The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Let Us Go Over The Original Boundary

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1987
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Today is the first day of April, the month of blossoming flowers. The title of today's message is, "Let Us Go Over the Original Boundary." Where is that original boundary? What kind of world do we live in? The place in which we now live is not the original world but is, in a way, the opposite of the original world. Because of the fall of man, this fallen world came into being. We must have this understanding very clear in our minds.

The question we must ask is, why did separation occur and the opposite fallen world come into being? Why was the original world not realized? Was the design defective? Was something lacking? Or was the original world in itself perfect but something else intervened? The master of the original world, the Creator, was God. God is almighty and perfect. The perfect God created and designed the original world, so it should not have any defect. It should be perfect. So how did the original world become defective? A certain being conspired to make this happen.

What is the definition of the original world? The original world has only one master. The fallen world is different. It has come under a foreign master, and more than one. Therefore, our entire effort and struggle has been to search after the one original master.

Why should the world have boundaries? If the entire globe was one nation there would be no need for boundaries. The original world would in itself have no reason for boundaries. However, because the fallen world came into being, many boundaries are needed.

If there were no fall, who would be the master, the owner of the whole universe? Yes, God is the owner of the original world. What did God have in mind for His original world? God wanted to dwell together with and share life and have dominion over His creation. In the original world, all beings and creatures were supposed to be living for the sake of their Creator. Everything would be ready to accept, even in very rare and remote spots, a visit from the Creator. The Creator could not visit and embrace them every day, but they would understand. Maybe seven years would pass between visits, but all the creatures would be ready to embrace their owner, the Creator, at any time.

What is the glue that binds together the Creator and all the creatures? What is pulling everything together? It is the true love relationship. True love in the original form. That is the central power to bring the two into a reciprocal relationship.

If that owner or Creator is truly a center of love, then even though billions of years elapsed, there would be no change. All the creatures would still be yearning to form a loving relationship with their Creator.

The created world can be divided into the mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms. All things have a common element, whether they are part of the animal, plant, or mineral kingdom. There is a certain common thread running through everything-they all have a quality that makes them capable of participating in the give and take of love.

Look at the animal kingdom. The central figure of that kingdom is man, who has five senses-sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. We usually talk only about these senses, but some people talk about a sixth sense and I have talked about seven senses. The seventh sense is our antenna to know God. Without that antenna, you have no ability to know God. Actually, if the fall hadn't occurred, perfected people would have enjoyed seven senses. But fallen man only has five senses. Animals have those same five senses.

What about viruses? What about disease cells-germs? Are those animals or plants? Do you think a germ has eyes? Of course, you can't identify them like human eyes, but they must have some vision within their own structure. If God did not allow germs to have eyes, then they would come and protest, "God, what happened? You gave eyes to all the other creatures, so why didn't You give them to me?" Then God would say, "I've heard your complaint. You're right. You deserve eyes. Here they are."

What about ears? Does a germ have ears? Even if we can't imagine a germ having ears, theoretically we have to accept that a germ has ears and a nose. If there is no nose, that means that a germ can survive in a complete vacuum. But they have to breathe. Are there male germs and female germs? What about it-is there marriage in the germ world?

Even in the germ world, there are certain original relationships of love. That ability is there to some degree. There is joyful expression within the germ world and joyful expression in the human world. Of course, the human world is more real to you. Did the germ world have a fall? Do they commit fallen acts and sins? No. Therefore, in reality the germ world may be closer to the original world.

Now everybody at least recognizes and accepts that the animal kingdom is divided into male and female. What about the plant kingdom? Are there female and male elements? Yes, no question about it. Do they also have eyes, noses, ears, and mouths? Yes. You Moonies have to think about these things that nobody else has thought about. Perhaps you come to the conclusion, "Well, plants must also have mouths, ears, noses, and eyes." When the plants hear that statement, would they like it or would they reject it? All these things are most likely true in the plant kingdom.

What about the mineral kingdom? Are there still eyes, ears, noses, mouths-five senses? When you look at the microscopic world, atoms, for example, can be divided into electrons and protons and neutrons. Those elements are clearly there. You can separate an electron to the east and a proton to the west, but they will immediately move toward each other with magnetic power, pulling into original unity. Electrons circle around protons. They display plus and minus charges, which symbolizes male and female character. You might try to deny that the electron and proton and neutron have five senses, but how can you explain that they are all trying to find each other, trying to attract or repel one another?

Let's say that a proton and an electron had some kind of eye disease. They would need to go to a doctor. If a doctor could treat them, wouldn't they appreciate it? They would be excited. The atomic creatures would say, "Look at the human world. They have all kinds of doctors-eye doctors, nose doctors, ear doctors, hand doctors, dentists -so why don't we have doctors?" The electrons and protons would protest. If something went out of order and there were no doctor to fix it up, they would feel insecure.

Today, America is afflicted by the plague of AIDS. Some people have predicted that in 10 years' time, 100 million people will be casualties. There is no cure, no medicine, no doctor. So what do we see in our society today? Insecurity. Panic. 10 years from now the population of America could possibly be reduced by half. Does that mean the Moonie population will be reduced, too?

All the way down to the level of electrons and protons, there should be a solution to all problems and diseases. The solution is simple. We have to have medicine and a prescription, a doctor with the right treatment. Such a doctor has to be omnipotent; he has to know everything and be virtually almighty. He should have all knowledge and all wisdom. That kind of doctor alone can devise a solution to all our ills. Who has such power? Only God is such a being. God then must have some sort of secret formula-like a magic prescription. That magic prescription will come up with a panacea, a cure-all. If you receive the panacea, your stomach-ache is gone in a moment. Cancer goes away. Lung problems go away. Tuberculosis-no problem. The panacea can be applied anywhere and it gives an instant cure. What is it? God will say, "I have that magic panacea medicine to cure all. The name of that medicine is true love." When a proton and electron listen to that answer, they would say, "Well, that sounds right. It sounds good." It is convincing, even to an electron.

True love is that kind of powerful cure-all and panacea. God Almighty has to have some kind of solution to all the problems or else God Himself would be in great insecurity.

He would have no power to govern the world. Do you see?

The Unification Church is applying this particular prescription. One individual came to the church in terrible shape. He was sick, full of aches and pains. But he kept hanging on and hanging on, and after a few months, he got better and became stronger and stronger. I feel sure he will live a long time-maybe to 100 years of age!

Why do we like true love so much? It is because true love is our panacea, our cure-all. Even in the most dark and gloomy place, walking in the jungle, you can light it up with true love, and then all things come alive and focus on you.

The human body is a microcosm of the universe. There are minerals, plant and animal substances within your small universe. The human body is a most sophisticated creation. When true love knocks at the door of the human body, what happens? All the billions of cells are immediately activated and ecstatic. The five senses come alive- every cell wants to touch the beloved. The eyes want to see the lover's face, the ears want to hear lovely music.

When all your cells are activated, they feel absolutely out of this world. They feel they are in heaven. All beauty is there and they feel there is no obstacle. They feel so much freedom. Even your eyes sometimes go upside down. As soon as true love reaches for the eyes, they leap out at it. You love true love, don't you?

Okay, I've given you a good appetite this morning, so that is enough, isn't it? It's not? Think of it: in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, all the billions and trillions of cells are engaging in all kinds of fellowship. Without the panacea of true love, how in the world could God even try to have dominion over all things? It would be impossible. The universal declaration is, "Here I am, the absolute personification of true love. In every cell of my body, in all my five, six, seven senses, I am a representative of true love." When you can truly make that declaration, what happens? You will be like a gigantic magnet, pulling all the universal elements into place. Everything will line up centering upon you because you are the center of true love.

The universal law is such that as soon as you become a central figure of true love, all the creatures follow you because that is their coveted core. This is true not only for human beings, but for all creatures. In a world of true love there will be no barriers because you enjoy absolute freedom. Wherever you go, you find harmony and total cooperation. How can you have boundaries in such a world? Even if one hair gets untangled from true love, it will send out a signal-like a robot sending out a beep- and the universe will react to it.

In terms of true love which creature is the most sensitive and sophisticated in its perception? Man is that very creature. Does this make you feel good? You are the supreme creature. This is why the universe is constructed with the pair system-male and female, plus and minus. This is an incredible discovery of Reverend Moon's. It is more than just theory.

The grass on the Belvedere lawn is green and growing, trying to take in the sunlight and to become stronger and thicker. Then suppose a man comes and steps on it. Normally, the grass would react, "Who is this guy? Why is he pushing down on me? Get out of here! Ouch!" But if that man is a man of true love, the grass will say, "Push me down more, more. I want to be crushed under your foot!" When a man of true love takes a walk in the mountains or hillsides, every creature, even the stone and gravel, wants to stay with his loving foot even one second more. They are pulling on him, saying, "Stay a little longer." Even a rock would say, "Although I am a very tough, hard guy, please push on me. I want to be close to you."

A man who radiates true love wherever he goes will find that whatever he touches, whatever he eats, whatever he wears, everything will want to enjoy ecstatic harmony with him. They will say, "Please do more. Please wear me more. Please consume more of me." When true love enters your eyes, it is not only the eyes that will react. The eyes will send a signal to the ears and the ears will open up. The ears will send a signal to the nose, "Open up." The nose will send a signal to the mouth and the mouth will relay the signal. We can witness this phenomena even in the fallen world. Look at teenagers. As soon as they sense love, its power is so great, it can completely remake young men and women. Much energy comes to them, and they don't know what to do with that energy. They don't even consider the darkness of night; they don't care if they have to walk hard, long distances. They just want to pursue that love.

When a person is sleeping and true love comes knocking, the whole body turns in that direction. All of a sudden, you are wide awake. It is not easy to describe true love, but you have a realistic feeling of what true love is like, don't you? (Yes!)

What about the lips? The lips are made up of billions of cells which are sensitive to any expression of love. Anything that is perceived by the lips, they immediately transmit it like lightning to the sexual organs. They are directly connected. There is a hotline between them. That is why they are so red. Women try to make them even redder, a more radiant red. You are looking around like a searching antenna, trying to touch something.

God gave everyone such an antenna. Do you have it too? Are you sure? When you eat a meal, you don't want to eat alone but with someone you love. Even across a table, the give and take of love occurs. You want to be in that kind of environment where you live and where you work. I am speaking about the original world where every creature and being is activated in search of pure, true love. The most incredibly sensitive and sophisticated yet pure dialogue of true love is always going on. That is the original world.

In the original world, when love touches one place, it expands immediately outward. One bit of love multiplies one million, one billion times. In the fallen world, it is completely the opposite. In the fallen world, love shrinks. If you give this much, it shrinks and you can lose everything. People say, "I don't care about the universe or God. I'm just concerned with me, me, me." Even when they talk about "me" it is not the spiritual self, but the physical self. The physical body craves physical food- more and more, and it is completely blocked and isolated. It does not enjoy community. It knows nothing of the vast world of giving. This is the reality of the fallen world centered upon evil men. Do you follow? God did not create the evil world. It was originally God's world but because man fell and became separated and departed from God, mankind created for themselves an evil world.

This event took place tens of thousands of years ago. How in one short lifetime can we understand and perceive it fully? It is virtually impossible. The work of God has been the work of cleansing, sweeping away this stain. The original world has been stained by evil and the cleaning process will take tens of thousands of years in order to remove all the evil elements. This cleaning process of God is called restoration. If God asked all the creatures in the fallen world, "Don't you want to go back to the original world as quickly as possible?" They would say, "Yes sir, we do."

When you are moving fast, you may get a scratch on your leg, a bruise, or you could even break your leg. Nevertheless, everyone would say, "No problem, Father. I'm still going to get to the original world." That is true for the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom. Every creature says, "Even if a portion of myself has to be sacrificed, I still want to go there quickly."

This is why the tradition of the religious world is one of sacrificial offerings. This tradition came to exist because of the very principle I spoke of a few minutes ago. All the mineral creatures exist for the sake of the plant kingdom. The plant kingdom was created by God for the sake of the animal kingdom. Animals were made for the sake of man. If we human beings must make some sacrifice, our attitude should be, "I want to reach that goal as quickly as possible." The human being, the highest part of the creation, feels the same as the other creatures.

We have seen the three stages of growth. The first was the Old Testament era, then there was the New Testament era and now we are in the Completed Testament era. The central line threading through these three eras is the spirit of sacrifice. We ourselves should become living sacrifices to expedite our journey toward true love.

We must go over that boundary. Even if a portion of ourselves had to be sacrificed for the good of the whole, we should be willing so that we could reach the true love goal as quickly as possible. As you know in the Old Testament era, the things of creation were offered as a sacrifice. Thus plants and animals were used as offerings or sacrifices. What was the New Testament era? That was the era in which the beloved son of God became a sacrifice for the sake of the whole. In the Completed Testament, the time of the Second Advent, what is the new concept of loyalty and offering? All the sons become sacrifices for the sake of the parents.

What are the True Parents sacrificing for? It is for the sake of true love and for the sake of God, the eternal Father in heaven. When we understand this, we see clearly that everything is connected from the mineral kingdom all the way up to the love of God. There is one common trunk line or thread throughout. That is the spirit of sacrifice for the higher attainment of true love. There is only one way to get there, not two ways.

The Christian cultural sphere has been working toward this same goal, but they have largely lost their vision. They are perishing quickly and their influence is low. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." But he didn't say the fourth important point: "I am the love." At that time, Jesus was not in a position to fulfill that love because he had no object through whom to work. He could fulfill the first three, but not number four. Love is the ultimate goal. "I am the way"-what way? The way of love. "I am the truth." What kind of truth? The truth of love. There would be no need for religious teaching in the original world because we would automatically know all about love.

When Jesus said he was the way, he did not give a definition of that. What kind of way-a way of living, a way of business? Liberation theology says that the way is a political one. Is that our way? We fundraise-therefore, do we say our way is an economic one? Is our way an evangelistic way? Ours is the love way. There are many truths in the world. What kind of truth do you want? What kind of love do you want? You want absolute love, true love. Creatures stand in one position, loving and looking everywhere, feeling love with their five's senses. Are you like that? Are your eyes love eyes? Do you have a love mouth, love ears? What about a love body, love heart?

Who is the leader of the Unification Church? It is Reverend Moon. What kind of teaching does Reverend Moon have? He has the love teaching. Is it clear? Satan cannot take that away. It is mine forever. You have to have true love and be able to say, "I am the center of the universe." Those are the correct words. Is that clear?

Suppose some being is chosen to go the sacrificial way. That being might say, "Oh, no, I cannot go that route." Instead, it should say, "Thank you, Father, for the great honor of serving." If you truly understand true love, you would be grateful for that opportunity. Who is Reverend Moon? He clearly knows the distinctions between the original world and the fallen world and he clearly knows the boundaries. Therefore, my mission is to break through the barriers and demolish them. Our entire movement is working for the removal of those barriers-in Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, and elsewhere. You must know one simple truth: men and women were born for the sake of love. We came to this world for the sake of the fulfillment of love. God created men and women for the sake of His true love. Therefore, to sacrifice for the sake of fulfilling true love is our divine duty as human beings. This is a great honor.

From this time on, our goal is to break through and completely tear down the barriers. God is looking for a model to place in a special museum. He wants to display models of the most historic, dramatic instances of the victory in breaking through the barriers. Even if God had not thought about such a museum, we should propose it to Him.

There are so many boundaries and divisions in this fallen world. There are divided tribes, clans, nations, cultures, colors, and creeds. Anyone who breaks through those boundaries for the sake of true love shall be a world champion. Once such a model man appears he will also become a champion in the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, as well as a champion in the spirit world. You can say to God, "If I am chosen as a champion of the human world, I shall deserve to be a model in Your museum." God will reply, "Yes, that is true."

The Unification Church is the place where the museum pieces are being created. They are being selected, hardened and polished here. In the Unification Church there are all races, all six continents are represented, all the different languages and colors of humanity. This is the most fertile ground from which to select the champions for such museum pieces. God is picking each one of you and testing you, discovering how hard and durable you are by throwing you into a hot furnace. By doing this, God sees whether you are incinerated or if you are hardening yourself. God will say, "Mm-hm. Now I know you can become my museum piece."

That furnace of God is home church. He is picking you champions and sending you to home church, to see if you deserve to become a museum piece. Your 360 homes represent 360 different tribes, nations, and races. Actually, God is letting you be hardened and polished so that when you come out of that furnace, you will be genuine gold. You can melt the 360 different races and tribes by true love. Your home church area will become a melting pot because of you.

When you pass the love test, God will pick you up and label you, "This is my museum piece." Then He will hold a worldwide Expo and the museum pieces will come from all six continents. They will be displayed with a big gold label which says, "This is my champion. Look at him. Look at her."

In a way, you are taking a love injection to the 360 homes. When you give them that love injection, they will be absolutely rejuvenated. They will come alive and shout with joy. This is the strategy of God. The home church area is a sample area of the world. When we give a love injection to our home church area, it can be melted into pure gold. Then all the world can become a part of that.

No matter how clever, wise, great or honorable is the work you do, unless you go through the melting pot of true love, you will not be eligible to become God's champion. What do you think? Do you want to join this crusade? Do you feel, "Well, Reverend Moon says so. I don't particularly feel like doing it, but I may have to." Is that going to be your attitude or are you going to take initiative? You are plunging into the original world. That is your privilege. What a great honor, don't you think so? Can you bet your life on it? Is it a worthy cause to bet your life on? You Americans are pragmatists. Do you feel that this is a worthy cause, more worthy than your life? If you don't, you will flunk the course. Even though you have been running this course for many years, ultimately you will be labeled, "Failure. You flunk."

No matter what, you can be grateful to God and True Parents because you do not have to begin from scratch. I laid the foundation already and gained the victory on the national level. No matter what, the United States has to follow God's dispensational will. We are coming to the worldwide stage. The United States of America is like a desert. It is poverty-stricken. What does it lack? Love. There is a poverty of love. Men and women in this country have become poverty-stricken for lack of love. They want to go over the boundary to meet their parents but that boundary is too high to cross over. They want to meet with their own brothers and sisters but the walls between them are too high. They cannot cross over. Therefore, the Young men and women in this country are withering away.

God has not abandoned the United States. He is giving this country a love formula and the mold for achieving it. Anyone who is pressed into that mold can become a person of true love. The only one who is bringing that mold to this country is Reverend Moon. "True Father" means the personification of true love. He is the one who manifests true love and is a dynamo generating that true love. When you bring true love to someone, no matter how hardened and cold-looking he is, you can unlock his whole being. If you bring true love to a family, the family's problem will be solved. Once you connect to true love and get even a small taste of it, from that point on you cannot go away. Even if you kicked them away, people would just fly over trying to reach you.

True love has that kind of power. How wonderful true love is! If a true love fly is flying around, you would try to catch it. Are you trying to catch it or have you caught it? What position are you in? If you are sitting directly on true love, you have such a feeling, such a sense of security and safety.

My temperature is high today-my true love temperature is one hundred thousand degrees. That is why my heart is racing and I am sweating so much. If anyone says, "God, I'm betting my life for the sake of true love! I am Yours. I am totally committed," the entire universe will be completely electrified and mobilized. That person will be brought right up to heaven. Everything about him will be radiant!

Have you ever pledged like that, betting your life for the sake of true love? Have you ever had that experience? In the Old Testament era, so many sacrifices were paid even when they only had a vague concept of true love. In the New Testament era, the great saints of Christianity died with only a vague concept of true love. Now, True Parents have come. They have dedicated their whole being to give and share true love with humanity. What about you? How much have you dedicated? Have you committed your life? True love is so real now, so clear. It is one billion times more valuable than your life. But how much has any one of us truly committed our life to it? Do you think it is worth it? Is it a "good deal," in American parlance? It is a good deal to give one's life to obtain true love.

I'm going to close my eyes and then ask you a question. Can you say, "April 1st-today-is a new beginning. A new spring is coming. I want to show my true determination by raising both hands in the air." Now I am going to open my eyes. Amazing! In your heart, is it true? This time I believe you!

What do you think-is Reverend Moon a wise man or a dumb one? How wise Reverend Moon is, you really have no idea. But I will give you one illustration. When I am debating with God, God ends up saying, "Amen, all right, you're right."

Does God have a mouth? Then suppose you command God, "Please open Your mouth." God will say, "Why should I? For the sake of money, power, or wisdom? No. I have those already." Then you can reply, "No, sir. For the sake of true love. We'll show You true love." Then God will open His mouth wide and say, "Ah!" Then you could say to God, "Don't close Your mouth for the rest of eternity. Keep it open." God will say, "Oh ho ho, ha, ha, that is great."

If you throw a love hook into God's mouth, He will not feel pain at all, no matter how hard you pull. This is another reason I love fishing. It is very symbolic. My fishing pole has a "love hook." The bait is love bait. All things want to be hooked by the love hook. If I pull it, all the creatures will say, "Pull more, pull faster." They will not want to run away; they will want to be pulled faster and faster because of the love hook.

God also has to be pulled by that love hook which has arrived for the first time on earth. Then will God say, "What did you do to me? You've invited me in such an outrageous way!" No, God would not say that. He will say, "This is my first visit to the face of the earth." He will be ecstatic and He will say, "This is truly heaven, isn't it?"

Actually, men and women are fishing for each other. Certain women are pulled by certain men. What pulls them? A love hook. You know you are hooked by love so you want to be pulled much faster, right?

Now you know why I push you out, kick you out into the wilderness. You are going out there to fish. Go ahead. Enter the contest of true love and become a museum piece of God. That is my wish. Without going the path of the cross, no one can reach true love. The road of sacrifice is the way of God and the only way to attain true love. For my entire life, I have been bearing the cross. Mother has accompanied me and so have all the members of the True Family. I am still bearing the cross of true love.

Everybody is hooked one way or another by the true love hook. Some are hooked by a little bit of skin here or by a little finger. Some are hooked by the nose, some by the eyes, in some cases by the clothes, or a few threads. In some cases, you are hooked by the heart. Which would you like? If you are hooked by the heart, will you have a heart attack? Even if you feel pain, the pain of love is a joyful pain. So, a love heart attack is no problem. It will not kill you; it will revive you instead.

You said, "I want to bet my life!" Suppose I gave you the direction, "Take off for Moscow today and work in the underground movement. You are going to be God's spy in Moscow." What would you say? Would you be afraid to go? I want you to know, if you had to give up your life in that fashion, a love tree would grow in the place where you died.

What do you think? When I speak to you-do you feel the word of God to your bone? Do you feel inspired? Reverend Moon, as you said, is a wise man. I am not dumb, as you agreed. This wise man, Reverend Moon, bet his life for this cause and came to America. Do you think he could have come to America without betting his life? No way. I came to America for what? For a heavenly collision with the world. I came to America for the sake of true love. I knew that once true love was detonated, it would cover the entire country of the United States and the rest of the world.

Now in all fifty states, the fire of true love is flaring up. When you are ignited by true love, you can have no complaint. You always want to go down lower, be more humble, more grateful. Did each of you raise your hand to bet your life?

What do you think: this beautiful woman here is betting her life. Suppose the ugliest woman is also betting her life. Which one do you think God will pay more attention to? In ancient times, some primitive tribes sacrificed virgin women to their gods. They always selected and captured the most beautiful woman because they felt that had more sacrificial value. What about Reverend Moon - is he a handsome guy? Is he an able man or a very incapable man? That kind of man - capable and able - when he bet his life, it had incredible value. God has hand-picked one man as the eternal and universal sacrifice among four billion people. That is Reverend Moon.

After using Reverend Moon in such an incredible, extraordinary way of sacrifice, do you think God will throw Reverend Moon away into the wastebasket or will he welcome him into the palace? God has already prepared a most gorgeous, luxurious, and splendid palace.

Do you feel lucky to have met me? Once I have taught you plainly of God and told you the plain truth, then you feel you cannot come to me without fulfilling that truth. God the Father is teaching this truth to you in order to harvest and reap the fruit, not just for the sake of teaching. I want the kind of fruit that bears seed. When the seed is planted, even if it is in the North Pole, a Reverend Moonlike character will blossom out.

First of all, we have to go over the boundary of the fallen world into the original world. You've got to be aligned in a truly reciprocal relationship of subject and object going in one direction to God. There is only one direction to God. What if I am directing you to go to the east, but then you say, "I don't have to do it Father's way. I want to do it my way." Would that be following one direction? Would that work? Only one direction can break through the boundary. The love way is one way, forever. It is like a formula and everything follows it.

The problem is this: unless you fulfill this while you are here on earth, you will spend eternity in a shambles when you are elevated to the spirit world. Men and women-when you approach each other as husband and wife, there is only one way-centered on true love. Many American marriages today are convenient: "You have your bank account, I have my bank account. There's your closet and my closet, your luggage, my luggage." As soon as something changes, "Okay, I'll pack my stuff. Bye bye." That is not a true concept of marriage. No matter how tired you are, at midnight or two or three in the morning, if your spouse comes and says get up, you get up, period. You shouldn't complain, "Look at your watch, look at the time!"

Suppose I make an announcement that Belvedere service will be held at 3:30 a.m. Isn't it true that you are only applauding because I am here? If I were not here, you would say, "Three-thirty? That's crazy. Six o'clock is already crazy but three-thirty is even crazier." But if I give you a three-thirty sermon, it will be a sweet sermon. It will be so sweet, your tongue will be hanging out. Those who want to come at six o'clock can stay behind. For those few who come at three-thirty, I won't give the sermon here. I will take them away to the mountain top.

When you break through the barrier of the fallen world, you cannot break through in an ordinary way. It is almost like launching a rocket. You have to break through the sound barrier, you have to break through gravity, so you've got to have extraordinary speed and power. Once you break the sound and gravity barriers, you go into orbit. Some American women don't particularly like men. They say, "We want to take off and go into orbit without men, on one wing." Is that what you want? What kind of satellite would you like to shoot up into space? A homosexual or lesbian satellite? Individual? Family? Tribe? Nation? What kind of rocket would you like to launch? At least you have an appetite for great adventure, don't you? Is it easy? No, it isn't. I am now working on a rocket-a world-level space missile. The launching of that one rocket will affect the entire world. Do you think it is easy? When that is launched, communism shall disappear from the face of the earth. We are not going to demolish the communists, however. We are going to liberate them, save them. They are truly the victims of communism.

Everything is within the pair system. This is the reason unity is so important in the Unification Church. This is where the Blessing comes in. The love of men and women mixed together is sweet but love is bitter otherwise.

God's tongue is particularly bitter. Therefore, whenever you say, "I bet my life," that means for the women that you bet your life for the sake of your husband. For the man, it means he bets his life for the sake of his wife. Is that true? (Yes.) Furthermore, this kind of couple, husband and wife, bet their lives for the sake of their children. (Yes.) That whole family bets their lives for the sake of the well-being of the tribe and of the nation. That family becomes a sacrificial offering. That means that the Unification Church, which is the most multi-national, multi-racial organization-we are betting our lives for the sake of the world's well-being, for all of humanity.

Each of us should think, "My life is not my life. It is given as an instrument. God, please use my life for the sake of the ultimate fulfillment of true love for the sake of humanity, for the sake of the world, for Your sake." This is the duty of men and women.

Blessed couples, raise your hands, please. Between you husbands and wives, have you had some boxing matches? You are forming the family. My criterion is that the wife and husband bet their lives for the sake of each other, for their children, and bet the lives of their children for the sake of the nation, and so forth. Do you feel you are fulfilling such a mandate in your home and becoming the champion of love for this universe? Do you have that kind of commitment and determination in your family life? How can husband and wife fight or give each other dirty looks, hating each other, particularly when you go to home church? When you are just doing it for the sake of formality, reluctantly, "Our duty," you reap nothing.

When God gave instructions to me all of a sudden, "Go to the United States. Save America," do you think I turned around to God and said, "How can I save America? What did You give me?" I did not ask that question. God had already given me true love. That is the weapon, the instrument, the treasure I have been bringing to this land.

After I came to this country, people persecuted me, ridiculed me, and assassinated my character. All this time, that has been my daily life. In the meantime, God allowed this nation to see true love because my work has been planted, taken root, and prospered.

Your family is your launching pad. This is the beginning point, where you must launch the love crusade. When you go with true love, as I already described so vividly, the whole universe will embrace you. But when you go with self-centered love, everybody will hate you. That is why the slogan, "Yankee, go home!" has become common.

When you were first exposed to the Unification Church, did you have a totally open heart? Nobody came that way. Everybody came with a certain amount of skepticism. But why do you stay? It is because you are hooked on true love.

Hatred, animosity - that is the basic attitude with which people approach Unification Church. But now those negative men and women are sitting here at Belvedere, lifting your two hands and saying, "I'm betting my life on this." What made you change like this? Was it my eloquent speech and handsome face? Without the power of true love, it could not be done. That is the answer. That is the message I want to get across. Sometimes a Moonie's life is not easy. It involves suffering, it is difficult. Many times, you cry. But even though you cry, you cannot turn around. You still keep going, even through your tears. Something is pulling you, no matter how much despair you may feel.

The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, during which time they suffered - and paid incredible indemnity. But eventually they came to the Jordan River and it was time to cross over into Canaan. Now is that time to cross the river.

The Pacific Ocean is like the meeting point for the Eastern and Western cultures. Jacob crossed the ford of Jabbok and wrestled with an angel. By the same token, great wrestling is going on between East and West in the Pacific Rim. Actually, the Eastern culture is overpowering the Western culture. Why is that? Because Asian culture has a background of the mysterious power of true love.

Is our world on the verge of collapse or is it booming? The world is perishing. There are three billion people in Asia. China alone has 1 billion people. Without embracing the culture of three billion people, the Western world will not survive.

White people's history has been plunder, exploitation and bloodshed, trying to benefit themselves. If Europe had a culture similar to Asian culture, an embracing culture, Europe could be one country. It is a small mass of land, but there are dozens of different countries which have been fighting each other throughout history. God's point of view is, "I cannot leave the world in the hands of white people. If I give the world to you what will happen? History has been the proof. You are going to plunder, kill, and fight." This is why God decided to send Reverend Moon to embrace the West.

When you really look at the history of white men in America, how many innocent Indians were slaughtered? Indians are of Asian origin; they are Reverend Moon's cousins, in a way. The Indians were here a long time before white people ever set foot on this land, yet white people came here and slaughtered them. Without God's true love, this nation would have no hope. There is an embedded enmity there which no other power under the sun can cure.

I have spoken about the Opium War when Great Britain was trying to make China a colony. British people sold opium at high prices trying to demolish the Chinese people and at the same time, they reaped the wealth. They did not care about the well-being of the Chinese people; that was not their purpose. What they did to the yellow people at that time is typical of the Anglo-Saxon race. The cause and effect law of the universe cannot be bent. Therefore, who is suffering now from drug abuse more than anyone else in the world? It is the children of the rich, white people here in America, the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons.

Reverend Moon came to the United States against this kind of historical backdrop. But I did not come to kill or to take revenge on this country. God asked Reverend Moon as a champion of the East to come and embrace and teach Western people to become healthy and wholesome. Without true love, no matter how much you claim this is a Christian nation, it is to no avail. Without true love, there is no panacea, no prescription for a cure. Reverend Moon alone knows how to write the prescription. This is an absolute truth. Without the Unification Church, this nation is destined to perish. Do you know that?

Go to Fifth Avenue; go to Harlem. American young people are withering away because of drugs. How can you who have the solution for the drug problem sleep at night? How can you live an easy life? This is an emergency time. Heavenly punishment is coming to America because this country is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. A mandate has come from Heaven and we've got to listen to the voice of God. Many people say, "God? Who is God? He's dead. Morality? What kind of morality? I'm going to enjoy my life."

What has happened today? The disease of AIDS has hit America. It has an incubation period of five to ten years. People are thinking, "I have done all kinds of things in the past ten years. I don't know what is going to happen to me." There is only one way of life that prevents this kind of disease. It is God's way through the Unification Church way of life. God provided a solution even for AIDS through Reverend Moon. In the future, I want Unification Church members to have an AIDS test. I do not want this church to be contaminated by AIDS. The only solution, even for AIDS, will come when true love is flaming hot all over America. True love has the power to burn away even diseases like AIDS.

Where is the beginning point for each person? The husband and wife are the launching pad. Home Church begins at your home. The husband is the base of the Home Church, centering upon love. The wife is the Home Church base centering upon love. If you love home church more than you love your husband or wife, then your standard is all right. If you love home church more than your own children, you'll be all right. Home church is actually the mechanism for breaking down the barriers. It is how we reach out to the original world. The value of the original world is greater than anything else under the sun. For that reason, we have to raise our standard up high. When you love the original world more than your wife or husband you will begin to deserve that original world.

When you have true love, everything follows you, even God. You set the direction. Where there is true love, there is new life, like springtime. All beings are drawn toward the person who brings true love and new life. For example, more and more Western people want to go to Asia. No one has asked them to go or to pay the money to cross the Pacific Ocean, but now the Western world is feeling some sort of romance, some sort of mystical element pulling them toward the East.

(Blackboard.) This represents all the things of creation in the universe. In the center is the human being. In the center of the human being is the family and the center of the family is True Parents. The Old Testament era is represented by the creation; the New Testament era is the era of human beings. The family centered upon true love and the True Parents is the Completed Testament Age. Your family is the microcosm, where the universe is unfolded. The center core is the blessed couple, husband and wife. The children and family form a circle. The tribe, your home church, becomes your world. This represents the whole universe.

You must be capable of offering all things. That position belongs to you; your life is a sacrifice. You are able to dedicate your relationship with your spouse and children for the sake of the higher cause of true love. I have been walking the same path and setting the example. First of all, I don't keep any material possessions that come to me. I give them away for the benefit of others. My own family has suffered more than anyone else. My elder children suffered the most because I almost totally neglected them for the sake of the world cause. I also sacrificed my relationship with Mother. Her suffering behind the scenes is incredible. Why is that? It is only because of true love.

My goal is not just the True Parents' family; my goal is to foster true love that will be prosperous in the world. In order to reach that worldwide target, I am willing to sacrifice anything I have on earth. Of course, I sacrificed myself a long time ago. I have been working according to this rule and my efforts have not been in vain. I have laid the worldwide human foundation so that now even the United States will inevitably listen to my message. Many United States leaders know that there is no hope for this nation without my words. Human dominion over all of creation is also established. The worldwide restoration is at hand.

Humanity and all the things of creation are coming under the influence of God and all are about to cross over the boundary into the original world. The entire world has come to that point; one more jump and we can plunge into the original world.

What is our claim? Our claim is that we are building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is not a joke or an empty slogan. In that Kingdom there will be no United States, no Korea. There will be one nation, one entire world under God. The Kingdom of God has one people, one race. We've come to the final stage and we are lining up to make the final breakthrough, the final assault, so to speak. What will be our weapon? Money? No, it is only true love.

The time has come and we are forming the love power station, the love powerhouse. Through this powerhouse of love we can electrify the world. The human mind is sensitive. People sense that a new world is coming and that a new order is dawning. They feel that something good is in the air. America hates Reverend Moon and this movement the most because we have hope. The Soviet Union opposed this movement simply because we have hope. As I have spoken previously, even though the first generation, the so-called Establishment, belonged to the evil world, the second generation is listening. They are ready to be inspired by Reverend Moon.

Yesterday was Hyun Jin Nim's Holy Wedding. This is the first time in Unification Church Holy Wedding ceremonies that we allowed outside people to attend as guests. Many voices were clamoring, "Reverend Moon, can we attend? Can you give us tickets? Can we go in?" I said, "Okay, I'll hand-pick a few." I picked only special leaders from the media, the political arena, the religious world, black leadership, and youth leadership. If I didn't limit their numbers, the Unification Church members would have no room. The auditorium would be filled by outside people.

We will conduct a workshop for the top people in the world. The time has come already. You don't know it, but all these things are happening. If you are lazy and trying to relax at this emergency time, I'm afraid you will lose your seat on the train. A lot of people in the outside world want to get on. I have a special plan for Moonies. The Moonies go into the enemy territory first, infiltrating and occupying all the key positions.

When the time comes, I will push the locomotive full of outside people forward, then enter into the territory. You will not have to worry about your position because you will already be there, already winning the battle. Then you can get all the people off the train and tell them, "All right. We are crossing the Jordan River into Canaan. We cannot repeat the same mistakes that the Israelites committed in the time of Moses." You will have to train them; discipline them. You will create a new youth movement. But those young people who get drunk or use drugs will not even come near to the new order in this land of Canaan.

Many people are going to be running for the Presidency in 1988, but none of those people, Republican or Democrat, can do it without paying attention to God's will. I will tell them, "You need my advice? All right, come to East Garden and see me." But the candidates are so scared to come to East Garden, they'll have to come at night, like Nicodemus. If they cannot come during the day, they can come at night. I will say, "This is the way you can save America," and they will listen. When they become the President of the United States, if they fulfill that particular policy, who shall benefit? The United States and the world.

What do you think-if all of the 240 million Americans went through a nonstop 40-day training, would America revive or not? America is dying. But in 40 days we can teach the people. Not 40 years. For 40 days, all the people can attend a nationwide workshop. They don't even have to come to a classroom. They can just turn on the television set.

At least the United States is a part of the Christian cultural sphere. The base and foundation of this nation is Christianity. The Unification Church is bringing the Completed Testament, as well as the contents of the Old and New Testaments. The other day, it was reported to me that 203 American ministers went to Korea. They went to the Holy Rock in Pusan where my lonely, miserable, one-man prayer was offered. In those days, no one knew me. The ministers went there and prayed and kissed the rock. Their tears were dripping down, they spoke in tongues and received holy fire and healing and had visions. One minister had his physical vision completely healed. Before that, he could not even see one foot without his glasses, but he said afterward, "I can see. I can see now." He came walking down the steps without glasses. Isn't that the power that can save America? When the communists come in, what would they do with ministers? They would chop their necks. But Reverend Moon gives the ministers resurrection, new spirit, holy fire, holy truth, true love. I come to revive and save them.

The goal is for more than 600 American ministers to visit Korea every month. The goal for this year is 6,000. There are about 7,000 state legislators in the U.S. and we are teaching at least 3,500 of them this year about Unification ideology. There are about 1300 retired generals from the army, navy, and air force. I would like to educate these people and organize all the veterans' organizations throughout America. This is not just my thinking; I have been doing it. Politicians are very sensitive about this. Now they see what I am doing and they want to cling to my back now. The time will come when even in a political city like Washington, D.C., they will proclaim in broad daylight, "Reverend Moon is the Messiah." No one will laugh. It used to be that they would laugh, "Ho, ho, crazy." But no longer. They will take that word seriously. Why? Because they see what Reverend Moon has been doing. They have seen the accomplishment and the foundation that Reverend Moon has laid. In all the wide world, they could not find any duplication of that. There is no one like Reverend Moon. No one else has a foundation like his.

Korea was liberated after World War II. Fourteen years after the liberation-in 1960-the installation of the True Parents took place. In the 14 years time since I came to the United States I have laid the foundation for the True Parents to be elevated to the national level and move on to the worldwide foundation. Worldwide communism is now declining rapidly. In the Soviet Union, they will not laugh too long at Reverend Moon. This is why I am not making a crazy statement when I announce the liberation of Moscow. It is not a crazy idea at all. I already have a blueprint and a plan of how to achieve it.

After the banquet was over last night, before 12 midnight, I held a special service with the True Family and made a special declaration. Now I have a special announcement for you on this day, April 1st. I said that the True Parents' ultimate Messianic role is to set down the constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom, the law of the King's palace. Palace law shall be established. As opposition to the Unification Church dwindles, time is drawing near for registration to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to belong to one of the twelve tribes of heaven, you've got to go through the gate of home church. In a nation with a population of twelve million, each tribe will be one million each. People will draw straws to decide which tribe to belong to. Without belonging to this organization on earth, you have no gate to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You never know when this will happen. You just have no idea. You have to go the front line of home church. Go down to the local level. This is the safest ground for you. It is the sure way that you will not miss the opportunity. It is the only way we can make one nation, one unified world.

If there is only one love, how can there be more than one language'? It is impossible. In a culture centered upon one love, there should be only one language. Now the time has come to cross over the boundary.

I did not come to push this nation into the ditch. Rather, I came to save it, to apply the brakes. With the original world as the target and goal, would you like to walk slowly into it or leap into it?

You have received a good sermon for a good day, April 1st. All the members of the Unification Church should say, "Now we are going to be frontline soldiers, no doubt about it. We are going to infiltrate deeply into the enemy's territory and we will turn things upside down and right side up. That is our commitment, our determination." Train your children. Let them go out and fundraise for the cause. Sell your own possessions so we can take that money to the jungles of Africa. We will spend that money so that continent shall be filled with light. What will happen? By doing so, no American shall perish. America will revive and be resurrected on a worldwide scale. When you fulfill this mission, Africa will follow after you. When you liberate the Soviet Union, the people there will follow after you. Then where will you go? You shall return everything to God, not to Reverend Moon. We shall return it to God.

My role is that of the good shepherd and you are the flock. I will take the flock and walk proudly into the palace of heaven to have an audience with God. No one will reject this flock, white, black, or yellow. White people cannot say, "Oh, black people are there, so I don't want to go." Black people cannot say, "Oh, white people are included, so since I don't like white people, I don't want to go." No one will do that. You know which road and which method will succeed. It is Reverend Moon's way.

Today is April the first, the beginning of true springtime. All the plants and flowers are coming into bud, ready to explode. We are too. We are seeing the springtime of the Heavenly Kingdom. We should be ready to explode like those spring buds this month. Those who pledge that kind of explosion for the sake of building God's Kingdom and for the sake of true love, raise your hands, please. Which way shall we go now-the natural way or the jumping way? Those who want to jump forward, raise your hands. God bless you.

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