The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Blessed Family Is Very Precious

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 5, 1987
Translator - Sang Kil Han

People in the secular world have no knowledge of the Blessing. They meet and marry and do whatever they wish without order. But in the Unification Church, we value most highly the concept of blessed families. Why is it that blessed families are truly precious and cannot be exchanged for anything else?

By having blessed families, we are in a position to have everything. God's ideal of creation is included in the word "Blessing." It is not just an ideal but includes all the processes and actions as well as the results that began with that ideal.

Look at you men and women sitting here. You were not created through the wave of a magic wand. God had a meticulous plan for building a man and a woman and then He went about fulfilling it. It took Him a certain period of time. He had a clear plan for all the systems of the universe which He contemplated for a long time before He created them.

Women and men are alike, yet at the same time so different. The masculine and feminine characteristics are unmistakably different from one another. Imagine if men's or women's eyes were not where they are, but somewhere else. Why should the eyes be located right where they are? Why not have them protrude like the eyes of dragonflies? Look at the useful eyes of a shrimp, which can look around everywhere.

What if your eyeball didn't move around? Then you would have to turn your whole head to glance somewhere. How busy you would be and how much energy it would take! The eyes reflect the center of one's being and so they are located right at the center of the head. The left and right eyes are connected so that they can work together to look at something.

The nose is straight and vertical, especially the Western nose, which gives you an accurate line of sight even if you are looking at something sideways. The eyes show all your emotions and they are really the center of God. God dwells in there, so to speak.

When a man stands in an upright position and looks out at the world, he is able to immediately tell whether things are straight vertically. Horizontally he can also situate himself with everything around him. God is like that.

The nose symbolizes Adam and Eve. It is the line of division for the face. The forehead is like a mountain that stops at the nose. The nose has two nostrils, one representing man and the other representing woman. If you have a cold, often one nostril is clogged up and the other side breathes the air.

The mouth symbolizes the balance of all things. Its opening is parallel with the horizon. Inside the mouth is a set of 32 teeth, or four times eight. The number four represents all directions: north, south, east, and west. The number eight symbolizes a new start. As soon as we have all our teeth, it is the beginning of a new start.

Do you know which teeth usually come in first-the lower or upper? Heaven is first, therefore, the upper teeth normally come in first and then the lower teeth. Usually two come in at the same time and are immediately followed by two more. Frequently, it is not until the baby has two teeth that he begins to truly respond to his own mom and dad.

Ears also symbolize the four directions. An ear is like a mountain, with one ridge after another. When sound enters, it reverberates inside the ear's structure so we can hear it. Nothing just haphazardly came into being; everything is carefully planned.

What about the eyebrows? Why aren't eyebrows someplace else? Naturally, they are where they are to protect the eyes from sweat. All the crevices and lines on the face are for sweat and water to flow through. They act as a kind of ditch. Also, the lips protect the mouth from sweat.

Western people have big, round eyes and eyelids that fold. Their eyes are so big that without those folds, water would just keep dripping into the eyes. It is obvious that Eastern people, whose faces are rather flat and whose eyes are slanted and narrow, don't have to worry so much about sweat going in, so their eyelids have no fold. People may like to criticize things but they should realize that God figured everything out beforehand. It is perfect. There is really no room for criticism.

Many black people have a rather short and wide nose. This is because the air is hot in the areas in which they have traditionally lived. If it passed through a long passage and heated up even more, it would cause a problem. Thus they can inhale and exhale freely through a short nasal passage. White people's noses are long and narrow because they usually live in northern regions where the air is cold.

Your hands display immediately what type of work you are suited for, whether agricultural work or something else. Women typically have small, soft hands which are not fit for rough labor, whereas men have strong hands with thicker skin. Such hands do not get hurt so easily.

Men typically have narrow hips and broad shoulders in order to carry a heavy burden and support it from the waist up. They are not designed to sit in one place for a long time. On the other hand, women's hips are designed to sit for long periods of time and their shoulders are light. How can you sit for a long time with heavy shoulders?

From this perspective, those who call loudly for equality between men and women do not know what they are talking about. In what way are they equal? The only equality that exists is when the two come together and unite perfectly. Then they are equal for the first time. How can we unite? Can men and women be forced to unite by some strong oppressive power? We have pointed out over and over again in the Unification Church that true love is the only way for men and women to unite.

Your body is equipped for the fate or fortune you are born with. Some people have unusually large feet. That is a sign they are destined to walk long distances and that they are very stable. When I match people, these are the things I take into consideration, but I do it in the flash of a second. Everything is considered. Every man and woman smiles and laughs, but no two people laugh the same way. Some people laugh by sucking in air, others burst out like an explosion. Through such signs, I can tell how people will behave in the future.

The way a person walks is also very interesting to note. Some walk with short, fast strides and others with long, slow strides. All styles represent a person's destiny. The typical walk of a Western woman tells very eloquently what kind of a destiny she will have! (Father walks around swinging his hips in an exaggerated manner.) From behind, when I observe the way a woman walks and moves her hips, I can automatically imagine how her face should be. When she turns around and I look at her face, sure enough, she is exactly as I imagined her. I am very accurate.

Sometimes I wonder, "How can I match so many people?" Then I remember my abilities to see things and to draw conclusions from observation. Then I tell myself, "Oh, yes. I ought to be confident about the way I match because I was born with this ability."

We walk without thinking about it. But the way someone walks-with his hands spread out or clenched, and how much he swings his arms-tells a lot about him. Some people walk this way. (Father does a funny imitation). Sometimes a person moves in a subtle manner that is not so visible, but if you observe carefully you can see these things. I can discern conscientious people from others who are not so conscientious just by looking at the way they walk. One exhibits everything about his life in these ways. Someone made people function like this for a purpose.

There are at least three layers in the face and the eyes. There is an inner, a middle, and an outer layer. We know that the formation, growth, and perfection stages are represented there. This is the case for all parts of the face-the eyes, the nose, the mouth. That is one of the first things we learn in the Principle-the three stages of development.

This is a precise rule. You see it everywhere. Before I existed, my parents and my grandparents existed. There are three generations. Then, who is more important- myself or my grandparents? It is my grandparents. Why? Because they are the root or origin out of which I developed. The pupil is the center of the eye upon which the other parts are centered. Everything did not come all at once. So, which is more important? The root and center is most precious.

Do we need grandfathers and grandmothers? In the United States, many grandparents are sent to old people's homes. We think they have freedom and are happy there. But how can anyone be happy with all the precious things gone from his life? If you put the pupil of an eye away somewhere, then the iris and the skin are alone and useless. It is like cutting off the root of a tree. How can we live a healthy, purposeful life without our root-our grandfathers and grandmothers-from whom we came? The result is havoc and confusion.

Take a poll of American women and ask who would like to go live with her husband's parents and grandparents. Does anyone welcome that situation? Probably not. The women say, "No, my husband and I just want to live together and not be concerned with anyone else." Is that right or wrong? It is so wrong that any society with that attitude deserves to decline.

You might say, "I don't understand. In this society, everyone is like that. We would be much happier without all these old folks interfering with everything we do. We can't do what we wish with them around. Why do we need old people?" Yet, all the things of the universe tell us, "They are the most precious, so you must cherish them."

Why do I tell you this? Look at it this way. There are three stages before your realize your existence. Your grandparents are like the eyes; your parents are like the nose; you are like the mouth. Would the mouth say, "I just want to be left alone. I want to be free of the nose and eyes and function separately"? No, the whole face is more important than the mouth, nose or eyes alone. All three are included in the face, not just the mouth. Lacking one, the face can never be complete.

People often talk about their home but they should immediately think about their grandfather and grandmother being there. Without them, a good home is unimaginable. Just as when we say "my hands," that automatically includes three joints, so "my home" should include three generations. "My arm" includes the hand, the forearm, and the upper arm. When you say "my body," it is also divided into three: the head, the torso, and the limbs. The internal organs include the lungs, the heart, and the liver. If those three do not work harmoniously together, the body cannot be supported. Therefore, when you say "my home, " it should mean grandparents, parents, and yourself. We should automatically think in those terms.

This is the way it is. If we do not follow this way, the universe cannot stamp us "Grade A." It will stamp us "Grade D" or "Grade F." Do you think these are manifestations of God's plan or not? Even though this is the first time we ever noticed these things, this is the order of the creation.

Coming back to the idea of blessed families-do they exist outside the Church or not? Who has the best chance of getting back to the original ideal-blessed families or others? Therefore, blessed families are more valuable because they are emulating the one and only original family.

(Father draws on the blackboard.) This represents a standard of measure. To measure something, we must be able to find the original standard that tells the unit-one foot, one inch, and so forth. There is only one original standard, not two or three. In order to prevent possible elongation, we keep this in a very secure place where even the temperature does not affect it. From this original measure we make other copies so that we can measure many things in many places. So we may have two, three, or many measures.

How far are we from the original? Are we the tenth copy or the hundredth copy? The original way might look like this (on blackboard) but no one reflects this perfectly. If you become very sensitive in comparing what order you are in-"You are the hundredth copy and I am the eightieth copy of the standard"-someone else might resent it.

The only thing exactly like the original measure is the original measure itself. No other is exactly the same, although it can be equivalent. No two trees are exactly the same. If you take one measure from one tree and another measure from another tree, they can never be identical. Even though you take lumber out of the same tree, the lumber that is closer to the root is different from that which is closer to the upper branches.

Each person tends to think, "As far as I know, I am the standard of life." After a long time, the idea occurs to them: "We must have some original standard." They decide to look for the original standard.

Today people take it for granted that it is impossible to know where or what the original is. Many countries exist, yet Americans say, "American life is best, so it has to be the original." Do you agree that America is the original, the center? You have to have grounds for saying that something is the center. Are Americans the center because they are free to act as they please-to oppose their own fathers and mothers and kick their own spouses out of the house and divorce freely? How can anyone call the United States the center when the people do things like this?

When I think of divorce, I immediately think of reverse. Divorce means that something is not progressing but is reversing. The words even sound similar.

I am saying today that blessed couples are the original standard. How do we know this? Perhaps I am lying to you or just saying this. How can you tell what is the true original? One way to know is that all five senses respond to it. The eyes look at it and they are pleased. The nose smells it and it is pleased. The taste is so sweet that once you taste it, you are like a bee in honey. If you pull a bee away from the honey, he will stay in it, even if you pull him apart. So the mouth will attest to the original; your sense of touch will attest to it-you will want to touch it a thousand times over. All your senses will respond to the original.

Everything is there within the original; nothing is lacking. Imitations or fake things that claim to be true may have a lot of true qualities, but not all of them. Something is bound to be lacking; in fact, many things are lacking. In other words, whatever Reverend Moon teaches is good to hear, to look at, to touch, and to taste. Even if I were to strike someone, that person thinks, "Oh, Father hit me. That is good!" The pain turns into happiness because it is from the original.

The original is what everyone loves. The original fingertip is loved by the eyes, the nose-the whole body. What is the original of originals in the cosmic world? It is God. So everyone must like God. They do, don't they? Everybody and everything loves God. Does that include you? I don't know. Does it really? Then is it correct to say, "Whatever I like, God must like"? No, we should say, "Whatever God likes, I must like." Isn't that true?

We are narrower than God. God looks at everything, but we only look at things in a limited way. God is the center of all things and at the same time, He is the root of all things. We are like a cell within the larger being. How can that cell claim to be the center? It can do that only out of sheer ignorance. A person with such an attitude never thinks about anything but himself. He doesn't even know where he is, whether he is north or south of his destination. If he moves from the wrong position like that, he will destroy himself by colliding with something. Do you think a person earns a passing grade or a failing grade if he is like that and thinks he is the center?

I observed brothers and sisters who came into the Matching with this attitude. They did not know where the center was or what they were looking for. I was about to match them and eventually bring them to an awareness of the center. I know they are still in the process of learning- that some just recently joined and are in grammar school, so to speak. But they were all eyes and thinking, "Oh, I need the best-looking husband," and so forth. But they don't even know what is best for them.

Americans like champions, don't they? Who is the champion of match-makers in the world? I have matched many thousands of couples. What if I made a wrong match? It would be a catastrophe. When the matches are good, what will be the result? The result will be a fantastic world. By the time it is known and proved and advertised throughout America, then everyone-young and old, men and women-will come to me and ask me to match them. A millionaire or billionaire would be willing to pay all or at least half of what he has. That will be true in the future.

Suppose I had said to all the men and women who came to the Matching, "Are you ready to give up everything you own? You pay it and I will match you." They should be willing to say, "A thousand times, yes." But is that the way it happens? Of course not. Those brothers and sisters who came into the matching hall this time really amazed me in that everybody else was the center except Father. They thought they could demand what they wanted. Then when I matched them, many were so surprised and made all kinds of motions.

People have lived as they pleased for thousands of years. Nobody has ever said, "That is wrong; don't do it." But we are more serious people gathered here. Where are we going? You must answer, "To the original place." That is a good answer. Saying "Back to God" is a zero point answer. It is like saying, "Everything you want to know is in the encyclopedia. Go and look it up." More precisely, we must go back to the original point or place. In order to do that, we have to find the standard.

What is God going to do with the blessed families? We said we are going back to the original place, but for what? What are we going to do when we get there? We want to conform with the original form. What is so precious and valuable about the original form? The original form contains all the important elements. Otherwise, it would not be the original form.

Who is the representative of the original form? The answer is Adam and Eve but only if they grow up and become True Parents. The original Adam and Eve are like the original measurement which we represented on the blackboard. But did that measurement of Adam and Eve come out exactly the way God planned it?

The first thing we have to think about when we talk about original things is love-the original success in love or the original failure in love. So the original form of the original blessed family is that Adam and Eve must come into the unity of love. That is the good origin which produces the good result. All other good things are contained within that original form.

Can God also be found there? What is God connected to? God is connected to that original true love. What should Adam be connected to in that family? Original true love. What about Eve, then, or Adam and Eve together? Original true love. God, Adam, Eve, and Adam and Eve together-all of them should be connected to original true love.

What about the mind and the body? They should be absolutely connected in true love. If they are absolutely connected in true love, would the mind and body take different directions, or would they go in the same direction? How about you? Is the direction of your mind and body always the same? You have to be consistent with the original form. As it is, everything we observe is contrary to the original. We have to deduce from that, "Mankind must have fallen. Something must have gone seriously wrong from the beginning."

God is the center and He is the originator. When God created all the universe, what was the common center or common direction from which He deployed everything? God Himself wants to go in that direction and He created Adam and Eve and the mind and the body to go in that direction. In fact, He created everything to go in that one, common direction.

In order to reach the remotest corner of His domain, God needs bridges. When all things and human beings get to that one point, God would like to be there. People also need a bridge to get to that one direction. That binding agent, the thing which can connect us, is love. Truly, love is the only thing which is qualified to bring everything together.

In order to participate in love, everything is created in the subject-object relationship, or male and female. God can ask the question to Adam or Eve or to anyone, "For what purpose do you want to live and die?" Perfected Adam and Eve would say, "Why do you ask such a simple, obvious question?" Even asking the question seems funny because of course the answer is love. Everything exists for love. That is the answer which the body, the mind and other people will always give. Love is the answer.

What will your eyes answer? True love. What about the nose and the mouth? Everything will say, "True love. Love, love, love, love." The clear conclusion here is, "Happiness is living for the sake of love and being able to die for the sake of love."

Which is more valuable-to live or to die? Which brings more happiness? Well, look at it this way: we want to be in a valuable place and go in a valuable direction, don't we? Which will bring us to a more precious place- to live for the sake of love or to die for the sake of love? This is not a trick, just think about it. Which is the more valuable place-the place where we live for the sake of love or die for the sake of love?

Imagine an American couple who lives very happily all their lives, really in love. They love their country and they die a natural death. Now imagine another couple who truly love one another and truly love America, but they died in doing so. Which position is the more blessed one? Let's say that in the spirit world, there is a highest place to go, the most honorable place which is closest to God. Who is likely to occupy that position: those who lived happily in love and died naturally or those who died for the sake of love, sacrificing themselves? It is the second.

Let's ask this same question to that most learned Ph.D., Dr. Durst. Dr. Durst also says that the one who dies for the sake of love goes to the most precious place.

Western philosophy, for the most part, is founded from a concept of force or power. They believe that the strong will devour the weak, but that is not consistent with what we have been saying. Western philosophy should be corrected. The right perspective is that people die or sacrifice for the sake of love, which is much stronger than any force or power.

The theory of evolution is misleading, with many subtle errors. There are many species and numbers of fish in the ocean. We can see that there are small fish, larger fish and there are the largest fish. There is a so-called food chain, in which the smaller creatures are eaten by the larger ones. The smallest unit of all things has the goal of reaching men and women, way up at the top of the chain.

All living things, including the fish living in the ocean, have as their ideal to connect with the happy man and woman united in love. Since there is no way to jump directly to that point, they have to get there through a bridge. They move up one step at a time, and then sooner or later get to man and woman. This is their ideal and their hope.

This is not an interpretation; this is the way they actually feel. All things are created with this ideal: "One day, I can be a part of the cells of the center of the whole universe-man and woman." They do not mean just any ordinary man and woman, but a man and woman united in love.

Imagine how many billions of cells there are within each individual human being. Literally billions of cells are dying out and new ones are being born again each day. This is a source of their pride-that they can serve for the sake of true love and be a part of the body of true love. All things are like this-animals, fish, minerals, vegetables-they want to live for the sake of true love literally, not just conceptually. It is only possible to reach true love through these steps.

All things in the universe are sending this message to Adam and Eve: "Please grow bigger, faster." So Adam and Eve keep on growing until they mature. When you write "W," for woman, on the board, you see that it is an upside down "M," for man. So woman is man inverted, right?

Which do you like better-the letter M or the letter W? Of course, women would say W and men would say M, but it so happens that man was created first, so man goes on top. W is more like a vessel to put things in. M is like a lid to cover the things. If some woman wants the lid to be smaller than the vessel, that is wrong. The lid has to be bigger in every way-bigger in size and even have larger eyes so that he can see better. A woman's face tends to be narrower than a man's. Don't complain to me about that-this is the Principle, not just my own feeling.

Should man always be the one to give? When does he receive? If a woman kicks a man away, he has no chance. He is not in a position to receive anything. It is only when a woman loves a man that he is in a position to receive anything. Should men go after women or should women go after men? Should a woman go after a man to get something out of him? Woman should follow after man to give him love through the sons and daughters and grandchildren that she gives birth to.

Men have a lot of muscles in their breasts. But women have more abundant breasts. Which is the love giver -- man's muscles or woman's breasts? Truly, women are centered in love-they want to give and receive love. They are much more sensitive to love. That is why young girls enjoy the little chicks that are hatched in the springtime. They feel they are adorable and they go after them because they see the potential in them for love. Boys like to go after the chicks, too, but maybe for food or to bring them to a girl.

Everything is centered on love. Which is the more original way to see the universe-the way you see it or the way I see it? So are you willing to follow my way or should I follow yours? I emphasize this so much only because you emphasize your way so much. Otherwise, I could speak in a very soft voice. I have spoken for two hours now. Do you think it has been productive? Should I stop now? When I talk about love, then you are all ears. We all want to know more because love is so valuable.

Man is the lid and woman is the vessel. An American woman with a Ph.D. might say, "I dislike such a theory. I have never heard of anything like this. In the entire library, there isn't even one line about that. Maybe Reverend Moon is making this all up. Why does he have to degrade women all the time?" But who would you follow-the Ph.D. American woman or me? I have a different skin color and I am not even a citizen of this country. You know you absolutely want to follow love!

Fallen man goes to hell. The only way to change this and enable man to go to heaven is to change his vision, so that the only color he sees is that of true love. When you see through the eyes of true love, you forget whether someone is black, white or yellow. This is why we can say that we are overcoming racial discrimination in the Unification Church. This is how it is possible.

The whole universe exists for divine love. For the sake of divine love, the small fish want to reach up and be consumed by a larger fish to become part of it. Love is very precious and precious things should be put on the altar. The universe is the altar of love. Everything wants to be put on this altar of love and be precious like diamonds and gold. They want to be a part of true love. Fish, vegetables, and animals all have the right to be placed on the altar of love.

Then what happens? They come into contact with God and become a part of Him. Everything is designed to seek that point of union with God. The biggest and best creature, representing all species, should reach the altar of love and eventually be connected to God. This is like the universal Olympics or a museum of the universe because you can find representatives of all the species here- everyone competes to get there.

God wants to savor the universe with true love and all things shout out in joy because now, for the first time, they can reach up to God as they were destined to. When man and woman bow down to God in the solemn tradition of all things reaching toward love, the creation will say, "I am now a part of the higher creation. I am ready to die for the sake of love, my God." God will say, "Yes, now you qualify as the highest form of life."

God Himself is happy and satisfied. God in turn feels that He can die for the sake of all things. Everyone, even the smallest living creature, will applaud with joy. God won't die, but this is truly the way He feels. Everyone cherishes God within this fabulous love and God reciprocates that. Is anything missing? Everything is proud of itself because it is part of the true love of creation.

Darwin's materialistic theory of evolution has no place in this ideal. As soon as we know the truth, that theory goes into the trash can. Even if what I am teaching is not true, even if it is downright false and imaginary, still it is noteworthy. In all of civilization, no one has come up with an idea like this which can squarely confront Darwinism and evolution. People thought that theory was the best they had. But what if my words are true? Then this is a serious and wonderful matter.

Is this powerful enough to nudge your ideas a bit? It has taken me two hours for the introduction! At least we have a foundation now. We understand that true love is precious. Should I continue or is that enough for you today? What church in the whole world-especially in this democratic country of the United States-has a pastor who gives a sermon for more than 45 minutes? My sermon has already gone on for more than two hours and still you want more. You must certainly be crazy! Reverend Moon is crazy too! Two crazy parties have met.

Where is our hope? It is in grasping hold of true love. That is all we are concerned with. No matter how complicated things may be, true love will get everything back to normal. It is truly amazing that by meeting Reverend Moon, you understand our origins, where you are going, what true love is, and how we connect to it. We know these things for the first time.

Can we find God in the blessed couples, the blessed families? Yes we can, without a doubt. And do we find true man and woman there? We find true love there-we find a true father, true mother and true children, as well as God Himself. There is the true family, true society, true world, and true cosmos.

The Korean language is a revealing language, one which exposes deep feelings. The expression, "I am really happy," means "I am dying, I am so happy." Any extreme emotion is expressed by the prefix, "I am dying I am so cold, so hungry, etc."

In English, you frequently insert the phrase, "you know" into your conversation. In Korean, that phrase is "ma ri a." Many times Americans ask, "What is 'maria' in the Korean language?" Of course, "Maria" is the name of Mary and it also represents Eve, so we might say that the Korean language is constantly trying to find Eve or Mary. Since Korea is a masculine country, he is constantly looking for Eve! That reflects a lot.

Sometimes I can be very minute in my thinking. I care about small things and I have many large and complicated things on my mind, but complication never leads me to confusion. The more complicated things are, the larger truth I can find.

Truly you Unification Church members, especially the Western members, are learning a great deal, aren't you? The Unification Church is the only place where all the true elements are. What connects them? Of course, it is true love. With true love, we can occupy and possess everything and we become connected with everything.

What are the characteristics of our blessed families in the Unification Church? Are Unification Church women very changeable? Are they very talkative? They shouldn't be. Unification Church women only talk when love is involved. They don't even want to listen to something or get near anything that is not connected to love.

If woman is the symbol of the expression of love, then what is man? He is the symbol of pioneering, conquering, domineering. Do you want to conquer in love? Nobody

likes a dictatorship and Americans particularly dislike dictatorship. What about a dictatorship of love? Then it's not a dictatorship any more.

What kind of man would you women like? Do you want a man who hovers around you, admiring and praising you, or the kind who just takes hold of you? Would you like an aggressive man or a man who would keep his distance and just admire you from afar? Which one? I am a man, so I can't answer this. I want the women to answer.

Some women are so frail, it seems like they have no contents. Like an ant, they have a very narrow waist that never breaks and which a man can hold onto well. Every woman wants to reduce her waistline because she wants to boast that she is loved. "Because my husband squeezed me so tight, my waistline got smaller." Nowadays a heavy woman is not appreciated. People look at her and think, "Oh, she must not have love."

I wrote "True God" on the blackboard. Of course, there is only one God, so why did I write that? Until now, God has never been God in His original state. He has been a God who has not known love. That has been God's situation. Are you Unification Church members sure that God exists? Do you just believe it or do you know it?

We all have a physical father and mother, don't we? What is the difference between the physical father and the True Father? All things want to turn away from a father of the fallen lineage, but everything in the universe welcomes and loves the True Father. In the Unification Church, you consider Reverend Moon your True Father. What is the actual difference between worldly fathers and the True Father? One has true love and the other does not, so it is a big difference. The true child, true family, true society, true nation, true world, and a true lineage which are eternally unchanging are connected by love all the way up to God Himself.

Have you become part of the true lineage as blessed couples? How many languages should be spoken in the true lineage? Only one. But look at us-so many languages are spoken here. Are you a true family or not? True heaven has only one language. Language is what binds a culture together. How many ancestors are there in the true family and the true lineage? They go all the way to God. It is God's own lineage. Lineage means the blood line. God's own blood is flowing in the true lineage. Many people and nations will be connected, and eventually the world.

Billions and billions of spirit people are living in the spirit world, just as we are living on earth. They also must get to true love and there is absolutely no other way except joining with the true lineage. People in the past and in the present have been looking for this point where they can become connected to God. For the first time in the spirit world because of the advent of True Parents, all the walls are coming down.

When true love comes, no walls or barriers can remain. Just as a bird can fly from one country to another- everyone is part of one country. God's man and God's woman will become one in true love. Unless true love exists there is no way these two can be united.

The family is composed of the grandparents, the parents, and the sons and daughters. In the heavenly four-position foundation, God is in the first position, the grandparents are in the second position, the parents are in the third position and the fourth position is the children. There is the grandparents' true love, the parents' true love, the true love of the children and all the relationships of true love among all the parties there. The lineage is vertical.

The ideal of creation is the realization of the four position foundation. The four-position foundation includes everything in itself. Every essential relationship is explained within it. True love is the binding agent, the element that makes its unity.

We all begin in the children's position. Children should inherit heavenly fortune through their lineage. Grandparents are precious because they are the center of the past. The parents represent the present and the children represent the future-the future of the country, the family, the lineage, everything. East, west, north and south-all four directions are there. The center of the four-position foundation is the center of everything.

When you think about family, it is not some quantity that you count-five people or whatever-but rather, you instantly think about true love and the four-position foundation. When we think about grandparents, we are reminded of the past. We can learn about the past from them. The parents are the present and the children are the beginning point of the future.

Through the true lineage we inherit true love. When we see our grandmother and grandfather in love, even though they are very old, we learn, "This is the way we ought to behave." Even if we feel like opposing and rejecting each other, we control ourselves. The same is true with our parents. We learn to love from them.

From the family you can look out in one glance and see the whole universe. We can learn how God sees the universe because we can feel it in the true family. Every element is there. If you love your grandmother, your mother, your sisters and your wife, you can love and appreciate all the female creatures in the animal kingdom. The family is the textbook of cosmic love and that is why it is so precious and important. Without a textbook, what can you learn?

If a family lacks its grandmother, it is that far from perfection. The same is true if any other member of the family is lacking. The four-position foundation is already heaven. As time goes by, you change places, like moving to a different house.

Who goes to heaven and how does one go? It is very clear that those who learned everything on earth according to the true love textbook will go to heaven. The grandparents must love the family with their life. The father and mother love their sons and daughters with their own lives. How happy a family this is.

What is the true family? In the true family, each member is ready to die for the sake of each other. The grandmother and grandfather are perfectly willing to die for the sake of their own children, the father and mother. The father and mother love their children so much, they are willing to die for their sake. Furthermore, the sons and daughters will gladly die for the sake of the grandparents. The grandparents will die for one another, the brothers will die for the sisters and vice versa. That is a true family.

Mankind actually lives for the sake of the future, not for the present alone. Because of the true children, the present and the past and the future are eternally connected. Now we know what a true family is, don't we? That is the true standard, the rule or yardstick. What about the average American family? Is it anything like the true family? Of course not.

In China, people are well-knit in this kind of relationship. Such a thing is conventional. No matter how old the parents are, they absolutely obey their parents, the grandfather and grandmother. Even if they are 60 years old and the grandparents are 80, they obey them just like small children. What about the grandchildren? To them, the grandfather and grandmother represent God. In that sense, the god of their home is the grandparents. The home's president is the father and the people are the sons and daughters.

Nothing is more valuable than the true family. That is my topic this morning-"The Blessed Family Is Truly Precious." One cannot find love in the nation without finding love in the family. Those who are not loved in the family cannot be loved in the country, nor in the world. The family is the most basic unit.

You blessed couples, please raise your hands. Are you living this way of life in your family? Are your grandfather and a grandmother with you? God Himself will be our grandparents. Father and Mother are the True Parents. You are in the position of children. We must realize that we are within the boundary of the family of God and be most proud of that. What is more precious than that? It cannot be exchanged for the whole universe.

With this standard, can you Japanese brothers and sisters just ask to go back to Japan? We don't have nations or any such boundaries. Families are the extension of everything we have in God. God doesn't have a country yet, so why do you want to go back to Japan? Why do you Americans only want to stay in America? Why do you Koreans think about Korea? The only thing we have is family.

When I go Korea, where do your minds go? They go with me, don't they? It doesn't make any difference whether you are black or white or yellow. Why? It is because of true love.

Can you exchange true love with any proud American achievements? Even if many countries got together and pooled all their treasures, do you think that would have the value of true love? No. It is truly priceless. Your own spouse is so precious that even if someone offered you the wealth of the world, in exchange, that could not compare. With such a precious spouse, could you have any other woman? Could you even get near to someone else? Your own wife may not be so beautiful in the worldly sense-maybe she even limps and is homely while some other beautiful woman is beckoning to you. But can you follow her? No, because we know that true love is far more precious than anything. Nothing is more important.

What kind of family do we want to live in? Imagine how difficult it is in secular society even for a woman with a good husband. In the outside world, people are always worried to death. A husband goes to the office in the morning and the wife may easily begin to doubt his fidelity. She wonders, "Is he going to go out drinking? What if he meets another woman?" She worries about all kinds of things. But in the Unification Church, do we have to worry about that? Do we say, "I haven't seen my husband for a long time, so I am very worried that he is off drinking somewhere or has another woman"? No, for the first time in history, we are free.

We know that to protect our family is to protect God Himself. This is how important it is. To protect the president of one's own country, or to protect the True Parents is of the same significance as protecting one's family. Now do you understand how important and precious the blessed family is?

In a family, if one person hides something from another-for instance if the father hides money in a secret place away from the mother, or the children are dishonest with their parents-how miserable this is. True love can go anywhere. It can go through everybody's pockets and nothing is hidden.

What is the chain of command in the family? First in rank are the grandfather and grandmother. Of course, the father and mother are next in rank. They must not be self-centered but should be God-centered.

We know that true love is even more powerful than death. After our grandparents grow old and go to spirit world, if we love them and want them badly, they can still communicate with us. The gap or boundary between spirit world and physical world is bridged by true love. We may be in a tight spot and need some good advice from our departed grandparents, so we can ask them deeply and then they can give us the solution. Our own descendants can do the same thing.

When we kneel down to God as princes and princesses of true love, there is nothing He will refuse. God will listen to everything gladly. If this isn't true, then God is only conceptual, and we don't need just a concept. We want to embrace God, too. Have you ever put yourself in the position of prince and princess of true love when you prayed to God?

We have to remember that there are many positions from which to pray. The shortest distance to God is from the position of acting with true love. Are you truly princes and princesses of God and of the Heavenly Kingdom? When this love fills up the whole world, then we will become true princes and princesses.

If a person lives under such circumstances, how can he help but go to heaven? Such a person is automatically pushed up to heaven. Now do you understand? We must live in such a way as to become royal citizens of God's kingdom. Think: "I will be the royal child who serves the elder kings-my grandparents and parents. I will be the king of my own generation and I will serve in all these positions." If we become like that, we truly have no boundaries. How dignified and how much authority we would have! You don't need anything more than that. That is true happiness.

(Father speaks in English:) You are a leader in true love. Everyone will be looking at you, waiting for you, moving when you move, preparing for you. Nothing can control you but true love. Such a person becomes God's woman, God's man, God's parents, God's grandparents. How wonderful Moonies are. We have to follow that kind of way, we have to do that kind of thing. If you want to do that, raise your hands. Thank you. God bless you.

(Colonel Han:) Let us pray.

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