have true love! Now we know.

The title of my sermon this morning is "Harvest Time." What kind of harvest do we mean? To begin with, what seed did God plant? God planted the true love seed, so we must be consistent. We must be the fruit of the same seed that He planted. Those people in which God planted the true love seed will be welcomed wherever they go, whether in the physical world or in the spirit world, because they are God's own creation. The Moonies have the original seed for the family, tribe, nation and world.

The world wants to see the blossoming of the fruit from the original seed filling every space in the world. Any one of you can be planted in England, and the same seed will grow in the whole area. When the true family seed goes to Australia or Germany or anywhere, they will reproduce and prevail. The same true seed will immediately spread out and cover the whole universe. How wonderful it is!

The world has many systems and different factions- democracy, communism, white and black. But once these Moonie tribes appear, they will intoxicate people with the good smell wherever they go. In all four corners of the world, everyone will welcome the Moonie tribe. They will want them to be the center of their own nation so they can have true love themselves.

Is there anyone who doesn't know Reverend Moon now? People used to say, "The worst possible things are done by Reverend Moon." Now they say, "The best is represented by Reverend Moon." White people are observant by nature, so they will see that communism is declining, democracy is weakening, and everybody seems to be dwindling except Reverend Moon. What is so different about Reverend Moon that he doesn't decline, but just keeps rising higher? The people in power-the white people-don't like me because of this fact.

Scholars, in particular, are taking note of what I am doing. They are washing clean my name and calling me a leader in the field of political science, economy, the media, the religious world, and the cultural world. Those observant people can see that a powerful influence for good is being wielded, one which no one else in the world has ever exercised. They see it not only in a conceptual way, but in actuality. We know that the dawn of our time is coming now. But we must consider who is responsible for that? Who did that for you? It was God, True Parents and all our brothers and sisters who have transformed each one of us. We can begin to see that now.

The Unification Church has to really fill up this year. We should fill all corners of the earth because our origin is true love. That is an entirely different origin from the rest of the world. Moonies are promoting the glory of God and the restoration of true love, so who would dare work against us? What is wrong with what the Moonies are doing? You individuals are the fruit of True Parents' planting. You will multiply the fruits of the family, the clan and nation until you fill and influence the rest of the world, transforming it into the true fruit. Amen!

We have initiated the National Federation of the Unification of North and South Korea. Once that unity is achieved, the unity of the rest of the world can follow in no time at all. North Korea's Kim II Sung calls himself the "father of mankind." The Unification Church is proclaiming the advent of the True Parents. The communists make their claims by coercion and force, but we make ours with reason and joy.

I have been fighting against the illegitimate parent in North Korea. Now the true children must confront the false children and persuade them that their belief is wrong and what they need is True Parents. When we all have the powerful urge to rally around the True Parents, the unification of Korea and the entire world will come about very quickly. Let us all strive for that, shall we?

This is our mission now: not two different worlds, but one world under God with one set of parents. Those who say, "Yes, I want to be among the first fruits as an individual, family, and nation, and I want to bring the rest of the world into God's domain," please raise your hands. Let us pray.

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